Sega Shows Off English Lyric Translations For Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd

By Ishaan . July 4, 2014 . 12:15am

Sega have shared a trailer for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd that shows off the English translated lyrics in the game. You can watch the trailer below:



Sega say that Project Diva F 2nd will feature English lyrics translatsions for “the majority of its 40 song track list”. The game contains 20 songs from the PSP Project Diva games and another 20 songs that are new to the series.


“We are proud to finally announce this herculean translation project to bring Hatsune Miku fans English lyric translations,” said John Cheng, President and COO, SEGA of America.


“We worked closely with our partners in Japan and the artists to ensure that the lyrical intent of the original Japanese is maintained so our non-Japanese speaking fans can better understand the meaning and context of the amazing world of Hatsune Miku.”


Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd will be released this Fall in the West. Next year, Sega will release an enhanced version of Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 as well.

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  • LM009

    herculean is a bit too much of an exaggeration no?

    • GH56734

      You ungrateful prick! They bothered to *translate* the text in a localization!! Learn to appreciate more their kindness in a world were densetsu no zeruda, fainaru fanutaji and everything else has all of their text in romaji for the US/PAL releases.
      Localizations are NOT supposed to be more than converting the text to romaji.
      /s (for sega)

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Not really funny. I know I am not laughing, You know the rules, and no I am not posting which one has earned you this. Warned, jackrabbit.

        • GH56734

          Oh, I guess valid criticism of the questionable localization methods in a localization “effort” that should warrant its price point over just importing the Japanese original, is a blasphemous claim worthy of punishment?
          (I know I didn’t trashtalk Sega in the same way people add the R to Capcom, but criticized them, Is that the new unspoken rule that OPINIONS+ARGUMENTS are not allowed here?)

          You know last time people just swapped か with “ka” (nothing else) and released the otherwise unaltered Japanese game commercially in Western territories calling it a day? MS-X bootleggers back in 1983. Even fansubs have higher standards than this.

          But you seem not to appreciate that when Sega says “it”s novel, herculean, top notch” anyone chimes in with -god forbid!- arguments.
          You can carry on worshipping Sega-who-does-no-wrong all you want and ban anyone who thinks outside your Gospel and foolishly uses your comment section.
          As for me, I’m outta here.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            A bit of a stupid comment yes. And I am certainly a fan of demonstrating absurdity by being absurd.

            But you really weren’t that absurd, and did come off as just a bit of a jerk.

            Yes, I ask more of my regulars than I do random poster HI56735.

            tl;dr – just handle it different next time

          • Gasarocky

            Have you ever translated anything before? Translating songs or poetry is not the same as translating dialog or text. It IS IN FACT quite difficult if you care AT ALL about the quality of it. You are out of your mind if you think you can judge that statement having no knowledge of what it means to translate.

          • GH56734

            Why yes, I have, for sure.
            +1 for ad hominem

            *I’m out of my mind* using this comment section while not being a yes-man (“judging”-*shudder!*), that much I got.

            Thankfully not enough “out of my mind” to drink all of the kool-aid and be convinced that no one has ever translated a song before Sega deigned doing that herculean task for the first time ever.
            But I’m being politically incorrect. I must clear my act.

            I hope I didn’t ruffle any more feathers with my foolish, blasphemous obscene opinion. I’ll be taking it somewhere else.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Come on. Gibbs slap.

    • Gasarocky

      Song translation is incredibly difficult for a number of reasons. Heck even understanding song in your own native language can be tough simply because of poetic writing styles or rhymes or allusions, etc. Translating a song while trying to retain all of that is incredibly difficult. Aside from translating ancient texts, it’s probably the hardest type of translation work out there.

      “Herculean” sounds a bit much maybe, but it’s not really far off if they’re really trying their best to honor the various creator’s original intents.

    • To translate these in an official capacity, herculean definitely is a suitable phrase. Not only do you have to translate, but song translation is difficult, as Gasarocky noted.

      To get more specific, Song Lyrics tend to push language to it’s limits, sometimes even breaking rules for normal spoken language, usually conveying concepts with multiple meaning, using very heavily symbolic language, etc.

      The more abstract and multilayered you get, the harder it becomes to make a GOOD translation. Take a song like Yubikiri; very deep and complex song. Now imagine trying to translate that in a manner that:

      * Conveys all or most of the meanings and ideas the song contains

      * Using English song lyrics only without footnotes or explanations

      * That all vested parties (SEGA America, SEGA JP, Label (if it exists), and Original Song Writer) all sign off on.

      Escalates pretty quickly. It really is hard to do something like this in an official capacity. I’d suggest taking a look at Amir’s YT channel Decentsubs and take a not of how many of the songs he translates include footnotes and explanations. Amir is great, does a good job, but even his lyrics would often not be good enough to include in a release like this.

      Song translation really is difficult, and the more official you have to be, the more difficult it becomes. I wish people would give them credit for how much effort this actually requires. As someone who has recently begun undertaking translation projects, the thought of doing an official PDF 2nd song translation is just mind blowing for many of the songs.

      I mean, a song like SUKI KIRAI (Like, Dislike) is pretty straightforward since there isn’t much innuendo there. But Knife? Yubikiri? Seriously difficult. Oh, then think about Hachi’s song “Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro”. Translate that into English with no footnotes. Right.

  • Quite a surprising turn of events. The hosts of Project F back at Momocon noted to me how terrifyingly difficult it would be to make proper English translation/localization of some songs because of how culturally niche they are. They even know of the fan translations, some of which were hilarious.

    I’m pretty impressed at their efforts to work directly with their partners to make this work.

    • carlospsp

      There is a market waiting for it. I don’t if the great majority of fans of HM just like her due to the songs sounding nice, but I DO care for what is being said, and I may not be the only one.

  • chibidw

    Jesus, what did Sega get in sales from Project Diva F that they literally went from not wanting to bring it over, to finally bringing the PS3 version over but not wanting to bring the vita version over, to finally bringing the vita over, to doing an entire translation project of the sequel for both platforms?

    • Anewme…Again

      They did say before that they were really happy with Project Diva F sales in the west.

    • Risingrose

      They’ve said it in several interviews.

      There are a few people in Sega of America that want to bring the games, but most of the, didn’t think it would be successful because either they don’t know who she was so she might not perform good enough sales, thought she was just a sailor moon clone, or that she only does covers instead of originals.

      It’s not until that Facebook post last year that convinced Sega to bring the games over. It did make a difference as they called it a last ditch effort to bring over the games.

  • Alexander

    That’s cool but where is Yakuza 5?

  • Armageddon

    cool can someone tell me if project diva f for vita is download only?

  • Question: how exactly are you supposed to read these subtitles when you have to focus on all the rhythm buttons flying across the screen? I know I’d never be able to read it and keep the beat at the same time.

    It’s nice that they’re translating it, but I question how many people will actually even be ABLE to read it.

    • Baxter Stompy

      If you score high enough you’ll get the video to watch without the doing the button mashing

      • xAtKx

        You can actually view the pv as soon as the song is unlocked.

        • I’m a bit surprised that they don’t just switch out the vocal sounds, or at least have that as an option. I mean, it’s all done with vocaloid, right? It’d be harder to match the translations to lyrically fit the music, but it should be possible to just change the sounds, assuming they have all the vocaloid files to work with…

          That would certainly be a herculean effort

          • Gasarocky

            It’s not that simple. Even if you just replace it, there’s no way it would sound as good in English when Japanese people would be the ones changing it. There’s also plenty of songs where post-processing is used on her voice, and to do that ALL OVER again just because someone demands it because it’s not in their native language is ridiculous.

          • Landale

            Hard to tell with your wording, are you talking about having different Vocaloids than normal singing the songs? If so simply switching them around tends to sound horrible. There’s a lot more work that needs to be done beyond that to make it sound good.
            For example, Last Night, Good Night using Miku, Kaito, and Meiko:
            Now, if you’re talking about having the same Vocaloid, but singing an English version of the song, that again takes quite a bit of work. The words need to retain the same general meaning at the very least, but also fit the rhythm of the music, meaning a direct translation is almost impossible. And proper adjustments will still need to be made after that. Once again, Last Night, Good Night using Miku, but in English.

    • Armageddon

      There’s an option to simply watch the video and not play

  • Kayriss Wins

    Fantastic, now after a long session of working my butt off just to get a perfect score on one specific song I can just sit back relax and watch the PV’s and actually understand what she’s talking about without having to search the lyrics online thanks Sega!

  • Aphrodi

    I have both japanese versions of the game but I’ll probably buy the vita version, I wonder how/if they translated musunde hiraite rasetsu to mukuro because I love the song and the lyrics.

    • Suki

      Same. I’ve played the heck out of the Japanese PD 2nd game and pre-ordered this the minute I could. I’ll happy that I’ll now have menus I can understand!

    • Naryoril

      i’v got a quesiton for you then: does the PS3 version have a feature to find the visual lag by pressing buttons like almost every other rhythm game? I mean, is there a feature to find the delay of your TV where you have to press in rhythm a few times and then it says “your delay is this much, we’ll adjust it accordingly”. Because in Project Diva f you had to set the delay manually and i never found a setting where i thought “this is it”.

      • Brandonmkii

        my friend had issues with that as well. it worked flawlessly on my tv without any adjustment, however. We chalked to his tv being bad for games.

      • NeoSkyte

        In Project Diva F 2nd there is it’s found in the option menu.

        • Naryoril

          like in the first one where you have to set it manually or is it calculated “automatically”?

          Because when it is done “automatically” i’ll buy the PS3 version, if it doesn’t i’ll buy the Vita version.

          • Risingrose

            I think there’s both. There’s one where the button comes in very slowly and you try to get a cool on that. From there the game calculates the delay.

          • Naryoril

            that’s what i was looking for, thanks a lot. The PS3 version it is then. I’m still “amazed” they didn’t implement it like this in the first one, any other rhythm game has that, even [email protected]

  • Kai2591

    Bravo! Bravo! *claps*

  • Makoto Yuki

    PD games keep getting localize I’m so happy ; _;

  • Josh A. Stevens

    While everyone may be cheering about this, I do have to question the point. I mean sure, it’s nice to know what the heck Hatsune Miku et al are singing about but I like to know the actual lyrics to the song so I can get more of a sense of the rhythm.

    Also, that subtitle font really could be better – it’s so hard to read.

  • Rose Spinoza

    While I AM happy the lyrics will be translated this time around, the video is a little over-dramatic announcing this XD .

    • PersonaSpace

      Sega of America has to make a big deal about things like this. They really don’t have much else going for them.

    • Justin Graham

      The lack of English subtitles was the biggest criticism people had regarding the original Project Diva F’s localization. So why not come out with a trailer like this in time for Anime Expo?

  • ZetaSiren

    Hopefully it can be an option cuz its hard to sing along if the lyrics are in English and the song in Japanese. Sure we get meaning but what about good ol romaji?

    • Risingrose

      They said there will be that option in an interview with polygon.

    • carlospsp

      I don’t know if the great majority of fans of HM just like her due to the songs sounding nice, but I DO care for what is being said, and I may not be the only one. Singing something i don’t understand is a worse scenario than not singing but UNDERSTANDING what is beins sung.

  • kenshinx13


  • Jadfish

    is that really worth making a trailer for? I thought they had translated the actual song into english for a minute (phew)

    • carlospsp

      No, they just put romanjis, which means almost NOTHING compared to the japanese version (unless you want to sing the songs).

      I will not be satisfied if they don’t do translations for songs for all HM games from now on, INCLUDING Project Mirai Enhanced.

      Nooo SEGA, don’t think i am not watching your steps

      • Aerii

        No, they did provide translated lyrics for the song. The song is still in Japanese, but now there’s an English translation. The point of the video is that this is an upgrade from before, which was when it was only romaji.

        • carlospsp

          Romanji is not a translation of meaning, just a transcription of phones to roman types, so it is totally meaningless for understanding purposes. That was not a translation.

          Just to make sure you will get the idea.

          • Aerii

            i know what romaji is, thanks, and you’re spelling it wrong.

            this game, which is project diva f 2nd, has an english translation, not just romaji.

          • carlospsp

            I was refering to the first F instalment

          • Zoozbuh

            You’re both saying the same thing….. the first only had romaji, this one will have English translation o__o

  • A bit of a big thing that trailer, haha. But hey it’s something to make a fuzz about, I guess…

  • carlospsp

    Why couldn’t have they done this for the first instalment?

    • Justin Graham

      They just didn’t have the preparation for the insane amount of work it truly is to properly localize the songs in the game in an official capacity. It’s not nearly as simple as handing the lyrics to a translator and letting him go to work.

      • wyrdwad

        Actually, that’s kind of exactly how simple it is. ;) You just need a translator who has some experience with songs, as they’re a little bit of a different beast from straight-up dialogue. But it doesn’t take a super-long time to translate song lyrics or anything — the trick is simply making them sound good. A little poetry background, though, and that’s a cinch.

        I’m guessing it was more a matter of rights. Each song is technically “owned” by a different person, after all, and the composers probably have the final say on whether or not a song’s lyrics can be “tampered with” for a foreign commercial release.

        • Justin Graham

          It’s a lot more than that, though. In the case of the PDF games, these videos are paced with the lyrics. If you don’t translate them such that the meaningful parts of the video aren’t matched with the relevant lyrics, then that’s a failure all on its own.

          There’s also the fact that in the act of translating, if you aren’t working directly with the artist that wrote the song, all you’re doing is creating your own interpretation of someone else’s work, and you could botch the meaning of the work entirely. Which is why Sega has been seeking to work with the artists that wrote each track. They want to make sure that they get everything right. It’s also a reason why “the majority” and not “all” of the tracks will receive English translations.

          • wyrdwad

            Matching the video with the relevant lyrics is something a good translator would do anyway — that’s part of what I mean by “you just need a translator who has some experience with songs.” It’s not THAT HARD to do.

            As for the meaning of each song, that’s also part of it. I guarantee you the translator is just translating the entire song by him/herself first, then sending his/her translation over to the original creator (thus “working with the original artist”) for approval.

            And the reason “the majority” and not “all” of the tracks will receive English translation is, again, probably because Sega couldn’t get the rights to “tamper with” certain songs.

            This really is just localization — it’s not that much more challenging than translating a game ordinarily is (I work as a translator and editor for a game publisher, and have translated numerous songs in the past myself, so I speak from experience here). It had to have been a rights issue preventing the previous game from featuring English lyrics. There really is no other logical explanation here.

            …That’s not to say the translator shouldn’t be commended, of course. Song translation is, as I said before, an entirely different beast from dialogue translation, and if done well, it shows a pretty high level of mastery in both languages.

            But it can also be a lot more fun, so it’s less “wow” and more “I’m jealous,” for me. ;)

  • Arrngrim

    I whole-heartedly approve of this and will continue showing my support with my wallet! (~.~)/

  • Kornelious

    So…..they didn’t sub the first game?

    • otakumike

      not the songs.

      • Kornelious

        Oh…..though I feel a lot of people won’t have time to read them with the faced-paced songs XD

        • Crimson_Cloud

          Maybe there is a replay option type where you could watch how you did the stage? I guess you could see subtitles then. ˇˇ

  • Altumn

    Yeah I wouldn’t boast about that; I feel like the first one SHOULD have had subtitles. Well, glad they put it in.

  • lemon

    Breaking news: they’re actually translating the game this time!

  • Ric Vazquez

    My eyes and ears are ready

  • *hugs monitor* Miku…

  • Quizler

    That’s fantastic, one of my major gripes with the first release was the lack of any real translation. I’d rather see the original japanese text than lazy romaji translation.

  • Nobody

    For a moment, I thought they said that they would dub the songs into English as well. I am disappointed that won’t be the case now.

  • DarkLight

    Well,even tho they should have put this in the first game,I’m excited to know they put in eng subs!

  • Yan Zhao

    The one thing i hated from the first project diva was that I cant focus on the video on teh background when trying to hit all the keys that appears on the screen. This is one of those games thats way funner as a spectator :D

    • Zoozbuh

      You do know all Project Diva games have a ‘theatre mode’ where you can just view the videos + lyrics on screen right? Actually I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s there xD

      • Yan Zhao

        Yeah but I have to play the songs first to unlock them as well as earn money lol

  • Raltrios

    ‘Herculean?’ No no no, translating LoH: TiTS is a herculean effort. Translating 40 4-5 minute songs is something I’d expect someone fluent in both languages to have done in less than two weeks. Three if they make sure the speech still sounds sing-songy in English.

    • darke

      The ‘translation’ part of the ‘translation project’ isn’t ‘herculean’, it’s the legal licensing of all the song translations that is unfortunately. :(

      • Raltrios

        Ah, yes…that task hadn’t crossed my mind. Good point.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    LOL a little late then on the subs Sega ol boy

  • Zoozbuh

    I am shocked and amazed that they continue to release Proj Diva games. THIS IS AMAZING. I wouldn’t have minded no translations (if there were any songs I liked, I just googled the translations anyway) but this is an awesome extra reason to buy the game :D

  • “We are proud to finally announce this herculean translation project to bring Hatsune Miku fans English lyric translations,” — really?

    Man, I love Project Diva and Miku, but eff this. Take everyone off of the localization team for this Rhythm game and get them on PSO2 stat! Or Shining Resonance. Or something that is LEGITIMATELY a ‘Herculean’ localization effort.

    That is shocking that they’d say that about this. Really. That makes me sad.

  • razor

    Why they didn’t just release dlc for translate the game who had buy japanese version ,can anyone suggest to the developer about it? I want it ><

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