Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Is Getting Slammed By Japanese Players On Amazon

By Sato . July 23, 2014 . 9:00am


PlayStation Vita RPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines was released in Japan last week, and it seems as though fans aren’t too happy with the way the game has turned out.


On Amazon Japan, Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines currently sits at 2 out of 5 stars, and this isn’t due to the game being unbalanced, which was the case for Freedom Wars, another Vita game recently published by Sony. Instead, the issue pertains to Nueko, a character in the game.


Nueko is the goddess that sacrificed her own life to save the family with the cursed bloodline. Out of the 170 reviews on Amazon, around 70 of them contain some sort of negative feedback regarding her. Over 92 reviewers out of those 170 have also given the game just 1 star.


One reviewer stated: “At first it was exciting, but the further I got, the more it became a Nueko game. I wonder why. The lead character’s family is basically just there… as Nueko’s bodyguard…”


“Everything about the game’s story is centered around Nueko,” said another. “The boss character has no interest whatsoever in the protagonist’s family, and seems to only care about Nueko.”


The issue here is that Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is supposed to be about your family in the game.  One of the most appealing features of the game is the ability to create your own characters to be part of the expanding family. Players can do this by mixing and matching characters with other clans or even gods, to go with job classes for their preferred party setups. This is how Sony marketed the title.


So, naturally, given what seems to be an over-emphasis on a different character that isn’t part of their family, players aren’t happy. Here are some of the other comments people that purchased the game are making:


“There are some enemies that you can’t defeat unless you have Nueko with you, so you can’t really take her out of the party.”


“The leading part goes to Nueko, while the family are just minor characters.”


“I wish they thought of a better way to present Nueko. Everywhere I go, it’s Nueko this, Nueko that.”


“More like Nueko walks forth over my dead body.” (Referring to to the meaning behind the game’s title.)


Many fans of the original PlayStation RPG also mentioned that, while the first Oreshika game had other key characters, the family was much more involved in the story, which is sorely lacking in the latest installment of the series.


While it was possible to rectify Freedom Wars’ issues with an update patch, unfortunately, a simple patch won’t be able to address the concerns people have with Oreshika.

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  • Cheesy12

    That’s disappointing, I was looking forward to this game and the family aspect, hopefully it still turns out alright.

  • Nitraion

    Hmm i still wanna try it regardless nueko issue..

  • DesmaX

    Well, that does sound awful.

    Dick move there, Sony

  • Yaro

    Phew, was kinda worried those were some legit complaints, none of this bothers me in the slightest.

    • dawnbomb

      i know right? ‘she is basically requires!’ so? news flash, we require a medic in every rpg from the dawn of time, and noones complained about that.

      seems they just don’t like the story and the fact that there is a carry character, and then COMPLAIN about using the carry, like the hell.

      • Yaro

        makes me wonder what would today’s gaming community say about something like mgs2 bait and switch or even FF VII Aerith.

        I presume many “controversial” articles on various blogs and shitstorms for couple weeks for clickbaits before everyone would just forget again.

      • Kalis Konig

        “we require a medic in every rpg from the dawn of time, and noones complained about that.”

        nit the same thing at all, but okay lol.

    • Micrll

      Agreed, I thought they were going to say the game was buggy / or had bad game-play. This just sounds like a 1-star brigade that are doing a coordinated downvote en-mass.

      • Duo Maxwell

        To be fair, a lot of people who bought this game is the fan of first game, where everything revolve around your family’s bloodline. It just takes away the charm of the series.

        Doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. They are just disappointed. Luckily I haven’t played previous game so I think it won’t affect me.

        Honestly speaking, it surprises me a bit, as I thought that “creates your own characters” is what the western obsesses with, while the Japanese always want to play with the story’s characters.

  • z_merquise

    I don’t know if the reviewers are just over-exaggerating and if it’s really that bad. I’ll wait for more import impressions / official reviews if the complaint is really legit.

  • X_Bacon

    I’m still going to try it out because the gameplay and graphics look so good, but it’s a shame if the whole family building aspect is downplayed like that.

  • Solomon_Kano

    “More like Nueko walks forth over my dead body.”


    I guess things would be different having had expectations based on what the original Oreshika offered, but the family thing was whatever to me, so I’m not too bothered by this myself. It’s weird that such a core aspect of the game and, indeed, the marketing gets sidelined like that in the narrative, but I’m not too fussed.

    • Yaro

      Im not center of the univeres?! 1/10

      • neogeno

        Makes you wonder what they really thought about FF Tactics story.

    • Nitraion

      It seems they just disappointed about “i am important MC” premise…
      Lol sometimes i wanna try to be unimportant chara too lol

  • DanielGearSolid

    Jeez, can we get a Vita release without controversy?

    • Scourge626

      I say thee nay!

    • Lastlight

      Wait till either Phantasy Star Nova
      Or Digimon: CS

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Man what’s going on with these Vita games recently?

    • Anueu

      It was like two games, stop exaggerating.

      • Herok♞

        You mean the most notable two games Vita has right now.

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        I said these. These consist of more than one. I fulfilled that term whether it’s 2 or 5.
        I hardly see an exaggeration.

  • Guest

    Negative campaign all over again. Damn you N-Fanboys

    • Princess_Eevee9


      • Randgriz


        • Princess_Eevee9

          Thought as much. What in the hell does that have to do with anything?

          • Randgriz

            Exactly so nintendo fanboys are playing the game and reviewing it badly?

          • Scourge626

            That’s quite the leap in logic.

          • Randgriz

            lol That kinda highlights the N-fanboy negative campaign absurdity =P

          • Princess_Eevee9

            Anyway to insult Nintendo these days? Sigh. Well thank you for answering my questions.

          • Randgriz

            No Problem Eevee!

    • Nitraion

      You sure?
      that sounds like a black campaign for election XD

      • Vesperion

        Such a terrible joke

        Go home

        • Nitraion

          yes i am drunk….
          but seriously i think i can still enjoy the game…
          i mean its JRPG story when last time not fishy and not defy logic? these complain kinda weird TBH…

    • OlimacFTW

      The wise words of Guest.

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        Well it was someone with a cute anime pic at one point of course ^_^

  • Randgriz

    Although this raises SOME concern for me, it doesnt taint my want for this game at all.

    Being someone who hasnt played the first game at all, id like to experience ONE of these titles – pop-up character and all.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Heh. Taint.

      • Randgriz

        Haha im glad someone noticed! ;)

  • I guess the problem is that the family characters is just set aside and most probably their existence is being ignored by other key characters or bosses, which makes the players feel unimportant. This is a problem that can happen when you play as a silent character sometimes

    But since most western ppl care more about gameplay/asthetic it won’t affect them too much. The Japanese usually care more about the story or characters in their RPGs

    • thrak

      Believe me, japanese games are good (or trying to be good) exactly because players are picky about the story

    • Odin

      Speak for yourself. A good RPG means the characters are fleshed out. The gameplay mechanics can take precedence in other genres, but RPGs need a good story. Same with other story oriented mediums, like adventure games.

  • Kornelious

    Well, I can understand that. I guess it’s kinda how your character feels in White knight Chronicles….Except the story is SUPPOSED to revolve around you, so that is a bit disheartening

    Hopefully they come up with SOME solution to the problem seeing how big this is….I worry for the NA and Eu releases as well :(

    • lackofstyle

      i doubt this would be a big problem since in the west, at least in NA, we would put least focus about who the story is about as long as its told well, and the gameplay is solid.

      • Kornelious

        I know that but i worry that since the game isn’t getting good reviews in japan they might cancel it’s localizations :(

        • lackofstyle

          i see…. has that ever happened before

          • Kornelious

            I……Actually no, i don’t think so….Unless you count XSeed’s “Grand Knight’s History”….”And Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day” in the US….i think

          • Well if any its just that the game might have a hard time to have a sequel. For example zero escape series are doing great in the west but noy in japan and they decide it’s not good enough for a sequel.

          • Solomon_Kano

            As a note, Zero Escape won’t be seeing a sequel because it didn’t sell well in Japan, not because of reviews. OreShika’s selling fine, but a segment of Japanese players are taking issue with it. Not really the same.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, that’s definitely not about to happen. Nobody’s changing a larger business decision like that based on a couple hundred Amazon reviews.

  • epy

    But look at those boobs!

    I would hardly call it “getting slammed”. I clicked the article expecting reports of game breaking bugs or horrible gameplay but people getting annoyed at the story? I get annoyed at almost every JRPG I play to some degree and it is still my favorite genre. Well, I does work as good clickbait I suppose.

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      Lol. I agree!…except I don’t see it as clickbait but more comedic. I think that was the point of the story. People not complaining for ground breaking bugs or balancing issues…but how a story is centered on a particular character.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Well, the “getting slammed” part is less about the meat of their complaints and more about the fact that they’re tanking the Amazon reviews as a result of it.

      • MaximDualBlade

        You have to admit the title is very clickbait. I was expecting gamebreaking bugs and horrible glitches, but a story complaint is not gamebreaking.

        It’s like the Tales series, the stories aren’t bad, but if I end up playing more than 100h its because of the gameplay, so day one buy from me in Cagliostro

        • Solomon_Kano

          Except the title says nothing about it being a game breaking issue. It simply says that Japanese players are slamming the game on Amazon — and, apparently, they are. The article itself explains why.

          There’s no controlling for what the title may have made anyone expect. Certainly, I didn’t expect the issue to be what it was. But I read the article, found out, and moved on.

          • MaximDualBlade

            Yes you are right. The title is still very tempting and it worked its charm because I clicked it, read it, and was relieved that it was an issue that will not make me pass on the game.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    These people just need to stop complaining. Who cares if the story is about Nueko. I mean, she looks awesome! In fact, if she was real, I would take her with me wherever I went. To hell with my family!

    • Domii

      Screw that! I already can’t stand my family so with a woman like this around, my family won’t even know I’m alive!

    • Tincho Kudos

      I would love to expand my family with her :D

      • ishyg

        If that was a gameplay element, I’d love that as well.

    • Dkmariolink

      She looks like the girl from kill la kill… um… Satsuki was it?

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        Yes, Satsuki. She does have the similar hair style as well as a knack for exposed outfits. ;)

    • Bob Slim

      She can come with me anytime

    • Land of Green Pasture

      wild everybody’s wife appeared!
      What would you like to do?
      >Fight>Hypnosis> Pound >False Swipe>
      >Item > Pokeball
      bring to daycare breed with Ditto, wait for the egg to hatch…
      Haremdex Complete..

  • What an unusual sort of complaint… Don’t really know what to make of it, but I imagine reaction in the West might be different since we didn’t have the first game to play, to set up much in the way of expectations.
    Yeah, can’t say much without playing the game. It doesn’t seem like something that would ruin the actual gameplay much, and going by the article here I don’t see people saying the story itself is actually terrible? I feel like just about every video game is being decried for poor storytelling nowadays though…

  • Manny Being Manny

    Yeah, it sucks they are focusing on a character with an actual personality instead of a bunch of blank slate characters you create.

    • Micrll

      I was just about to post something similar, it’s hard to write a good story around multiple characters of the players design. Given the huge number of options it does not seem like it would work out very well. I also think Nueko lives longer than 2 years which would make it easier to have her have a consistent story to tell.

      • This is an extremely good point. When almost your entire cast you’re playing with is player-created, it’s a lot more difficult from a storytelling standpoint to craft a coherent plot that engages the player… without the writer knowing what kind of characters these are. And the fact all your characters keep dying off makes it all that much more difficult. It’s no wonder Nueko stands out so much to everyone playing the game, considering the highly unusual setup.

    • Dkmariolink

      Yeah, like Dragon Quest 9… None of the characters you make have no backstory whatsoever…

      • novurdim

        that’s kinda the point in this game.

  • subsamuel01

    Hard to please Japanese gamers, I for one am looking forward to playing this.

  • Dede Ogbe

    Is it me or is it becoming a usual thing for Siliconera to post these sort of articles for every major Vita release? Who gives a damn what people say on Amazon

    • Julien_N

      I don’t think this is a new trend. I remember coming across articles about the Japanese players’ reactions and user reviews on Amazon a few years ago. Take a look at this article for example :


    • Because it gives insight, and some people actually like to gather information before deciding to buy something?

      At least that’s what I’d like to believe~

      • Dede Ogbe

        I understand that and I get some of these games have issues worth talking about like FW, but they seem to be overblowing some of these situations based solely on Amazon. Another example would be the initial SS release which they gave a negative coverage for some reason. It just seems for me that for every first party release Siliconera has something bad to say bout it. Sorry am not the sort of person who thinks a game focusing on a character is a bad thing. Nor do I think it warrants a article. The only thing it shows is that some Japanese gamers are incredibly petty.

        • I don’t think that’s fair though. I’m not sure if you’re Japanese or played the series before but as it seems this new one doesn’t give the fans what they wanted and expected, from marketing and past experiences in the franchise.

          The complaints may seem stupid and petty for us but they might be completely legit in context and it’s always good to have more information than you need than not enough~

          • Dede Ogbe

            Fair point there actually. Never played the initial game. And yes this obviously wasn’t the game it was made out to be. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the western release to properly judge this. Either way am starting to notice a trend here
            EDIT: people also can’t expect them to use the same formulae for every game, they’ll get bashed for that too. Sigh, you really can’t please everyone. We’ll see how bad it is on release, probs just a minor thing or a total non issue over here. I think if anything’s gonna get bashed in the west it’s the damn spirit guide thing in the hub area.

          • Solomon_Kano

            “people also can’t expect them to use the same formulae for every game, they’ll get bashed for that too.”

            I feel like that would be something a series with more entries would need to worry about. As only the second game under this IP in 15 years, it’s a bit too soon for that. The one prior game established a certain thing, so people expected that for the second game. Were this, say, game 5, then yea, I could totally see a need to worry about using the same formula again and again. But for one sequel nearly two whole decades later, I don’t think anyone would have complained that a prominent element of the original game was wholly intact for the sequel.

            That’s not to say that they’d have to make the exact same game, of course, but the focus on your ever-expanding family seems to have been the original title’s claim to fame, so it’s understandable that people would be a bit miffed about the sequel not quite delivering on that in the way they expected — or even the way that the marketing suggested, apparently.

            As to it not being as big a deal here, yea, it probably won’t be. We don’t have the original game to base our expectations on and, for those reading this article, we now know that this is the case beforehand — where, apparently, these Japanese players did not. The issue that western players will or won’t have with this will depend on their tolerance for their character playing second fiddle (or sitting in the audience, as it were) in the game’s narrative.

    • MrTyrant

      I give a little of damn. I think some complains of fans are more trustful that reviews made by profesional sometimes. Other are just people whining about minor things but aka what I could consider something minor? this vary according the game.

  • thrak

    Ugh to be honest I think japanese fans have a point… I’d be super annoyed if the story revolved around her and not my family. It makes all previous marketing pointless…Even that touching artsy ad – you guys remember it, right? I don’t know what kind of person Nueko is, but if she is bossy it indeed can make you feel rather like a bodyguard…

  • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

    How do you filter articles on this site so I don’t see any more babble by this person?

    • Solomon_Kano

      You choose not to read them.

      • Fate


  • ronin4life

    For those of you wondering why this is affecting so many Vita Titles, understand this is the double edged sword of relying solely on/getting stuck with a fanatical demographic as your entire install base.

    • otakumike

      I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

      • ronin4life

        That the Media Otaku and Super Hardcore Gaming fanbases of Japan can be incredibly demanding, and that they make up the vast majority of Vita owners.

        They will blindly follow and ‘fight for’ what they love, but it also doesn’t take much to piss them off royally. As we’ve seen many times in the past all over the globe where Fans sit on the ‘obsessive’ end of the scale…
        ^ ,^;;

        • darke

          Yeah, but the benefit of them being fanatical is they’ll still buy the games even if they’ve screamed blue murder at the last one, because the game has a special limited edition if you pre-order. >.>

          At the end of the day, it’s like fanatics of sports games and the like; even if you’re annoyed your team has lost every year for the last decade you’re still in there waving your flag. :P

  • James Reilly

    Japanese gamers complaining about silly things on the Vita games more at 11.

  • Namuro

    People are complaining that the Japanese players are being petty over such a minor thing like the story, but isn’t that the same case as Mass Effect’s ending that pissed off a lot of people?

    • MrFinalgamer

      Not even close. The ME thing happened since players felt that, after spending 3 games making decisions, that in the end, they didn’t matter, since everyone got the same ending, regardless. This is people complaining about a certain character having more of a focus, than the bland vessels that the players play as.

      • Namuro

        It’s still about the players complaining about the game’s story, no?

        Also, you said that the decision made by the players result in the same ending in Mass Effect, is what upset the players. Isn’t that similar to what happens with this game? It’s the fact that the gamers want to make their own choice, and see the story about “their” progression, but ended up getting stuck with Nueko anyway.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Except the story apparently impacts the gameplay here, in that there’s a need to utilize this particular character where the marketing apparently didn’t indicate such was the case. So it’s not strictly that they don’t like the story, but that it has an effect on the gameplay that they didn’t enjoy.

          • Namuro

            That’s even worse then, if not only the story, but even the gameplay is being forced on the players; when they were led to believe that the game would offer them more freedom.

          • novurdim

            Not really, the only time it noticeably impacts the gameplay is when you are forced to take Nueko on several boss fights.

        • MrTyrant

          The story elements were Bioware main points to say player “try this because it will be awesome” unlike other companies (or like many too) they overhyped their games so much and make fans expect a lot of things of them.

        • Warboss Aohd

          and that Bioware specifically said there wouldn’t be a ‘A, B, or C Choice’ at the end of the game in the advertising, and that is EXACTLY what it was.

      • ronin4life

        Actually, in OreShika it is the Advertised “Main Characters” in the form of your created party being sidelined in favor of a 3rd party character.

        Imagine making a character in Skyrim, but having to play the whole game as Hadvar.

        • Warboss Aohd

          it’s still not on the magnitude and size Mass Effect is.


    • MrTyrant

      No its not. Both things are really bad points on their own ways.

    • ronin4life

      Yeah, the Mass effect issue spanned 3 games and was deeply rooted into the products throughout. The ending was both a big Screw You to the fans who bought into the promise of a game were choices mattered(Though I knew all along it was BS without even playing the games…) AND was also a terrible ending in its’ own right anyway.

      It IS similar in many ways, but ME3 was far worse(and more intentional I would imagine.)

  • Duc PC-QB

    I dont give a shit about Nueko thing, just deal with it and bring new Wild Arms already !

    • KuroNathan

      why are you demanding a localization of a game completely unrelated in another game’s article?

      • MrFinalgamer

        You can’t demand a localization of a non existent game (AKA, he wants a new one).

    • Oh wow talk about going off topic lol

  • Dystopiq

    So basically you get “Trahearned”. Some of you will get this.

  • klkAlexar

    I’m still anxiously anticipating this game since I don’t think the Nueko thing will bother me. Still, it’s too bad that fans of the first game were so disappointed, and I hope the game still outsells the original and the rerelease.

  • MrTyrant

    They are making a valid point. When I tend to create my character I want also the other character in the story to awknowledge their existence and also I want more character development and not everything going around just one character.

    I would still buy it. I don’t think the game is unplayable for this.

    • KuroNathan

      Agreed completely. If I’m going to make the effort of creating my own blank slate character I want to pretend that I’m the main char. Playing second fiddle the entire game doesn’t sound appealing

      • MrTyrant

        White Knight Chronicles was like this. You weren’t the main character but I thought it was cool to be his friend instead but I hated that he was practically a ghost when in cutscenes something happen you custom char don’t do a shit.

        • British_Otaku

          My brother played both of the PS3 games and seemed to have fun (with everyone else >_>), but it seemed that only on an online session for quests (which needed a bloody online pass!) acknowledged his created character properly.

          I imagine it is a bit challenging to write a script which acknowledges both male and female original characters of various designs but Fire Emblem Awakening did it from tons of dialogue to a distinct role in the story. I don’t even think Awakening was well written but it managed.

    • DesmaX

      That’s like playing XCOM EU and having everyone just keep talking about the scientist.

      I don’t want it

  • Tincho Kudos

    When I entered this article I feared about the gameplay of this game. Seems the only problem is that Nueko character. Hope I like her, or else Im seeing myself complaining about her :P

  • Dkmariolink

    Sigh… Japanese players sure do complain a lot…

    And I thought European gamers complained a lot, lol.

    • While American sit on their chair playing the majority of games before European :V

      • Dede Ogbe

        It’s quite laughable really. They get the best services then they tell everyone else to ‘suck it up’ whilst they enjoy it

        • Dkmariolink

          Im not telling you all to suck it up, I just don’t like complainers in general…

          I don’t complain when japan gets several games years in advance…

          • DesmaX

            Yeah, it’s not like complaining would help Freedom Wars gets a physical release in europe.

            Seriously man, if they dislike something, they have every right to complain.

          • Milewide

            I guess it’s possible to interpret “complaining” as either “giving feedback” or “whining”.

          • persona_yuji

            You know… One thing is when the game gets released on the country that it spawned from, another is localization.

      • Postnjam

        I loved it when Xenoblade came out.”WHAT! This is an outrage! How dare they release a game only in Europe and Japan, Why are they releasing it in one area of the world but not ours? This never happens, Nintendo are worse then hitler!

    • Albel

      And you’re complaining about everyone else…
      Like a true american.

      • murican***

        • Albel

          Why thank you good sir!
          I just learned a new, word, today <3

      • Lastlight

        And you pointed out an Americans complaining
        Like a true European ;)

        • Gregor

          Everyone complains. It’s normal. Really, not complaining at all means you accept everything as it is without having an opinion, it’s absurd :)

          • Lastlight

            I know, I know
            I was just joking lol

          • Gregor

            Don’t worry, I wasn’t serious, offended or anything :P

      • Dkmariolink

        But its true… They even gave freedom wars low ratings…

        What do japanese gamers want? The vita is barely getting any good games, and they rant on them.

    • MaximDualBlade

      Yea I don’t like complainers, but I complain too about other stuff. Just don’t take your reality as absolute because it isn’t

    • Namuro

      Not just Japanese people, bub. Everyone in the world complains… A LOT.

      In fact, you’re complaining about the Japanese people right now! :)

  • TehVanguard

    That’s bullshit. I mean, I’m playing it for few days now, and I don’t think Nueko is that much of a problem. She is needed for only 4 boss fights (and you have them a lot throughout the game). And in terms of story, come on – this game is something like Etrian Oddysey. It focuses more on events and the world itself; also, story isn’t as relevant as gameplay (in this game that is). Nueko does appear to be important, but she isn’t spoiling the fun of enjoying it. I think that actually the fact that Japanese fans are complaining about petty things like that is a sign that the game does not have any major flaws.

    • dusk

      If you need her for those 4 bosses though, doesn’t that mean that you have to keep her leveled up and such throughout the game so that she can do what she needs to do in those 4 fights?

      • TehVanguard

        No, she can be underleveled. But still you need to spend that points on reviving her. And that’s the major pain in Japanese butts.

        • Guest

          I have to say I’m a little confused then, why do you need her exactly? I was picturing it was like “She has a unique attack which is the only way to get rid of these boss’ shields” but is it more like “The game will refuse to let you fight them if she’s not in the party”?

        • dusk

          I thought I made a reply to this but it isn’t showing up, so apologize if this gets posted multiple times by accident.

          How exactly is she required then? I was picturing it was something along the lines of “She has a unique attack which is the only way to damage those bosses / only way to break a shield around them,” But is it more like “The game will refuse to let you fight those bosses if she isn’t in the party”? That seems annoyingly arbitrary, especially if she’s the only character this ever happens with.

  • MaximDualBlade

    I always thought the story was centered around the godess so no complaints from me.

    The gameplay seems fun and if Nueko is the only complaint about the game, then day one from me.

    Also, since when Amazon ratings are an indicator about the quality of a game

  • SetzerGabbiani

    That…..escalated quickly.

  • Andrés González

    I believe that the problem is more ¨fake marketing¨, they promisse something and they don´t deliver that. PLUS i´m on the side of these guys, what the point of making my family if we dont gonna be main focus?.

    • TehVanguard

      Your family IS the focus of the game. Nueko is just as important. What mostly pisses of Japanese dudes is that she has same lifespan as others – that is 2 years, and you have to revive her later (at least for 4 boss fights during which she’s required), spending points on her instead of producing slightly stronger family member (which is still possible, just farm few monsters more; or simply revive her before the boss battles I mentioned).

  • KuroNathan

    Really at this point why not make Nueko the main char? I’d rather play as Nueko and be able to control her actions then play as her body guards. Especially since she’s required anyways for certain boss battles

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      I’d assume because they were banking on the game being a long-awaited sequel to a critically acclaimed classic, rather than taking a risk on a new IP? seems like an odd choice though

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Sounds like the mobs of 2ch having a collective laugh rather than a genuine gripe

  • tubers

    Weren’t Sony banking on the success of this? So does this mean we should no longer expect Sony made/published/”2nd party” tbRPGs for the VITA?

    • novurdim

      it has sold moderately well (93k during the several first days), so I doubt this will necessarily be the case.

    • Solomon_Kano

      It sold as well as the PSP remake of the original game, so I can’t imagine their expectations were too much higher. Things should be alright on that front.

      • tubers

        @Solo and novu:

        Well then, I hope that just means they’ll try better the next time they do a tbRPG.

        • Solomon_Kano

          I guess it’ll really depend on who Sony partners with for their next RPG. Alfa System handled the Oreshika games; perhaps they’ll turn to Game Arts or Media Vision in the future.

  • Ethan_Twain

    I really like these articles that cover reactions to a game in Japan. Way too often a game is covered during the leadup to it’s Japanese release and then covered in the leadup to it’s localized release and across neither of those buildup cycles do I learn if the game is actually any good.

    Not that Amazon reviews are the most meaningful metric in the world, but they do give a basic feel of the reaction to a game. Positive, ambivalent, or negative. Sounds like this game turned out to be a bit of a bummer.

    • British_Otaku

      A bummer if you are anticipating that the game follows through from the previous installment 15 years ago, I don’t mean to discredit any of the Japanese posters, but it is similar to how I really dislike Unlimited World RED for a ton of reasons but a number of them aren’t immediately noticable unless you played older Unlimited games (which needs you to import to get all of them) as well as other Ganbarion One Piece games.

      The family playing second fiddle thing is a notable fault anyway.

      And yes, I agree on the need to spotlight reception on a game from the first release. It is incredible how people in other regions or languages can be clueless about a game numerous importers have gotten a hold of even ignoring that we have folks who can understand and follow these sites.

    • Shippoyasha

      I can understand discussing something, but Amazon is a site for over the top theatrics regarding reviews. Some fans in many games made issues a lot bigger than they actually were. Can’t take all of them as hard fact. Amazon reviews has become a hyperbole chamber so everyone has to be at least a bit cynical about it.

      • British_Otaku

        Assuming that we have a means to confirm what is hard fact (my rule of thumb is to check high, medium and low reviews and points shared or not denied in all three should be true), perhaps even a few importers and such there isn’t really a problem.

        Every place has meaningless noise in that sense, even if Amazon by being the first place people go to will draw a lot more of it.

        • darke

          Yeah. That’s the only use metacritic has for me. Find a high, a medium, and a low; if the high is prasising things I don’t care about and dislike, the game’s probably not for me; if the low’s bitching about things that aren’t important, or things that I like personally, then the game is probably for me.

          The mediums usually end up with the most detail as to how the game works since unlike really high or really low, they kind of need to justify their waffly stance. :)

      • Ethan_Twain

        Yeah, I’m not too worried about the game’s presentation of it’s protagonist or whatever they’re complaining about specifically. Specifics from Amazon reviews I don’t trust.

        But the average star rating does seem valuable to me. Because even when people aren’t super game design nerds, they know when a game they’re playing is fun and when it isn’t. Even if they explain why exactly.

        So there are some users complaining about the game. The important takeaway is not that there’s something wrong with the protagonist. The important takeaway is that a bunch of people don’t much care for the game and are giving it low ratings. If people were having a blast playing the game, they wouldn’t be giving it low ratings lame protagonist or no.

        And really, that’s all I want. I don’t need game reviews when a game releases in Japan. I just kinda want a sense of whether it turned out okay or not.

        • Shippoyasha

          It’s fair to do so. I don’t disagree. Just saying, everyone needs to critique critique too, if that makes any sense.

          I sometimes feel more emboldened to like a game if the critique is something I don’t really agree with. All this will depend on every player and what they want out of a game.

        • darke

          Remember all the 1-star mass-effect-3-ending-sucks reviews? That was because the game was ‘great’ but the ending sucked.

          This is what normally happens to JRPGs in western reviews, too. “This game has lots of fanservice! 3/10!” so you end up with unnaturally depressed metacritic scores because the reviewers get their knickers in a twist over one aspect of it, ignoring whether the rest of the game is enjoyable or not.

          The average star rating in this instance looks similarly irrelevant. Because people are annoyed a one thing, they’re rating things to extreme.

          I’ve found in situations like this you can only ignore the star ratings and look at the reviews and go, “does this thing they’re complaining about particularly annoy me?” if it does, then the game’s not for you.

          • Zen Grenadier

            I get what your saying. A good example would for me be the AT series. Crappy reviews but I played the crap out of 1 and 2.

            AT3 was all bs fan service tho. I stopped halfway cause I couldn’t take it.

  • Anueu

    She sounds like a mary sue. According to what her personality is like, I can understand why people would be peeved about a story revolving around a single character so much in a game like this.

  • Shippoyasha

    I’d say play the game first before jumping aboard the outrage train. It could be a matter of an in game character and plotline naturally clashing with the player centric elements of an RPG. Almost every plot oriented RPG runs into issues of protagonist characters versus the characters in the story you don’t have direct control over whether plotwise or gameplay wise.

    It’s understandable if it irks some players but it may not be a big deal to those who can cope with it or even prefer how they are handling the storytelling.

  • leingod

    Aren’t most anime and anime-based media just like this? I mean, having some protagonist that every other character ultra-cares about, and mostly can’t do much without? You know, the one that when he / she gets hit everybody notices and gasps with worry (while other characters die unceremoniously).

    • Shippoyasha

      That’s mostly an old cliche. It’s tricky with RPGs because there’s the factor of whether you control the characters or not. Also, if a character is very important in the plot, such as being an important political character or is someone with special skills, it’s only natural they get attention.

      Not to mention protagonists naturally get some attention or else it could be counter intuitive to storytelling. You don’t drag a story down trying to be way too realistic by making it a battle for protags to get attention. It’s the same for western entertainment too. It may be more pronounced if they get attention too much in an ensemble cast story.

  • harmonyworld

    I guess they feel like how I felt when I played white knight chronicals.
    Basically, your character doesn’t matter to the story line and it’s more about the other characters instead of you.
    I get that~
    You wanna be the focal point, the main character, the hero.
    You kinda don’t want another character taking that away from you in a game.
    Can you imagine if Neo weren’t “The One” and it was all about trinity instead?
    Sorta like that~

  • Wow, got scared there for a sec. After reading the article though I don’t really see a problem. It’s not like she’s the only character that you can play as or something like that. Perhaps Sony just chose poorly in their wording about the game. I’m still looking forward to it when it releases here.

  • Jadfish

    okay I can see where they are coming from, but I expected the gameplay to be broken based on the scoring.

    Is Nueko annoying though? I hope she is at least likeable if she takes centerstage so much.

    • Fefen Ardiansyah

      according to them, nueko is the main character in the storyline, you can’t progress the game without nueko
      of course, you can remove her out of your party and add her only if you wish to progress the storyline (or so i heard)

  • thrak

    There are waifus players like – and they are admired by the audience. But there are waifus CREATORS like and force on players and audience hates them….Right?…Not that I am a fan of any ‘waifu’ bullshit…

    • Shippoyasha

      The series was never about that.. it wouldn’t matter if the character is a male character as well. People have issue with the player agency aspect.

      • thrak

        I understand that the series is based on a pretty serious story. I was just joking/Wondering if creators really aimed to fascinate the male audience with their heroine trying to make her into one of the popular female characters…You know what I mean, there are plenty of them nowadays. Either way, the hot female heroine was disliked for once and this is kind of amusing for me.

        • Shippoyasha

          I get you. I do sometimes wonder if there’s some want for her to be in the playable category and the jealousy of her being an important VIP instead.

  • Godmars

    Sounds like the creative muddle which effected White Knight Chronicles and FFX. One wasted the silent protagonist potential by not recognizing your character “The Side-kick” at all, while the other didn’t give Yuna enough to do in what was also her story. Failed to make the trails about puzzles she was suppose to solve while including map based problems which called for a summons. Like what happened during the wedding, only as a gameplay element rather than a cutscene.

  • Milewide

    I tried the demo and made my character after my own likeness by taking a selfie with the vita.

    Considering how ugly my family turned out I am rather relieved to hear that they won’t play a major role in the game.

  • Carlos Daniel Flores Loreto

    I could handle Lightning for three games, this will be nothing.

    • Warboss Aohd


    • Lastlight

      I…I actually liked Lightning

      • Postnjam

        Me too, She seemed like a cold person but she kinda got better.She was one of the only characters who somewhat developed.

        • I still say Lightning was a good character that was in a bad trio of games, or at least she was presented wrongly.

    • epy

      You’re a better man than me, I couldn’t stomach her in the first one.

  • Based Ignacio Puppo

    I can understand hating the story, but I dunno if it would affect me that much, as I always valued gameplay over everything else…. but I do get that story is a major aspect when it comes to RPGs.

  • Namuro

    I don’t know why people are getting mad about what the Japanese players think of this game. It’s just their preference and opinion. It’s not like they’ll suddenly cancel the localization of the game or something.

    If you enjoy the game, then enjoy it! Don’t let others tell you otherwise. A lot of people give me a lot of crap for games like Touhou and Monster Hunter, but that doesn’t stop me from loving those games!

    It’s a big, big, big world we’re living in. We just have to accept that there are a lot of conflicting thoughts and views out there.

  • Warboss Aohd

    …….They gave a 1 star to it for that?

    As someone who hated ME3’s ending and remember the outcry on that, this is even dumber than THAT was.

  • Great news for me, she’s hot

  • Yan Zhao

    Giving low review to a game because it doesnt actually have any GAMEPLAY flaws, but didnt meet your expectation in insignificant areas? Lol ok.

    • Story being insignificant in an RPG. Please read what you said again and slap yourself accordingly.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        But no negative comment said the story was bad, only that they didn’t like Nueko being a crucial part of the game. We don’t know if the story is bad~.

        • kratoscar2008

          Well a single character can drag a game a lot, like Lightning or the Star Ocean TLH cast.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            True, but again, no complaints had addressed her as dragging the story. Only that they can’t stand her and she is key to the plot / gameplay~.

          • kratoscar2008

            Not standing a character is a good complain though, why would i like to play a game about a character i actively dislike?

      • Rad Phil

        Who dictated it to be the only significant thing in an RPG?

        • kratoscar2008

          Its the only thing that matters in JRPGs, i mean you dont even roleplay or make choices in them anyways.

          Gameplay its okay too but JRPGs are first and foremost story.

          • Rad Phil


            Then why is it not called a visual novel instead of an RPG? :v

          • kratoscar2008

            Because reasons, the same way some people call date sims Visual Novels when they are completely different.

      • Yan Zhao

        All I read was “X character gets more spotlight than my family, WAHH WAHH WAHH”.

  • 6810

    Japanese customers going nuts giving bad reviews on Japanese amazon is nothing new. Many of the reviews are frequently as ignorant and illiterate and via 2chan as the trash you read on US amazon.

    I remember reading a P4U review where a one-star review was given because… er, the game didn’t have any characters from P1 or P2…

    • MrTyrant

      >I remember reading a P4U review where a one-star review was given because… er, the game didn’t have any characters from P1 or P2…

      Really? really!? thats cool. They are my soulmates. Need some p2 love here. Lot of p3/4 fanboys kekeke

  • Fefen Ardiansyah

    what? so they give 1 star not because this game is bad but they dont like the story?

    what about the gameplay?? the features?? graphic?? customizations?? etc

    • Ultimaniacx4

      Making a character vital to defeating certain enemies affects 3 of those things. Also, opinions. Not everyone plays games for the same reasons and it’s not really worth it to get upset over someone’s opinion on the game. It’s not like the review system is broken. Their star vote is followed by their reason for judging. Anybody can see their reason and still choose based on the reason for the rank.

      • Shippoyasha

        Still, jumping straight to a 1 star rank is pretty hilarious to me. They just want to send a message, not fairly critique the whole necessarily.

        • Of course they want to send a message. They paid good money for the game and were unhappy with what they got.

          These aren’t people in the press trying to critique the game for a review meant to drive website traffic or long-form content, they’re unhappy consumers telling the publisher they felt like their money was wasted.

          And even then, a lot of these reviews point out specifically what the problem is and why they were upset.

          • mockturtle

            Seems like there are more constructive ways to vent your frustration than review bombing, though. Gardening; playing with a kitty; boss rushing Bayonetta; something.

          • It isn’t venting frustration, it’s sending a message and providing feedback. The entire point of Amazon reviews is to allow customers to give each other their opinions.

            This isn’t forum-trolling. A lot of Amazon reviewers are pretty good about giving feedback. A lot of the reviewers that have given the game a low rating have pretty good reputations, too.

          • mockturtle

            Well, I’m only familiar with American Amazon one-star reviews, which are rarely constructive, so from what I gathered from the article I thought it was the same thing. In that case, I’ll take your word for it.

          • Well, I think it depends on the medium and the circumstances in question. Japan obviously has its share of overzealous fans and trolls, too. When Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest switched platforms, there were plenty of 1-star reviews spiting the games for not being on their platform of choice.

            But in this instance, there doesn’t appear to be any such agenda. It sounds like Japan Studio just misread their own market and weren’t entirely certain what Oreshika’s small but dedicated audience wanted from the game.

          • mockturtle

            Makes me wonder how the West is going to respond to this game, considering we don’t have any history with/expectations of the series.

          • I guess it depends on how annoying this Nueko character really is. If she really is a Mary Sue, I expect people outside of the fans that want to like this game no matter what won’t be pleased.

            Hopefully, the localization team can do something to help make this problem better. Perhaps remove some of the “anime-esque” style qualities from the dialogue. That sort of thing can go a long way.

          • darke

            But a lot of those scores and comments are obviously review bombing to vent their anger.

            It’s like if I went to the Atelier games on amazon and gave all the vita games 1-star reviews because “the time management is unduly punishing”. I mean, *I* expected a game with cute girls doing alchemy from the advertising, right? And yet I’m stuck clock watching and micromanaging if I want to enjoy it? Clearly it’s a 1-star game!

            No, you don’t do that, you go “fun game, but the time management eventually gets annoying” and give it 3 or 4 stars due to that. 1-star is for unplayable/unwatchable tripe, or something that’s completely broken.

            Or if you want to vent anger and review-bomb.

          • No, you don’t do that, you go “fun game, but the time management eventually gets annoying” and give it 3 or 4 stars due to that.

            3 or 4 stars for a game you didn’t enjoy makes little sense. Again, these aren’t critics trying to dissect a game’s design. They’re consumers with no responsibility beyond saying “I didn’t like this game and here’s why” or “I liked this game and here’s why”.

            3 stars would mean “this game is okay, and I liked it somewhat”. 4 stars would mean “I really like this game”. 5 stars would mean “This game is among the best I’ve played”.

            Also, it isn’t just limited to 1-star reviews. There are also several 2-star reviews. There aren’t as many 3-stars because I would imagine that, again, three stars are seen as “average,” implying the game is neither here nor there. But clearly, people have strong feelings about the title either way, so they’re opting to go higher or lower than 3.

    • It’s an RPG. RPGs are first and foremost receptacles of story and lore. Gameplay comes as a close second, everything else is optional.

      • HarakiriKami

        Fuck no.

        RPG’s are just fucking shit if the gameplay is boring.
        But if the story isnt compelling some people dont have a reason to play it.

        An RPG has to be the full package. It needs to be compelling, by whatever hook is necessary to that end.

        Whether its SMT,a Xeno game, Wild Arms, VAlkyria,Fire Emblem, Atelier,Dragon Quest, Bravely default, baroque, you name it.

        • Aspenharls

          It seems like you misread his message. He said gameplay comes to a close second, with story/lore being first, which I completely agree with. You’re playing a Role, and because of that, you need to act out the role’s story. The gameplay is just the gears the make the story move forward.

          • Arz

            AH, you know the future is dark when the gameplay is put as second in games.

          • Aspenharls

            Not necessarily. Besides, this doesn’t cover every game, more JRPG/RPG’s.

          • Arz

            I also look forward to the future where we bring controllers to theaters and judge a movie based on it’s gameplay.

          • HarakiriKami

            Role in the story or role in the world?

            Its funny but a lot of people have misconceptions of what rpgs are and what they can be. Especially with regards to what defines a good rpg. What they are at their essence.

          • Aspenharls

            I don’t really think you can misconceive, or define what makes a good RPG. It’s a matter of what the player enjoys, not what an entire community enjoys. Otherwise, that would belittle a person’s individuality.

          • HarakiriKami

            Actually you can,because each genre of game has a core at its center.The differences in the games are based on what the specialize in, but you need a strong core above all else.

            RPG’s at their heart are a coalescence of many different factors that constantly engage the player in the world they’re inhabiting,the role they’re playing. Whether you are a specific character, or you’re observing from the role of your own player generated avatar.

            The narrative structure, method of player engagement, battle system, and exploration mechanics are all vastly different however.

            And within those narrative structures,you have the type of story you’re showing the player. A character driven epic like Radiant Historia/Final Fantasy or a homely story about a group of people, like Persona/ The Last Story. Perhaps its an overall symbolic tale about people who inhabit a world like mainline SMT games are? Or your game relies on heavy exploration and NPC interaction to ameliorate the world of the game like Metroid does? Golden Sun, Xenoblade and Shin Megami Tensei/Etrian Odyssey being particular examples of this style.

            What one person personally enjoys differs from the next. Some like Dark Souls, others like Magical Starsign. But they all need to retain their core. Even SRPG’s like Valkyria Chronicles and Fire Emblem ( speaking of Fire Emblem, FE13 was a bit disappointing with the map designs.Kinda made it easier to brute force through the game as they’re mostly flat.The game needed better strategy options, oh and the level system is broken. You need to break the game to beat Lunatic + because everything is broken on that level. Thats another grip with RPG’s though as you can grind and then one shot everything. I think that should be addressed overall with system pacing as then it becomes a Zero sum game.)

            The thing that Fire Emblem really got right though is character interaction. In an SRPG with permadeath being attached to these characters really emphasized your role in the game and its style of play( keeping everybody alive). And like Disgaea, you can grind forever in this game and enjoy it. Going through multiple classes, maxing out your children’s stats, clearing through the shit ton of maps the game has + the 80$ worth of DLC maps they have(which are hard as all hell). Then when you replay the game you can have an entirely different experience from a dialog perspective depending on who you marry and which characters you use. That is why Fire Emblem Kakusei is a fantastic game(now they can focus on fixing the strategy balance since they saved the series and all that. Lol.)

            Concerning other tropes and trends in the RPG space, I’ll address the following:

            Personally I always disliked cinematics in RPGs. They dont fit, RPGs arent action games like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, which are broken up in segments. Play through a level, cutscene. Bayonetta took this a step further by putting in real time cutscenes within these segments to bring a flair to the pacing of the game, and it works here, it really works because it doesnt detract from the player’s control or the Raison D’Etre of the game. Some of the best implementation of that was in The Wonderful 101. That game is absolutely bonkers.

            But in an RPG? Its in the damn title “role playing game” you dont want to take control away from the character. Another thing you shouldnt do is betray a player’s expectation with a character you have active control over. This is something that can cause the player to hate the main character.

            Lets look at Tales of the Abyss for instance.

            Some people like Luke. Others absolutely hate him. Depending on whether they personally empathize with his situation and how he grows throughout the game. Im sure many people have been in his particular situation before.(Perhaps you got in trouble for something,but you get upset because everyone starts blaming you and feel like an outcast since nobody understand where you’re coming from?)
            For other people, in their situation, they can’t subscribe to what he does, because frankly, he does a lot of stupid shit, since he’s basically 7. This causes a disconnect between the player and the story which causes them to be frustrated, even disliking the game(particularly if they ARE playing for the story). This can even extend to the entire cast, which can be a very cold group. Which is inevitably why some people hate Tales of the Abyss even though I like the game.

            Tales of Abyss has this other problem, a problem that most tales games have when it comes to the story. Alot of the cast ignores this one little detail, that is plain as day, and it comes and bites them back in the ass for the sake of a “twist” that you as a player saw coming, but everyone else didnt. Its very ameteur writing. I think that’s why Ishaan would prefer the Tales team stick to the comedic script that they do so well.

            A game like Xenoblade on the other hand has twists upon twists that completely blindside you in its narrative. The game has a lot of clear foreshadowing and a lot of not so clear foreshadowing. It lays out something obvious which obscures another piece of the story from your attention, and it follows up with both of them in quick succession, so the narrative keeps you engaged, it pushes you to keep exploring which is what the game rewards. Its an Adventure game first. Xenoblade is all about exploration.
            From the affinity system, to the landmark/quick travel system that rewards you with exp,to how the maps are designed, how they lay out heart to hearts, items and enemies on the field( to push you to search every nook and cranny on the map) to the mass of interesting things to see in the game overall. Its a sight to behold and its absolutely gorgeous.

            SMT games however are entirely about the symbolism behind the narrative. But they also make their games interesting to explore by littering out piece of the story throughout the maps via NPC interaction, or conversations with demons. Strange journey did it differently from SMT IV because they specifically put demons inside the dungeons you spoke with. SMT IV on the other hand has an overworld. But exploration isnt compelling if you dont find interesting things to do along the way, or a cool item/skill to reward you for your troubles. This is why the backbone of an RPG is almost always an engaging battle system, but its the story that will pull you forward in an rpg. To compel you to move forward, no matter how fun it is to fight enemies in the game.

            Now,lets look at a few other examples, Final Fantasy X and XenoSaga. These games both fall prey to two fatal errors. Taking away player control, and betraying the player’s suspension of disbelief. Everybody hates Tidus and Shion. EVERYBODY. They, like luke, betray the end user’s expectations and thus pulls them out of the game.

            Infact Tetsuya Takahashi took this particular fact to heart when they designed Shulk and his dialogue. The wanted to make a character nobody would have a severe distaste for. ( which he succeeded in, as nobody hates shulk. Some are apathetic to him because they think he’s plain in comparison to the colorful cast of Xenoblade, that manages to subvert every classic JRPG trope. Riki is like the big F:U to every cute child like mascot animal ever lol. As was the plot. Zanza with his godly delusions of grandeur. He’s nothing but a chump in Alvis’s world.I always liked Shulk though, he’s a scientist who goes insane when he finds out he’s was Fist of the North Star’d)

            Which also reminds me of another game. Golden Sun. Another Exploration heavy RPG, but its rather Zelda like. This game has no cutscenes. Just in engine story segments(that attempt to engage you with dialog choices but it doesnt really matter) . Its a very immediate game, with a lot of interesting dialog. Like SMT, it has a lot of NPC interaction that flesh out the game’s world. Its very open but segmented.(more SMT similarities yay). In this game, the story plays service to the dungeons and the battle system. Probably one of the best turn base combat systems in my experience, its very fast paced, immediate, and the Djinn system allows for a lot of fun customization in your skill set and its adds some really flashy, fun combat to the game.

            Story is a bit standard, albeit it doesnt really follow most JRPG tropes,it is a bit pedestrian for seasoned players. But it is serviceable. Probably one of the best games to actually start one’s love affair with RPG’s.

            After reading all this Im sure you’ve noticed a trend overall here. When it comes to RPGs, they all have one strong element that serves as a backbone that drives the player forward.

            For some games its the narrative(whatever narrative style they chose, whether it be character driven or symbolic in nature).

            For others its the exploration. Visiting beautiful locales,taking in the atmosphere of the world and the people that live in it, or solving environmental problems to progress through this world, taking all of this in is a defining point of the experience.

            Having a competent battle system only gets you so far if you have no reason to play it other than the battle system. Thats why people dont like Star Ocean IV.

            The battle system is there to give you something interesting and fun to do along the way, whether you’re following the tale of Chrono and Marle or exploring through the ruins of Oolacile in Dark Souls, piecing the lore of the world together by the power of imagination.

      • Arz

        RPG confirmed as not a video game.

      • Mark Lengod

        Yup, that´s why Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy are more popular than every Xeno ever released. Yup, story is the first, gameplay is second and everything else is optional.

        That’s why Xenosaga II is DEFINITELY one of the best RPGs of the PS2, even if doesn’t have anything else besides a great story and some cool musics.

        Yeah that was irony, lol.

        • HarakiriKami

          Dragon Quest is amazing because the mechanics come together to create a world like no other. Same thing with Xenoblade Chronicles.

          • Mark Lengod


          • Giordan

            Mechanics AKA “Mash A to win” (at least in DQ1)

      • Giordan

        Tell that to Dragon Quest…

  • gangrelion

    But what are those people talking about? It’s a game where a cute girl does everything while you just watch! Japan loves that shit!

    • Fefen Ardiansyah

      is this sarcasm?

      • Bobby Jennings


      • Spectacularity

        Unfortunately, no.

      • Knowing this site, I doubt it.

  • brwcrw

    One, Nueko needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine.
    Two, Whenever Nuekos not on screen, all the other characters should be asking “Where’s Nueko”?

    • Seth Rich

      Brilliant reference.

      • gulabjamal

        What’s the reference??! I think it’s brilliant either way but now I’m curious

        • Seth Rich

          Simpsons reference. Where Homer gives his suggestions to improve his annoying character Poochie.

          • gulabjamal

            Ahahaha I see. Thank you :)

  • fyi1191

    Can we hook up with her? Then I wanna make every generation bang and she will be important.

  • MillerKun

    I can understand if was a game like Paper Mario:Sticker Star. Which did away what made the Paper Mario series great but I don’t see an issue unless everything is focus on Nueko.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    for some reason i was already expecting something like this to happen because of the vita demographic. it’s also what i expect from every new vita game.
    “let’s throw a mary sue/gary stu in the game, they’re really popular today!!”
    I can’t say that i’m surprised

  • ishyg

    The Vita can’t seem to get a break.

    Regardless, I’d still play this game. One character’s nuance is not enough to dissuade me.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    This game never looked good to begin with.

    • Nesther

      I disagree. The art is beautiful, it seemed to have classic JRPG combat which is always nice and the building your own dynasty feature is neat. It’s really a bummer that they force that NPC.

  • This is an interesting situation. I wonder how much of this is a result of Japan Studio misreading the demographic for Oreshika.

    Vita’s primary audience in Japan is the otaku demographic, and we’ve seen this reflected in most games for the platform. The majority of publishers seem to feel that including some form of fanservice is necessary in Vita games. We’ve seen Sony do it before, too, in Freedom Wars with the Android helpers. (Although, that feature actually has a practical use as well, and isn’t in bad taste like a lot of other games.)

    So, I wonder how much of that bled into Oreshika. Someone below suggested that Nueko is meant to essentially give players a female character to latch on to, and make her the centre of attention. When you think about the way a lot of other Vita games are, and the audience that tends to obsess over anime characters/merchandise, this doesn’t seem like an outlandish theory.

    The problem is, that isn’t what the Oreshika audience wants. For starters, this is a relatively old franchise at this point. People that played the original game on PS One aren’t your average young male otaku now, they’re adults. Additionally, Oreshika has never been known for pandering or anything of the sort in the past. None of this was played up in the game’s marketing either.

    Given that this game sold almost exactly the same amount as the Oreshika 1 remake at launch, one would assume that the vast majority of players that bought Tainted Bloodlines were returning fans. So it makes complete sense that these reviews are unhappy. Oreshika isn’t finding a new audience, it’s being bought by a dedicated fanbase. The problem is, that audience isn’t happy with the game that was marketed and the game that was actually delivered in the end.

    Also, to the folks saying that Amazon reviews don’t matter, I think this is underestimating the effect of word of mouth. Amazon reviews are an important part of driving word of mouth in the long term. The games that sell and sell and sell for many years are the ones that have good word of mouth and high customer satisfaction. Going on Amazon to order a game and seeing it rated at 2-stars isn’t particularly encouraging for the average consumer.

    • Kai2591

      An interesting thought indeed.

      I too would be unhappy to receive a product that is actually different from what was advertised. (Reminds me of Star Ocean The Last Hope, but maybe that’s just me).

      • I actually never got around to that. What was wrong with Last Hope? I’ve heard it has a bad rep, but I never found out why.

      • I actually never got around to that. What was wrong with Last Hope? I’ve heard it has a bad rep, but I never found out why.

        • Suki

          I’m not sure but I can hazard a guess why. I think for most people the game was different than other games in the series. I personally loved Last Hope. I have to rebuy it because at the time I purchased it for the 360 but I no longer have one so I need a PS3 copy.

          However, I couldn’t stand Star Ocean 3. The game was boring and so were the characters. That caused me to struggle to play it so much that I eventually gave up on it. I KNOW I’m in the minority but I almost passed on Last Hope because I disliked Star Ocean 3 so much.

          The previous poster probably can give you a better idea though.

        • Kai2591

          Well this is just my opinion and they’re really just my preferences. Also forgive me if its too much of a rant :)

          The Last Hope is actually alright. However, I had expected a lot more from it. The trailers gave out a sense of epic adventure through the stars and maybe meeting various advanced civilizations and all that. Turns out, we only ever go to two or three planets. UNDERDEVELOPED planets (why do they always choose primitive places in Japanese space sci-fi games? I want to visit highly advanced cities, not the backwaters of the galaxy. Geez).

          I also disliked the story and some of the characters. Its been so long so I can’t remember exactly, but I especially dislike the part when the main character Edge Maverick went all emo. Ugh, all that teenage angst was insufferable. (That’s what you get by sending teenagers to an outer space adventure I guess). And that green hair alien teammate! *spoiler alert* He turned all evil in the end because all the sadness that his race is suffering was too much for him to bear. What. The. F. Such a stupid reason to turn bad. And the fact that *spoiler alert 2* the true evil that’s been corrupting the galaxy actually stems from the act of advanced species giving primitive races their technology, therefore the moral of the whole story is that ‘we shouldn’t bother primitive races on other planets because its wrong and they should develop on their own’. I HATE that belief.

          Also, the ‘towns’ and ‘cities’ are so unrealistically small. The map designs feel uninspired. But this is a problem in many JRPGs.

          But there are awesome things in that game. I LOVE the battle system. So addictive. I really wish Tri-Ace would use that kind of battle system again but with improvements. The graphics are nice too, but character expressions are stiff and that little girl character looked like a creepy doll that can move and talk.

          So tl;dr – Story and characters were bad, sense of real adventure and depth were lacking, but battle system was excellent.

          • Cerzel

            While I didn’t particularly like The Last Hope, I have to disagree with some of your points here. While the first three planets you visit are underdeveloped ones, yes, you’re forgetting that you also visit an alien mothership, and one of the universe’s space-faring hub worlds.
            The towns aren’t particularly small, either, I’d put them at around the medium size by current JRPG standards.

            As for Edge “going all emo”, it’s absolutely absurd to phrase it this way or interpret it like that. Spoilers: Edge was responsible for the deaths of billions of people because of his naivete. That is not something for him to just blow off and walk away from. He has a very reasonable reaction of utter despair and withdrawal as a result of it, and yet, instead of spending the entire rest of the game brooding over it, he soon decides to pick up the pieces and try to make things right. It was the strongest character arc in the game, by far.

            If you want to point at problems TLH had you should point at the shoddy writing, the awkward character animations, half your party being unlikeable anime stereotypes, and the awkward fanservice throughout. Complaining about one of the few well-written parts of the story is ridiculous.

          • Kai2591

            As I said, its just my taste, I have my own gripes and everyone’s different. What you think is nice, I might think differently.

            Its true that its only natural for Edge to be depressed about his bad decision (and he should be!) but the way he does it was extremely irritating (for me, and actually a lot of people). But I guess the real fault lies with the writer, not the character himself. There are other ways to show the regret and depression of the character, but it just had to be in the most childish way. But I suppose it was nice that he eventually got over it well before the game ends. Now, again, this is just my taste, but if that’s the strongest character arc in the game, its doing pretty badly.

            And I did point out the shoddy writing; I mentioned how bad story is. As for awkward character animations, I said “character expressions are stiff and that little girl character looked like a creepy doll that can move and talk.”. I actually don’t mind characters being anime ‘stereotypes’ tbh, as long as they’re interesting (to me); except the angst hero stereotype, and friend-turn-evil-due-to-overhwleming-sadness stereotype (THATS ridiculous). Even a few fanservice is actually good fun (as long as not overdone).

            Yes, actually I do remember being able to visit an alien mothership and that mega space station, but those places were just brief visits. The interior designs were bland and boring, and you don’t do much there. You just run around killing stuff in the mothership before it explodes, while in the space station you just visit a few areas, see a few scenes, and thats it. Although the explorable areas in the station was acceptable enough, overall there’s just no real sense of exploration, of real scale, of real detail, in the game’s map/town designs. At least make them look relatively realistic; I mean a few small houses hardly qualifies as a ‘town’ (especially referring to the little wizard girl’s hometown). This is a problem with a lot of JRPGs, and this being the ‘standard’ is exactly the problem (for me). For e.g. in FF9, they actually LOOK like real cities/towns even though they’re mostly in the background. I’m playing Xenoblade Chronicles right now and my God their starting town is already SO BIG (and that game’s running on a system inferior to the ps3/x360!).

            Finally, I only wrote my opinions because Ishaan asked, not because I want to randomly rant.

          • Wow, and here I thought it was just people that were unhappy with the CG/anime portraits issue. That was The Last Hope, right?

            And teenage angst sounds terrible. That’s exactly the problem mainline Final Fantasy suffers from, too. Too much angst, too much melodrama. Once you get older, that stuff doesn’t really make any sort of impact at all… it just gets annoying.

            Type-0 is just horrendous in this regard. This is kind of why I prefer everything that comes out of Square’s side teams these days (although Star Ocean isn’t entirely developed by them). There’s no bullshit, just great gameplay and interesting characters.

          • Kai2591

            Haha yes the CG/anime portraits issue was indeed about The Last Hope, but it wasn’t an issue for me (though I prefer the anime portraits but no big deal really).

            Wait, you’re saying Type-0 has similar annoying angst and melodrama?
            Oh no.

          • HarakiriKami

            Games are expensive. So scifi primitive lol

    • Tincho D

      I have another theory:
      Oreshika’s gameplay is either mediocre or plain shit and thus people get very nitpicky about tertiary shit like plot relevance and having to have a certain character in your party (as if that didn’t happen in countless jrpgs) during some boss fights.

      The original audience of the first game most likely bought this title wearing nostalgia goggles which were bound to shatter by reality and now it found itself facing disappointment, yet seemingly unable to recognize the game must have much bigger flaws than one character taking the spotlight (or maybe this particular news article failed to mention them) in order to justify rating the game so low.

      If you think about it, the people centering their judgements of the game on a single character receiving too much attention are most likely otaku too, just disgrunted the fictional family members they latched on got outshone by some Mary Sue.

    • Giordan

      Japan Studio didn’t make this. Alfa Systems is. (the creators of a bunch of different games)

  • WhyWai

    LoL. Amazon review…

  • TehVanguard

    Okay, so here I quote Fhoenix from gamefaqs answering for most of accusations of Amazon users:

    //- Nueko must be in party to proceed story
    She has to be in the party for something like 4 boss battles.
    //- Nueko has 2 year life expectancy like others
    Yes, so what?
    //- If Nueko dies, you’ve got to revive her
    You don’t. Unless you are planning to fight one of the aforementioned 4 bosses.
    //- Nueko needs a lot of points to revive
    //All your points go to Nueko, instead of your children.
    She costs 4-6k points. In comparison top gods take 60k points. If you are tight on points you can also marry other players. That won’t cost any points at all, only money.

    //And reviewers are also saying Nueko is so strong
    She is not. She is like a Naginata user, but she can not equip weapons at all (meaning low attack) and only medium armor (Naginata can equip heavy). She also can not learn ougi. She has decent stats and can use shikigami, but that does not make her ‘mary-sue’.

    So what I said earlier. And about her being main char – she is not. She is important during boss fights – because there without her you can’t proceed the story. Also – how to not make her important since she sacrificed herself for our family?

    • The more I learn about this whole thing, the more bizarre it gets. If all this is true, it sounds like it should barely even register on the Serious Issue-meter.

  • Yue D Andre

    I don’t see any reason for hatred.
    She is quite a beauty, in-game. I don’t own the game, so i don’t know how it VA but it’s supposed not too bad i think (at least decent enough or maybe there is no VA??).
    Except she is overpowered in the game, i would think a second to use her. I really don’t like a broken chars but not too much for hate.
    No offence, just an opinion from someone not yet own the game until NA released

    • Kamille

      because it limits the way you want to play the game.

      • SakuStar Light

        i see what you mean When said boss must be with said character in party it means basically the other slot must be filled and it already is You_Nueko_? so now its like wtf i cant use everyone. XD

      • Giordan

        It’s one fucking character. Who gives a shit?

        • Student

          Uh, everybody in Japan who bought the game? It really only takes one thing to ruin a game, especially if that aspect turns out to be a major part of the exposition.

          • Giordan

            It’s so petty, though. It’s a goddamn video game, not a novel or movie.

          • Student

            The story is a major part of the game. Would you seriously sit through something if it had a lacking plot that comprised a significant amount of playtime?

          • Giordan

            depends on the game.
            If it’s Tales, maybe.
            If it’s Mario, yes.
            If it’s Final Fantasy, no.

          • Student

            My point exactly. Plot is an important part of Oreshika. It is not simply to be glossed over.

      • Giordan

        I don’t like Aerith, but that doesn’t mean I hate FFVII.

      • Giordan

        And what about Ludger from Tales of Xillia 2? He’s broken beyond belief.

  • Recycled Vessel

    Well looks like we won’t be getting a physical release after this crap feedback. I’m still interested in buying the game though.

  • Guest

    No physical copy for us then..

  • SeventhEvening

    I doubt this will be such a big issue in the west. I’d say in Japan, most of those buying the game are returning fans. In the west, I’d say almost no one played the original. Often if you go into something with different expectations, you can end up pretty disappointed.

    • I hope that’s the case. I was really looking forward to this and want it to sell well so we get more RPGs!

    • ShadowDivz

      To be fair, i wasn’t even aware this was a series.

  • ZelpherFayt

    Doesn’t seem like will be an issue for me then again… I’ve never played the first one still buying this.

    • Giordan

      The first one wasn’t even released outside of Japan.

      • ZelpherFayt

        (25 days later)

        yeah that was my point never played it.

  • Ferofax

    Probably a bad product in all likelihood. If you buy something and it turns out to be different from what you expect but in a good kind of way, then all is forgiven and it may even come as a pleasant surprise. But if it’s different in a bad way, you suddenly notice all the flaws and it just generally sucks.

  • Oh great. So now if this game isn’t any good, and it doesn’t sell in the U.S., Sony will say, “Well, we tried, but Americans hate RPGs,” never acknowledging the fact that maybe they chose a bad game instead of a good one.

    I don’t really care much myself whether it’s about my family or about Nueko as long as it’s a good game. I’ve wanted to play this series since it came out on PS1. So I really hope it’s still decent…

  • Vash bane

    well now… that sucks I only played a little of the remake (I think it was a remake) and…uhhh…yeah I’m with them on this one. no buy but I was so interested in it too >.<

  • Michael Richardson

    This will be the first game in the series to be released in the West, so we’ll have none of the older games for points of reference and, as a result, no upset fans. If this is all fans in Japan can find to complain about, then I’m definitely still looking forward to this.

    • Giordan

      I think it’s silly to hate a game because of one character. If I was that petty, I’d hate FFVII since I don’t like Aerith. (I just don’t like her character, sorry) I do like FFVII, though.

      • Tuco Benedicto

        No need to apologize, considering she was freaking boring.

        • Giordan

          Well, her fans are rabid. Maybe more so than Cloud and Sephiroth fans.
          Also, FINALLY someone who didn’t think Aerith was that great.

          • Chef Chef

            im with you two she was pretty boring

  • Blue Gum

    There will not be another game.

    • Giordan

      Eh, it’s just Japan being petty, I think.

      • Blue Gum

        It sold roughly half of the previous game(IIRC), it has not been well received.

        • Giordan

          Again, I think it’s just Japan being petty. It’s one character, who gives a shit? It’s a fucking video game, not a movie.

          • Student

            Just because something gets good “reviews” or is publicized doesn’t mean it’s good. It’s ultimately up to the developers to make a enjoyable game and the players to like it.

            If the majority of players have a gripe (even if you perceive it to be minor), that’s not “being petty”. That’s “we dun goofed up” on the developer’s part.

            Furthermore, the standards for video games have never been more competitive. It can even be argued in some circles that it is its own art form.

          • Giordan

            -_- no, it’s them being petty. IT’S ONE FUCKING CHARACTER!
            I have to endure Cloud Strife in FFVII (and I don’t like him that much).

          • Student

            Let me spell it out for you.

            One thing can make a game bad. One character is bad. That character is a significant blemish to the game and/or exposition. Therefore, the game is judged to be bad.

            You are not the developer’s target demographic. You do not have the history or expectations of previous games in the series. You could not know what they (the demographic) hopes to expect. Please do not easily call a group petty; it is rather inaccurate/insulting from an outside point of view.

            If you put up with something, that’s great. Just remember that others don’t have to.

          • Giordan

            With your logic, I could name a plethora of games I like that have characters I hate.

          • Student

            That’s YOU, not OTHERS. That doesn’t take away from my argument at all.

            Oreshika is heavily story-based because it’s partly an RPG. One bad character is a significant part of the story. What can’t you get?

          • Giordan

            I hated Zelos from Tales of Symphonia, but I liked the game anyway.

          • Student

            As I said, others may not share the same opinion on how good a game’s story is. It’s something you have to agree to disagree on.

            However, I do agree with you that Tales of Symphonia was overall a very solid game.

          • Morricane

            “Majority”? – you shouldn’t forget that the internet’s “public opinion” is usually being distorted in favor of the vocal minority, since people who like things tend to not feel the need to vent off their frustration on the internet but rather enjoy their stuff…:)

        • Giordan

          and it got a 36/40 from Famitsu, so there are people in Japan that like it.

          • Blue Gum

            Did you seriously just use a Famitsu score to support your argument?


  • chriswild74

    Japanese players seem to find the dumbest reasons to hate on a game.

    • burnout02urza .

      Oh, come on: The reasons they gave are a good one.

      Imagine there’s an RPG based off A Game of Thrones, where you raise a family. But your family serves the Starks, and the WHOLE STORY is about the rise and fall of House Stark. You guys are spear carriers, while the Starks do all the epic things and so on.

      Nueko sounds like a plot tumor. You know, a DM’s pet NPC? The one who steals all the spotlight away from the main characters? That’s how annoying someone like that can be.

      • Morricane

        Except that in a pen&paper RPG the player’s goal would become the disposal of the GMs plot NPC (likely resulting in the GM rage-quitting by throwing a mountain on the PCs :D)

  • Sergio Macellaro

    Well at least this Nueko have a decisive advantage over the previuos cited Squall and Zelos:
    It cant be so bad…
    And about the other TiTS, the SC. Any news?

  • shezmu

    “How can one character make an entire game bad?”

    Take a loli character. You know the one, the one with that annoying moe personality and that gratingly high-pitched voice that makes you want to stab your ears every time you hear it, and make her the main character so that the plot centers around her and you have to listen to her in nearly every scene. Then make her emo and cry about how everything hates her every other scene. Then make her speak every second she’s in your party and every half second she’s on scene. Then make her a *mandatory* party member. Then make it so that she can’t die and she auto-revives you when you kill yourself.

    And that’s how one character can ruin a game.

  • Luffy Black

    I don’t see how people are confused or baffled by this…

    It’s like, imagine you make your own character on Skyrim right? But that character isn’t important and another character takes center stage instead of your created character. Imagine if everyone talked about and focused on that character instead of yours, especially if your character can start his or her own family and your generations take a backseat to said character.

    The whole concept sounds cool! I’d be pissed too if it took a backseat to an annoying anime stereotype

    • Wolfs_Rain

      Well, the thing is, even people who like Skyrim admit that the story and characters are one of the weaker aspects of the game. So if it’s like Skyrim, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

    • UltimateLemon

      Just adding my 2 cents here. Looking at the Korean review (Got localized in Korea as well), it seems that most of the hate is coming from way the game was marketted originally and how it was actually delivered.
      It was apparenty originally marketted as your character’s lineage taking the center stage; not just game play wise but story wise. However, what was actually delivered was Nueko taking the center stage in everything… To a point where the dialogue is pointedly ignoring or regarding your character as a burden. So presumably that breaks the immersion badly.

      • Luffy Black

        I would imagine so. The gamers who played this has a right to hate it

  • Haruru Chan

    the game is just a game

  • Lynn

    I’ve already been here, just wanted to say how I thought westerners were petty… then I read this article.

    How times change.

  • Guest

    Entirely understandable reason to dislike it. The game was marketed as a story spanning generations of a certain family. The title itself reflects that. Only makes sense to get mad if that all plays second fiddle to some character not in that family.

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