Final Fantasy Explorers Reveals The Dark Knight As The Latest Job

By Sato . August 28, 2014 . 6:32am


During Square Enix’s livestream for Final Fantasy Explorers, after providing the latest look at its multiplayer gameplay, the game’s developers shared a glimpse at the latest job with the Dark Knight.


Dark Knights are considered to be technical characters that will be tough to use, but once you learn how to use them, they’ll be one of the strongest damage dealers in the game.



Their attacks will be familiar to those of you who’ve played the Dark Knight in past Final Fantasy games, where they sacrifice their health for more damage, and absorb health from enemies.


Dark Knights use weapons like swords, but also have access to others like the axe, which was demonstrated during the party play session featuring the Dark Knight class.


The Dark Knight job is shown with various attacks and abilities like “Genocide,” “Berserk,” “Smash,” “Tomahawk,” “Catastrophe,” and many others. Most of their self-buffs seem to revolve around all kinds of attack and critical hit increases.


While their attack might be high, they really seem to take a lot of damage whenever they get hit, so it looks like Dark Knight users will have to keep a close eye on the monster and tank, then attack whenever there’s a good opening.


Prior to the reveal, Square let fans vote between Dark Knight and Dragoon, for which one they wanted to see revealed and in motion, so it sounds like we might hear more about Dragoons in the near future.


Final Fantasy Explorers is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Namuro

    Whoa! Love the design! Made me think of S.Zinogre armor for some reason…

    • It does look very similar.

  • jeof96

    So DK is the glass cannon Class of FFE?

  • MagiusNecros

    Berserk? Axes? Power Attack? Potential strongest attacker in the game? There’s my character class right there. Now for my Necromancer.

  • J_Joestar

    hope we get Dragoon info soon,
    though the ones i want to see most are the bard/dancer and Blue Mage equivalent.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      I need my Summoner confirmation so bad.

      • I think they inadvertently confirmed Summoner, saying it would function differently since you fight Summons now.

  • Go2hell66


  • Dascylus

    If it’s as broken as the DK in Bravely Default, count me in.

    • Perseids

      I prefer the one in Tactics. I just hope it’s not THAT hard to get again…

      • Guillermo Oliva III

        Haahahaha, the Dark Knight Class in FFTWOFL was uniquly-made and it deserves to be difficult to attain! XD

  • Land of Green Pasture

    damn it’s glass cannon-cool, not as glass cannon-cool as ninja tho…

  • Rouge

    Gosh I loved DK in FFXI but then they stopped implementing scythes and now I can’t look at them the same way

    • Guillermo Oliva III

      Nah, Dark Knight class never started with the Scythe weapon and that was unique to the Dark Knight class in FFXI. So, the first weapon that started for Dark Knight in general within the Final Fantasy Universe is “Sword” or “G.swords”. Over all, look up FFIV.

      • Rouge

        I didn’t say they started with the scythe weapon. I said I liked them the most when they had scythes, thus me referring to XI.

        • Guillermo Oliva III

          Ohh, i am sorry and I agree with you :3

  • Perseids

    I hope Night Shade is among the move list for DK

  • Dianatos

    It looks one shade of blue and one grotesque arm away from being SC’s Nightmare. I like.

  • exrazer

    blue mages square. Make it happen

  • the_rain

    Each new info get reveal, the more excited I am for this game!

  • Guillermo Oliva III

    I like this game ,but I am already playing explorative and without magic or level up system(plus, I have not even completed the game yet and I feel like I have achieved 18% total to the game that I am playing XD). So, I hope many of you enjoy this game :)

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