Tales of Hearts R And Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Dated For America

By Ishaan . July 2, 2014 . 10:02am

Tales of Hearts R will be released in North America on November 11th, 2014, Bandai Namco announced this morning.


Meanwhile, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released on August 19th.

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  • iGlen


  • vault2049

    Buying both on release date, digital or not. Whichever I can get first!

  • AlphaSixNine

    Finally a release date. Now I can accurately mark my calendar. :)

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    No better time to own a Vita.

  • Jorge

    It looks like I’m buying about 2 games a month until the end of the year

    • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

      I feel it…same here but it beats 3 or 4 games a month.

      • Jorge

        Very true. And the great thing about JRPGs this gen is that most aren’t $60, even on the PS3!

        • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

          Thank god for that haha if they were I’d be broke for months on end.

        • darke

          Thankfully I’ve been catching up on my backlog of ‘JRPGs’ via the current PSN summer sale. Both Deception IV’s PS3+Vita for the original cost of the PS3 version, same for Ragnarok Ace. Then Wizardry: Lost Souls price drop… by the time I finish these the latest games about to come out will be on sale. :P

  • The Watcher

    Same day as Master Chief collection?

  • Rafael Martines

    Well time to schedule when I will plat Tales of Symphonia Chroniles and get Tales of Hearts R, and the game coming with japanese dub too… My boner is ready :P

  • *hugs Vita* Soon I will carry around guys and scare Asuka… I mean… enjoy the wonderful game play!

  • Jimmy Bump

    I think we have too many games between september and august so why add another to that list? They really should put sword art in October so that people won’t have to chose between as many games that month as september and august.

    • VietKnight

      Actually they don’t want to put it in October when there are numerous games coming out they have to face and I don’t feel like naming them since it’s a lot.

      • Jimmy Bump

        Yeah good point I kind of meant late october to mid november but I forgot to write that in, but if they did move it too october that might be even harder for people catching up on games they missed.

  • Kornelious

    Yes! So my predictions were correct :)

    I’m glad that Tales of Hearts is coming out so early :D Though am mad that SAO is coming out the same day as Tales of Xillia 2 X(

    I guess since the same company is localizing them it would make sense but seriously you realize that July is a month right? because no one seems to want to release any games then

    Still happy that we are getting the games nontheless, so way-to go Namco Bandai :D

    • Jimmy Bump

      Wait July is a month? I thought it was like some holiday or something woah how could I have been so dumb? I swear that this is what goes through Namco’s and other companies heads when they release all of their games in a short time frame.

  • SerendipityX

    I will be passing on both. I was interested in SAO:HW but gameplay videos kinda turned me off.

  • Learii

    this be long but hey the longer for released the more money we be saving =D

  • Jimmy Bump

    Maybe for people who don’t really know about both sword art and tales of Hearts they should add the demo from hearts and make one for sword art to get the people who are on the fence about it.

  • Going to pass on SAO, I’m buying tales of xillia 2 collector’s edition within the same month. I doubt ill have time to play both of the games. Probably would only buy it if I’m desperately to play something new.

  • God

    First day purchase! Now… how am i gonna convince Metatron i’m playing SAO for the gameplay?

    • Astraea’s Eyebrow

      Pretty easy actually. It’s a fun game even without the dating elements.

      • God

        He is not into human videogames, so he isn’t gonna bother with playing it before judging, and then when he gets drunk he tends to… exaggerate stuff, and he is really smooth, Archer smooth, so people never doubt him… like when i gave this one chick some chocolates by accident (dropped them of a cloud), and he convinced all the angels and half of humanity that she was having my baby.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    I’m very interested in the Tales game, SAO on the other hadns looks decent, not really into it, but if there is a demo and I like it, might give it a chance!
    EDIT: my curiosity will make me wonder for some time as to what the deleted post said, damn.

  • ZnTxn

    Good old Namco, releasing a Tales game 10 days before another high selling RPG. Thankfully, this time is Pokemon instead of Final Fantasy (and it’s on another handheld) but still…

    • Ladius

      Now that they’re localizing so many Tales games each year (Hearts will be the third in 2014, or even the fourth considering ToSC included two titles), it’s almost unavoidable to have some of them releasing near other titles that could have a similar target audience, especially if we consider every platform out there.

      • Astraea’s Eyebrow

        Good thing I put my games before things like food and shelter.. >_>

    • Jason Ryer

      Lol how is that good. Pokemon sells 2 million day one but some ppl are luke warm on Ruby and Sap. Also if persona q ends up being november its gonna be weird for this games sales.

  • DamTheLad

    Will get Tales of Hearts R on day one for sure, they put graces f battle system in it so it’s a plus. Loved that system.

    • Eric Harris

      graces f system? That’s good to hear I really enjoyed graces f.

    • Astraea’s Eyebrow

      THEY DID? Oh my god. This will be amazing!!

      • DamTheLad

        From what I saw from the gameplay trailer they put, everything seems alike. Except that we have now the TP back.

        • DamTheLad

          I did my research to see if I was not saying crap, the “Limit Break” bar system is the same but the characters in Graces F had two combat style(which I didn’t remembered) and don’t seems to be the case with this one.

          • Astraea’s Eyebrow

            Well at any rate I’m super pumped for this release!

          • DamTheLad

            It’s a Tales of games so it’ll be good for sure!

    • ValeRoth

      Yeah, it isn’t Graces F battle system. Basically, have you heard how Xillia 2 is X1 system “Fixed”/”Improved”?, Hearts R is X1 system with a focus on Aerial/Mid-Ground gameplay and some quirks of its own, and just like X2, if you can master the battle system you can combo bosses into oblivion.

      And another reason to get Hearts R (especially if they improve the translation), dat story :p

      • DamTheLad

        Oh that’s a nice explanation. Thanks. Looking forward to play it, I really have great expectation for it.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    So many games in the fall… I may not be able to keep up…

  • Guest

    So many news for NA releases
    (°_° ( °_° ( °_° ) —-> (º﹃º) Must. Day. One.

    • Guest

      Exact Reaction.
      Everytime these NA announcements pops out

      • Jason Ryer

        Some of the vita stuff shoulda been last year when the vita was in a dry spell. examples tales of the hearts r and danganronppa 1.

  • Guest

    All these news for NA releases

    (°_° ( °_° ( °_° ) —-> (º﹃º) Must. Day. One…

    • Eric Harris

      what’s that from?

      • Tony

        no game no life

      • vault2049

        No Game, No Life anime.

      • Kyle

        No Game No Life!

      • It looks like No Game No Life, but I’m curious too~.

  • Rose Spinoza

    Yaay, I finally have my release date for Tales of Hearts. Now I just need dates for Freedom Wars and Diva f 2nd, and my pre-order list will be complete!

    • Jason Ryer

      Same here but im hearing freedom wars is crazy hard.

  • Oh. My.
    November, huh? Maybe I’ll try to pre-order it, but get a Vita for Christmas. I am so excited though. ;u;
    I kinda wish Bamco would release the DS version on E-shop though~.

  • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

    Nope. Tales of Hearts R is too close to Pokemon ORAS

    • Jason Ryer

      isnt it on the same day last i checked. also persdona q is rumored to come out right before thanksgiving off amazon.

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        Pokemon is ten days later

  • Shadow Bloodedge

    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. Finally, you’re in my sights!
    I’ve been saving PSN funds for this! Looks like I got a lot to do next month, too!
    This yeaar, in the war of systems, the gamers won.

    Well, I’m gonna head to Aincrad once I get my Vita.

    Don’t lump me in with the fanboys of this series who can be brutal at times. If one got to see what I’m like, they’d be thrilled~

  • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

    Looks like I’ll be having top ramen next month unless I get hired.

  • I’m excited to see both games. I hope neither will disappoint me.

  • ign0z

    So nice Tales of Hearts comes out on my birthday. Will make a nice present for sure~

    • Ric Vazquez

      And SAO Hollow Fragment on mine, we are going to have very good birthdays this year! *high five*

  • Lynx

    Going to keep my expectations in check for ToHR, mainly because the translation looks incredibly bad.

    I might just import it actually and look up a guide.

    • DIsmael85

      So rather than buy the American Version that still includes Japanese Audio and is going to be considerably less in price. You’d rather buy the Japanese game with no translations and spend more to use a guide on the internet? I’m trying to figure out your logic. It’s not working.

      • Lynx

        I’m not seeing the point in supporting a translation that’s as bad as what the videos from E3 were. Assuming those are what the translation looks like, that is. They got quite a number of lines wrong and hell, the UI had errors in it.

        And yeah, I would buy a game without a translation as that’s what I’ve been doing for god knows how long. Hell, I have the original Hearts for the DS. It helps me pick up Japanese better too.

        -is going to be considerably less in price.

        That’s the thing. The Japanese version is going for $20 bucks at a local shop.

        It’s probably going to be more than that, given Namdai’s past exclusives.

        • DIsmael85

          I can understand your point. I’m mainly thinking that they appreciate localized support when bringing these games to the west. After all we fans have whined and screamed for them to do it. They do and now we have folks going I’m not buying it because it’s not the way I want it? Ok, you can’t have your cake and ice cream and eat it too.

          You know the language and that’s cool, I respect that, but for folks like me who don’t go out and learn Japanese 101 this is great that they are even localizing a game that they weren’t ever going to. So if it doesn’t have literal Japanese meanings is meaningless. As long as the story is coherent and i enjoy it, that’s what matters.

          Like I said, I respect your decision, I just found it a bit flip floppy that something that’s wanted is no longer wanted or appreciated. Everyone knows their history with Tales games coming West.

          • Lynx

            -You know the language and that’s cool

            I don’t though. I’m learning. That’s kind of the point. Even someone with incredibly basic knowledge like myself can spot serious errors.

            I expect a good translation. That’s all. I’m not allowed to say I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen? If you’re bringing something over, you don’t just go in with a lackluster translation with the original audio intact with non-existent QC. If you were, wouldn’t a partial dub be cheaper?

            I hope the translation’s good or at least DECENT. I’ll wait for reviews and what not because Hearts DS was one of my favorite games on the system. I was initially really excited when they announced it was coming, even despite it being Gamestop Exclusive for Retail copies.

            The E3 videos and the animated intro really dimmed my confidence about this being a good localization, given they’re being incredibly weird about it all around with the translation, name changes, exclusivity, sub only, etc.

          • DIsmael85

            “I don’t though. I’m learning.”

            That sums it up for me. I would say if you were fluent in Japanese I’d have no problem folding on your point, but this isn’t credible enough to throw everything their doing out the window. I’ll say they are being on the cheap end compared to Xillia, Graces, Abyss, etc etc, but come on they told everyone they had no plans to release any Vita Tales game West. It’s cool you don’t have to like so don’t buy, but I really hope fans don’t adopt this double standard with Namco Bandai over their Tales games.

          • Lynx

            -I would say if you were fluent in Japanese I’d have no problem folding on your point, but this isn’t credible enough to throw everything their doing out the window.

            Because someone needs to be fluent in order to pick up proper grammar, right?

            But hey, don’t take my word for it.


            ^ Somebody who actually knows Japanese and was fan translating it before the announcement.

          • DIsmael85

            Also is very nit picky. Why doesn’t he/she apply to be the localization director? Look the game is no where near release and I’m sure most of the text used was quickly done for E3. We’ll see in November, well those of us that pick it up. Also you aren’t fluent in Japanese so I’m still not folding to your point. I appreciate the link though, isn’t this from the guy who was fandubbing the game and never finished it? He instead trolled everyone instead of working out his fandub? Sounds like a way too biased link. :S

          • Lynx


            No? Fan translating. You do realize how much work goes into things like that, right? You have to create programs meant for insert the text and everything, all while making sure it doesn’t break.

            This is in addition to translating the actual game.

          • DIsmael85

            Too bad they beat him to it eh?

          • lol you can go and buy your game with the bad translation, we don’t really care. No need to bashed someone who ACTUALLY care about the quality of the game that they LOVE and try to point out the mistakes done, But hey! I guess It’s fine to become a blind fan too! I mean love makes people blind after all

          • darke

            “Gentleman, you are in luck!”
            How Zero Wing. If this is an example of the translation quality we may have a new “All Your Base” meme on our hands. :P

          • darke

            Agreed. It’s just like crap console->PC ports and when people complain they’re told “but you wanted the game on the PC and now you’re complaining about it!”; it’s a case of respect.

            If your port/translation does a *bad* job of the translation, it disrespects both the authors of the original work, and the customers who purchase the product.

            I’ll tolerate errors in fan translations, because often the translators are just like me; they’re still learning the language and using the translation as part of the learning process.

            But for a professional product, typos are fine, the occasional wonky sentence is as well, but major translation errors, or continual half-arsed English really isn’t acceptable.

      • why they bother changing the subs so much and keep the game in jap dub is beyond me, if you love jap dub you know how bad the sub matching the jap dub

    • shadowind

      Are you crazy? So because the game’s translation is supposedly bad even though it’s not out yet, you’d rather buy the japanese version instead…

  • Keiji Johnson

    Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney AND Sword Art Online, both coming out in the same month?! O_O
    And before that, games like One Piece: Unlimited World R coming out this month too?
    Come on guys, my wallet’s already crying out for more money already, it doesn’t need your help.(;_;)

    • Jason Ryer

      HDFN REBUIRTH is a week after Sao and i think abiras trip 2 is on the 27th as well.

  • YoshEE

    Tales of Hearts R release 6 days before my bday and Pokemon ORAS release 4 ahead of my bday. Man great month to get them :D And cant wait to get SAO

  • Barrit

    Anyone know if dlc will come out for SAO? I’m thinking of importing the Asian version, but don’t want to miss out.

    • Jason Ryer

      Should be the same they did a huge patch for added levels in japan this mnth. Think draGONS CROWN.

    • the asian ver have some grammar prblms though

  • Keichi Morisato

    any idea if the game will be available digitally? i plan on picking up the digital version now, and the physical version a bit later since my best and i are going halfsies on the game and we both want to play the game.

    • WhyWai

      Good News: Yes. available digitally.
      Bad News: It’s digital only.

      • Keichi Morisato

        i live in the US, last i heard, GameStop was publishing the physical version of the game, and it will have an english dub. i was just wondering if it will be available digitally in the US.

        • WhyWai

          ah, you mean Tales of Hearts, yes you are right. Physical copy is GS exclusive if I’m not wrong.

          • Keichi Morisato

            from the looks of it, the US version will be the only one dubbed… if they don’t dub it, changing the character’s names would be pointless.

          • Aqua King

            Is it dubbed or not? I keep hearing conflicting news… I don’t know why this is not clearly stated from Bandai Namco…

          • Keichi Morisato

            BandaiNamco confirmed that the EU version of the game will have the Japanese voice overs only, but both the EU and US versions of the game will share the same translation, so even the name changes will still be in effect. which in my opinion dumb, since you will hear characters being called one thing, but read an entirely different name.

  • Anontastic

    I’m totally pumped for Tales of Hearts R, but… I’ve heard nothing but bad things about SAO Hollow Frag. Has anyone here played it?

    • Keichi Morisato

      well… the game is an enhanced rerelease of the PSP game, and it looks it, the only part that looks like it was meant for the Vita was the Hollow Fragment stuff that happen in the beginning, which boasts it’s own story so to speak.

    • Prinny Dood

      Yes i have the asian verison full english and all awsome dood!

    • natchu96

      The only complaints I’ve heard about SAO Hollow Fragement is translation quality and pretty much the same things people complain about regarding SAO, period.

      The former, as much as the translation was clearly done by someone who isn’t the best person to ask for English advice, is still readable at the very least, and the Western versions appear to have a different script anyway so we have no clue if that’s good. The latter . . . well, this is SAO, you come in expecting waifus everywhere, what more do you want?

      The combat’s actually kinda fun in it’s own way though.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Whoah, SAO is coming out on mah birthday, it’s going to be one very good day.

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