Koji Tada, SCEJA’s Director of Developer Relations, On Working With Devs In Asia

By Cheng Kai . June 2, 2014 . 2:34am

image At Casual Connect Asia, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia gave a talk, aimed at indie game makers in the region, on games development for multiple PlayStation platforms using the Unity engine. After the talk, Siliconera caught up with Koji Tada, Director of Developer Relations at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia, for a a brief chat on the games development scene in Asia.


Formerly a Senior Producer with SCE with more than 16 years of development experience under his belt. Tada told Siliconera that SCEJA’s Developer Relations division was formed about a year ago, right around the time Unity for PS3 deployment was launched, to aid small developers in getting their games out to a global audience on PlayStation platforms.


"The reason why we opened this section [Developer Relations] is because the quality of network services have greatly improved in recent years, and so it’s easy now for small developers to make and sell games on a global scale," Tada said to Siliconera. "This is as opposed to 10 years ago, when even if small developers could make games that they would like to publish on PlayStation, it’s hard for them to enter the games business due to the costs."



Chaos Code from Taiwan based developer FK Digital was released by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia.


Tada explained, prior to starting the Developer Relations group a developer would typically need to seek out a big publishing company in order to defray the expenses required to release their title.  But that has all changed with the advent of self-publishing. "Recently there has been [a lot of] self-distributed titles that are coming out, and we see the importance in getting these games published on PlayStation platforms," said Tada.


"The Asia market is growing right now," Tada added. "Our mission here in Developer Relations is to find great games from Asian developers, support them in releasing their game globally, provide business advice, so they can succeed. Bring their game to as many users as we can."


While on the subject of growing markets in Asia, we also took the opportunity to ask Tada on recent developments in the Chinese market, what with Freedom Wars first coming out in Asia with Chinese subtitles, but not English subtitles alongside the game’s Japanese version. Even third-party publishers such as Falcom have jumped on the Chinese bandwagon, having announced that the latest Legend of Heroes title for PlayStation 3 and Vita would be released in Asia in Chinese.




"For Legend of Heroes, it is not our title. The publisher Falcom decided to publish it in China, so we can’t really comment on that," Tada said.  As for Freedom Wars, Tada explained that while SCE WWS is involved in the game’s production, the localization decisions are left to the studio, and that the decision to release the Chinese version of the game — but not the English version — alongside the Japanese one was likely due to production scheduling reasons.


"We also do think that there are many developers and publishers who have interest in doing business in China. And we ourselves also have interest in China — and South Asia and maybe South America as well. We’re looking to expand our business into these regions, and into many developing countries," said Tada.

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  • Shippoyasha

    Would be nice if gaming sales gets revitalized with more sales to those new regions.

    Would be exciting to see game sales number skyrocket due to China alone.

  • BlueTree

    I met someone from China here at school who spoke very highly of Falcom’s Kiseki games. It’s probably something we won’t really hear about in a well circulated context, but those games have a bit of a following there to say the least.

    • AkuLord3

      Well that’s no surprise…they excellent made games with fantastic story, characters and fun gameplay. Its good that its getting some praise over there.
      Keep working hard Xseed so that Falcom awesomeness can spread here as well

  • MrTyrant

    South American!? freaking yes. Do it! expand yourself more!

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      I got surprised that soul sacifice got translated in brazilian portuguese over here. I was like “YOOO!!!”
      I hope that FW get translated too

  • Raze

    Asia is not only China you know….

    • but you cannot deny that China is a very important market with over a Billion of citizens that has a liking for (PC) gaming.
      If games had as much potential as China is at this moment we would have noticed a long time ago. China has a good market for everything.

  • Limbless

    People who speak English have money they want to give you guys too, y’know. Why does everyone keep forgetting that?!

    • Khoo Neekang Kazuki

      Because apparently a lot of English speakers prefer throwing money to fps and more ‘mature’ games

      • Kornelious

        Don’t remind me :'(

  • Dylan Anantha

    Hah, Asian here. Amusingly enough, people like this are hurting the Asian industry. I can’t think of anyone I know with an Asian PSN account or eShop account, all of us use American PSN and Canadian eShop.

    Our English PSN got Soul Sacrifice Delta in Chinese, Korean and Japanese but not in English at first.

  • Sav

    yeah localizing in english wouldn’t make much more sense…

  • CozyAndWarm

    So after the recent exodus of first-party developers out of Sony, indies look like Sony’s new strategy. Not really sure how well it’ll work out though, indie games are rarely exclusive to one system.

    • 60hz

      huh? what 1st-party exodus?

      • CozyAndWarm

        Tons of high-up directors leaving the company, lots of recent studio closings, project cancellations, and layoffs. There have been quite a few articles here on Siliconera about the issue

  • GDI

    We need more examples of indie devs in Asia using Unity engine and getting on global PSN store.

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