Shin Megami Tensei IV Reaches Europe This September, Will Cost €20

By Ishaan . July 30, 2014 . 3:00am

Europeans, Atlus has some good news. The publisher announced today that Shin Megami Tensei IV will be released in Europe this September, and the game will cost €19.99 / £17.99.


Downloadable content will be made available for purchase in Europe as well. All DLC will be available for purchase except for the North American retailer-exclusive pre-order bonus armour.


As reported in the past, Shin Megami Tensei IV is a download-only release in Europe, so hopefully the lower price makes that a little easier to swallow.

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  • Lost interest before (due to the long wait and having no prior involvement with the series), but at that price, I could probably get behind it.

  • Malon

    20€. Consider it sold.

  • SHSL Big Bro

    I need a source on this and the DLC prices

    • They haven’t announced DLC prices yet.

  • Gregor

    An honest price at least.

    • Yup, I was expecting usual Europe eShop gouging of 40 Euros.

      • Adam Sheridan

        You can thank the developers for pricing their games like that so. Atlus have typically always been very nice when it comes to digital release copies of games. Smart business decisions on their part.

        • Ash_Riot

          Always smart? Uh, no. Look at their PSP EU releases (digital only). Prices never go down. Ever.

          • Adam Sheridan

            I never said always smart.

            That’s not true on the digital release stuff, they get discounted all the time and others have gone down, like Persona which is only €9.99 on the store and Persona 2 and 3 have been bundled together for €49.99 which also gets discounted, as I bought those two games on discount.

  • shadowind

    I have no problem with the price, it’s just the fact that it’s taken so bloody long to come out over here in Europe that pisses me off big-time as well as it being download-only.

    • Herok♞

      I think the fact that it did take that long is the reason you are getting it at this price

      • shadowind

        I can understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time, the fact that it’s taken about a year to come out in Europe plus the fact that it’s download-only is what’s pissing off a lot of gamers and thus all the hate for Atlus over here.

      • shadowind

        I understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time, the fact that Atlus still treats the European games market as a afterthought unlike other niche publishers and the fact that it’s taken longer for this game to come out than Persona 4 the Arcade is what’s gotten European gamers all riled up in the first place.

        I’m a sure a lot of Yank gamers would be throwing temper tantrums if they weren’t allowed to play certain Japanese games in Their part of the world that are available over here.

  • NyaBoy

    All the games download-only should be at this price like Phoenix Wright.

  • Yggdr5

    20€ seems cheap, but it’s us that has been handled cheaply by Atlus and Nintendo with a years long wait, a download only version, no Japanese audio, etc. So 20€ is actually quite a steep asking price and I won’t support this kind of release.

    • Did NA version get the Japanese audio?

      How is it steep? A good entry point for a title that has been long overdue.

      • NyaBoy

        No, english voiced only for NA.

        • Making the complaint even more pointless then.

    • Chris Yuen

      No Japanese audio for the English audio at all. What on earth are you talking about.

    • maxobiwan

      Retail or download, it was 50$ in america!

      But I agree about the lack of original voices.

      making voice acting region restricted should be forbidden

    • Jadfish

      that and Nintendo’s E-shop not having an account system, so your digital copy is kind of insecure. If you 3DS breaks that’s it…

      EDIT: the replies to this post corrects this statement, it’s wrong~

      • Adam Sheridan

        That’s been over for quite a while now, if you give your serial number to a member of customer support they’ll remove your profiles connection to the old 3DS and reinstate it with the new 3DS, giving you access to your downloaded games again.

        I’d imagine like with everything else, even if you don’t have the serial number they’ll give you what you’re looking for with a few security questions.

        • Jadfish

          that’s good to hear :)

          • Adam Sheridan

            Yeah its really improved the service as a whole.

        • Adrián Alucard

          Calling to the customer support it’s not free, it is very expensive in fact (in Europe)

          • Adam Sheridan

            You can sort it all out over Email, just like with Sony and Microsoft. I’ve done so in the past myself.

      • HarakiriKami

        They do have an account system. Its called your Nintendo Network ID.

        All your game purchases are recorded on that. If your 3DS gets stolen you give them your serial number to verify your purchase or whatever

        • Adrián Alucard

          The NID is useless. If you buy a new 3DS and log in with your ID you can’t download your games. You still need your old 3DS and send the data (the ID data) to your new console.

          Without the old console you can not recover your digitally purchased games

          • HarakiriKami

            Or you could just unlink your NNID from the old 3DS and assign the new 3DS to your account and redownload from the new one.

            This is what nintendo does when you lose the system and give them a call. Thats how they transfer your data

            So no, the NNID is not useless. Hell you even get cross game discounts due to it. That pushmo deal and cross buy with Squids oddysey in Europe

          • Adrián Alucard
          • HarakiriKami

            Thats if you have both the systems on you. It just transfers everything over.

            If you lose your system you obviously dont have access to it. They’ll move your NNID over so you have all your purchases

      • Adrián Alucard

        You aren’t wrong read the reply to HarakiriKami

    • dam4rus

      Sorry, but you are downvoted. Atlus don’t have a european division, so most of their games are either don’t get localized or localized by other companies with more, than 2 year long wait… 1 year wait for an SMT game actually seems pretty short. Also, we get a game for 20 euro that’s still around 50 USD on NA. It’s on sale every second week however… Sure don’t support it, if you don’t want SMT games in Europe. But then don’t rant about not getting proper localization… It seems that bad localization is worst, than no localization at all for you.

      • Arizato

        While I do understand where you are coming from. It’s pretty bad for us Europeans to have to wait everytime an SMT game is released in the US. Not to mention the fact that we didn’t get games like Raidou Kuzunoha Vs King Abaddon at all.

        Thing is though that it seemed like ATLUS and NISA worked out a good deal over a year ago where it sounded like NISA was going to publish the majority of ATLUS games in Europe, though we’ve seen proof that isn’t happening. I love ATLUS but if a deal like that could be established and followed up on it would make the headache of waiting so much easier, since it would probably reduce the waiting time alot!

        • dam4rus

          So the solution is to don’t buy their games, if they are localizing it? Genius plan… Also, i think it’s more of a financial problem. Having NISA handle the localizing would probably(i mean surely) mean that they get a share of the profit. Self publishing is financially a better solution and as i have stated in another post, Atlus is taking their baby steps in Europe. Now that they have more experience and established localizing effort, i don’t think we have to wait for that long for another Atlus published game.

          Yes, i have waited for this game a long time, but did I get compensated? Hell yes, since games with less value sells for a much higher price… Also, my 3DS kept me happy for a long time now, so i don’t missed SMT4 THAT much.

      • SirRichard

        That hasn’t been an excuse for years. NIS America don’t have a European branch (as demonstrated by the fact that they keep calling themselves NISA even in their press for Europe and that they only just recently opened a web store for Europe), they haven’t for years, but they manage near-simultaneous boxed releases and now LEs of their works for both regions. And Atlus’ too, now, because they’re handling Persona Q and are giving it that very treatment!

        The simple fact is that this release is Europe being shafted by Atlus again. A one year wait for a digital-only release is not acceptable when their competition (and their publishing partner, who they did not let handle this game!) can get it to us within days on a cartridge and you should not defend them for it. Have some respect for yourself as a consumer.

        • Ninten

          I get so tired of the old “Atlus doesn’t have an EU branch” excuse. Atlus messed up, they acknowledged it by asking 20 euros for SMTIV on the EU eShop.

          That’s a great price, it’s basically the half of the default price on the US eShop.

        • dam4rus

          Yes NISA doesn’t have a European branch, but the first game I found they released in Europe was in 2010… They have 4 year experience in european releases, compared to Atlus’s how many? 2-3 month? Correct me, if i’m wrong, but the first game Atlus released in Europe was Conception II. They are clearly taking their first baby steps in Europe. So I should slap a baby in the face for not knowing how to walk properly? Have some respect for Atlus for trying. But with this mentality (people not buying this for st***d reasons) I would doubt Atlus will actually start to care about European releases… You don’t buy? We don’t localize it… It’s that simple for them.

          Personally, i don’t care about digital only releases. My only physical 3DS game is KH3D, because it doesn’t have a digital release. I have been hunting for that game for a year… Hooray for physical copies.

          • SirRichard

            No, actually, Atlus’ first self-published game in Europe was also back in 2010. The PSP port/remake of Persona 1 was released as a digital-only game in Europe by them, they’ve tried this before and have had more than enough time to find their way around this market. There are no excuses any more, and it’s sad to see people continuously wheeling more out to defend terrible business practice.

            Atlus aren’t just some random small niche company. As far as the niche goes they’re the biggest names around – Atlus USA put Demon’s Souls on the map properly, Persona is beloved name that gets headlines and Atlus as a whole are thriving. They have the money, they have the resources, hell their new parent company is Sega! They really do have no excuse any more, they aren’t “babies” as your comparison suggests, companies with less manage much more.

            Refusing to support bad business is not a stupid reason to not buy a game, it’s perfectly valid. That tired old threat of “if you don’t buy it they won’t do it” is meaningless in light of their agreement with NISA; if Atlus are discouraged out of doing it themselves, NISA will pick it up and do the job much better, in a fraction of the time.

            I’m not saying Atlus’ games are bad. They’re good, they’re great, I personally have Persona Q preordered. But their attitude to PAL regions is inexcusable in this day and age, and in an industry that continues to show even less respect for its customers with every passing day they certainly shouldn’t be defended on this matter.

          • shadowind

            I seriously can’t understand how the Atlus sheeple can be so loyal to a country that treats another market like dirt and yet they’d probably be throwing tantrums if they got treated the same way by certain publishers…

          • Zeik56

            The harsh truth is that people simply don’t care if it does not affect them personally. If the situation was reversed Americans would indeed be complaining and Europeans would be telling them to shut up and stop whining. It’s human nature.

            We live in a world where horrible atrocities happen around us all the time and the vast majority of people simply go on with their lives pretending it’s not. Do you really think video games are going to be the thing that gets people riled up? Not saying that to be mean, just stating the reality of the situation.

            As long as Atlus USA continues to do good for their American fanbase then they have little cause to be upset or care, frustrating as that is, I’m sure.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Didn’t Rosenqueen have EU side for a brief time?

          • SirRichard

            I think they did, for a bit, and NISA’s web stores in general did allow for importing to Europe which was nice. It was just, well, costly for the importers so opening a web store for here is actually really nice. They’re even transferring over accounts (with the store credit points intact) instead of having people make all new ones.

      • shadowind

        I don’t know what you’re smoking or drinking, but you must be one hardcore sheeple if you think a year’s delay is ok for a Atlus game in Europe!?!

        • dam4rus

          Compared to no localization or 2-3 year delay? Yeah. Compared to NISAs releases in Europe? No. But not buying the game is not the solution to make Atlus do better localization work. I don’t think they delayed it to screw their customers.

  • Arizato

    While it still sucks we aren’t getting the physical version and that I’ll have to import it for my collection I will still buy the crap outta this. The price is great and it’s awesome to have a September release date!

  • Prithivi

    20 €? Not bad at all!
    I’d still preffer to pay 40/50 € for a retail version, but I can’t complain. I’ll get this day one.

  • landlock

    A good price for a long delayed game, sold. Still would have been better at retail though.

  • I’m happy with that price! I was fully expecting £39.99.

  • Siery

    Well if its this cheap I’ll get it. Still wasn’t expecting a release this early. Thought it would be November or December.

  • Noelemahc

    About damn time.

  • James Enk

    i would prefer and physical release but this is a great price, this way i could also get some of the DLC. maybe if this game gets enough support the next one will be released sooner

  • Namuro

    Nice. Good price.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    I will take it… once there’s sudden 75% discount…

  • RablaAndrews

    Niiiiiiiiiiiice. Can’t wait. Gonna be up at midnight hoping the store updates with the clock.

  • Jadfish

    at least we get it

  • persona_yuji

    Heck yeeeeees. That price makes me care less about the fact it’s digital only.

  • rubin

    Hmm, at that price I might buy this after all.

  • s6_miller

    Considering how long we’ve waited you’d think they’d offer a bit more than just a reduced price.

  • SirRichard

    The price and release are better than I was expecting, but I’m still passing. A year later with not only nothing to show for it, but a digital-only release instead (but they made sure to give us all the DLC!) isn’t worth £18. Wouldn’t even say it’s worth £10.

    With NISA seemingly on track to get Persona Q out here a few days after the US with not just a boxed release but an LE to boot, this sort of thing just doesn’t fly.

    • HarakiriKami

      Atlus faced some issues, forgive them, SMT IV’s a really great game, you shouldnt miss it.

      Remember the bottom screen tells you your location if you get lost (its at the top)

      • Haganeren

        This will be a great game even from 5 years, when i will be able to use US Games on my cracked 3DS…. One can hope.

        Digital-only for a game like that takes too much space and i don’t want to buy another SD Card. It’s the kind of game I can let go for 6 months before picking it up again so the digital only model is really not for me.

        • Afternoon Intergalactic

          SD Cards are dirt cheap now, so that excuse really isn’t valid anymore. These aren’t PSP/VIta memory cards.

          • Haganeren

            It would be free and that would be still annoying ! I buy a lot of download only game, i run of place easily and i don’t want to have several one… I lose them.

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            If you don’t want to handle more than one SD card, you can get one with 64 gb of space for relatively cheap… What I’m saying is that system space is not the reason people are upset this is digital-only.

          • Haganeren

            I don’t know about people but i know why it annoy me at least.

    • The whole SMT IV situation has been bad for everyone involved and I doubt back when the Nintendo Direct announcement went out that this was the intention for the release. As HarakiriKami mentioned, Atlus has been gone through a pretty major transition over the past year or so and it seems that the EU release of SMT IV has happened to slip through the cracks (along with Break Record it seems…).

      I doubt we’ll see a situation like this again anytime soon as SMT IV has been the only recent Atlus game that has had a delayed release. It just seems a shame to me to miss out on (what I hope will be) a fantastic game just because of the surrounding fiasco.

      • Arizato

        Did you forget about Devil Survivor Overlocked, Persona 4 Arena and Soul Hackers?

        It’s almost always been like this.

        • Ninten

          Earlier releases like Nocturne or Raidou 1 didn’t even suffer as bad as P4A, SMT4 and DSO did recently.

          • Arizato


            They’ve had almost 10 years to make it better, yet it’s we’re still in the 90’s sometimes. It’s kinda frustrating. Yet I am happy that we are getting the games at least.

        • What was the problem with Soul Hackers? And I don’t remember an issue with Overlocked aside from needing the patch and that it took a while to come out here. And the whole P4A situation felt worst than SMT IV did.

          • Ninten

            I think the SMT4 fiasco was worse than P4A’s, because we were barely given any update regarding the game.

            Soul Hackers was lucky, thankfully. 4-5 months after the US release, I think?

          • Arizato

            Soul Hackers = Took a couple of months to get it here, not really a long wait. But worth a mention nonetheless.

            Overclocked = Took almost 2 years to get it here and when it did it was released with 2 crippling bugs that froze the game. Simply unacceptable in my book.

            P4A = 9 months of wait after US release, with no changes besides the region coding. Just terrible even though the game kicked ass. European players having a hard time online, etc.

          • Saphira

            Can’t blame Atlus on Overclocked’s bug though, since that was up to the company that localized it from what I’ve gathered.

          • SirRichard

            That would be Atlus themselves, because Ghostlight didn’t do any coding work on Overclocked.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            You wonder if there’s an issue with whatever subprograms are used to write and integrate English text into what is already there. You’ve had Overclocked, AT2 and other ‘new’ glitch issues going back to the GBA.

          • SirRichard

            I wouldn’t be surprised, conversion to PAL has been a hell of a thing for the industry over the years. Not an issue on home consoles any more, at least, but I honestly couldn’t say for handhelds.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            US and Euro video standards raised so much hell in the days of VHS. Whichever one got formatted first meant the other could look like crap.

          • Saphira

            The NA release didn’t have those bugs did it (IDK, wasn’t following these kind of stuff until recently)? Then why would the EU release have them? It’s up to the localization team to make sure everything is working properly before release, especially since those bugs seemed to be uh… easy to spot if I’m not mistaken.

          • SirRichard

            They should’ve spotted them, yeah, but it’s not entirely their fault. They had been kept waiting on a build of the game for two years, and Ghostlight are smaller than your average niche publisher (of note, they can’t generally don’t translate things themselves, their one attempt that I know of was the first Agarest game and it ended up with an unfinished localisation when they ran out of budget and time). The pressure was on to get that out the door, especially since they got the rights to Overclocked and Survivor 2 at the same time. They ended up settling for a break-even limited print run of the latter, because in the time they were waiting for the Overclocked build, Atlus went and announced Break Record.

            Considering how long they waited just to release it, and the considerable amount of time it took for a patch to be made, I’d hardly put the blame on them alone. Atlus really didn’t put the effort in and shafted them quite considerably with that long delay.

          • Saphira

            It’s really hard to say that the whole time between the announcement of localization and actual release was spent on waiting for the build (1yr and 6-ish months to be more exact right?). What actually happened in that timeframe? It’s hard to say… unless any of us work there anyway XD Besides, as a business, no matter how small, it’s bad practice to succumb to pressure and release a product that’s unchecked just to be on time… especially considering that the bugs were obvious. In the end, it was their responsibility to check the final product before releasing.

            From what you said about Agarest… it seems like they really lack proper planning :/ Being a small company is no excuse for that… Though, with the strategy they used to get DeSu 2 released, I guess they’re off to the right direction :)

          • Adrián Alucard

            And soul hackers freezes randomly

      • SirRichard

        And yet Persona Q was entirely unaffected, it’s sitting with a release date set for three days after the US release. Etrian Odyssey Untold saw a several month delay as well, but even that still managed a physical release, to say nothing of Atlus’ track record with us in recent years even before their transition. Etrian Odyssey IV and Persona 4 Golden also had delays of several months, after all, and this is the third game of theirs in recent years with a massive, unexplained delay marked by utter silence.

        No, I’d say it’s business as usual for them, and frankly it shouldn’t be supported or encouraged in any way. I’m sure SMT IV is a good game, even a great one, but I can’t in good conscience support it when Atlus continue to act like this.

        • rubin

          at this point i’m just hoping for a region lock crack

          • shadowind

            I hope there’s going to be a region lock crack as well so I can import certain games like Battle of Princess.

        • Hound

          Nah. If you liked EOIV, EOU, and P4G, then SMTIV is ok at best..

          If you’ve never played Atlus’ RPGs before (if you’re the type that only played games like Pokemon and Dragon Quest, but want something with more exploration, girth, and a little more grit) or play a lot of retro RPG-like games (such as Ultima and Wizardry,) then you’d probably find the game fantastically amazing.

          The game is fantastically easy after the first major boss battle and is fantastically convoluted to traverse like many of the muckier RPG games (Phantasy Star 2 is a good comparison.) First dungeon and the first major boss are incredible though.

          I’d consider SMTIV as a spiritual sister to Soul Hackers =x.

          Or the result of Soul Hackers, SMT: Strange Journey, and Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest having a three-way…

          • The Valhallan Gladiator

            I’m sorry, but SMTIV is my favorite MegaTen game of the entire franchise, and before it I played SMTIII, Devil Survivor 2, Etrian Odyssey IV (I know, not a MegaTen game, but you mentioned it), Persona 2, Persona 3, Persona 4, Soul Hackers, Shin Megami Tensei if…, and parts of Shin Megami Tensei I & II. So yes, there are people who can enjoy this game a lot even after having played the other entries. Did you do the sidequests? They actually add a TON to the lore of the game, and SMTIV did something that SMTIII didn’t do in terms of exploring alignments toward the end of the game which I thought was much welcomed.

          • Hound

            Don’t be sorry.

            Like I said. Compared to traditional JRPGs (Persona 1, 2, if…, and Soul Hackers too), the game is fantastic.

            Compared to the series, however, it lacks the challenge and the sense of dread that is put on the player. The lore, story, and streamlining of some of the mechanics are certainly an improvement. So, if you became a fan more recently for the gameplay and not just the atmosphere and the story, then this entry falls a little flat (more of a “wider audience” approach.) If you played started here, it’s a great spot to start

            Thankfully EO’s “flavor”(?) is still going strong even with the updates and streamlining. So, hopefully any further releases in the series will retain its streamlining ideas and bring back the challenge that was dropped and covered in unnecessary safety nets (it actually takes far less time to reset the game and reload your save than get revived for 10 play coins or a small amount of in-game money, and the power-leveling DLC is not only unnecessary but you should already be so OP that they present no challenge post-Medusa if you ignore side quests and just kill each monster on your way to each boss. Depressingly, even some of the end-game bosses are rock-paper-scissors.)

    • Gregor

      Between this price and the collaboration with NISA, it seems Atlus has finally acknowledged its problems in Europe… I’ll forgive them for now, but I fully expect this to be the last of this kind of releases from them, next time I won’t be so generous :)

    • Tom_Phoenix

      This whole thing has left me aggravated and agitated for two reasons:

      1. The year of radio silence and the mixed messages that followed. First the game is announced for a Summer 2013 release, then a whole year of radio silence during which nobody apparently had any idea what was going on, then the statement by Stephan Bole (the director of Nintendo of France) that they’re working on a French translation, then the statement by Najib Messaoudi (product manager at Nintendo of France) how they’re interested in bringing Shin Megami Tensei to Europe…and then almost immediately after that, it’s announced that the game is just being dumped on the eShop by Atlus USA with no explanation (John Hardin, bless his soul, knows nothing) as to what happened?

      Obviously, a lot of stuff happens behind closed doors that the public never hears about. But don’t customers at least deserve to know as to why a game was delayed after it was announced for a specific period? Isn’t that one particular subject where they shouldn’t be left out of the loop? This whole thing has raised innumerable questions that deserved answers. Yet, we got no answers…and it looks like we never will. It’s like we’re expected to forget anything before the eShop announcement even occurred.

      2. That something like this happened to SMT IV of all games. If there was any SMT-related game that absolutely should not have been released as digital only, it was this one. The fact that it is is a painfully terrible business move.

      Yes, sure, core SMT is a niche JRPG series. But even so, realistically speaking, it still has more sales potential than the likes of Etrian Odyssey Untold and Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, both of which did get a full retail release thanks to NISA (which raises another perfectly valid question….why was NISA unable to publish SMT IV in spite of the deal they have with Atlus USA? I certainly doubt it was due to a lack of interest, given what I mentioned above). Even ignoring that, however, it would have been wise to have released SMT IV at retail just for the fact that SMTxFE is already confirmed to be coming to Europe….and for that game to succeed, the respective series it includes need all the recognition they can get.

      Overall, I cannot describe this situation as anything other than an epic failure on the part of all the parties involved. This was a golden opportunity for the SMT series and it was completely and uttely wasted, because….well, because of reasons we’ll probably never know.

  • PowerSerg

    I know my friends in the EU were really upset about not getting SMT4 for a year but a digital only release even at this “low” Price is pretty sad. This game takes up a ton of space and losing the collectors value that is normally paired with an SMT game is really a cut at the value as well.I mean i’m glad it’s a lower price because the way atlus has been acting I expected them to be like 50 pounds, digital only, plus we added even more DLC.

  • ChuChu

    Definitely buying this =D

    Also hoping for a Japanese audio dlc.

    • Hexodious

      It’s Atlus, you won’t get Japanese audio.

      • ChuChu

        Yeah, i know, i know dagnabit!

        But i can still dream.

  • malek86

    Just 20 euro? Well, I still don’t know what kind of a mess happened with this game’s localization, but at least the low price is a good move.

  • triablos


    I was totally expecting the overpriced £39.99!

  • awat

    good news for EU. :)

  • may

    Well, that price is pretty good. I was honestly expecting we’d have to pay the usual 40€/50€.
    But I’m still not going to purchase it immediatly… even though I actually love SMT games. To be quite honest this whole ordeal has kinda killed all excitement I had for this. Moreover I think the release month was chosen a little unfortunate. (At least for me. Since I’ve already pre-ordered Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Persona Q, Pokemon AS and Danganronpa 2. So I don’t really need another RPG during those months.)

    • XaviIniesta

      I don’t think P4 Arena Ultimax has a European release date yet.

      • may

        I know. I’ve pre-ordered the US version.
        Sorry, I probably should have specified that.

        • XaviIniesta

          Ah. Yeah it’s region free this time, I heard. So I’ll probably do that as well.

  • SpeeeeedowaGOOONnnn


  • SetzerGabbiani

    I know a lot of you are still upset about how long it has been delayed. However, looking at that price and knowing how content-rich the game is, I think Atlus can be forgiven.

    • Ninten

      The price is great, seems like Atlus is aware of the mess and hopefully things are going to be much better in the future.

      I know Atlus can do better if they want to, so I’m really hoping for the best for upcoming games.

  • Cyrus

    Already imported, played, and completed three times, so you can take this game and shove it right up your chungus, Atlus. >p
    Meanwhile, give me Persona 5 and Ultimax please. =U

  • I may hate games going digital-only, but for the delay this game has had, complaining is the LAST thing I’d do. Now all Europeans can dance, sing and cry in harmony. Rejoice! SMT IV is FINALLY getting released in European territories. :)

  • Amagidyne

    Wasn’t enthusiastic about DL only, but I’m still gonna get this. And with it being so inexpensive (as it should be considering the damn wait) I can actually afford it on my tiny budget, now.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Rejoice europeans, kinda sucks digital-only but it’s better than not getting it at all
    Edit: It’s also at a very good price.

    • Ash_Riot

      Yeah I’m really grateful to Atlus for being treated like dirt. It’s a good price though, but I won’t be in any hurry to buy it.

  • XaviIniesta

    Glad to hear it’ll finally arrive. I hear it’s not the greatest of games, but as a Shin Megami Tensei fan, you’ll probably want to play it.
    The price is really good. Looks like an apologetic gesture from Atlus. Although DL only is a bummer. I would have payed more to get the physical copy, if only for collectors purpose.
    But, after all this time, I’ll accept it as DL only, and thank Atlus for at least getting it to us in some way/form, and for a good price.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      It’s one of the best SMT games in this desperado’s opinion. It’s not without its flaws, but it’s thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

      • XaviIniesta

        That’s good to hear. Though besides the Persona series, the only SMT game I’ve played is Nocturne/Lucifer’s Call, so I don’t have many games to compare it to. But I really liked that one.

    • It certainly isn’t a game for everyone. If you like RPGs with lots of cutscenes, you won’t enjoy it. If you like lots of upfront character development, you won’t find it here—not until later in the game. But if you enjoy a game focused very heavily on exploration and piecing little story tidbits together yourself, it’s one of the best out there. :)

      • Ash_Riot

        The real question is how does it stack up to SMT3?

        • SetzerGabbiani

          I guess that depends on your tastes. I found the game to be outstanding and a great followup to Nocturne…there are definitely more demons to fuse and things to do/find. The sidequests are almost endless, and it refuses to hold your hand, much like Nocturne. There are those who are (still) going to complain that it isn’t on a console, but there is no loss in quality imo. Lots of callbacks to SMT’s roots.

        • In my opinion, it’s a far more “playable” game than SMT3. Whether or not you like the style/presentation as much as SMT3, though, will be up to personal preference. 4 is meant to emulate the more “classic” Megami Tensei games in terms of art direction.

          But in terms of actually playing the game, 4 is leagues ahead of 3. No infuriating random encounters every five steps, for one thing. Since you can see enemies around you, you can just choose to avoid them and explore without having to fight every 30 seconds.

          This is really nice because the “dungeons” in 4 are some of the best of any RPG I’ve played. The dungeons are basically the streets of Tokyo. Most of them are really big and open, and give you plenty of opportunity for looking around, finding items. The music kicks ass, too. It’s one of the better SMT soundtracks we’ve gotten in a while.

          • Ash_Riot

            I listened to both OSTs and I much prefer 3’s. That’s just personal preference. Visually I prefer 3’s art direction(demon designs/character designs) but I prefer 4’s environments and character models.

            I’m open minded with the gameplay, will see how it compares. The press turn system was created by 3 though, so keep that in mind – at least it’ll be better than Strange Journey’s rather crappy “co-op” system they put in place in that game.

            I like the sound of the open areas, that’s a big improvement on 3’s linear paths. I wonder about the dungeon design of 4, though, that’s had mixed response off fans. Anyway, can’t wait for it either way. Atlus rarely disappoint.

  • BananaJoe

    Still a bad deal considering that the boxed copy is 20$ on Amazon for NA. 20 euros is like 27$ and 18 pounds is around 30$. And all you get is a digital version, a year and a half delay and a “be happy you can play this amuyzing game” from sheeple. Oh but you can buy all the dlc day1! Yeah, screw you on this one Atlus.

    • Michael Richardson

      Complain, complain, complain. Both the boxed copy and digital copy of SMT IV were $50 for a good while. It’s only cheaper now that it has been out a year.

      I got the complaining when the European release seemed stuck in a perpetual limbo, but you’re still getting it digitally, and at a MUCH better new price than anyone else in the world got it.

      • Gregor

        It’s the digital release NA got a year ago. There’s no localization or change, it’s the same one year old release copypasted onto the EU eShop (with some bureaucratic processes).
        And it seems Atlus knows this. I appreciate the honesty, and I’ll buy it, but I would have gladly paid 50€ for it one year ago as everyone else.

        • Original Maincharacter

          The whole yearly thing is what shits me off. I was desperately hoping for a Maniacs edition to be EU’s first release like they did for SMT3. It’s gonna be the same old game? This is just insulting. I’m not boycotting the game because I’m mad. Over the past year, I just stopped caring.

      • Haganeren

        I prefer pay more for a physical release.. What’s the problem with that ?

        Complaining is the only way to makes thing change so I will continue. I can get when it’s annoying to see European on ANY news of SMT IV which don’t talk about them. But, here you are, on a news for European. What did you expect exactly ?

        If we don’t want to have SMT V in that format, we have to complain. It already worked for game like Tales of, it can work here too.

      • shadowind

        It’s attitudes like yours from Atlus sheeple that make me hate Atlus even more by the day… And FYI, us Europeans have every damn right to complain about being treated like crap by them!

        • Michael Richardson

          Sheeple, indeed. At least I know not to take you seriously.

          Isn’t Nintendo publishing this in Europe, though?

          • BananaJoe

            Atlus USA.

    • Sardorim

      I dunno, I paid a lot more than $20’s when I got the game at launch than the DLC….

      • BananaJoe

        Um, I think you bungled up your sentence a bit. I can’t quite catch what you tried to convey.

  • Go2hell66

    would love to hear the story behind why this took so long, and how it ended up digital only

    • Tom

      Usually it’s not Atlus that publishes games in the EU because it doesn’t have a European branch. That could be an aswer to the ‘why digital’ question. About the ‘what took so long’… I don’t know. Since it was already translated in english to release it in US it shouldn’t take much to flip the NTSC switch to PAL and there you go (on the 3DS it’s only a region code, not really about video formats). If they localized it in more languages it might take longer, usually they release games with subtitles in German, French, Italian and Spanish along the basic English.

      • Ying

        The issue is that they have to translate the game into multiple languages in order to release it. It’s not like NA were you can just release an English version and get away with it.

        • Yurop

          The EU version will be English only. They’re not translating it into any
          other languages. Source:

          They often just release an English version over here. I don’t know why you would comment they don’t.

        • SirRichard

          That hasn’t been the case for a long time, lots of niche games come out with English translations only in all of Europe.

          • Ying

            I thought that was only for digital games? Sorry about the false information then.

    • you cant import the physical games elsewhere like with the vita?

      • TheExile285

        3DS is region locked so no

    • neofuji

      afaik it was originally announced that it would be published by Nintendo and translated into multiple languages (French at least was confirmed) but I guess that deal fell through and for whatever reason the usual suspects (Ghostlight, NIS) didn’t or couldn’t pick it up, so Atlus were stuck releasing it on their own – presumably they aren’t set up to handle physical European releases so digital-only is all they can do.

      (but that said Nintendo *were* exhibiting this game at Hyper Japan in London on the weekend, so whatever went down with the publishing rights it seems like they are still willing to support the game)

  • Manzoku

    Congratulations Europa.

  • AlteisenX

    People bitching about it not coming to Europe -> It’s finally coming and they won’t buy it… Why be so counter productive in life? NA still doesn’t have Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright… sure its not 1 year of waiting, but damn… complainers are annoying.

    • Tom

      And EU still doesn’t have Trauma Team. :(

    • Haganeren

      And EU still doesn’t have a lot of thing…
      Having a big game like that digital only is deal breaker for me. I don’t have enough space on my 3DS and i don’t want to buy another SD card… Is that so difficult to understand ?

      And yeah, we will complain a lot more about those kind of thing in the future, that’s the only way we know to make them understand what we want unfortunatly.

      If you know another solution, i’m open.

      • Play > Finish > Delete > Download new game

        • Haganeren

          Play => Don’t Finish because i don’t want to => Download another game for seeing it => finishing an old game on my 3DS => Quit playing 3DS for the PSVita => Download another game => Finish this another Game => Play SMT IV again => Play another thing again => Finish SMT IV => Don’t Delete because maybe i will be up for some optional quest or another playthough.

          It’s how i like to play

        • TheExile285

          I really don’t understand why more people don’t do this. It seems like everyone must have EVERY game they own on one Memory Card all at once…

          • Haganeren

            Well, yes, that can happen, in particular for very replayable game like arcade game.

            I don’t understand myself why people is so obsessed by finish one game at a time. Sure it can be annoying when you don’t know where to go after taking a game you let ten years from now but it only last one hour or two, rarely more before knowing what to do… Even for maze game like SMT 1 and 2.

            I prefer being a little wild about the game I choose to play.

      • Play > Finish > Delete > Download new game

      • AlteisenX

        For $10, you could get a 16GB SD card, for $20, a 32GB… Considering you’re getting the game at $19 (I’m not European so excuse the currency discrepancy)… you could buy this game and an SD card for the price of the game here… =/.

        NA doesn’t get everything they want either, but Europe seems to bitch and moan about it the most (and I don’t blame you most times, I’m more annoyed by the people blasting the comment sections for wanting it, and now that its coming, they deny it out of stubbornness)

        I live in Canada, and I can’t even get some games that the United States has. (Magical Beat on Vita, Black Rock Shooter on PSP), so I do know the feeling =/.

        • Haganeren

          But… Vita and PSP are region free, i don’t see the problem ? I can assure you if the 3DS was region free i would not be here, talking about getting another SD card for another game !

          Heck ! I would have the game since a year ! In a lot of case, i just don’t wait for games to come in Europe. Takes too much time and if it’s niche game, there is a good chance your local video game seller don’t have it.

          But hey, we’re in Europe, we are kind of used of it. We know it’s difficult to have game in Europe because of our absurd age classification system. What i don’t like is when people say “Oh, it’s on digital only, it’s close enough ! Why people don’t support it ?”. As stated before, i just don’t want to buy another SD card just because of this game, that’s something i wouldn’t have to buy if the game was on physical form.

          Also, if Nintendo had the same kind of account than Sony, maybe i wouldn’t be that against it. But I already lost one 3DS with all my game on it so when i see something like SMT IV, i just want them to stop thinking “it’s okay if it’s digital only”. It’s not okay, you will make less sales, mine at least.

          • AlteisenX

            They might be region free, but that doesn’t mean I can access games that aren’t physical and locked to the US PSN. And I don’t consider the physical vs digital to be even remotely a problem since I’m a digital buyer. If you lost your 3DS, that just means its on you to take better care of it.

            I can’t deny Nintendo has a shitty account system, but Nintendo has always been two steps behind in that aspect. All I’m saying is, you guys are getting the game, at a discounted price, which they didn’t even have to do, so buy the game and enjoy it… SD cards are cheap as dirt compared to the Vita ones, so take pleasure in that fact.

          • Haganeren

            You’re a digital buyer, why are you lecturing guys which obviously wasn’t ? I don’t really understand your point, you say everyone should just be like you ? Is that what you were trying to say ? I’m very happy to see you are a digital only buyer, it’s not my case. I find this incompatible with the way I play my game. That said, i understand better what you said about the localised account. I too wish i could access a lot of US only Wii U Eshop game.

            Also, errr, no i don’t have to take better care of what is mine ! It’s my problem and my problem alone. And my problem alone say that Digital Only Game on Nintendo Account suck so bad having a digital only SMT IV in Europe is a deal breaker.

            I don’t see why i have to : Play only one game at a time/Buy another SD card/Taking care my 3DS is not stolen or broken or whatever. Why do i have to do anything ? I’m the consumer here and it’s my legitimate choice to complain when it doesn’t suit my taste.

            Also, how do you think they will stop going digital only for people which don’t like it ? There is only one way : Don’t buy if it’s digital only. But in order to not makes them misunderstand “there is no market for SMT IV in Europe”, we don’t have any choice but complain.

          • AlteisenX

            I didn’t say I was an exclusively digital buyer lol, but I use Steam, and PS3 has amazing Digital games (Hard Corps Uprising). Sure, I’ll buy the retail copies of games I enjoy collecting (Phoenix Wright, Kingdom Hearts, etc), but Phoenix Wright was digital only, and I still bought it. I wasn’t going to be so stubborn as to not want to enjoy one of my all time favourite franchise’s game.

            I don’t understand your “Only play one game at a time” arguement… considering that’s exactly what a retail copy of a game is. You can store multiple games on memory cards… and seriously? Its not even that large of a game… You can fit tons of games on a 16GB stick =/.

            It was not my intention to lecture, but the contradictions “retail only” consumers throw out are worthless.

          • Haganeren

            I also buy a lot of digital game like Hard Cops Uprising which was amazing and of course Phoenix Wright 5. It’s the only way to have it in English so I don’t really had a choice. Generally I have one retail game on my 3DS and a lot of little digital one, i change the retail game regularly.. And the digital ones don’t change that much. I really don’t want to buy a new SD Card for a game. Especially since I have already lost my 3DS.

            There is also the interesting case of Blazblue 3 which was digital only in Europe… But it was out like one or two weeks after the USA ! Timing wise, it was perfect and the PSN is a much better place if my PS3 is out sometime in the future, i know i can retrieve my game. (Well.. Until the server is down which can happen anytime… So i kind of regret a little my purchase to be honest…)

            But here, we have SMT IV which HAVE a retail version in the US (So i can play it in English by other mean), which was TOTALLY silent about the Europe situation for more than one year (When company like XSEED have some difficulty, they said it and i have no problem with it), which is on a really bad account system from Nintendo, which, of course, didn’t translate to other language than English and didn’t add anything like some DLC included or whatever. They obviously did absolutely nothing… Oh yes, the price, but i think that’s more the WISE thing to do on a digital only market that the KIND thing to do. And that isn’t even counting the fact that I never really “own” a digital game.

            The question is more : Do I want to give money to a society which don’t care at all about me ? Do I want to buy another SD card, do I want to take more risk about my 3DS, do I want to make the effort to play only one game a time for a society like that ? My answer is simple : No. I have already purchased all retail-Atlus game for 3DS, they screw a lot with Europe but this is one time too much. I will buy this game used when the 3DS will be cracked and Atlus will not have a single penny from me.

            There is no “one” reason I (and a lot of other people) will not buy SMT IV at this current state, but it’s more a lot of little one which, together make me complain… And i don’t see me stopping. That’s the only way to change thing.

            Also, sorry if i misunderstood you about the “lecturing” thing.

        • shadowind

          My heart bleeds for you…

    • Haganeren

      And EU still doesn’t have a lot of thing…
      Having a big game like that digital only is deal breaker for me. I don’t have enough space on my 3DS and i don’t want to buy another SD card… Is that so difficult to understand ?

      And yeah, we will complain a lot more about those kind of thing in the future, that’s the only way we know to make them understand what we want unfortunatly.

      If you know another solution, i’m open.

  • Joni

    That’s a really nice move for making it available for us europeans at same price as it is in US :)

  • kenshee

    Nice 2 more months at the latest, just ordered a bigger sd card so I can actually buy the game lol.

  • Göran Isacson

    And so, the long wait is over…

    Unless it turns out to be heavily bugged and we have to wait for a bug fix so it’s playable :D *Is beset by angry mobs that don’t even leave enough of me to identify*

  • shuyai

    i usually complain Digital only but at this price i am happy

  • Finally!

    Love the pricetag :D

  • Rinne111

    the price is awesome will be getting it:)

  • MaidKillua

    I still won’t be buying it as a matter of principle at this point. If they’d had it out shortly after the initial announcement I may have swallowed my anger and payed up at this price, but fuck them. They had their chance. Maybe if it ever drops below £10 on a sale i’ll buy it begrudgingly and then hate myself for giving Atlus any of my money

  • keithmaxx

    Good thing there is no region-begging rule on Siliconera.

    Or is there? Dun dun dun….

  • Nix da

    Man i really look forward how long it will take to release Persona Q

    • Gregor

      Three days, It has already been announced.

      • Nix da

        A specific date ?

        • Gregor

          28th November for us Europeans.

          • Nix da

            Download only or phiscal? I dont ask about the premium.

          • Gregor

            Physical, courtesy of NISA.

          • Nix da

            Meh I still buy the US premium edtion and the Persona Arena with the cards too.

  • sd28

    day one since i actually care more about playing the game than complaining about how long it took to come over

  • Sardorim


    Law -> Chaos -> Neutral

    Save the best for last – Isabeau.

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