Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Coming This Monday

By Ishaan . July 30, 2014 . 11:30pm

A Nintendo Direct presentation for Hyrule Warriors will be aired in North America and Europe early next week, Nintendo have announced. Stream timings and links for the presentation can be found below:


North American stream – August 4th, 8:00 pm PST

European stream – August 5th, 7:00 am UK time

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  • James Robert Thompson

    ‘Links for the presentation’
    I see what you did there…

  • Justin Graham

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Warriors game get as much hype as this one, and yet I want to see more!

    • Tarkovsky

      Goes to show how most gamers only look at things at face value. This game would draw zero excitement and interest if it were the same game(moves, system and etc) with a standard DW skin.

      • Yan Zhao

        True, but at the same time, Warriors crossover games like this, One Piece, FotNS e.t.c tend to be a LOT better in features, design and quality than the main DW franchise. It kinda piss me off how TK refuses to make DW as good as these crossovers :

      • Snorlaxation

        True, but it’s also because everything is LoZ, and not Dynasty Warriors. It’s basically Zelda on a new platform, more than just Dynasty Warriors with a new skin. All this development and details and everything they’ve done more than proves that. This will hopefully help the Zelda franchise by showing them that expanding and trying new things (maybe even new plots) could be a great idea. And it could help the Dynasty Warriors franchise because, seriously, they can only go up from here.

  • AsianDude2o9

    PLEASE announce the pre order bonus i want that scarf, triforce clock, treasure box, and dlc costume

    • Pyrotek85

      They’re hyping this game an awful lot too, it’d be a shame if we didn’t get it.

      • AsianDude2o9

        Definitely it would be a huge miss opportunity for nintendo

        • SakuStar Light

          I think allot of people are missing the point people on this website said it that they hated the fact this was a re-skin DW game because of comments people are already sick of this game and that’s the crowd that already hates DW.

          • Snorlaxation

            Lots of people hate Dynasty Warriors, yes. But plenty of people, especially on THIS site have been super hyped by all the reveals, so it kinda seems like your missing That point.

            Having said that, I don’t have much faith that we’d get all or even half those bonuses, because many of us don’t live in Japan, which would be the biggest reason.

          • SakuStar Light

            ok let me do this to make you figure this out. You a pie chart of the whole united states 75% say they hate DW and dont even want to give the game a chance. Then you have the 25% of you who do. Which do you think you would listen to? If your a real company youll go with the DW 75% you dont give F* about what people on one site say your looking for numbers for statistics you could care less so as an example one site dont make a difference.

          • Snorlaxation

            No need to get testy about it.
            And even so, you’re forgetting, or ignoring, the most important Fact. This plays like a Dynasty Warriors game, made (partly or half or whatever) by Team Ninja, But This Is A Zelda Game.

            Zelda characters, Nintendo merchandise, with Zelda worlds and Zelda themes and Zelda plot (more or less). This isn’t just Dynasty Warriors with a simple costume change, Nintendo would never allow that if they’re on board and a Part of the process. This is a Zelda story. And for all that so many people hate DW, this game may just be enough to not only save that dying ship (dying from boredom), but also help Nintendo to branch out the Zelda franchise.

            Sure, it will keep many who’ve written off DW as trash, away. But more and more people are enticed by the cute/cool/colorful attacks, and the characters, and the cameos and everything else, because LEGEND of ZELDA, BITCHES!

            And you know what? So what if this site is just 25%. There are many Many MANY more sites that are saying the same things, with the same comments. “Wow with the Zelda characters,’ ‘OMG with the attacks and weapons,’ and, ‘ok, it looks like DW battles, but it’s still looks more than that too, because ZELDA’.
            Seriously. Look up every trailer and character reveal video for this game on YOUTUBE.

            And you know what else? So what if you’re right. Nintendo is taking a risk. And for lots of their fans, like it or not, they’re ready to see where the Fuck this ship is going, or whether it’s going down. That’s good for sales.

      • SakuStar Light

        we wont get it. Not trying to be mean but as a gamer in general we all bashed the dynasty series so bad to the point they release it but wont add a collectors edition cause its a waste of money same as hyrule warriors people wont buy it if its a available only because they will complain about it in an instance.

        • Yeah, but this is being distributed by Nintendo in the West, not Temco Koei. If there’s any pre-order stuff, it’ll be completely different and entirely up to Nintendo.

          • SakuStar Light

            yes but you miss the point of it. People are complaining that this is nothing but a rip off of Dynasty Warrior. With all the complaints going around why waste money on something that may flop rather than work as a success. Just saying but if it were me an I Saw a large number of people saying they hated this game I wouldn’t release a collectors edition as well. So yeah its just based on sales and popularity.

          • I didn’t miss the point. I didn’t deny people are saying this is nothing more than a Dynasty Warriors rip-off. I’m getting the game regardless as both a Dynasty Warriors fan and a Zelda fan. My point was that whether Tecmo Koei don’t seem to care about fans in the West or not, it’s not their decision this time. It’s Nintendo’s.

          • SakuStar Light

            They care enough to bring this out you dont get it stop trying to complain about something that minor cause it wont happen. We gamers are to blame for allot of stuff so do you think they will waste there efforts on us like that. No they wont. Be happy and content that your even getting this cause the 3Ds DW that had link and samus costumes never even made it here so what does that tell you we dodge the bullet big time.

          • Wtf? Are you retarded or something? I GET the point, I WASN’T complaining and this time it’s UP TO NINTENDO! FFS! Quit trying to twist my words. >_>

          • SakuStar Light

            Then let me ask you something genious of a thousand retards…Why hasn’t the collectors edition been announced better yet why hasnt our website been updated to look like japanese…why has bayonetta 2 website been fully optimize. You don’t get the point stop being a wannabe fan boy and take your arguement somewhere else. Talking to you is killing my brain cell.

          • Your point has changed from your original post, so of course i no longer get the point. Let’s see if I have it right. You started off saying we won’t get a collector’s edition because “fans” are bagging Dynasty Warriors and this game. Tecmo Koei handle everything Dynasty Warriors. But part of the collaboration with Nintendo is that Nintendo themselves handle Hyrule Warriors in the West. Now your saying we won’t get a collector’s edition because all gamers bag on ALL games, not just any Warriors title. We won’t get a collector’s edition now, it’s too close to the release date, but my point is in there. It’s UP TO NINTENDO! NOT Tecmo Koei. And Nintendo leaves it’s fans short on games and collector’s editions all the time for various reasons. So yeah, I think I get your point and I was initially NOT arguing with you because I did in some form agree with you.

          • SakuStar Light

            <_< you know what im not arguing with ya anymore i don't have time with dealing with people. You want your point you got it. Here the news yeah there going to come out with a collectors edition of Hyrule warrior for the USA and its gonna include a Statue of link lana and zelda plus a sound track and you know what its gonna have like 40 costume codes with like 20 new weapon codes and its gonna have a Art book with golden trim on it and you know what a anime series will be part of the announcement. There you go that the collectors edition that you want you happy now of course you are.

          • You didn’t even bother reading my post, did you? Forget it. You’ll probably ignore this one, too, just to come up with your own little interpretation of what I say and continue to think I’m the idiot when it’s obvious your not even reading my posts. -_-

          • SakuStar Light

            -.- honestly i got bored after the first sentence i told you im done with it lets move on.

        • If it was true then they will have not release the last epsiode on Steam.

          • SakuStar Light

            Sorry but that makes no sense they can release the episodes all they want its just they wont introduce the collectors edition due to the popularity of the DW series and the fact people aren’t really into hack and slashes there all about FPS in america and if you say that’s not true you are lieing to yourself.

          • Yan Zhao

            Most responses to this game that I’ve seen have been extremely positive and hyped up. I actually dont see a lot of these haters claiming its a DW clone (while Im sure they exist).

            Also Zelda is a lot more popular in the West than it is in Japan. Not saying we’ll get a Treasure Box because of this but they are things to consider, since this game might actually do better in the west than in Japan. Japan likes DW better but we like Zelda better. Hmmm.

          • SakuStar Light

            They look at the DW aspects more than the Zelda and i can believe that apparently North America is one of the biggest Nintendo Supporters in the world which is awkard but Miyamoto has pointed that out allot. With that said it be nice but ive stated all the back lash on there youtube page how they failed at making a good game by making a clone DW and how it has nothing to offer those voices out shine our voices so of course It looks bad. :/

    • I’m actually considering ordering the import JUST for the clock and scarf…

      • Yan Zhao

        I did that already. SHame I wont be able to play the game and its DLC codes are wasted due to the stupid region locking. But the artbook, scarf, and clock are worth the….200$….I spent….?

        It sucks being a sucker for collectibles :O

    • zferolie

      we better get that preorder. Even if its nintendo world exclusive I will make sure I drive there to pre order it

  • MadokaXHomura

    Please have Fierce Deity Link as playable its the only character i want aside from ganondorf.

  • Chaos_Knight

    Gimmie Groose.

    • anthony apduhan

      And the Skull Kid!

  • GOD DAMMIT! Nintendo already did this teasing new characters for Smash Bros right before the weekend. Now I’m going to say it for the second time in history. I want to skip the weekend and go straight to Monday. -_-

    • zferolie

      wait where are they teasing this?

      • A couple of weeks ago when they revealed Lucina and Robin as well as the returning Captain Falcon..

  • Freud_Hater

    Soooo am I the only one that just doesn’t care care for this game? :/ Let’s be honest, here, it’s just a Dynasty Warriors game with Zelda characters… It might be fun but this isn’t the game that’ll change the world of gaming as we know it Oo

    • We just want some fun. None said it will be a revolution.

    • Forrestfield

      If every game had to change the world of gaming, we’d have very few games. I’m just seeing this as a potential fun title, with characters that I love. Why wouldn’t that be exciting?

      • zferolie

        indeed. I like change, but not every game needs to change the industry to be good. This game is changing the zelda formula though

        • Snorlaxation

          Not only that, but maybe even doing things for the Dynasty Warriors franchise too. Lotsa people I’ve talked to really never were interested, or enjoyed it, but this is something lots of people are gonna try for the mixing of elements alone. I’m sure it’s also gonna be pretty good to play, as well

    • Yan Zhao

      And why does this need to change the world of gaming again?

    • Göran Isacson

      I think it’s mostly that it’s a change for ZELDA games, not necessarily that there’ll be many new mechanics or exciting new boundaries being pushed. It’s essentially like telling a kid to go hog-wild in a candy store, except the candy store is the Zelda franchise and the kid is us, and also a big Zelda fan. It’s new for ZELDA, and that’s what has people psyched. Now if you’re all burnt out on the DW playstyle then yeah, more of the same won’t appeal to you. But if not, if you’re Zelda-fan and you see this is a party for all the franchises star, then this is all you need.

  • pokeroi

    Why no tomorrow…

  • Yan Zhao

    Saria, Malon/Cremia and the triforce goddesses from Oracle series please.

    • zferolie

      yes to all those

  • zferolie

    8 PM PST, that’s like 11 PM EST for me. crazy. Normally they have it in the morning.

    I am glad for this actually because now I don’t have to stealth watch it at work lol

    • Christopher


  • Slickyslacker

    Well, that’s a kind of cheap way to bide time. They’re already promoting the game copiously, having shown it at E3 and spoonfeeding the internets with showcase videos of the various characters.

    This allows them to wait another 2 months before the next Direct. Which is fine, and probably best for announcements/promotion, but it’s still kind of a let-down.

    • Yan Zhao

      The game comes out in 2 weeks in Japan. We unlucky westerners are the ones who have to wait 2 montyhs :

  • Kornelious

    Perhaps they will announce more characters, and perhaps an awesome Collectors Edition just for the west!……PLEASE! XD

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