Bravely Second’s Magnolia Arch Dresses Up For The Job Change System

By Sato . August 1, 2014 . 1:18am


Square Enix recently shared the latest on Bravely Second about some of the events that transpire after the first game with Agnes Oblige, and the new character Magnolia Arch in different job forms. 4Gamer shows us more with a batch of screenshots.


004 005


The above is a look at Gathlatio, the prosperous city located near the Temple of Earth, where many nobles and prestigious families have villas and mansions. It’s also home of the “Orthodox Knights,” a group that works under the Crystal Orthodoxy, in charge of defending the holy land.



The above screenshot shows Magnolia approaching Agnes. Could this be their first encounter?



Those of you who played Bravely Default might recognize Ancheim, the Land of Sand and Time. However, it looks a little different this time, chained to what appears to be a giant crystal in the sky…


Finally, here are some more screenshots showing Magnolia in the four jobs that were recently presented:


009 010




012 013




015 016


Time Mage


018 019


Red Mage


Bravely Second is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • h0tsei

    hope they’ll add a new job :)

    • Xerain

      I expect the two “Ultimate” jobs will be different.

      • I hope one of those is ball buster

      • I hope there’s more than two this time, and that the “blue mage” of the game isn’t just a bunch of physical skills. A mix of skills would be better, or alternatively, a class that’s the magical version of Vampire.

        • Xerain

          Well, looks like a new article about returning jobs was published just today.

    • “A” new? Shoot, I hope for a whole new series of jobs. Looks at what the FFT series does. I’d love to see classes like Paravir and Assassin to join the Samurai and Ninja, for example. Similarly themed classes that play differently and have a different role.

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    The dominatrix go-go boots, a staple of high priestess uniforms worldwide.

  • Namuro

    Gotta love the Time Mage’s…uh…hat-thingy.

    • KanjiLikesBoys

      Gear Halo?

  • Hyero

    Looks like Time Mage armor was changed and I’m pretty okay with that. I’m thinking I might buy the special deluxe version this time around.

  • Malon

    I kinda wish you would obtain a job’s outfit once you’ve mastered it, so that you could “equip” the appearance of this job with any other job set.
    I loved Agnes’ design as a Performer or Valkyrie, but sadly those jobs weren’t powerful enough and I had to switch to another.

    I also have another question, is it confirmed that there will be other party members or will Magnolia be the only one? I’m kinda worried since no one but her has been shown until now.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      I believe there are other playable party members not sure where I heard it from though. And I found that Agnes was a fantastic Performer so I kept her there for my playthrough but I wish they did allow Job Outfits.

    • Rudy Soto

      Looking at the Bravely Second teaser trailer, I’m sure a certain player character will be joining her.

    • Mark Lengod

      I really hope they go FF Dimensions way and give us 2 groups this time.

    • Göran Isacson

      Ooh, that’s a neat idea. Like how there were certain special outfits you equip and you’d constantly wear them in battle, even if you changed classes in the original game only extended to every costume. I really do hope that someone gave them that idea before development began on the game, it’s a neat one.

    • Raltrios

      Performer Agnes was my team’s Engine of Destruction, though. Spam the song that raises everyone’s BP with Mimic and tack on the support ability Hasten World, and you’ve got infinite BP. Everybody can Brave four times every turn.

      She didn’t really do any damage, but she was instrumental (pardon the pun) in my strategy.

      • That’s similar to our strategy~. We do Slow World so that we still have infinite BP and the enemy has half as many actions as they normally get.

        I don’t know what we’d do without Performers/Idol. x’D

        • Raltrios

          Indeed, I was amazed at how efficient that strategy was. Once everybody was maxed out and I started plowing through the last few chapters, I was defeating the groups of Asterisk bosses in two turns, every single time. Only one that gave me trouble was the team with Qada, Mephilia, the Conjuror, and Ominas, because they could wipe me out in just one turn -__-;

          I must say, it was certainly a fun an unique experience saving the world with a ragtag group of a Performer, a Thief, a Dark Knight, and a Vampire. I love how the job system turned out, but in the end once I found my comfortable combo I was reluctant to try anything else :P

          • I know. Even the dragons that were kind of horrifying the first time around, became such such simple, quick battles. x’D

            Yes. I really like what could be done with the combinations~. That is the bonus and flipside in itself though~. To keep experimenting, or to have a blast with what you have set-up. >u<
            (I didn't experiment much myself once I was comfy lol.)

  • Mark Lengod

    That part of the world map looks absurdly different from back them. I wonder if the world of Luxendarc is constantly affected by natural disasters.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Only the Eternia region was affected the most because of having stopped their devotion to the Earth Crystal for years before Edea was even born, which is why the region’s mountains grew so tall.


    Magnolia is pretty…sexy. Here’s hoping we don’t get a repeat of BD with the sequel here in the West.

    • Kaetsu

      They said countless times that they will localize BS if BD did well in the West which it did.

      • Jeremy Lafferty

        I believe he is referring to the horrible and inaapropriate censoring of costumes and content in BD.

  • KanjiLikesBoys

    Need new job classes plz

    • Kaetsu

      I think it’s fair to assume there will be more jobs in Bravely Second. They just haven’t been revealed yet.

      • KanjiLikesBoys

        I need them NOW is what i mean

  • Göran Isacson

    I do hope that we have more “screens” to explore in each city than we had before… and man, is that the wind crystal anchored directly to Ancheim? Or perhaps some kind of substitute…

  • AuraGuyChris

    Magnolia is ready to do tango with that Red Mage outfit.

  • Linkmstr

    I really want this game to be released worldwide at the same time. Just like they did with Pokemon X/Y. That way, I don’t have to wait and despair when the Japan gets it first.

    • Ric Vazquez


  • Buitronthecrazy .

    have you noticed that in the Magnolia finds agnes screenshot, one of the nuns looks different from the rest?

    • Ric Vazquez


    • Kazoyo

      It looks like its still in T-Pose. Animation probably tripped or didn’t catch and its stuck without one.

  • Happy Gamer

    Is it just me or the job costumes look a bit more detailed than 1st game? I can’t wait for this one. I was genuinely excited about the 1st game release here. I don’t remember the last time i was so excited for a game prior to that.

    • Kaetsu

      It’s to be expected that this game looks better than it’s predecessor.

  • Kornelious

    With all these new changes the game is certainly going to have a different air about it, hopefully it’s a good air….I wonder when they plan to release the game…

  • epicnevarez

    I like the new time mage outfit. The old one seemed a little odd to me.

  • Kayriss Wins

    I hope Agnes decides to join Magnolia’s party~

  • Ric Vazquez

    News of Bravely Second get me more hyped each timeI read them, I want it ASAP.

  • Jeremy Lafferty

    It looks like they really smoothed out the visuals. Hope it looks that good on my 3DS XL.

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