Live A Live Will Be Re-Released On Virtual Console For Its 20th Anniversary

By Spencer . August 1, 2014 . 12:06am

livealiveAfter designing Final Fantasy IV, Takashi Tokita went on to direct his first game, a Japan-only RPG called Live A Live. This creative title had seven seemingly separate storylines ranging from a kung-fu tale to a Western. The modern day chapter is essentially Street Fighter imagined as a JRPG.


Live A Live will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year and Square Enix has plans for this lesser known gem. The Super Famicom game will be re-released on Virtual Console, most likely Wii U Virtual Console, in the future.


This will be the first re-release of Live A Live ever. While Square Enix brought their Final Fantasy library to Wii and even quirky games like Treasure Hunter G, Live A Live was not re-released.

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  • Adrian Duran

    is this game the opposite of Kill la Kill?

    • Zero_Destiny

      If you spell LIVE backwards it’s EVIL. :O


    • chibidw


  • brian

    Please let it be localized, I don’t care if it’s a full priced download, just do it.

    • Monterossa

      not gonna happen. fortunately we have a fan translate version.

      • brian

        Weirder (more unlikely) things than this have gotten localized.

        • landlock

          Not 20 years after it’s release though. Don’t see it happening. Most people that want to play it have done so by now.

          • Satori Satya

            Same with every Virtual Console game on the service.

            And boy, people keep buying those games, despite having had decades to play it (for free even).

          • landlock

            How well do they sell? not that many companies really seem that interested in the virtual console to be far. Nintendo seem to have a hard time of it.

            It doesn’t seem worth the trouble to translate a JRPG for the very first time. Spending money and resources for little return.

          • Satori Satya

            No official numbers but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the games do sell well.

            Reggie was asked about VC games after this year’s E3. He said: “I’m fortunate that the Americas are the strongest region in terms of driving Virtual Console sales, so for us it’s a vibrant piece of the business”.

            Nintendo recently recoded EARTHBOUND for the eShop. They didn’t simply ported it over but fixed some issues in the game. Thus why they’re selling it for $10 bucks.

            That game has been at the top of the downloads charts every week. So that means that they’re making some good money from it.

          • brian

            Monster World 4 got released on VC/XBL/PSN (almost) 20 years after its release.
            And that was a Sega thing, so I don’t see this being any more unlikely than Live a Live, unless it has a prohibitively big script.

    • CheeseCake

      There’s a english patch for the SNES version over at Aeon Genesis

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Please refrain from linking to fan translations. I ask that you just edit out the link.

        • CheeseCake

          Edited it out. Sorry.

          • landlock

            I don’t think a group has ever got in trouble for fan translating a Snes game before since there a 0.00001% they’ll ever be released officially.

          • Satori Satya

            I don’t think that the problem here is that the ‘group’ gets in trouble. The site has rules.

        • DividedSeraph

          Why is this a problem? You’d think that would be relevant to this site’s interests, and they’re not illegal in and of themselves.

  • wererat42

    No connection to Date a Live.

  • Tiduas

    This game rocks!

  • epy

    Just finished this yesterday. Great game. Been a while since I wanted the villain to win.

  • prinnywin

    Best thing about this game is Yoko Shimomura’s music:

    • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

      prefer kiss of jealousy :)

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    man oh man I would love to see a remake of this

  • Alphabet Soup

    I had to reread that headline a few times! Be still my beating heart!

    Come on, Square Enix, you know what to do! And no, the answer is not “add more straps and zippers on to a random character’s design”. Localize this puppy!

  • Yan Zhao

    I would love a remake of this as well as a localization. The game was definitely a hidden gem for the SNES that not a lot of people played, but it was one of the most fun and unique RPGs I’ve played.

    The medieval chapter events still pisses me off to this day.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    That’s interesting is this something more we’re being told?

  • Göran Isacson

    Oh man. Like, it’s not relevant to me at all since it won’t come out for the West, but I do recall playing this and really liking it. Buriki Dai Oh is still best theme too.

  • Aristides

    Before Date A Live there was… LIVE A LIVE!

  • Don’t suppose the odds of getting this here are very high since they don’t even release their English-language stuff on the VC.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I played this game before, it was hard.

  • axemtitanium

    Whaaaaat? Can’t believe they actually remembered this game exists.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    This was a time when Squaresoft was releasing so many original RPGs, and I thought all of them were going to come to the west because I was a naive teenager. I recall writing Nintendo about this, Treasure Hunter G, and Seiken Densetsu 3 multiple times.

  • Localizing/remaking this would be the first genuinely great thing Square’s done in ages.

  • Astraea’s Eyebrow

    I really need to play this game seeing how there’s sooo many english patches for the rom.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Need this

  • AdhesiveBoy

    This is actually a super interesting game. Some parts are better than others, but I doubt you’ve played anything like it, even if you’re familiar with SNES rpgs. The robot chapter actually scared me.

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