Forbidden Magna Producer Talks About Spirit Girls And More In His Latest Q&A

By Sato . July 31, 2014 . 12:00pm


Marveous recently shared the latest look at Forbidden Magna, their upcoming strategy RPG with a side of Harvest Moon and inn management. Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto recently held a brief Q&A session on the game’s official blog.


Q1: How many Spirit girls can you have in your party for battles? Also, are there any that you’ll be required to have in your party at times?


A: Some will be required to be in your party until you have more characters, but once you have enough, you’ll be able to pick which Spirit girls to have in your party. With three Spirit girls, plus Lux, your party will consist of four characters. There will also be events that will require you to have certain girls in your party.


Q2: What can you do if you get stuck in the game?


A: I believe that some might think, “since it’s a strategy game, is it hard?” But we’ve put effort into adjusting the balance of the game, and just because you lose a battle, it doesn’t mean that it’s all over.


There’s a feature that basically lets you sell items, and by supplying items, you’ll be able to challenge the battle once again, so you can courageously give it another shot and continue moving forward. Even if you get wiped, you’ll keep the experience, so give it your best shot!


Q3: About Lux, if there are any additional profile information on him that hasn’t been revealed yet, could you please let us know what they are?


A: Yes, he was born on April 5th. When he goes looking for crystals, he actually doesn’t like being in the dark.


Q4: Please tell us more about the private lives of the Spirit girls!


A: Adelheid is currently making her bed in her room. Meanwhile, Beatrice is cleaning. At the same time, Charlotte is sleeping on the bed. Elfrede is working on a new invention at the workshop, and Francesca is working out in her room. Finally, Gabrielle is having fun in the garden. It’s usually something along those lines.


Q5: There was a scene that showed the title of “Hooligan” being acquired in combat. Do titles have any effect in battles?

A: Titles are things that can be acquired by meeting certain objectives, so even if you get a title, it won’t have an effect on the battle. Think of them as decorations, so feel free to collect them all.


Until next time!

Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto.


Forbidden Magna is slated for release in Japan on October 2, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • E.T.993

    Me at first:This looks okay. ”Even if you get wiped, you’ll keep the experience, so give it your best shot!” YES! YES! YES!

  • KuroNathan


    • DyLaN

      Maids are justice. Especially the long haired ones like Adelheid.

    • MrTyrant

      Maids are justice. Especially the brown one because I like chocolate D;

  • DyLaN
    • Princess_Eevee9

      Probably just advertisement for it. They do same for Harvest Moon.

    • Serge

      It’s probably a… Forbidden Manga.
      Ok, i’m going.

      • MrTyrant

        *ba dum tsss*

  • samsneeze

    Four party teams seem sufficient for what has been shown and it keeps your options open. I wouldn’t mind hearing more about what you can do outside of battles and the inn and what exploration might be like.

  • JMaster3000

    Q6. Why haven’t you find a way to release Rune Factory 4 in Europe?


  • John Smith

    Hoping it’ll get a port eventually.

  • Kornelious

    It’s always nice to get some Q&A’s about an up and coming game, I look even more forward to it now :D

    • It would be even nicer for some new media (screens, videos, character art) to be embedded in the interview though!

      Just sayin’ :D

      I just want to see more of the game, is all

  • Shippoyasha

    Selling and resupplying during replay of a mission is incredibly smart. This is something I wish strategy RPGs do more often.

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