Online Action RPG Onigiri Is Getting More Zones Already

By Eugene . July 25, 2014 . 5:31pm


The free-to-play English version of anime-inspired RPG, Onigiri, has barely been out a month—it launched July 1st—but is already detailing new areas to be added in its coming update.


The July 29th update will add the frigid land of Echigo to the game. Echigo is described as an important city with much untamed wilderness and “many dangerous roads leading out of it”.



The other area is Hokurikudo. Sounding almost like a gauntlet, this long, straight map bordering the ocean is chock full of enemies. There’s a safe rest area near the middle to stop for a breather, which looks like a tea shop of olde Japan.


Onigiri is out now on PC in English. English versions will also be heading to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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  • nonscpo

    Wish I had a working labtop to try this game out.

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Labtop? Does it come with a chemistry set?

      • nonscpo

        Nice you know what I meant.

        • Bigabu Beaze

          Yeah I know I just couldnt resist.

  • Kornelious

    I can’t wait for this to come to the PS4 :D

    • Tinye

      Ya same, that’s what I’m waiting for and I’ll play it!

  • Black Heaven

    So this is what’s spamming the ads section recently!

    The graphics look… dated. Can anyone tell if this is a good game?

    • Ferrick

      it’s basically a japanese vinductape, so…. no

    • kool_cid414

      I enjoy it so far, haven’t got too far but it’s fun. Graphics wise it’s not the best but overall I have fun so take that as you will and give it a shot if you want.


      Keep in mind that a lot of MMO’s have simpler graphics so they can run on a wide range of machines. This is going for a cartoonier style anyway, regardless. Shouldn’t be a problem that it’s simpler looking so long as the action keeps up, frame-rate-wise.

      • Black Heaven

        Dat thumbnail…
        quite the same bait used as those in ad spams.

        I like the gameplay, much like Dragon Nest and Vindictus. As for graphics, they could have at least given it more polish just to keep up with its competitors.

    • Mir Teiwaz

      You’d be better off playing Tera.

    • Kaitou21

      Played it for an hour or so a few weeks ago, haven’t touched it since, just like Vince Vasquez video said the game is only for die-hard otaku, or people who really enjoy anime and want a more anime themed game (all the characters have such generic tropes and cliches too like a sub-par anime) , in terms of gameplay its like Vindictus but really repetitive (and doesn’t look nearly as good.)

  • MrTyrant

    Can’t they make an update and….update their textures? haha I haven’t heard anything good about this game.

    • JMaster3000


    • Eh, maybe. An MMO updating their tech-base actually isn’t unheard of. Not that it matters much here – they’re going for a cartoony aesthetic and they generally nail it. Could it look better? Sure. But it’s not like it looks bad now. It looks like a Vita game to me.

      And I’ve heard it’s okay. Seems to be a decent action-MMO, a little simpler than most, but aimed at kids/teens anwyay. It just doesn’t do anything better than other action-MMOs like Kritika Online or Vindictus or Dragon Nest. Which may be a problem on PC, but on consoles, it’ll have that sector all wrapped up. Plus, the simpler design should help it adapt well to controller interfaces.

  • Mikey Rose

    inverse aim for ps4 would be nice.

  • Dascylus

    I hope I’m not the only one who fears this generation is gonna be plagued with bland hi-res brown and grey textures… I mean, for at least AAA PS4 and Xbox One games, I’m not worried about the Wii U and its library that abuses the color spectrum.

    • Ferrick

      yes, because this is simply a game made by a company that cares nothing more than to get more $$$s, none of the games they make are exactly graphically “good” (IE: this, cosmicbreak, getamped)

  • Byron Kerrison II


    I am very skeptical about this game. I’ve seen ADs everywhere so I guess I’ll try it for curiosity sake.

    • Black Heaven

      It’s a trap!
      The girls in game are not as boobified as those ads. (Am seeing them too, err the ads)

      Someone posted a video review link here in the comments, you could check that out.
      Gameplay is action oriented like vindictus and dragon nest. Graphics are dated as you see in the screencaps.

      • Byron Kerrison II

        No hi-res boobies?!?!

        As long as the graphics don’t remind me of playing a game on the PS1, I should be fine. I’m more worried about the difficulty and it being repetitive.

        • ShadowDivz

          It’s unnaturally hard to level up.
          This is coming from someone who has played Maple story.

          • Byron Kerrison II

            That’s hilarious.

  • Fen Y

    It always makes me curious when I look at siliconera and check which MMOs get pushed and which do not…

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