Mighty No. 9 Gets A Second Crowdfunding Campaign

By Ishaan . July 5, 2014 . 10:09pm


Comcept have started a second crowdfunding campaign for Mighty No. 9, which they say is for bonus content that will be added to the game.


The existing Kickstarter campaign will cover the game in its current form, according to project lead Keiji Inafune. The new campaign—which will be handled through PayPal—will be used for new game content and to help expand Mighty No. 9 to other forms of media, which will somehow be reflected in the game itself.


The first “stretch goal” for this new crowdfunding campaign is full English voice-acting in Mighty No. 9. This feature will require $100,000 in funding. Stretch goals beyond this one have yet to be announced.


Comcept say that this second crowdfunding campaign is not going to be used to fund the Mighty No. 9 animated series. Funding for that will be secured separately by Digital Frontier, who are handling production work on the series.


Additionally, Mighty No. 9 can now be pre-ordered digitally. The game alone will cost $23, although more expensive versions can also be pre-ordered, and will come with bonus items like a digital manual, Steam Early Access and more.


You can find pre-order details here and crowdfunding details here.

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  • Highasthesky

    Unless the second goal is something AMAZING! That first “bonus” ain’t doing it for me.

    • 古戸ヱリカ

      Surprise! It’s Danish voice acting!

      • Highasthesky

        *Over dramatic falling off a cliff* NOOOOOOOO-

  • Nah, I’m good lol.

  • Impressionnant


  • flameraver64

    This seems a bit much when they haven’t even delivered on the first campaign yet

  • AlteisenX

    I’m sorry but didn’t they already get WAY more than what would be needed from the first one? Like… no thanks. Its just a 2D platformer.

    • AlteisenX

      Please don’t support this one. It will just push to shove new and more greedy kickstarters. Awful idea, and the backlash from this will be huge. He needs to realize he needs to get the game created first as a priority, like Shovel Knight. Do that first before asking for more.

    • pimpalicious

      I’m on the fence about this second campaign but really myself but if people want to try and fund more extras for the game I don’t see a problem with it. Although this sounds like stuff that would be DLC and for me atleast preordering DLC so far in advance seems kinda silly.

      What they got for the kickstarter was a lot but not as much as it sounds after stretch goals, porting to multiple platforms, fulfilling rewards, etc. Most people didn’t donate to help this game(well technically they do because there is no guarantee they will get anything, but for Mighty no.9 I don’t think there’s a worry of the game not getting finished) get created, they are getting the game when it’s finished.

  • leingod

    Getting a little greedy, huh? Not sure if I like that.

  • Tetris

    This is…way too much… :s Pretty greedy.

  • nororu

    im a megaman fan and keiji inafune fan but i cant give him anymore, i thought that full english voice was included i dont want to sound rude be this is an abuse. nope :/

  • Wtv

    Looking into those stretch goals, there are some things that aren’t even necessary to the game…like making off, for example. Couldn’t them use that space for voice acting instead?

    And this is the only thing that would be kinda cool in the game now. Everything else they can save for a future sequel, with their own money if the game does well (and it will).

    They are probably testing if they can get more money from crowdfunding since they got a large quantity in the first..way more than they needed.

    • leingod

      Yup. It’s called greed.

  • kyubey777

    the english full voice? nah, i would rather play with JP voice thought

    • Volta

      Exactly what I was going to say.

    • John Diamond

      it’d make more sense to pander to western markets rather than japanese markets where only handhelds prevail

  • Anewme…Again

    Now this is just being greedy…
    They made over 4millions $ from the first Kickstarter…

    • Kroz

      Their mind set is probably
      “if we made 4 million before, we can do it again”

    • flameraver64

      They did use all of that for the stretch goals, though. Instead of just coming out on PC it’s coming out on 4 extra platforms, something the extra money paid for.

      • PreyMantis

        So is Shantae and they didn’t even make a million.

  • Pedro Tavares

    Wow this is kind of offending to whoever paid already…greedy bastards, Inafune must be going crazy trying to get 10 games or wtv he is trying to do at the same time.

    • leingod

      I believe he just loved the sound of money.

  • J the Solar Boy

    Add something else that it would catch our attention, Keiji! PLZ!!!

  • kylehyde

    after all that was collected on the first crownfunding and after stealing the spotlight to Shantae half genie hero which pledged a lot less to be done he wants more money?

    You can put Keiji out of Capcom, but you can’t put capcom out of Keiji

    • Wtv

      And worse. Shantae only used stretch that actually added something to the gameplay. And they will make the game for 7 plataforms, without using stretch goals for that.

      Also, Comcept is way bigger than Wayforward.

      • ronin4life

        How is that possible? Isn’t Wayforward pretty old and Comcept really new?

        • Will Jay

          Inafune isn’t exactly some average joe when it comes to money.

    • leingod

      Inafune just went full corporate.

      • Brimfyre

        Funny I’ve been saying that since he opened up the first Kickstarter and got nothing but insulted from everyone here.

        • leingod

          Well, his intentions seemed more pure back then. Now, not so much.

          • Brimfyre

            You can’t change a tigers stripes. He’s always been the same.

    • Androu1

      Remember what Kamiya said… Inafune’s a businessman, not a creator.


      • ronin4life

        They used to work together right?
        That is an interesting insight.

    • Altin

      Give him an inch and he will take mile. That’s the best non-insulting thing I can say about Inafune in this situation.

  • Nobody

    It costs $100K to have english voice actors? Really? How much talking will there be in that game?

    This whole thing smells of a cash grab. Probably was just that all along to take advantage of our desire for more Megaman.

    • Anewme…Again

      What bother me is why was that not included with the first campaign ?

      They ask the western crowd to fund their game and now they are saying that it won’t have english voiceover unless we pay more…

      • Keep this in mind: It’s been nine months since this project was funded.

        What are the chances that this project has ballooned to something far greater than the creators initially envisioned? They got five times the initial funding. That can go a long way with ideas and things of that nature that they’re taking the time to gauge us about.

        Also keep in mind that they didn’t go into a long list of details past voice acting. In looking at the video, there appears to be other things that may be worth looking at.

        Lastly, if this was a Mega Man game from old lore…we didn’t have voice acting. Few of the Mega Man games that have been voiced have been worth much of anyone’s time (sans, in recent memory, Maverick Hunter X because Domon Kasshu X). What are the odds we’ve got a Legends like thing in the works that requires extensive voice acting for it? 100K for just a few lines seems a bit high for anyone’s watch.

        I think people are jumping the gun on what’s considered greedy just yet. I’d take a look at what they have to offer in the coming days before shooting yourself in the foot.

        • Anewme…Again

          Even if you’re right and they up doing something much bigger then they had envisioned, i still don’t think it excuse asking the western crowd to fund their game and then say that we need to pay more for an english voice over.

          When i give money to a kickstarter game project i expect the game to be in english language(unless it’s specified it will be in another language), if there’s voice over in it i also expect it to be in english at least.

          • It may very well be in the English language upon release but they didn’t say a word about English language spoken when they originally pitched the idea, did they?

            I don’t remember seeing it. And again, I mentioned that voice acting isn’t a requirement for a Mega Man type game.

  • Jettythesunfish

    Not sure how I feel about “full English voice acting”. To me, this seems like a game that wouldn’t need much of it. But there were previous MegaMan games that did pretty well with full voice acting (e.g. Legends, Megaman & Bass and ZX), so I’m not too worried if this ends up coming to fruition.

  • Kenny Loh

    What? They want more funding? Nice try Keiji Inafune…

    • Warboss Aohd

      you say that, but people are totally gonna back it.

  • Spirit Macardi

    English voice work, eh? I’d be curious to know who they’d pick to voice the characters. I could honestly see Vic Mignogna as Beck if they wanted to give him a teenage-sounding voice.

    Or maybe they could have it carry on Mega Man’s legacy and use the good folks at Ocean Studios x3

  • Jeremy Noble

    i see a lot of comments saying that this is greedy. You dont have to spend money on it. It gives people that missed out, like me, a chance to buy the game again. And hey, if they want to add more to it, why not use the money they make on the Slacker Backers as they are calling them to add to the finished product. Don’t forget, the original kickstarter only wanted $700,000.

    • leingod

      Dude, what are you talking about? You can still buy the game when it releases on the intended platforms.

      Also… “only $700.000”? Come on.

      • Jeremy Noble

        true, however its at a lower rate and i doubt you would get the extra stuff.

        • leingod

          Oh, don’t worry about that. Seeing his true colors now, I’m pretty sure he’ll release every extra as paid DLC.

    • Anewme…Again

      Yes, they only asked for 700K as initial goal, but they ended up getting more then 4M and now they are asking for more.

    • solidraul

      “Don’t forget, the original kickstarter only wanted $700,000.” And got $4.000.000, why he need more money?

      • Because the 4 million dollars went to the things that were mentioned in the stretches.

        700K covered the base game.

  • J the Solar Boy

    This new crowfunding better have “Physical Copy” to all console systems in later stretch goal. Dam it!!!

  • Norbert Gespenst

    Got soo much money just make the damn game and throw in some stuff for us the consumers. Shit like that makes people doubt.

  • Boy this comment section gets more bipolar by the day. Make up your mind kids, do you like mister Inafune or do you not?

    Shoot by tomorrow you’ll be funding him anyways.

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      He makes a great sword and battleship in Hyperdimension Neptunia, so I think I’ll still use his abilities.

  • Go2hell66

    Real hesitant to start giving them more money…

    Depends what the other stretch goals are. Feel like im getting milked now

  • Mika Moreno

    Full English voice acting and an animated series seems really unnecessary… I’m fine with just the Japanese voiced game. I think it’s better that way.

    • Herok♞

      It doesn’t have voice acting yet in any language

  • Thomaz Barros

    Fuck that.
    Didn’t Mighty No. 9 get four gorillon dollars?

    • Joshua

      $4 million is a solid amount of money, but it’s not “a lot”. It’s in the upper tiers of your average XBLA/PSN downloadable title budget.

      Things like voice acting for a wide variety of territories are generally some of the first things that are “cut” from a budget that size. Maintaining even a small team of highly-skilled professionals in the tech industry is extremely expensive, aside from the rest of costs of doing business in video games.

    • Testsubject909

      Four Million Dollars barely covers a bad B-movie that gets a limited run on Cinema.

      And as Joshua said. It’s not a lot of money for funding a game from the grounds up either.

  • Kroz

    I love you Keiji but didn’t you blast past your previous stretch goals you could just cut the animated series and use that to get the English voice acting….
    Just saying…

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      What’s wrong with an animated series to further promote the game?

      • Kroz

        Nothing wrong with it. Just if they really want voice acting they have for the animated series and get them.

        and in my personal opinion they really should have made the animated series about Gunvolt (but thats a separate issue)

    • flameraver64

      It’s not their money, the company doing the animation is getting their own investments to pay for producing it.

  • Volta

    I’m calling BS on this one, I love that game but this sounds like they have run out of money or something.

  • Stalemeat

    Oh boy! I thought they were being greedy before with the 700k (I didn’t donate) but this… 100% unnecessary. They’ve got 4 million already maybe they could show some appreciation for that big wad people gave and just include the English VA without the extra campaign? It’s kind of a weak addition anyway. It’s a platformer after all, not a RPG or visual novel.

    • flameraver64

      The 4 million’s going to the stretch goals. It’s not like they kept the project the exact same and pocketed all the extra money for themselves

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        After seeing all these comments, they probably actually believe that and think the stretch goals cost nothing at all to do.

      • Stalemeat

        My assumption is they added extra monetary value to the stretch goals so they wouldn’t cut themselves short thus they have an extra cash cushion to use. It’s rather hard to predict exactly how much something costs.

        • flameraver64

          But, like you said, it’s hard to predict how much something costs. What if they had to use the extra cash cushion on the stretch goals themselves? The stretch goal to port to PS4 and XBox One was $200K, maybe they estimated that it’d be $100K and the extra $100K was a cushion, but it did end up being $200K so they had to use the cushion.

          Or maybe they estimated correctly and the amount they listed was the amount needed to pay for each stretch goal.

          • Stalemeat

            I’m sure the team has enough experience to know how much they need to not go over the cushion. And I don’t think any of the stretch goals will cost exactly the amount they estimated. First of all it’s an estimate and second, that’s too many zeros.

          • flameraver64

            Well of course it’s an estimate, it’s not going to cost exactly $100K.

            And you’d think that teams know how much they need, but that’s clearly not the case in the industry. Games get delayed, sometimes costs balloon out of control and can get studios closed, etc.

            But regardless, like I said earlier, the extra funding goes into the stretch goals. They priced them appropriately, and they’re not so exorbitantly expensive that it’s clear they’re pocketing some just for profit.

      • Revyatheworldeater .

        Not to mention that even thought they raised 4 million for the campaign, that doesn’t mean that they get 4 million…. I believe 10% goes to Amazon/Kickstarter right off the bat… then money has to go into organizing/production/shipping of all the items that are being provided from being a backer (any physical copies need to be sent to a publisher and packaged), which I imagine would be nightmare logistics wise for a smaller company.
        That’s not even counting the workload of having to create the stretch goal content, I imagine that they would have to hire additional staff in order to meet any timelines. Which can be hit or miss.
        This isn’t even taking into consideration that most of the values attributed to the work being performed from the stretch goals would likely be speculative at best and even cynical speculation for costs of doing things generally underestimate the final requirement.

  • I just do hope this won’t open any old wounds related to the certain tension that happened in the community forums in the past.

    I am not against this secondary funding campaign solely for the english VA. However, if you ask me as one of those who pledged last year, I think I can still enjoy my Mighty No. 9 even without any VA. That can be saved for any sequels for years to come if any.

  • Revyatheworldeater .

    I am confused by this comment section… the company raised a large amount of money on the first campaign and likely budgeted it for game and kick starter extras (physical goods and shipping)… and they started a separate campaign because they wanted to add additional content… so people wildly speculate that Comcept is being greedy? I am not following this logic.

    • Shippoyasha

      People are still mixing up ‘investing’ into a project with ‘preorders’. There’s still a lot of misconceptions about funding big projects. The funding tends to be more fluid than people think it is. A lot of people seem to not understand the kind stress publishers go through so no wonder when people are put in the position of a funder for a project, they get bewildered.

    • Shoot first ask questions later mentality, unfortunately.

      I mean it’s very easy to do a history lesson here – Inafune left Capcom because of getting the bad end of the stick with the company in the face of consumers. We know all too well about how he wants to do MML3 for people, for instance.

      And now people are going to auto-assume that he wants to screw everyone over when he wants to know if they want extras never before discussed? I think he would know first hand what NOT to do as a company in the face of a consumer as Capcom has provided him more or less a cheat sheet against that in the past year. I would hope and know that Inafune’s a -little- smarter than that and is probably far more on the side of the consumer, especially since the entire point of this is to go hand-in-hand with the people funding them.

  • Weeb

    Maybe they should add a “hire a production manage” stretch goal. Dragon’s Crown turned out to be fantastic and that only 1 million for a budget, so I don’t see why Mighty No. 9 is begging for more funding.

    • Stalemeat

      Because they know they can get the extra funding from fans. And greed also.

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        Except you seem to be someone who thinks the costs of things all range within the triple zeroes, when it actually costs a fair bit more.

        • Stalemeat

          They clearly rounded up. They aren’t going to ask for the exact amount because that’s impossible to know for a long project like this and they arn’t going to ask for less either. So rounding up to a solid number like $3000 is better than asking for $1637 (just and example). I don’t understand your assumption of how I think.

    • Shippoyasha

      Maybe Vanillaware are miracle workers to make a modern classic like Dragon’s Crown with such low budget. That seems freakish on Vanillaware’s side than how that’s some industry standard.

      • Testsubject909

        To note. Vanillaware has an incredible history of excellent games.

        One of those companies that are extremely trusthworthy for the content they make. Like Platinum Studios.

        • Shippoyasha

          Yeah, but Vanillaware seems to be a pretty low budget studio while Platinum Games still needs several million in budget to get a game. I guess that’s why they hunt publishers so often.

          • Testsubject909

            Vanillaware is also formed entirely by artists from what I understand. Their games work a lot along the lines of simplicity in presentation and complexity in gameplay with a 2D flair, even when those games are actually working in a 3D environment (see Odin Sphere for example).

            Plus they’re overall smaller tasks then the larger blockbuster hits that Vanillaware forms.

            Mind you. In no way saying Vanillaware isn’t awesome.

          • Shippoyasha

            Yeah. I actually kind of prefer smaller studios. Which is why I love stuff by Marvelous/Xseed, Compile Heart/Idea Factory and other small studios or indie efforts. There’s just a charm to their stuff that big company works don’t have.

          • Testsubject909

            Plus they can go for more risks which can lead to great new things.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Folks, this thread is not going to be the place for insults and other places’ dirty underwear to find a wall it can still be thrown at.

    Yup, that qualifies as a group warning.

  • Dkmariolink

    Damn. Developers are relying on crowd funding way too much now…

    I funded it fully once, not gonna do it again.

    • Testsubject909

      No problem.

      As it states. This crowdfund isn’t to fund a whole game. It’s to fund additions to the game. Like funding DLC content or the sort. You don’t care for those DLCs? Don’t purchase/fund it then.

      • nororu

        voices are not dlc they are usually part of the game. they want more money for the game so please..they asked us for 700k we gave them 4 millions Cmon they can add this without asking us for money again…i can not understand the people.

        • Joshua

          They could do a smallish, fairly simple game for $700k.

          The $700k game wouldn’t have any voice acting whatsoever.

          Professional grade stuff, like voice acting, is expensive.

          • nororu

            ok..but they have around 4 millions why they do not use them for this? they have more than they needed and this game does not have a deep story we know that platafrom games are usually like that

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            *Facepalm* You, really need to read that stretch goal list for the original campaign…

          • nororu

            and you should see all their money.

          • Testsubject909

            Which is already all pre-planned for the variety of additions or porting, equipment, and purchasing of the services of workers who need to be paid for their hard work.

            I fail to understand your point. That money that they got from the first kickstarter is already all gone. All drained.

            You want additional features? Either 1) Wait until the game comes out and more sales happen, giving them money to later on provide more extras or

            2) Finance it now with an additional kickstarter and provide those extra features early.

            This case, we’re looking at number 2.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Please note we do ask our posters to think before posting. Yes, that can involve a little research and understanding when needed. The reality of the kickstarter process and how business gets done, is at least discussed at multiple points throughout this thread.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            To be blunt, M’iau, and fair, there’s quite a lot of comments to read through and not everyone is willing to go through all of them.

            You can argue it’s no excuse, but it’s the plain truth.

          • nororu

            man but we can not read 148 messages you shoud let the people speak about the theme even if they are wrong or not

          • Testsubject909

            That’s understandable.

          • Testsubject909

            This begs the question:

            How old are you.

            How many jobs have you had.

            How many of those jobs involved seeing the back office work to help run a variety of businesses or just different jobs that interconnects to keeping just a single building running?

          • nororu

            excuse me that has nothing to do with it

          • Testsubject909

            Sorta kinda does in terms of just general understanding of possible reasons as to why it requires more money and effort and time.

            Instead of just saying “They should be able to do this”…

        • Testsubject909

          *points to certain recent games like Drakengard, BlazBlue, Dragon’s Crown, Dynasty Warriors*

          We have DLC Voice Packs or dub packs…

          Also, for a professional grade game that’s going to be made for a variety of consoles requiring different dev kits and recoding to ensure stability which in turn also means more QA/Playtesting on various platforms to ensure maximum quality on top of additional content that will take even more time for development.

          What I’m not understanding is where you think they can just dump some new addition that aren’t already set in their preplanned budget as was set by the stretch goals, which clearly denotes that this sum of additional money goes straight to this other feature.

          And expect them to be able to just toss in another feature willy nilly just because they got the money to create the other features…. Mind you, they COULD just dump the money from their own pocket…

          As for the Voice Acting in English. I have nothing to say. I don’t know how much voice work there is in the game. I don’t know what voice actors they’re planning to get. If those voice actors are known professionals under a Union or not.

          A number of factors affects the price for that addition. And we’re in the dark about it. It’s an obvious risk. If you don’t want to involve yourself in that risk. Sure, fine.

          But don’t act like you know the ins and outs of how much this all costs. Because you’re just as blind as the rest of us here.

          • nororu

            that is why i said “usually” because i know them

          • Testsubject909

            Yeah. But expect that “usually” to become more of a rarity.

            DLCs are rampant and a lot of old school gamers weren’t appreciative of them for an obvious reason. The ease of abuse, which has only been in the rise.

            I suspect DLC voice acting as a bonus to become more common as we go along… Hell, it’s already more common nowadays. And that’s just bad news for those of us who enjoys having a complete game upon purchase.

            But thems the times…. It would really help if we could see more of a financial breakdown of cost and management…

  • TheK5A

    hmm why they don’t cover the cost from there own money ?? 100k is not alot they can get the money back later when they sell the game .
    or they don’t have faith on there game?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Simple business. You never use your own money to make money. Nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about that. Folks are just learning that now that they are the ones helping to pick up the tab.

      • Testsubject909

        And even then. This works a lot like pre-ordering.

        And considering how recently there are these voice-over packs that you can download as DLC…. And DLC itself is a whole other discussion.

        This should just be regarded as a pre-ordering of DLC packages and etc.

  • Velen (Not WoW)

    10 different platforms people. That’s how many different systems the game has been planned for: Steam on Windows, Max, and Linux. The PS3, PS4, XBOne and 360, the Wii U, the Vita and the 3DS.

    No other game in existence (that I know of) reaches across that many. How much do you think it will cost to port it to all of them?

    • flameraver64

      Well, games like Angry Birds and stuff like that definitely do reach that many platforms. But I do agree that the costs of porting to that many platforms is high

      • Testsubject909

        Yeah. But Angry Bird is a basic game that we’ve seen in Newgrounds from way back in the early 2000s.

        • flameraver64

          OK then, Guacamelee’s on 9 platforms, The Walking Dead is on 11 platforms.

          • Testsubject909

            Guacamelee didn’t initially go for that many platforms. It went on a few first, made more money, and then extended out to more platforms afterwards, with more time and more funding by then.

            Walking dead is made under a larger studio that’s well funded and I forget if it also went a similar route as with Guacamelee.

          • flameraver64

            What you typed is completely irrelevant to the point that was made in the original post: “No other game in existence (that I know of) reaches across that many. How much do you think it will cost to port it to all of them?”

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Enough guys.

          • Testsubject909

            I’m not even fighting. I’m just pointing something out about Angry Birds….

            But I guess I segue’d a bit too hard and he couldn’t follow at all.

          • flameraver64

            I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. He literally said “I don’t think any game in existence reaches that many platforms.” I pointed out multiple games that did. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to argue here.

          • Testsubject909

            I’m not arguing anything.

            I’m pointing out something.

            Though if it has to be used to argue something. THen I suppose it’d be to argue porting costs pending the type of game. Which in turn would point out that the example provided: Angry Bird, is an extremely different beast then, say, Mighty No. 9 or Guacamelee.

            As for the other two, they weren’t right off the bat ported to so many platforms, it was a slow increment, whereas with Mighty No 9, it’s planned as a one-shot. Which makes the task more daunting, costly and time consuming.

            If it needs to be used as an argument, it opens up many more arguments in itself.

            But that’s if you choose to go down that route. Like I said. I segue’d hard.

          • flameraver64

            Again, I just simply pointed out that there are games that have been on more than 10 platforms.

            PierSolar HD is another game that’s going to be brought to 11 different platforms, all at once.

            Either way, this whole discussion is a tangent. I agreed with him that porting to that many platforms is going to cost a lot, just nitpicked that one of his points was incorrect

          • Testsubject909

            Fair enough. I’m not here to start a fight anyways.

          • Joshua

            I’m not sure you realize how small and niche Telltale Games was before Walking Dead.

            Inti Creates is probably as big, if not bigger, than Telltale was before Walking Dead was a surprise hit with the general gamer audience.

          • Testsubject909

            I will say though that the walking dead wasn’t their first hit game.

            I also don’t know if they hit every consoles in one shot or in multiple subsequent shots.

            And I also forget if Telltale games had a publisher to help them financially and police them as well.

            Which is a big difference if they did have a publisher. Because then they have more of a set time limit, meaning more restrictions. In inafune’s case here, as was discussed in the Open Threads. Inafune’s time limit and limitations are set by himself. If he wants to hold a higher standard then what a publisher would’ve enforced, that means it’ll take more time and money to add more features to make a game better. But will also cause certain cons, such as taking more time and money.

            Considering the nature of this additional kickstarter. It seems this is the case. Inafune wants to make a game as best as he can and is opting to go for attempting to get more money and time.

            But instead of having to go up to a publisher to ask for that. He’s going to us.

            At least that’s how I see it.

          • Joshua

            > the walking dead wasn’t their first hit game

            Yes it was.

            >I also don’t know if they hit every consoles in one shot or in multiple subsequent shots.

            PC/Mac/PS3/360 were simultaneous, iOS a month later, all other were later ports. To be fair, several of the platforms it is on didn’t exist when the game started development.

            >And I also forget if Telltale games had a publisher to help them financially and police them as well.

            Telltale is generally self-published.

            GameTap helped fund Sam & Max Season One, and The Adventure Company did a couple retail releases for them(the digital releases were self-published). They also had a publisher for the CSI games.

            Everything else is self-published by Telltale(except the Walking Dead Vita version, which was published by Sony).

          • Testsubject909

            My bad then.

            I haven’t followed much concerning Telltale. Thus why I stated that I’m guessing.

          • Testsubject909

            PS. I’m also not touching the whole “Porting to multiple platforms costs a lot” bit. Because I’m sure it does, especially to make stable ports which requires more effort, time, recoding, bug testing, etc.

    • Weeb

      “How much do you think it will cost to port it to all of them?”

      Since inti creates and comcept already had majority of the dev kits; The set amount of money listed for the stretch goals for those platforms?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Which is the point being made by the poster. The other monies are spent on what they were reported spent on. This is a new request for different things.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          Thank you, sir.

          As M’iau just said. This campaign is for new additions to the game that the original Kickstarter didn’t promise.

    • mikanko

      I’ve seen someone run Doom on a graphing calculator, just sayin’


      • Velen (Not WoW)

        That’s a fair bit different than making stable ports to for games that will be Gigabytes in size to a few meager Kilo- or Megabytes.

        • darke

          I disagree. The ‘gigabytes’ are merely textures, models and sounds. If you want to reduce the size of those, it’s pretty easy to resize them so they’re not a problem; this is how PC games manage to work from ‘low’ quality on crap PCs, to ‘ultra’ quality on PCs that when you turn them on the lights dim.

          Far more important is the fundamental architecture differences of the platforms. You’ve got the ‘current gen’ shader based platforms (PC/PS4/XB1/WiiU/Vita), the last-gen easy-to-code-for plaforms (360), the my-head-hurts-to-code-for-it platforms (PS3), and the I-have-no-idea platforms (3DS). (I’d personally ditch the PS3 and 3DS as ‘too hard’ myself, but they’re Japanese so they can’t. :P )

          It’s an interesting collection of ports, I’d find it fun (if a little masochistic) to do a cross-platform port like that myself. :) Hopefully they’re using a middleware that will do most of the heavy lifting for them, because it’s a pain to do otherwise. :(

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Oh trust me, I know, but that’s my point.

            Doom has minimalistic graphics in terms of 3D and textures and most of it’s characters are made of 2D graphics. Compared to how big MN09 will probably be as a game data-wise, Doom doesn’t even register as a blip.

          • Testsubject909

            Actually. Doom is all 2D with just the illusion of 3D. When you learn how Doom actually works in it’s coding, it’s amazing how great they gave that illusion of 2D despite everything in-game being on a flat plane…

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Which only furthers my point…

          • Testsubject909

            Wasn’t arguing.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            I know.

          • Testsubject909

            ….Still. It’s amazing how Doom works.

          • Testsubject909

            There’s also one point we never touched on.

            Are they planning cross-play across all platforms? Or across as many platforms as possible? We know there’s a race/vs mode.

            So if they are. How much more coding is that going to take? That’s a whole new headache right there….

    • darke

      https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1236620800/shantae-half-genie-hero ? I mean it’s missing mac and linux as far as I can see, but once you’ve ported to all those, the unix ports nearly write themselves. :P

      Also note they asked for half the resources, and only got just a little more then Mighty No. 9’s base kickstarter yet they’re somehow magically able to do nearly as much work? Somehow they’re being more efficient in using their funds porting it or something.

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        -or maybe paying their programmers a very cheap wage.

        • darke

          From previous experience hiring cheap programmers on a team is a pretty bad idea, for similar reasons that adding programers to a late project usually makes it even later.

          In any event, for any given project you’ll find the art and management budget usually outweighs the cost of the coders by a large margin. It’s like how nowadays the biggest cost in a AAA game is the advertising/marketing.

        • Testsubject909

          I’d think of it more as these are people doing a labor of love. Much like how Megaman 2 was mainly a labor of love that was pushed by Inafune.

          Y’know, after Megaman 1. Capcom nearly just went “Eh, screw Megaman, it’ll never pull in the numbers we want”.

          Look up the history of Megaman 2’s development…

  • LordHyper

    Shovel Knight gave me hope for kickstarted games. This makes me skeptical.

    • Testsubject909

      Not sure why you’re being skeptical.

      And there’s still tons of games that were kickstarted that are still in development.

      I myself having backed about a dozen or so. A lot of them are still in development. Some have had issues, some are doing just fine.

      And then there’s the tabletop RPG games like Exalted 3.0 which actually pushed back the project for nearly 2 years by now. Which is STILL in development and where one of the staff members suffered grave illness.

      A lot of kickstarted games are still in the work. One of them has pushed out, Shovel Knight, and that’s all you’re using as a “I’m hopeful for kickstarted games!”

      Well. Reel back, look at all the funded project and which ones are still in development and which ones are out right now…

      Kickstarters have to understand. You fund a game? You play the waiting game voluntarily.

      Also, this kickstarter that they’re doing is for extra content. This sort of stuff isn’t new. Other successfully funded kickstarted games are doing that.

      • Key word is ‘invest’. Few seem to understand what it means to hold a share in something like this. It’s not so different than being a stockholder with a company, which few can honestly say they do or have done as a profession. Maybe that’s where your disconnect lies.

        • Testsubject909

          There’s a difference here though.

          We aren’t holding any legal rights over anything. If anything, Kickstarters are closer to Donations rather then a legal purchase of stock. This donation is an investment, yes, but it’s a complete one-way financially speaking.
          It is Similar. But completely different.

          There are far many more risks because, by nature. Kickstarters are Donations by nature.

          • Testsubject909

            …. Oh wow, I repeated myself there *points up at the word “nature”*

            Such fail.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            This. This isn’t the same as buying stock in a company on the stock market, where your shares give you a certain amount of sway with the company.

            Kickstarters are more like big donation drives with prizes for donaters that get grander the more you donate.

          • Rules of nature.

    • Joshua
      • Testsubject909

        I would’ve expected someone to put up the kickstarter about that Potato Salad.

  • Testsubject909

    I’m still waiting for: Heart Forth, Alicia; La-Mulana 2; Cosmic Star Heroine; Huniepop: A Dating Puzzle RPG; Hyper Light Drifter; Project Phoenix; Shantae: Half-Genie Hero; Mighty No. 9 listed up here; Legend of Iya; Soul Saga!; Megatokyo Visual Novel Game; Moon Rift; Double Fine’s Massive Chalice; Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes.

    And you know what? Sure. I’ll fund the added bonus content for Mighty No 9.

    Man. People panic too much. It’s like they’ve never experienced a pushback for games or an announcement for new DLC chapters or a Super Hyper Ultra version of a fighting game or something…

    Edit: Whoops. I wrote that was La-Mualana. My bad.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      To use a tired meme: Shots fired.

      • Testsubject909

        And I know what I’m getting into as well.

        Unlike a lot of people. I’ve read the fine prints and the bottom portion listing out the obvious risks involved in crowd funding.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          I’ve already understood that too. Just by using logic.
          No fine print necessary.

          Crowd-funding is not an automatic pre-order. You may have paid more than you’d pay for the actual game at retail price, but you gave your money in hopes the game would be completed, if you pledged solely for the sake of pre-ordering the game you helped fund, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

          • Testsubject909

            That said. I have a few projects that I know went stone cold silent. Some of them are probably dead or on Hiatus.

            Others, like Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes, undergoes a lot of issues and problems, like with Exalted 3.0.

            Though I’ve also had some that were dead silent and boom. At the door, what’s this? Mail? I didn’t order any-oh hey. Red Dragon Inn 4. I remember kickstarting you.

          • Randgriz

            What about Unsung Story?

          • Testsubject909

            No idea about that. What’s Unsung Story?

          • Randgriz

            The kickstarter that touted a new tactical gameplay experience, with game director Yasumi Matsuno (Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story, FFXII) being involved. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/482445197/unsung-story-tale-of-the-guardians

  • James Reilly

    Not liking the sound of this. Will just open the flood-gates even wider of suspect campaigns asking for money even when game funding/initial main goals get reached.

    Donated to the first one and never regretted it, but I see no need to back this second one since there are plenty of great game projects out there that could use the funding instead so they can just get off the ground. You know…the alternative of rolling the dice hoping a publisher funds you.

  • malek86

    I don’t really see the point. The project has become big and famous enough that they could simply sell the bonuses as DLC upon release and make it back. I really don’t think Comcept doesn’t have any money of its own.

    A second donation campaign is quite interesting, because it gives out the idea that Inafune knows backers are totally behind him and so he isn’t going to take any risks. It might not mean much on the outside (“he’s just asking for more money for extra unplanned content”), but it actually says a lot.

    It also says that, if MN09 doesn’t turn out to be incredibly awesome, there will be blood.

  • DragKudo

    I’m down for an English cast.

    Were any of you really fans? Did you really trust him? Makes me sad seeing all of these comments calling them greedy for giving us another chance to add more stuff to the game.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Please don’t pull the “No True Scottsman” here of all places. That fallacy needs to die faster than William Wallace.

      Anyhow, I can see why they are skeptical, however, the problem is most people don’t truly realize just how much all the stretch goals they promised actually will cost and most of them underestimate and undershoot the mark with their mental estimates.

      • DragKudo

        (o.o) -Looks up what that means-. I don’t believe I am pulling that, that is if the definition i got is correct.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          I don’t think you did now that I think about it, though I think you missed the little joke I inserted in there. : P

          • DragKudo

            I got the joke, just didn’t feel like typing Lol

    • AkuLord3

      We live in a sad era that people can’t trust anyone even when they state their points to why they do things. Such good “fans”~ Your comment shows why they’re doing this..for the FANS who want it.

  • Tam McGleish

    English voice actin’? wa nae scottish voice actin’. Ah can dae th’ job. i’ll e’en dae it cheaper, fur 95k$
    “haur Ah come, tae sort ye c*nts it like mega man nae longer can! “

    • Testsubject909

      Don’tcha mean “tae sort ye c*nts it like maghty numbah nain nae longer can!” or something?

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        Transliteration of accents I find never ends well…

      • Tam McGleish

        Maghty numbah nain, mahgty numbah twal, fa cares. It’s a wee blue man shootin’ c*nts .

        • Testsubject909

          You make me want to go grab a beer and toast your name.

    • Manuel Weis

      Oh god, please tell me your the real fictional detective inspector Tam fucking McGleish. You’re awesome.

  • TheSoullesOne

    All i’m curious about is what the bonuses are and i had an idea since they already went with the idea of mighty no.9 being a spiritual successor to the megaman makes me wonder if they would do the same for legends series i still haven’t given up hope on it

    • Testsubject909

      It would be nice if they opened by showing the first three stretches rather then just english VAs.

  • 無尽合体ブランタコブスキ


    • Chon Pak

      Ahaha, and a decent Chinese Dub will be nice if it happens.

      I hope no one takes this comment seriously though, it’s just a little hope we Chinese people have to joke around with. XD

      • Testsubject909

        Where’s the people who’re gonna be asking for an Italian and a spanish dub?

        What about an iranian dub?

        • Reiswindy

          No love for Swahili?

  • I dont see whats wrong. I’ll put a few bucks down for sure.

    • Testsubject909

      Yeah. Looking at the video, it explains it very nicely too.

      Plus it shows how far in development the game is. And it looks pretty sweet. I’m sure they’ll clean the hud up more in the final product.

      • Hmm I mean its ok if you dont want to pay but meaningless bater is surely not needed. I do respect people’s opinion but not willing to go as far as insulting a fellow man because of it. I’ll just sit back and keep my foot out of the wrong place.

        • Testsubject909

          I personally respect people’s rights to having an opinion. I don’t need to respect a person’s opinion though.

          It’s like the right to freedom of speech.

          Sure, you can say whatever you want. I can respect that. I don’t need to respect what you say.

          • Aye well put. But I just say nothing. I dont want to get the worst of out me getting Banhammered.

          • Testsubject909

            The mods are fair. They’ll give you a warning.

  • Jeremy Noble

    as for things i want as stretch goals, I want a “WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR MOMENT/JOKE” as a cutscene. That would be amazing. And funny. :D

    • Anime10121

      That’ll likely come from Mighty No. 0 ;)

      • Testsubject909

        Maybe it’ll be a moment of existential crisis and he’ll go “WHY WAS I BOOOOOOORN!?!!??!”

  • Herok♞

    If you want to support the game to add more content thats all this is, I really don’t see why people are complaining if it gets funded more stuff for us, if it doesn’t less stuff in the game that wasn’t apart of the stretch goals. Either way we are still getting the game. I personally don’t care if the game has voice actors or not since this is type of game that doesn’t need them. Also to the people saying I’ll just stick with the Japanese there is no dub whatsoever so far, so if it gets funded English will be this games Original Language.

    • Testsubject909

      They complain because they don’t understand economics.

      • sd28

        i think its more that they dont care and think its evil greedy etc.

  • sd28

    dont want it dont donate simple

  • bigstew

    my problem is besides the money he already has, I believe initial backers thought that this was original meant to have English anyway since the majority of the backers are westerners, this is disappointing if your a backer to shill out even more money, its getting to that point of paying three or four times over for a complete game, hes lost my respect for these actions

    • LegacyOfWu .

      I have to agree. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s lost my respect, it seems to me like english voice acting should have been part of the initial package. There’s no doubt in my mind that he got a substantial amount of backing from Westerners. Seemed like a no-brainer. Comments like “don’t want it don’t donate” are narrow-minded, because there was a certain level of content people expected when they initially pledged.

    • LegendAssassin

      I don’t think anyone expected English Voice Acting from a Japanese Company…. If it is truly a side scroller we wouldn’t be expecting voice acting at all. How many Mega Man games do you know that feature Full Voice Acting?

      • Gunvolt has English voice-acting and is being made on a lower budget than this game. The amount of voice-acting in MN9 may not have been very much, but I’m fairly certain people were expecting whatever little voice-acting there was to be in English.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          Japanese Company. Which kind of voice-acting do you think is going to be prioritized?

          The original stretch goals nor the original Kickstarter said anything about English voice acting being a thing at all. Just because a large number of the Beckers were westerners doesn’t mean they were going to make English VA work a priority. While you would expect it, it’s also selfish, because being a Japanese based company means Japanese VA work comes first.

          • Correction: Japanese company making a game for a western audience. Given that the entirety of the Kickstarter campaign was conducted in English and that the in-game text was in English as well, it makes complete sense that the majority of folks expected whatever little voice-acting there was to be in English.

            These things don’t have to be stated, they’re common sense. This isn’t some niche game that’s going to be selling to the otaku market.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            In-Game Text was in English. Excuse me. Show me a source to back that up?

          • Don’t be ridiculous, dude. Of course the in-game text was going to be in English. You’re fishing for nothing here. The game was intended to be released in English from the very start.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            I asked for a source, not prattle.

          • The source is common sense. No one announces a game in English and releases it in Japanese.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            Common sense was never common to begin with, so the point is moot.

          • the source is the game itself which will be released in the west little boy, DO YOU really expect a game that will be release in the west will NEVER have an english text. don’t be stupid, just use your common sense. or maybe your brain if you have one

        • LegendAssassin

          When did you become an expert on pricing of games? You have no idea if Gunvolt was made using 1 million dollars or 5 million dollars…. They said small budget and to me 4 million is a small budget for how much they are packing into Mighty No. 9.

          Gunvolt also uses completely 2D compared to the completely 3D in Mighty No. 9. Comparing the two is like comparing the original Mega Man series to Mega Man X series. Gunvolt is also exclusive to the 3DS so no need for any promotion or deals to work out for each of the big 4 (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Valve) to push the game for more sales.

          There is also ZERO mention of voice acting in the Kickstarter to me that meant ZERO voice acting English or Japanese. I can see Japanese being an option with english subs due to the team being Japan made but besides that I didn’t see it happening.

          This is also “extra” they already said they have enough money to make the game. They are likely wanting to put english voice acting to promote the animated series coming out in 2016 so they would like to pay the voice actor 25,000-35,000 to voice act for the game as well before the series comes out in english and likely pay their own voice actor around the same price to do the same.

  • Eilanzer

    Next step…DLC day one?! ¬¬

  • KH1989b

    crowdfunding is a good idea IF people use the money wisely and honestly and don’t get greedy

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Except they aren’t. You didn’t even watch the video or read any articles, did you?

    • Say that to Star Citizen and LoL (or was it Dota?)

  • dahuuuundge

    I wonder why a digital manual is marketed as a premium item in a digital deluxe edition

    • Yan Zhao

      Because the extra money you paid for the digital reward pre-orders goes toward the crowdfund for new content. People just cant read it seems.

  • nonscpo

    That trailer was too long, he should have kept it nice short and to the point.

    • Amer1ka

      That was what I was thinking halfway through. The constant noises/facial animations were nice but that’s a 1 trick pony and to fill your trailer full of it as if you’re supposed to go “awwwwweeee” a bunch of times rather than once or twice is a bit much. It should have been cut down and it would have been fantastic. Oh well!

    • I was happy to see some gameplay and people ask that they make a let’s play of to see more gameplay while they can’t appreciate in this video, ok.

  • Monterossa

    WTF? we have to pay more if we want a copy of digital manual? holy shit!!

  • LegendAssassin

    Why do people think Full English Voice Acting was going to be a thing in the originally Kickstarter? There is zero mention of voice acting to begin with. In any traditional side scrolling game there is no voice acting. It wasn’t until Mega Man X4 we got voice acting and then it skipped X5 and X6 until X7 we got voice acting again.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      This. Just this people.

  • Yan Zhao

    Oh my God are people seriously too dense to understand the POINT of this second Crowdfunding? The whole point is to give people who were too LATE to pledge in the initial campaign a chance to be part of the crowdfund. They clearly stated this and they also said they dont mind taking donations from existing backers, but this new one is intended primarily for the latecomers.

    Also, from what I’ve seen, the ONLY way to add more crowdfund is through the pre-orders of the Digital Reward tiers (the 50$ and 80$ pre-orders will all have those money used for the crowdfund, while the 23$ one will not).

    With that said, I’ve already pledged $250 so I dont see the need to pledge more. Nor do I really care about English VA, so I’ll pass on this one. But the rest of you getting butthurt of over this needs to cool off. No one is forcing you to donate more, its all optional content that wont affect the stretch goals that are already met.

    • The whole point is to give people who were too LATE to pledge in the initial campaign a chance to be part of the crowdfund.

      The difference here is that the latecomers don’t get the benefits that the original backers received.

      • Yan Zhao

        Yes, because it wouldnt be fair to the people who pledged on time if latecomers also got the same benefits.

        What they DO get however, is a chance to donate extra in their pre-orders and still get some digital goodies depending on whether they chose the 50$ of the 80$ pre-order, because that money is used for the crowdfunding, and those digital rewards wont be available once the game is released.

        Either way, my point being, no one is forcing the people who already backed to back more. Most people complaining are complaining over nothing.

  • TheManWithPants

    I already pledged for this project, but this is for the latecomers that couldn’t back it during the Kickstarter campaign, so I have no problem with it. While I don’t personally care about English VAs in a Japanese game, I’m sure a lot of people do. Besides, if this can push the game to be even bigger and better than it already was going to be, then I’d say go for it.

    As for the animated series, it’s a separate project from the game, and the funding will not go towards it. When it’s released, I’ll probably give it a chance, so long as it doesn’t end up like Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures or, from what I’ve seen of it, Sonic Boom.

    • ShinobiBrown

      The Sonic Boom cartoon actually looks a lot more promising than the game itself. The Mighty No.9 cartoon trailer though looks really weak. Can’t say I’m looking forward ot it.

  • ZoboColo

    The game was almost entirely western funded on kickstarter it should have had English VA’s to begin with.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Sorry, no. Not how Kickstarter works.

      • ZoboColo

        What were the ones who pay for the game but they make the voices in Japanese? BS

  • s07195

    Would’ve rather had extra skins but I’ll take what’s offered. Folks, this is opt in. It’s extra stuff.

  • John Lawson

    Ugh, can we at least see 1 video of at least 5 mins of continuous gameplay before asking for more money?

    • I actually feel this is a fair comment to make. It would have been nice if they’d shown off a good portion of gameplay footage alongside this announcement to let people know the game is coming along reasonably well.

      • Ric Vazquez


      • malek86

        Yeah, asking for more money before we even know if the project is going along well, is a bit of a stretch.

        And if the project is still in early phases… well, then I think it’s a little early to be thinking about bonus content.

    • Bobby Jennings


  • Ni ~Algidus~

    I don’t care about the virtual manual nor early access. i don’t even care about pre-orders. so meh. Bu you know what would be cool? showing a video of 10 minutes of gameplay of the most recent build. that would be fuckinh AMAZING before begging for more money.
    Also that full english voice acting streach goal is really strange. The west pretty much backed the game alone while Japan doesn’t even seems to care about the game at all

  • Velen (Not WoW)

    To you people talking “Western Funds, English VAs should’ve been a thing already.”

    No. Not how Kickstarter works. Inafune originally made the Kickstarter with the expectation that Japanese fans would back it. It ended up being backed mostly by western Mega Man fans. At no point did the original Kickstarter say anything about English VAs being a thing. He’s not giving us preferential treatment.

    • Inafune originally made the Kickstarter with the expectation that Japanese fans would back it.

      This is not true at all, not in the slightest. Inafune and Comcept went to 8-4 specifically because they were targeting the western audience. Have you forgotten that the Kickstarter campaign was announced at PAX?

      • Did you flolow the japaness press ? If no, then you’ve now way to know if they didn’t try to get japanese backers first.

        • Siliconera is a website that specializes in covering Japanese games–of course we follow the Japanese industry. But regardless, the campaign was announced at PAX. By a panel of English-speakers, with Inafune present.

        • ZEROthefirst

          The game was first announced at PAX in the U.S. and Keiji Inafune has stated before in the past that he knows Mega Man’s main audience is in the West. So how exactly was this him aiming for the Japanese market first?

        • Testsubject909

          …. What site are you on?

          There’s your answer.

  • Velen (Not WoW)

    Also, something for people who are beating “greedy” dead horse. Quoted from the article on TheMegaManNetwork:

    “Q: Are you asking for more funding to complete Mighty No. 9? Is the funding raised in the original Mighty No 9Kickstarter campaign not enough to complete the video game?

    A: The video game we proposed in the Kickstarter campaign last year is going to be completed with all of the funding we received from backers. For this new funding campaign we are looking to add new content to the game that we did not or could not add to the stretch goals during the original funding campaign!

    Italicized parts for emphasis.

  • Oh man, I want to see what they will do with more money~

  • Bobby Jennings

    Not much gameplay for the game and it’s already fully funded?

    honestly Gunvolt is looking much better than this. I wish they would have went with that instead.

  • Sentinel

    99% of the time, I love the idea of English VA’s.

    However, if this were to go for the cheap VA’s that Capcom used for the later Mega Man games (like Mega Man ZX Advent and such like that), it’d probably be best without them.

    • DS23

      Capcom has 0 involvement with this.

      • Sentinel

        Old news there. I’m just saying that with a small project like this, I fear that if they got english VA’s, they might use the bottom of the barrel ones (like the majority of Mega Man games).

        Now, if they were to go out and get REAL voice actors, then I’m all for it.

        • Testsubject909

          It would help if they stated which voice actors they were intending on hiring.

          More transparency tends to help when it comes to Kickstarters.

          • Sentinel

            Now that I would definitely agree with.

          • Testsubject909

            And as I’ve said. It would’ve helped immensely if they showed the first three stretch goal rather then just one.

            It’s anemic and doesn’t provide much to get hyped about. They might rely on the “mystery” factor. But there’s not enough bait to catch the audience’s attention.

            Hopefully they’ll rectify this and show the second possible stretch goal at least.

            This needs to generate Hype if it wants to get the ball rolling.

    • ZEROthefirst

      If it’s any consolation to you the English dub used in MM8, X4, X7 and I think ZX Advent (don’t quote me on Advent) were handled by Capcom Japan. They more or less just got random people that were in Japan and spoke English to do the voice cast. I think Advent was handled in the West though because in all honesty outside of Gray, Ashe and I forgot his name but Model P’s handler, the English cast was actually done pretty well, especially the Sage Trinity.

      • Sentinel

        ZX Advent was okay, certainly better than X4 and those others.

  • SwiggitySwag

    I understand the arguments about how certain people couldn’t pledge in time when the original crowd funding campaign was running (although didn’t they also take some paypal pledges too?) however it’s not like the campaign was an hour long, it went for a good bit of time and got more than it needed.

    I feel like second crowd funding campaigns shouldn’t be a thing, mainly because the whole concept of getting more money to reach stretch goals kinda falls on its face when it didn’t reach those amounts in the first place.

    • malek86

      It’s poorly thought. The people who avoided pledging before, didn’t do it because they didn’t have enough time, but probably because they weren’t sure if the game was going to be good.

      So I could understand if they had showed a lot of stuff that made people rethink their position and want to back the project. But considering they have released pretty much no gameplay trailers yet, what makes them think those people would be any more willing to back the project now rather than during the campaign?

      • SwiggitySwag

        The mentality is probably along the lines of now that they have more awareness, outright offering things for certain pledges will get them what they need financially.

        Not a fan, already put money towards it so don’t like hearing stuff like this. If anything it makes me worried about how the financial planning methods they used and if this isn’t going to be another Tim Schafer debacle.

        • Testsubject909

          Now that…. Is a very valid concern.

          And I’m surprised there aren’t more thumbs up for this comment because. You’re not hating, you’re just worried. And you’re worried for good reasons here.

          But the blind hate gets all the support for some reason… Which I know extremely well why. Human emotions above human thoughts.

          • SwiggitySwag

            Creative types aren’t necessairly the best when it comes to handling finances. We’ve seen it far too many times already and I would be quite disappointed if it did indeed turn out to be another mess like that.

            In saying that I have faith and am still looking forward to seeing where this game leads.

          • Testsubject909

            Yeah. here’s the thing though.

            Kickstarters are ALL about the creative types.

            As I’ve stated again and again. You back something on Kickstarter? You better be damn well aware of the risks. And don’t come whining. Because to me you’ll sound uneducated.

            And you. You sound well educated. I respect that.

          • SwiggitySwag

            The majority of them, yeah, all creative. I still think each and every one of them needs to be held accountable for how they handle money in these situations though.

            I love Schafer, his games are great and he’s a legendary figure in the industry, in saying that I don’t think that should let him off scott free when he makes a gigantic mistake with money he should have had a better understanding of how to spend though.

            Well they don’t call me Swiggity Swag for nothin’! It’s mostly because I typed it into my username though…Ok it’s entirely because of that.

          • Testsubject909

            Yeah. They should. But they’re only partially sorta not really.

            Reading Kickstarter. If they can’t provide. They owe the donators nothing. Because that’s the nature of kickstarter. Donations.

            Whether they decide to be accountable is entirely up to them. And that’s the sad reality about Kickstarter.

          • SwiggitySwag

            Oh absolutely, I mean the guys behind Star Citizen could have walked off with like $40M dollars after deductions and would have been sorted.

          • Testsubject909

            No legal ramifications to the guy either.

          • SwiggitySwag

            Not even slightly.

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        Excuse me…No gameplay trailers?

        Where have you all been?

  • Why people are getting angry over this ? Did you forget that Star citizen is doing the same thing and have like 45+ Millions now ?

    • SwiggitySwag

      Not really the same thing.

      Star Citizen was being funded through the website first, which they just left open and decided to keep open until launch because others were pouring money into it.

      Inafune asked for money, now is asking for more money for bonus content for a game thats in extremely early stages and was already fully funded and then some. He’s saying he wants to add more to the game, which is all well and good, but his method of asking for money kinda leaves a worrying thought in the air.

      • No, man. This mostly counts as an extended form of getting the previous Crowdfunding’s stretch goals. If anything, this should be well-recieved.

        • SwiggitySwag

          Right but the point is the original stretch goals weren’t met because people didn’t donate the required amounts. So you could easily make the argument of these perks not being interesting enough for the fans at large to unlock through donations.

          Then you have the whole point of when its released on early access and makes a bunch of money in its alpha state, which we know is coming, that money could then be put back into the game to add in the extra content.

          Just saying I can see both sides of the argument and both have valid opinions.

          • I may have missed that. Did they really offered an Early Access version?

          • SwiggitySwag

            They haven’t yet, because the game isn’t at that stage, however you can pre-order the game from them which gives you early access once its ready.

            As we’ve seen, every early access is sold these days, so you’ll be seeing the alpha on steam at some point next year.

          • Source?

          • SwiggitySwag

            It’s literally in this article.

          • Testsubject909

            It’s literally on the site itself. Just click the video, go to the link to mighty no 9’s site and go to support.

            But a pre-order to not just the game but also early access isn’t necessarily a bad thing, nor does it mean anything negative. It’s just neutral. It’s there.

          • Yeah, can’t say I could click on the video with the device I was using to do the posts a few hours ago.

          • Testsubject909

            I don’t deny the valid negative opinion. But I will clear out the hatred or the entirely negative view and mindsets. Understand both the bad and the good and from there, you typically don’t end up sounding as hate filled or as hypocritical as some of the posters here.

            Also, for the stretch goal part. If you were there during the last hours of the original kickstarter. The backing was going rocketing non-stop.

            It wasn’t so much that “the fans didn’t want those extras”. It was more of a case of “time’s up folks.”

            If this would be viewed as an extension of that kickstarter’s time limit. Then a lot of people would certainly be far more positive about it.

            In the end though. Yes. They could get money via other means once the product can be purchased in some way or form, such as early access.

            But getting money earlier means that they can start work on those additions at an earlier time or purchase the service of other professionals to do the job in tandem with them, meaning meeting deadlines with less of a pushback and earlier access to extra content which are more likely to be set at the release date rather then as later DLC content.

          • SwiggitySwag

            I understand having that money from the start means they can get to work on it earlier, which is a perfectly reasonable claim to make in defense of the second funding campaign.

            It’s just bothersome when you know the alpha will go on early access, make a bunch of money for up to a year and then the game will come out where the money they make will possibly then go back into certain game development cycles anyway.

            Also this may be a bit mean, but I actually don’t think crowd funded games should be allowed have a public alpha early access game. I think the alpha should be given to those who pledged if they so wish because these people were financially supporting the development of the game itself. I also think that backers who’ve contributed enough to any game in order to get a digital/physical copy, should get it at least one day earlier than its launch as a sign of good faith, since they did technically pay to be the first to play it under the perks and all that.

          • Testsubject909

            Understandable, and it does sound fair. Though early backers have already had certain extras. Like Gold Beck, that will be unique to them and only them. It’s already something.

            And I have seen certain kickstarters that do work with that. Giving early Access to backers. I forget if the original kickstarter had that.

            Then again, if they only recently discussed things with Steam and got the whole setup ready for a later Early Access. Then it’s just now something that they can add.

            Of course, they could provide it to the original backers who backed above a certain level. But then I wouldn’t want to imagine the process of screening through the backers to ensure they get those rewards as I’m certain there’s no automated system provided by Kickstarter after the kickstarter ends, as it becomes unmodifiable. And I doubt Kickstarter had enough foresight to create such a device to aid people in the aftermath.

          • SwiggitySwag

            Yeah it’s something, but I feel like they deserve more. Admittedly it’s hypocritical of me to say that considering I own quite a few early access games, but I always get the feeling that I shouldn’t actually be allowed own them because they aren’t the finished project and 90% of them come directly from kickstarter.

            Oh kickstarter has nothing of the sort, you’d have to sort through the thousands and thousands of participants on your own time and do it all that way, which isn’t pretty to think about.

          • Testsubject909

            Yeah. Figured as such.

  • The Watcher

    Saw this post on FB “I like how nobody actually watched the video. They freaking explain like eight times that the game is coming out with all promised/earned/rewarded content even if this new fundraiser doesn’t make a single penny. The new money is exclusively being used to generate even MORE new content. Comcept isn’t asking people to throw more money at the OLD content to make the old content better in some way, they’re saying the game has the potential to be bigger, longer, and therefore MORE robust, with yet more funding. THAT is true of any project.” – Devin Brady

  • *Is watching new gameplay footage*
    *shakes head*
    …. sorry, what did he say? :O

    I feel it was enough with what the first funding managed to archieve buuuut let’s see what they are offering on the second.

    • Testsubject909

      Yeah, the new gameplay is a bit rough. The Hud still looks like it’s an in early beta phase, which they probably are, and there are sections which are obviously rough in terms of animation and lack of background and etc.

      But that’s how a lot of games look in early beta. If anything it looks like it’s healthily going underway so… Wait six more months for new footage and then judge again?

  • You know how this can work? If the Stretch Goal was to help Inafune get the Megaman License back. This is a great opportunity, while the walls are down over in Capcom.

    • SwiggitySwag

      They’d never allow him to have it, especially not for a small amount of money, they’d demand a very substantial fee to own a longstanding license like that.

      Then you also have the fact it kind of renders this entire project moot if he was to get his hands on the megaman license.

      • Not really. This robot would still be his own guy. Just like Volnutt is, and how EXE isn’t even in the same time continuity.

        • SwiggitySwag

          Yeah except he then has the license to a game which this game is essentially the mirror image of and people have to try and be excited about how the game releases are essentially the same thing with a different coat of paint?

          I’m excited for mighty number 9, but this game is just going to be the “new” megaman going forward and we can expect some pretty damn similar things from this series too.

          • EXE is a Mirror Image. And he was the “new” Megaman for a while. Still, carrying the name Megaman doesn’t have to make you the guy. Beck is best.

  • I’m not sure if I like this. I don’t think that a crowdfunding campaign should be used for addon content – rather, I think that’s what the actual sales should fund. Save the crowdfunding to start a new IP or continue a niche franchise.

    • Testsubject909

      Skullgirls was used to create new content and everyone cheered.

      Was it excused because it had undergone unfortunate events? Though from what I remember of the crowdfund, it was for the most part to simply create additional content, in no way to ensure that they can re-create the game and republish it.

      Yes, there are differing circumstances, but at the end of the day, these two have one point similar. They wanted to give more to the fans and they did not yet receive extra funding for the express purpose of making additions to the game.

      I’m not saying they haven’t on their own end added a single cent. I’m not blind. They have had successful games, these games generate the revenue to pay their employee and the excess goes into funding new games, the question now is how much of that is split up about. Considering the existence of Soul Sacrifice Delta, it’s safe to say that the excess of Soul Sacrifice went primarily to Soul Sacrifice Delta and whatever left over is then split off to other projects that the team is handling.

      This though. It’s a means of guaranteeing a funding and money to focus entirely upon one game.

      I say, go for it. If we are truly fans, if we truly want to see these additions, if we want us all to benefit from a stronger Mighty No 9 right off the gates, then we should put our money in there.

      My only criticism though is. Mister Inafune should’ve started by showing us more then just one possible addition.

      English VA’s aren’t exactly the highest of demands. It’s not exactly something that helps to generate positive hype. Now if it would’ve been something like an opening anime cutscene as was suggested above. It would’ve provided more hype from people and cleared up some of the bad miasma here.

      • Skullgirls is a different case, IIRC. They got the rug pulled out from under them, had to close down the company and reform a new one, and then had to raise the money to basically start over as a company. I don’t think it’s quite the same as this, where he’s already done this once to make it exist.

        I think he should deliver on what’s been promised first. Then, and only then, should a second kickstarter be considered, and preferably it should be for the next iteration in the franchise.

  • ronin4life

    The point of crowd funding is to allow money raising on projects that would be impossible otherwise by showing people what could be and allowing them to pre purchase in an almost investment kind of wsy for everybody.

    Would anyone here be happy to see Nintendo or Sony start Kickstarters to fund projects? I imagine not. Inafune here isn’t much different: An established studio that already received funding on an unreleased project and is even making other projects without the need for crowdfunding… now suddenly needs more crowdfunding for more stuff?

    How about you stop panhandling and use the profits off actual sales to add content instead?

    FURTHERMORE: If there are still any people who aren’t at least a little off put by this, you realize this is essentially a Season Pass for a game that isn’t even finished yet, right?

    • HarakiriKami

      Isnt it a pre-order?

      • ronin4life

        The original Kickstarter was the “Pre-Order”.
        This is for additional content, payment for which they are asking for from the people who already funded the first. It works out a lot like DLC pre-launch: A “Season Pass”.

        • HarakiriKami

          Lol yeah you’re right

          • Testsubject909

            He’s… not really right.

        • Testsubject909

          But it also opens the gates up for those who haven’t backed it up yet. And since all those add-ons will be given to everyone who has the game. This isn’t a “Season Pass”. This is a purchase of Multiple Copies.

          You know what this is? This is buying a christmas gift to a friend.

          This is buying a birthday gift to your online buddy who missed out on the kickstarter.

          This is getting a chance to get some of the higher tier goodies you didn’t have the money to get to in the first Kickstarter.

          Because believe you me, I have heard people who wanted to back Mighty No 9. But did not have the money to do it… or others who heard of Mighty No 9, but unfortunately too late to be able to back it up.

          Your views of this are just the tiniest bit off Ronin.

          And you know, whenever I see things like this. I’ll bash my head in hard against it. So prepare yourself for my walls of texts.

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      The problem with your statement is that it assumes that inti create/comcept are independent studios that have the capital to invest in their own games. Most studios work on a publisher/developer model where a publisher invests money into a project and the studio develops said game under the guidance of the publisher. The end result is that the publisher has a considerable hand in the final project as well as expects to receive a return on investment. Unless the game explodes the developer is not likely to receive much in profit, and even then it would mostly go to the published. Kickstarter is trying to bypass the publisher model by having the end user invest in the content. So whether it is potato salad, a perpetual motion machine, or a small developer video game the intent is to allow end users to fund projects that might have happened in the same capacity. Granted Meiji Inafune might have enough clout as a game developer to get a decent chunk of freedom with what he is developing, this guarantees that the game doesn’t possibly fall into publisher/developer model.

      • ronin4life

        My point is he already received the needed funding for this title, has proven his studio capable of managing and funding itself with little publisher or crowd-source support and can easily make the funds for such projects through actual business means. This isn’t a whole other game he is kick-starting here, and the funds made from the finished product and other products they are working on could well have covered this.

        I don’t know exactly where I would stand on a discussion about small companies using kickstarter for ALL their titles regardless of profitability(Many feel it should only be used by people that haven’t established themselves in some way beforehand, and not by even small but successful groups) as a means of by-passing the publisher model. But I do think this instance isn’t anywhere near that kind of situation anyway, and doesn’t make much sense as a thing that is required by Inafune’s group to make this happen.

    • Testsubject909

      Read my posts. You do realize I realize the situation and still back this without feeling the least bit put off right?

      Also. Nintendo or Sony are multi-million if not billion companies. This is a new studio that, yes, did release some successful games, is still a small company and are working on a personal project here where they’re retaining their creative freedom as opposed to a project with a set due timeline stated by publishers.

      I regard this more as getting the work done asap which in turn can limit down the amount of DLC. I also view this as a gamer interested in the community I’m in. I understand that if this gets funded. Everyone benefits.

      This is like Skullgirls.

      It’s a very similar situation to Skullgirls. It’s not in as dire a situation as Skullgirls was, but it’s a very similar situation nonetheless.

      A small team, working on a project they love, and wanting to add as much new content as possible. Yes, they had one successful, incredibly so, kickstarter. Now they want another one to try and give more to the game.

      Yes. It passes off as greedy. And I agree.

      This is greedy. This is 100% greed. In every way.

      They want more funding. They want more time. They want to add in more content. They want to make the game greater then they originally planned possibly. They want to give us more.

      It’s ALL Greed. And I welcome it. So long as they can still push the game out at a reasonable time.

      • Wtv

        Skullgirls was released before they asked for more, though. The game
        didn’t do well, so they asked for help to do what they wanted.

        If that was the case here, I doubt people would be criticizing Inafune.

        • Testsubject909

          The game did well.

          Make no mistake about that.

          You’re mistaking your facts here. The issue was that the developers received Nothing from the publisher.

          Also, Skullgirls asked to create add-ons, they themselves tackled getting the game re-released on their own.

          In the end, it makes the general content of the Skullgirls Kickaster and this one pretty similar.

          Where both sides are asking specifically for extra money that they do not have so to create add-ons.

          The difference? One suffered a major shock from a publisher that screwed them over. The other’s not out of the gate yet. But the end scenario is still very similar. Both side needs more money to create additions. And both sides are still going to get the game out nonetheless even if you don’t fund those additions.

  • Wtv

    To the people defending it and saying they will back it, how about use your money on games who do need it?

    Shantae has a paypal open for the stretch goals that they originaly made but wasn’t reached, for example. There is also Twin Souls that looks like a cool game, but it seems like it won’t make it.

    Mighty no. 9 already got more money than it deserved (it’s a game by a kinda popular developer, after all). They don’t need more. They can wait the game sell and then do these extra things with their own money.

    They’re doing it now because no one will accept after the game is released and sells a lot. So they’re probably seeing how much more they can do without spend nothing on it.

    When you start to create things just to make more crowdfunding, I think it’s a problem.

    • This is getting boring, you’re bashing this game while other games like Star citizen is doing the same.

      • Wtv

        I don’t really know the history behind Star Citizen, though. In fact, only heard about that now. But it’s something I’m not too informed to comment.

        However, someone doing something wrong isn’t a reason for someone else do something wrong too.

        • Testsubject909

          Yeah. And you’re not too informed about this to comment either…

          See why I’m saying you sound like a hypocrite?

          • Wtv

            I followed how Mighty No. 9 went, though. I never even knew Star Citizen existed.

          • nororu

            i do not know anything about Star Citizen too i just followed mighty and some projects on kickstarter. i am a megaman fan and a inafune fan but like you see some people can not understand that they got more money than they needed they can use them without asking us for more or release the game and sell DLCs or something but of course someone gonna tell me that they used the money for paying the employee or they gonna give an example about some that did the same or something. this just give bad reputation to inafune the most of people are with me and you just need to see the commentary on youtube or something else and you gonna see the most people saying something like this.

          • Testsubject909

            Most people are with you guys because most people don’t think. A lot of people are emotional.

            Emotions governs us all.

            Hell. I’m governed by emotions. I’ve often acted upon emotions without thinking.

            And usually after I’ve cooled off, I have enough time to realize I was an idiot or a prick and regret some of my actions.

            In this case? I’m sipping my coffee, relaxing, playing a game on the side. I’ve got no emotions here. Hell, part of my brain is having fun picking up on the negative aspects of this Kickstarter as well.

            But some of the negativity you guys give off, to me, doesn’t seem all that valid when I boil it down further to what generates said negativity.

          • nororu

            Excuse me do not tell me that i do not think, we are fan that we gave money to the project we are emotional because we are human, that is why we help inafune with the project you are just calling the fans “short of mind with this commentary” or something else because we do not have money to give them or we do not want anymore? we just think that this give bad reputation to inafune, dont you see the commentary? the most of people are with me like i said but you are the only one who said: “It’s ALL Greed. And I welcome it” jesus christ.

          • Testsubject909

            You think I’m unaware of the bad rep right now?

            Ever since the start of the project it’s been bad rep after bad rep. It’s laughable.

            One odd showing of gameplay, one tiny statement, and the fanbase went in an uproar. The fanbase has gone into an uproar of negativity so many times I can’t take it seriously anymore.

            A lot of people were crying out for justice, saying Inafune ripped them of their money before there was gameplay showing that suddenly made them go “Oh. I said nothing, this is awesome”.

            But that’s only a few, others are still negative and continue on their negative campaign.

            Now this. Yes, I realize the bad things, I realize how it can go bad, I’ve touched on it actually on the main reason why this goes bad. It’s really a matter of hype beyond anything because, as I’ve stated, people are emotional. And I also realize that a lot of people funded the original kickstarter based on emotions.

            Hell. Considering how little was shown at the kickstarter. Everyone who backed it did so in good blind faith and emotion.

            I’m not blaming people who don’t have money to give. If the stretch goal doesn’t interest you, ergo, you don’t want to fund those stretch goals. Fine.

            But to be actively against the existence of an extended stretch goal is my issue.

            Just to clarify.

    • Derek E Nay

      Double Fine did the same thing if I remember right; but they spent money on alot of things and even split the project to two parts due to money issues.

      No one is perfect, can’t expect it to be; more so if it’s a first time project on Kick Starter.

      Now, the game we gave money on is coming out. Every stretch goal we got is coming.

      This is just for extra things. Voice acting costs LOTS of money in the US due to voice actor guild (I think they are called that). I can’t say if japan has a union for voice actors; but it’s certainly not cheap to even get a ok voice actor.

      I think Inafune just wants to try to make the game as best as it can be.

      Making games is not cheap. If anything, this is like asking a company for a bigger budget to make a better game. But it’s WE the people will decide what gets done.

      I have never kickstarted anything because I don’t have the money to do so; but if I did, I would understand the risk involved in kickstarting.

      Not saying that you are not wrong; but it’s the community who decides this. Which is why it’s a good thing to talk about this even if you don’t agree with the kickstarter; so the community understands more on what’s going on and decide what they want to do.

      • Wtv

        Yeah, but you saw what Tim Schafer did, right? He released half of the game and is making the rest with the money he got from sales. That’s a good way to do it.

        If Inafune wants more from Might No. 9 now, he should just finish the game and release it. With the profit he will make, he can continue the series.

        If the games goes bad in sales, then sure, he can make another crowfunding for a sequel or something if he really wants to continue making more games.

        • Testsubject909

          “release half a game and then make the other half afterwards is good”.



          Sorry. I was facepalming there for a moment.

          That was a poor example…. What you should’ve went with is: “The game is already funded to have a lot of extra content, moreso then most games that you see released nowadays by larger studios. We could stand to wait until the game is fully released and then the sales from new players would be able to give them the funding for them to start development on those additions that they could then sell as DLC for more money to fund more items”

          To which I would then go “Yes, this sounds like a possible method to go about this and would be legit and would work out. But this setup as it stands is to avoid the whole DLC deal and to go straight to adding as much content to everyone who’ll be owning the game. Also since this stands as a complete pre-ordering of the game, you can buy copies for friends, or those who failed to join in the funding the first time around can get to have a copy of the game and some of the extra goodies if they can afford it this time around. etc etc”.

          But yes. I realize that the following paragraph actually does state that. But the first just… no. Just no.

          Also, your last paragraph. It wouldn’t really change too much as to the situation. But there would indeed be certain changes. Sympathy is one, such as with the Skullgirls situation. But ultimately it still draws upon fan support.

          And that’s the key point that’s extremely odd here.

          Megaman fans are very supportive of the Idea of a new Megaman style game. But….

          Their attitude have been less then supportive shall we say. If anything, they’re extremely skeptical. And some seem to go back to reference Capcom as if it’s presence continues to plague Mighty No 9’s creation when we’ve established continuously that Capcom has got nothing to do with Mighty No 9.

          • Wtv

            Look, I’m not saying that Inafune should release half-game…because that would be stupid. It works well with adventures because it’s a new trend to do it, but it’s differente with other genres.

            The thing is, the game is funded. He can release all the game. It will be how he first thought and more. It wouldn’t be a incomplete game at all, there is already a lot of extras.

            The not-DLC thing is the problem. It’s not necessary.

            Inafune has more ideas? Great…use them in a sequel. The game looks complete enough as it is now. It has more extra than most plataforms do.

            Just think about it. When will it stop? We though they had the game complete already, but suddenly they want to add more. Aren’t they adding more things just to get more crowdfunding so they won’t need to do it themselves with their own money once the game is out? Aren’t they just seeing how much they can get before the game is a success and they can’t ask for anything more? How much will they create more to ask money? Again, when will they stop?

          • Testsubject909

            Oh yes. Don’t think I don’t realize the issue.

            I already posted it above in reply to someone else.

            The whole “Creative greed, wanting to add more to a game and wanting to make it better and better”

            That’s what killed Duke Nukem Forever.

            But here’s the thing. I trust Inafune at the moment. As a creator, as a leader of a new company. He’s already proven he can pull out good games with Soul Sacrifice.

            I’m down with this. This is a labor of love rather then a game with a serious deadline. But he doesn’t act as if he’s unaware of the situation or of the responsibility of reviving the spirit of the Blue Bomber.

            This is why I’m good with this.

            I can trust the man because he hasn’t given me reasons to doubt him. I’m well aware of the risks. Just as I was when I first funded the first kickstarter.

            And a lot of you act as if you never understood those initial risks.

            Now. I’m fine with him doing this just once.

            Just one extra kickstarter for extra content. That’s fine. It’ll add some extra gravy on my mashed potatoes and steaks. And I’m good with that.

            It’s if it suddenly has a two year pushback *coughs Exalted 3.0, look further down at my comments about that coughs*. or if it suffers a financial issue, which does not appear to be the case at this point as we’re already being guaranteed that the game will come out whether or not people fund this new kickstarter for extra content.

            Until either of those two situations happen. An unreasonable pushback, or a dire financial situation for the project. I’ll be fine.

            And you should be too.

            Unless you’re on the more cautious side. In which case. Your support of the other two doesn’t reveal that same “cautious attitude”.

            If anything, it shows more of the issue I’ve brought up of marketing and hype. I just made a post above. Look it up.

    • Testsubject909

      Do you think we haven’t?

      Read. Go below. Do you know how many Kickstarters I’ve backed?

      You shouldn’t go “Don’t fund this. Fund that!”

      You should be going “Fund. ALL the worthy causes!”

      Because right now. Rather then sounding “Supportive”. To me, I’m reading through that, I’m reading behind that. And I’m seeing you sound like quite a hypocrite.

      • Wtv

        No need to take it personaly. I’m not saying you didn’t. Most people didn’t though, otherwise those games would have more support.

        I don’t see how I’m being hypocrite because none of those games I cited is doing the same thing. If Wayforward had reached all stretch goals and then suddenly said: “Right guys, now we will create more content for you fund before we actually release the game and see how it goes”, then sure, I would be against them.

        • Testsubject909

          You don’t quite get it. Also I’m not so much taking it personally so much so as I’m stating that you’re overgeneralizing it.

          And your attitude isn’t inclusive as it is exclusive. As opposed to stating a positive attitude where you encourage people to support what they love and to support addition of content to promising games. You’re actively wanting to limit the support to one and to focus more the support unto a game you yourself want to see backed. This is an attitude provided often by a lot of people who want to act as if they’re benevolent but subconsciously are acting towards their own agenda.

          This is where I find the hypocrisy. Rather then encourage people to look around and to determine. By Themselves. What they want to support and what they want to see as extras to any game out there, of which this one with this new Kickstarter shows that there are still yet unreached extra, which is not something new to Kickstarter or Kickstarted games.

          You’re saying “Fuck that one kickstarter. Help this other kickstarter. Because I don’t like A and I love B”.

          And the last bit doesn’t comfort me either. While yes, it does touch upon an obvious issue. It’s also relatively close minded.

          This isn’t “We’re going to create more content for you to fund”. This is “We want to create more content as soon as possible. And we can do it if you help us out”.

          If we don’t. Then maybe they’ll do those new additions and provide them as DLC, but that’s exchanging one evil for another. I for one prefer the thought of a completed game that benefits all backers as opposed to having to play an extended waiting game.

          Now. My personal main issue is that we’re only seeing one new stretch goal. And that one new stretch goal fails on one aspect.


          Hype generates a lot of goodwill and a lot of excitement. Hype clears out miasma and a lot of negativity such as the one that you have.

          If the stretch goal was something You thought was awesome. You wouldn’t be here saying “Guuyyyys, don’t fund this”. You’d be going “FUCK YEAH! THIS SOUNDS AWESOME!”.

          The real main issue here is Hype and Sympathy.

          It’s Marketing.

          This kickstarter, by it’s very nature, is fine.

          The marketing around it though? It could’ve gone better.

          • Wtv

            No, see, that’s the only point of Kickstarter, to make things you can’t do otherwise. They already can do Mighty No 9 with more than they thought before. So they don’t need more. If you want to help independent games that much, there are other options.

            The thing is, how much Inafune will have to ask so people will start to think they are doing too far? It looks like that to me already.

            Worse, if they do get more money, way more than they need, how much more until other companies look at crowdfunding as some way to make exploitative projects? They need to see that crowfunding has a limit. You can’t just suddenly show up with more things to ask money.

            Oh, and not, I wouldn’t be saying that’s okay if it was something I like. We need to look at these things critically. If they want to make some pretty cool things, they can do it later.

          • Testsubject909

            Crowdfunding doesn’t have a limit though.

            And that’s the nature of Crowdfunding.

            While yes, you could want to see the idea of crowdfunding be limited to an extent.

            There is no limiting it. By it’s very nature, it can be used for anything.

            Including funding your own personal potato salad for you to eat…

          • nororu

            no legal limit but if there is a logical limit that people are not stupid someday get tired of giving money to the same project without having it in their hands and that’s what makes you hard to understand.

          • Testsubject909

            Logical limit pending here.

            A second crowdfund opens up it’s doors to those who missed out on the first one. It can reach new ears and new funders, which in turn provides a greater base of source of revenue without double dipping. Also, this is still within reasonable limits as it does not force anyone to pay anything.

            This is, entirely, optional. It’s even clearly explained in the video.

            What I’m explaining here is what You’re having a hard time understanding…

          • nororu

            “A second crowdfund opens up it’s doors to those who missed out on the first one” are you sure about this? of course!! my god we feel that we need to help them more because we are real fan, are you really a fan of inafune and all their project?

            its optional like everything in this live right? you do not need to tell us something like that but we are fan we are near the project we helped them and most of people were fans that helped him, we fell that we need to help even if we have money or not? seriously when you said theses words:

            “It’s ALL Greed. And I welcome it”
            “Most people are with you guys because most people don’t think”

            lost all interest in talking to you about this, good luck trying to convince the majority of the fans that this is right, I speak of those who you consider stupid Because “They do not think” like me. seriosly jesus christ.

          • Testsubject909

            Eh. Your choice.

            Also I write as I think. And my thoughts never cease as I jump from talking to someone here and there. I might be referencing another post when I speak of Greed, which encompasses a lot of areas.

            As for thought. I mean in depth thought, not just surface thought. And you’re thinking at the moment yes. But be honest, a lot of people don’t think. They feel.

            Emotions outweighs thoughts.

            I’m not gonna be able to convince a lot of people. Sure. But I’ll do my damndest to get them to think at the very least. After that. They want to fund it or not? Don’t care.

            I’m only here to explain that: “There’s nothing wrong with a second crowdfund. But if it doesn’t generate hype for you? Then it’s not your cup of tea and that’s fine. Just don’t be a whining asshole about it”.

          • nororu

            seriously when you said theses words:

            “It’s ALL Greed. And I welcome it”
            “Most people are with you guys because most people don’t think”

            a new one:

            “Just don’t be a whining asshole about it”

            I’m not complaining just think this is wrong like the most of people, that is my thinking and I’m not stupid I’m not asshole. seriosly you should read book about respect before posting something.

          • Testsubject909

            I’m very general in my statements when I talk to a person, if you need to know. If this was in french, I would be using the “Vous” to refer to “You All”. as opposed to “Tu” which would refer directly to “You”.

            This is an open thread. People lurk, read, comment, interject. If I talk to you. I don’t just talk to you. I talk to anyone who stops to read.

            You did place complaints about this, there’s no denying that. Yes, this is Your thinking. But how much of it is in depth until you’re confronted to think about it further and explain yourself more about your initial thought?

            Then compare it to everyone who “agrees with you” as you stated. How many of them are actually thinking and how many of them are just reacting or feeling?

            I can respect you having an opinion but it doesn’t mean I have to respect the opinion in question and you’re free to do the same to me.

            But if you start thinking, discussing, debating and actually going through the proper steps to display something that is actually wrong and that cannot be debated over as a subject that’s actually more on a neutral plane that can be colored positively or negatively. Then that’s good and I’m slowly getting lost right now. My thoughts just kinda went ahead of me a step or two…. Anyways. You said you weren’t interested in talking to me right?

          • nororu

            “I can respect you having an opinion but (it doesn’t mean I have to respect the opinion in question) and you’re free to do the same to me”

            respect everything and someone with brain going to respect everything about you even if they think that you opinion is wrong like me I said why not so please do not make me say it again.

            “Anyways. You said you weren’t interested in talking to me right?”

            like i said i am not interesting after those words because i saw you think very different and i did not see some respect for those people who think different front you. this is waste of time we cannot do anything but if you ask me something i respond you because i am an educated person but I’m going after this message good luck.

      • I think it was kind of fair. Not everyone has the money to support everything, and I think it’s fair to ask others to support titles that might not even have a shot at completion (or nearly as much going to them) than something that got everything it needed to see completion, as well as way beyond and more.

        • Testsubject909

          Yes, to ask to fund something else is fair.

          But to tell them to absolutely not fund something else?

          This isn’t a situation like with Devil may Cry where we had to deal with the bloated ego of an ‘artist’ who antagonized the fanbase. This is a love project from someone who wants to revive a franchise and see justice unto a creation he once held dear.

          Now, emotional bit aside.

          There’s no need to tell people to NOT fund this.

          But rather. Instead. Tell them to prioritize.

          If he would’ve went down that route. I wouldn’t have even replied. If he said “I’d like to see people put their focus on other games who haven’t seen their original stretch goals met yet before they look into this”. I would’ve shrugged and went “Fair enough. That sounds responsible, intelligent, compassionate, understanding of the situation”.

          But instead to say “Don’t fund this extended stretch goal because it’s no good, fund this one instead”.

          It’s selective. It’s hypocritical in it’s ‘benevolent’ stance.

          It’s arguable and it’s disagreeable.

          • Haha, you have a point about DmC. I will also say – I get sick of people over-crediting when it comes to Inafune and (original/early) Mega Man, but he does love the series and I think he values fanbases.

            But I haven’t agreed with this man on many levels for a long time, and I don’t think it’s like he’s not above corporate mentality.

  • Michael Connell

    If one of the stretch goals would be to have some anime style scenes similar to the Megaman X games I’d consider this

    • Crimson_Cloud

      My thoughts exactly. Maybe for anime opening and to pay some J-pop artist for a song, but for more add-ons within the game, they should go with that after the game is launched. And honestly, if he wanted to do this, at least have a good trailer with something other then concept art and alpha stage. People would probably donate more then.

      • Testsubject909

        I understand how people are now accustomed to DLC. But I’d say limiting down DLC isn’t a bad thing. If they can still get all those extras in and get the game out within a reasonable pushback. I’d say go for it.

        While yes, DLC can help to maintain interest in a game after it’s been launched. Ultimately I’d say it’s not a necessity. What’s more of a necessity is to create a completed game and a complete experience. And also I don’t recall any Megaman game that had DLCs to date and I’d hate for Mighty No 9 to be the one to break that history. Though that said, it probably will after launch, but the more stuff it can get in, the less DLC it’ll create as unfortunately un-funded ideas to be added, the more we benefit in general.

    • Testsubject909

      That certainly would’ve started things off on a more positive vibe. I’d imagine tons of people would’ve went “FUCK YEAH! I’MA FUND THAT!” rather then go “EW! ENGLISH VA! YOU GREEDY FUCKS!”

      Then again. For all we know. That might be hidden Stretch Goal 2 or 3 or 5.

  • MrJechgo

    I honestly don’t get the hatred: the game is gonna be made using the original funds from the first campaing. This 2nd campaign are for bonuses. Where’s the harm in that?

    • Testsubject909

      Read the hatred. You can get it.

      It’s blind. It’s hypocritical. It’s uneducated. It’s jumping to conclusions.

      It’s from people who want to voice their discontent before trying to understand the situation.

    • subsamuel01

      I don’t understand the random hate either, the game is already being made with the original funds, is it bad that he wants the game to be even better?

      I don’t plan on funding but for people who are going to I’m all for it.

      • Testsubject909

        Well. To be fair. It can be bad.

        Creative freedom can lead to continuous greed, greed in wanting to add more. This can create more delays, more delays can push a game further past a reasonable deadline, past a reasonable deadline a game could vanish into vaporware.

        This is a matter of hype versus fear.

        Fear in this case is winning.

    • CozyAndWarm

      The original kickstarter made millions. How the heck much more money does Inafune need for these rather underwhelming “bonuses”?

      • MrJechgo

        None IMO, but again, these are just bonuses, supplements, extras, whatever you call them. The game doesn’t “need” English voicework to be good anyway, because it looks promising enough.

  • Will Jay

    Ain’t getting another cent from me. I only spent twenty to essentially pre-order it.

    The whole “fiasco” with the community manager didn’t bother me at all besides how poorly handled it was by nearly everyone involved. But I have nothing nice to say about the prospect of an animated series at this point, at all.

    • Testsubject909


      I have tons of nice things to say about it. As it’s strategically intelligent and smart for a healthy continued franchise if they want to go that way. Also since that animated series seems to be made by a company that approached Comcept rather then the other way around, Comcept is gaining further on this which in turn will further aid the process of creating Mighty No 9.

      Also an animated series will reach out to a greater and wider audience, providing further sales and publicity which in turn will aid it heavily.

      And since the animated series is aimed for kids, something the entirety of the Megaman Franchise has done with, perhaps, the exception of Megaman Zero due to the gore, which would suggest more that it was aimed at teenagers. This is all still in the spirit of the Blue Bomber.

      The only worry is the end quality of both the game and the show.

      • I know you’re not being personal or attacking him (and I’m glad for that), but I think you could have made your comment without responding to him directly, given he just has a simple feeling (not quite opinion).

        • Testsubject909

          Y’know how I work. I just speak whatever’s off the top of my mind. It just happens his statement made me think this.

          It provides reference to understand what I’m touching on, which helps the comment out more then if it was just laid out flat…

          Well. Unless this would’ve been posted in the proper article about the animated Mighty No 9. Then yeah. I could’ve just posted it without replying directly. But since this is the only post here that touches directly on the animated show…

        • Anime10121

          I know this is completely off topic, but I <3 your new avatar :3

          • Thank you~! Have you also watched the first ep already? If so, what did you think? >u<

            I also love your Ranma lovin'!

          • Anime10121

            Yep! I watched it like 30 minutes after it released :P ( had planned on waking up for the simulcast but overslept XD)!

            Overall, I liked it, animation felt weird sometimes, but it nearly followed the manga to a T! Cant wait to see how it develops, and I pray to god they do the entire series and not just the first arc! I wanna see my Outer Senshi and a properly done SuperS arc!!!

            I still dont think I’ll like it more than the original (I mean the original was SO perfect in my eyes/ears, and based Viz for rereleasing it so I can finally properly own the series), but I’m liking what I see so far :D

            And yep, I retired Yusuke, Viz recently got me back into Ranma with their season sets! Viz is killing my wallet this year with all dat nostalgia from two of my most cherished and favorite anime! <3



          • Nice! I was a couple of hours late, but initially missed it by a two minutes (I was so mad at myself lol).

            I am hoping they clean up some parts of the animation as they continue along! I know companies give themselves room for laziness while the show is airing (especially Toei) and do good fixes for the Blu-Ray, but I am really hoping, lol. Seeing the Outer Senshi will be great! I really hope it makes it to Stars. I want to see Stars as it should be. ;u;

            For me, it is better right now, but I will always have a super special in my heart for the original~. I think the fandom has started to ruin the original anime for me though more than anything, lawl. But I am a shoujo fangirl and live and breath it, so I love Crystal for really delivering on the shoujo aspects. vuv

            I am really impressed with their Ranma sets! I am even considering getting them. x’D
            I also hold a lot of love and appreciation for Viz right now~. (And so glad they got SMC and not Funi, lolol.)

  • Tincho D

    Well em i’m not really a fan of the cartoon, but that aside full english voice acting is a very underwhelming stretch goal if we are to judge the quality of the dub voiceover of games such as Mega Man 8. If they want to get people hyped they’re going to have to do better than that.

    Hint: The prospect of another character using one of the Call Vote designs.

    • Testsubject909

      Voice over of Mega Man 8 was from so far back that I have no idea why you even brought that up.

      Sure, I brought up the videos to make fun of it, but that came out during a time when English dub quality for games was…. let’s say. Abysmal to say the least.

      Nowadays we have household names for English VAs, something that we would’ve never imagined back on the PS1 era.

      And good voice actors or good voice actors who are of renown or who are in an union or all of the above, aren’t going to cost nothing…

      Now my criticism? He should’ve at least revealed the first three new stretch goals. English VA isn’t going to be a high priority to a lot of people. At least, not to the very vocal enthusiast of Japanese games and culture.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Agree, the last MM games like X8, Command Mission, Powered Up and Maverick Hunter had very decent Voice Acting in english, still thinking about X4 and MM8 type of dubs is kinda pushing it.

      • Tincho D

        Want more recent examples? X7’s dub was awful and the next games dubs didn’t sound right either.
        Historically the franchise was never known for their quality english dubs, therefore why it’s a bad idea to bring english VA as a selling point if the goal is to raise enthusiasm.

        Do you know if the english voice actors for MN9 are good? Because if Beck’s voice is the same as in the cartoon teaser, well…

        • Testsubject909

          The Megaman Franchise. Under Capcom.

          This is a new franchise. And from the original kickstarter, you know they’re working with some experienced people from the west.

          And no. I dno if the voice actor for MN9’s gonna be any good…

          And Beck’s Voice in the cartoon teaser to me sounded Japanese due to the high pitch. And also because there were no words uttered outside of the narrator.

          • Tincho D

            “And Beck’s Voice in the cartoon teaser to me sounded Japanese due to the high pitch.”
            That’s it. cue in Seinfeld.

        • Testsubject909

          Really, the main issue is, lack of info.

          If we knew what people they were planning on hiring, it’d help a lot.

          Transparency helps immensely in any and every kickstarter. More here would be heavily appreciated. Such as the cost breakdown.

  • Personally i don’t like the idea of kickstarter and similar projects. It kills all the originality and mystery of a final product. Developer must apply to masses in order to gain money for work, so he begin to add a new features to his original idea trying to please everyone (but we all know that it is impossible). After some time his work transform into some kind of abomination with various concepts, features, mechanic and so on. Was it Creator’s original idea or he became a slave to his backers?

    • Testsubject909

      A bit of A, a bit of B.

      The great majority of games in development tend to be given the axe in some form or manner. Whether it’s complete cancellation or cutting a lot of ideas from the ground floor so to fit into a release date.

      As this is a game whose release date is entirely up to the creative/development team at hand here, We fall under the part of the Creator’s Original Idea. With the first Kickstarter, he was able to get funding for all of his initial ideas, of which a few are obviously also to please the fans as the entirety of Mighty No. 9 is in due part to do just that and to give life back to a series he had such a long history with in a new form.

      In that alone, it’s partially him being a slave to his backers. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means he’s conscious of what he’s tackling and what he’s dealing with. He understands there’s a lot of weight behind him and unto this project. From what I’m seeing, he’s tackling that with joy. If anything, this showing of a second kickstarter shows that he’s motivated to create the absolute best game that he can. And he’s leaving it up to his fans to do so. Which, by the way, is both re-energizing in terms of motivation and drive.

      But is also set to try and provide as much out of the gate in one shot, it shows that he wants to create as complete and content filled a game as he wants and to those who dislike DLC. It’s a positive step against it, because it doesn’t sound as though these additions are going to be “Added later”. These sound like they are additions he wants to integrate now in the final product on launch.

      It might mean a pushback, but it also means we don’t need to wait for a potential add-on DLC that we need to pay for. And for those who goes “Pshaw, pay for voice-overs?” Well… As I’ve stated below. Drakengard, BlazBlue, Dynasty Warriors, Dragon’s Crown. It’s not becoming uncommon, let’s just say that.

      While yes, there is the worry of over-ambition. The man still has had many years of experience in the industry and has many others who have worked with him in the industry for many years. These are professionals, and I’m sure they’ll know how much they need to reel back to make sure that they get the product out. If at worst with one or two pushbacks for release.

  • Testsubject909

    Rethinking this and relooking at the new negativity.

    I can safely say, the real crime is that there’s not a good marketing to this new kickstarter.

    Let’s be frank here. This kickstarter isn’t a bad thing, it’s not a great thing. It’s just a kickstarter. It can be good if it’s backed and it gets us some awesome new stretch goals.

    But it’s not well marketed. Let me explain.

    Hype. Has this kickstarter generated that? Sympathy? Did Comcept’s situation provide any? These two emotions. Excitement or Empathy, clears away a lot of negative thoughts that are placed upon a more neutral situation and afterwards colors it in one way or another.

    If you stop to think about this kickstarter objectively. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s a different thing. While yes the approach of releasing the game and using those funds to DLC those new stretch goals is one way, for an older gamer like myself who still holds unto the idea and hopes of seeing a game complete upon release, this is an idea I support since it would reduce the wait time and increase the odds of having all the possible extras in one go.

    The big crime here though is the lack of content to create Hype. The video does well to explain the situation. That everything from the original kickstarter is funded, that what they’re up for here is 100% greed. Oh yes. Greed. Wanting more funds, to create more content, so that we have more awesome. Awesome right?

    Well… It still holds certain issues and certain doubts.

    Doubts that could’ve been cleared with a renewal of Hype. Or doubt that could’ve been understood more if Comcept suffered in some way, thus Sympathy.

    Right now, they can only rely on Hype for their marketing.

    And they didn’t really create enough to make Hype. They have video footage of a game in early Beta. That’s reassurance, not hype. It shows that the game is well underway, but doesn’t have enough to really make you go “FUCK YEAH!”.

    And the stretch goal revealed to date will not hit a large enough audience to generate a domino effect of “FUCK YEAH! I’M EXCITED, YOU’RE EXCITED, WE’RE EXCITED!”. It’s just English VAs.

    If anything, a lot of you below seem to be linking your memories to early Capcom. Which again. Early. PS1 era voice acting. or Capcom. Who do not have an affiliation with Comcept at this time.

    The real issue here isn’t the existence of the Kickstarter.

    It’s what the Kickstarter has to offer… None of you are seeing anything that seems interesting. if anything, the English VA for a lot of you seem like a waste. So to you. This first stretch goal stinks of “I don’t want it”.

    Now if it was something fucking awesome. Like a “Stage Editor Mode, create your own stage and share it with friends, challenge each other and etc etc”. or a “Create your own boss/powers editor”. Then some of you might be going “Oh, that sounds awesome! Megaman Universeeeeee!”

    If it was an extremely low stretch goal point to reach, something like. “Alternate Outfits for Call, Make her look like the other possible Calls that we could’ve had!” Then all the different Call backers would’ve been with raging boners going “WE’RE FUNDING THIS! IT’S ONLY A SMALL LOW STRETCH GOAL! GO GO GO THIS IS AWESOME!”

    But no. There’s no hype.

    And let’s be honest.

    That’s the biggest crime here.

    • Wtv

      Since it’s a mess in those posts, let me just comment everything here…and maybe stop here.

      First, you said you support just “this one” more crowdfunding from Inafune. But the things is…it’s not “just one”. They have others stretch goals that they will announce later. How many more? Who knows. Do we know if they have a end for it? Maybe they will stop only when people stop giving they money. Who knows.

      Yeah, you believe Inafune. But as a fan, you need to be more critic. The guy makes good games, sure…I mean, IF he made those games, Kamiya would disagree, but anyway…Soul Sacrifice is a great game. I played it a lot and still want to play more. But just because the guy made good games, it doesn’t mean he can’t be more greedy than it’s healthy. You need to think about why he’s doing something, and if it makes sense. To me it doesn’t.

      And you know, the hype is the things that’s scary. People stop thinking about it when they get excited. Hype is just another way to sell things. Just look how sometimes publishers will sell things that they will only release next year and only showed 2 minutes of cutscenes. They still don’t have a product, but they are already selling pre-order. Hype isn’t really a good things…it’s a way to exploit too.

      And about Skullgirls, they had problems, okay. The game did well, but they didn’t see that money to make something more with it (actually I knew about it, but I forgot). It’s still another case.

      And we need a limit for crowdfunding yes. Like I said, we need to be critic about it, otherwise, companies will start to think that they can do anything and get money from it. And it will kill people’s trust on all crowdfunding, eventually killing it.

      • Testsubject909

        It makes sense what he’s doing. And if you read my other posts. You should realize I’m well aware of the risk of creative drive, freedom and greed.

        In part I’m fine with it since I trust that he’ll be able to push out before he risks a continuous situation of pushbacks that risks vaporware status, see Duke Nukem Forever and how that ended or The Last Guardian.

        And you forget, the entirety of all Kickstarted games tend to sell on Hype. Hell, the entirety of Mighty No 9 sold ONLY on Hype. Yes, it’s a risk of exploitation, but to anyone who’s going on Kickstarter, it’s a risk they should actually understand. if they don’t. They’re emotional idiots, they’ll come and complain and they won’t think. And I’m here to force them to think, whether they’re hyped or whether they’re scared. And you’re leaning towards scared. Which leans towards caution, Which makes sense. But you’re also currently being emotional which is in the end also affecting your thought process.

        I never denied the risks here. I understand full well. My hundreds of dollars I put in could result in vaporware. Sure.

        But that’s what Kickstarters are here for. To give money to fund an idea and make it real. In this case, we’re dealing with the idea of adding even more content to the original idea. And this, as explained in the video, is entirely optional.

        If it fails. That’ll be sad, but it won’t stop the release of the game. But. If it succeeds. That’s more content.

        Now, I do agree, there has to be an end goal.

        And as I’ve stated, that’s an issue here. He should show more then one stretch goal. If anything, show ALL the stretch goals. Transparency, as I’ve explained many times, helps a kickstarter rather then mystery.

        And while yes, ideally, we should have limitations for crowdfunding, the nature of crowdfunding doesn’t have an actual limitation. And if you’re worried about people’s trust. That fluctuates to no end. On a whim. Just like fanboys and their positive/negative attitude at the release of anything that either generates hype or fear.

      • Testsubject909

        PS. The last bit you stated. About being “Critical” about Kickstarter.

        The reason I’m downplaying that and putting more emphasis on the importance of hype vs fear is…

        Because Critical thought is nothing in front of Hype. Not to a gigantic audience.

        How many Thinking gamers do you think read our conversation or the majority of this thread?

        How many regular gamers do you think did the same?

        What do you think will happen to crowdfunding? Same song and dance.

        If it generates Hype. They won’t care. GO GO GO! FUND IT!

        If it doesn’t. They’ll shrug or boo it out of the stage.

        Critical thought will have no place there. Only a small percentage of us will work with that. And even then. Critical thought here doesn’t tell me “Don’t support this”. It just tells me “You know, this is the same risk as when you initially backed him. It’s just that this time he’s actually got gameplay footage to show”.

  • I think they’re going overboard with this. They already got millions of extra dollars in funding for MN9, yet they’re asking for more. They shouldn’t be doing a second kickstarter after a very successful first. But if they do end up doing voice actors, they should reuse the ones from Mega Man Powered Up.

    • Testsubject909

      Not extra dollars.

      They got millions of dollars in funding exactly what they listed in their stretch goal.

      That money’s already committed to those.

      They CAN do a second kickstarter after a very successful first.

      They should or shouldn’t depends on what they want to do specifically and in what they want to provide.

      If they also can’t generate enough hype and excitement, then the additional kickstarter is probably doomed to fail. Because kickstarters often rely on that, along with goodwill. If it cannot generate enough of either. Then the kickstarter will not drive enough funding.

      That last paragraph is the real issue right now that’s happening with the kickstarter.

      In the end. Let’s be honest. How many of you are actually hyped by the first shown potential stretch goal? Very few. If it was something awesome? Much less complaining would be present.

    • Tincho D

      I’m not hype about this, but they’re asking more because they want to make a cartoon to push the franchise. And if they DIDN’T make another campaign to gather funds for it, then they’d probably have to use part of the funding money that was pledged towards the game, which would be wrong because the backers pledged that money for the making of the game, not a cartoon.

      That’s why IT’S GOOD they’ve made another fundraising campaign.
      The bad part is that so far the current stretch goal fails to impress and the cartoon is not many people’s (myself included) cup of tea.

      • Testsubject909

        Was not under the impression that this was for the animated show. Since from what I had gathered, the animated show isn’t being created by Comcept considering how they’ve been approached by outside sources and other companies. It would make more sense if another company decided to get the rights to make an animated show of Mighty No 9 and profit from that while also providing Comcept profit from the rights and licenses for the intellectual property.

        But I do agree and have repeated.

        The real problem here that fails to generate hype is the stretch goal. Anemic, and lacking.

        • Tincho D

          There’s a simple solution: Add more and exciting stretch goals.

          And it will happen eventually, no doubt about it, but until then this piece of news will continue getting the level of hype it deserves.

          • Testsubject909

            Yup. I’ve explained that repeatedly.

  • GuyAlpha

    I didn’t really care for this game or Inafune, but it seems like he’s just trying to force this game into success instead of letting the people decide it. He should just focus on over seeing development of the game instead of trying to do too much at a time.

    • Testsubject909

      And that’s… actually a valid statement.

      And one discussed in the format of creative freedom and drive left unchecked that can create a never-ending pushback or incomplete project.

      But the video states the game’ll be completed one way or another. So…. It’s safer to view this as just optional additions that, if they can get made and put into the game in time, then they will be. Otherwise, the game’ll go on as planned.

  • Testsubject909


    Because of the many posts I’ve made. The short gist of it is:

    – There’s nothing wrong with this kickstarter by it’s very nature.
    – It’s not generating hype, so that’s why it’s currently aimed to fail
    – It needs more transparency, that would help it a lot
    – Most of you aren’t thinking, you’re just reacting and feeling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an insult. It’s just a statement. I do that myself often. But still. Think, objectively, not emotionally.
    – If you don’t want to fund this because you’re not interested. Fine. No problem. Just don’t go out of your way saying this is wrong or bad. It’s neutral. There are risks, but no more so then there was in the first kickstarter.
    – If you listen to the video you know this is entirely optional. The game’ll be complete whether this gets funded or not. Don’t want to fund the extra stuff? Then just leave in silence. If it gets funded, good news for you, you get extra stuff you didn’t even need to pay a penny for.

    And that’s a very, very, very rough TL;DR…

    That and. By the very nature of Kickstarters, crowd funding is limitless and abusable, and by nature, kickstarters are donation drives. None of you are actually legally entitled to anything here. As I said. Know the risks. Think.

    • Justin Graham

      Was it really necessary to jump to Inafune’s defense in response to every critical post here? I mean, yeah, I get it. He’s entitled to start another Kickstarter to fund additional elements of the same project, but it is juuuuuuust a bit odd that he’s asking for more at this juncture when the original Kickstarter was such an overwhelming success.

      And I understand that the content that this second Kickstarter is meant to fund is bonus content that won’t affect the completion of the base game. But you know, it wouldn’t hurt to see the completed base game, first. Or at least maybe launch this drive when Mighty No.9 is closer to completion.

      And well, it does make me question. Broken Age made far more money than Double Fine ever asked for or expected and altered their plans because of it. But their plans were altered in such a way that they had to split the game in two and use profits from the sales of part one to finish part two. And part two hasn’t been finished yet.

      So despite Inafune’s words, I am a bit wary. Yes, there is no obligation to contribute to this second drive and it’s supposedly for bonus content. But the fact that this drive is happening now, at this time, raises a lot of question marks in my mind. Between this and the TV series, just where’s Comcept’s focus?

    • malek86

      “That and. By the very nature of Kickstarters, crowd funding is limitless and abusable, and by nature, kickstarters are donation drives. None of you are actually legally entitled to anything here. As I said. Know the risks. Think.”

      Wrong. Kickstarters today are preorders. Developers and gamers made it so, and now it’s become that way.

      Kickstarters’ own rules page (the one you will see when you are about to publish your new project on the site) states this:

      “If your project is successfully funded, you are required to fulfill all rewards or refund any backers whose reward you do not or cannot fulfill. A failure to do so could result in damage to your reputation or even legal action on behalf of your backers.”

      So what you said would only happen if the dev simply asked for unrewarded donations. Unfortunately nobody is that stupid, and devs know that, unless they offer a preorder reward, hardly anyone will back their game. So they are effectively forced to offer it.

      Nobody ever said KS is free money. If it were like you said, it would be too easy. And nothing is easy in this world. That’s why I’m wary of KS. Too many devs seem to think it’s free money.

    • silverplat

      I have no interest on this game/project but even I can see this is a classic scope creep. They saw the chance to turn this into something bigger ($$$) than initially was planned (A game to attract nostalgia-driven MM consumers and to profit short-term) so now they are forcing it to become a hit cross-media franchise. (It’s not coincidence both English voice-overs and an animated series were revealed concurrently)

      It’s not neutral as this will have some kind of outcome, don’t you think? Most people are naturally reacting so because just like any other business tactic it can become a norm. See DLC, season passes, paid online play and their others friends. And it’s natural for the primary backers to be worried as their investment is on the line.

      Lack of hype? I reckon it had enough initially hence the 3.8m raised.
      I think you are too emotionally invested by the way you target every opinion not aligned with yours. Take your own advice: “just leave in silence” and await the results.

    • PowerSerg

      If you ever looked at another kickstarter you would know you were wrong on like every level.

  • kthanxyousuck

    Shouldn’t they at least finish the game first before they worry about possible voice overs? This isn’t the kind of game I’d expect voice acting out of so it just doesn’t seem to be something they should be worrying about right this instant. Have they even shown gameplay where the characters speak yet? How am I suppose to know whether I want English VA’s if I haven’t seen any voiced gameplay at all?

    I have a feeling the release for this game is going to pushed back too.

  • Bunzi

    Just the fact that it’s being handled through paypal is telling. At least with Kickstarter, we’re guaranteed a product or our money back. Here I’m just throwing money at a guy who keeps asking for it.

    • Erik de Vos

      That is completely false. In kickstarter there is no guarantee what so ever. They can take your money and say “sorry, it didn’t work out”.

  • CozyAndWarm

    This is absolutely disgusting. I have no idea how anyone trusted Inafune in the first place. I keep coming back to Kamiya’s words, that Inafune is a businessman and not a game developer.

    Hopefully more people are waking up to his nonsense. The problem is that with how prevalent this sort of thing is with indie games, it’s no wonder Inafune decided to do it.

    I want my old game industry back.

  • Dansolo

    I don’t even want an English dub. Hopefully if they meet the goal they let us stick to the Japanese. There have been some great games ruined in the west by awful dubs… such as Shenmue.

    I Kickstarted the original but I don’t expect to give them more money here. Maybe if they add goals that actually interest me, but I doubt they will. There are other things I could Kickstart at this point.

  • Tincho D

    See this? Please add new and exciting stretch goals to get the ball rolling, Comcept.

    • PowerSerg

      They got you they removed the 100,000 goal and replaced it 200,000 voice acting “yay”.

      • Tincho D

      • Tincho D

        It seems they’re just adding the numbers of the full japanese VA campaign that is available for the japanese audience
        and now western backers can help its funding via Kickstarter.

        A wise move, as japanese backers would most likely not be enough to cover the cost of it given that the cultural differences make it so crowdfunding is generally frowned upon by the japanese, nonetheless it is still not enough to generate the level of hype you’d want for a newly made fundraising campaign.

        • PowerSerg

          I don’t see how getting Japanese voice talent could cost as much as English voice talent when the amount of money to bring a person in should be much cheaper for a Japanese.

          • Tincho D

            It’d greatly depend on how experienced and recognized the people getting hired are.

            Not every english voice actor is Steve Blum nor every japanese voice actress is a no name idol wannabe.

          • PowerSerg

            Id be odd if they were hiring different quality for one language or the other. I mean if I asked people for money then I got my English speaking intern to do the voice acting but brought on board the top shelf Japanese talent that would be messed up. More so on a Western funded title.

          • Tincho D

            Even if the funding was gathered mostly by westerners, MN9 is a japanese game made by japanese people with a distinctive japanese style (unlike games like Dead Rising or Dino Crisis).

            It wouldn’t be too unlikely that the developers would prefer talented jp VA over talented en VA, the same way a western game made by western developers would be more likely to have talented english voice actors and a not so talented non-english dub.
            Looking at Rockman games, it’s easy to hear how the japanese voices are more fitting and tend to sound better than the english dubs, and Mega Man was very popular in the west, perhaps even more popular during the X series.

            And like Mega Man back then, MN9 is going to get a cartoon aimed to the western audience, which sadly doesn’t look nearly as awesome as the old MM one.

  • CirnoLakes

    So…. does this mean I can fund more Call stuff? :D

    • s07195

      If there was a stretch goal for Call stuff, I’d be all over it. XD

  • PowerSerg

    Alright so I hadn’t commented here since I was so upset when I first read this news I figured I wouldn’t be able to state things rationally. However, in light of what I found today (the expansion of the goal to 200,000 dollars) I feel the need to quickly speak on this. This is maybe the worst handled funding i’ve seen. 23 dollar minimum donation, all through paypal to make sure they get to keep the money even if they fall short of what ever goal they set, and they even call the backers slackers. Maybe this is a parody or something showing off how bad crowd funding can be but also they are taking a paycheck. Honestly people should be warned against donating on this since they just illustrated they have the ability to push back a goal meaning what you were donating towards may not even be what your money really went too.

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