PlayStation Vita Bundle Comes With Five Games In Europe

By Ishaan . August 21, 2014 . 6:35am

PlayStation Vita is getting a new”Mega Pack” bundle in Europe this Autumn.


The bundle costs €199.99 and will come with five games: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, EscapePlan and TxK.


Sony haven’t announced a date yet.

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  • EQeE

    Digital only. Fuck this shit. It’s fine to buy something digital once in a while, but fuck this shit. I want my physical copies, I want to smell, touch my games and feel the sensation of putting my BD disk to my console’s disc hole.

    • JMaster3000

      I dun mind digital, i mean i have 100+ games on steam.
      It would be shit if the games were console locked like on Wii U and 3DS, that would be bad but as long as you can logout and connect on other Vitas its fine.

      • DizzyGear

        That does not really compare. Steam has better prices and features making it very attractive to buy digital on PC. And lets not forget that you can buy 1TB HDD for the price of a 32GB Vita memory card.

        • All Fiction

          1TB ? You mean 3 disks of 1TB right ?

          • ishyg

            2. Also, in Japan it’s 64GB Vita memory card.

    • Hound

      Almost every console bundle is digital only lately (which is almost nothing in cost for the console owner, outside of reducing possible future sales on whatever games they’re giving.)

      Plus, they take up space on the memory card provided (prompting more memory card sales.)

      PSV doesn’t exactly have a BD… or disk hole…

    • Whoa, there, son! This is a family place; what you do in private, keep it to yourself. :D

      It wouldn’t make sense for them to give you five -well, four really since TxK is a digital title- physical titles in a bundle. Even the 3DS bundles have digital versions of the game.

    • I really don’t get the point on complaining about digital copies but the memory stick prices that remain too high, but I think this bundle is really worth it!

    • Tom_Phoenix

      While bundles with digital copies disappoint me as well, what disappoints me even more is the fact that digital bundles aren’t even used to their full potential.

      If all we’re getting is data on a SD card/memory stick anyway, why can’t we CHOOSE which game(s) we want bundled with the system? Maybe when we buy the system, we can choose from a pool of games and then the chosen game gets uploaded to our SD card/memory stick. That would at least make bundles with digital copies something beneficial for the consumer instead of just being a cost cutting/prevention of resale measure on the hardware manufacturer’s part.

      • I don’t know much about business, but I’m sure the reason that it doesn’t is because the titles you’d like to choose from are third-party titles so Sony would have to strike a deal that’s viable for those publishers. If you look at the titles being offered, they are either first-party titles or self-published ones.

        Even when Nintendo offer bundles they mostly contain first-party titles.

        • itsjustmeyo

          Then why not just add the option of choosing 5 1st party titles to your liking? There’s still quite a lot of 1st party games that Sony has on the vita, it wouldn’t cost them a penny and I’m quite sure that it would sell better if it says “choose a maximum of 5 games including but not limited to WipeOut, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Killzone Mercenaries, Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss and more!”. Instead of just being limited to those 5 games where most people don’t even like half the games they get with it.

          Again, Sony wouldn’t lose a single penny since they’re all downloadable titles and 1st party titles meaning they don’t need to pay anyone for permission to use them in the bundle or something.

          • Such a bundle wouldn’t work since – from your wording – it would’ve have a cut-off point. All their other Vita handheld offers would become defunct. Why would anyone go out buy a Vita separately or any other bundle when they can get one with a memory card with any 5 1st-party titles of their choice?

            That maybe so.However, individual sales may go up but their profit margins would take a hit.

          • itsjustmeyo

            Exactly, the whole point of introducing bundles is an incentive to get the product. You don’t need multiple bundle. There’s nothing wrong with only having 1 bundle. You don’t need to have 2 or more (unless of course you’re pressured by another company to increase game sales, which I doubt happens for the vita). All that matters is that the right bundles do increase sales by a lot.

            To say their profit margins would take a hit is assuming those people that bought/would buy the bundle would actually be buying it if it weren’t for said bundle, which we can’t know. There’s tons of people just waiting for the perfect offer, game, price, etc. And I know plenty of people that wouldn’t buy a bundle that includes games they aren’t interested in.

            Sony and numerous other developers have also said that Vita owners buy a lot of games. So judging from that statement, the most important thing is to actually get the device in other people’s hands. Sure the people buying those bundles may not be the people that buy a lot of games but as of now a lot of vita owners do in fact buy quite the amount of vita games. So it would be in Sony’s best interest to try and get the product to sell.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          You did read the part where I said “choose from a pool of games”, right? I understand perfectly why they can’t have all the titles for the system available for bundling. But out of those that they can (mostly first party titles and maybe select third party ones), I don’t see why we can’t have the option to choose which one we want.

          • I did read it but it wouldn’t work since they have other bundles and they would make them defunct. Why go out and buy a Killzone Mercenary bundle when you can get it from another bundle plus four other titles? Retailers would be left with – most likely – unwanted stock.

            At the end of the day, one does not need to purchase bundle in question.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            That’s the point, though. Once you have this pool of games available for bundling, you don’t NEED to have separate bundles for separate games. You can just have one universal bundle.

          • But they will need to offer numerous bundles than just one. If they were to go that route and have a bundle that offers from a “pool of games” – therefore a finite amount – eventually they would need to make another bundle to attract people with the next set of games that come out; you’re approach would limit them even more. Whilst Sony wait for games to offer in a bundle, Nintendo would continue to dominate by offering all their bundles.

            Sony just can’t go an offer a universal bundle now since they have other bundles already out on the market – it would just be contradictory.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            You do realise that they can just add/subtract from the pool of games as necessary, right? They don’t need to make a separate bundle to add new games to the pool. In fact, this approach saves them money and time, since they can just add new games to the pool and advertise that these games are now available when purchasing the universal bundle. The “pool of games” doesn’t need to be static.

            And while it is true that they can’t offer a universal bundle now that they have specific bundles already out, they could work on phasing out the specific bundles and then offer a universal one once those are gone.

          • But with the uncertainty of which games will be a part of the offer and for how long they’ll be available doesn’t help the casual audience; not everyone checks gaming sites for lthe atest news, the marketing would probably more sporadic too – even now the marketing has been lacklustre.

            If you yourself couldn’t find any thing you like from this selection, how would an “open” bundle fare with fluxuations in sales?

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Frankly, that’s an issue even with specific bundles. After all, consumers have no idea which games will end up being bundled and how long the stocks of that specific bundle will last.

            Actually, it’s worse, because not all retailers have all the specific bundles available and the consumer is potentially forced to track down the one they want. At least with a universal bundle, a consumer wouldn’t have to worry about that. Since the games are all transferred digitally, they could be made available practically everywhere.

  • Hound

    I wonder how much of that 8 GB memory chip would be dedicated to the games that come with it XD.

    I’d buy it! Much better than the Borderlands 2 bundle.

    • darke

      From the US PSN:

      Uncharted Golden Abyss: 2.9GB
      Tearaway: 1.3GB
      Gravity Rush: 1.4GB
      Escape Plan: 4GB
      TxK: 102MB

      … that Escape Plan has to be wrong, since the PS4 version says it’s only a 3.2GB download. :?

      Anyway, I’m guessing the card is pretty much full with a few bytes left over for saves.

      • Armane

        UK PSN is giving me different figures:

        Uncharted Golden Abyss: 3.3GB
        Tearaway: 1.3GB
        Gravity Rush: 1.4GB
        Escape Plan: 840MB
        TxK: 102MB

        So about 6.9GB ignoring DLC/additional patches.

        • darke

          Yeah, what I don’t get is how Sony can screw up getting a file-size off a file they control. Escape Plan is clearly wrong, just like the sixty-ish GB PS4 Diablo3 on the EU store was clearly wrong, but why does it take random people off the street to see it? :(

        • Escape Plan is 840GB?

          • Armane

            Oh whoops. MB, obviously.

  • Espoir

    Seems like a good deal imo.

  • Nameless App 1989

    Cool. How about 1 for North America?

  • ZEROthefirst

    I’m good with my God Eater Vita, but that’s a good deal, granted the only game I’d play is Gravity Rush and maybe Uncharted.

  • Yan Zhao

    Pretty similar to the PS+ deal the US got.

  • Lloyd Christmas

    I hope NA gets something other than that Borderlands bundle. -_-

  • LOL I just recenlty Bought a 2ndhand PSP. Can PSP games be played in a PSVita?

    • Mr_SP

      Only digital ones. The ones on the discs are not compatible. So if you can download it from the PSN store, it’s okay, but the Vita doesn’t have a slot for those discs.

      • Jey

        yep. which is a real shame.
        I remember buying a PSP *after* owning a Vita cause i wanted to play Kingdom hearts Birth By sleep, which is impossible to play on the Vita.
        Huge shame.

        Well at least Kingdom hearts 2.5 is coming out soon though

        • Are all PSP games available on the PSN store? I just bought a PSP just to play tekken 6 XD Playing on arcades is too costly ahha

          • Aristides

            Not all but perhaps like 70-80%, you can look it up on the SEN Store which titles are available. That’s PSN’s online store you can access from any web-browser.

  • subsamuel01

    They should do this in NA too

    • Michael Kelehan

      “Wait, the Vita is a thing?” -SCEA

      • michel

        “The what?…” – SCEA marketing division

  • phayroent

    Why did this deal never come to NA? Even the PSP mega packs didn’t come to NA. Just because the Vita might be selling a little better here is no reason to exclude us from a deal that might grow the install base a bit more.

    • Aristides

      Actually I think the Vita has sold more units in Europe as a whole. I believe it’s more of how SCEE manages the market.

      • Uvers

        Yeah its sold more over here than the US but somehow that still doesn’t legitimize physical releases for games in Europe both by SCEE and other publishers

        • darke

          Just because the Vita sells more units, doesn’t mean it sells more physical units with the absurd markup the EU has. People can buy the physical releases from the US without the dollars-to-euros/pounds markup tax (or the absurd “let’s charge Australians near double” markup), so it wouldn’t surprise the physical sales in EU are probably not enough to cover the cost of distributing them.

          It certainly seems to be the reason Australia never gets a bunch of digital-only titles in other regions: the cost of certifying them won’t be covered by the profit of purchasing them, so why bother?

  • michel

    So in Europe Vita still exists… But I’ve heard that in the US of A it’s not in stock in a great number of retailers… Is it true?

    • Daniel Rossevelt

      Pretty much every store near where i lived had either a limited or non existent ps vita stock, the target near my place and more than double the psp games then vita (they had psp had 5 games). Although there are exceptions this Fred myer in Oregon had a relatively large stock of vita products.

  • awat

    this is freaking awesome, superb games TearawayGravityRush and the other3 + 8gb memory What else would one want coming with a vita purchase i wish the vita i purchased had this much coming with it :l this is a super mega pack. lucky EU !

  • Antti Saavalainen

    I would say that this is much better bundle than the last one but the fact that Uncharted and Gravity Rush were free games for so long on the PS+ (or are they still) makes this bundle less awesome.

  • Bongo the Prdkha

    Good deals for Europe ? Rly ? Only country that gets good deals is Japan. In Europe Sony desperately tries to keep Vita’s pricetag at 200 euros at all costs. Why don’t they just release new colours and bundless vita already ? Why don’t they drop prices of memory cards ? And as for those Vita sales… they are terrible in Europe… how can they be good when Vita’s not even available to buy at several gaming shops at my country. But to clarify it’s unavailable not because it was sold out but because there’s simply too little interest in console. But one cannot wonder when they just have casual EA/Ubisoft shit in most stores and if gamer wants less casual game like Muramasa Rebirth he’s left with no other option but importing.

  • This is an extremely good set for newcomers to the Vita. They should really, really bring this over to the USA as well. These games are great for showing all the Vita’s functions and the sorts of games it’s capable of. I’m surprised they were able to include this many good games actually, and still keep the price what it is. I guess having them digital makes that possible.

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