Gust Considering Newer Consoles For Next Atelier Game

By Ishaan . July 22, 2014 . 2:29pm

European site Koi-Nya recently had the opportunity to interview both Akira Tsuchiya (director of Ar nosurge) and Yoshito Okamura (director of the Atelier series). During the interview, they asked Okamura whether he was interested in creating the next Atelier trilogy for new hardware.


“We will decide if the Dusk series will end with Atelier Shallie based on the fans’ reactions to the games, but for the next title we do want to consider bringing it to the new consoles,” Okamura replied.


“Especially with the next Atelier title, we’d like to create something that would be considered the new standard in Atelier titles so that fans can enjoy the games over and over again. For example, it might be reliving past Atelier games, or completely new ways to synthesize, or a combination of these things.”


Meanwhile, Tsuchiya was questioned on whether it would be possible for the PS Vita port of Ar noSurge to be released in the West.


Tsuchiya replied, “If people who play Ar noSurge enjoy it enough to request the Plus version, then definitely I think we could release it overseas. So I hope that many people will play the game, and provide us with a lot of feedback.”


While the Koi-Nya interview isn’t in English, Gust have posted an English translation of the interview to their Facebook page. You can check it out here.

  • ReidHershel

    I like the sound of that!

  • Newer consoles? HOW about you fix shallie first? FFS I cant event shut the game off properly! Oh and did they even test the game? Saving freezes the game, Cant use Miruca because she freezes the gam if you use her Variable strike. ohohohoho and there are lots more it can even break your ps3

    • Malon

      Hey, were you watching the MasterLL live? :D

    • DesmaX

      lol, Gust been going down the drain these days

      • aquagon

        Give them a couple weeks and they’ll release a patch correcting the worst bugs. Ar nosurge also had one that left the player unable to proceed during the middle of Phase 3, and it got corrected shortly after it was discovered.

    • Wtv

      And they even delayed the launch. That’s sad, this series has a lot of potential.

      Also, buggy games are a good reason to skip localization, so I hope they fix it.

    • otakumike

      is this becoming the Battlefield of jrpgs?

    • Guest

      That’s what happens if you force Gust to switch from PhyreEngine to Musou engine. PhyreEngine ftw.

    • Razvaille

      You use PS3 Fat??? Strange… I end the game( PS3 super slim), no problems here, no Mirucas freeze lol ;)

      • its not about the model i have a slim also how long do you play an hour lol? its memory leak bug.

    • Lolita

      Wow.. it sounds bad but I hope it can be patched somehow. This also reminded me of Atelier Escha & Logy and its mistakes and typos in the game lol.

    • JohnNiles

      Gah, game-killing bugs? That’s the first news on it I’ve seen – at least here.

      It’s hard to get hype for something that doesn’t work properly. Maybe I should hold off…

      edit: Oops, got Atelier Shallie and Ar No Surge mixed up. Eh well, same developer, same potential problems…

  • Malon

    Aren’t they already developing the next Atelier game? I can’t believe one year is enough to develop such huge games.
    I take this new as an official announcement saying that the next Atelier game will be on PS4.

    Regarding Atelier Shallie, a friend of mine who played it told me that it’s really buggy and thus it’s hard to enjoy the game, even though he’s a die-hard Atelier (and gust, to another extent) fan. Hope they’ll fix that soon!
    EDIT : Ok, Lenne just confirmed that lol.

    • Ok the one thing I don’t like about the atelier games now is that they reuse a lot of asset from the previous game which is why it would take only a year to develop…that’s assuming if they started developing the game after the release of a game. I’m not saying the game are bad since I platinum both Atelier Ayesha and Escha/Logy but man it’s tiring seeing the same thing

      • Wtv

        If the games are in the same world, it makes sense reuse things though. I don’t know….does Dusk series reuses assets from Arland?

        • “If the games are in the same world, it makes sense reuse things though.”

          That’s true but I feel indifferent because the boss they use.They all look the same but in different colours.

          “I don’t know….does Dusk series reuses assets from Arland?”

          probably not, it’s been so long since I played the Arland series.

      • I’m trying to figure out when exactly they start creating new assets again too, because I think pretty much all the games since Marie have been a year apart (perhaps two, but I can’t remember any). Given that, at what point do they decide to work on new assets and how does that factor into production time?

  • Valkexia

    How about PC… nudge, nudge.

  • JMaster3000

    I would rather not… NEED MORE GUST LOVE ON PS3!

  • DesmaX

    Of course. Since these games are normally trilogies, it could be jarring to have the first part of the story on the PS3 and the other ones on PS4

  • Wtv

    Now, Atelier are like slice of life RPGs, and we all know that slice of life is all about atmosphere and characters…

    I would like them to make a way to revive their older characters, since it’s sad to let it disappear. They can make something like those Tales crossover spin-off, with all characters in the old series…

    Actually, I think the Atelier anime should have been something like Falcom Gakuen, using all characters from past games in gags. More interesting than a story everyone already played rushed and with cuts.

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      Atelier Musou?

      • Wtv

        If they put events with dialogues in too, sure.

  • otakumike

    It would be very wise of them. There isn’t much to choose from right now on ps4 so people who wouldn’t usually buy this might be more tempted to jump in just have something to play.

  • James Robert Thompson

    I’ll be honest here, I think it’d be better for both parties to put it on the Wii U. Nintendo are more proactive with their third parties (particulrly those names Koei Techmo) and will help polish the game and keep it to their standards of quality… given some of the glitches that have been arising in the recent Atelier games this sort of nudge could be really useful for Gust to keep consumer trust. Moreover Nintendo Directs will expand the marketting to new audiences they may otherwise never have cornered, and the simple fact that Nintendo needs more third party games to show and it seems like a win win to me…

    But it’ll probably be on PS4 and even more of an ill optimized glitch-fest because Gust have never made games for a x86 system before…

    • Manny Being Manny

      I don’t think the fanbase these types of games are made for buy Nintendo consoles. Like how Conception 2 sold 4 times as many copies on Vita even though there are many more 3DS owners.

      • James Robert Thompson

        I do… Gust is practically the only reason I bought a PS3, and will probably be the reason I buy a PS4 whenever that happens…

        And really no fan base is buying PS4’s in Japan, and Gust’s core fanbase are either loosing trust or sticking to Vita, so I don’t see much difference… but I guess you could take that either way; why change your brand loyalty for only a little difference?

        • Manny Being Manny

          The people who want JRPGs and otaku games are going to be moving to PS4, since thats where the games will be. Gust can always try to be different and go to another system, but in the end all that would do is hurt their bottom line since their long time fans in general don’t own Wii U. They own Sony systems.

          • James Robert Thompson

            The JRPG market isn’t decided yet. We don’t know how Xenoblade X is going to do, and we know that Dragon Quest is coming out next year, but we don’t know what console… wait ’till we get that news before you give any solid statements on where the games will be… unless you’re going to say handheld or mobile, ‘cos they’re pretty much a given…

          • Manny Being Manny

            The JRPG market was decided the moment PS4 was announced. Sony has dominated it ever since they came into the industry. Developers aren’t suddenly going to start making games for other systems now, especially since Wii U is struggling.

          • James Robert Thompson

            The Wii U has triple the sales figures and an extra third week on week sales on the PS4 in Japan… JRPGs that are designed for the Japanese market don’t give two shits about how well Sony are doing in America or how poorly Nintendo are doing in Europe, they just care that the Wii U is a year older and selling better in their country. If Dragon Quest goes to Wii U (like the SE press release timeline indicates) the generation is going to be solidified in Japan… that’s how their market works.

          • Manny Being Manny

            If you say so. I’d bet all my life savings on PS4 being the go to home console for JRPGs this gen, though. A bad selling console without any JRPG fanbase isn’t going to dethrone it because of one game. I can’t see the market that buys JRPGs going to Wii U at all.

          • darke

            I had a wordy argument here, but I came to the conclusion that numbers are simpler:

            Number of months Wii U has been on sale: 18
            Number of months PS4 has been on sale: 5

            Number of units Wii U sold: 1.8 million
            Number of units PS4 sold: 0.6 million

            And this is with the PS4 having no real big-name non-multiplat titles in Japan, except maybe some MMOs?

            I didn’t bother sitting down to count the days and exact figures, but the two platforms seem pretty equal at the moment, it will just be a question if the PS4 can get console selling titles faster then Nintendo can or not.

          • James Robert Thompson

            I can’t find the numbers for five months, but at 3 the Wii U had shifted 0.83 million.

            And yes, I agree, it’s not decided yet, Dragon Quest is going to decide who wins the Japanese console war, if it goes PS4, then it wins, and it very well could! Right now Wii U has more momentum, but it’s still really early, so who knows?

          • Crazy_O

            I’ll wait for the reaction to the new Final Fantasy to say if the console is doomed in Japan – and even if it fails there, it will sell a ton more on the PS4 in the West.

          • TalesOfBS

            That is the most biased statement i have ever seen (on this site actually).
            You are just like one of those guys who used to say the JRPG market was dead while the Wii was getting them just because you didn’t want to own the console.

            People tend to buy a lot of RPGs on Nintendo consoles when third parties actually deliver a good game. Just because most of the shovelware anime RPG VN ends up on Sony consoles, it doesn’t mean that people don’t buy RPGs on Nintendo (or even Microsoft if you look at some 360 rpgs) consoles.
            Also, Nintendo portables were always the home of them in the past 20 years.

      • Serge
        • Manny Being Manny

          Yes, I was going by the first week Japanese sales since anything beyond that is pretty iffy to consider real, especially on the American side since we don’t have as comprehensive sales tracking. Vita sold 19k first week, and 3DS sold 5k first week.

      • Wtv

        Atelier and Conception are a lot different, though. I would say Atelier has more chances on a Nintendo system. The slice of life style is something that games like Animal Crossing or Rune Factory has a lot. The focus on management instead of a more violent focus would look good on Nintendo too. And the cute graphics, visual…

        But yeah, I don’t see it happening. Maybe if PS4 fails to sell more than Wii U in Japan…

      • Destiny13777

        That’s not a good comparison at all because Spike Chunsoft themselves admitted shipping more of the Vita version than the 3DS in Japan, most likely because that’s where the market of the original one went. As for the west I assume it was a similar situation because personally I can still find a ton of the Vita Special Edition at Gamestop and Bestbuy but none of the 3DS one.The Vita version was always the Main one of the two.

    • DizzyGear

      The PS4’s x86 PC like guts are a hell of a lot easier to program for than the PS3’s Cell. As a bonus TK *might* do Windows ports since the games would already run on x86

      • James Robert Thompson

        I know, but Gust aren’t great at change, so I worry for them moving into unknown territory… just look at the issues they had going 3D last gen! PC ports would be nice if they worked, but given the Shallie doesn’t work on consoles I can’t say I have high expectations of such an outcome.

        • darke

          They’d have exactly the same problems going to WiiU as they would the PS4/PC, if not more, since the WiiU is apparently as painful to code for as the PS3 was, vs the PS4/PCs’s relative ease in comparison.

          • James Robert Thompson

            The bigger difficulty is game pad support, the CPU has quirks that you’d have to learn to fully optimize, but it’s not as difficult to work on as the PS3… not as easy as the PC mind, but when your entire skill-base is in RISC processors it’s not easy to switch over, even to something easier. Just look at Compile Heart who’s games look worse for the console upgrade, they have a PC porting section to help smooth out the process!!

            If Gust moves to x86 they’ll have KT to help, but the first few outtings won’t reflect how much easier x86 is to work with…

    • I’m really sad, because I agree entirely. Sadly, there’s a kind of Sony dedication of sorts here; which isn’t bad itself. It just means that they won’t have all the cool perks and great things you listed, and that’s such a loss.

  • I’m all for new Atelier games on the newer consoles =^_^=

  • Maria Garcia

    newer consoles? or ps4? i dont think we will see a gust game on xbox never

    • darke

      Unless they’re paid more then the cost of development from MS for one, I can’t imagine they will. The sales of the 360 were pretty terrible, I can’t imagine the XB1 will be better. :(

  • Anontastic

    Seems like a fit. Shallie is the third (and last) game in the Dusk Trilogy, right? If there was a time to switch, it’d be now.

    If they DO jump to the PS4, I hope they actually USE it’s capabilities, beyond higher polygon counts on character models and 1080p res. If PS4 results in even more beautiful character models in the next atelier game, I’m all for it! That said, I’d personally like to see some larger, more interactive, animated environments, if that can be a thing. The environments in the game aren’t nearly as detailed and stylized as the characters.

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      I think they are already 1080p on ps3.

      • otakumike

        nope they are 720p

        • Revyatheworldeater .

          Well, the back of all of the game cases lie then.

          • Kit

            Well It 720P upscale to 1080P so the information in the back game’s case still true.

    • Crazy_O

      I kinda don’t care if they use the PS4 capabilities. As long as there are no frame drops and the enhance the anime look a little, I’m okay with it.

  • Demeanor

    Dat green-haired Shallie is pretty stacked XD
    Aaanyway, Atelier on PS4? GOD YES!
    If you want to use previous characters, turn to the ps2 era is my advice, the Arland and Dusk trilogy already have plenty of known faces thrown around.

  • SupaPhly

    they better make their 3d animations more fluid, their awesome art and 3d modeling combination doesn’t deserve awkward robotic movements :P

  • Princess_Eevee9

    New console you say? Please consider a Nintendo console then please!

  • Hmm. Obviously, I would love for them to work on the Wii U, but I am also for Wii U+PS4. Because, why not~? But I doubt that.

    If anything, they should continue doing new, main series entries on the PS4 and then do remakes and spin-offs for 3DS (and maybe Vita?). I really liked their DS games, and I wish they’d try some more portable Atelier titles.

    It’d also be really wonderful to reintroduce people to the classic titles. Since the series is growing in the West, it’s a great chance to see the series roots, and probably a lot of Japanese fans onboard now might not be familiar with Salburg or even Gramnad.

    They could also make cute compilations of the DS titles on 3DS like they did for the Salburg stuff on GBA.

    • Wtv

      I actually would like to see this serie in portable first, then a console port later on. Niches games do look better on a small screen than on a big one for obvious reasons.

      But that’s not happening. Even though portables sell more on Japan. Wonder why they still stick to consoles. Maybe the portable public are more casual?

      • That wouldn’t be bad either~. I will say, I loved the look of the DS games (because of the graphics and aesthetic), but Dusk is gorgeous and I like it on home consoles, hence why I think they should do both, but for different titles.

        That has been rather curious to me as well though.

  • Guest

    time to switch it into action rpg ;)

    • Scritty

      Yup – why not? Everything else has.
      Final Fantasy XV – The “God or War” clone. :(
      As if the world hasn’t already got half a trillion ARPG’s they have to turn every game into one.

  • Jesse

    I’m going to guess there MIGHT be a forth Dusk game. Wilbell has been traveling around to make contracts with those Great Spirits(Wind in Ayesha and Fire in E&L), and, if they’re going by the four classic elements, and if two of them aren’t near the Dusk Sea, she still has one to go(assuming that subplot of her’s is still ongoing).

    Just a guess, though. ^^;

    Also, a game with ALL of the Dusk alchemists somehow together solving the world’s decline that’s going on would be pretty cool. 83

  • Black Heaven

    Based on track record, they’ll likely consider PS4 as their main platform, then try out XB1 if they see the demand.

    I hope they could release the older Atelier games in a sweet bundle
    somewhere on 3DS or PS3 / Vita (if they need a bit more power). I missed a lot.

  • Razvaille

    Mana Khemia 3 and Ar Nosurge 3 for PS4

    • Jesse

      I think there’d need to be an Ar NoSurge 2, first. ^^;

      • Razvaille

        I think Ciel Nosurge is the first game… or not :D

        • aquagon

          They’d more likely to make it with a different title.

    • Arcana Drill

      Mana Khemia is counted as a atelier game in Japan, project A9 (first game) and A10 (sequel) to be more exact, and in 16 games, they never revisited a completed Saga before, not saying its impossible, but its more probable that they do a spiritual successor to it like Arland Saga was to the first 6 games than making Mana Khemia 3 as A17.

      But yes, it would be amaaaazing if they released MK3… with a Vayne cameo.

      • Wtv

        I’m okay with a spiritual sequel to Mana Khemia…if it’s not Atelier.

        What I don’t want is another: “we will try to make Atelier more like traditional RPGs” again. Every time they tried it, they failed…so maybe now they learned already.

        I want Gust polishing what the series already have instead of trying to change it. I mean, they shouldn’t get rid of time management, for example…but they should to think of new ways to use it.

        I know that there isn’t time management in this game…and I’m sure a lot of fans hated that.

        • KazukiNanbu

          are you talking about the Iris serie?

          • Wtv


            They also tried to market Escha to Logy like a traditional RPG (even though people say that’s actually the same as past games, in the end), and it sold less than Ayesha…in Japan, I mean…and in the end, that’s the only market that they consider.

          • KazukiNanbu

            i see, personally i want more traditionals jrpgs in the Atelier serie because the first Atelier i played was Iris Eternal Mana and i love it (but i didn’t know it was different from the rest of the Atelier Serie)

          • Wtv

            Yeah…it’s sad that the older games never made it to the west. Well..I’m learning japanese, so maybe soon I’ll play them. But anyway…Atelier Iris was the first one I played too…didn’t really like it aside from some fun dialogues. Tried to play Atelier Iris 2 but dropped it. Then I played Atelier Totori and loved it. So…

            It’s not that I dislike traditional RPGs, I like them a lot…But Iris was too generic and boring imo.

            But I’m okay with Gust doing more of it….I just don’t want them killing the Atelier franchise to make it more mainstream…so a new series or spin-off would be better. There is even a otome game Atelier spin-off.

          • KazukiNanbu

            maybe if the can find a way to combine this two type of rpgs maybe we can get the “perfect” Atelier…

            and an otome game? wow, now that will be interesting to play

          • Wtv

            I would like if they wouldn’t get rid of a female protagonist just because it’s a adventure now, to begin with. And then don’t sideline the alchemy like they did in Iris. I think one Atelier with serious routes but still keeping the formula would be okay. But they should make a better plot than Iris, too…

            And the otome game is kinda old and will never be released in the west. There are posts about it here even:

          • KazukiNanbu

            i hope they continue with the character selection thing like Escha & Logy (choose between a female character or a male character because it bugs me a little the fact that you have to choose between two female charactes in Shallie but maybe i’m just being nitpicky)

            And i’m hope some fans decide to translate the atelier games that didn’t came here….its free to dream (sigh)

          • Slayven19

            In japan it did, but in the west it sold the best so in the end it probably sold more than any other atelier game combined with U.S and japan. ALso atelier rorona plus sold way less than escha as well and it was traditional atelier. People keep trying to blame it on the battle system and logy but it appears that that’s not why it sold less. People are just getting tired of atelier in japan somewhat.

          • Wtv

            Remake games always sell less. Shallie will be where we can compare.

            And Japan doesn’t really cares about western sales….otherwise, we would have the Zero Escape sequel.

            And I think it’s sad that Iris sold more here. But, oh well…

  • Jin Kisaragi

    Gust is considering newer consoles for Atelier games! Gust should…

  • Kornelious

    I’m all for it, imagine how cute the characters will look in SUPER HD! (Which is what I assume we are calling it :P)

  • HelloACiDDD

    Multiplatform is good but DONT you abandon Sony platforms especially Vita,
    PC(Steam) is good too

    • Spirit Macardi

      If they started to release games on Steam I think I’d explode from pure joy.

    • TalesOfBS

      At this stage they can’t even leave the PS3. If they abandon them then they would go bankrupt.

  • CirnoLakes

    Siliconeraaa… ?

    Can I port beg now?

    • Crazy_O

      It looks like it – I’m gonna use this article to point at when a mod says that we shouldn’t port beg.

  • I’m sure they will in 2015 or 2016. At that point you’ll have a few years on the age of the console. It’s no different than the last iteration with the PS3.

  • Spectacularity

    To be honest, I am NOT satisfied about the latest Dusk game at all. :/ (The game and mechanics is fine, but the characters has me upset.)

  • Serephitus

    Yes please, bring something to the my RPG barren ps4 world!

  • Do it. Get in front of new technology, don’t fall behind. And, technically, you already missed the “get in front” window, ‘cuz you would’ve gotten PS4 dev kits and put Shallie on there. But still, it’s early is what I’m saying. Do it Gust! It’ll be the right thing in the long run, even if it doesn’t end up looking appreciably better than your current games.

  • jugss

    Time Limit? No thanks.

    • darke

      I believe the latest game in the series gets rid of the time limit, and I’m quite looking forward to playing it once they shake all the bugs out. :P

      • jugss

        Really? Which game are you referring to? I might try them. I’ve played Totori and Rorona but I hated the time limit. I only did one play through and sold them afterwards.

        • darke

          Last of the Dusk series unfortunately, Atelier Shallie. Not localised yet and I haven’t tried it, but one of the previous articles mentioned they’d remove the irritating time limit (which technically wasn’t really much of a limit since Dusk series’ time limit was very generous… but it was still an annoying guillotine hanging over your neck…)

        • Tincho Kudos

          In Meruru the time limit exists but its hardly something bothersome, it is more like Totori, but with more way more time to do everything you want.
          Ayesha is the same case, I was very relaxed finding materials, making better items and still I completed the main story + most of characters sidequest. In fact, I got bored before the time limit expired

  • AlphaSixNine

    My PS4 is ready for new Atelier games. This is what I invested on a PS4 for. :3

  • Kai2591

    Especially looking forward to more games by Akira Tsuchiya :)
    I’ll buy any console just to play his games XD

  • Clover

    Before Ar nosurge Plus I hope they translate Ciel nosurge.

    • シカチュウ

      I hope so. Ciel is kinda harder though since it’s more of a VN dialogue type game … which catches less audience.

      But well, I guess Atelier is a bit niche market already?

      • Clover

        Atelier yes, but it’s a famous brand… Surge Concerto isn’t famouse.. However, by some year many VN have come in the west; therefore, if Ar nosurge sells good at September, I think of they come with Ciel in a few month.

  • Lolita

    It’s great to know that they would consider developing future Atelier games on PS4. Sadly, I do not own a PS4 at the moment and I think PS3 is still going well. If they do make future Atelier games on PS4, I hope they would at least port it to PS3 or something. However, if porting to a graphic-inferior console can negatively affect the PS4 version then I can live on without it and hope I will save up enough for a PS4 someday.

  • Tincho Kudos

    It does makes sense to release a new trilogy (since for the last 6 years they are releasing trilogies) in a new console since each game releases each year and in the next 3 years i don’t see the PS3 reliable enough.
    Altough goind directly to PS4 right now can be risky, maybe they should release a new standalone atelier game in a portable console (Vita/3DS)

  • Yan Zhao

    Features from the past? How about no time limit like the PS2 games? :

    • シカチュウ

      You’ll have that in Atelier Shallie. They removed that. :D

      • Yan Zhao

        GOod to know!

  • izanagi

    Can someone tell me which game in this series to start playing first because I have never played any of the games before.

    • Natsu Dragneel

      Atelier Rorona is the Beginning of the Arland Atelier games in this order Rorona>Totori>Meruru
      The next series I don’t know but I think Atelier Ayesha, Something and Logy than Shallie

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