Steam Sale Has A Bunch Of Japanese Indie Games On Discount For Dirt Cheap

By Ishaan . August 11, 2014 . 3:27pm


Nyu Media, Playism and other doujin game publishers have teamed up to hold a “Japanese Indie Festival” discount sale on Steam that will run until August 17th. The sale is being held to celebrate the upcoming Comic Market 86 event in Japan.


The cool thing about the sale is that nearly every game can be picked up for less than $5. The only ones over $5 are World End Economica: Episode 1 and Astebreed (above). Everything else ranges from $1.01 to $4.99.


Some of the highlights are: Croixleur for $3.99, La-Mulana for $2.99, Vanguard Princess for $2.49 and Cherry Tree High Comedy Club for $2.71. Those are some pretty steep cuts, considering some of these games normally cost as much as $14.99.

  • machomuu

    There are a number of goodies on the list. Astebreed, the eXceed trilogy, Eryi’s Action, 99 Spirits….among others.

    Though if I had to recommend a budget title, I’d definitely say go One Way Heroics. It’s a unique Roguelike title where you have to save the world from destruction…and what’s destroying the world is the left side of the screen. You have to keep moving right and attempt to defeat the cause of the catastrophe. It’s an interesting game.

    I won’t say that it’s the best of the titles up there, as a good number of the games, including the aforementioned, are pretty damn good. But it’s a great bit of fun and at a steal of >$2.

    • ninjabart122

      Interestingly, One Way Heroics and a couple other japanese indie games are on a bundle at Indie Gala. I picked it up for Unholy Heights, but I’ll try One Way Heroics too.

      • XorcistFlame

        It’s not on Indie Gala but on Humble Bundle

        • ninjabart122

          You’re right. I’m getting these bundle sites all mixed up.

          • XorcistFlame

            Well it’s reasonable, the bundle sites are on fire, especially lately.

    • 愛憎

      I’m a huge shmup fan, and I thought the eXceed trilogy was terrible. I own and played all three, too. Perhaps it’s targeted at more an otaku demographic that really put me off. Even so, the level designs/art/voice acting was not good, in my opinion. I’d much rather play Cave shooters.

      Or, if we’re only talking about steam, just play Jamestown and Crimzon Clover. Great games!

      • machomuu

        But neither of those games are on sale, which is the point of this particular recommendation.

        Heck, if I were recommending just any Bullet Hell, I would have recommended Touhou Project in a heartbeat. But eXceed is a quality BH that quite a few people like, regardless of its otaku appeal. It’s quality, has some pretty good music, and right now, it’s cheap. Of course, I’d recommend Jamestown as well, but for this particular sale I’d say eXceed is a good pick.

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    Always up for doujin games on the PC. Aside from the ones recommended in the article, can anyone give a few suggestions? I’m a pretty big fan of anime visuals and the like, if that’s anything to go on.

    • Shippoyasha

      Fairy Bloom Freesia is pretty nice for an action game. Mitsurugi is more like an arena Devil May Cry.

      Comedy Club is more your style if you want a visual novel.

      Bunny Must Die is a pretty dang good platformer.

      La Mulana is a pretty good Metroidvania.

    • machomuu

      Depends on what you’re looking for. In terms of the many Shmups in the sale, Astebreed is a very high quality game and, for one interested in anime visuals, if you’re a fan of the genre, is a must. Exceed is quite the fun Bullet Hell game, so you may want to consider its trilogy.

      Eryi’s Action is a Platformer that’s more of a Puzzle game than anything else. It’s the type of game that kills you in unexpected ways and has you adapt to eventually overcome them. It’s certainly worth a go for the price. Bunny Must Die is another good one (and it’s Metroidvania.

      One Way Heroics is another good one, and Croixleur Sigma is would probably be the action game of choice in the selection. Among others.

    • Arrei

      Seconding (thirding?) the recommendations for Bunny Must Die. It’s a pretty damn awesome Metroidvania, and it even has an alternate character mode when you beat it!

  • Is… Is it bad that I own nearly all of these already (^.^; )

    • 60hz

      no that’s good! just the opposite would be bad! keep supporting indie!

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    Asterbreed, La Mulana, Ether Vapor Remaster, Pantsu May Cry and maybe World End Economica here

  • Chris Cruz

    If only Nyu Media would friggin get HELLSINKER localized already.

    • Cerzel

      Whoa, hold up, Nyu-Media area localising it? Is this confirmed?

      • Chris Cruz

        I wish. Sorry for getting your hopes up :(. But I’m thinking Nyu Media or Playism would probably be the only companies capable of pulling it off. All it takes is some risk and reaching out.

  • Need to buy a card for these. I have a bit from bundles but some of these I wanted for a while.

  • Barrylocke89

    I’m all for anything that gets more people to try La Mulana.

  • pekikuubik

    I thought I’d finally get to buy Recettear et al., but apparently Carpe Fulgur isn’t participating. Oh well.

    • Postnjam

      Buy it anyway, it’s one of the best games I’ve played

  • Magus KilIer

    There’s a japanese humble bundle sale too

  • Akira

    My friends and I had a blast playing 100% Orange Juice.

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