Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Has Been In Development For A While

By Ishaan . June 3, 2014 . 5:45pm

This morning, Natsume announced that they are working on their own Harvest Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS, titled Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. Since the announcement, there have been a bunch of questions about the game, and we got in touch with Natsume to get answers to the basic ones.


For starters, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley has been in development since early 2013. Last year, Natsume opened a new office in Tokyo, Japan, which they said would expand their game development for both consoles and smartphones. It’s this office that is developing the game.


Additionally, Graham Markay, Vice-President of Operations at Natsume, confirmed to Siliconera that Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada—who designed last year’s Hometown Story—is not involved with the game. Of course, that doesn’t mean Wada couldn’t be working on other games in collaboration with Natsume.


Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will be available this year for Nintendo 3DS. Siliconera will have more on the game at E3.

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  • JonathanisPrimus

    They’re probably developing that Reel Fishing game for Vita too, since there’s nothing out in Japan that could be reskinned into it. I figured Natsume would bring over Let’s Fish: Hooked On without the moe, but someone brought it over moe complete.

  • Kaetsu

    It’s sad that Wada won’t be working on this. I don’t know if he’ll ever return but after the Hometown Story flop, I feel like he needs to go back. Maybe he’s involved with one of the other 2 games.

  • Michael Mullins

    After what Wada did with Hometown Story, I’m not upset that he’s not involved.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Yet not developes enough to show screenshots, a trailer, or talk about the gameplay…

    • Zero_Destiny

      Saving it for next week’s E3, of course! :) Today was just to get people hyped for their show. lol

      • Adrian Duran

        if it’s only coming to America, then showing it off at E3 might be their best bet

        • J_Joestar

          well they wouldn’t have much advantage in Japan at least since Bokujou Monogatari is still Bokujou Monogatari there while here it has the boost from a known IP.

    • Yeah. Since this is probably a English-release only their best shot would be showing it off at the E3.

  • lesangpro .

    i’m sorry but is Hometown Story that bad ? Can anyone tell me why is it bad that Wada become the sinner of it ?

    • I played Hometown Story and did the Siliconera playtest for it, so maybe I can help. I played it for just under 25 hours, and every in-game day went pretty much exactly the same way. There was little to no variation. The characters had no personality. I formulated a routine within the first hour of play, and never really had a reason to deviate from it. Where Harvest Moon always felt like a welcoming place with characters I wanted to interact with and a life with a purpose, Hometown Story felt soulless.


      • lesangpro .

        i can’t believe it ? No thing worst than a Hometown with soulless people , no wonder Wada been hated like that . Thank you very much .

  • GH56734

    Called it :P

  • At least it’s confirmed that Wada is not involved.

    It isn’t surprising that this is something that was in the works for a while– games take a long time to make! I think people are mainly confused by the timing of this announcement, since Story of Seasons was just announced. Makes it weird, you know?

    • Fairlee

      marketing strategy, maybe?

      • If it is, it’s a pretty poor strategy, since everyone unaware of the localizer change is going “so what about Connect to the New World? Is this Connect to the New World??”

        • Fairlee

          While I’m pretty sure most avid HM fans will know as they follow the Japanese series news
          But for casual HM gamers maybe little kids and their parents will only know Harvest Moon by the series title. It’s like if I don’t keep up with the new I’ll just buy HM:LV without knowing anything about SoS.

          • Pretty much. Of course, this is especially evident cause most people might not think to pay attention to anything else when it comes to a series like this. They might know about the Japanese games, but… Story of Seasons? XSeed? Not interesting just by the title name, to them. Oh wait, a Harvest Moon game?? That’s what I wanted! And then they’re like, wait, what’s this Lost Valley stuff? Is this Connect to the New World?? Why is there no solid information on this?

            This generally seems like the thought process I’ve seen quite a bit, especially on places like Facebook. It doesn’t help that a lot of people who might understand that Natsume is making the game… But assume that this game will have the same elements as the previous series. I’ve seen repeated instances of people assuming it’s gonna be about Forget-Me-Not Valley, for example.

          • Fairlee

            Because outside Japan it’s ‘Harvest Moon’ that people know after all.
            I did see a lot of confusion on the internet as well.
            Well, let’s just hope at E3 they’ll show an interesting trailer. The story seems quite interesting after all.
            Then we can get 2 great Harvest Moon games. :D

          • Pretty much. I just wish that it were easier to separate the two series, mentally. It’s why I’m trying to not think of the series I know anymore as “Harvest Moon”, and as the Bokujou Monogatari series instead. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but people who know what the series is will at least understand what I’m saying, at least until Story of Seasons manages to catch on more properly as the new series name.

            I am looking forward to the trailer, though. I want Natsume to at least deliver on the series and what the name will expect.

  • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

    i just wish they make a harvestmoon similar to Friends of mineral town

  • wububu

    So maybe this is the sole reason Natsume lost the rights to localizing Harvest Moon…. I mean Story of Seasons perhaps? Marvelous kind of find out about this dirty little secret and decided to part ways. And now Natsume is acting like a jealous, ex-girlfriend trying to get back at Marvelous by flaunting its success? Oh boy who knows farming got so much drama behind it.

    • I don’t think that happened necessarily, Xseed is a subbranch of Marvelous AQL nowadays. It makes complete sense that an household branch would localise and household title. Especially with the quality of translation Xseed delivers.
      It definitely isn’t coincidence that Natsume announced this title after SoS was announced.

    • Chersea

      Rune Factory 3 was localised by XSEED in 2011, while the previous ones were localised by Natsume..If Marvelous licensed the games to XSEED because they found out about Lost Valley, that would mean Natsume’s been working on this for around three years, which is unlikely.
      I’m guessing that they switched to XSEED because it’s owned by AQL, so they’d be able to get more money.

      • As a question: Uh, it was?

        Cause the game sure spells XSeed funny if that’s the case in it’s start-up credits. Sure looks like Natsume to me, after all. I looked up the game too, and all I see is Natsume’s name attached to it for the localization. That, and the RF3 American localization came in 2010, so… what’s the deal?

        • Chersea

          Ah, I was thinking of Frontier, that Wii game; sorry (though that was released earlier than RF3, apparently…).

          My point was that Lost Valley most likely didn’t influence AQL’s decision to use XSEED because XSEED localised previous titles related to Harvest Moon before Lost Valley was probably even thought of, That seems kind of like a moot point now, though.

          • Yeah, the thing about deals like this is that there’s a lot of time behind them.

            Chances are, Natsume had a localizing contract with Marvelous, which is why they kept working on games even when XSeed was starting to get used to it/adjusting to the series in general, and it simply was allowed to lapse. Natsume knew it was coming, so they started work on their own game in the meantime. Would make sense to me.

  • piichan

    Haha, I would love to see how this goes down *grabs popcorn*

  • Weird, i just pre-ordered Story of Seasons… so… Which game should I buy again? When it’s a situation like this: there’s no point in buying both… at least the way I see it… I guess I need more info from THIS game to see what’s up. So far SoS is winning because it was from the “original company” or something like that? I R confused @[email protected]

    • darke

      If you want “the sequel to the original game” buy Story of Seasons. If you want “the thing called Harvest Moon” (because you think the new interpretations of things will be interesting) buy the new thing called Harvest Moon.

      If you’re a fan of “Animal And Wife Husbandry” simulators, do like fans of other genres do and buy them both.

      • I dabbled a little in other HM games but my all time favorite will always be Harvest Moon 64 ^ ^

        “New interpretations” as you’re describing it sounds a little like “It has elements of your favorite X, but this is Y now”

        So it seems like SoS is a guarantee purchase while reviews from fans of the series will be required to tide me over on purchasing HM: the Lost Valley then. Thx for the heads up :O

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