Story of Seasons (Harvest Moon) Has Its First English Screenshots

By Ishaan . May 28, 2014 . 12:31pm

Story of Seasons, better known as Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land, will be published in North America this Winter, Xseed Games have announced. Yes, Xseed are publishing the new Harvest Moon, not Natsume.


And that’s why the game is being called Story of Seasons instead of Harvest Moon—because Natsume owns that name in the U.S. In fact, throughout Xseed’s entire press release announcement, the game is referred to as Story of Seasons, while the Harvest Moon franchise is referred to as “Bokujo Monogatari,” its Japanese name.


Story of Seasons represents a new chapter in our amazing tale,” says Yoshifumi Hashimoto, Head of Development at Marvelous AQL, in the press release.


“We are creating a new experience that will carry on the spirit of Bokujo Monogatari, and in doing so, will fulfill our loyal fans’ expectations and desires while ushering in a new generation of games to come.”



  • JustThisOne

    Hmm hmm! I’m glad this is coming over in some shape or form! :>

    • Anewme…Again

      Was there any doubt it was coming ?
      As far as i know, Harvest Moon is as much if not more popular in the west then it’s in Japan.

      • JustThisOne

        Weeell, it was quite awhile, so I doubted.

        ;__; I’m sorry.

        • 古戸ヱリカ

          Sacrifice the non-believer to the Harvest Goddess!

  • JW ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    So. Natsume lost the right to publish harvest moon forever, huh. first rune factory, now this.

    oh well. xseed does do quite the better job anyway, comparing what they did with rf4 with previous rfs. (cept for names and non-continuity, but diff publishing companies, understandable) wonder when the release date will be.

  • I’m all for supporting more Xseed games but this is probably the nail in the coffin for Natsume. iOS will probably be the biggest part of their future.

    • Shippoyasha

      I can’t remember a time when Natsume was ever very stable. I hope they land on their feet if they can finally stop floating around.

      • Bigabu Beaze

        Hopefully Nasume will bring out Medabots 8.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Well some harvest moon games sound good on mobile.

  • JuVu

    Couldn’t they just call it “Farm Story”? Like, the original title just translated outright? I think that would work well.

    Now I’m just waiting for any sort of Europe-related news… not expecting much, unfortunately.

    • Vanadise

      To be fair, “Farm Story” is just about the most generic title they could use. If I saw that on a shelf, I’d probably assume it was a Farmville knockoff.

  • GH56734

    Inb4 Natsume localizes Fantasy Life rebranded as a “Harvest Moon” game :P

    • Anewme…Again

      Fantasy life :(

    • Jesse

      …why would they do that? O.o

    • GameTaco

      That would be hilarious and sad. xD

      Fantasy Life: A Fantasy Harvest M- …Wait a minute~

  • Mordina

    The Harvest Moon game I want to play the most! I’ve been looking at fanart on Pixiv and the bachelors are adorable in this one. Hope it can reach Europe in a timely manner or I will go on Youtube again for all doki doki scenes like with Rune Factory 4… : ( Next time I will definitely buy the US version of handheld consoles that are region locked…

  • Tenshigami

    Natsume was always terrible with the translation, but as someone who grew up with “Harvest Moon” since the original SNES title, part of me is very, very sad with this news.

    I haven’t been able to even get into the latest titles as things just got to complicated for my already busy real life, and now the name itself doesn’t exist anymore. That’s just too sad. :(

  • TruSpindash

    Haven’t played a Harvest Moon game since A Wonderful Life on the Game Cube. Might as well get back into the series with this one.

  • luckgandor

    Harvest Moon sounds better, I’ll admit, but I still couldn’t be more happy with this. Between having a nicer sounding title and a higher quality localization, I’d choose the latter every time.

  • Yindustries LLC

    Well at least we can guarantee a more polished translation, but it’s still sad to see Natsume and the Harvest Moon name gone.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Ugh… Hopefully XSEED don’t degrade the series to digital-only status.

    • I doubt this very much. Harvest Moon is probably the most mainstream franchise they have access to at the moment, and I’m sure they realize that.

    • 07thCrow

      Why would you say that? XSEED usually tries to do both physical and digital releases. Typically, only very niche games (like Corpse Party) get the digital-only. As Ishaan said, Harvest Moon pretty mainstream; and I doubt the new title will change that.

  • Lissomia

    Oh my goodness I’m so excited!
    Part of what made Rune Factory 4 so amazing for me was the outstanding localization :) I just felt like XSeed did such an amazing job with it!

    • Ritsuioko23

      I didnt like RF4 to be honest. I liked 3 a lot more.

  • When I saw “Story of Seasons” on the listing of upcoming 3DS games on Amazon, I was “What’s up with this?”

  • Tortinita

    Although the name change is going to be very strange for me, “Story of Seasons” has a nice sound to it. It’s a far more flattering choice than if they were to go with the literal translation “Farm Story”. I’m not so sure I can expect the usual plush preorder bonus for my collection though.

  • Rintarou

    Xseed is love, Xseed is life.

  • fool

    You’d think they could come up with a snappier name…
    Here are some suggestions:
    Harvest Man
    Farmer Fantasy
    Farm’s Souls
    Harvest Sun

    • Suicunesol

      Legend of the Harvest: Hoe of Time
      Farm Scrolls V: Harvestrim
      Farmer Age: Inquisition
      Bravely Farm
      Call of Farming: The Harvest

      • darke

        Plants vs Harvest?

      • X_Bacon


      • Morningstar

        Farming Hearts
        Farm of Honor
        Farm Fortress 2
        Farm Factory (oh wait)
        Dragon Farm
        Misharvest: Farms among us
        Street Farmer

        Oh I can go on with the names.

        • Nintendo Of North Korea

          Just you wait, soon Bethesda will publish Harvest Moon and rename it something like- Disfarmered The Elder Crops III : Harvestwind Farmout : New Farmer
          Harvestein : The New Farmer
          The Harvest Within

        • Ryker

          I only got one, Wild FArms.

        • Ecchitori-san

          True Farm Reincarnation. Your crops will automatically bloom when its full moon and you must protect your farm from demons. You can also negotiate with them to help you tend the farm.

      • KingGunblader

        Upvoted for “Bravely Farm”

    • PreyMantis

      Or just call it Moon Harvest, The Havest Moons, or Havest of Moon.

    • keithmaxx

      I bet you’re no lawyer, because they’d know that forcing ‘Harvest’ into the name is inviting litigation down the road.

    • I personally feel that Story of Seasons is just fine. I mean what is Harvest Moon anyways? It’s essentially a story of seasons. Lol And besides, I like “Legend of the Harvest: Hoe of Time” better than any of the other names here and that name isn’t happening. xP

    • kliskur

      Harvest Pimp

  • I really love the look and style of this one. I liked A New Beginning but there is something much warmer and colorful bout this one.

  • Does anyone know why Elise (and not Edda and Veronica) is introducing the MC to their house in the screens?

    • wububu

      I read from someone at fogu saying that the screen is not from the finished game, but from a demo instead.

      • I just received that info on another of the SoS articles on here too~. Thanks!

  • Kornelious

    I personally have never been into the Harvest Moon series (Always been more of a Rune Factory guy) Though with the fate of RF left undetermined, I might just pick this up :)

  • Sacchan

    I did not expect a localization this fast…

  • Morningstar

    I have a question. Does this mean that a potential Rune factory 5 would have to egt a name change as well or does Marvelous own that trademark? (Probably the latter since XSEED’s logo is on 4’s credits)

    • Ryker

      Rune Factory is the japanese series name, too. So, they won’t need to change anything.

  • 07thCrow

    XSEED ya heard my prayers! Just when I was starting to give up on the series too – Day 1! Sad about Natsume, but XSEED did an incredible job with RF4. I hope this isn’t the end for Natsume. Gonna be kinda weird to see Harvest Moon without the “Harvest Moon” title, but it’s not a big deal. Cannot wait for this!

  • deadman walking

    sigh… i wonder if we are going to see a new harvest moon for the ps vita it needs some harvest moon love you know.

  • wahyudil

    I missed Harvest Moon New Beginning … so this will be my first Harvest Moon in 3DS …

  • Ritsuioko23

    Did Natsume go under?

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