Red & Black And Blue & Black Vita Value Packs Coming In Japan In July

By Spencer . June 3, 2014 . 12:40am

Sony has two toned PlayStation Vitas (2000 series model) scheduled to come out in July.


vita-10 vita-12 vita-06 vita-08


The red & black and blue & black models will be sold as part of a Super Value Pack. In addition to the system, Sony bundled an 8 GB memory card, pouch, USB cable, screen protector, and a power cord. The memory card is preloaded with free to play games like Magica Wars Zanbatsu and Sony’s Destiny of Spirits.


Here’s what’s on the memory card:

Destiny of Spirits: Asia

Magica Wars Zanbatsu

No Puzzles Either

Rebellion Run: Dash or Capture

Yakuza Restoration! App

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd demo


The Super Value Pack bundle goes on sale on July 10 for 18,980 yen.

vita-02 vita-04 vita-09 vita-11


vita-01 vita-03 vita-05 vita-07


Sony will also sell a PlayStation Vita 1000 (the model with an OLED screen) and 3G connectivity on July 24. This Super Value Pack has the same items and will cost 19,980 yen.


vita-13 vita-14

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  • Bio438

    Does anybody know if you can change a Japanese Vita’s language to English? Looking forward to the new tales of game coming out.

    • You can. But, from what I heard, circle will still be confirm and cross will still be cancel.

      • Bio438

        Thanks, probably will import one of these. I like having my portables in red.

      • 0nsen

        Awesome, since I’m used to GameBoy(Color/Advance) it always bothered me that the button to the left (X) was Yes. Will definitely get the JP version once I buy the Vita.

        • I wouldn’t recommend doing that for that reason only. It only affects system menus and any game that uses the default save/load menus, meaning it will feel jarring if any of the games you intend to play aren’t in Japanese.

          (For example, I have a North American Vita and imported the Madoka game. Since it’s in Japanese, circle is confirm and cross in cancel in the game. But it swaps back around when I go to save, then immediately swaps back.)

          • 0nsen

            Yeah.. am used to this stuff from the PSP already. Worst thing is when the game wants you to make a critical decision before you have figured out which button confirms in the given situation.

            Still, left button back and right button confirm is just burnt into my brain. I’ve done it like that for over 20 years and Sony decided to fuck with that for some reason in the west. Darn them.

    • Fujisawa Ruuzaa using japanese vita and you can change to any language in the settings

      • Bio438

        Thanks, is there any trouble setting up a local PSN or is it just like ps3?

        • Kayseur

          Nope, nothing of that sort. It’s just hardware inputs in menus that’s different (X and O as someone else stated), the rest is strictly the same as a western console. A friend of mine uses his japanese Vita with his EU account with no problem (so just like the PS3).

          • Bio438

            Cool, I’m actually OK with the whole x and o thing as I played lots of Japanese PSP games back in its prime so I’m just going to go with importing.

  • Firion Hope

    Those look really really nice…

  • Liamv2

    YES! I knew waiting until after E3 to get a vita was a good idea. Im guessing us over in the west will get something similar soon.

    • Anesia Hunter

      why wait for NA versions? the only difference is the whole X and O thing, but other than that you play with them in English.

      • Liamv2

        I’m lazy and can’t be bothered getting used to the changes.

        • Anesia Hunter

          it’s not that difficult. i remember when the xenosaga games were localized years ago. the x & o were different than for my other ps2 games, but i noticed it was easy to adapt and to go back and forth.

          (i’m still waiting for them to get ported to ps vita and for them to be uncensored this time, with dual audio and with some new additions… >.>)

          • Liamv2

            I suppose i’l think about it. Whatever’s cheapest is best.

      • 0nsen

        Isn’t that only for the Vita menu and not for the games?

    • Rose Spinoza

      Actually. For some reason, Sony US rarely brings the alternate color models of their portables over here.
      Er. Unlesss you’re refering to the memory card with games pre-loaded.
      But yeah, I can understand why you’d wanna wait for the US to get these as opposed to importing. Importing can be expensive!

  • Somebodyissilent

    I want a red Vita.

    • Ronldbx6

      The blue 0_0 *drools.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Same ehre, looks so neat.

  • Kaien

    The value of freebies and a demo

    • Anesia Hunter

      the time saved from not having to download them is nice.

  • 0nsen

    Anybody knows of a good online shop to get this imported to Europe? My usual choices for importing don’t have the one with the OLED screen on preorder.

    • Juan Manuel M. Su├írez

      More than likely Play Asia. Though be warned, they get greedy~.

      • 0nsen

        I know, but they don’t have it. Only the red and blue ones, but why wouldn’t I want that OLED screen..

    • JonathanisPrimus

      That SKU was just announced hours ago. Give Nippon Yasan/AmiAmi/NinNinGame/SuperUFO/PlayAsia some time, lol.

  • Lastlight

    Ohh that black and red doe!!
    But that white and green…
    …what the hell why not both

  • Kornelious

    That Red Vita….Darn it why do you have to be Japan-only :(

  • konsama

    Red… Need that red vita so BADLY.

  • Bob Slim

    Damn you japan why only japan I want a blue vita too

  • yellowmage

    Yellow, plz.

  • Ric Vazquez

    That red & black O_O

  • Andrew H.

    Are the alternative color vitas 1000 or the newer model? if not then i’ll prob just get the super duper pack

  • GOLD

    i prefer my original black vita

  • Shady Shariest

    Thank god they kept the front black =W=

  • Zac Linute

    Judging from the picture of the OLED one it uses the micro USB instead of the one on the older models. Might import this one and give my old Vita 1000 to my bro.

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