Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Is A Download Title In Europe

By Ishaan . July 20, 2014 . 5:01pm


Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will be a download-only title in Europe. A Twitter user from Europe brought the matter up with Sony Computer Entertainment’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida.


Yoshida couldn’t provide an answer as to why the game isn’t being released at retail, replying that he hopes “people will find a way to download these titles”.


The PlayStation Vita RPG was released in Japan last week. A release date for Europe and North America hasn’t been announced yet.

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  • lackofstyle

    what the heck, this is getting ridiculous.

  • antithesis

    Damn, that really sucks for people in Europe.

    I hope it’s retail release in NA otherwise I’ll be disappointed.

    • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

      For realz bro

  • Istillduno

    Wow Sony’s European branch must be real desparate to not have our money right now.

    Really hope this is biting them in the ass in sales and people aren’t lapping up this digital only ****, this really needs to be stopped, especially with stupid overpriced memory.

    • Shinobikens

      Blame Europe for not having 1 major language everyone knows since I imagine they use that as a cost excuse

      • darke

        You can also blame Europe for having ridiculously expensive games in comparison to the US so people just import physical rather than buying in stores.

        • Shady Shariest

          Yay for €=$ practice! We are just waiting for U.S economy to explode here. Cheap games.

          • darke

            Nah, that’ll never happen unless you’re importing from the states.

            Even a couple of years back when the AUD was worth nearly USD1.10, Australian game prices barely budged, EU will have exactly the same problem.

          • Shady Shariest

            Well, duh, of course the importing will be cheap =W= That’s the whole point behind using weak currencies :3

      • Romored

        90% of Japanese games are released in English-only, in EU. What are you talking about?

  • Merleawe

    Unfortunately I was expecting this :(

  • Pereb

    Aaaand this is why I use a Canadian PSN account as main account for my Vita.

    I’m getting used to having to import things anyway.
    Oh well

  • Weeb

    Welp. I hope NA still gets a retail list, otherwise that’s gonna be another vita game I’m missing out on.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Ahh good game Europe. You fight hard but Vita is not meant for you it seems.

  • Balalaika

    People that keep complaining about not getting physical releases for niche games should stop and realize the truth that:

    Digital Cost’s= Bandwith, Electricity, Sony servers running* (a cost that can be nulled by Sony since its in their interest to sell the game in their store).

    Physical Cost’s= Make cases, Make an English box art, Write game to cartridge, Print hundred of thousands of copies* (depends how much they think will sell), and shipping the games to the warehouses where they will be shipped to retailers that decided to stock the game.

    Sony is a business out to make money and a safer way to maximize profits is to go digital since it cuts down on a lot of overhead. (paying for the labor of making physical games and the workers ect.)

    • Yaro

      I bet vita pets sold hundreds of thousands and oreshika will only pale in comparison.

      • darke

        It actually wouldn’t surprise me if Vita pets does well. it’s casual, cute and (relatively) cheap.

        I imagine Oreshika will do just as well as most niche JRPG titles will.

    • MasterScrub

      I’m honestly having a hard time naming -ANY- games for the Vita that came out this year that got a physical release in Europe.

      • Yaro

        Demon gaze, dynasty warriors 8, deception 4. And there should be disgaea 4 and natural doctrine as well.

        • Dede Ogbe

          danganronpa 2, tales of hearts r, the list goes on. seriously a ton of games on vita got a physical release. People even trying to imply otherwise are talking bull

      • Teo

        vita pets, child of light, borderlands2, farming simulation, Ys Celceta, some Invizimals, toukiden, one piece, ratchet&clank coll, some lego games, neptunia PP, motogp14, god of war coll, bragon ballz something, FFx/x2, some motocross games, sly coll and more…

    • Eric Harris

      Nothing you said is wrong. But what’s your point really? Just because it’s easier for them doesn’t mean we should support it. You just argued in favor of the corporation. Now I’ll argue in favor of the consumer. Having something physical that can retain some sort of resale value, having something nice stacked up on your wall. The cases are so small and have no manuals, it’s so much cheaper for them than back even in the PSP days. Digital is crap.

      • darke

        His point is that the cost of making and supporting a physical title can change the release from “profitable” to “unprofitable” very easily for games that are only expected to sell a small amount.

        Especially for Europe since a lot of us import just because the US versions are that much cheaper.

        • Eric Harris

          Is this title really expected to be that niche? Look, I can’t support digital releases no matter what the excuses. If the game is to sell less, have smaller prints. These days I go out of my way to purchase physical releases where I am, in the US. It shows the company goes out of it’s way to please me, the fan. And I thank them with my money. I was just arguing for a US physical release. Hopefully, because I think there are enough of us Vita supporters here that they could do a limited physical release. I hope for both our sakes, US gets a physical release.

          • darke

            Compared to Borderlands? The Lego titles? God of War? Ratchet and Clank? Child of Light? Yeah, Oreshura is tiny. Even Vita Pets will almost certainly outsell it.

          • Tarkovsky

            Oreshika is as niche as a game can get in the West purely because of it’s aesthetics. If Okami sold miserably with it’s sumi-e/ukiyo-e look on one of the most popular consoles ever, the PS2, how well do you think Oreshika 2, with a purely ukiyo-e look, will do on one of the least owned consoles ever, the PSVita? Any game that is too Japanese will never do well in the West and no amount of marketing will ever help this problem. There’s a reason why the first game was never released outside of Japan.

        • xavier axol

          but in this case, it should be more that just profitability. since they’re first party. they shouldn’t cut corners, it only gives third party studios the message to not support the vita since even sony doesn’t want properly support it eiher. it’s harder and harder to get third party on board with the small install base that the vita has, so why would you limit the access to your customers who want to purchase your product? and really how hard is it to release a limited physical copy release? if nisa, xseed, and atlus can do it why on earth is it so difficult for sony to do it?

          • darke

            Most of the game stores in Australia have barely a square metre of shelf space for Vita console+games. What’s the point of making physical games if they’re not on store shelves anyway? And I live in the centre of the country’s third biggest city!

            This is why I moved to buying digital on the AU PSN (before I moved to the US one) since it was easier for me to get my games without having to wait the better part of a week for shipping (and inevitably that meant I missed being able to play them on the weekend since they’d arrive monday).

            Physical is dead because the stores don’t stock physical Vita games, presumably because they don’t sell. The move to digial is just in response.

          • xavier axol

            wow, really? that sucks, so how were you able to get a vita then? I would imagine that stores would want to keep it in their shelf either, since they don’t sell as much as the 3ds.

          • darke

            They still stock them, and it’s gotten better recently after the launch of the new 2000 model. For instance I went to buy my original 1000 model from EB Games/Gamespot about 6 months ago, and none of the 3 stores in walking distance had one in stock (this is in the CBD, the city centre), nor a serious stock of games (maybe 10 copies of various titles if they had any?)

            I had to grab it from “JB Hi Fi” which is basically an electrical-and-other-goods store (games, tablets, laptops, mobiles, headphones, cds, dvds, blurays, etc); they had stock of them out back, along with games, but maybe 1-2% of their ‘games’ space was devoted to them at maximum. This was what I was thinking of when I mentioned “a square metre of shelf space”. :P

      • Shady Shariest

        This comment and the amount of upvotes tells exactly why gamers should not be given much influence when it comes to deciding business practices :D

      • xavier axol

        i would love to upvote you twice, but sadly it’s not possible, so fist bump


      • Wrathful

        Unless said corporation is doing shady business or what Microsoft had done in the past, I support Sony. We are lucky as we get to play the game in ENGLISH. Just look at Sega. There are supposed to be hardcore fanboys, in the end their games were still niche that couldn’t support the revenue stream to release in the overseas. Sony is not a charity runner and lately, they became more supportive of games made in the western game company. They know what makes more money and what loses them more profit.

        It’s unfortunate most gamers are made of those stuck in perspective of consumers instead of thinking from the business perspective. I’d rather see beloved company continue making games than the outcome the developer of The Rune Factory received. It’s a sad state from my observation I find the majority of gamers little entitled and forgetful about lot of events in the past. Let me make a hypothetical prediction, if Sony was to release the Oreshika game in physical state, they’d lucky if it sells even 10,000 in the week in Europe. It’s shocking a lot of people fails to see that and outright laughable to see it as a major title no less from an unknown developer called Alfa System.

    • darke

      Cost of warehouse space, cost of returns, cost of disposing of unsold returns, cost of manufacturing failures, and of course the cost of staff hired to handle all of this.

      Not to mention that the prices on the euro store are close to double the US’s price, so a lot of us niche purchasers just import anyway.

      Given for niche titles stores barely seem to have stock past the pre-order I’m not surprised they’re not going for digital only.

    • Teo

      …the point is that super niche games like demon gaze, danganronpa, disgaea4, deception 4, neptunia PP, natural doctrine, akiba’s trip and many more have, or will get, a retail edition in europe. Plus, Tales of Heart will have a multy 5 localization. Plus, super tiny company like System3 has achived the goal to make a retail edition of Putty Squad (an hardly snes game) on every console. Ubisoft did the same for Child of Light on psvita. Ghostlight last autumn made retail editions of Elminage Original (psp) and Devil Survivor 2 (DS…a dead console).
      Are all those publishers insane? did they chase the bankruptcy?
      Of course what did you wrote have logic, but the facts say otherwise, the facts say that there is a market for this games in retail edition.
      The problem here SCEE…for them psvita in a lost cause.

      • Shady Shariest

        NIS is not exactly super niche… They know that the games will have audience, so it’s “safe”-ish to release retail.

    • WakeUpAndThink

      That is not the full picture by any stretch, though it’s probably the same short-sighted picture that these companies rely upon. They need to realize that digital copies of video games do not hold ANY equity. Once someone drops money on it, they must keep it forever. No room for buyer’s remorse, no trade-ins for other games. So sales have to be faster and more aggressive to encourage impulse purchases.

      On the PC platform, where digital distribution has been the norm for years, you can often PREORDER AAA titles for 30% off, sometimes it includes a free AAA game from a couple years ago! On top of this, these games often see 50-75% off discounts only 3-6 months later! Let’s not forget how many AAA Humble Bundles we’ve seen lately. Indie developers (compare to niche console titles) are almost always forced to run the bundle circuit by putting their games in $1-4 bundles (ends up earning them like $0.25 cents per copy). We are starting to see this on PSN with free PlayStation Plus games and 99 cent sales. In this day and age where companies are so concerned about launch performance and moving copies of games out quickly, they really shoot themselves in the foot by choosing digital-only.

      For niche titles, I can only think of a few that performed so poorly that you can find cheap physical copies all over the place. Usually, it’s because the game was not very good or had other controversy surrounding it (Mugen Souls and Time and Eternity come to mind). Otherwise, niche games OFTEN shoot up in value, by collectors and resellers who realize how much equity is in these limited print titles. Companies could certainly take advantage of the physical market and offset the associated costs by looking at the long-term picture and holding back their prints, much like Nintendo does (Ocarina of Time 3D still sells for $35-40 for the cartridge only!). Unfortunately, they are too distracted by the “used games” stigma to realize how much digital-only harms the value of their products.

      Tl;dr – Digital-only games have no equity, so I’m in no rush to buy them.

      • darke

        In this day and age where companies are so concerned about launch performance and moving copies of games out quickly, they really shoot themselves in the foot by choosing digital-only.

        I believe you’ve come to the wrong conclusion here. Given the premise:

        On the PC platform, where digital distribution has been the norm for years, you can often PREORDER AAA titles for 30% off, sometimes it includes a free AAA game from a couple years ago! On top of this, these games often see 50-75% off discounts only 3-6 months later! Let’s not forget how many AAA Humble Bundles we’ve seen lately.

        It would be more logical to conclude that they’re better off giving incentive to buy it digitally in launch-week-or-before, rather then ‘force’ people to buy it digitally. Not to mention it can only help with their launch numbers.

        Someone non-Indie does seem to realise this at least (this launch-day-discount seems to be pretty common with indie titles on the PSN), I recall getting Mind-0 for instance at a discount on release (though I can’t recall what the discount was; I was just shocked there was a discount!),

        • WakeUpAndThink

          “I believe you’ve come to the wrong conclusion here.”

          How many times do you have to read about titles failing to reach their projected launch figures on PC to realize that something is wrong with their digital-only approach? Obviously they are better off providing more incentives if they offer no other method of obtaining the game. That was the entire point of my post – these are consequences of abandoning the established physical market entirely. People assume that digital distribution always costs less. It’s not that simple. There is still room for limited print runs of video games, niche or not.

          • Shady Shariest

            “How many times do you have to read about titles failing to reach their projected launch figures on PC”

            This is most likely caused by overly optimistic figures. Being physical alongside that would really make no difference… Most of PC gamers all ready buy digital.

          • darke

            Of my circle of friends (20+ gamers?) I don’t know of any who buy physical PC games, they’re all digital. Last time I walked into the PC area of the local games store you might as well have called it “Blizzard games” not “PC games”; it was probably 50% boxed sets of Diablo 2/3 and various Warcraft/WoW boxed sets. I’ve no idea who buys those either.

          • Shady Shariest

            The boxed sets are actually good deals. Well. Were. I did prefer my WoW stuff in physical when i played. Installing a 40 gig client? On a low speed net… Nope.

          • darke

            I’ve never heard about it for a major PC-only title, and I’m one of the PC Master Race. :P The usual complaint is ‘piracy’, in fact that’s continually the complaint, it’s like ‘second hand sales’ are the complaint of the console devs.

            Do you have any particular titles in mind? The only one I can recall was Tomb Raider and that was multiplat.

            It’s just a lot of companies, like Square Enix, keep chasing after the yearly-release ‘CoD’ crowed of brogamers. Games for them have a huge spike a launch… and then don’t sell much afterwards since if you don’t start playing at launch you’re at a severe disadvantage coming in a few weeks later when everyone’s leveled up their characters and got experience on the maps and so forth.

            It happens the other way as well, I’m guessing Notch never expected to sell 16 million and counting licences on PC too. :P

  • Codex

    Good thing i’ve just ordered a 32gb card for my vita >___> (Although i’ve imported this title ;D)

  • Crazy_O

    If I’m getting the japanese dub I’m not concerned about a physical release. Though I understand it sucks for people who like having something in their hands.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    dayo neeeee~~

  • bigstew

    its bad enough sony basically forces companies not to put instruction manuals in game as per their policy, glad when I see at least the one page insert with the controls, but this non physical crap and forcing companies on the 4 gig card making games worse is nonsense, physical isn’t more expensive, you see the prices for the digital usually 5$ cheaper which is the price is cost to go physical. I have a rule, you are cheap I will be cheap. because of those small over priced cards, I wont spend more then 10$ on a full game title if that, only way to justify going digital. also I could have sworn when I went to a jpn account for to love ru that oreshika was one of their free to play games so that would explain the digital reason, I didn’t like it myself but did look ok, hated the battle system

    • They want to preserve trees man

      • Shady Shariest

        That is not an actual argument. Paper industry also replants the trees. (Unless you are buying from some shadier suppliers, in which case… THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS)

        • darke

          I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the instruction booklet weighed almost the same as the plastic case itself, so they’re more-than-likely just wanting to save on the cost of transport. :(

          • Shady Shariest

            Yeah,,, Then there’s also the fact that better design has made manuals obsolete. How the game works? We have a tutorial and help menu. Story? Internet.

          • darke

            I admit there’s a lot of things I miss from classical manuals, especially for RPGs and strategy games. Western ones at least used to have quite a bit of detail as to how things worked or cost of spells/abilities, so you could actually do proper comparisons and evaluations of things rather then either having to level up enough so the spell/skill was available so you could see the details, or so you didn’t have to continually flip between panes of text to compare numbers.

            Strategy guides nowadays have the same problem. Want to know the exact formula for mana/health regen and how your stats work with it? They’re not going to tell you even if the game doesn’t show you returning X HP/time slice, or whatever.

            Edit: I should note that this is a problem for manuals nowadays in general, even if the game has them! It’s certainly a reason not to include them anyway since no-one puts any useful information in them.

    • Wtv

      But manuals are useless. They made sense in the Atari time, and maybe NES, but they should have ended generations ago.

      They could put some artwork or something, I would understand. But I can’t understand someone complaing that they’re not making manuals anymore.

      • darke

        As I noted in a response below, yeah, today’s manuals are completely useless and are worth getting rid of as a result.

        If they had actual useful information like they did a decade or so ago, then I’d be complaining. But manuals are dead and useless, so there’s no reason to complain at their absence, it’s more useful to complain that they suck nowadays first. :P

  • BizarreJelly

    I don’t think anyone’s surprised, but it still sucks. I ended up splurging out on a 64gb memory card. I felt dirty after doing it, the memory cards are so expensive but needs must.

    I’m kinda OK with it though, I’d rather get the game this way than not get it at all. I’d also probably just import it for a physical copy but I don’t like missing out on DLC and such, which I’ve heard this game is going to have a bunch of.

  • Uvers

    I would only purchase digital titles when its digital-only in both the UK and USA, and even then I would wait for a sale since i don’t lose out by not buying the game on release; as it will stay the same price practically forever until the time once a year or so that it gets discounted for like a week, so far atelier totori plus is the only VITA game i’ve bought digitally at sale and I really regretted it since I could just play it on PS3 with a better frame-rate and it would cost less as well

    As long as the game has a physical english release somewhere (i.e sword art online hollow fragment chinese/english ver) I’d import it even if it meant losing out on DLC but at this rate it looks the VITA has no future in the UK so I need to get a second VITA and create a US PSN account

    • darke

      Totori Plus: I’m not sure if it’d cost less on the PS3; the Plus version has all the DLC after all so if you were to buy that it might be more expensive. No idea though.

      SAO: The Asian version of SAO apparently has terrible English, whereas the ‘English’ versions should, in theory, be better. If you can cope with something not-quite-English, then that’s your prerogative.

      • Uvers

        I bought totori on ps3 for £10 whereas the standard price for totori plus on the UK PSN is £31.99, I got it on sale however for around £20~

        • darke

          Yeah, I bought Totori digitally on the Australian PSN for AUD20 as well, which is only a bit more then £10, the usual price is something like AUD55.

          Ironically my most expensive purchase out of Rorona/Totori/Meruru was my physical Rorona for the PS3 which I got for AUD25 because it wasn’t available on the PSN at the time I checked. :(

  • Eric Harris

    Likelyhood of physical US release? Any time I see digital in UK I get nervous about the US release, even though I realize they are different markets. Out of caution, I am putting a physical release in US at about 50%. How about you?

  • Armageddon

    For you guys in europe who want to play this and want a physical…I feel for you guys.

  • subsamuel01

    They really need to discount those damn Vita memory cards if they expect people to keep downloading games.

    • darke

      I don’t buy physical, but this I agree with.

      I know they’re more expensive to make presumably due to whatever encryption they put in, and the small runs in comparison to microsd card production, but they’re just stupidly priced.

    • ronin4life

      They expect people to buy Digital in part because of the ridiculous Memory Card prices.

      • darke

        I wouldn’t think so. Sony would be making a lot more cash per digital game purchased and downloaded then they would off a single memory card.

        I believe the memory cards are ‘accessories’ like controllers and such for a non-portable console, so they’ve got some ridiculously high markup on them for the store, unlike the console itself which they don’t see much profit on.

  • Well considering how the Vita is declining in both US and Europe, I guess it’s much safer for Sony to do digital publishing since there wouldn’t be the need to make X amount of physical production for a product that is considered “niche” and of course avoid making a loss if they over produce and unable to sell them.

    What doesn’t help is that they are somewhat forcing us to spend £62.99 (32gb)/£30 (16gb) to store these game if we don’t have enough space in our 8GB card…well in my case anyway. I honestly get the idea of making proprietary memory card since read/write speed varies from different class and brand but seriously making it way too expensive is hurting the sales. If there is a physical release in the US then I’ll just simply import it, I may be hurting the European market but this is way too inconvenient for me.

    • Shady Shariest

      Not to mention how they expect us to keep paying more for games themselves, too =_=

      • Sorry could you rephrase that?

        • Shady Shariest

          Talking about the plague-like use of straight conversion from €=$ :/
          Sure, it doesn’t make that much difference on price, but does feel like a slap to the face…

    • darke

      This is probably one of their reasons they don’t bother releasing physically in the EU, you know. They know people who want physical will buy from the states anyway, so why bother releasing it in Europe physically as well if they can just release it physically in the states?

      For the customer it’s cheaper to import from US, for the publisher it’s cheaper not to publish physicals in the EU, it’s a win-win. :P

      • Repercussion is that less niche games will be localized for Europe and more for US since we are contributing to your sales. *sigh* you know I feel bad for importing but this is one of the case where I just have to.

        • darke

          This is pretty much why a lot of console games just don’t come out in Australia, and if they do it’s digital only anyway. Cost of publishing/distributing here isn’t worth it if they attach high enough prices to their products that people just import from the EU/US anyway

          it wasn’t uncommon to find even the major game retailers selling EU versions at full AU markup since they could. (I bought both Witcher titles as the PEGI18 versions from EBGames, aka, Gamestop when they were released!).

          • I swear game doesn’t come out in Australia because it’s either too sexual or too violent lol.

          • darke

            Nah, it’s pretty rare for that not to happen. If they do they just censor the one or two things that are ‘objectionable’ and it hits the shelves with a MA15+ (or nowadays a R18+ like Rorona).

            Monster Monpiece for instance wasn’t released in Australia or New Zealand, since both of them have a small market and an annoying censorship^Wclassification process, so they presumably didn’t think it’d be profitable enough to be worth it.

            Which is why I bought Moero Chronicles digitally from the JP PSN since I figure it’ll never make it uncensored to the US store anyway; just waiting for the latest 1.03 patch to come out for it before I start playing though. :P

    • Wtv

      You know, about the memory card. Most people will only play two or three game at time…even more if they are RPGs. So 8GB is actually enough. You can just store the ones you’re not playing on a PC if downloading them everytime you want is a problem.

      • True but too inconvenient for me and possibly many other people. I’m not bothered to transfer every single time I want to play a new game. It doesn’t help that I transfer via Wifi since my USB cable is connected to a plug which is going through a cable management hole on my desk.

        • darke

          Even though I’ve got a PSV-2000 along with my older 1000, I’m tempted to grab one of the newer PSV-1000 models that they’ve released in Japan, that have a micro-usb slot, just to eliminate the stupidity of their proprietary connecter when I sell my old one. :P

      • xavier axol

        it is very inconvenient, and this is coming from a guy who had a 32gb memory stick. I actually upgraded to a 64gb and is still not enough, I just want my library of games in one place.

        • darke

          I bought a 64GB cart when I bought a Vita 2000 and it’s still less then half full with my entire US collection; though I just recently had to copy off a few games from my old 32GB cart that’s hooked into the JP PSN.

          I guess there’s just a lot more large-and-interesting games on Japan’s store? :P

          I do understand, but I just treat it like my steam collection: I don’t *need* a ton of games; I can uninstall a few of the ones I haven’t played in the last two or three years. :)

          • xavier axol

            well.. the reason why my memory card is almost full is, because I have a bunch of ps1 classics and psp games in my catalog. even though I play killzone mercenary, soul sacrifice delta, borderlands 2, and (a little bit of muramasa and dragon’s crown) from time to time, I always come back to play classics like persona, soul reaver, vagrant story and metal gear peace-walker. I can never play the same game all day, that’s why it takes me such a long time to finish a game.

          • darke

            That’s actually why my JP Vita card is so full; they’ve got a pile of old PS1 games for free, along with a bunch of other games with PS+, so I just have a bunch downloaded so I can grab one when I feel bored and play with it a bit to see if I like it. :P

            Not that I’ve had a chance to be bored the last couple of months what with all the English ports of Japanese games coming out. :P

          • xavier axol

            oh i can’t wait for sword art online hollow fragment and disgaea 4 a promise revisited, i also wish i would know the release date for freedom wars that like my most anticipated game of the year. and then there’s tales of heart r and oreshika

        • Wtv

          The funny thing is that I have a 3DS with the 4GB SD Card that came with it. I only buy digital because in my country is not worthy to buy physical games in any way. I want to buy another SD, but I always spend too much and leave it to the next month….I have this 3DS for almost two years now.

          64 GB actually I would have more games than I can play in more than one year. Do you delete the games you finished and won’t play again? Or just like to look at them, or something? I mean, you do what you want, but that’s not something that Sony has any reason to support. I think if they would just make the 16GB MC cheaper would be enough.

          I can understand how 8GB can be little if someone has too many casual games in it…like fightning and rythm games.

          • darke

            There’s certainly an issue with some larger games. For example meruru/tototi/rorona are all 3GB each packed, so you’ll need at least that much installed, along with 3GB space for the installer, and you have to have them all installed since their save games are attached to the game itself. So you’ll want at least the 16GB if not larger so you can install all three to get the bonus costumes and the like for all of them. :P

            The difference with the 3DS is the games are much large on the Vita. (Larger screen+significantly faster processor mean you’ve got both more pixels required per texture asset, and you need a lot more of them too!) Most non-indie vita games start at around the 600MB-1000MB mark compressed in an installer package so even a 16GB card can fill pretty quickly.

          • Wtv

            Never thought about that, but since the save isn’t separated from the game you need to have the three installed, right? Well..I played Totori+ already and actually will play Meruru before Rorona, so I won’t be using these extras, but yeah…it’s a good point. Sony should really put the save separated from the game, like the 3DS.

            Also, when I downloaded Bravely Default, I couldn’t download anything more in the 3DS, so it does have large games. The annoying thing is that I don’t think you can even buy the game if you can’t install it, so I could lose some sale someday if they release a game bigger than 4GB. I need to buy a SD soon.

          • xavier axol

            I could never delete soul reaver or metal gear peace walker from my catalog, even though I finished them. they are just too precious, I always come back to play them from time to time. the same with persona

            I’m one of those people who just can’t stand playing the same game all day, it all depend on my mood really. one hour you would see me playing killzone, then the next you would see me playing persona 4 golden, then after two hours or so I would move on to play dragon’s crown. by the end of the day i would end up fishing a multiplayer mission in soul sacrifice delta (which is really fun).

            i actually think that it’s a problem since, it takes me a really long time to finish a game.

          • Wtv

            I can understand that. I try to avoid doing it though, not because it takes too much time to finish a game, but because I usually even forget about what I was doing in the game because I last played it months ago.

          • xavier axol

            i actually have the same problem with both gravity rush and persona 4 golden, they are the most addictive games i played. but as soon as i stop playing them for awhile, it became harder to get back in the zone. and also the story….

          • Wtv

            That’s the thing. You lose the rhytm. It’s actually more immersive to play they straight, without stoping to play another thing.

            My problem is more with longer games actually. I love JRPGs, but always start to get annoyed by them after some 50 hours of gameplay. I’m playing Persona 4 Golden since some three months ago, I think. At least I’m going to the last dungeon now….

            Gravity Rush is short, however, so I finished it in two days.

          • xavier axol

            yeah…. i can’t even remember the last game i beat on the vita, it must had been the original soul sacrifice and I’m on my way to finish tits (trails in the sky) also hexyz force (you should check it out it’s really fun, since it has two separate story that follow a guy and a girl with their own crew and story theme) one is focus on war and the other has a love conflict, at one point they all meet.

          • darke

            I have the same problems with slow finishing with some games, I’ve finished Mind-0 and Monmon but I’m still grinding away with Conception II and Demon Gaze. :P

          • Jimmy Bump

            good choice with demon gaze and well the rest of those I like those games pretty good rpgs on the vita.

        • Jimmy Bump

          I know right glad to see I’m not the only one with this kind of thought.

      • disgaea36

        it all really comes down to convenience. since its a portable system its just more fun having them all in one go thats why the psp was such grand system and I hated when they marketed the new memory cards on the vita. Sometimes you just get the inch to play a certain game and when you don’t have it on the go it’s kinda of nerve racking because by the time for example I get home I’m on to the next thing lol or sometimes you just want to throw down with or friend or stranger (strange I know but I’ve seen it happen lol).

  • Kornelious

    Well it looks like Europe is getting the boot again :(

    Y’know even though I live in the states, if the US gets a physical release (While I will be happy) will be disappointed for Europe…..I wish we could all just get the same version of the game…is that so hard :(

    • Shady Shariest

      It’s actually not that harsh for us as people make it out to be =W= No reason to feel bad.

      • antithesis

        I’m more worry about the long term effects. If Europe keeps going digital, then companies might use that as an excuse/reason to go digital in NA.

        And if more European branches follow the same suit, there might not be a future where NA can import titles that gets a physical release in Europe but digital in NA.

        Downloading digital games from another region is a pain.

        • darke

          I find the ‘paying’ more annoying then the downloading myself. :P Vita is more fiddly but PS3/PS4 is just another account.

      • Kornelious

        I know I would be pretty pissed if i kept getting Digital releases for good games…..Maybe i’m just picky though :P

        • Shady Shariest

          Yeeeah. There really is no downside if you take a realistic hold on what you actually keep installed =W=

      • Shinobikens

        It’s harsh when it’s on Vita. You have to sell a kidney to buy a memory card

        • Shady Shariest

          I have a 16 gig one… And am nowhere near on filling it :/

          • Jimmy Bump

            Get all three of the vita releases of the Atelier games thats like what 12ishGBs (Wish those had a physical release)

          • Shady Shariest

            Theres no need them installed all at once =W=

          • Wtv

            Actually, as I saw bellow, you do need if you want the extra things that you need the save from the other one to get….Since the save can’t be separated from the game on the Vita.

            I don’t think they are that important, though.

          • Shady Shariest

            Yeah… It’s when you choose between being pedantic or smurt =W=

          • Mr_SP

            Well, it could be a valid choice if you don’t have Plus. In which case, keeping your saves is hard and costly in data.

            Still, I delete games when I’m finished with them. But that doesn’t mean I finish quickly. My backlog, thanks to Plus, is slightly pushing my card limit.

          • Shady Shariest

            I usually play just one game at a time per platform, if it’s something big (Plotwise)… It gets hard when you have two big games going on on a handheld, and usually ends up just becoming a process of elimination, and at worst a burnout :X

          • Jimmy Bump

            I know but I’m weird and I like it like that. I just kind of feel inconvenienced, but solution costs to much to keep them all installed I’d rather be inconvenienced.

          • Shady Shariest

            Still doesn’t count :3 Being a hoarder is not a valid point =W=

          • Jimmy Bump

            I’m not really trying to make a valid point to be honest I kind of am just saying stuff because I can and want to.

          • Shady Shariest

            eblbelblbelblblelblelblebel me with having two-three disqussions going on at the same time :3
            Sorry =W=

          • Shinobikens

            You’ll be lucky if you get 4 full Vita games on it

          • Shady Shariest

            Why would i need that many games installed on at the same time?

          • Shinobikens

            Why would you ever uninstall something on a system that lacks a lot of good games

          • Shady Shariest

            Because i have played it trough?

          • fish

            The atelier Arland trilogy has a feature where things you unlock in one game are transfer over to the other and vice-versa, it also has a separate feature which reads saved data from the other games. Since all three are digital only, and you can’t delete any one of them without deleting the saved data as well I’d imagined it’d be beyond convenient to keep all 3 of them together. tbh though that’s a really rare exception than anything else…

          • Shady Shariest

            Ugh. That sounds just inconvenient… And not really worth it…

          • fish

            They’re good games, got the first two on sale, and it’s a nice feature, but yeah it is inconvenient. I’ve got a bit more luxury with a 32gb card though. well I’m pretty much at capacity. but I take certain pride in being able to say I have 90% of the Metal Gear Solid series on my vita.

          • Shady Shariest

            I have a bit of luxury, too… I snatched a very good deal, that was on a discount on top of that… And currently hold both a 16 + 4 gig cards.

          • fish

            I remember hearing that it saves your wallpapers and the way you have things organized on the memory card now. is that true?

          • Shady Shariest

            No idea… The 4 gig one is still in package and will most likely be used for movies etc… I can’t see myself using local PSN over U.S one.

          • fish

            oh, maybe I’m just imaging things then, i was actually panning on getting a 64 card, and using the 32 for movies and music. I had to move all my pictures onto my ps3 and delete what little music I had just so I could keep a measly 1500mb free space.

          • Shady Shariest

            I just moved all the pics to PC straight. ( I have a trigger finger for screenshotting, something i picked up in WoW) Haven’t had that much trouble with movies + music… But i have never been that much into movies, and i wen’t trough the music hoarding phase a good while ago

            + I am kinda homecat and a techie… So i will always have my PC nearby for music and movies.

          • fish

            yeah I need more memory for my PC, I built it with my brother about two years ago and I all have for it 120gb intel SSD, I mean it’s nice and fast but kind of pointless without and space to put stuff on. pretty much all of my music is on my psps 64 gig memory card lol.

          • Shady Shariest

            Hmhmhhmm… The external disks are going rapidly down in price. So with adding a little to the price of 64 gig card you can get 1 terra HDD. And after that… I think i saw a 4 TB HDD for 120$ or so…

            The SSD is meant for only the OS, because it’s more delicate but also quicker.

          • fish

            that 64gig card for the psp was $100 when I got it… damn

          • Shady Shariest

            Yeah. Technology =W= No need to feel bad, buying when you need ensures that there’s money going around to keep this progression going :3

          • fish

            crazy to think about, before I built my PC my brother let me this like 80’s slim dell and it only had 32gig of memory, then when it started failing I backed almost everything on my psp. F-ing technology, I’m gonna be saying ” y’know back in my day” before I hit 30

          • Shady Shariest

            I am 19, and can all ready say “Back in my day” :P
            It’s mindblowing to remember reading a gamemag when PS3 and 360 were just coming out.

          • fish

            Yep time flies, nice chat man, considering I usually don’t enjoy talking about memory >_>

          • Shady Shariest

            Thanks for chatting, and yeah… Can see why :X Consider picking up a TB-disk. It will be cheap and plenty of space for your PC :3

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          You should be able to get them for cheap on Amazon or eBay. You usually sell your kidneys for something like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000FT61OU/ref=sr_1_1_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1405914189&sr=8-1&keywords=panzer+dragoon+saga&condition=used

          • Wtv

            That’s one thing I like about digital. I have some games that I want to buy for the PS3, but they are physical only and kinda old…It will be a pain to find…even more in my country. Had to buy Nier used some time ago.

      • Belphegor

        As someone who has been dealing with the continued dismissive attitude of gaming companies towards the EU market for over a decade, I find stuff like this progressively annoying. True we don’t have it as anywhere near as bad as we used to but we are still little more than an after thought where some companies are concerned.

        And as for your other comments regarding memory card space, well I too do not delete games from my Vita/PS3. Being restricted by poor internet speeds and requiring over 12-14 hours to download a relatively small game makes me very reluctant to delete any software without dire need.

        • Shady Shariest

          Hmhmhm. Can’t you just store the game on PC, as has been suggested?
          + If they just get rid of the silly straight conversion, it would do much good.

        • Shady Shariest

          You also need to realize that Europe is very much a fractured market with many countries having less population than some of the big citites in the U.S.

          • Silent Aaron

            The thing is, Australia has to suffer the same fate as Europe.

  • Warboss Aohd

    i just want a release date honestly.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    SOE: Youll have a physical release over my dead body!
    …get it?

  • Jimmy Bump

    I’ve got my bets on the US version being download only. And that I bet it might come out November but just guessing here.

    • darke

      Generally translating without an English dub seems to result in a quick western release for ‘large’ titles; it only seems to take a year if the company needs to schedule VA’s to dub it.

  • stephane3012

    If they are gonna make all games digital only they should start by lowering the price of the games and memory card!!! 39,99 for a digital game adding the cost of memory cards to store them is complete abuse!

    • Jimmy Bump

      I agree you, my good sir, get an upvote.

    • calm down
      all you have t do is to buy games when price reduce happens then
      dont forget that you get a game new for reduced price

      or some used cartdrige doesnt even work anymore

      I agree that download only is dumb but it have his own advantages

      I hope one day we will be able to re-sell our downloaded title to our friends.

      • @stephane3012:disqus has a point. If Sony themselves are making their own titles digital-only to a particular region, then memory card prices need to be reduced.

        The price of digital titles hardly go down – you’re either waiting for a flash, seasonal, weekly sales or for the title to appear on PS+.

        Reselling digital titles -I’m sorry to say this- is redundant. Considering it isn’t an item which has a finite amount. A digital title is either there or it isn’t. There’s no grey area.

    • Lhomity

      “Abuse”? You don’t have to buy a memory card every time you buy a digital game.

  • Jimmy Bump

    I think I have some form of an idea they should support some form of a external hard drive that uses usb so it would be bulky but if you pay $100ish for 2TB and $100ish for 64GB carrying around that external hard drive wouldn’t be so bad after all.

  • Shippoyasha

    Next time, Sony, please allow for 3rd party memory cards to be used. It’s such a huge jump in bang for the money when regarding my 3DS cards compared to my Vita ones. I actually prefer Vita games at times but downloading them all can be a bit of a pain. Though ultimately, more physical releases would have been preferred, though I can somewhat understand why they wouldn’t want to risk it for more niche titles.

    • Mr_SP

      Next time? Would prefer *this* time. Why, exactly, are they so expensive, anyway? It can’t be a matter of production costs, can it?

      • Shippoyasha

        Yeah. At this point, I do hope they lower the price of their current cards. Sony goods in general are so ridiculously over priced, and they should realize that doesn’t fly in the gaming realm, because people dump $30-60 for each game. Spending $60+ is akin to losing several games from a gamer’s perspective.

        I just hope they can make a clean slate of it with the next generation Playstation Portable.

        • Postnjam

          Vitas at the moment are about 105 pounds in my country, if you want a 32 gig sd, it will run you 70 pounds + shipping, so the sd cards are nearly as expensive as the console.

      • darke

        Probably because MicroSD cards aren’t sold as an ‘accessory’ to the console, so they’re sold as cheap as they can be, but Vita cards are sold as an ‘accessory’ so they have to have the usual store’s accessory markup to compensate for the base console’s razor thin profit margins.

        Anyway, I can see why Sony ‘might’ have gone proprietary other then for profit margin, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. :(

        • I wonder if it was again some terror of piracy that motivated it. Still, if they were smart, they’d sell the cards as cheaply as possible.

          • darke

            To a certain extent. I recall reading the flash is somewhat customised with additional circuitry. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s some additional encryption offloading or something similar built into the chip to make it harder to ‘hack’.

          • Interesting. So there’s almost certainly some kind of proprietary thing having to do with antipiracy, but I wonder if that makes them more costly to make as well or if we’re just getting taken for a ride. :P

          • darke

            Well there doesn’t seem to be any microsd card adaptors out there at the moment, so I would imagine that there’s something in the circuitry that’s not easily to extract and replicate anyway.

            So it’s partially security/anti-piracy anyway.

            There’s also quality issues as well; and minimum speeds for streaming data. MicroSDs come in different ‘speeds’, and that tends to be bulk read/write, not random read/write, which potentially they perform poorly about.

            In any event, it’s definitely more expensive then microsd, just because they’re doing relatively small runs in comparison to, say, samsung churning out a billion microsd cards.

            I’d say the overhead of the security, and ‘lifetime’ requirements probably result in them using a larger process and SLC instead of MLC as well, resulting in a more expensive chip as well.

            You’d be surprised at how few writes are required to kill a cell, SLC 5X/3Xnm can have around 100,000 rewrites before dying, but the equalivant MLC can only survive 10,000/5000 rewrites; MicroSDs are all MLC/TLC nowadays, but people don’t notice the failures due to large size, slow rewrites, and the error correction that fixes things before you notice a problem. The memory on a vita has a significantly higher read/write due to savegames, data caching and a bunch of other things.

            tl;dr: There’s a bunch of reasons that the cards *could* be this expensive, whether they *have* to be, is another matter entirely; but honestly I don’t think Sony is making a huge pile of cash on them.

          • Yeah, you’re probably right about that. The whole situation is just a shame, though. I’m glad I bought a 32GB card when I apparently had the money to do so.

  • Limbless

    I think this is a good time to mention that the 16 GB memory card I ordered arrived today, ~$35 and only a couple of bucks shipping to Australia. Google “Superufo” for the site, cheapest place I could find.

    I’m not going to use it to buy digital games, though, oh no; I’m going to use it to hold my EU-region PS+ games, and I’m reformatting my old 4 GB card to use as a US region card and importing their physical copies of games. I’m not supporting digital-only releases. The irony being, of course, Sony sees the numbers as “look, Europeans don’t buy games but Americans buy twice as many as we thought!” as a result. But you can’t win, so why bother trying, just work around it.

    • Yeah, it is a mess. Sony is often confused by the numbers.

  • Siery

    Oh what a surprise…

  • Hexodious

    Importing, hopefully.

    I’m not from yesterday, so Sony can kiss my European white ass.

    • Mordina

      Ahahah! Same here xD

  • landlock

    Not surprising considering Freedom Wars is. Well at least I can import this one from America, unlike Freedom Wars.

    • Eric Harris

      well hopefully you’ll be able to at least. Spoken by an American Vita collector.

    • British_Otaku

      We can’t import Freedom Wars? Is it going to be digital in North America as well as Europe?

      • Kayseur

        It has an online pass in its Japanese version. If it’s the same in the NA (retail) release, well… You know where this is going.

  • Jadfish

    my 16gb memory card is beginning to falter. I hope they bring the 64gb’s to the west…. and that I can afford one

    • Yeah, if they were smart they would release the 64GB, and larger, and put drastic price cuts on them (i.e. same cost as SD cards or cheaper), but it seems like they’ve almost given up.

      • Jadfish

        I honestly doubt they can afford to lower the price on those things. If they could they would have done so a long time ago back when the Vita was starting to ache

        • You might be right. They might also just be confused as to what the problem actually is, but who knows. They always seem confused to me, but they couldn’t possibly be as confused as they seem!

          • Jadfish

            Honestly, Sony can’t afford to be confused about stuff like this. I think they are more than well aware of everything that goes on in their gaming division (given how it is the most important part of the company right now), so they must be incredibly realistic about every tiny decision. Therefore the Vita gets sh*t on in the west right now, since it probably isn’t profitable for them.

            They do seem confused as hell though

  • Virevolte

    Memory Card : Sorry, I’m full. Burp!

  • DizzyGear

    After Freedom Wars and no indication SCEE will change its mind i could not stand this digital only crap anymore and switched my Vita over to an NA account.
    I was absolutely shocked to learn to SCEE tried to pull the same shit with Gravity Rush. A freaking launch title that was supposed to sell the system for gods sake.

  • ivanchu77

    Lots of digital only games coupled with expensive cards with low capacity…. i don´t like this one bit

  • Oliver Teigaga

    Instead of another price cut I hope the next revision of the Vita comes with 32GB internal memory.

    • darke

      The problem is the Vita, like the PS3, locks off the internal flash when you stick a memory card in, so you’d ‘lose’ the 32GB as soon as you slot a 32GB card in to expand your storage. Either they don’t want to confuse people with multiple partitions, or their portable OS is just as quirkily defined as their non-portable OS. :(

      • Oliver Teigaga

        Hopefully a firmware could remedy this? Sounds like a nonsensical hardware limitation but I wouldn’t put it past sony.

        • darke

          My 12GB flash PS3 said it was copying over the data to the hard-disk and blocking access to the flash when I dropped a drive in it.

          The same thing happened when I put a 32GB card in my new PSV-2000, it said it’d copy the contents of the internal 1GB flash to it and block access to it until the card was removed.

          It’s a deliberate design choice, and I can see where Sony is coming from in the design since it simplifies a surprising number of things, so I can’t image they’re likely to ‘fix’ it.

          • Don’t you think it has something to do with terrors of piracy? They got ravaged with the PSP and don’t want to take any chances with the Vita.

          • darke

            Nah. This hasn’t got anything directly to do with piracy. Think about what would happen if you were saving games: Which bit of flash does it get installed on, internal or external? What if it’s full, ask the user to store it on the other one? What if the user removes the card and the save game goes with it, but the game itself is on the internal flash?

            Repeat this with pictures. (And you can use pictures as wallpaper as well, adding more problems.) Music, screenshots, movies. Where does the web browser cache go?

            There’s just an infinite number of little issues that are ‘solved’ by simply saying “one storage basket only”.

          • Ha, yeah, probably so.

  • DivinePhoenix69

    To be quite honest with you, at first i didn’t like that some games went the digital only route but now it personally doesn’t bother me all that much anymore. Yea a physical release would be nice but even as a digital-only title i would still be able to play the game+the convenience of not having to swap out carts constantly is a plus for me. The only big downside is the fact that the memory cards are stupidly overpriced.

    With that said it does suck for those who really wanted a physical release of this particular title and others like Freedom Wars and SAO:HF, but for me whether it’s a physical or digital release i’ll still be getting whatever game holds my interest.

  • The reason he couldn’t find an answer is because it would have been uncouth to say, “We would be losing money and wouldn’t even consider releasing this game if we couldn’t do it download-only.”

    I’m just happy we’re getting the game at all. If download-only means we will finally get games we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, then it’s the best thing to ever happen.

    • raeldor

      Totally agree. Plus more money is going to Sony/Publishers/Developers (ok, maybe just Sony :P) instead of 3rd party retail stores which means more money directly into the gaming industry.

      • Yeah, I’m no fan of Gamestop and the like (or even Best Buy for that matter). I wish they’d just sell download codes at retail if they’re so worried about upsetting the retail industry.

  • NyaBoy

    Well there are still losing money in some ways.
    I am a stupid fuckin fanboy JRPG since the Super Famicom and i wont spend money in digital release like SSDELTA/FreedomWars/Oreshika, i keep my money for NISAmerica games.

  • Jimmy Bump

    The problem with people importing US copies of this games is that it might end up being digital only because I can’t pre-order it right now and it has been announced for the US just like freedom wars, but I can pre-order that so again bets on US digital only.

  • Lhomity

    It’s becoming far too difficult to wholesale niche Japanese titles, especially for a handheld – worse for poor Vita – particularly across Europe.

    Retailers are less and less interested in stocking them, and many niche JRPG fans in Europe import those games anyway, and then wonder why their country only got a digital release.

    Publishers need retailers to buy shipments at wholesale. Retailers need to be able to reliably sell these games and make money. Otherwise, this is what happens. Digital is still better than nothing.

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