Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Gets A New English Trailer

By Sato . June 10, 2014 . 10:30pm


Bandai Namco recently revealed a look at their latest trailer in English for the upcoming game Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, where we get another look at Kirito and the gang in the reborn world of Aincrad.



The trailer starts out with the Player Killing guild Laughing Coffin’s leader, PoH, having a little talk with Kirito. It also provides a look at some of the game’s heroines, followed by some of the games features in combat and partner characters.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is expected to see a major update to its Japanese version come July, which adds 30 hours of content to the original game. Hopefully, we see it the day the game is released in the West, or shortly afterwards.


You can also take a look at our earlier report for a bunch of heroine costumes for the game, or check out Kirito and the gang take on dungeons and a boss fight.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released this Summer for PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe.

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  • Learii

    I be waiting for this

  • AlphaSixNine

    Still no release date? D:
    Oh well… still double dipping D:

  • Keine

    hopefully its not english dubbed…

    • Bob Slim

      Speak for your self man I hope it is dub

      • Christopher Nunes

        I wouldn’t mind Dual Audio, but I like to have dub the most as well. I liked the Dub voices.

        • JeremyTMH

          Its Japanese dub only.

          I would also like to state I liked the good work of the English dub of the anime, they did a really good job. However, we’re not gonna see that in here, unless bamco does a squreenix and lets you dl english voicepacks in the future.

          • Do you have a source on this? I’ve not seen Namco Bandai confirm/deny anything on the matter thus far.

          • Ragnawind

            There is no source on it since they haven’t said anything on the matter yet. Not even at E3. At E3 all they have talked about is an iOS game, Tales of Xillia 2, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, so far.

          • JeremyTMH

            Which is their focus actually. >.>;;

          • JeremyTMH

            Insider, a friend of mine works in bandainamco singapore. Of course they may change stuff for the US release but from what I heard they really want to save on costs and the europe/australia version is just the Engrish asia version without the chinese side.

            The reason is largely also time constraints, they are busy focusing on Xilia 2.

            Of course things may change internally and their QC dept may knock some sense into their publishing side, but there just ISNT ENOUGH TIME to hire the same voice actors as the Anime and have the dub out.

            I seriously hope they QC and redo the script though, if its JUST extracting the Asia versions scrip… you guys will seriously cringe…

            Update: US version is safe, Bamco US is doing the translations themselves, but no info on bothering with dubs. Australia and Europe might be screwed though… for the translation…

      • Xerain

        It’s freaking 2014. Every language any game is release in should be available to any player of the game world wide.

        Sloppy programming and regional licensing agreements be damned.

    • the trailer implies otherwise

      can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic though

      personally I would love a dub because I like English, more enjoyable unless the dub is absolutely awful from an objective standpoint (and not a “I love jap voices” or “it doesn’t sound like the original” standpoint), but eh, oh well… the Jap voices aren’t too bad (already have a Jap copy of the game)

      • God

        What about when you already got used to the japanese voices? I watched the anime long before it was dubbed, and it would feel quite strange hearing the characters with different voices.

    • DyLaN

      I think its mentioned be4 somewhere that this is Jap dub only.

      • Ragnawind

        Namco only said from the announcement to now that they had no information regarding audio for this release yet.

  • Reki Honoo

    Gematsu says it will be released this july.

    • Shippoyasha

      Holy crap that’s soon.

      • Reki Honoo

        I know right? Gives me enough time to get a bigger ps vita memory card

        • JeremyTMH

          8GB should be enough.

          • Reki Honoo

            Really? Cause it is coming with both games

          • JeremyTMH

            the psp game isn’t that big honestly. Around 1GB. HF is around 3GB for the digital. The new content big update Inheritors of Glory should be around 1GB?

            Of course if you have other digital games or you have other stuff you want then do get 16GB or more.

            Also note that IF and HF have the same main story, just that IF has the less intuitive menus and clunky battle system. (and horrible framrate during hectic battles)

            The ONLY reason to play IF is to see a more extended version of the character introduction events (which HF provides just a summary of) and the clear game bonus accessory, the Infinity Moment head accessory.

            HOWEVER, it was mentioned in the big update pr that this item will be able to be obtainable in the game via a high rank mission/challenge anyway.

    • Sato

      I don’t know where they got that from, but Bandai Namco haven’t said anything aside from Summer 2014, which also what they have in their press notes.

      I’ll cross my fingers for it anyways haha

  • Ragnawind

    It is July for Europe and Summer for North America. I would prefer if the title was either dubbed or dual audio, myself. Also, just a note, this video was posted by Namco Bandai Europe.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, also, that the video is actually just subtitled with no english text in-game, so it is probably just an earlier JP trailer with subtitles added and the JP trailer text translated..

  • AlteisenX

    Looks like a subpar framerate, but meh, I’ll prob bite still, even though I hated anything past the first arc.

    • JeremyTMH

      The framerate is better than the psp version by a huge amount. The camera can be atrocious though.

  • So, what kind of summer release ar we talking about? Like, a real summer release or Nintendo’s idea of summer?

    • Ragnawind

      I don’t think anyone knows.

      • JeremyTMH

        10/7/2014 is a good guess. Its the time of release for the new expansion for this game.

    • Reki Honoo

      Gematsu says this july for north america and europe.

    • God

      Nintendo has a different summer?

  • zeta

    hopefully its not engrish

    • Land of Green Pasture

      engrish is besuto!

      • Juan Andrés Valencia


    • DyLaN

      Well, they fixed this in the game at the very least.

    • Ragnawind

      Namco PR has confirmed that it won’t be. The Asian english physical/digital release is, but Namco PR confirmed the western release will use a different translation.

      • JeremyTMH

        The US one yes… but the europe and Australian versions might be on the short end of the stick…

        • Ragnawind

          It was Namco EU’s PR that said the western release would have a different translation.

          • JeremyTMH

            That’s good then.

  • I can’t wait to get my English/Chinese Version

    • Land of Green Pasture

      same here.. mine it’s still in parcel center.. dunno how long will it takes to arrive T-T

    • Shadow Rebirth

      here’s a tip, use psn asian account to get DLC

      • But my PSN ID is in the UK so I wouldn’t work on the vita anyway

        • JeremyTMH

          Note that the English translation is very very bad for that version, they translated it direct from the Chinese translation rather than the Japanese text.

          Japanese save can load on this version, as long as you have the SAME dlc.

      • Shadow Rebirth

        you can still play it. but DLC, no.

  • Shadow Rebirth

    i hope we get the update too :

  • S- Class Wizard KaRamo

    does anyone no if this game has the same combat style as the psp version?, when all you do is specials while the character attacks on his own i really really hated that style

    • DyLaN

      Apparently its fixed but I am not sure.

      • JeremyTMH

        Same for the auto attack part but skills can now be hot keyed rather than select from menu, they also added the burst system for manual more powerful attacks and precise evading.

        You can also go further by practising and unlocking Just Attack for precise Burst Attacks that are more accurate and deplete less Burst guage or none at all for near continuous chains, Just Evasion to evade damage totally in the nick of time and even getting bonus to ATK or CRT depending on the type of evade you did and if you’re willing, you can unlock sword skill chaining in the OSS (Original Sword Skill) system.

        • That sounds pretty cool actually; after watching gameplay video of the PSP version I was like “eyyyeeahh… like, no. Not interested”

          But with all these new ‘enhancements’ to the battle system them I’m more than willing to jack in and take my time with Lizbeth, SIlica and Leafa ^o^

          • JeremyTMH

            Oh and I forgot to mention, you can also set a sword skill as a burst finisher, Kirito will fire it off when you finish off any burst chain all the way to the end as long as you have the SP.

      • S- Class Wizard KaRamo

        ok thanks

    • Wagnaria

      It’s different, It’s more action RPG this time. I have the engrish version btw.

  • Yagami Mao

    I cant waitt. come on, to the west please.
    that aside. additional content which 30 hours gameplay is totally awesome.

    • JeremyTMH

      Game can take longer if you’re a fan, or are willing to do the implement unlock system to unlock more features and abilities in the game in Hollow Area. It involves a LOT of very challenging or tedious requirements though.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    so even on E3 Bamco hasn’t said anything about digimon
    I’m disappointed :/

  • Kornelious

    Looks like it’s coming along nicely :)

    I wish we had a release date for thegame, though everyone keeps saying July so I’ll probally just go with that. Since the game will likely be released after the big update, hopefully it will be pre-patched in. I figured that the game wouldn’t be dubbed, but that’s ok, i’m more used to hearing the cast’s Japanese voices anyway. I really hope the game comes out soon, The anticipation is killing me! XD

    Also does anyone know if the game has the freedom to go fromplace to place, or is it more msission based? And is there more than one “Hub” area? Just a little curious :P

    • JeremyTMH

      Arc Sophia 76th floor is your base, or more specifically Aigil’s new Inn. You set out from there to clear the floors or hollow area.

      Hollow Area grants quite a bit of freedom, there is a lot of optional areas and if you do multiplay, be it ad hoc or solo, you gain access to most areas from the start.

      Of course, Hollow Area is an advanced area from the main game, and is much more challenging than the main floor climbing.

      • Kornelious

        Oh ok, thanks :)

        I have a few other questions if you don’t mind…How long would you say the game is with all the new content? Do you get to journey out to the field areas at any time, or do you need a quest pretaining to it?

        And finnaly, do you think the overall game is good?…….Sorry for all the questions, I’m just excited for this game :P

        • JeremyTMH

          Ok I’ll make this simple and observational, otherwise it will be a lengthy fanboy drivel from me…

          The main game which is just a upgrade of the PSP version, is actually very very very very bland. Its largely just a straightforward grindfest of you solving simple puzzles, doing some small timed missions for gear or items now and then, but essentially running simple kill or fetch quests on each floor to get info on the floor boss so that you can challenge and beat it.

          Character events each floor help break the monotony. The improved menus and battle system of course make battles actually FUN now compared to the wait for SP to fill up and select skill from menu shit that was the PSP version.

          The Hollow Area however changes this. This new area adds a whole new large area of seriously nasty enemies, new gimmicks and new challenges that would love to turn you into digital scrap. Thsi area adds a new story and new mysteries waiting to be solved. The main story requires a level between 100 to finally around 130 to complete. To clear every corner of the Hollow Area and do every Hollow Mission however, you may need to go all the way up to 150 and beyond.

          Another thing about this new expansion is it really add things to do from the PSP version. All of it is OPTIONAL. First is you can now actually not only grind your mastery of weapons, but you can now grind the mastery of your sword skills to increase their damage by 20, 50 and 100%. Each sword skill has 3 levels. 1st level requires 100 sues, 2nd requires 1000 and 3rd requires 10000 uses of that sword skill. Normally weak sword skills will start seeing serious results by Level 2.

          Next up can be the most beneficial or the most grind intensive new feature. The implement element system. After you have full access to hollow area, you can select from the menu or terminal in admin area of hollow area. Here you can select elements you want to implement into the game and meet their challenges to unlock new equipment with great buffs but also negative debuffs as an offset, new skills, new systems of dodging and attacking, new equipment drops, new items and equipment for sale etc.

          Anyway, I made my escapades in the JP version on my public facebook album, note there Are SPOILERS HOWEVER, but in some pics I do go into details on systems, quests, key targets, levelling up tips etc. Enjoy.


          • Kornelious

            Wow, that’s pretty detailed :D

            That gives me a pretty good idea of what the game will be like. I think while it sounds kind of “MMO grindy” but I am a Sword Art fanboy so it looks pretty fun to me :)

            Thanks for all the info, I’m even more excited for the game now :D

  • Sometime in July to be more exact

  • That Trailer is of the Japanese version with all of the gameplay it shows >.> That is not an English Trailer.

  • Simon

    So this summer is either this month or next month? i’m surprised this is the first time I heard there will be an english release

  • [S]unjay

    The graphics are atrocious for a Vita game. Is that the same engine that they used in the PSP game?

    • Ragnawind

      It is the same game, just upscaled to HD

      • [S]unjay

        Then I might as well get the original game now.

        • Ragnawind

          If you are fine playing in only Japanese, go ahead. The original game is only in Japanese. The Vita game is currently available in Japanese, chinese, and engrish. It will be available in english this summer.

          • Keytotruth

            Eh… just so you know. This is NOT Infinity Momentum in HD. It is a totally different game.

          • JeremyTMH

            Its the same game for main story. Only some of the few heroine intro episodes got reduced to a summary.

            New systems, new menus, new events, new movies and other stuff got added. Auto attack is still around, burst system allows manual attacking, just attack system if mastered allows burst attacking as much as you want.

          • [S]unjay

            I might get this game instead.

        • Wagnaria

          They only share the same story, but both has their own gameplay. In this game you get to conquer two areas, the Aincrad floor areas which is your original goal in the first game, and the Hollow Area which focuses on Philia’s story, both are lengthy just to tell you. They’ve also replaced the old battle system which this time around more action RPG than the first one.

          • [S]unjay

            Hmm, I like RPGs but I read that the original had auto-attack. I would much rather choose my own attacks.

  • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

    Looks interesting as long as we have either dual audio or in general the jp voices i’ll definitely buy it I couldn’t take 2 episodes of the SAO dub I usually don’t mind dubs but the SAO Dub was absolutely horrifying IMO.

    • Stephanie

      You haven’t heard horrible until you’ve heard the D Gray-man dub. It took awhile, but I warmed up to the voices of SAO’s dub.

  • JeremyTMH

    12 chains is max, I didn’t see the chain indicator on 12th skill. >.>

  • Ric Vazquez

    So happy to have a Vita and no eng dub thank God ( to each his own of course)

    • Somebodyissilent

      No not really in this case.

  • Göran Isacson

    Actually kinda liked the music in this trailer. Wonder if it’s available else-where.

    • JeremyTMH

      The Japanese LE gave the soundtrack.

  • Some one explain me something, regarding MultyPlayer? Can we play this Online or only with Ad-hock?

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