Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Adds Fighters From Strike The Blood And Black Bullet

By Spencer . June 26, 2014 . 2:48am

A vampire is joining Sega’s crossover fighting game, Degneki Bunko Fighting Climax. Kojou Akatsuki from Strike the Blood shows up as a support character and can summon Kenju in battle. Yukina Himeragi, the Sword Shaman sent to watch Kojou, is a playable character. In Degneki Bunko Fighting Climax, Yukina is a standard type of character who is effective in close combat and has magic attacks.


dfc-01 dfc-03


Rentaro Satomi from Black Bullet is a power type of character that fights with an XD gun. Enju Aihara, a cursed child that lives with Rentaro, is a support character with a powerful jump kick.


dfc-02 dfc-04

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  • Janrabbit

    I have so much want for this game right now…..

  • MrJechgo

    Slowly building the roster, but surely ^_^

    EDIT: still no news about a Sonic character, to go with that Sonic stage? Kinda odd by now… unless it’s supposed to be that Dreamcast girl.

  • Rentaro is here to gather more lolis.

    • DyLaN

      And then the lolis get brutally killed off

  • Hagaren

    More playable characters? Keep’em coming! Also, apparently there will be a console release down the line!

  • DizzyGear

    I’m so importing this if it gets a console port.

  • DeAndre Atchison

    Enjus eyes look blank, like there seen the pure evil of the people who shun the gastrea children.

    • DyLaN

      Its also present in Rentaro eye as well if you look closely. Just that Enju ones is in discomforting red color. (I seriously did a double take as well) Its part of the illustrator, Ukai Saki art style.

  • Narrator 1

    So does Yukina switch into other characters’ fights at random?

    • ShinNeoGranzon

      Every time you try to use a special attack, the fight will be interrupted and your character will be replaced with Yukina, even if you were using Yukina, a different colored Yukina will appear

  • pokeslob

    I’m getting closer and closer to the idea of buying a whole GD arcade cabinet for this if it never gets a ps3/4 release 1.1

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    My patenence for a console port is wearing thin. If Under Night in birth is any indication this will come out on PS4 in 2017

    • ShinNeoGranzon

      You do know that Under Night comes out next month right? And by 2017 I’m willing to bet there will be a PS5 and XBOX 0/-1/infinity

      • TheHolypopeofgaming

        2-3 Years between Arcade release and Console release. I think that was made clear enough.

    • AkuLord3

      Dude they could be still adding character and testing the game…just leave it alone for a while and it will happen. CHILL

      • TheHolypopeofgaming

        I reserve the right to be impatient.

  • Hexodious

    Didn’t that chick got an annoying catch phrase? “No, it’s our fight senpai” or something like that, people went apeshit about it.

    • DyLaN

      I find it odd that ppl went apeshit for her repeated catchphrase but when its Touma its suddenly cool to have it. Character preference?

      • ShinNeoGranzon

        Its because the only times Kojou ever gets serious/epic he says “From now one, this is my fight!” while having an epic close up and summoning 1 or more familiars and then before he can even do anything, Yukina steps up, says “No sempai, this is OUR fight”, and uses her magic spear to return everything to normal as Kojou pretty much just stands there or distracts the enemy enough for Yukina to get close. In that sense, this game actually followed the source material pretty well by making Kojou a support character, although I hate them for it

    • Andar

      Kojou was going to be a playable character, but suddenly, “iie senpai”…and then Kojou was support. Even in spin-off games, Yukina won’t let him fight alone.

  • Kornelious

    THIS…and Under Night need a console port and localization…..AT LEAST a console port….

    • ShadowKazuni

      Under Night’s already going to be on PS3.

      • Kornelious

        Really?…….THEN I DID IT! Xd

        • Hagaren

          And I’m pretty sure they said Dengeki will be getting a console release soon as well. All is good! :)

        • Natat

          UNiE is even coming in less than a month, in Japanese of course…

  • MSJ

    glad to see StB getting some recognition although I really prefer Sayaka over Yukina. have no problem with Rentaro since he’s Black Bullet MC. It would have been nice to see Kisara/Tina or Kagetane/Kohina pairs.

    also be nice if we could get some Asura Cryin reps like say…Misao either as playable or support and Tomoharu with Kurogane summon or playable Shuri. I guess size would be an issue though, which also goes for why Horo is support chara only.

  • Yan Zhao

    Himeragi playable but not Kojou, just like Misaka is playable but not Touma. The 2 series parallels even in this game, lolz.

  • s07195

    A…Another male character? No…really?

    • ShinNeoGranzon

      I’m sure that the next light novel will reveal that Rentarou is actually a really masculine looking and sounding female, just so this game can continue to have almost all playable characters be female. Are there even any other playable males other than Kirito and Shizuo?

  • XiaomuArisu

    A Fighter AND a male? What a big surprise~

    • MSJ

      b-but we still have Shizuo.

      • XiaomuArisu

        I know :P But this game is almost Waifu Fighter

  • Bunzi

    Any word on a Skullgirls character for this one, yet?

  • OrangeArmy

    I imagine that Kojou was going to be playable and he said “This is my fight”, but out of nowhere comes Yukina and she says “No senpai, this is OUR fight”, and boom, Support. Seriously though, every time that happened in the anime it made me want to flip all the tables.

    • Satoshi Ookami

      This would actually be fitting as hell =D
      I actually want to see it =D
      But you are right, it would be more fitting if it was reversed like you said =D

  • Phantoon

    Man, liking both pairs, but is there any other `playable male character here? kinda dissapointed in almost an all female cast, maining rentarou like a boss

  • Janrabbit

    Now we just need Sora and Shino from No Game No Life

    • Aha Disco Elf

      Nope. I don’t see them being viable in this game.

      They’re just going to cheat their way to victory, making use of loopholes in game coding, making game unwinnable/unlosable. [ ] never lose.

      • Janrabbit

        Trusayy, have em as final boss… break the game. :/

  • I’m now stoked for a console port. SEGA make it happen! :)

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