htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary Rises Out Of An Ancient Ruin

By Spencer . July 9, 2014 . 11:28pm

htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary is a game Nippon Ichi calls their internally developed indie game. The gameplay is certainly different from their usual strategy RPG faire. You help guide Mion out of ancient ruins by controlling two fireflies.


Each firefly can interact with different objects in the world and The Firefly Diary’s ruins aren’t the safest place in the future world. Actually, it’s a giant deathtrap.


The Firefly Diary will be released for PlayStation Vita this fall as a PlayStation Network game.

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  • Slickyslacker

    It’s truly as beautiful as it seems. Famitsu, considerably rigged, only gave it a 30/40. Reviews shouldn’t decide whether or not you like a game, of course.

    While not the most intricate “indie” game (Nippon Ichi IS known by their aesthetics, eh?), it’s definitely closer to a work of art than anything else. Adorable platforming and puzzle-solving lie herein.

    Ready your bodies, everyone.

    • Aoshi00

      I think one reason could be the difficulty, I’ve been playing it for a week. The game is not that long but it’s sadist hard and you die a lot, there are 4 chapters and I only beat two so far.The touch control really needs a fast and steady hand and precise movement, but sometimes your finger’s blocking the view too. the puzzles are interesting with light and shadow firefly, but be prepared not to throw your vita lol. It’s a good and unique game but very hard, don’t expect it to be like limbo. I got the LE with artbook and OST. I hope I could finish this, but not without frustration. In terms of budget, it’s definitely an Indie game, the animation and background are very nice though

  • neocatzon

    Oh, Nippon Ichi. Indie game is not a style.
    Thank you for sharing Mion to the rest of the world though. Wish the LE coming over too, but oh well.

    • Justin Graham

      “Indie” is such a weird term these days, because even though it is mean to describe independent developers, it’s hard to deny that indie devs have in recent years crafted a certain style of game that almost self-identifies with them.

      That being said, I am really looking forward to this game. I’m glad it’s getting localized, and however NIS wants to call its style, it’s definitely something different from their norm.

      • neocatzon

        It’s weird because some media said so, blurring the line. This cause misundertanding. The proper way to define indie game is treat it like the rest of indies; indie music, indie movie, etc.
        Can’t go wrong with semantics.

        Yeah, honestly this is the only recent NIchi games that I’m interested. It’s so different, a damsel-in-distress genre that’s can only be found as doujins like demonophia and handled by a well-known publisher.

    • Kayriss Wins

      It was to my understanding that the term “Indie game” refers to a game that was developed by individuals or small teams without the a video game publisher’s financial support.

      • neocatzon

        That’s my understanding too. But, I find it hard to believe the team didn’t get financial support from Nippon Ichi as a publisher.

        • N1 was the developer and publisher of this title, it was all done in house. What the Indie Game comment is referring to is that it had low production values and a very small team working on it.

          Not that it is literally indie. =/

        • Duo Maxwell

          They did state this game is their “experiment” with the indie scene, though. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have much budget giving the amount of marketing it has.

    • It seems to be the “it” thing to say at the moment; similar to what Ubisoft stated when they sold Child Of Light. However I don’t see the point of Nippon Ichi stating that, since I wasn’t aware they were THAT big of a dev.

      • neocatzon

        Just like “AAA games”, buzzword like this often handled weirdly. “Internally developed indie games” doesn’t make any sense. Ubisoft once going wild with this, had a presentation hilariously called “Going indie in AAA”.

        I’m fully aware this game is developed by a small team inside Nichi, maybe that’s what the big guys usually means by indie-styled lately. 10 years ago, something like this won’t even considered as “indie-styled” or “our take on indie”. PR guys and media truly loves their dictionary.

        • Plus to follow your reasonning on the vocab thing, lately I’m noticing the “denaturation” of some words because of the increase in popularity of “outside communities” who want in on the cool stuff: for example “trolling” used in random situations, or even “selfie” which the media always misuses. So now every game which isn’t known or new in the market is slapped with the indie title to attract hipsters or wannabe elitist gamers.

          • neocatzon

            Semantic change often happens with reason varies. Word “meme” is the most well-known. I honestly had a dissonance when playing MGR:R. They repeat the word many times and it’s different than what we often know. Your examples also might be changed because culture and social interaction.

            I think the only way to maintain its meaning is to use the word properly, though it’s not easy to change perception made by media.

  • DizzyGear

    My wallet still aches from ordering the Premium Box but i just had to have this game on my shelf.
    I hope for my fellow collectors NISA will suprise us with a limited print run as well.

    • X_Bacon

      But did the Japanese LE include a physical version? From my understanding, it would have a download code

      • Slickyslacker

        The JP “Premium Box” included a limited-run physical cartridge, yes.

        • X_Bacon

          Oh carp, if only I had known that before… :c

          • Slickyslacker

            Yeah :/ Well, it’s worth every penny. Trust me.

          • DizzyGear

            I can indeed confirm the premium box contains the game on cartidge in a proper Vita game case.
            You can still find the boxes pretty easy if you really want one but yeah they are not cheap.
            But for me it was worth every penny. Its a really nice package.

  • Aristides

    An LE would be nice ♥

  • Kornelious

    .This game looks just beautiful…It sucks that this is only getting a Digital release though….Would’ve really loved to see a nice NISA LE for it X(

    Still will buy it day-one….digitally….

    • Codex

      The limited/collectors edition in Japan had a cartridge if you can track one down (as far as i’m aware anyway)

  • Don’t “This Fall” me. Give us a date already! XDD

    • God

      Apocalypse: This Fall.

  • mockturtle

    So how does one pronounce “htoL#NiQ”, anyway?

    • Slickyslacker

      I say it “huh-tahl nick”, though I’m sure there are some that try to pronounce the pound sign.

    • Darkwing7

      i just go with its actual name meaning hotaru no nikki

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