Recruit Girls By Destroying Their Clothes, Only In High School DxD New Fight

By Sato . August 11, 2014 . 1:20am

l_53e846f91bc59The PlayStation Vita is getting some free-to-play harem action later this summer with High School DxD New Fight, a game that combines a “dress break” costume destruction feature with RPG elements. Famitsu shares more on the game’s main features.


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The goal of High School DxD New Fight is to become the harem king, by taking on the main Quest mode.


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You can also get rewards from taking on the “Devil Business” mode, decide on the top devil with the “Rating” mode, and even take on powerful bosses with your friends in the “Raid Boss Battle”.


There’s also some sort of competitive versus mode, but details on that will be revealed later on.

Fans of the series can look forward to the “Dress-Break” feature that lets you destroy the clothing off girls after battles. The above video shows a glimpse of that at around the 0:35 mark, where you can check out how it’s done.



By destroying their clothes, you’ll get a chance of recruiting them to join your team… hey, it’s High School DxD, and it’s how you’ll increase members of your harem army.


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In addition to the game’s over 50 characters, there are Guide characters who’ll support you throughout the game. After meeting a certain condition, more will join your ranks, and you’ll also be able to customize their costumes and voices after increasing relationship parameters.


High School DxD New Fight will launch sometime this summer for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Armageddon

    A game where “assault” is rewarded. The world must be coming to an end.

    • aizen310

      GTA rewards you when you drive through people and murder them. We are still here.

      • Jadfish

        GTA rewards you with police sirens and car chases for doing that, to be fair

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          Yeah but you get cash and things when you do it.
          Saints row gives you cash and stuff when you do it as well. There’s plenty of mini games in it that require you to be murderer. It’s a popular franchise that celebrates murder.
          But no one goes”The world is coming to an end” for that.
          Every game like GTA rewards you with money for killing people.
          So basically there’s a lot of games that have murder in them that glorifies it but people end up taking more offense at things like that instead of those.

          • aizen310

            It’s that same old argument.
            US media usually don’t bat an eye on games that contains murder or intense violence, but when it’s about sex, every US media loses it’s head.
            Strange, that in Europe, it’s kinda the opposite.
            Perfect example is Beyond: Two Souls’ US and EU version. US had a sex scene censored, EU had a violent throat stabbing scene censored (ASIA version has both).
            Such a perfect reflection of said countries cultural “problems”.

          • Digidyne017

            If you remember the case against Illusion for marketing Rapelay, they justified the game saying that the action of rape was a less severe crime that murder, which is a very common, and lucrative theme that floods the media here. It makes money, so its allowed. Murder is a concept that discriminates no one technically, but when our conservative country hears the word sex, they immediately go into defense mode, using the base of exploitation, trafficking, and women, who would most likely lash out against it. I’m not trying to justify anything, but its sad that the game boards allow the public sale material that reinforce actions of anarchy wouldn’t want to sell a game such as this where you can acquire it in privacy. Although I can’t say anything much due to the “participants” involved. But its bad for people who want stuff like this, but can’t because it shows too much skin, or a culture barrier. It sucks when some games ruin it for others. But regardless, censorship has always been irrational.

          • Warboss Aohd
      • when americans do wtf thing , it’s acclaimed
        when the rest of the world do wtf things , it’s …

    • landlock

      Well most of the girls are up for it anyway at least four of them want to do him and the other will most likely kill you.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      It’s more likely “a game where raping girls is rewarded and the reward is the girl you raped joining your side”

      • Black Heaven

        Unless there’s some subliminal messaging or indoctrination involved, one mustn’t really over-analyze these things or attach it to the real world.

        For instance, you’re not really becoming a murderer or a psychopath yourself when playing GTA or shooter games, right?

        • Renaldi Saputra

          I’m not saying that
          Just the premise is weird here

      • Warboss Aohd

        didn’t Jim Sterling review a game where that was a thing?

      • ishyg

        So it’s a Stockholm Syndrome simulator? I jest.

    • Armageddon

      I mean’t it to be sarcasm.

    • Shippoyasha

      It actually has story implications in DxD though. They manage to make the perviness into a central plot point and not just a cheeky selling point.

      • Warboss Aohd

        cause that makes it better.

  • :3

  • Jadfish

    I wonder where they get their clothes from. Girls clothes can be expensive as hell, but they don’t seem to mind it getting teared to shreds

    can’t they just talk it out? Ripping off their clothes are fighting them seems rather explicit

    I’m joking of course. Can’t have a game nowdays without gratuitous fanservice! :D

    • Renaldi Saputra

      I don’t think this kind of fanservice is gratuitous
      but, oh well, maybe people are now looking for sexual fanservice game in public

      • aizen310

        The memories of Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos came back to me (°-°)

        • Renaldi Saputra

          how about Ikkitousen? I heard it’s the same style like this one

        • Shippoyasha

          Spiral Chaos was awesome through and through. Excellent take on Super Robot Wars style combat, gorgeous sprite work and a ton of fanservice including fully animated scenes. It is a true classic.

          • aizen310

            You don’t say :D That game was a waifu overkill :D I was never more immersed before in a game like that.

    • ishyg

      Well, like what my friend always says, sex sells.

  • landlock

    4 girls and a trap.

    • PreyMantis

      Well, it can’t hurt to try…

  • Renaldi Saputra

    so? playing while fapping?

    • Digidyne017

      C’mon man, everyone’s doing it!

      • Federico Astica

        Well, I play while I fap, but not with my Vita, if you know what I mean…

  • Callonia

    I want this.

  • Nectok

    I never would have thought I’d say this but…
    I think the things that the Vita touch screen is used for are getting out of control.

    Might as well associate the touch screen with boobs ._.

    • Black Heaven

      Don’t say that. Smartphones and tablets are still safe from dem bewbs. :P
      Or is it?

      But I agree with that, sometime recently Vita has become the platform for (borderline) eroge.

      • darke

        Nope. I’m pretty sure I encountered ‘touch’ games on iOS long before I encountered them on Vita. :P Anyway, if you poke around on google play I’m sure you’ll find some games with similar mechanics and topics even now. >.>

  • TheManWithPants

    Welp, time to go buy a Vita and make a Japanese PSN account. Time to become the Harem King!

    • Pin Master

      Oh please that’s not the way to become a Harem King.

      • TheManWithPants

        Then what is?

  • Yan Zhao

    I still need to know if you can strip Gasper or not.

  • wererat42

    Main issue with games (and anime and manga) like this isn’t the borderline erotic content, it’s the fact that the girls are treated as trophies to be collected.
    “Oh yeah, I got the tsundere one! What’s her name…? Doesn’t matter, on to the next!”

    • aizen310

      So… it’s like a douchebag simulator?
      So… it’s like life itself? (sadly)

      • ishyg

        The only difference I think is that you keep the girl for yourself.
        Most douchebags “come” and go.

    • _buchu

      Quit over-analyzing mediums to confirm your own biases, it’s a pointless endeavor.

    • Black Heaven

      Well said, unfortunately that’s what their target audience want to see.
      They really can’t greenlight development of actual eroge, so they make these instead.

      Well, that said… you have 50 characters (I assume all girls) to add to your harem, so you Gotta catch em all?

      • ishyg

        I wonder how an actual 50-female harem would work in real life.

        • Pin Master

          In real life the harem won’t work like this in the game.

      • darke

        The novel’s author has noted he actually tried to make the novels somewhat more erotic then they were, but he got knocked back by the editor/publishers. (There was an issue with ‘sucking nipples’ that ended up that plot-development being knocked back by the editors that I can recall off the top of my head.)

    • Arrngrim

      I fail to see the problem…

      • wererat42

        The problem is that these heroines are completely interchangeable, They’re supposed to be the main draw of a series, but you have hundreds of series like this filling the shelves, sapping creative energy from things that someone might actually remember.

        It’s kind of funny that you’re taking your username based on Arngrim, from Valkyrie Profile, and I’ll apply that to my argument. I played Valkyrie Profile more than a decade ago and I will never forget Lenneth. The anime for Highschool DxD came out two years ago and I forgot its existence and all the heroines in it until this article appeared.

        What does it have to distinguish itself from any other the other series that are saturating the market? Hell, there are two other series I found that are very similar to it: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou and Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.

        I’m not saying these series should be made, I’m saying they’re too freaking many of them to the point I don’t want to even look at them because it feels like a waste of time when I’ve seen the same story over and over again.

        I’ve gone on way too long about this, but I felt I needed to explain lest people just assume I was one of those “no fun allowed” kind of guys.

        • darke

          Anime? Anime!? I see that’s your problem.

          Go read the novels the DxD anime is based off and you might actually understand the characters as characters. (Granted, the anime wasn’t a terrible adaption; but it didn’t exactly characterise any of the characters particularly well. :( )

          I’m guessing you’ve never read the Ichiban Uisho no Daimaou novels either, that the anime is based off.

          Nor the Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai light novels either.

          Of course you see the same story over and over again; because you haven’t even bothered looking into them to find what their stories are, you just see, “oh, boobs” and decide they must be about nothing but fan-service.

          Being too bloody lazy to look into a series before claiming it’s identical to another is what the problem is; it doesn’t even sound like you’ve watched the other two series you’ve just decided they’re identical because you’re too lazy to find out otherwise.

  • MSJ

    dem dress breaks :3

  • Ric Vazquez

    Mah body is ready for oppai fest!

  • Dominique Soudant

    well to all Highschool DXD fan it’s a must have so release it in EU as well we’re plenty who like that anime :D

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