Capcom Suing Koei Tecmo For Patent Infringement

By Sato . August 26, 2014 . 4:25am


Earlier this month, we heard that SNK filed a criminal lawsuit against Square Enix for violating copyright infringement laws, and now, it looks like Capcom are suing Koei Tecmo for patent infringement, according to a report by Sankei.


To be more specific, Sankei’s report mentions that Capcom are suing Koei Tecmo Games due to the patent infringement in games such as Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends and 49 other titles for a total of about 980 million yen (about $9.43 million).


According to the lawsuit, Capcom filed a patent back in 2002 that involves a function that lets you acquire new content by combining an existing game with another piece of software.


While the description of the patent’s full contents remains unclear, it appears that Capcom are effectively referring to the idea of expansion packs, and importing content into the new version of a game. Since the patent was filed back in 2002, it likely covers the concept of using expansion discs in conjunction with the original disc of a game, in order to unlock content, as was the case with Samurai Warriors : Xtreme Legends.


Additionally, another patent mentioned in the report is a controller-vibrating notification feature when enemy characters are nearby. Capcom claims that the patent infringement “has greatly contributed to the sales” of Koei Tecmo’s titles.


It is said that Koei Tecmo has seen a profit of about 9.73 billion yen in total sales, and Capcom are looking to acquire around 5 – 10% in license fees. They’re also demanding the suspension of sales on several Tecmo Koei titles as well.

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  • capcom are you trying to go bankrupt? cuz this is an idiotic move at best.

  • Mir Teiwaz

    And they’re just NOW doing something about this? It’s been 12 years Capcom. It’s not like Dynasty Warriors 8 was the first game in the series to have an XL version.

    • AlphaSixNine

      They probably waited for it to make a profit so they can get a bigger cut. A-holes.

  • Ben L

    Bullshit. If you had a patent on this you should have acted on it over a DECADE ago when the Xtreme Legends series started releasing on Dynasty Warriors 3.

  • AzureRyuujin

    Capcom has gone back to losing my sympathy. Go down and get bought already, this kind of thing dates back to the 1980’s anyways.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      What’s next? Capcom suing SNK for making 2D fighters again?

  • AlphaSixNine

    I’m not an expert but seriously? That looks such a bullshit claim it’s making me feel sick.

  • MinakoArisato

    Now every company gets the idea to steal money from others?
    Alrighty! Whats next? How about Nintendo suing Sega, because Sonic the Hedgehog was a Jump’n’run like Super Mario?

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      I don’t think Nintendo to ruin it’s own PR. Capcom, Square-Enix, Konami and Sega are the only ones looking for to ruin their PR.

      • Wait what

        It was SNK suing Square Enix last time, not the other way around.

      • MinakoArisato

        It was a joke~
        Well, thats why my heart beats for Atlus~

  • sakiu

    Someone should sue Capcom for patent infringement on using the concept of DLC.

    Probably only in my dreams but I would laugh my ass of if it would actually happen ;p

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Capcom would rather cut content and re-sale them as expensive on-disc DLC and make full games and expansions afterwards (‘cus even Street Fighter IV has on-disc DLC).

  • Bobby Jennings

    lmao, they want to do it now that it’s selling right?

    Bunch of tards

  • PowerSerg

    Good Going Capcom, can’t real new games but you can make law suits.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Even Ninja Theory will likely make 3-5 more hack’n’slash games before Capcom even considers another Devil May Cry.

  • fyi1191

    More female characters in Sengoku Basara = profit.
    Is that so hard, Capcom?

    • Veedot

      To be fair SB is not a big offender in this department, its not heavy on moe or fan service

    • MrTyrant

      Sengoku Basara empire when!?

    • Just Tim

      In Japan alone, Sengoku Basara has a huge female fanbase, and we’re just talking about the Japanese population.

  • AnnoNomis

    I love how fitting the top image is XD
    But in all seriousness, this is a very low move on Capcom’s part. Makes me wonder if they have even the slightest sanity left, if any.

    • Alter

      Well, their sanity is long gone. They could make billions by releasing multiplatform titles, DR3 and MH4(G) exclusivity is just plain stupid.

      • triablos

        Capcom got money from DR3 exclusivity, and MH sells crap on home consoles. The vita is not selling well. Releasing on 3ds =good sales and not splitting the fan base anymore.

      • AkuLord3

        Billions…haha you’re funny (not say those wouldn’t sell good…well MH4 anyway though mostly in japan where being on the 3DS is working itself fine but still…YOU’RE FUNNY).

    • Jadfish

      “you interrupted my meatbun for THIS? Imma go full benevolence on your ass”

      I wonder when Capcom is gonna sue Inti Creates for having Keiji Inafune.

  • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

    Lol. That is like the most basic feature ever.

    I wonder why Capcom won’t sue Ninty then? They had been using this kind of feature…… since Gameboy?

    Afraid of burning the bridge i guess?

    • It sounds to me like the patent is more specific than simply “expansion packs”. It’s the idea of using the two games in conjunction with one another to import data from the old version into the new. Not quite the same as Pokémon, which is the concept of trading between different versions.

      • Nicholas Klunk

        Hmm… that reminds me of something. What was it again? Oh right. Sonic and Knuckles. To be fair that was using the new game to import Knuckles into the old game. But even so…

        Capcom stop you are drunk give me your keys.

      • anthony apduhan

        Speaking of patent infringement what happened to the Level-5 vs Sega lawsuit?

        • That’s… a good question. I’ll see if we can dig anything up on that later this week.

      • Wait what

        Which is still something done by tons of other studios both before and after Capcom apparently filed a copyright patent on it. Just two random examples that jump to my mind are .hack and Bioware games.

      • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

        I guess so but i still feel that the patent is simply to broad. It is like, this kind of thing almost everyone uses them. Why wait till now???

      • Yan Zhao

        Koei has been doing this since Dynasty Warriors 3, which came out WAY before Samurai Warriors XL.

        This whole thing is a joke and make Capcom look even worse than they already are.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Just watched an episode of Happy Days and Capcom reminds of that mean old sheriff trying to drive The Fonz out of town except Fonzie is Koei-Temco (‘cus they’re both cool) and the town being the game industry.

  • Raging Rasta

    Are you. FUCKING. Kidding me.

    • Raging Rasta

      Ugh, god…

      I just HAD to look at this before going to bed.

      • …why are you replying to yourself?

        • Raging Rasta


  • Gotta get money for that sinking ship somehow.

  • DanielGearSolid

    Wat a low blow, smh…

  • articuzwolf

    dude…just focus on making a frickin’ game, especially the one without “Monster Hunter” on the title

    • Sigfried Silverblade

      Or adding more names to Street fighter games and releasing them over and over.

    • MaidKillua

      But Monster Hunter is the only good franchise Capcom even have left. Unless they decide to bring Dragons Dogma back (as if)

      • articuzwolf

        exactly, and they can’t survive with just that…

  • BizarreJelly

    Capcom are so desperate it’s embarrassing. Rest in piss.

  • dahuuuundge

    Reminds me of SNK suing High Score Girl

    • Hound

      Indeed. Not the same sort of thing though.

      High Score Girl blatantly used SNK’s characters on numerous occasions (however, not as parody) and Square’s manga branch wouldn’t have talks with SNK in regards to this. As a response, SNK sued for the purpose of making some type of settlement in regards to using their intellectual property.

      • guest131925

        I don’t think so, the using SNK’s character in the manga was legit, it’s historical reference, and they aren’t competing with SNK (they aren’t making a video game with the character in questions), so the characters should be treated as public figures, and be referred as is. Will one be happy with it that when a manga was talking about the history, but with different names? Should Wikipedia change all references to Obama to “Obana” to avoid the license claim? It’s totally retarded.

        • CudaBiro

          That’s not the same at all.

          Characters can be created and owned by corporations by copyright law. The medium they’re used in is irrelevant.

          Real life people on the other hand aren’t owned (generally) by anyone.

        • Hound

          It’s not a reference book. It’s a medium of entertainment that uses characters from the series to increase popularity and sales.. And the characters are part of an intellectual property, they’re not real people. They had to have permission from Capcom for the Street Fighter, etc references (the result of which was positive enough that some of Capcom’s artists contributed.)

          By the same respects, AnoHana couldn’t have the main characters playing Pokemon, and people in many drama series can’t use real-life products unless it’s used with permission. (the SNK games are products, by the way)

          The anime creators of High Score Girl wouldn’t have requested permission from SNK if it weren’t a touchy issue that required getting everything legalized before giving a go-ahead.

          If I remember correctly:
          In Japan, you cannot use a living historical person in a fictional work under certain circumstances as well.. So.. you know… laws

          • Shippoyasha

            I just don’t understand what the big deal is, because they paid homage to the characters in a way that actually supports the games, not making a mockery or twisting it. Then again, SNK has bee pretty desperately lately as well.

          • Hound

            Well they tried to get in contact with Square over it in the first place. It was after being unable to contact them that they took the action to court.

            Who knows.. =/
            Either way, this one by Capcom is a different flavor.

          • Shippoyasha

            In both instances, it strikes me as it being politically motivated, at least from a legal standpoint. It’s like they need their lawyers put to work instead of sitting on their ass.

        • guest131925

          So here is the deal. You can’t tell the truth in your works, you should lie and make a fake name. You cannot quote Obama, you have to write “Obana” to work around the copyright infringements. The clear cut line of the laws is you can’t tell the truth even when you are talking about the things actually happened, eg. when King of Fighter was the game in Japan at one time. You aren’t allow to write what exactly happened with the Black slavery, the Civil War, the Occupy movement and someone will pop up and claim their rights to rob you. You can only write Mushroom servants, the Big Dispute, blah blah blah in any books, include you history text.
          It seems more likely that the laws are written by the Big Brother to re-write the history, rather than to protect someone.

  • WhyWai

    what? these things can be patented is beyond me…

  • ghostbody

    So are they going to sue konami for the ap sensor in MGS3 as well? Lawsuit sounds pretty frivolous.

  • Adrián Alucard

    Capcom patented the crossovers?

    • Thatguy

      No, it seems, Capcom thinks that they invented expansion packs

      • guest131925

        They thinks that they invented software upgrades. Capcom should sue Microsoft.

  • pokeslob

    I wonder if Koei should counter sue them for making Sengoku Basara just a year after the first Samurai Warriors. It sounds just as ridiculous

  • TheEndlessSlaughter

    Sounds like Capcom is hungry. I suppose if you can’t pay da bills you have to make someone else pay them for you.

  • Shuryou

    I can’t wait for Super Ultra Samurai Warriors Championship Edition!

    • Mar Mar

      They should be suing for releasing the same game over and over.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Did they really get that -desperate-~?

    • Alex Sargeant

      Given what it looks like they’re taking to TGS this year, yes.

    • Well they are now know as Crapcom so… or Cashcom :P

  • michel

    Capcom should get back at making good games, instead of harassing competitors…

    • triablos

      Early 2015

      Hurry up and get here!

    • Thatguy

      And Capcom fans.

  • Pedro Tavares

    Capcom is suing them because they have expansions so I expect every company that ever made an expansion of a game to be sued.

  • JohnNiles

    For a moment, I thought it was going to be something like “We patented Nobunaga!” This is still dumb.

  • triablos

    Isn’t this good? Wouldn’t it stop TK from making a bazillion expansions

  • Stranger On The Road

    Software patents…. they should be eliminated from the patent pool.

    The first patent; there is prior art in the form of browser plug-ins (although, it gives you ‘functionality’ instead of content)…… hold on; just remembered an old DOS game that had no nudity, but if you buy a floppy disk, it will unlock nudity in the game. Can’t remember the name of the game, but it was part of a long series of games…. this does count as prior art, which match the description in the article.

    any way: Say NO to Software patents

    Edit: found the game: Dragon Knights 3 Knights of Xentar!

  • Tincho Kudos

    KT should sue capcom for the Masamune character rip off in Sengoku Basara…

    • Monterossa

      and the gameplay rip-off in general.

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        …Can’t really call Sengoku Basara a rip off as it offers a different kind of hack and slash gameplay that only uses a few ideas from the Warriors game.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Capcom: The Muxwell of the AAA industry.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      You can’t own a historical figure…

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      A lot of bishonen adaptation of Masamune actually looks similar to each other, not only musou and basara

      • Tincho Kudos

        Sue them all then! :P

      • J_Joestar

        yeah, it isn’t like they are all based on the same basic historical character so they would all frequently share certain traits.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Next news : Koei Tecmo sue Crapcom for ripping off a game setting, aka “Musou-like gameplay set in Sengoku Era”

    • Icefang

      That already happened; it didn’t work.

  • John Hayabusa

    So much for possible Ninja Gaiden x Devil May Cry and Dead or Alive x Street Fighter crossovers.

    • RunningWild1984

      I don’t think anybody wants to see crossovers between those crappy games anyways.

    • guest131925


  • Rayhan PromisedGallery
    • Tincho Kudos

      not really, since the patent is from 2002 and that game is from the 90’s

      • bpinalone

        Can’t patent something someone else already invented years ago though.

        • Tincho Kudos

          Yes they can, and they did.

          • CudaBiro

            True, but prior art makes it possible to invalidate said patent.

      • Rayhan PromisedGallery

        doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t the first who used it

        • Tincho Kudos

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on Crapcom side, but really I don’t think sega could sue Capcom since as of now Capcom holds that patent.

          Anyway, this is a new low from them…

    • (Aside: Seeing that image immediately puts that catchy theme song in my head…)

      Lock-on technology! It’s revolutionary!

  • Tonton Ramos

    Hey what happened to the Level-5 vs SEGA patent infringement case?

  • Jadfish

    come on Capcom…..
    out of all the companies you could have chosen to sue for infringing on copyright, you chose Koei Tecmo!?

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      Next news : Koei Tecmo sue Crapcom for ripping off a game setting, aka “Musou-like gameplay set in Sengoku Era”

      • guest131925

        Specifically, a combo systems in which the combinations of the Normal and the Charge buttons perform various actions. It’s a unique game design and should have been patented.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Next thing Capcom will attack both Nintendo and Koei-Temco over Hyrule Warriors even though Capcom made a bunch of Zelda games for Gameboy and GBA.

      • Monterossa

        they don’t have the balls to sue Nintendo. Nintendo paid them a lot for many projects.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          They do know Koei-Tecmo and Nintendo have a strong relationship, right? Demanding for games like Hyrule Warriors and Samurai Warriors 3 to be pulled from retails would also be crossing with Nintendo.

          • kaimo

            Do it capcom. Try it; Nintendo will bury you.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            And they’ll take Mega Man away from them.

  • Yan Zhao

    lol Capcom suing Tecmo Koei over literally nothing when they straight up ripped off Samurai Warriors with Sengoku Basara in the first place.

    Stay classy, idiots at Capcom.

    • Pinwheel

      Sengoku Basara only came out a year later though..

      Though I do agree, this is a retarded lawsuit.

  • magicalfollower

    Good thing that it wasn’t SNK that sued.

  • Kamen Rider Rayz

    Lol! Stupid Crapcom is stupid. You can’t even afford to make a new Mega Man game, you can’t even afford to make a Devil May Cry Sparda game, you can’t even afford to listen to the fans, and all you do is suing Koei Tecmo? You’re making a total fool out of yourself Crapcom.

  • Brian Carty

    Unless Capcom patented “FIRE ATTACK!”, I don’t see a case for them here.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Almost every games uses freaking VIBRATING controller….

    • Rintarou

      Yeah… but do those games notify you when enemies are nearby with vibration?!?! Super unique feature that is the sole reason I have bought every Warriors game…

      Fuck Capcom.

      • Rayhan PromisedGallery

        most of DW’s notification about nearby enemies doesn’t even vibrate the controller lol. This is just BS

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      What’s next? Capcom suing Sony?

    • RunningWild1984

      Really? I haven’t played a game that uses controller vibration since the Nintendo 64 days.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Well this is utter bullocks. Capcom, every time I try to think better of you, you just ruin it entirely.
    Fine, get rid of Xtreme Legends. Just do Dynasty Warrors [Insert Number] and Dynasty Warriors [Inserts number] Empires. Two different types of games there.

  • MaidKillua

    Aka Capcom being REALLY desperate to get money from somewhere and not realising that maybe, making good fucking games again for once might help with that???

  • XypherCode

    It’s funny how Sengoku Basara is technically a rip-off of Dynasty/Samurai Warriors. Oh well…

    • machomuu

      I believe the developers even said something to the effect of “We wanted to create something like Dynasty Warriors, but something unique as well.”


  • Elfaia

    Looks like Capcom is westernizing well alright.

    • Indeed, I was beginning to wonder if Japanese companies would normally even consider a lawsuit for this sort of thing in the Japanese legal system, especially for such a broad concept as “a function that lets you acquire new content by combining an existing game with another piece of software”? Isn’t this the sort of cheap legal prosecution tactic that American companies would do? I know nothing about the Japanese legal system, so parden my ignorance.

    • Monterossa

      you mean suing everyone for something nonsense? Isn’t it Americanizing more than westernizing?

  • Sylveria Shini

    Im pretty sure Sega has the patent on this type of thing back with Sonic 3 and Knuckles….

    Is this what Capcom has been reduced to? Really? Trumping up BS patent lawsuits?

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I hate Capcom, I really do. They can’t handle the fact that they’re ruining themselves and blind themselves with their so-called honour by destroying other Japanese companies are not only better than them but Koei-Temco makes better profit, paces it’s titles better, show more respect towards other companies and consumers (east and west alike) and even doing better with the whole DLC thing.

    The Japanese gaming industry would be better off without the unholy trinity that is Capcom, Square-Enix and Konami, three companies that are greedy, stupid, ignorant or all three, none of them will survive this generation and, quite frankly, doesn’t deserve to survive.

    I hope Koei-Temco gets the last laugh if Capcom goes under and Koei-Temco buys Sengoku Basara.

    • RunningWild1984

      Konami still makes games? News to me.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Only exploiting their better known IP with loads of money. Fortunately, Kojima is a far more competent man than Konami’s executives and he would probably prefer making a new Z.O.E. or a new IP or maybe just leave Konami or get rid of the apes running Komani since E3 2010.

    • As much as I love SE and feel they’re on an upturn, it’s obvious that they’re still not getting it. I don’t want them to fail, but I do wish a huge change would happen there.

      I’m definitely through with Konami though and basically there with Capcom. (Poor MH team though.)

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Konami is certainly a worse case, from their E3 2010 conference to how they failed consistently with almost every game release in 2012 and everything else Jim Sterling talked about because Konami is Konami.

        I agree about Square-Enix though. I still wanna play XV and Type-0 and I want the Bravely series to continue to give old school FF fans what they want without the FF name holding Bravely back in terms of creative freedom plus Kingdom Hearts is a lot of fun.

        • Yeah, pretty much. I feel like they’re struggling to keep up and it’s really showing more and more, every year.

          Yep~. XV, XIV, Type-0 and more~. There are definitely more people in SE that get it, and that’s why I’m not as worried about them, but I am still questioning some of their higher-ups.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            It’s definitely the higher-ups that are the problem. Making more problems than solutions by turning XV into the butt of all jokes by being all hush-hush about it and saying nothing about XIII until it was released.

    • Monterossa

      Japanese gaming industry cannot be better without SE. this company is so big in Japan. they have more product to offer more than we get in the west and it’s not just video games. they also localize a lot of western games to Japan.

  • fairysun

    I guess Samurai Warriors VS Sengoku Basara will not happen at this point.

    On second note, Capcom how low do you want to go down?
    The only place down there is Hell.

  • Yatol Charles

    wow so much stupid

    • Thatguy

      wow, such stupid, very Capcom

      …sorry, i know where exit is

  • ReidHershel

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaah, Capcom, you know this isn’t going to work out so why are you doing it exactly?

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Because they still wanna act like they won. Rather than compete with other companies, Capcom (along with Square-Enix) acts like it owns the monopoly, to the point of declaring war against the consumer and anyone else who treats customers with basic dignity.

      • Lol square enix was being sued but I get your point that you think they are dumb

  • Sanjima

    Wow… Haha, if this is a joke, then it’s a pretty damn good one, but if it isn’t then it’s the most stupidest suing I’ve ever heard. And seriously, suing Koei Tecmo? Sengoku Basara is basically a cheap rip-off of Samurai Warriors.

    • Isuke-sama

      Heh, even that I don’t know what it’s called, the dueling when there’s a red/blue bar appear in SB3 is basically a cheap knock-off of SW’s weapon deadlock.

  • ivanchu77

    Lol capcom, you´re so pathetic

  • Göran Isacson

    Wow. That is a sure-fire PR killer, right there.

    There are just so many questions going through my head right now. Why wait until now, and not when the first infringement actually happened? I really wonder if there is ANY way to spin this in any other direction except “Capcom are moneygrubbing devil spawn”, because man… this is not looking good for them.

  • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    And my hate for Capcom grows further.

    Sega should have patented it when they did it with Sonic games on the Genesis. You literally combined your existing game with another piece of software.

    • Jimmy Bump

      The only good recent thing they are doing is adding mega man X4 to the psone classics which should have happened years ago but better late than never.

  • PoweredByHentai

    So I expected this sort of shenanigan from patent trolls here in the USA like I.V. and whatnot, but this happening over in Japan is sort of nuts.

    I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Samsung vs Apple patent fight in Japan would have negative consequences.

  • Punny Fuzz

    After playing DW7 empires, I really like the Thumbnail Sato used :P

  • chroma816

    Wow, Capcom – showing how much of a dick you are once again.

  • Yaro

    I always defended Capcom, but attacking KT is NOT cool especially over something like this. Expansions? Wow now they remember after 12 years? And its not even an original idea. My faith in capcom has dropped significantly…

  • MrTyrant

    Can’t you sue Capcom for being a bunch of idiots?

    • Godmars

      They’d have been sued out of the industry in that case. Long ago.

      • Atmos_Duality

        Very long ago. I remember 2000, it wasn’t a good year for Capcom then either (financially).

        • Godmars

          Was thing more in terms of the 5th or 6th re-release of Street Fighter 2 in arcades.

  • Callonia

    Suing for making Expansions? Looks like they have to sue about almost every gaming company in existence that have made expansions.

  • Isuke-sama

    What’s next? Capcom sues Bamco for JoJo ASB using similar graphic to SF4, and gameplay rips off Capcom’s JoJo (better yet Lisa Lisa)? Toukiden and God Eater are ripping off Monster Hunter (well even though MH came first)? Kof for using 3-men team versus? =_=

    And lol, Liu Bei with a big pork bun is the best description for Capcom right now cuz the historical Liu Bei was a real hypocrite.

    • zaidandzhadow

      Kof 3v3 team battles were decades before crapcom implement those kind of battles

      • Isuke-sama

        I was being sarcastic.

      • Monterossa

        then Capcom will sue them for using similar command inputs, like down-right-punch (are they the one who invent it?).

  • Mind0105A

    *sigh* expansion…

  • Spirit Macardi

    “According to the lawsuit, Capcom filed
    a patent back in 2002 that involves a function that lets you acquire new
    content by combining an existing game with another piece of software.”

    … You mean an expansion pack? Something that has existed for years?

    Might as well sue Blizzard and Maxis as well. Since they’ve infringed on this supposed copyright hundreds more times.

    • maxinthefax

      the sims….

    • sonic and knuckles was pretty much an expansion pack for the earlier sonic games heh

    • Brandonmkii

      I think it’s more specific than “expansion pack”
      Didn’t the article mention using another disc to unlock content? It could be more like that. Haven’t seen too much of that since the patent was filed,I guess. You also have to keep in mind that this is Japan, and the patent/law only applies there.

      • Philip Albert Jackway

        monster rancher suikoden 3 need I go on?

        • Brandonmkii

          I don’t think those came out after 2002.

          • Philip Albert Jackway

            monster rancher did come out before 2002 suikoden 3 came out in 2002 what im saying is that capcom didnt invent the process of expansions/dlc/combining old saves such as suikoden’s backwards save compatibility such as suikoden 1 save to get tir mcdohl and suikodens 2 save to suikoden 3 on ps2 to open up secrets.

  • HarakiriKami

    Sega, Konami and Capcom are a fucking mess and Namco needs to puts more effort into their game making craft.

  • TheSoullesOne

    Yeah… i love capcom but this is downright idiotic kinda hoping if it does go under the game IPs go to someone responsible……still waiting on Dragons Dogma 2

  • Joshua Lewis

    ….rofl capcom your idiots you cant…sue for expansion packs, might as well, sue every other game company in the world

  • rinalicat

    ????? CAPCOM?????????? WTF??????? I’m surprised they aren’t suing for the similarities between Samurai Warriors and Sengoku Basara!!!

    • doubleO7

      They can’t really sue them over that though. The genre is the same, no big deal there. And all of the characters and stories are pulled from Japanese history and mythology, and therefore not owned by either company. There’s also the fact that SW came out first…

      • rinalicat

        Very true.

      • Monterossa

        I believe Koei can easily win if they sue Capcom but I think they’re kind enough to not do it. and now see what Capcom trying to do.

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      Koei would be the one who sue them for that

      • Learii

        ya I was going to say that I mean they use Samurai Warriors names plus they make Masamune Date look the same in samurai warriors

        • Ixbran

          the games are based off japanese history, with playable characters designs incorporating important physical attributes of the figures.

          Masemune date did, in real life, only have one eye. And he was well known for having a crescent moon shaped horn on his helmet. So really in a design aspect, they cant be faulted for that

          but still, blatantly coping Koeis Warriors mechanics and trying to sue them for somethign like this? Yeah capcom keeps shooting them selves in the foot over and over again, and eventually they wont be able to stand.

  • Joshelplex

    Didn’t Sea do this exact thing with catridges years before? I don;t think this is something you can actually patent

  • bVork

    Uh, good luck with this, Capcom. The oldest expansion pack that I know of dates from 1981: Dunjonquest: Upper Reaches of Apshai, two years before Capcom’s very existence. The oldest expansion (that I know of) that integrates new content into a game, rather than just serving as new campaign built using the original game’s assets, is Populous: The Promised Lands from 1989, which adds new tilesets for use with the original levels along with several new sets of levels.

  • Aristides

    This will never fly, i guess they just want to put pressure on competitors…

  • Genjo

    well its sueful world i sue you & you sue me lets sue everyone for something stupid! lol

  • Serith

    Hey capcom, you claim copyright infringement? really? how about you look at the fact that you obviously copied their games or more specifically Samurai Warriors (released in 2004) with your game Sengoku Basara in 2005. So i’m assuming your going to sue like every company that has ever used a vibrating controller and/or expansions and/or carry over data? good luck with that you stupid fucking piece of shit. By the way, where is Megaman Legends 3?

  • this is a total waste of the judges time. why don’t they get the creators of sonic and knuckles in on this with their carry over data issues

    • ronin4life

      Because Sega have been busy in lawsuits with THQ, Level 5 And Gearbox… and are also on the verge of collapse.

      This is a rampant problem throughout the industry… and it is a disgusting one too.

      • Rukumouru

        How exactly is SEGA on the verge of collapse? Haven’t they been making quadrajillions off of Pachinko, Total War, Company of Heroes, Football Manager and PSO2 Japan?

        • ronin4life

          The holdings group, Sega Sammy, as a whole is ok. Sega studios isn’t doing so good though.

          And if we are being really technical anyway, Capcom isn’t that close in reality to collapse either. They both however have financial issues they are patching with lawsuits, and they aren’t alone by a long shot…

  • Based Ignacio Puppo

    Seems Kenzo’s(Capcom’s president) Vineyard(He actually owns one) needs more acres of land to expand and the DLC weren’t cutting it.
    News Flash: Capcom to anounce a game that’s 60% DLC, with a $60 entry fee.

  • Brandonmkii

    If they have a solid case, I hope justice is served.

  • Alex

    LOL Crapcom did not invent the expansion pack. Oh my god this is so hilarious! Not only are they suing Tecmo for a series they ripped off but for a technology they didn’t invent! I’m rolling right now!

  • Land of Green Pasture

    good idea, if you don’t get money from the customer… let’s take it from another company… yeah.. cool story… better release MH4U sooner in the west…

  • Atmos_Duality

    Most Japanese old guard media is withdrawing heavily into their domestic
    markets and it shows. Capcom in particular has been straddling the razors edge financially recently (especially this time last year).

    It’s like a group of starving prisoners starting a knife fight over the last crumbs.

    Patents on “vibration when enemies are near” and “expansion content”?
    How many hundreds of games have those now? Tecmo-Koei has been making Extreme Legends expansions for about a decade, yet now is suddenly the time when Capcom loses their legal fudge over it?

    This reeks of desperation.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I’m not familiar with Japanese copyright law, but those concepts seem a bit too broad to be eligible to be patented.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Copyright and Patents are different.

      Copyright covers the licensed expression of a creator’s work.

      Patents cover the unique implementation of a solution for a (usually) specific problem.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        I’m aware of the difference between the two. It still doesn’t change my point.

  • HentaRobot

    Capcom’s stupidity never fails to amaze me.

    • subsamuel01

      Looks like their games not selling are making them desperate. Besides MH4 their games have not sold that well.

      • zaidandzhadow

        like wich games, besides ultra super mega street fighter 4, ohh and also the other most idiotic thing called Dead Rising 3 exclusive for the Xbone, i haven’t seen another crapcom game this year, seriously capcom 3 games in a year? this explains all that hunger

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Wasn’t there a website to remind people. What stupid thing has Capcom done now?

      P.S Love your Avi! :D

  • Jimmy Bump

    This really dumb. Hey capcom ever heard of Monster Rancher or other games that do this? Also I think capcom just found out about the fact that lots of pc games do the same thing and they don’t care because they want revenge for toukiden.

  • awkwardkorean

    I don’t recall my controller vibrating when enemy characters were nearby…

  • Anubisseesall

    This is by far the most idiotic thing I have seen in a long time. Patent trolling much? You know Capcom if you actually focused on making some games that people want maybe, just maybe you wouldn’t have to stoop to court battles for money.

  • Jason Mounce

    They turned from a game company to a Clown School for Comedic Law

  • subsamuel01

    Someone needs to buyout Capcom, company is going down the gutter.

    • E.T.993

      Nintendo, maybe? That would be hilarious. Miyamoto: ”Every Capcom game will be Nintendo exclusive because Microsoft, Gabe Newell and Sony’s tears are delicious.” God, that’s evily awesome.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        “Sakurai directs directly to you the announcement of Nintendo buying out Capcom and the oceans of tears that follows.”

      • Warboss Aohd

        what Tears? i play all platforms.

        got the 3DS and Wii U, i’m good to go in that scenario.

        Hell if it means bringing back Breath of Fire to Wii U and 3DS count me in.

  • Weeb

    Seeing how the mobile games and outsourced sequels aren’t working, I guess capcom is just trying to bitch for more money instead of trying to fix their own problems.

  • AndyMAX

    Ten years ago you talked about Capcom and your eyes go all shiny due to the awesomeness of great games, now days you talk about Capcom and you laugh on how deep they fall.

    • $18114340

      Laugh until you cry uncontrollably.

    • Shippoyasha

      Good thing they made enemies of so many fans, a lot of fans like me just want them to sink further down. Not many game companies can totally burn the bridge of good will to its own fanbase like Capcom can.

      • Warboss Aohd

        i hate to say this, but i like them even LESS than EA of all people.

        EA can’t be trusted, has terrible business practices, and have destroyed many companies in their wake.

        but at LEAST they put out a decent variety of games, a few of which are actually good.

        Capcom can’t even say THAT anymore, as i call them ‘Those guys that only make Street Fighter and Monster Hunter’.

        • Shippoyasha

          EA can be colossally stupid with their PR and twitter/social-media drama and politics.

          But yeah, some of their teams can do good work. It’s a shame they’re owned by total idiots.

        • Atmos_Duality

          Well, that made me consider something.
          EA is infamous for cannibalizing good developers and crapping out their remains. (Westwood, Bullfrog, etc)

          But Capcom is responsible for auto-cannibalism; how many of their OWN franchises have they ate now?

          (Rockman/Megaman, and Breath of Fire spring to mind)

        • zaidandzhadow

          i just hope the realease Deep Down and Dragons Dogma 2 before they go bankruptcy

          • Serith

            I honestly couldn’t care at this point. I mean i loved the first Dragon’s Dogma, but i refuse to buy any capcom anything now. I also refuse to buy anything sega either because of them denying their products to North America and technically stealing my money (i bought one of their games on the PSN because i’m a huge fan of Phantasy Star games, and i mean all the Phantasy Star series, only to find that i can no longer download said game because they had it taken off the PSN). With capcom, i’m just plain sick of their shitty treatment of the fans of their games. Especially with Megaman Legends 3 where they got the fans to design the characters and enemies, CC2 and Inafune both stated that they wanted to keep making the game but capcom said no, and the fact that they game was nearly completed from what i understand.

            I refuse to buy anything from those two companies anymore, unless sega is willing to make amends by at least releasing PSO2 in North America and give me a way to play the other Phantasy Star games i’d love to still be playing (Phantasy Star Universe and Ambitions as well as Phantasy Star Portable 1 and 2). I also hope that more people refuse to give these companies any support until they clean up their act because these companies need to face consequences for their shitty customer treatment and, in the case of capcom, for this stupid lawsuit bullshit.

  • Ross Villaluz

    Lately, Capcom amazes me for the wrong reasons. They’re suing Koei for having game expansions? If so, then I think they should be suing more companies, not just Koei.

    That reminds me. Hyrule Warriors, a game that’s part-Koei, was just released
    in Japan, right? Maybe they’re suing Koei only now to somehow screw with that game in the process…

    • zaidandzhadow

      it could be a pretty long list

  • Suriel Cruz

    People talk about Capcom creating ‘crappy games’, but the question is… Why do people support them in the first place? If they keep doing ‘shitty’ stuff, why don’t support them and let them “Deal with it!”. I’m not fan of Capcom, but telling how bad their games are recently, won’t solve the problem, since people keep supporting them. At this point I won’t be surprise if they even change the name. The last game I bought of Capcom was Dragon’s Dogma and since them I haven’t buy any other stuff from them, but I don’t keep saying “Pretty shitty stuff, Capcom!” I just don’t support them anymore. IMO.

    • SomeGuy

      Considering their fiscal returns, the idea of people supporting them still isn’t accurate, as they are feeing less and less returns. In other words, more fans are jumping ship.

    • zaidandzhadow

      The problem here is that capcom isn’t even a 10% of what i was, they’ve lost their master minds, misused franchises, wasted new talents, investing in crappy new projects, i think it’s time for their president to quit and stop all of this, it’s really sad to compare the current capcom with the one from 90-00s, there are no new fans who say i love capcom i love all of their games like the way we all did back then.

  • Kalis Konig

    God I can’t wait for Capcom to kill over.

  • Sion12

    More importantly like at the size of the bun/bao!!!

  • Anime10121

    This…is pretty sad :/ This is actually worse than SNK’s lawsuit…

  • dez112

    First SNK and now Capcom……

    • z_merquise

      SNK’s case was different. It’s more of misunderstanding and lack of communication between SNK and Squeenix that got worse.

      This one is just stupid. It sounds like Capcom is desperate for money or something.

      • Raos

        Nope, both are just stupid

      • PoweredByHentai

        This situation gives me a headache as to whether I should pick up Megaman X4 and X5 on the PSN or not. I loved both X4 and X5 but I really don’t want to give Capcom my money when they’re pulling this stunt.

        • z_merquise

          Very conflicting, eh? I bought God Hand the moment it was available in PSN even if I wasn’t a fan of the recent stuff Capcom were doing at that time (and still is).

          • PoweredByHentai

            Yeah, Capcom has done some stupid things before but patent trolling is something that I react violently towards.

  • MSJ

    not just snk but capcom pulling this crap now…ugh

    I dunno whether to laugh, cry or do both :L

    • z_merquise

      Why not both?
      Because it’s hilariously stupid and sad at the same time.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Apparently I’m doing both.

  • souio

    I have an idea! Capcom SHOULD patent Day 1/on-disc DLC and sue every company that uses that tactic then no other company would dare to do it again!

    • Mikari✘

      Pretty much all companies that make fighting games? At least Arc System Works does.

  • Loghorn

    Maybe if Capcom haven’t wasted a lot of money on B.S. such as 3D Bionic Commando, Dark Void, DmC, Remember Me, The Lost Planet series, etc., hadn’t started putting more of their efforts into mobile gaming thinking that they’ll make a lot of money, & started listening to their fans on what they want, then they wouldn’t be in the financial mess that they’re in right now.

    Now they want to sue Koei-Tecmo for something in which Capcom themselves ripped off Samurai Warriors with Sengoku Basara. LMFAO. This is more about Capcom being desperate for money than anything else. The mighty has indeed fallen.

    • Nice Boat Quatro

      As Masamunedono say, “Capcom! Put your guns on!!”

    • Kumomeme

      they should listening to fans demand
      atleast if they make horrific games or the games are selling unwell,atleast make the fans love them
      port dragon dogma to pc now capcom
      and yet before they even put free on ps+
      does capcom had enough money already?
      i even heard that their stock are falling down before

    • Thatguy

      Lost Planet 2 was awesome coop game. I still love it.
      LP and LP3 on the other hand…

  • Freud_Hater

    I’m pretty sure expansion packs as they’re being described here existed waaaaaay before Capcom itself did…

  • Christopher Kelly

    Really? So Koei’s been doing this for years but all the sudden now Stupidcom wants to sue? Stupidcom’s only doing this because they need the money to keep functioning after years of ripping people off.

  • Ixbran

    Capcom just keeps digging them selves deeper and deeper and soon they wont be able to climb out of the hole that is their own stupidity.

    I used to love their games, but now all they do is monster hunter and street fighter 4 remakes. I’ve grown tired of them, they need to go under, or at least be bought by another company.

    I am tired of them doing stupid shit like this constantly for money and attention.

    • Philip Albert Jackway

      I grew tired of streetfighter back in the nineties all I want is a decent bof game dragon quarter was crap.

  • Warboss Aohd

    Capcom…………are you serious?

    Can Someone just buy them out already?

    • Atmos_Duality

      It’d be cheaper to pick up their valuable franchises (IPs) if they go under.

      • Warboss Aohd

        If Nintendo Bought Breath of Fire and gave it to Idea Factory (or the guys who did Xenoblade whose names escapes me.), that’d be great.

        • Atmos_Duality

          God YES. That would make my day.

        • Kevin

          Monlith soft I think

          • Warboss Aohd

            that’s it.

      • Mikari✘

        Let’s play this game. Decide which company should have certain Capcom franchise…

        Rockman to Comcept!
        Monster Hunter to Atlus!

  • Capcom: Oh yeah SNK? Well, we can sue another game company as well!

    Hey you!
    Tecmo: Yeah?
    Capcom: I’ve got a bone to pick with you!
    Tecmo: What the hell did I ever do to you?
    Capcom: Uh… you’re breathing my air! I’ll sue you!
    Tecmo: Are you… serious?
    Capcom: I got Phoenix Wright!
    Tecmo: I… am at a lack of words.
    Phoenix: (You can say that again….) *sweating*

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    I wonder if Bandai will now release Tales of Capcom, an epic RPG about a group of workers who decayed a lot

  • Windego

    So help me, if Capcom somehow gets Hyrule Warriors to stop selling, I will riot. I hope they get massive hate if that somehow happens.

    • they already have a massive hate because of “a title that should not be named unless you want to cause fans to be pained”

      • Alvin Balce

        You meant Rockman.

        And by the way, I share the pain.

  • Damian Schneider

    they better not screw with dynasty warriors or samurai warriors….

  • Why can’t these Japanese companies just go and peacefully coexist!?

  • mckun

    Didn’t Capcom do this before because of that one game Inu 11 or something?

  • ..Did they did this before and lost in the end? If they lose this case, it’s likely to backfire on them and could take a toll on where it hurts a lot… Their pockets.

  • CirnoLakes

    Corporate culture is strange to me. :S

  • Patryk

    What the fuck.

  • Oh….capcom don’t you now..
    If a company sues it doesn’t matter if they are right, people will hate…now this will further mess up their image, i think :P

  • Repede91

    “lets you acquire new content by combining an existing game with another piece of software”

    Wouldn`t Pokemon fall into this category?

  • Brotha Kyo

    >Capcom suing Koei Tecmo

    Pretty ironic from a company that made its own 1vs1000.

  • Nicolas Gehrke

    GOSH CAPCOM!? WTF is wrong with you? Welcome to the same category as EA and Activision, wont ever buy a game of you anymore.
    ‘Merica and his shitty patents, its just bs and useless.

  • Cassandra

    Um… DLC? Don’t all games do this? So fucking retarded.

    • Serith

      It’s not DLC. It’s when your save file from a previous game gives you benefits in the next game or expansion. Still equally bullshit since so many games have done this.

      • Hal Motley

        Ratchet & Clank 2 and 3 did that. If you have a savegame from the original you could get all the Gadgetron weapons from that game for free and if you had a savegame from 2 you could get all the Megacorp weapons from that game for free. That was over a decade ago, I feel old. XD

        I am always skeptical of what I think as BS patents, especially when it’s taken over 10 years for a company to protect them.

      • Cassandra

        Oh. Yeah, a bunch of games do this. Didn’t inFamous 2 have a feature like that?

      • N it is like DLC just that back in the day it had a different name because you wasn’t DOWNLOADING it. DLC – DownLoadable Content. The thing is… C(R)APCOM mistaken DLC with SAD – Shit Already on Disc (bulshit practices where so called DLC is already on the disc, but you have to “unlock it” with 100KB file)
        The concept is same. EP then is DLC now

      • Justin S Shields

        Yeah, like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Or the whole Sonic & Knuckles thing. Capcom is seriously full of it.

  • “According to the lawsuit, Capcom filed
    a patent back in 2002 that involves a function that lets you acquire new
    content by combining an existing game with another piece of software.”

    Microsoft should pull out Rare’s copyright for Stop N’ Swap and screw over Capcom.

    • Lelouch Vi Britannia

      yeah that’d be awesome.

  • Seraphyx

    Ah I get it, so basically what they want to do is sue nearly every single person who has ever developed a game since there have likely been hundreds of games with thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of dlcs and expansion packs since 2002.

    Makes perfect sense with the financial situation they’re in really. After trying to pull this, they deserve to go out of business. Hope they end up having to sell all their IP for pennies.

    • Hal Motley

      I hope the IP I love gets a good home. Resident Evil, Dead Rising and Mega Man deserve better treatment IMO.

      • Lelouch Vi Britannia

        Thank you

  • Kengofu

    Ugh. If you wanted a Megaman Musou game, you could’ve just ASKED, Capcom.

    • Lelouch Vi Britannia

      Capcom needs to sell the Megaman IP to Nintendo or Comcept.

  • Justin S Shields

    Guess Capcom wants to sue SEGA and Sonic Team for doing the same thing with Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 2/Sonic 3, like WAY back in the early 80s.

    Capcom… just… just stop. Please let your company die with the little dignity it has left.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    CApcom the way they are now can go Fuck themselves.

  • TechPlayer

    uhh yeah…hell, the Dot Hack game franchise did this too. Atlus did this as well. Does capcom want to sue Namco/Bandai and Atlus over this feature as well? What a load of bullshit.

  • capcomfan2010 .

    This fucking sucks no longer will there be Xtreme Legends expansions and possibly even Empires expansions I hope one day they’ll bring them back and kick the living shit out of Capcom and this is coming from someone who likes Capcom games and Koei Tecmo games.

  • Charles the Returned

    I love them both but: Tecmo > Capcom.

  • Charles the Returned

    Don’t all companies do that? What a complete sham, they are just desperate for money.

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