Persona Q: Shadow of The Labyrinth Has A New English Trailer

By Ishaan . June 9, 2014 . 1:27pm

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is headed to North America this Fall, and Nintendo have shared a new trailer for the game. You can watch it below.



Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is a melding of Persona 3 and Persona 4’s world with the style of the Etrian Odyssey dungeon-crawlers. The game will allow you to fuse Personas like the regular Persona RPGs, but will feature the dungeon exploration and mapping of Etrian Odyssey.


You can learn more about Persona Q by looking through our tag for the game.

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  • Slickyslacker

    Release date during Atlus’ conference?

    • ν•˜μ„Έμš”

      According to the schedule, there’s no Atlus conference.

      • Slickyslacker

        Not conference. I meant lineup.

        They still have DAN and Arena U to show off.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I just hope they can get Troy Baker back for this. I understand him voicing in more domestic productions lately rather than dubs, since it does pay a lot more, but dammit Kanji is one of his most iconic roles and it’s one I know he loves.

    • God

      Maybe he doesn’t really love it, or thinks this is an insult to the character or whatever… I do hope to hear him though.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Well he showed up to voice Kanji in the anime, though was replaced with Matt Mercer half-way because he had just gotten married and was on his honeymoon at the time of recording.

        That was at a time though when he still made occasional appearances in anime dubs and the like, and since then he’s only shown up in American cartoons and video games (with the lone exception of Final Fantasy, but Square pays top-dollar for those games).

        • Jeffrey Thrash

          Where do people find out about this stuff??

          • Spirit Macardi

            It’s not hard to find an actor’s filmography x3

        • Andhros

          He is also pretty busy working for Viz Media as Captain Yamato from Naruto has a rather large screen presence for the current story arcs.

    • MrJechgo

      Now why would he quit voicing possibly his favorite character? I mean seriously, he said several times that Atlus is one of his favorite studios and he loved voicing Kanji Tatsumi. Also, for the Animation, I believe that it was recorded before Arena, meaning that Troy got back into voicing Kanji after his honeymoon.

      It’s absolutely not the same case with Chie’s and Teddie’s respective voice actors: Tracey Roonie was never a voice actress to begin with, meaning she possibly got lucky to get the role, and Dave Wittenberg had schedule issues… and possibly other issues because he didn’t show up to voice Teddie again. I could blame union/non-union stuff for that.

      Beside, didn’t IGN publish a gameplay video of the english version with Kanji? Pretty sure he’s voiced by Troy again.

  • Fitzkrieg

    Oh gad, I love this song so much. It’s so Persona 3-vintage Shoji.

  • LM009

    Finally some news I want from E3

    • Shane Guidaboni

      What news? It’s only a simple trailer.

      • RisukuAozora

        Maybe, but simple can be best. I was wondering if we’d hear more news on PQ for the west. Of course, what I’m really wondering about is P5 at all.

  • FlobotingIt

    Oh god, every time I see this game I get more and more excited… But my wallet coughs up more and more change… I think it’s trying to tell me something.

  • benhofb

    I really hope the lack of voices and subs only isn’t bad news for us yet. I would love to see the VA’s from both P3+4 to come back, but if not, the japanese dub will be just fine. I JUST WANNA KNOW NOW, AHH

  • NeptuniasBeard

    I’m kinda worried that they may actually not dub this and leave the game silent. I mean, it totally doesn’t seem like Atlus, but still… you’d think we’d get SOME voices by now

    • Nanaki

      This is our first localized trailer. Give it a little more time.

    • miju

      The first Ultimax trailer was left completely silent too (the part where Junpei is confused about the vending machine shutting off was odd without audio), but the IGN review showed that they’re dubbed of course. Ultimax is probably taking top priority and Q has a LOT of dialogue too if the Japanese version is anything to go by. So that’s hopefully what’s happening and we end up getting everyone back.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        True, and the game is likely another 4-5 months away. They probably only need one or so to dub it. So I will refrain from jumping any more guns

    • DyLaN

      The translation doesn’t seem to be done yet (The Eng subs are so obviously pasted over the Jap subs) so I wonder are they even recording the lines ady or not.

  • Brandonmkii

    I just noticed the 1st person/3rd person battles and I got hype.

  • Kotori Itsuka

    This looks interesting. but I’m not a big fan of chibi, but this looks cool! just wondering: Was that persona dance game thingie announced for outside of Japan, or is it currently Japan exclusive?

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      All the new persona games have been confirmed for localization.

      • Kotori Itsuka

        Holy shiet! I guess I’ve fallen a little bit behind, but thanks for the reply :)

  • SolRevr

    Looks cool, I just hope the dungeon layouts are interesting and filled with secrets and optional backtracking like EO and SMT: Strange Journey.

  • British_Otaku

    At this rate, I might make this game my first Persona game… >_>
    I’ve been taking forever to get a Vita for P3 and P4.
    And as I know P4A and the sequel are successors to P4 in the story, even if the mechanics are good I want to start with something vaguely rated or preceding it.

    From what I hear, this is non-canon, so it isn’t a bad choice.
    It seems to be doing well in Japan so far.

    • DragKudo

      nah it’s canon. First ten minutes show that. But I would say it is a bad idea to make this your first Persona game. That is if you care about the story. If not play the s#[email protected] out of this game when it comes.

      • British_Otaku

        I was kinda looking at this as “YES I WANT TO PLAY ANOTHER ETRIAN ODYSSEY” (still going through EO1) and “YES I WANT THESE CHARACTER AND THAT MUSIC”… Seems my call was wrong.

        I guess I’ll have to keep waiting till I start any Persona or Shin Megami Tensei a little longer.

        I definitely care about not ruining the story of the other games and only considered this on the basis that it had a loose story like EO and since the premise (two alternative protagonists and angles) made it seem like it wouldn’t tie itself much to the original titles.

        I’ll import other games and wait… >_>

      • Desk

        canon how?

        • DragKudo

          Do you want me to spoil the game for you?

          • Desk

            well you said the first 10 minutes, it’s just i had heard that this game contradicts alot going on within the other games, so i just thought it’d be like a fan kind of game

          • DragKudo

            At least on the p3 side the first ten minutes spoils what happens. Anyone who told you this game contradicts the other games doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

          • Desk

            does it explain how the other persona users can use multiple personas? but just tell me how it is canon

          • DragKudo

            In p3 side the game starts out after the events of Q. Makoto and Liz are in the velvet room talking. Liz tells Makoto that she feels like she met “them” but she can’t remember if it was real. Makoto then hears Yu’s voice saying we will meet again someday. The p3 side is just a flashback.

            Well Liz says it might be because of the wild cards being together, but I think its because of Philemon.

          • Desk

            hmm i don’t know if that is enough to say that this game is canon, but it sure is something. Elizabeth meets the p4 cast in arena which takes place after persona 4, but doesn’t this game take place during the culture festival of p4?

          • DragKudo

            It does prove this game is canon. Because like everyone predicted they lose their memory of what happened leaving no contradictions. This game setting is in another world where P3 from 2009 and P4 from 2011 meet.

          • Desk

            Them losing their memories just seems like a lazy thing to do on atlus’ part to try and make this game canon. Same with P4 Dancing all night. Just make it a spin-off kind of thing. But i still don’t think that alone proves this game is canon, I need something more to go off of other than a 10 minute convo at the start of the game

    • InfinityAge11

      Yeah, everyone that keeps saying PQ is non-canon has no idea what they’re talking about. This is very canon.

      • British_Otaku

        Fair enough. No surprise I didn’t know what I was talking about (never played a game) and likely others didn’t as the trailers were in Japanese prior.

        I am a little curious how two stories from this game can tie into P3 and P4, especially with the different gameplay styles but sure.

    • notentirelythere

      Canon is probably the least thing to be concerned about in Persona, but I wouldn’t suggest you start with this game since most of the character trailers show the cast post-self realization/-arc resolution.

      • British_Otaku

        If not canon, what should I care about in Persona?
        Cheers for your recommendation to start with anything else though.

        • notentirelythere

          Well, it’s not some sci-fi or history epic. It’s all about the themeing and the characters. The world logic in each game’s vague to serve that, and any plot-level interconnectivity between 3 and 4 is just a cheap nod. Since Q seems to be going for that whole “YOUR OLD PALS ARE BACK” shtick, even if you could vibe with the high writing quality Atlus usually dishes out, it might be like watching an OVA before a conclusive show, yunno?

  • hopefully we get us some english dubs. these casts are some of my favorites!

  • Zerousen

    Hope there’s an option to switch between Japanese/English dubs, like in P4A. Whether the English dub is good or not, I still prefer it in Japanese.

  • The dungeon designs seem very unique, and am sure will look better with the 3D on. Even though the game didn’t look like much (to me) at first, now the hype is real!

  • James Enk

    you’ve brought Conception to the EU, you’ve got to bring this one

  • I don’t like the looks of those subtitles. I’ll scream if this doesn’t have an English dub.

  • Kornelious

    Looks good, Didn’t even realize they had this at E3, I can’t wait :D

  • Bacon_n_Lettuce

    Sheep spotted at 0:50! Catherine cameos confirmed!

  • InsertOffensiveUsernameHere

    If that was something akin to Gauntlet or Dragon’s Crown, I would get it.

  • Rabbit

    Great. Now just announce that damn 3DS bundle! /drools

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