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Bravely Second Will Have New And Returning Jobs

By Sato . August 1, 2014 . 5:31pm


As previously reported, Bravely Second will have several new writers and a new composer. In this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, series producer Tomoya Asano reminds fans that the game will still be a Bravely game, and that it will also have plenty of surprises to look forward to.


When asked about the current development status of Bravely Second, Asano says that the game is currently in a state where it can be played from its opening to the ending, and the next step is to decide on how much time they’ll spend polishing the game, as he would like to make it as good as it can be.


According to Asano, the concept behind the making of Bravely Second focused on it being a sequel. He explains that a majority of people who played Bravely Default were fans of fantasy RPGs and met pleasant surprises in the first game. For this reason, he says that fans looking forward to Bravely Second can expect plenty of surprises as well.


Famitsu exclaims that we were recently treated to a look at Agnes, who has been inaugurated as a pope.



“Yes, you may have noticed by looking at the illustration, but this time, the adventure will be centered around saving Agnes, who gets taken away,” says Asano. He adds that the idea is to bring out a feeling of saving a princess.


Moving along, we’ve seen Manolia sporting the looks of four Jobs that were in the previous game. Famitsu asks if a lot of the Jobs we saw in Bravely Default will return in Bravely Second. To this, Asano replies that the game will have both new and returning jobs, and the designs for the latter have been refined over the previous game.


Regarding the refined designs, Famitsu asks if that means that the Asterisk Holders [the characters from whom you obtained the job classes] will be different this time around.



“No, the Asterisk Holders who appeared in the first game won’t be changing,” says Asano. “Please look forward to seeing what they’ll be up to in the world of Bravely Second.”


Finally, Famitsu asks if we’ll be seeing follow-up reports on a more regular basis from this point on.


“I’d really like to do that,” Asano replies. “I’d also like to release a demo for the game, so look forward to that, as well. For those who haven’t played the first game, there’s a demo that lets you play up to the first four chapters, so please go ahead and give that a try!”


Bravely Second is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Erde

    Sigh. They seem to be recycling quite a lot of assets from the first game. Oh well. On the bright side I get more of Aka Madoushi Fiore De Rosa. <3

    • Shippoyasha

      I’d rather see them reuse some assets than take years modeling it from the ground up. Besides, they will have plenty of new costumes and flair. It makes no sense to start from scratch. There is nothing beneficial from doing that.

      • Paradox me

        Most of the criticism of the original stemmed from how it recycled content, and now they’re doing the same for the sequel—with some of the very same content no less.

        We’re talking about the sequel to a game that sold 1 million copies worldwide, on a comparatively low-powered system where development costs are at a minimum. If new characters with original models aren’t within their budget or deadline then something has gone horribly wrong.

        It may not bother you, but the thought of dealing with Asterisk Holders that I’ve already fought ad nauseam the first time around is disappointing to say the least.

        • chibidw

          “If new characters with original models aren’t within their budget or deadline then something has gone horribly wrong.”

          Like having Square Enix as their publisher?

          (Oh man that one was too easy)

          • I lol’d. Because it’s terribly easy.

          • Nobody


        • Shippoyasha

          I think the creators were speaking in a general sense of building up from the old assets though. They may yet bring the variety up from the old assets, not to say they will be the same thing over and over again. I do agree they should build upon what they had before.

        • Samsara09

          there will be new jobs,so more people were added to the jobmasters.

          Also,I loved them.Some of them were misguided,but when they were killed,I really regretted doing it,because I could feel that even though they were “just obeying orders from corrupt superiors,like De Rosa,or were forced to act because of political circumstances,like Kamiizumi,they were good people.

          When such great caracters are at our disposal,and most of their deaths actually being non canon,since they didn’t happen in the main story,but in optional battles…why not use them?

          You shouldn’t judge the entire game,that we know nothing about,simply because of one comment you didn’t like or can’t interpret well.

      • LordHyper

        Even though they’re using the same characters, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their roles in the story will be the same.

        The only thing that I’m sure of, seeing as they did not change at all and only got scummier in the next loops, is that Profiteur, DeRosa, and Qada will still be scumbags that are satisfying to beat up.

    • Nothing like killing that sexual predator countless times.

  • DesmaX

    Well, it is a nice way to re-use assets for future games.

    As long as they work the plot to be compartible with the sequels, it sounds fine

  • Kaetsu

    I hope they make a demo that’s like the demo for BD where you can get benefits if you transfer your file from the demo to the full version.

  • Brandonmkii

    More De Rosa? Sweeeeeeeeeeeet

  • Freud_Hater

    I love when articles state the obvious. I mean, we’ll never see an article that says ‘Bravely Second Being Made With ‘Rehash’ As A Focus, And Will Lack Any Surprises’ Of course they’ll try to surprise us. The important is whether they succeed or not.

  • Anontastic

    Is there an artbook or something where I can gawk at all these beutiful costume designs until I inevitably get a 3DS somewhere down the line?

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    “No, the Asterisk Holders who appeared in the first game won’t be changing”
    what? but most of them are dead! how this can be?! unless Bravely Second doesn’t happen in the original world of the heroes (where most of the asterix holders end dead)

    • Guest

      But because they jumped through a bunch of different worlds in BD, most of the Asterisk holders are in fact still alive (you have to have played through all the chapters for this). The only one who truly died in the end was Count de Rosso, and he might still be alive on another world.

      • Buitronthecrazy .

        nope, the ones of very first world (where they returned at the end) are dead and bravely second happens in that world, the Derosso that died is from the 4 world.

        • Samsara09

          well,they are optional.The only ones killed in the main story,in other words-whose deaths are supposedly canon-are the knights of the eternian sky.

  • Junko Enoshima

    “No, the Asterisk Holders who appeared in the first game won’t be changing,”

    Well…there has to be a few new ones if there are new jobs.

    But there are MANY of them that are dead, right? And if we DO fight them again, they better have new battle strategies. And some new stuff to the battle system. Or the game would be a rehash of the first.

    • Jason Ryer

      Depends on what you define dead as The book of D creates a time vortex loop for chpaters 5-7 in which the astrick users are not dead.

      • Junko Enoshima

        Yeah, could be that. Not sure what world they’d be in. But I swear, if this game is literally a copy/paste of BDFF with only a few new jobs, I will be upset.

      • Samsara09

        Did you read this somewhere,or did you play the game?They were parallel worlds.It wasn’t time travel.The diary belonged to Alternis DIm.

        • Jason Ryer

          You are correct and i played the game.Easy explanation is a time loop paradox,did it or did it not rewrite the alternate worlds to were the 4 warriors of light never ventured, meaning that the users and the demons in the crystals never died. I am aware of that alternis owns the diary.

          time paradox
          like your stuck in time. time goes nowhere



          • Samsara09

            well,”in practice” it was time travel and loop,since they entered each parallel world with the opening of the Chasm in Norende…so they did everything again.

            They even considered this hypothesis.But by world 6,it’s revealed about the parallel worlds.

            So,technically,no,you are wrong.I am saying this so that you understand this faster.Your idea is wrong,and is even refuted in game.

            time paradox would be final fantasy XIII-2…and,well,loop…That would be persona 3 FES:The answer.

  • Nobody

    Hopefully, they will all pose a challenge, as opposed to a select few. Hope they have new patterns as well.

  • raitouniverse

    Eh… I kinda want to play a new game, thank you?

  • mojack411

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how all the asterisk holders are doing in Bravely Second. Learning more and more about them through each iteration of the worlds in the original was really cool, so it’ll be neat to see where they go from there. I loved every single one of them so I can’t wait to see more.

    • Guilherme Matheus Silva

      I wonder if Mephilia still has that strange voice,,,

      • mojack411

        I would assume they would keep the original voice cast seeing how superb they were. I do wonder if she will be crazy or not, though.

      • Samsara09

        she probably had some therapy:I imagine that Einheria made Mephilia ditch her mission…Barbarossa probably read suleiman’s instructions well and located Susano’o…and she then beat it with his help.

        In one of the parallel worlds,this is what restored her to sanity.I don’t know about this,but i wonder…the events in the parallel worlds will probably be referred here.

        Even if the jobmasters in them are different versions,they are still the same person.So,the same thoughts and emotions should be shared.What makes the difference is probably how they dealt with it….along with some easy to miss circumstances.

  • Samsara09

    When I read:”the Asterisk Holders who appeared in the first game won’t be changing,” says Asano.

    I could only think this-Kuchiyose:Edo Tensei

    Most of the jobmasters’s deaths are “technically” non canon,since you didn’t kill them for the main story,it’s actually optional.They may indeed pull this shit as an explanation.

    I won’t mind it,since I loved the jobmasters….but,the knights of the eternian sky were killed in the main story…I wanna see how they are gonna get over this.

    • Roger


      I’m actually wondering if they returned to their own world in the end.
      If that’s the case, most of the Asterisk Holders should be, at least, dead if you consider world 1.

      That cutscene in the end that Til (presumably from the 3th or 4th world they visit, I don’t remember which one now) appears too, hmm.

      • Sentinel

        What do you mean? Are you referring to BD’s ending?

        If so, then that wasn’t Til. That was the boy they save from the mines in Chapter 3.

        • Roger

          I rewatched the ending and you’re absolutely right. My mistake.

          • Sentinel

            Okay cool. I actually wasn’t sure myself if that was what you were talking about. :D

      • Samsara09

        thank you for reading my post,and missing the point entirely.And,you didn’t even understand the story.

        • Roger

          Do you have borderline disorder or just had a bad day?

          Anyway… you say I didn’t understand it, and yet I’m not the one here affirming the other Asterisk holders’ deaths are not canon simply because of gameplay reasons, since their battles/events are disposed in format of side-quests.

          RPGs use that kind of device since always, nothing new here.
          Should I mention multiple series, starting by FF itself?

          Most of them died in world 1, doesn’t matter if it’s optional event/side-quest. Skipping them IS skipping part of the story as a whole.

  • Roger

    Simple premise (save the princess), like the first game (restore the crystals to save the world).
    Hopefully, a mindblow twist as well.

    • Samsara09

      that much is guaranteed.But well,Agnes wouldn’t screw us.So,I doubt the catch is the “princess”…so it’s probably the kidnappers’s motivation.

    • Land of Green Pasture

      you forgot Kaguya-ish Magnolia, she supposed to have something hidden…. although maybe not as big as saving ‘the’ Agnes, also we haven’t gotten any news bout Edea and ‘Gabel

  • Jason

    I was curious for the Japanese version of Bravely Second, if its going to have it fully in English as with the first game, if so then its an awesome bonus

  • Volta

    They will be recycling assets on this game with the Asteriks then. That totally sucks, you have to beat them ad nausea on the first game. I think this totally ruins half of the game easily.

    Ugh, the more I read about this sequel the more disappointed I get. The intention of releasing this game annually will be its perdition with that many recycling. There goes the game that will save the classic RPG formula… the new money-milking franchise from SQEX.

    • Jason Ryer

      Depends they could use save data to carry over selected skills to the second game.

      • Volta

        I don’t see how that can help against the severe recycling problem this franchise is suffering :(

  • 3PointDecoupage

    I think what he meant was you will still get jobs from fighting characters. Not that the same characters will be returning.
    Anyway I want a proper blue mage this time, and a more offense oriented swordmaster.

    • Volta

      I seriously hope that’s the case. Repeating the same Asterisk holders can easily ruin half of this sequel’s appeal.

    • Sentinel

      That’s true. It’s assured that they went back to their REAL world in the end, so they have to account for the majority of holders being dead. Though, not all of them are.

      • AuraGuyChris

        Well, it looks like Praline will be fought again since she’s the only asterisk bearer from the four revealed jobs who didn’t die.

        • Sentinel

          Yeah. She, DeRosso, Breav Lee, and Yulyana are still around.

          • Aspenharls

            I dunno about DeRosso….I mean…maybe

          • Land of Green Pasture

            nah he’s dead (or should be) he sacrificed his immortality to seals ouroboros’ immortality, except if deus ex machina save him somehow, but.. no

  • Espoir

    Saving a princess? Uhm… Agnes kicked ass in the first game, reducing her to a princess stereotype wont help her character much…

    • AuraGuyChris

      We tried to save the world awakening crystals, but…well, you know how that changed. I think this is just the surface of the real plot.

    • Destiny13777

      That’s probably all they could tell us for now, and seeing how they’ve shown us Agnes and Magnolia meeting, maybe the “saving the princess” part only lasts in the beginning.

    • Buitronthecrazy .

      Agnes has messiah complex, if it wasn’t for Tiz being around she would have turn herself to the bad guys to save the first town, instead of fighting, now with Tiz “gone” nobody can’t stop her from playing the Messiah part.

      • Espoir

        Nothing wrong with playing a Messiah, but to reduce yourself as a princess role heroine is kind of… disappointing.

    • Lol, it won’t help at all. x’D

      Especially because you’d think everything she went through and learned in the first game would have her not be caught and docile to enemy forces easily or casually.

    • Agnes and kick ass on the same sentence…. weird.

  • Destiny13777

    People may be jumping the gun a bit, I wouldn’t scream rehash just yet. So far they’ve only shown 4 returning classes and we don’t know if you obtain asterisks the same way as you did before, they could change it around if they really wanted to. The way he says “see what they’ll be up to” makes me think all the characters will be back in some way but not exactly fighting all of them again.

    • Mastery

      Yeah. Imagine you just had to do a sidequest FOR the character and they bequeath it to you?

      • Destiny13777

        Yeah, something like that wouldn’t be too bad and it would still keep it as being completely optional.

      • Nobody

        I prefer fighting them again.

    • Volta

      Yeah, i think you are right, but for me it could have been better to get new characters as the Asterisk holders all the way. Reusing any kind of asset was the problem about this game the people hated the most.

  • Sentinel

    Well, all in all, regarding the asterisks, I just hope it all makes sense in the end. We all know how the majority turned out in the original world (compared to the parallel worlds) so who knows.

    I also hope they clear up whatever the heck Ringabel’s ending was. That was confusing as heck. His journal clearly says that he meets up with everyone and finds Tiz’s body, yet there are those scenes of him on the ship as well as fighting Airy again.

  • Lan

    Not sure if I like Agnes being a Damsel, hope she’s bad ass enough to escape on her own where the game transitions to us looking for her as she goes on her Journey but never catching up.

    • That’s what I’m hoping for too. It would need some strong justifying and explaining if not.

  • Michael Cortorreal

    (Major Spoilers Ahead):

    By the end of Bravely Default, the gang returns to their respective worlds (Ringabel came from a world before, but I think that one was destroyed, thus decided to stay with the gang) we can see Tiz walking to his dead brother’s grave, saying something before we see a spirit pouring out of his body.

    If you enter the game and check Ringabel’s diary it says that “we found Tiz sleeping by the grave of his brother” or something like that.
    This mean Tiz (who all along in the game was hinted there was “something” or “someone” inside him) might not remember anything from his previous journey.

    Now fast foward to the secret ending, we assume that Tiz wokes up inside a…tank? before Magnolia comes in and saves him.

    What im wondering is what happened to the actual Tiz? (the one who might not remember his journey whatsoever)
    Does he remembers anything?
    Who was that “soul” that was inside of him?
    Why did they kidnap him in the first place?

    To the asterisk’s holders, are they really dead in the first world?
    If you went all founght them over and over again, some of them faked their deaths and others simply passed out, so maybe more than half of the bearers are back.
    All these answers I hope they will respond them in this second entry of Bravely Default.

    Tiz is enough to make huge plot twists this time around, since his story seemed rather, incomplete in the first game.

    • Roger

      It´s strange because Ringabel apparently returns to his own group.

      We see a cutscene that he tries to fight Airy again, implying there might some kind of time travel on it, besides the parallel worlds twist.

      • Sentinel

        Which is odd since there was no indication of time travel before, just space travel (I guess to put it one way).

        Not only that, but Ringabel’s journal states that he found Tiz’s body along with everyone else in the original world.

      • Nagi

        not really from what i gathered its that he went back to his world or stayed in the world he was called ringabel as you can recall there were parallel worlds so like 10000000+ ringabels could not be more alike maybe the original characters killing oroboros gave bravery to other worlds and they decided to fight airy then again the writers should explain it :p they made us repeat it a lot they better shed some light on it

        • Roger


          Actually, this is actually related to another doubt I have.

          In the final battle against Ouroboros, we can see some of the other worlds (between the millions and millions) that were ”linked” by Airy through the Holy Pillar.

          Some of the parallel world were destroyed on this battle, but in others the party are even aware of Ouroboro’s existence (since in some worlds they even dispell the curse/spell that destroy worlds that Ouroboros casts)and helps your party… yet no sign of Airy on their world, since she was with your party.

          Who actually ”linked” that world for them? Are there multiple Airys out there? (pretty much not, but still…)

          Maybe I’m just taking the plot too serious, lol

          • Nagi

            oh yeah now that i think about it its totally confusing now big question if there are multiple airy’s

          • DomoKun

            Well we do know that airy has a sister.. she appears in the begging.and ending of the game.

          • Sentinel

            Yeah, for a game that was pretty straight-forward for the first 98% of it, BD’s ending sequence is incredibly confusing.

    • I suggest playing the final fight in a well-lit room and watching what happens when the boss says “behold, the Celestial Realm!”

      It’s really rather meta.

    • Nagi

      omg the killing of the asterisk holders you are right although very few still alive and braev) about tiz i bet he is already dead or should have died and a soul from another world gave him time and it ran out and a new soul or his soul is revived or something so yeah probably a memory wipe i hope not tho :<

      • Michael Cortorreal

        No he was actually sleeping…if you wish to put things simple to you and you’re familiar with the term, its like he had a multi personality disorder and one of his “alter egos” fought all the way while the real “him/Tiz” was in a subcouncius, dormant state :3

        But if that was the case, this means he might not remember anything or just partially (and actually everything) that happened in Bravely Default.

        • Nagi

          soul and personality are different

          • Michael Cortorreal

            I stated that so you could understand the situation Tiz might be dealing with, there are in fact 2 beings in the same body.
            But they cannot take the body at the same time, one of them has to take the lead while the other is behind doors.

            But as I told before it is a complicated matter, but to make things even simplier to you. By the end of Bravely Default, if you open your file again and see Ringabel’s diary it states they found him sleeping.

            What I don’t understand is(and hopefully they will explain in the second game) how did he end up in a tank, when his friends found him sleeping.

          • Nagi

            well hopefully the sequel answers the mystery

    • Yuuki

      The soul is the player

    • Volta

      I’ll try to help with some answers. (Spoilers Galore obviously):

      1. Ringa goes back to a totally diferent world at the end to help a party as some kind of second chance for him (or third). In the world he comes from the other characters where killed by Airy.

      1a. There’s something about the alternative worlds people gets confused all the time (I don’t blame them though). BD talks about Alternate Worlds, not “parallel worlds” or “time travel”. The worlds are conected but they have diferences in time. There’s a world where everything hapened 1800 year prior to the main events of the game for example.

      2. Ouroboros refers to Airy as “catle”, so, the “Airy” they are fighting on that last scene is just another minion of him. Same as Airy’s sister wich I presume is just another minion triying to stop Ayri cuz’ she was the over-achiever of the herd. (Yes, I think Airy’s sister is evil too).

      3. The soul inside of Tiz is none other but the player. And that’s confirmed by ouroboros in a dialogue at the final battle. There’s a time when he says something like “To late, the gates to the celestial realm are opened” and the background of the scenario changes back to what the frontal camera of the 3DS is looking at the time. So yeah, the celestial realm is our real world.

      I hope this help to clarify some of the mess the BD story is.

      I’m afraid Silicon Studio will just ignore all the Alternate World thing on Bravely Second story and will leave a lot of things unresolved.

      • Michael Cortorreal

        I understand it was parallel worlds and not time travel, those are two different things.
        I also understood that Airy was a simple minion(and that there is in fact, more than one of her) and Ouroboros is the real deal, but I was confused over this thought.

        “Is that Ouroboros, the bringer of destruction, right? he is the one who has destroyed all the other worlds before, so it means there is just a single “him” and he has been dealt with”

        But there might be yet another dimensional Ouroboros out there, but that would get things really confusing at some point.

        • Volta

          Yeah, I think there’s other beings same as Ouroboros out there, and maybe that have something to do with this Demon Lord that’s on Second’s story. If you think about it the Baal enemies have apareances and themes based on things of the real world (weddings and Japanese festival) that means the thing about the “celestial realm” is still present on the sequel somehow.


    New composer? I hope the music will be as good as the first game because Revo’s score was just awesome.

    In some JRPGs I get tired of the grind early but in Bravely Default, I wasn’t bothered in the least and I attribute this partly because of the awesome battle theme :)


  • SetzerGabbiani

    Having the asterisk holders from the first game appear in the second doesn’t make sense. Maybe Templar, Performer, Vampire, and Conjurer, but the others don’t make sense. I’m interested to see how they will do this.

    Also, the Agnes angle….I need to know why she needs to be rescued. I’m so confused at this point having done EVERYTHING in the first game.

    The only way any of this works is if Bravely Second takes place in a dimension that is not where the first game took place.

    • BlinkingRune

      I don’t care if it makes sense, I like some of the asterisk holders more than the playable party. Bring ’em on!

    • Auvers

      The plot of the first one only makes so much sense in the first place though hahaha.

  • So if it’s about saving Agnes. . . she won’t really be in the party? ;n;
    I am feeling not as hyped. =v=

    • Postnjam


      • exrazer

        I just died.

    • Gemlit

      She might be in the party at some point in the game I guess. Maybe SE doesn’t want to spoil so much for people.

    • LM009

      All I want is Edea, and maybe Ringabel. Tiz as main again is a huge minus to me already.

      • Considering the in game trailer, it was pretty much expected he’d be back.

        Wonder if he’ll go coma everytime he’s protagonist though lol.

        • Codi Schumacher

          I dont really see Tiz as main character its Agnes who was the one to awaken the crystals and the fate of the world relied upon so she imo is the REAL main character

          • Well, what matter here is what the game implies to be the main character and supposedly Tiz was, the celestial being who controled him was you, the player.

            I think Agnes was merely a tool to serve a plot device to drive the team, Edea and Ringabel were much better characters than the supposed main characters.

          • Codi Schumacher

            Tiz is just a sidekick for Agnes imo

          • Just because he had no choice but on the larger picture the entire party were pawns except maybe for Ringabel.

      • I know, same here. Tiz is my least favorite of the party, so that’s a downer. I also want Edea and Ringabel back, more than anything. (But yes, Edea primarily~.)

      • Codi Schumacher

        well if you saw all the videos in the first game they do hint at Tiz not being playable at least right away if at all

    • Codi Schumacher

      they said full of surprises maybe we get to rescue Agnes and she joins the party at some point having the party be on the run from whoever her captor is

      • After the recent trailer, it almost feels a little Skyward Sword looking. We also saw Magnolia come to her (which is obviously very out of context lol), so I feel like anything could happen. I don’t want to worry and feel a bit relieved, but at the same time, I don’t know what to think.

        • Codi Schumacher

          Sorry but I didnt like the motion controls in SS it dumbed the game down so much that I didnt play it much at all so I dont get the reference

  • Malon

    So no playable Agnes?

    • *mumbles in high pitch*

      Yeeeeeessssss…! >w<

    • Sentinel

      Works for me.

    • J_Joestar


  • Edea

    ……Really? “saving a princess”? The first game, confusing as it was, was exciting and intense due to the scale of things you had to do. Saving the world and other spoiler-y stuff. This just sounds like a glorified fantasy Mario game. Also, Agnes, surely you’d be able to throw at least one punch at your captors ;_;

    • Jadfish

      I have been hungering for games that deal with smaller conflicts. More personal conflicts with more drama instead of kind of incomprehensible stuff like saving the entire world from being destroyed. I mean, I understand it, but getting to know someone enough to care about them in the first game AND THEN have to go and rescue them in the second game is a way better plot in my eyes.

      Smaller things sometimes mean the world to you, moreso than the actual world does.

      • Edea

        I understand what you mean. I just find it a little underwhelming I guess, considering I’m not the biggest fan of Agnes’ character. (chapter 3 really destroyed it for me)

    • Actually, I think it’s because of that that there’s more to it than just this. There’s no way Agnes is going to be captured easily – there’s probably something that forced her hand, and I highly doubt it’ll stay that way for more than half of the game.

    • Give me a game without having to retread boss fights and dungeons, and the plot can be whatever it damn pleases.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Mah body is ready

  • shenlong234

    I wish SE could put that much effort into telling stories into their FF games. Of course, we’re talking about SE here…

  • Takane Shijou

    Really looking forward to Agnes and Magnolia meeting for the first time.

    Especially if Tiz is in tow.

    • waku waku

      Chie and Yukiko.

    • Anges can keep Tiz; I want Magnolia.

  • glenngunnerzero

    Yeah I expect they’ll do that as a way of tutorializing stuff and not have you all level 99 at the beginning. That doesn’t explain the creepy singing children in the trailer theme though which is really what made me interested in this sequel.

    • JohnNiles

      That’s a trailer-only theme? I never would have guessed. It blends in with all the other tracks, and references them too.

      • glenngunnerzero

        I think it was a track Revo made when Bravely Second was past a concept stage and put in Bravely Default for the Ba’al bonus boss’, so it should be in the game, probably.
        The more I think about it the more those creatures look like dead pets so we’re bound to have some celestial realm shenanigans going on.

    • don()shinobi

      Here’s a possible explanation for the singing children, from what I’ve gathered.

      Starting from around 5th century BC, a deity referred to as Baal-Hamon was heavily worshiped among the people in the city of Carthage. Baal-Hamon was their ‘supreme leader’ of sorts. The inhabitants of this city sacrificed their children to Baal-Hamon to please him, which could explain the children chanting. It also explains the objects that appear to be skulls in the stomach of Ba’al i; Turtle Dove.

      • The Bravely series just ordered up two medium servings of WTF pizza with a can of ice cold nightmare fuel. O_o

  • Huh… thought saving Agnes would be the first part of the game or something but Im totally okay with this if this means no Agnes in party possible new party members~ I doubt Ringabel and Edea will come back which part of me thinks it’s somewhat of a shame ;_;

    • Princess_Eevee9

      NO NOOOO I MUST HAVE THEM ALL! *Ahem* I mean I’ll be truly sad if I can’t have Ringabel.TnT

  • Kornelious

    ….Just gonna keep pushing that Agnes picture huh?….FINE BY ME! XD

    • Guest

      The picture heavily implies that she is CAPTURED. MMMM

  • Princess_Eevee9

    As long as the jobs are better handiest abs now diversified then I’m happy.

  • Michael Connell

    So Agnes is probably going to be in about 1% of the game (beginning and end)? I am so looking forward to this game now :)

    As for who the kidnappers could be, I can only think of one suspect who wouldn’t sooner or later just send Agnes back with money begging us to keep her…


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