Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Screenshots Show Off Class Trials

By Ishaan . August 2, 2014 . 1:58pm

NIS America have released new screenshots of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. The game will be available on September 2nd in North America and September 5th in Europe, and you can view the new screenshots below.


The screenshots show off Class Trials and demonstrate features such as Logic Dive, Hangman’s Gambit and Rebuttal Shutdown.


Logic Dive has you skateboarding down a glowing path, where questions come up along the way. Answering correctly or incorrectly will lead you down the right path or reset the dive. Hangman’s Gambit has letters flying across the screen, and you need to pick out the ones that spell out your key evidence.


Finally, Rebuttal Shutdown involves characters trying to interrupt your arguments, and you’ll need to use evidence to make them back down.


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  • Darkwing7

    Can’t wait for my pre-order to come in september <3

  • passthegrenadeplease

    Looking forward to this next month, loved the first game and from the looks of it, this is going to be amazing roller coaster ride of epic proportions. Can’t wait for another engrossing installment that is going to keep me on the edge of my seat, my body is undoubtedly ready for more danganronpa goodness.

  • AlteisenX

    Can’t wait.

  • Mirai

    I certainly will say “Goodbye Despair” once this game arrives on my doorstep next month.

  • Roll Caskett

    Never play this game before. So does it play out like an Ace Attorney games ?

    • Mr_SP

      That’s a reasonable comparison. Class trials are a little more “action-y”, as evidenced by the Sonic 2 special stage-like segment, and trials primarily work with everyone spurting out information about the case, and you use evidence “bullets” to “shoot” at the incorrect statements.

      Otherwise, yes. It’s a visual novel like Ace Attorney, with a flow of event scenes -> murder -> evidence collection -> trial.

      Also, apparently Dual Destiny’s was a bit of a handholder. In Danganronpa 1, however, I was always of something, then eventually surprised as what I thought I knew proved to be mistaken, or I had missed something. I like that in a investigation game.

    • natchu96

      I’ve never played a full AA game before (once my wallet stops bleeding I should :P), but I’ve played the Dual Destinies demo. This is similar as a courtroom game, but IMO it’s what happens if we have a courtroom full of students simultaneously accusing everyone else, complete with minigames to symbolize logic. Evidence kind of gets thrown out haphazardly during the accusations and you have to get everyone to calm down and piece it together. Then convince them you aren’t talking bullshit. The judge knows who did it from the beginning, but he’s not here to deliver the guilty verdict; he’s less judge and more jury and very much the executioner.

      The events->murder->investigation->trial thing is pretty much the same though. And conversations with other characters during Free Time to learn more about their backstories, I guess.

  • Siberiansi

    September 2nd is going to be an awesome day, Danganronpa AND Warriors Orochi 3 on the same day.

  • Moontei

    Just got back into the first one after I put it on hold for mainly FFX HD among other games (DW8:XLCE and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward).

    It’s a great follow up to Zero Escape which I just finished and platinumed. Definitely need more visual novel genre games localized here. I’m currently in the middle of chapter 4 now and loving every second of it. Should be able to finish it off right before Danganronpa 2 arrives.

    PS: I can’t stop myself from laughing every time I see fat Byakuya in a screenshot.

    • Alestaos

      I just got the game and im having trouble with the closing arguements bit where its kind of like a rythm game and u have to press x or tap the screen when the little dots appear to increase the tempo i do that but i still fail. So any tips cause tbh i have no clue what to do there the rest of the case i breezed through

      • Moontei

        I like using the buttons for those sections. You have to remember that there are two (three later on) steps to it.

        1. Press X on the dots to circle/highlight the opponent’s arguments

        2. Press Triangle once the arguments are circled/highlighted to destroy them.

        3. Starting chapter 3 trial you only have a certain number of rounds to shoot the arguments down and to reload you have to press Square (on beat of course).

        Destroying their arguments lowers their hearts (life) bar and once their’s reaches half a heart the final line appears and you can deal the final blow by just pressing Triangle anytime.

        Another thing to look out for is when the opponent uses their special “Nega Time” which is introduced in Chapter 2. This makes the dots disappear and prevents you from shooting any of their arguments. It can be counteracted by using your influence (star) meter by pressing R1/right shoulder button. When activated you are able to spam X and Triangle regardless of the beat.

  • JohnNiles

    Almost here… I can almost taste it… just gotta hold out for one more month.

  • MSJ


    Cant wait for dat despair to overtake me once again

  • Kornelious

    So…..Still working on getting that first Limited Edition…..Since my ego won’t let me put the sequel’s LE without the first……But still getting the LE for this one so……Money well spent I think? :P

  • IS | 桂木


  • 11037

    Only one more month… I can’t wait

  • Desk

    it looks like yu narukami is in the game

    • 11037


      • Desk


  • Learii

    tap X for dueling? hm I wonder if I still need to do that if I put it on easy

  • WickedKnightAlbel

    This game is going to be great.

  • Zoozbuh

    I STILL NEED TO GET THE FIRST GAME. Played it already on PSP but man, the Vita version is overpriced and getting rare now, especially in the UK :(

    • Why not get it digital? That will never get rare.

      • darke

        That’s my reaction as well.

        I’m almost certain I won’t like the game, but would like to grab it to try it out, out of curiosity, so I’ll grab a digital copy of the first when it’s, like, $10-20 or so. I imagine it’ll be on sale early in the new year given december->january is usually a dead time for new releases.

        • Zoozbuh

          If it’s $10 or $20 then hell yeah, I’ll get it digital.

          At the moment on the UK store, the game is actually MORE expensive to buy digital (£35), not to mention I don’t have the space for it on my memory card. I would only buy Vita games digital, if there is no alternative (the Atelier games, for example.)

          • darke

            There are apparently 4 physical copies of the game in Australia at the only ‘Gamespot’-equalivant store; but they are I think about $5 less then digital on the AU store last time I checked.

            Though I wouldn’t be stupid enough to buy it on an ‘EU’ store when I can grab it from the US store for $5 less then I can buy the physical version locally; since the only reason I’d buy physical would be if I could trade it back in for peanuts when I find I really don’t like it. :(

            I buy Vita games digital only since it’s significantly cheaper to buy digitally from the US, then it is to buy the game here digitally or physically; which sucks in a way but still makes happy I’m not supporting rip-off merchants. :)

          • Silent Aaron

            My local EB Games has a copy of it. I check the price every time I go in there to see if it’s been reduced yet.

        • Go check playthroughs of the game on youtube. It’s mostly a visual novel style game with a lot of mini games so you can get a feel for the game just from watching the videos.

    • Why is the Vita version overpriced?

      Have you tried shopto? I got mine recently from there.


      • Zoozbuh

        I’ve been spending a lot on games lately, and if I bought them ALL at full price then I’d run out of money pretty quick… £30 is still quite a lot in my opinion (why I called it ‘overpriced’), and I know it’s an AWESOME game but I’d rather wait until it drops to at least £22/25 til I cave in.

        Also to the other person suggesting digital, that isn’t very convenient for me. Not only is it MORE expensive than the physical version, but I barely have any space left on my memory card. I’m saving any space I do have for the digital-only Atelier games… :(

        • I wouldn’t say it’s “overpriced” considering the RRP is £39.99. If you considered the price to be expensive, then I can’t argue with your valuation of the/a product.

  • The wait is unBEARable! What, did that get old with Persona 4?

    • RisukuAozora

      I dunno, you wanna talk about MURDERS?

  • Taylor Greene

    Got my LE preordered back in May. Need dat Monokumacoin and Soundtrack!

  • Sky

    I can’t wait to play the sequel! I pretty cleared every single character ending, including obtaining every single item from that Kuma machine. It was a lot of effort to obtain that danganronpa platinum. I hope I can do it all over again in the sequel. Totally looking forward to playing this. Not to mention there is already a character I already like.

  • Kudan

    Would be great if they actually removed the unnecesary mini games, makes the trials go longer than they need to.

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