PlayStation Vita Dungeon RPG Gets A Second Chance With Mages

By Spencer . June 25, 2014 . 11:20pm

After Cyberfront Japan closed, Mages started working with Experience, the developer behind Demon Gaze that specialize in making dungeon RPGs. They picked up Tokyo New World Record, a new DRPG for PlayStation Vita and will re-release the prequel, Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity, before that game.


Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity Ultimate includes all of the patches including PlayStation TV support, the God Muramasa weapon, and has character portraits of the Tokyo New World Record inside the game. Save data from Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity will unlock an item in Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss. The Vita game comes out on August 28 in Japan.


Being picked up by Mages is also a plus because that opens the door for other publishers to pick up Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity Ultimate and later Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss

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  • Pandakids09 .

    That song sounds awesome!

  • Timberman


  • That game looks really cool

  • Dragard Kaos

    We got a localization for Demon Gaze, I really hope we get Labyrinth Cross Blood and Tokyo New World Record. Oh, and Stranger of Sword City.

  • RedSuisei

    All Experience’s DRPG should be localized!

  • Adam Zaorski

    Looks Good.

  • s07195

    Still waiting to get Demon’s Gaze…

    • Wagnaria

      You’re gonna love it.

    • moogle.nine

      It’s great. I’ve enjoyed my time with it so far. So many games lately though….

      • ShinNeoGranzon

        Finally some people are saying something good about this game! I still have yet to get it, I’m trying to finish all of my other games before I buy a new one. Damn you work for taking up so much time

  • Randgriz

    So many Drpgs on the vita o-o

  • Kind of reminds me of Mind Zero.

    • Hunnybear

      a better take on persona-like theme than Mind Zero I suppose. Hope this will be good.

      • Kornelious

        I dunno, I liked Mind Zero and thought it was good on it’s own terms……..Though since I’m pretty sure Leo and Sana had the same voice-actors as Yosuke and Chie, It’s kinda hard not to compare it to Persona XD

        • Hunnybear

          I tried to like it, but there are lots of better drpgs like etrian odysees etc. in the end I gave up.

          • darke

            I found it more fun then EO; it’s seriously less grindy. And it’s nice to have properly modelled environments rather then flat textures. Even if the texturing could have used a bit of work (I’m guessing it’s just a limitation of ram in the device; it’s only got 128MB of VRAM which is going to fill up quick…).

  • Kornelious

    Didn’t some company say they were interested in localizing Operation Abyss…..I forget :P

    Well since it’s a prequel hopefully someone will pick them both up for localization……Though the number of Vita Dungeon Crawllers does seem to be getting a bit high…..

  • MaskedHeroxx

    Pass..the characters arent my type

  • That’s it! Getting myself Demon Gaze need to increase the chances of their games coming over.

    • darke

      Seriously, just get it because it’s a pretty good game. :)

      It’s possibly a bit cutesy for some people (and apparently some people think there’s too much embarassing ‘loli’ content in it), but other then one frustrating part (Neptune, where you spend most of the time not actually being able to use a large part of your abilities :( ) it’s actually a really fun game.

  • Rabbit

    After experiencing the greatness that is Demon Gaze, I really want this to localize in the West.

  • Edwin Karat

    I’ve never understood the term DRPG. Aren’t most RPGs also DRPGs? What separates a DRPG from other RPGs, especially since most RPGs have dungeons?

    • $18114340

      I guess it’s the difference between something like Strange Journey which has exploration focus on dungeons, and something like Final Fantasy which has more focus on a progression between overworlds and towns. It’s true that there is overlap in the design between each subgenre but games like Etrian Odyssey almost exclusively feature dungeons or even just one central dungeon as the primary method of progression through the game. Meanwhile, something like SMT Nocturne does feature many dungeons but there is also a focus on overworld traversal and even backtracking as the story progresses and old environments change due to events in the plot.

      • Edwin Karat

        I’m genuinely having trouble understanding the difference — especially as I see Nocturne as being very dungeon-focused. For that matter, you get into random encounters in the towns. Are Persona 3/4 DRPGs? How about Persona 1/2ab?

        • $18114340

          For what it’s worth, I think the difference is pretty subtle overall. The thing about Nocturne though is the relative freedom with which you can progress the story. I consider Persona 3/4 to be DRPGs because they focus almost exclusively on one area (Tartarus, or the TV World) with little exploration outside of dungeons. You could say the same thing of Strange Journey and Etrian IV, which are constructed a little less linearly but still take place mostly in dungeons with only one or two real “town” areas. Contrast this with the mainline SMT series (most notably Nocturne and IV), Grandia, Star Ocean, etc. which are a more traditional brand of JRPG.

          • Ash_Riot

            SMT1 and 2 are also DRPGs, then. Persona 2 also has tons of focus on the dungeons, heck even most of the storyline takes place in those.

    • darke

      I grew up with Wizardry and Might & Magic and Ultima on the PC, and Dungeons & Dragons at school at lunch with friends. All RPGs are RPGs to me. :)

      I think the ‘D’ in DRPGs separates the ‘first-person’ step-by-step RPGs (Wizardry, Might & Magic) from the ‘top down’ (rogue-likes or Ultima, or most of the classic SNES JRPGs) or ‘third-person’ rpgs (Tales of ~, Final Fantasy and the like).

  • Darkwing7

    Hehehe i recognize that singer in the pv xD thanks shakugan no shana and toaru majutsu no index :3

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