Secret Bases Are Back In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

By Ishaan . July 8, 2014 . 6:31pm

Secret Bases were one of the most prominent new features introduced in the original Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, and they’re back in the Nintendo 3DS remakes of the two games.


Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire will allow you to create Secret Bases that can be customized by outfitting them with Decorations, mazes or traps, or setting up Pokémon battle rules to transform the base into the player’s own Pokémon Gym. You can then share your Secret Bases using either StreetPass functionality or QR Codes.


When visiting other Secret Bases, players can meet other Trainers in the same base and invite them back to their own Secret Base as “Secret Pals”. Once someone is a Secret Pal, you can interact and battle with them. Secret Pals will also be able to confer benefits such as sharing Decorations, making Pokémon eggs hatch faster, or even raising the level of a select Pokémon by one.


You can also capture flags while visiting other players’ Secret Bases. Flags are located beside the Secret PC in each Secret Base, and the more flags you collect, the higher you’ll raise your rank, which will result in rewards such as improving the skills of your Secret Pals. Needless to say, the more Secret Pals you have, the better.


Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be available this November.

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  • 하세요

    Officially my most anticipated NA game of the year.

  • Tetris

    Two words: Hell. Yes.

  • Nanaki

    This looks…Wow.
    ….is that the updated Schoolboy trainer/Max I see?

  • GigaNerd17



    • AuraGuyChris

      Unofficially, sadly…

  • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

    In the least sardonic tone I can say this–if such a thing is possible at all with the coming word: YAAAASSSSSSS, QUEEN, SLAAAAYYYYYY.

  • AsianDude2o9

    Only 4 words to say MY BODY IS READY!!!!!!!

  • Desk

    this brings me to tears

  • I wonder if this feature is going to be improvised this time? i prefer not to have 16 objects limitations

    • Desk

      well look at that last image, there are more than 16 things there

    • HK

      It seems like you can’t put stuff on the rugs. :(

  • Nightmesh

    “invite them back to their own Secret Base as “Secret Pals”.”

    Dirty thoughts ensue.

  • Lan


  • Miss_Madness

    Now all I need are contests then I can die happy.

  • Firion Hope

    YES!! Secret bases were legitimately one of my favorite Gen 3 features. So glad they’re being expanded upon, my desire to get this has skyrocketed.

  • The Ace: 3196-4421-6061

    woot whoo!!! I want to get both, but I’ll go for Alpha sapphire

  • Makoto Yuki

    WOW Your own GYM ? JUST WOW!! SO HYPE FOR THIS!!!!

  • dawnbomb

    that image has 25 items, no more 16 item cap. :D

    heres to no item cap at all~

  • I wonder if you can actually deliver official badges, only then I’ll be plenty hype.

    Pic related:

    • Roger

      DAT homemade badges

    • Nobody

      This, in a nutshell.

    • Now we know where he got those six unknown badges. Underground gyms.

  • Godman

    Welp I am as content as Panda in a bamboo forest

    • Aaron K Stone

      Don’t you mean Pancham?

      • Godman

        Damn my excitement didn’t let me think of that

  • NightzeroAX

    Wish they would be a bit bigger. I guess I’ll have to see in the final product.

    • s07195

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you could.

    • RinaDawg

      Looks like you can change the space layout and have multiple levels on top of that.

    • kliskur

      I wish we could change the layout or theme of the secret base. Like water,grass,fire,dark,ghost and others. It will make the secret house suit our gym’s theme as well.

  • Adrian Duran

    Now all we need to do is bring back Beauty contests

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    yesss-yesss -yesss!!!!

  • Maia Kasoya

    Fantastic. I’ll be able to hide out in Route 119 again.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      thats my spot too lol

    • 하세요

      Mine was always in Route 120, right in front of the little lake to the bottom left. It was like my only little resort.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    This is wonderful! Now I can finally enjoy the fine jingle of me Note Rug. Always enjoyed hearing it whenever I step in it back in Sapphire and Emerald.

  • DeAndre Atchison

    Gonna build mine underground and make it a steel gym

    • kliskur

      Would be cool to build underground and have this little pool in the middle. Water gym~

  • Cazar

    Finally, a compelling StreetPass feature for Pokémon.

    • kliskur

      I hope it won’t be restricted to streetpass.. I got 0 streetpass possibility from where I’m living..

      • Well, the post says you’ll be able to exchange via QR codes.

        • kliskur

          Yea, I just hope there will be no penalties for QR codes.. Like less rewards or less points for using QR codes

          • AkuLord3

            There aren’t for most games that use it and why would there be…that be stupid :P. QR codes are for people who you can’t do Streetpass with (and other things) that’s why its there.

          • kliskur

            You never know. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are limitations.

          • sonicgamer07

            That sounds a little cynical, doesn’t it? It’s kinda like saying that Nintendo is making you use StreetPass. If QR codes were limited in use, then what would be the point of adopting them in the first place?

          • kliskur

            For me I guess. I’m a cool guy, Nintendo must like me a lot..

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    The best part about Ruby and Sapphire. I might just have to pick this up.

  • mymartyrcomplex

    Soo where exactly did you guys obtain the information about street pass? The site does’t specifically say street pass (although it does imply it), I just want a concrete answer, have you guys had hands on with the game?

    • Josh A. Stevens

      The Pokémon Company International’s press release goes into a lot of detail regarding the StreetPass functionality.

  • Mika Moreno

    Am i the only one who misses the sprites? I actually prefer them over the 3D models.

    • Nanaki

      Not really. These new ones just take some getting used to. It all comes down to change in an environment that’s been relatively the same for years and years.

      • 하세요

        It took me a little while to adjust, but after awhile I find it hard to go BACK to sprites.

    • Mnstrzero00

      Yeah. Sprites all the way. With 3d models there is always , always a compromise between the original art and what can be done with a 3d model. 3d models are still flawed. I wish they had a sprite mode.

    • phayroent

      No, you aren’t the only one. The graphics in X/Y were fugly as all get out to me.

    • I was like this before playing X, after playing it I felt satisfied with the 3D style.

  • Black Is a Status

    own GYM, OWN GYM…

    • kliskur

      Man.. Maybe gym leaders, the elite fours or rivals will drop once in a while to challenge our gym as well.. Maybe import our Kalos characters.. Damn Take my money and my time!

  • 3PointDecoupage

    I am only interested in doll collecting. I will.have them all!

  • Detrimont

    if the layouts and locations stay the same as in RSE, i know which base i’m taking (the one just outside fortree, will need the planks, but it’s worth it)

  • Edgar Nieves

    chuck approves.

    • Thanks chuck norris

    • Dwight Goodman

      f***in’ Chuck Norris…

  • Rita Tong


  • triablos

    Speaking of secret bases, did anyone like the underground from DP? Having a whole world under sinnoh was pretty cool, and there were secret bases in them too.

    • celery

      I loved the Underground! There’s going to be a Capture-The-Flag game in these new Bases, which is taken from the Sinnoh ones. It’s going to be great!

    • The Underground in DP was so awesome. Its stuff like this that gives the game some real replay value.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    yayy… my own gym!! hope we can choose the NPC model for our cronies, love them Elite Trainers!!

    • 3PointDecoupage

      Kinda want to make a mono type team now.

      • Monotype runs are pretty fun. I did one for X/Y – I totally recommend it.

  • …Those secret pals don’t all look like they have NPC trainer models. Is this an indirect way of confirming the return of trainer customization?

  • Guest

    Now if we can just set a background music…

  • MadokaXHomura

    OMG!! this is my Secret Base dream come true!

  • Mixkon

    Hahah, This reminds me of Habbo Hote personal rooms!

  • exrazer

    I’m glad that we got to have streetpass secret base swapping. Streetpast was lackluster in x and Y

  • Kroz

    YES!! Love this feature, always thought they should have used it again

  • SlickRoach

    Not only do I get to create Secret Bases, but I get to create Secret Gym Bases?! Thank you, GameFreak…


  • Awesome, now bring back contests and it’ll be all good.

  • Penguin


  • Daniel Rossevelt

    just to be removed in the next game again. Seriously why do they remove features from there games, like Pokemon following you, or the cave things in platinum. Seems really stupid to remove stuff.

    • DaiRaiOh

      Memory limits and engine limitations mainly

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