Kanji’s Voice Actor, Matthew Mercer, Learns How To Play Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

By Ishaan . August 22, 2014 . 12:31pm


Atlus USA have shared two lengthy gameplay videos of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, with Kanji’s voice-actor, Matthew Mercer, taking the reins.


Mercer was scheduled to play the game against a professional player at Super Arcade, so these videos are of him learning the ins and outs of the game. The first video (above) shows him learning about the Kanji vs. Akihiko matchup.


The second video (below) has Mercer learning the finer points of Kanji and Shadow Kanji, also in preparation for his Super Arcade match.


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  • Kaetsu

    If only it was Troy in these videos *sighs*

    • AuraGuyChris

      The Last of Us pretty much shifted his whole career…

      Good think Matthew Mercer is like one of the many Mickey Mouse-sound-alikes Disney has in reserve whenever one drops out.

      • Wait what

        I don’t think it’s because of Last of Us. He’s still done smaller stuff since then. I think it’s just that he’s been REALLY busy this year and didn’t have time for it. Lightning Returns, Infamous Second Son, Shadow of Mordor, Far Cry 4, Several Batman things, and Metal Gear Solid V. He’s had his plate full, I’d say.

        • Kango234

          Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if the man just doesn’t have time for any more roles.

      • machomuu

        Considering his role in Bioshock Infinite, I don’t think TLOU was the cause. He’s a generally diverse VA with a number of roles under his belt, but he’s never really stuck to a single role for a prolonged amount of time or entries.

    • blame all the AAA games

    • Richard N

      He has much more prospective roles coming to him these days. And we can’t certainly blame him for leaving Animu titles behind when on the otherside he can get roles like Joker in Arkham Origins.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Matt isn’t Kanji’s actor, only his replacement since Troy has left dubbing behind… ;_;

    • AnotherTime

      That means that Matt is now his voice actor, see?

    • machomuu

      Though I don’t think anyone can really replace Troy, as great a VA as he is, the ironic thing is that with this, along with Persona Q, his role in the animation, and possibly Dancing all night and Golden the animation, he’ll have more roles as Kanji under his belt than Troy did.

      That said, Troy also played him in P4/G, so it’d take quite a bit to outdo his number of lines.

    • Sabin1936

      He’s really good though. When they switched Troy out for Matthew halfway through the P4A dub, I didn’t even notice until I found out on the internet afterwards.

      • machomuu

        That’s true, Mercer’s far from a greenhorn and is a pretty damn good voice actor. And he’s far less drastic a shift from, say, Chie’s original voice to her post-P4 voice which, if you’ve heard the first, you would instantly notice the change.

        • Sabin1936

          Totally. Erin Fitzgerald nailed Chie way better than the original VA though.

          • machomuu

            They were different. Erin appealed more the the anime convention of what a hyperactive eccentric would be while Tracey was more subdued and had a more realistic portrayal of her. Personally, I’m a bigger fan of Tracey, but I think they both hit her personality pretty well, albeit in different ways.

          • Sabin1936

            Tracey was definitely fine, but the more intense (what you call hyperactive) reactions that Erin used really nailed Chie’s personality for me, whereas Tracey never really sounded that enthusiastic about anything (Chie is supposed to be super energetic)

          • Zeik56

            I was kind of indifferent to the new Chie at first, but after going back and playing vanilla P4 recently I realized I really really miss the old Chie. She may have sounded kind of old for the part, but it at least sounded natural. Instead of a 30 year old voicing a 16 year old it now sounds like a 30 year old voicing a 16 year old while pitching their voice up to pretend they’re 16. After awhile it just starts to grate the nerves.

            I’m going to miss Troy as Kanji, since I think he had the most perfect voice in the entire english dub, but at least I know Mercer can pull off Kanji without having to drastically alter his natural voice.

      • Spirit Macardi

        I love Matt Mercer, but there’s just something that feels so wrong about him taking this role…

        I get why he replaced Troy in the last half of the anime, since Troy was apparently on his honeymoon at the time of recording. That couldn’t really be helped.

        I’ve seen Troy on video talking about his role as Kanji and how much it meant to him. All the letters he got from people who were inspired and moved by his performance. How he spent most of his time in the booth just conversing with the director and truly feeling and understanding who Kanji was.

        … and now he leaves it behind completely… It’s horribly depressing… It’d be like if Charles Martinet suddenly decided to never voice Mario again…

    • troy doesn’t own kanji lol

  • Mastery

    I don’t care, Matthew Mercer is my absolute favorite voice actor

  • AuraGuyChris

    (The following convo isn’t in the video.)

    Matthew Mercer: Why isn’t Chrom in this game? I’m gonna go play Smash Bros where he is playable.

    Laura Bailey: *Throws microphone and picks up the Falchion* Sorry, Father. I’ll fight for you.

  • KanjiLikesBoys

    He’s not as attractive as Troy…

    • Mastery

      I disagree, I think he’s waaay more handsome

  • Kynbros

    I like him as Alvin from TOX 1&2

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    When is this happening? I live pretty close to super and want to see this.

    • Vesperion

      It’s happening 2 days ago

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        Ah, I can make that easy then!

  • David García Abril

    Nothing against Matthew Mercer himself. I think he’s a good actor, and it sucks that he’s always going to be negatively compared to Baker in this role when his job is also really good on his own merits.

    But I can’t shake the feeling that he’s slowly becoming “cheap Troy Baker”.

    As in, the actor that everyone goes to when Baker isn’t available or just there isn’t enough budget to hire him. Their voices are uncaningly similar, after all.

    Hell! I remember the first time I listened to Chrom in “FE: Awakening” I thought he was Baker!

    In any case, yeah, Kanji in English without Baker’s voice sounds… wrong. Not only because of how well he portrayed him, but also because of what it meant for his career. After all, Baker’s career took off in 2008 thanks to both this role and Yuri Lowell from “Tales of Vesperia”.

    • Zeik56

      Well I’m pretty certain they still kept most of Troy’s battle cries from the last arena game, so there will always be a part of him there.

    • when i played tales of xillia i thought troy was voicing alvin for a sec.

  • Jin Kisaragi

    Why all the hate for Matthew Mercer? I think he’s a great guy.

    • same here

    • Zeik56

      I don’t see any hate, just disappointment that Troy Baker isn’t returning, which is perfectly fair.

  • The Watcher

    Troy and Mat sounds almost identical I didn’t even realize the voices had change in the P4 Animation. Also thought Troy did VO for Alvin in ToX, Idc either way because they’re both great and Mat is a pretty good sub to be honest. People need to realize that VA’s don’t own their characters.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Just cause you don’t hear the difference doesn’t mean others can’t. That said, Mat is a very talented VA, but Troy Baker is Troy Baker. And he brought Kanji to life.

      • SpeeeeedowaGOOONnnn

        Yeah I’m playing through D4: A promise revisited and the difference is quite clear

      • The Watcher

        I respect your opinion.

  • Revorse

    So Troy gets his face animated and leaves Kanji behind…
    I see how it is.

  • RichyGaming

    Jesus christ, get over yourselves LOL

  • Kairi Li

    Quick note to everyone wondering why Troy can’t come back as Kanji, its because of union reasons. Troy, being a union actor now as part of SAG, can’t take any non-union roles, and many RPG publishers are non union, EG Atlus, Namco etc. Its happened to other VAs like Steve Blume, who can no longer reprise anything he has done for the Tales games cause Namco is non union, and Blume is now union. If you look at Troy’s latest works, almost none of them are non union. Its also why he has not done much anime roles latly.

    • Spirit Macardi

      Last I checked Troy was Fi-Core, not full union. That means he can get around SAG’s Global Rule 1, as he has in the past. What’s more, I’m fairly certain that you can’t go from Fi-Core to a full union member.

      After all, he appeared in Code Geass (a union dub), then appeared in the first half of the Persona 4 anime (non union), and the Tales of Vesperia movie (dubbed in Texas, a right-to-work state).

      • Kairi Li

        Oh really? huh, odd, I guess what I heard from TV tropes was incorrect then. It just looked like it was union reasons though from his recent resume.

        • Federico

          I think the reason he left persona 4 the animation was because he got married and took a leave from work so the had to find someone to replace him. I guess they decided to keep Matthew Mercer after that.

    • X_Bacon

      Who is Steve Blume and what has he done for the Tales series? I genuinely can’t find that info.

  • GreatKino

    Matthew is a excellent replacement and equally as talented as Troy.

  • Fidelis

    Very unfortunate. Kanji’s a brilliant character and Troy’s portrayal really magnified his characterization 100 fold.
    Hope there’s some chance of reprisal in the future

  • mckun

    -Trying really hard to not comment, trying really hard to not make an opinion-

  • AceEsper

    Oh this will be delicious~

  • sharpshot909

    Matt Mercer did a fairly good job in the anime, so I’m sure he’ll do a good job here too. That being said, I’ll still miss Troy.

    • Charles Parker

      Miss Troy? How can you miss Troy? He’s in fucking everything these days.

      • sharpshot909

        I’ll miss Troy as a Kanji.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Damn you Troy, why u quit Kanki?!

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