This Week In Sales: Even Mario Kart 8 Can’t Help Wii U Sales

By Ishaan . June 4, 2014 . 2:16pm

Period: The week of May 26th – June 1st (2014)

Top-seller: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) – 325,892

Nintendo 3DS sales: 4,957 | Total sales: 9,501,187

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 18,776 | Total sales: 6,103,282

PlayStation Vita sales: 12,859 | Total sales: 2,821,901

Vita TV sales: 1,098 | 1142,75

Wii U sales: 19,312 | Total sales: 1,764,866

PlayStation 4 sales: 6,508 | 587,690

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Mario Kart 8 was released in Japan on May 29th for the Wii U, and the game sold 325,892 copies. That’s a fairly decent amount, but unfortunately it’s also significantly lower than its predecessors.


Here’s how Mario Kart 8’s first week compares to the opening week sales of Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7:


Mario Kart Wii (2008) – 593,576

Mario Kart 7 (2011) – 423,619


The argument could be made that Mario Kart Wii on the Wii and Mario Kart 7 on the Nintendo 3DS debuted on platforms that had sold far more many units than the Wii U has, which is why the new game’s opening sales were lower. Unfortunately, another fact that must be taken into consideration is that Mario Kart 8’s release barely helped Wii U hardware sales.


The Wii U sold just 19,312 units for the week—lower than the Nintendo 3DS during a week where the 3DS had no new games released for it. That isn’t a good sign, and it brings back some rather unfortunate memories of Super Mario 3D World, another major Wii U game that started out slow and failed to turn the system’s fortunes around.


In the coming months, Nintendo will release Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. I doubt Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors will do much to help sales in Japan, so at this point, it looks as though all hopes are riding on Smash to help pull the platform out of dire straits.


The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Mario Kart 8 325,892 New WiiU Nintendo
New 02. Mobile Suit Gundam: Side Stories 82,048 New PS3 Bandai Namco
03. 03. Yo-kai Watch 36,868 1,020,877 3DS Level 5
New 04. Planet Destroyer Black Heart 28,397 New PSV Compile Heart
01. 05. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai 27,406 63,062 PS3 Konami
05. 06. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai 12,265 29,028 3DS Konami
02. 07. Infamous: Second Son 8,622 43,423 PS4 Sony
06. 08. [email protected]: One For All 6,910 102,793 PS3 Bandai Namco
New 09. Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! 6,273 New PS3 Arc System Works
11. 10. Mario Party: Island Tour 6,064 383,989 3DS Nintendo
New 11. Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Twin World 5,920 New PSP Quinrose
New 12. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation 5,648 New PSV Tecmo Koei
10. 13. Mario Golf: World Tour 5,388 98,666 3DS Nintendo
07. 14. Moero Chronicle 5,160 47,609 PSV Compile Heart
12. 15. Pokémon X and Y 4,960 4,073,915 3DS Pokémon Co.
09. 16. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai 4,552 11,798 PSP Konami
16. 17. Mario Kart 7 4,406 2,326,944 3DS Nintendo
04. 18. To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy 3,963 26,289 PSV FuRyu
08. 19. Amnesia World 3,898 12,548 PSP Idea Factory
15. 20. Kirby Triple Deluxe 3,858 592,422 3DS Nintendo


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

  • AuraGuyChris

    NO! The hopes don’t just rest on Smash! The hope rests on the owners of the console convincing people from buying the own console!

    • Remlot

      What? When did that become our job? I don’t remember nintendo hiring me to sell their hardware. If they can’t sell it themselves, I don’t see how I’d be able to.

      • AuraGuyChris

        To make a point, I was just being dramatic.

    • CirnoLakes

      Believe in the Wii that believes in U!

      • ronin4life

        Pierce the heavens with your Luck!

        …I need to actually watch more than 3 episodes of Gurren Lagaan…

  • KingGunblader

    Brawl didn’t do as well as Mario Kart Wii. I think it sold more units at launch but didn’t end up having the same long-term success as Kart, so I’m not incredibly about optimistic about SSB4 succeeding where Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 have so far failed.

    Oh well, it’s doing gangbusters in the West, so there’s that.

  • Nanashrew

    I believe nothing will truly save home consoles in Japan. They are dead, handhelds and phones are now the go to platform.

    • taekk

      That’s silly. Handhelds have always been stronger than consoles in Japan. Just look at the PSP and DS. The only real change is the move of casual gamers to mobile which hurts Nintendo more than Sony. Also the Wii U is just not positioned very well. The library hasn’t matured enough in time for the PS4 and it’s still too expensive.

      The core gamers are still around as shown by the continuing stream of new games for the PS3.

      • Nanashrew

        I would actually say it hurts everyone. The lack of the casual crowd means less growth for the industry overall and means contraction for the industry to cater to the hardcore crowd of gamers so they can stay afloat. In japan many big publishers and devs make games for phones over handhelds and consoles and even have moved some of their franchises to phones.

        The west is doing similarly but they put any short term gains from phones into AAA and are falling. Hard.

        • taekk

          I don’t think it hurts everyone. Nintendo is the only one that has locked themselves out of the mobile market. Everybody else is free to expand into a growing market though it is very volatile and fickle as Zynga has no doubt realized. The overall gaming market is still growing.

          It only hurts us core gamers who are tired of all our favorite franchises being turned into lame social, gacha, microtransaction cash grabs.

  • LordHyper

    Inevitably other sites will look at this, ignore the fact that Japan is shifting away from home consoles (like when Super Mario 3D World did poorly on its opening week in Japan when it still ended up ranking second in software sales) and declare that Nintendo is doomed. Again.

  • DesmaX

    But Smash will be released on the 3DS too (And it’s coming out sooner than the WiiU version), so I don’t really think it will help the console too.

    I swear, these sales charts gets more depressing every week.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    But…It hasn’t been a week since release yet.

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        Yet it’s had a 666% increase in Wii U sales in Eu and an extra 11,000 Approx. for Wii U sales this five days in Japan (since release).

        • Yea, that was mentioned there too, as well as the ‘666’ thread.

          Slow news week is slow before the week of E3. Keep that in mind.

        • darke

          UK, not EU. That’s like getting confused with Japan and Korea. :?

        • Romored

          UK is just a minimum part of the EU. I see a lot of people getting confused about this.

    • Hector Velar

      well now they have this so that they can point fingers at the players for lack of support on their crappy system.

    • xPhoenixMoon

      God damn, you guys make up excuses for everything when the Wii U doesn’t do good. You seriously think that in a couple more days the sales are going to significantly increase from this? Be realistic.

      I am actually glad Siloconera actually has the balls to say this, a huge majority of people just cannot handle any bad news about the Wii U, always having to sugar coat it instead. Such a breath of fresh air seeing a site actually view the situation for what it is.

      Even with a 666% increase in the UK we don’t know how much of an actual improvement in sales that is nor do we know how long it will actually last which is the most important part. As from what the past has told us, the Wii U is not holding its sales at all. Sure, an increase in sales is great but what damn difference does it make when it goes from worse sales to slighty less worse, its still not good overall.

      This ridiculous optimism with the Wii U needs to stop, every time it fails to deliver, someone has some excuse as to why instead of just finally acknowledging the system could do way better than this and that MK8 should have moved way more hardware than this in one day in Japan… It doesn’t matter if it hasn’t been a full week the title should have moved more Wii U’s than this period during those three days and even if the sales doubled from now, that is still very poor especially in Japan for a console.

      Same exact thing happened with SM3DW, that didn’t move units and everyone had some excuse as to why, now it happens again and instead of saying well shit maybe the Wii U really isn’t doing good, again they just make more and more excuses.

      These sales are terrible, there is no way around it and I am sick of everyone and their mother trying to spin it just because it isn’t a full week as if a couple more days is seriously going to make a huge difference.

      Let me guess, when the next figures roll around, you will have some new excuse when you see they still aren’t great. Once you can’t use the “it hasn’t been a full week” excuse anymore…

      What bothers me the most, if this was any other system, you people would not be saying this at all but people treat the Wii U like most do a disabled child or something. They can’t look at it equally instead of constantly using its disability as a crutch or because of that, they can do no wrong.

      I want the system to do well also, I put my life on that statement. I bought MK8 the day it came out to support them but for fuck sakes, just suck it up already and realize the system is doing poorly. I give a rats ass because I bought it, so I should care about how poorly it does without blatantly ignoring the problem as if it doesn’t exist. This plays into the future of the console and I want this console to have a good future.

      Sadly I feared this would happen in Japan mainly because in my city in the US, barely anyone bought the game, sure it may have sold out elsewhere but it sure as hell didn’t sell anything in my city, basically every store around me still carries plenty of copies and barely sold any Wii U for it.

      If you don’t want to take my word for it, be my guest and use my area code 78259 and check all the Gamestop stores around me, hell or any other store for that matter, every store within a 50 mile radius still has it in stock. You can take it even further and call them all and actually ask how many Wii U’s they have been selling.

      I even talked to the person at Gamestop when I grabbed my copy because of how many I still saw on the shelf and I asked them about how well it was doing, barely anyone came to get the game and no one bought a Wii U that day or the bundle. I came in later that day, not earlier also.

      There are even actual employees commenting on this fact also who work at game stores, many say they sold the game just fine but barely anyone actually bought a Wii U is the problem, it mainly just sold to existing Wii U owners.

      This problem in Japan may just be because of the tax increase or the fact the Japanese have become so enamored with smartphones lately, either way you cannot spin this as good news. These sales are still incredibly poor and Nintendo can’t afford these poor figures for much longer, so that should be concerning if you actually care about the Wii U being successful.

      A lot of idiots think Nintendo just has limitless amounts of money to spend and that the Wii U can just exist forever with Nintendo just taking a loss for the entire lifespan of the system. That is incredibly stupid, even with the billions of dollars they have, they can’t afford for this system to fail. If it does fail it will definitely severely hurt Nintendo, now would it kill Nintendo? Of course not but it will make a huge dent, that is certain.

      Anyway, short story long, the sales aren’t good and they are not going to pick up enough momentum to be good in a matter of days, that would have already happened if that was the case, this momentum people speak of is really slow also and in no way is it good, again its great sales are improving but they aren’t improving enough is what matters.

      • I don’t think you needed to direct this comment at this user.

        You may have a point and it’s cool to voice your opinion, but they made one tiny comment; there is no reason to send mountains of paragraphs their way. ^u^;

        And while there may be ridiculous optimisim around the console, there’s also a lot of negativity around it and Nintendo, so you can’t fault people for trying to be the happy/optimistic people in the situation.

      • Okay, I’m not reading all of that. I’m just going to say that personally, some of us really don’t care how well or how terrible it’s doing. I mean, it seems like the majority of the internet completely misses the point of video games these days, which used to be about having fun and being entertained. Maybe I’m just weird, but I cannot possibly fathom why so many people care about the Wii U’s sales figures. It’s not your problem or mine. It’s not anybody’s but Nintendo’s, and if their product fails, oh well. Life goes on. All I know is that I’m having a lot of fun playing games on my system. Maybe it doesn’t have every game, but the few games that come out are games that I love and appreciate. Instead of constantly bitching at Nintendo for not making a more powerful system or catering to third-parties, I choose to be content with what I have.

        And if that makes me a blind idiot, I’d rather be a blind idiot than someone who is constantly angry about things that aren’t necessarily their problem.

        Sorry, but I read portions of your comment and I find it incredibly rude, over a video game system of all things. Being insanely negative and confrontational isn’t any better than being blindly optimistic.

        • QueenDecim

          Can’t have fun on a console with no games

          • KuroRyuu913

            Monster hunter 3 u, mario kart 8, wind waker hd, wonderful 101, tekken tag 2, resident evil revelation, batman arkym city.
            Im not seeing a problem.

          • James Enk

            that’s the thing, the console has game and more are coming, sure the WiiU misses a lot of games and i am not sayig it has the best library but tell me where exactly is the amazing PS4/XB1 library

          • QueenDecim

            I said that mostly in jest, but that comparison is insanely dumb and people keep bringing it up. The Wii U has a year headstart on the PS4/Xbone and the Wii U had pretty much zero good games until last fall

          • James Enk

            if you are saying Nintendo did a good job with the WiiU library you are blind, but Sony & MS did not do a good job either maybe even worse but they never got the same headlines, never got the hate that the WiiU got,
            maybe that’s because ppl know that games are going to come eventually to those consoles and they gave them the benefit of the doubt

      • John Diamond

        but its only been like… 3 or so days

      • Luigi doesn’t care!

      • kylehyde
      • darke

        Part of the problem I think is that people do treat it as a disabled child. It’s got the performance of last gen system, it’s previous generation was known as the ‘casual’ console for kids and elderly, and casual gamers; basically everything screams, “don’t buy this if you want to play ‘real’ games”.

        I have no side in this battle since I despise the region locking so am not buying it for that reason alone, but so far I’ve still got no reason to buy it since i’ve got no nintendo nostalgia.

        Would love to know what Nintendo can do to fix this, but if you’re not even perceived as trying to compete, where can you go from there? :?

      • NeptuniasBeard

        This is the one folks. If you ever want to show an example of someone with an unhealthy obsession with sales numbers. This is the post.

      • JB

        “God damn, you guys make up excuses for everything when the Wii U doesn’t do good.”

        The Wii U IS doing good. A rebuttal is not the same as an excuse. Mario Kart 8 is helping the Wii U and this article tries to paint it as if it’s not.

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        You bring up some excellent points. Mario Kart 8 did sell 1.2 million worldwide in a weekend which is spectacular…better than what Infamous and Titanfall did at launch in the same time. However, whether or not it truly moved systems is another issue.

        I love the Wii U, but I feel Nintendo needs to bring the heat with their E3 presentations to keep what momentum they now have going until Smash.

        As for Japan though, mobile and handheld seem to be doing considerably better so it might be a console issue as well instead of simply a Wii U issue. All will be told once more games come out for the PS4 and the launch of Xbox One (which is not too optimistic to begin with).

        Just my personal opinion, I think it is arguablely the most attractive console at the moment especially with the MK8 bundle and additional free game. Tons of games and more to look forward to this year…of course, more 3rd party support and a bit more power/hard drive would have been welcome…not to mention some proper Marketing from Nintendo.

    • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

      and also this sales is for japan…

  • urbanscholar

    Luigi death stare not enough?

    • AuraGuyChris

      Death stares usually are followed by actual deaths.

  • Junko Enoshima

    Well, console sales aren’t very good in Japan recently. But it’s a little better than usual.

  • Masa

    Good, just what Nintendo needs, another wake up call.
    Seriously, look at the awesomeness that is the DS/3DS, the variety of game genres on that is better than any other console, why can’t they do that for the Wii U.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      I think 3DS has a very boring lineup from Nintendo. There’s really been no new major IPs on the platform, so you have the same old series you’ve always had. It’s the third party support that makes the platform interesting, but it’s too late to get that going on Wii U. While Nintendo’s first party content on Wii U is better, they can’t save a platform by themselves.

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        Because third party has been making TONS of new IP’s for the 3DS?

        • JonathanisPrimus

          No, but honestly speaking, I find content from the likes of Capcom, Square Enix, and Atlus more interesting than another Mario or Pokemon game. Obviously your mileage may vary.

          • NintendoPSXTheSecond

            But Atlus hasn’t made a new IP for 3DS, Square’s only made Bravely Default (Admittedly really good) and a catchy rhythm game. As for Capcom, they’ve been diving into the Monster Hunter really. So, in respectful rebuttal, I can say the same to you that I can find Pokemon or Mario more interesting than another SMT or Monster Hunter.

      • Annon

        Yes, the very same old Kid Icarus third parties we’ve always had with all of those animal crossing and fire emblem games we were getting for the past generation. The same old Dillon’s Rolling Western, Tomodachi Life, Pushmo, and Steel Driver games we’ve had since the days of Mario. Absolutely nobody is interested in the system for Pokemon and Smash or anything like that

      • Bigabu Beaze

        Nintendo needs to bring back Custom Robo!!!!!

        • CivilRobo

          Oh wow someone else remembers that game. It was one of my favorites on the ole’ Cube.

      • Guest

        …Well, here’s where Nintendo actually did right, new MAJOR IPS PUBLISHED BY NINTENDO won’t sell. Just saying. We all know how well The Wonderful 101,Trace Memory,Hotel Dusk, Disaster:Day of Crisis, or even EBA did, after all. So far, the new IPS they made this gen are E-shop only, which minimizes the risk and the cost of the games. That’s why they won’t make a MAJOR new IPs. Just saying.

        • JonathanisPrimus

          None of the games you mentioned got any sort of push in the west. Hell, Disaster was never released in North America. To build a new franchise, you kind of have to support it.

          That’s not to say everything will be a winner even with an advertising campaign. But you’re almost certainly not going to find a new hit property by dumping the games on a random day.

      • ronin4life

        Guess Eshop doesn’t count…

        • JonathanisPrimus

          When I preface a comment with “major”, DD-only titles don’t count. They may have new ideas. They may be great, but they have a limited scope due to the budgets given to products in their venues.

          • ronin4life

            And I’m saying that this is not necessarily a “fair” stance to take, especially in this changed climate. Budget just can’t be thrown around willy nilly by anyone in the industry anymore, and shouldn’t be some special pre-requisite for fresh ideas anyway.

            We have new IP AAA releases that are reskins of old ideas like WD and TLoU, while fresher ideas that are Digital Only manage to garner enough sucess for Sequels(Pushmo) and/or GoTY nominations(Journey). I don’t think it makes sense to discount them.

    • DesmaX

      What games are coming out on the 3DS again?

      It looks as dead as the Vita for me

      • taekk

        Uhhh…. Persona Q and you say it’s dead?? Oreshika 2 and Corpse Party Blood Drive is coming out for Vita and you say it’s dead as well??? Do you even play games??

        Not to mention Youkai Watch 2 though it’s not my genre, the first has been one of Level 5’s best selling games.

        • DesmaX

          One game on 3DS
          Two on Vita


          • taekk

            It’s not the number but the quality. Also, this doesn’t look “dead” to me.


          • DesmaX

            I guess quality is important, but having a good quantity of future releases is important. I mean, when you’re done with those games, you’re going to play what?

          • taekk

            There’s like a new game coming out every week for the 3DS and 2-4 for the Vita. Big name franchises too like Love Live, Fate/stay night, Pokemon and Youkai watch. How many is a good quantity for you?

          • darke

            It’s taken me a month to nearly finish Conception II, Demon Gaze I’m half finished, and I just grabbed the two new ‘JRPGs’ this month (Monmon and Mind Zero). Then there’s PP just coming out… (And I haven’t bought Deception IV or the Final Fantasy remake either yet…)

            It really depends upon how much free time you’ve got, so as much as I’d want lots and lots of games, provided they’re releasing one or two a month it suits me fine…

            More prolific gamers (or sony/vita-only ones, since I game on PC as well) may be a bit more disappointed with that level of releases though. :)

      • Both consoles aren’t dead but they don’t have much going on either. This summer I’m interested on… 3 games for 3DS and around 4 for PS VITA?

        • DesmaX

          Dead was an exaggeration; But there is a lack of future releases on both consoles.

          I mean, where’s the western games at?

    • Their lineup cover a decent amount of genres and likely more at E3…

  • NeoPancho

    I know what you mean, but let’s be positive, those are a twice as many Wii U systems sold than last week, if by any miracle the sales could stabilize about 15.000 units instead of 7.000 each week, that would be good news… not that i think it will be the case ^_^U…

    • darke

      Yeah, that’s what I think will be an important indicator of the ‘success’ of MK8, actually increasing sales over the long term since apparently this is a ‘slow burn’ game rather then a systems seller spiking one or something.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Also, a huge problem I’ve noticed with people is they’re hypocrites.
    “Oh I love Nintendo’s IP’s but I want them on [Console name here].”
    “I won’t buy ONE console for their games” even though you love them?
    It really makes no sense to me.

    • Pyrotek85

      And apparently it’s wrong for Nintendo to realize that people really like their IPs and are willing to buy their hardware just for them. Like they’re not supposed to take advantage of that.

      • darke

        The problem is that apparently a lot of people aren’t willing to buy the hardware, despite the fact people love the IP. This is what the OP was complaining about.

        • Pyrotek85

          I know, but the reasons seem completely arbitrary to me most of the time.

    • I always hear this. People don’t want to buy a Wii U for “1-2” games, which is understandable but if they are like me I can get a lot of mileage out of Nintendo platforms. My Wii U already has over 10 games without trying and my Wii, which people hate for being a shovelware machine, has over 80 games. I think people underestimate these platforms. It isn’t for everybody, but I think Wii U can surprise people if they ever get one.

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        I have a friend who didn’t really think about the Wii U at all. After playing tons of games on mine, seeing what’s coming out and just overall hype. He actually plans to buy one now. The Wii U is a great console, just misunderstood. You REALLY need to try one to feel what it has to offer.

        • Kaetsu

          My friend actually bought a Wii U the day after he played mine. I showed him Nintendo Land and Zombie U and that was all it took for him to buy it.

        • Attribule

          It isn’t misunderstood…. Stop making fanboy excuses. Do you ever consider that not everybody likes the same games or gets the same amount of enjoyment from them as you?

          You can defend the Wii U all you want but your tastes may differ greatly from the person who might claim they don’t think it’s worth buying. Not everybody likes Mario Kart, Zelda or whatever else.

          When people say “Wii U has no games” they aren’t saying it literally has no games, they’re saying it has no games FOR THEM. If there aren’t any appealing titles for them then obviously they don’t want the system. It’s common sense and completely reasonable.

          • Slayven19

            but see that’s also what makes them hypocrites as well because they’ll go out and buy an xbox one and ps4 which has the same games as well for a higher price. Of course not everyone likes zelda or mario but he’s talking about the one’s that do and still say there is nothing on the system when they actually like the games.

          • Well then its only a matter of perspective in that regard. This is a personal opinion so you can choose to negate my comment from this point if you like.

            If i personally know that Nintendo is going to be releasing Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Super Smash, or any other branded titles that are pretty much the same programming just re skinned and updated, I’m not going to be excited for the next installment of that game unless it’s a huge improvement over the last entry. I had a WiiU on release day and took it back after buying 3 WiiU games and six Wii games. For some reason, When I sold it back, I kept all the wii games cause those i felt were worth playing and I intend to get another Wii U. I know it’s not fair to undermine those titles but it needs more. Whether or not those titles have to do with the sales is not concrete but should be considered when other consoles are doing something different and seeing far better results.

          • Not to mention when any new Mario— or Zelda—- game is made it’s still… Mario and Zelda.

      • SetzerGabbiani

        I have 13 games for the Wii U, none of them are shovel. In fact, the shovel has dissipated with the lower install base (and the absence of THQ) , which is a boon in some respects.

    • Wappuli

      I can see why you woudn’t like people saying those things, but I really dont see any hypocrisy here. Why wouldn’t it be possible for someone to dislike some developers console while still loving their games?

  • The game did come out only 3 or so days for this week, it is possible it will remain consistent in these numbers for a while.

  • Given the WiiU sales more than doubled from last week… and have been on a bit of a nice up swing, I don’t think the title or the comparisons made are accurate. Mario Kart 8 HAS helped WiiU Sales.

    • subsamuel01

      The article is about the Japanese market not the global market. Globally MK8 helped ship a lot of Wii U’s, in Japan it clearly didn’t move much compared to last week.

      • ZEROthefirst

        For home console sales in Japan these numbers are actually good. Home consoles in Japan on average sell very low because Japan has become more portable prominent.

        • JonathanisPrimus

          Japan has become mobile prominent. Vita and 3DS won’t touch either of their predecessors in sales, with the overall traditional industry in immense decline.

          • ZEROthefirst

            I know, by portable prominent I was referring to portable consoles, phones and the like. Should have specified better, but you already get the gist lol

  • Roberto

    >Arcana Heart 3
    >vita version is not on the list

    • Demeanor

      That saddens me as well T_T
      I’d like nothing more than AH4 in HD glory… :(

    • ivanchu77

      Harsh :( , game deserves much better

    • James Reilly

      The game didn’t even add new fighters so no real incentive to get if you played the old one.

  • ZEROthefirst

    Considering how Japan is more portable prominent and when you look at weekly sales numbers for other home consoles in Japan this isn’t bad. Not trying to sound like a Nintendo fanboy or anything, but annoyingly enough others will look at this as just another excuse for Nintendo doom and gloom because of how the article is titled alone and expect sales for the console to be in high 5 digits or 6 digits to be good. Sales for home consoles in Japan have almost always been pretty far behind portables, with the last 5 years or so growing the gap.

    • Pyrotek85

      I’m also wondering how their culture is in regards to in-home multiplayer games. For all I know it might not be as common, just as portable gaming is more common there than it is here in the US. It’s hard to draw conclusions with just some numbers.

      • ZEROthefirst

        From the few times I’ve been to Japan to visit some friends, when we played games it was more often than not on a portable system. They usually ignored the home console multiplayer unless it was a party game. I obviously can’t say this is how everyone in Japan goes about with games, but from my experience with friends it’s usually portable.

        • Pyrotek85

          Thanks, it’s good to know even if it’s anecdotal. For me it’s been the opposite, we played on the big screen or projector when we had the chance. I think that’s easier too when you’re playing with people who aren’t normally into gaming as much.

  • Atwa

    Considering the install base of the Wii and 3DS the initial sales of MK8 are fantastic. Besides, its a evergreen title. It will keep selling for years.

    Wii U units sales are a bit disappointing, but the PS4 has four weeks in a row of awful sales so its a larger issue with home consoles in Japan.

    • DesmaX

      To be fair, the PS4 still doesn’t have a killer app for the Japanese (Hell, not even on the west), so I don’t think it’s really going anywhere until something comes out

      • Link

        WiiUs best game for almost half a year from launch was still NSMBU and the PS4 is still tracking lower than it on a week by week bases and has been almost since the start.

      • PlayStation4Life12345

        I agreed. Deep Down and DriveClub delay was a bit disappointment for me :(. However, I don’t think Her competitors the Xbox One doesn’t have anything Killer/Blockbuster to offer either since they’re both just coming out last year. But the Wii U … It have been out for over 2 years I believe And the best games that is on Wii U right now that I can think of is this game. I’m sure Monolith X and Super Smash Bros or Zelda U would have a good chance to boost the console sales in Japan though. But that’s the end of this year :(.
        I Also blame Capcom, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Konami and other japanese gaming companies for this. They make terrible games lately with the increasingly challenge competitors from the West have hurt them badly in profit … so they began to moving to Mobile division for a safer place. If Japanese gaming companies make more great games then it doesn’t matter if it’s home console or whatever, they will buy it. Mario Kart 8 is a proof of that. Japanese gaming companies need to make more awesome games like they used to be!
        Just saying.

    • Pyrotek85

      “Besides, its a evergreen title. It will keep selling for years.”

      That’s a good point too, that’s a title that will likely become a player’s choice and reprinted in the future. For many owners it’s a matter of when they get it, not if.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Ishaan, lol! That title is a severe invitation for flaming despite the truth.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Considering home consoles sell very low in Japan in general, Ishaan’s title is more or less flame bait to bring Nintendoom and gloom back out.

      • Wish the article talked about the tanking PS4 to balance things out, but I guess Wii U is always the center of attention.

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      I don’t see any truth. The past week(s) were around 7,000 sales and this time it’s 19,000. That’s around an 11,000 increase in Wii U units.

      • JonathanisPrimus

        People expected the sequel to a game that sold 3.5 million units in Japan to sell more than 11k Wii Us on its weekend of release.

      • SetzerGabbiani

        I don’t disagree that it’s a more than 200% increase in sales relative to what we’ve been seeing, and you are absolutely right that it was only over the weekend. I was more amused with how blatantly flambait the title was, but I was also equally shocked that the game didn’t put Wii U sales over 20 or even 30,000 units for the weekend.

        • ZEROthefirst

          Have to remember though home consoles in general in Japan sell like crap compared to the West. If it isn’t portable the sales in Japan tend to be pretty low.

      • darke

        The problem is the sales didn’t match the hype. Which is why even if the jump in sales is large, it’s not that impressive. If it maintains that sales jump for the next couple of weeks, that will he impressive though. :)

  • powerprotoman

    so were just going to ignore the 666% increase of wiiu sales in the eu with that title?

    • andref

      This article is focusing on the japanese market and sales not worldwide. So the increase in europe is good but japan is still worrying

      • powerprotoman

        as others have said japan sales of consoles are abyssmal no matter what

      • ZEROthefirst

        Home consoles in Japan never sell high numbers, compared to other average weekly home console sales in Japan these numbers are actually good. Japan is portable prominent.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      The United Kingdom is not the whole of Europe. That country is typically one of Wii U’s weakest markets, so frankly, 666% might not be a lot of units sold. As for ignoring, well:

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      how many WiiU units were sold last week in UK?

      666% increase doesn’t mean much without numbers

      • British_Otaku

        No idea.

        Yes, in which case, the only information we know is that Mario Kart 8 is having a huge impact on sales (positive, even if the numbers aren’t impressive) in the UK and even in Japan where the numbers aren’t Christmas 2013 3DS good, it topped the other systems and doubled sales.

        All recorded numbers at least in relation to this week and MK8 are positive, whether it will go on well or not.

  • Link

    In other news PS4 is tracking worse than WiiU and PS3 on a week by week basis in the same time frame (first 15 weeks since launch). Let’s face it home console sales are dead in Japan, I doubt even when the major Japanese games hit PS4 it’ll get any huge bumps. I mean the next big game for Japan is FFXV and KH3 and that’s over a year away. WiiU and PS4 sales suck but really that’s all because of the huge market shift in Japan.

  • Brimfyre

    It’s mostly a problem with consoles not selling in Japan regardless.

  • subsamuel01

    I think the bundle was a bit overpriced, they should have lowered the price and focused more on moving units to grow the install base.

    • Link

      There’s no Mk bundle in Japan

      • subsamuel01

        I know I meant in North America and Europe.

        • Link

          These sales are only for Japan. We have no idea what sales are in NA or EU so your comment doesn’t make sense

          • subsamuel01

            Still think they should have kept a $299 price point for the bundle.

          • ZEROthefirst

            If the bundle only included the console, gamepad and a digital DL code then yes, but you get the console, gamepad, stands for both, a mario themed Wii motion + controller ($40 USD new alone) a mario themed wii wheel and a physical copy of the game. With those things alone at $330 USD it’s MUCH cheaper than buying those individually. You can argue it’s a waste, but people like the extra accessories for consoles, a physical copy of a game, and at a decent price is a deal.

          • Link

            You get MK8, A Wii Remote+, and Wii Wheel. Thats effectively 110$ worth of stuff. Your paying basically 220$ for the WiiU, thats a great deal. 299$ for that kind of package would be heavily undercutting something they’re still losing money on. If it was just the WiiU and MK8 then 299$ is fine, but the WiiMote itself is worth more than that 30 extra dollars your paying for the bundle.

  • andref

    Certainly sales are strong in the west but how much influence are western sales going to have on japanese developers. Which would have more of an influence, western markets vs japan’s video game market

    • JonathanisPrimus

      If western sales are what they have their eye on, wouldn’t PS4 better suit them?

      • andref

        Though it’s not as if the new consoles have picking up significant steam from my perspective, or else we wouldn’t be having so many games released for both the new and old generations. But I do have to wonder if Nintendo’s business decisions, which would most likely be influenced by Japanese investors, are influenced more by the west or the east. If so, Nintendo will mostly continue to rely on first party games and virtual console releases on the eshop to bolster interest in the Wii U

  • IlyaK

    Just a little something that’s bothering me reading these comments: the infamous 666% boost in WiiU sales was in the UK, not in Europe, but in the UK alone where its sales were close to abysmal in the first place.
    I’d love for the WiiU to do good over here, but some of you people need to get your facts straight.

    • Nanashrew

      Yeah. UK has always been a Sega and Sony territory above all. I’m actually not surprised for either the Xbox One or Wii U doing low numbers there.

      • malek86

        Nope, UK is pretty much the only european country where the 360 consistently outsold the PS3.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    From 7k to 19k, I’d say MK8 helped quite a bit. That said, I’d look at the overall picture before crying “Nintendoooooom!”. For weeks now -everything- has sold poorly. The 3DS may be on top, but it’s at the top of a pile of crap sales numbers, selling like crap too~.

    The PSV had been doing decent-ish and now it’s close to sub 10k again; the Japanese console market seems to be doing awful this year for HW. So it’s not that that the Wii U is doomed, it’s that the overall picture looks quite grim. I’m not sure why sites don’t mention this, claiming the Japanese market could be collapsing should net far more hits than saying that the Wii U is collapsing~.

    • I’m not sure why sites don’t mention this…

      You clearly don’t read the sales column regularly.

  • Kaetsu

    The title of this article scared me. Clearly misleading. These are Japanese only sales. Mario Kart 8 probably sold a lot of Wii Us in the west. This was kind of expected for Japan. I don’t we’ll see huge Wii U sale spikes in Japan until Hyrule Warriors(Zelda Musou) comes out.

    • darke

      “This Week In Sales” is always in Japan; it has always been in Japan. This is why it has “Japan” marked as the country in the header.

      There is nothing wrong with the title, the only thing wrong is you jumped to the wrong conclusion without evaluating available evidence and past experience with this site.

    • Yvonne Tsang

      Thought Japan didn’t care much for Zelda.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Relative to Nintendo’s other series, this is correct. It does decently in Japan, but perhaps the Musou connection will boost that since that series typically does.

        • Yvonne Tsang

          I have a feeling Musou fans are more interested in the historical connections and characters than the gameplay. While the latter is serviceable, I find it’s the former two elements that make the Musou series so distinct and enjoyable. Hope Japan proves me wrong. :)

          • darke

            Yeah, that’s my impression as well. Musou as gameplay seems a little… bland? The fun seems to be in the characters and the visuals and the like.

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s what I was thinking as well. The Musou spin-offs don’t sell as well as the main series, even with some popular IP attached, so that sounds likely.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Speaking of Zelda Musou… I have to wonder how, if at all, it’ll play to Musou fans. It’s an interesting crossover, since they’re blending a purely Nintendo franchise with one that’s largely avoided Nintendo hardware (entirely, I believe, in the case of their home consoles).

      How much does Musou’s fanbase intersect with that of the Zelda series? Do Musou fans who otherwise wouldn’t buy a Zelda game buy a Wii U for Zelda Musou? Do Zelda fans want a Musou game? I think it’ll be interesting to see.

  • Title should be Even Mario Kart can’t Boost Japanese Sales.

    Cuz I’m PREETTTY sure that it did extremely well in the west

    • ZEROthefirst

      It boosted sales enough to the point where it’s actually good numbers for a home console in Japan, where home consoles sell like garbage.

      • Then my point should be that the title shouldn’t have so much Doom & Gloom

    • Solomon_Kano

      Well, the whole article is about Japanese sales, so that’d be a bit redundant.

      • yeah but the title makes it look international

        • Solomon_Kano

          Every single “This Week in Sales” article is about Japanese sales though. Seeing that in the title should make it plain, irrespective of what follows it, unless one is new to the site — at which point they can read the article itself for clarification.

          • okay true, But this does bait flame from others who are likely to pounce at any opportunity.

            I’mma stop now

  • Guest

    >Mario Kart 8 sells poorly in Japan.
    >It’s the only game on the list that passes 100k sales and beyond.

    Oh, okay.

    • Cazar

      Somebody didn’t read the article.

      • darke

        I’m starting to wish that there was an option to auto-hide Guest comments; they all appear to be clinically retarded and unable to do basic human things like… reading the article.

        • Symbol de Au

          Give them a break even the mods don’t always read the article before commenting.

    • Ferrick

      so… how did you manage to miss ‘4,073,915’?

  • Solomon_Kano

    Ah. Yokai Watch crossed over. Looking forward to seeing how the sequel stacks up… next month, I believe? Should be interesting to see how it debuts relative to the original and what kind of pace it maintains from there, since the first is still selling steadily.

    • Sato

      Yokai Watch sales are still just as impressive. That momentum, man.

      • Solomon_Kano

        It’s scary how massive it became when some people wrote it off in the weeks following its release.

        • darke

          It’s the network effect I guess. Once enough people have it, it then goes through the roof. Like pokemon or monster hunter.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Makes sense. It just kinda makes me chuckle to think that people thought its opening was flop worthy. I mean, yeesh, the anime hadn’t even aired yet and there was another manga on the way. It was bound to keep growing. Guess they know better now though.

          • Sato

            That anime really helped (as seen in my earlier report). Once it aired, the sales kept climbing, and the rest was history haha.

            Now, Gaist Crusher, on the other hand… that’s a whole other story.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Poor Gaist Crusher… it looked so cool, man.

          • British_Otaku

            I think the anime is still running for Gaist Crusher too, if Capcom work really hard they can make it count for Gaist Crusher God (a sequel or Ultimate edition of the original or something).

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hopefully. It’d be a shame to see that IP die off so quickly.


    • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

      Whoa…that was quick. Moe is golden after all.

      • Linhua

        … what’s this featured stuff about anyway… o.o…?

        • Landale

          Basically it’s temporarily putting the post up to the top and locking it there, more or less. The mods tend to do that when they’re feeling playful and find something amusing, or when things are serious and a warning needs to be seen. The case with this one speaks for itself I’m sure.

          • Linhua

            … ahh, I see. It all makes sense now.

            … thanks.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Ya but what he sees as moe is like weird shit.

    • JonathanisPrimus


    • CirnoLakes


    • Spirit Macardi

      Why only Moe? Why not Larry and Curly as well?

  • Tonton Ramos

    Oh what’s next! Ishaan Guilty Gear Xrd Smashes the Bros?

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Bummer. But this kind of makes me wonder, how much will FFXV help the ps4 in Japan? The system tanked pretty spectacular. And FF/KH3seems like the only anticipated games coming out there. I think THOSE games, will show where home consoles stand in that country

  • Prototype_

    So Wii U sales in Japan are up over 100% from last week, but Mario Kart 8 didn’t help sales? Is this author stupid?

    • stephane3012

      He’s just trying to get a rise out of us for the clicks.

    • mirumu

      You think 11,000 or so extra sales for one week helps when a popular system does more than that every week? If you do, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

      The point is that nearly everyone buying Mario Kart 8 already owned a Wii-U so no, it didn’t really help sales at all. If it had helped we’d see a much bigger increase. It certainly did help sales in the UK.

      • darke

        The problem is that 666% is such an oddly specific number, it sounds like it was pretty low to begin with…

        • mirumu

          That’s true. I suspect it was.

      • Prototype_

        What are you going on about, the point it is a 100% increase is definitely helpful. Also your point is completely false as evident by the increase Wii U sales this week.

        • mirumu

          What you’re missing is scale. This increase helps in the same way throwing a cup of water on a burning building helps. It’s a nice start, but too small to be meaningful or do anything useful.

          If you followed the sales data for any significant period of time you’d know this.

          People expected that Mario Kart would generate a far bigger increase than 100% for the week.

          • British_Otaku

            The Wii U outsold any other individual SKU for a system last week in Japan. Are the numbers above those which we saw during the Christmas period, especially for the 3DS when it had a major licensed anime game after another with Yokai Watch making a comeback? No.

            It still outsold all other systems and is likely to keep the Wii U’s sales relatively high next to the competition for weeks to come, perhaps months when stacked with other software or promotions.

          • mirumu

            I agree, that’s probably what will happen. A lot of games have that effect though. For comparison purposes, when Senran Kagura released on the Vita the weekly sales of the Vita itself increased by 50,000 units. Wii Party U released back in November increased Wii-U sales by 36,000 units for the week. Those numbers aren’t directly comparable as there are other complex factors involved of course. For a start I believe both of those games were out for more days in their first sales week. I think it’s safe to say though that if Mario Kart was going to be a true system seller in Japan we’d be seeing substantially bigger numbers. In other territories it may well be a system seller, hopefully we’ll know soon.

          • British_Otaku

            The week when Shinovi Versus released is also the same week when the Vita had a significant price drop and Phantasy Star Online sold 61K (2/3rds of what SV sold physically but this could have been responsible as well).

            Wii Party U did release on a week where relative to the last week, the Wii U jumped by over 30K yes. However, the last week had the Wii U at around 2K sales, when any system is that low and has no games charting, a significant jump is to be expected. Imagine how funny an article saying that Wii Party U led to a 1400% increase in sales though? Makes the 666% seem moderate.

            It is exactly how you said, these cases can’t really be compared, but I disagree that “if Mario Kart was going to be a true system seller in Japan we’d be seeing substantially bigger numbers”.

            Doubling sales is definitely worth considering a system seller, especially when no price drop or other games are charting with over 3,858 sales for the Wii U. I would quote other Mario Kart games (often the 2nd or 3rd best selling game on a system, 1st if we remove pack in games for a platform), but focusing on this one I suppose, we have yet to see if the effect will last but it is definitely a system seller. I expect to see this game still charting as we get to Christmas and New Years, though I expect it to drop first.

    • Ferrick

      while i do share the sentiment about the latter, but i don’t think “100%” really helps much

  • Go2hell66

    In europe wii u sales jumped 666%

    • Guest

      from 500ish ? wow that’s great LOLOL

  • CozyAndWarm

    Man, not just the Wii U, but even the PS3 is outselling the PS4 now.

    • katzedan

      of course since PS4 has no games in Japan (at least for the japanese tastes) :(

  • FivePointedTheStar

    Really should be withholding judgment until worldwide numbers are out.

  • JB

    “I doubt Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors will do much to help sales in Japan”

    This comment has got to be a joke. Hyrule Warriors is going to be big in Japan. The Dynasty Warriors series is very popular in there and Hyrule arriors is essentially DW gameplay with the Zelda IP.

  • Chris

    Maybe this has been answered before, but why do you guys track only Japan numbers…or am I misunderstanding?

    • Because no one else releases numbers.

  • garf02

    Its Japan, the Land of hte Handheld, but sure, lets keep shit posting on Nintendo, Meanwhile lets ignore that PS4 is the worst selling new Console in Japan as now

    • darke

      The problem is that the Wii U actually had decent ‘Japanese’ launch titles: New Super Mario Brothers U, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, whereas the PS4 had… PS4 ports of PS3 (or Vita!) games, or F2P/MMO titles.

      As of the moment the PS4 in Japan *still* doesn’t have a decent selection of Japanese games, in fact the only PS4-exclusive game that isn’t a F2P/MMO I can think of is Compile Heart’s one that’s still not out yet.

      People are ‘shit posting’ on Nintendo because they’re tons of games out there, but the Wii U still isn’t selling well. “The PS4 is not selling well in Japan because there’s no games to make people to want to buy it” isn’t news, it’s “olds”. And according to your graph even you are whining weeks too late.

      This would have been ‘news’ at best months ago, when the WiiU finally dropped to selling as terribly in the 6th week of it’s life, as the the PS4 was selling then in week 6.

      • pokeroi

        You just named a 2d platformer and a remake of a remake of monster hunt tri as “decent” Japanese launch title. For me, both combine can’t beat the awesomeness of a new Yakuza on PS4 as launch title, which is truly decent.

        • darke

          Yakuza Ishin? That’s a PS3 title as well. If I want to play that, I don’t need to buy a new console.

          • pokeroi

            At least both version are launched on the same date, not like MH3UHD, which is a port of previously launched MH3U, which is a port of MH3.

          • darke

            I’m not going to argue about that. :)

            But the ‘hunter’ demographic seems to enjoy buying basically the same game with a little more added content again (cf, the ‘G’s, the ‘Delta’s the ‘Extreme’s and so on), even on the same system. Toss it on a new system and it’ll sell the system to a certain extent.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I think the slow sales of the Wii U have to do a lot with the player base it’s going for. The PS4 and Xbone are both aimed at young adults, people who typically have a good amount of disposable income. The Wii U though is aimed more at families, the types who need to budget a lot of their income and typically have one main gaming system.

    I know lots of people who want a Wii U, but are currently under those limitations I gave (especially with how hard the middle class has been hit in today’s economic climate). Slowly I see more and more joining in, but there’s still a ways to go.

    I want to see this all turn around. At least have it be like the Gamecube where it’s in third place but still profitable. I don’t want them to fail; I don’t want anyone to fail, since that’d mean even less competition in the games market and would ultimately be bad for everyone.

    • CivilRobo

      I don’t think families want Monster Hunter, X or Bayonetta. Sorry if I sound defensive, I’m just pointing that out.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Three fringe games do not disprove this. Just as a few non-fps games wouldn’t disprove the X-Box’s leaning toward that genre.

    • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

      I can’t agree with this….The WiiU itself is expensive not to mention the prices of older games as well. Playstation is much more suited for those people with budget limitations, given they could afford internet. A PS+ subscription would save you tons of money not to mention a sale almost every month….I don’t even think they’re aimed at families anymore, sure their games are family friendly but Nintendo was trying to cater to the hardcore gamers, I mean ZombiU was a launch title…

      That said, I would never want them to fail either, but I feel this company is pandered too much by it’s fanbase as well that refuses to see that Nintendo aren’t keeping up with the times and they’re going about things completely backwards, and this is evident when looking at the WiiU

      • Spirit Macardi

        I wasn’t saying the PS4 wouldn’t be appealing to people on a budget, but how many family-friendly titles does it have? How many are planned for it? Price wasn’t my whole point, it also needs to have content that’s appealing to that demographic.

        • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

          Yeah I get that, but I don’t feel the WiiU is aiming at that ‘family’ demographic as much as it did with the Wii…Their existing games were always family friendly, but Nintendo themselves has stated they want to target the core group now with the WiiU. Look at Bayonetta,X,Fatal Frame etc

          As for PS4, Knack was a launch title and that was incredibly family friendly, there’s the lego games too. Fact of the matter is, Nintendo is not really marketing themselves right

          • Bacon_n_Lettuce

            You have to take into account that Nintendo’s consoles are generally the only family friendly options on the market, though. All consoles will always have their share of games marketed towards different demographics, but Nintendo’s original brands are all family friendly: Mario platformers and sports games, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pikmin, etc. It doesn’t really matter as much that third parties are making more “hardcore” titles for the system, people still associate Nintendo with Nintendo’s own first party lineup.

            That said, my personal take on the matter is that Nintendo’s releasing too many similar games. Every entry in their first party series that have made it to the Wii U are very similar to the entries that were on Wii, which people may still be satisfied with. Also, pretty much everything is a platformer, which could easily lead to genre fatigue, such that the majority that are already interested in Nintendo platformers already bought the system.

          • darke

            The issue is that while Nintendo may not be marketing themselves as the “family” console as much, they’re still perceived by people as being the casual/family console.

            So they’re getting all the stigma of being the ‘uncool’ family/casual console, while getting less of the benefit. (Especially since ‘core gamers’ are the ones that tend to focus on the hardware specs more as well, even if they’re only knowledgable via second-hand info.)

      • pokeroi

        WiiU is the least expensive console this generation…I get the idea that PS+ membership can help PS owners, but it also means you must wait at least a year to see if a new game that you want will be available on PS+ or not, and games available for the month are not always appealing, especially on PS4. Which means if a budget gamer buys ps4 instead of Wii U, he has to pay 100$ initially + 50$ yearly and still waiting for games that he likes to appear on PS+, and not backward compatibility.

  • ishyg

    If this doesn’t change in the following weeks then I think it really is the sign of the times. Home consoles are slowly becoming the niche market in Japan, and mobile and handhelds are officially becoming the kings of gaming. That’s just me overreacting though, I guess.

  • ImminentBread

    Last week, the Wii U sold ~9k units in Japan. Are you truly suggesting that a >100% increase in sales – great enough to outsell ALL OTHER CONSOLES YOU HAVE DATA FOR besides the 3DS – was mostly happenstance, and not caused by a huge, critically acclaimed release that topped the software sales chart?

    Doubled hardware sales in the week Mario Kart 8’s released means it’s “barely helped”… Pfft.

    • CozyAndWarm

      When the numbers are so pathetically small, doubling just isn’t enough to bring it to what’s considered a healthy amount.

      • ImminentBread

        I agree that these numbers are still small, but still — you must admit that an increase of around 10 000 units in a single week is impressive, considering that the 3DS is at a combined 23 733 units. In fact, the gap between the 3DS models combined and the Wii U is only 4 421 units, and I’d wager that the gap would shrink immensely if the data had been taken a full 7 days after the game’s release.

        Still, it has yet to be seen if this surge is the start of an upward trend or just a spike. I believe it will be the former, but nobody can tell for sure until a few weeks pass.

        Just curious: what would be considered a “healthy amount” for this region?

        • PlayStation4Life12345

          I don’t know how much the Wii sold in Japan but the PS3 have sold more than 10 millions systems as of today in Japan. So I guess the Wii would have around 15-16 millions as of today :P. Japan used to have a pretty big market for Home Consoles. But I don’t think the wii U and the PS4 would get sold more than 8 or 9 millions of them in this gen though ….

    • arkane9

      It’s a clickbait title. Personally I thought Siliconera would be above that.

      Wii U sales numbers go from 9000 to 19000, and becomes the second-highest selling system that week. Yeah, I would say that MK8 helped Wii U sales.

      Also what is not mentioned is that MK8 had a better first week than MK DS, Double Dash, Super Circuit and MK 64.

      • ImminentBread

        Thank you for the data on the other games. If only we knew how many units Super Mario Kart sold in its first week… Still, even though it’s 100 000 less units less than second place, MK8 has ranked third place in the series for known first week sales, which is not bad at all. It also sold around 100 000 more than fourth place. “Clickbait” does indeed come to mind when judging this article’s headline.

        Hardware sales seem to have been boosted across the world. First we heard about the UK, and now Japan…
        In addition, VGChartz is reporting that the US moved 78 247 units (+611% increase) this week — but I am very hesitant to trust them, because they are VGChartz (and also because I can’t find any other sources). I have no doubt that there was a huge increase in Wii U sales in America, but I’ll wait for another source on this.

        • Thank God for people on the internet that analyze this information and bitch slap the article writers for their semantics and false interpretations. :D Honesty, hard to come by but well worth it.

  • PlayStation4Life12345

    Japanese gaming companies need to make big budget or more awesome games imho. the Home Consoles in Japan is seriously in RED!. It’s not because they prefer mobile games over home consoles, it’s because Mobile games are the only games that they interested in !!! And I blame Capcom, Square Enix, Konami, Bandai Namco for this, since developed games on Mobile and smartphones are much more easier than home consoles and it take less risks. They need to focused more on Home Consoles! Especially Sony. Sony have the largest first party gaming studios in the world but they’re mainly on North America and Europe while their home land have only very little gaming studios … Japanese gaming industries will be collapsed if they started to move on to Mobile and Smartphone! which btw, Is the worst thing that I can possibly think of :(.
    Also Kudos to Nintendo for this ;D. Wining in Japan is the first step. now they need to win in America! It’s the most important region of all.

    • Landale

      I can’t claim to be an expert on the matter, but I’m pretty sure throwing more money at games for home consoles isn’t going to fix anything. A big budget doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be good, and even if it were good the larger the budget the harder it would be to actually make money off it.

      • PlayStation4Life12345

        Well, It work on Tom Raider 2013 ( although it ain’t developed by the Japs company but the company who funded and published that game is Square Enix … so yeah :P ). What I’m saying is that they need to take a risk to be able to complete! with their challenge competitors from around the world! They need more guts! This is also why American Gaming industries dominated this gen too. Do you know how much Skyrim cost to made ? About 100 Millions. Do you know how much GTA V to developed and marketed ? About 170 millions. It’s a huge risks. but the reward for that courage is huge! I don’t know much about how much Skyrim sold but GTA V have make more than 800 Million dollar back in ONE single day and over $1 Billion in just 3 days. As of today, GTA V have make over 2 billions in revenue. Breaking almost every world records in gaming, including the Guinness for The best entertainment product of all times. The game also won multiple awards, GOTYs. ( The last of Us won more though but it sold way way less, BUT that is another story )
        See ? They need more balls! or Japanese gaming industries will be gone … as of now I personally think that they ( Japanese gaming industries ) ranked third in the world, while U.S and UK in no.1 and 2 in term of success.

      • PlayStation4Life12345

        Edit: Someone delete my comment I suppose So I replied to you again.

        Well, It work on Tom Raider 2013 ( although it ain’t developed by the Japs company but the company who funded and published that game is Square Enix … so yeah :P ). What I’m saying is that they need to take a risk to be able to complete! with their challenge competitors from around the world! They need more guts! This is also why American Gaming industries dominated this gen too. Do you know how much Skyrim cost to made ? About 100 Millions. Do you know how much GTA V to developed and marketed ? About 170 millions. It’s a huge risks. but the reward for that courage is huge! I don’t know much about how much Skyrim sold but GTA V have make more than 800 Million dollar back in ONE single day and over $1 Billion in just 3 days. As of today, GTA V have make over 2 billions in revenue. Breaking almost every world records in gaming, including the Guinness for The best entertainment product of all times. The game also won multiple awards, GOTYs. ( The last of Us won more though but it sold way way less, BUT that is another story )
        See ? They need more balls! or Japanese gaming industries will be gone … as of now I personally think that they ( Japanese gaming industries ) ranked third in the world, while U.S and UK in no.1 and 2 in term of success.

  • Alter

    ps4 is dead ? imo it’s just barely a warm up.

  • James Enk

    i don’t get… the WiiU is struggling and a game manage to boost it’s sales and help it outsold almost everything… so that’s a good thing right?

    • darke

      But it got the same sales boost as any other ‘big name’ title that’s launched, they all seem to spike up about 10k. The problem is that from the level of hype for MK8 was that people were expecting it to do *better* then that.

      If it somehow manages to sustain that level of sales for a few weeks, or bump up the number of average sales permanently it will be considered a good thing in the long term though.

      • James Enk

        i see what you are saying, but we have to keep in mind that the WiiU is not in a good place, Nintendo made a lot of mistakes, the press was not forgiving and generally the console does not inspire a lot of trust so to have double the sales it’s very good and if they manage to keep the base line of their sales higher than before, MK did it’s job

  • Maybe it didn’t do much in Japan because most people that want one already have one.

  • Göran Isacson

    So I’m just gonna say that it’s awesome Yokai Watch crossed a million sold games, and hope they find it in them to bring the games over here. Also, Infamous Second Son sure is dropping fast… wonder how long that will stay up.

  • katzedan

    I still thinks that if Sony or Nintendo get their hands at one Kantai collection game for their system, their sales will increase a lot in Japan. xD

    • Kayseur

      Sony already did, the PSVita is getting a KanKore game this year. But there’s no infos about it yet.

  • leingod

    Well, at least in my personal circle, MK8 finally got people interested in the Wii U. IMO Nintendo shouldn’t have delayed Smash so much (or put it on the 3DS for that matter), because both games together make for a strong Wii U presentation card.

  • Yan Zhao

    Pretty sure it helped. Lol @ clickbait title.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    The wii-u isnt dead yet

    • darke

      Unfortunately memes don’t sell units.

  • pokeroi

    Compares to last week sales, this week ps3 and 4 sales, yes, Mario Kart 8 helped Wii U a lot.

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