Neptunia Re;Birth1 Trailer Highlights New Features In The Game

By Ishaan . June 24, 2014 . 12:30pm

Alongside their announcement of Neptunia Re;Birth1’s release date this morning, Idea Factory also released an English trailer for the game. You can watch this below:



Neptunia Re;Birth1 includes an overhauled battle system, combining the original game with the battle system of Neptunia Victory. The game also features new story events and conversations between characters.


Additionally, Idea Factory will release new characters to play as through DLC. Downloadable content for the game will also allow you to increase your level cap to 999 as well as add new monsters, dungeons and quests to the game.

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  • r0gamer940

    Isn’t a lot of dlc from the previous game in this game as well? there will be more dlc?

    • Landale

      I can’t say specifically what DLC is in this, but with this series it’s typically the game/company parody characters that are DLC, along with high level bonus dungeons and/or colosseum fights, as well as the level cap boosts to help deal with them.

      • darke

        These games seriously need to start thinking about using the moronically named ‘season pass’ (better would be “the rest of the game you just bought”) for their DLC. Not just for the discount, but to stop having to individually download 500 DLC bits whenever you finally get around to playing the game. :?

        • Christopher C

          but the DLC is literally all extra stuff. You don’t need any of it to beat the game.

    • Cazar

      Playable oracles are DLC, I’m not sure what old DLC is included.

      • Landale

        Aside from Histoire, I’m pretty sure the oracles as playable with DLC is just Re;Birth2, not this one.

        • Cazar

          Yeah I guess it’s just Histoire. All the oracles are standard in Re;Birth2 though. Peashy and Plutia are also DLC for Re;Birth1.

  • Raw


  • Firion Hope

    This seems like the best point to jump into the series so that’s my plan. Looks fun.

  • Kevin Komic O’Shea

    Plutia, Peashy and Histoire are confirm for english release. Me happy

  • アティ

    Just take it…. ok? (x///x)

    • SlickRoach

      Those glasses though…optimal waifu material detected.

    • Christopher C

      Looks like Compa as a kid
      without the glasses of course

  • Looks like they did an excellent job on the remake. Day 1 for me =)

  • Smooosh

    You can even JUMP!!

  • I’m so glad that I didn’t bought Hyperdimension Neptunia 1 years ago. This is dat 1 for me :3

  • Tyler Beale

    It says “English”, yet the only voice I hear is the one of Noire jumping…in Japanese. Makes me kinda nervous…

    • Jin Kisaragi

      They already announced that it’s going to be dual audio.

      • Tyler Beale

        I know that much. What we don’t know is if it’s going to be the same cast as the other games or not.

        • Zoozbuh

          I’m also concerned about this, since it isn’t being handled by NISA anymore, and (for me) the English cast made the game like 90% more awesome.

          • God

            That may define wether i buy this game or not.

          • Tyler Beale

            I wouldn’t say that “it isn’t being handled by NISA anymore”, as 1. Neptunia merchandise is still being sold on their online store, and 2. They’re probably working with FUNimation on the English dubbing of the anime series.

            I think that, because there are so many more Neptunia games in Japan than there currently are in the west, IFI is just stepping in to speed things along. (because if NISA tried to do them all, we’d probably just be getting Noire’s game when CH announces whatever the next two titles (beyond U and VII) would be.)

        • refrain

          Didn’t they confirmed a few days ago that the game will have the same casts of the old games?

          • Tyler Beale

            I follow their Twitter account (and have it set up so that their tweets appear as push notifications on my iPod), so if it was announced through there, I may have missed it.

          • Landale

            Supposedly someone got a response from IFI on the matter and put the message up somewhere on the IFI as well as NISA boards. I’m not finding it though, just a few people saying it happened. Still looking though.

          • Landale

            Found it. Not “a few days ago” though. If there’s a more recent, and more verifiable, confirmation I’m not finding it.

  • SupaPhly

    OMG YOU CAN JUMP! 10/10

    edit: I really like the new logo

  • Strawberry Starlet

    Any word on special/limited editions?

  • artemisthemp

    Jump :( my finger can’t handle it

  • Zoozbuh

    I want this so badly. It’s basically Neptunia 1, but with FIXED gameplay that doesn’t make you want to tear your brain out from boredom. Seriously, now that they’ve added the new battle systems to it, there’s no reason for newbs not to give it a try.
    …Sucks that I have to import if I want a physical copy though. But meh.

    • Daniel Rossevelt

      I have not had a chance to play any Neptunia games yet, what was so bad about the first ones gameplay?

      • Landale

        Partially the level of complexity with the combat system paired up with Idea Factory’s usual piss poor tutorials, and partially the issue with the enemy guard guage refilling in real time rather than following the turns.

        More in depth than that: Basically you’d set skills to the X, Circle, or Triangle buttons, each of them would lead into another of one of those three, and again, and again. So you had an obscene number of possible combos you could set up, add into that that many of the finishing skills would be used for one of three things, Triggering transformation, switching between main and support for a character and continuing, or having the character themselves simply go again until their AP was used up. There was a shot type set of attacks that added in more complexity, the L1 & R1 would be used to cycle between four elements or non elemental rather than the attacks having their own attribute by default. All together it gets quite time consuming, especially when you add in the attack animations. An enemy could start reducing damage again in the middle of the attack, so you had to spam the animation skip button to fight effectively.

        Then there was the healing system. Rather than using items like most games the characters would learn item skills and gain percentages to distribute as they leveled. These skills would automatically attempt to trigger if their various requirements were met. The only other way to heal was through a special effect on one or two characters’ skills. 5pb. a DLC character, and maybe Compa, I honestly don’t remember if she did or not, could heal through a finisher. There was no way to heal outside of battle. At all.

        Both the excessive combo system and the healing system were made even more frustrating for the simple fact that there was a way to handle them much more easily, in that you could actually open up the main menu in the middle of battle and check or even alter them mid fight, which negates the problems of the limited percentages to the healing skill use. Simply set yourself to 100% on whatever you’ll need when you need it. Why does that make things more frustrating? They never tell you that you can do this.

        • Daniel Rossevelt

          Ha-ha that sound really … strange? I’ll have to try and play it some time, just to see how bad it was, but for now i’ll just wait for this to come out.

          • Landale

            Strange, but enjoyable. If you could wrap your head around it.
            This one, as well as mkII and Victory, on the other hand use a much more toned down version of the first’s combo system. No exponential combo layouts, elements are preset, transformation and main/support switching are detached from the system and handled with the menus.
            Unfortunately the healing system was scrapped entirely for a more traditional healing spells and items. I rather enjoyed not really needing to worry too much about how to handle healing, as I usually had it set up well enough that it’d take care of itself in all but the hardest fights, in which case playing with the menu in anticipation of the boss attacks was enough.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Now we need a remake of Mars Of Destruction?

  • Brimfyre

    So can you edit their CPU forms in this game? For science.

    • Christopher C

      It’s different processor parts and just reskinning the body to match.

  • I’m going to run out of money at this rate! Yet another game I need to play.

  • Zalin

    Does rebirth1 have the imouto’s?? I’m sure that the web site would tell me but I can’t get it to load….

    • Raztune

      yes, you use the remake system to get them

  • Kornelious

    Looks pretty good. A little dissapointed that there is no Limited Edition (And physical in Europe) But that’s still more than we can say for most of the Atelier Plus series :P

    What bugs me about the trailer though is why they would expect me to pre-order from Gamestop if there are no pre-order incentives and I can just go to Amazon XD

    • Christopher C

      Does Amazon have shipping by the street date? I’m too lazy to check.

      • ShadowDivz

        I believe only if you choose one day shipping.

  • WhyWai

    As a Neptunia die-hard fan, I will buy anything Neptunia throwing at me..

  • Vash bane

    lv999…what the…O.o

    who would fight that would need a lv that high XD?

    on a side not…this is a popular series isn’t it? because this and…ugh…err..senran kagura (chances are that is misspelled) are a few things im constantly seeing…and when I heard about the goddess form I didn’t know they meant literally that some of the ladies were deities. that sounds interesting soooo how is the story?

    • Landale

      The story varies from game to game, and medium to medium given that there’s also anime and manga for it. Most of them are also not even actually connected, being alternate continuities entirely. mkII and Victory, and possibly Victory 2 as they’ve been unclear on it’s relation, are actually connected plotwise. The older Neptune that’s been shown was teased as one that’d be recognized by Victory players, but it’s also been said to not be a Victory sequel. Conflicting statements, but possibly both true since they’ve also said something about treating that one as three games in one.
      Timeline and continuity shenanigans aside; The main draw is less the plot, which is typically parodying the game industry, and more the character interactions. While the characters are generally the same, their situations change from one continuity and timeline to the next. The easiest example to give would be IF and Compa. The original has them with no connections prior to meeting up as adults, mkII presents them as childhood friends, and Plutia’s timeline in Victory, as opposed to mkII’s timeline which is also involved in Victory, they’re raised as sisters.

  • TheManWithPants

    Excellent, now I just need to buy a PSTV when it comes out, and I’ll be sure to pick this up.

  • So doods, even if I never played the original PS3 version, I can get started with this one? My friend, who owns the original version, told me it’s okay to start with this version. So it’s cool to go with this?

    • Arcueid Brunstud

      Yes start with the vita version. Its the original remade with better gameplay. The original for ps3 has slower gameplay and bugs. The gameplay is what turned me off in the original but now I am getting it fir the vita because the gameplay is better and faster. I already have mk2 on my ps3 good game

      • Sugoi! Arigatou for the tip. I see, so everything that gamers complained about the original, all fixed here? Got it.

    • Christopher C

      It would actually be better to just watch the first game on YT for the story and stuff. skip dungeons and stuff and just watch events.
      Also, a quote from Noire: “OMG OMG OMG I LOVE CATS!”

  • Arcueid Brunstud

    Yes they made the gameplay faster and better that was my main gripe with the original. Main reason why I got my vita cant wait till it comes out.

  • I’m really hyped for this, I order the Noire model last night so I’m really hyped

  • pimpalicious

    I can’t imagine I’ll ever level my party up to 999 in any of these games.

    • Tyler Beale

      DLC dungeons.

      Victory pulled the exact same bullshit.

      • pimpalicious

        Yeah I know about those, there’s one DLC that the recommended level is 800. **** that I’m not grinding that much. XD

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