Xenoblade Chronicles Announced For New Nintendo 3DS

By Sato . August 29, 2014 . 4:36am


In this morning’s Nintendo 3DS Direct, Nintendo announced their latest model of the 3DS series with the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL, that has improved features including a more powerful CPU from its predecessor.


During the stream, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that a remake of Xenoblade Chronicles is currently in the works and will be released for the New Nintendo 3DS models.


The remake is something they’ve previously wanted to do for the Nintendo 3DS, but were not able to due to its lack of CPU power, but now that it’s getting a boost with the newer version, it has been made possible.


Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models.

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  • ivanchu77

    “These will not be playable on the old 3DS models”

    yeah, fuck this

    • Noor Mahmoud

      Time to buy a new 3DS!

  • zferolie

    So we have no choice but to upgrade…. sigh

  • 하세요

    Woah woah, I’m going to HAVE to upgrade? What in the fuck.

    • Ferofax

      Only if you want the exclusives.

      • 하세요

        Well duh, that’s for any game being made for a system you don’t currently own.

        I hope nothing of interest is being made this way for me. I really don’t care for Xeno, but I fear other games I like will follow suit.

        I plan on upgrading my NA 3DS to this (never got an XL) but my JP LL is going to stay.

        • Shade DMessiah

          But then “BEST JRPG GAME EVER” comes out in Japan.

          For the “New” 3DS.

  • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

    I actually hoped for this a few years back. And, if the New 3DS comes out soon, I’ll be glad to get one, since I dropped mine again yesterday and now the screen is black.

  • ‘Not on old 3DS models’ Wassdat? Man, all the old 3DS-owners are NOT going to like this…

    Why Nintendo?! :S

  • iamtehultimatepwnage .

    what???? another modell again? and this time you HAVE to upgrade to play the newer games? nintendo made a really dick mover there ….

  • Splinter

    What the hell? What’s wrong with Nintendo?!

  • Tarkovsky

    Best news this direct! And for people who are complaining, the new 3DS has a more powerful CPU, of course the older models are not going to be able to play it.

  • Prinnydoom

    Well, It was bound to rain on the parade at some point. *Sigh* Time to start saving for a new 3DS.

  • domonkun

    Really awesome news for people who missed the game release first time around! Too bad you’ll need the “new system” specifically, though…

    Let’s just hope old veterans like me won’t be missing out on too many new features :(

  • Bur

    Today is a beautiful day.

    • shadowind

      It’s not a beautiful day, it’s a GLORIOUS day! ^_^

      • Bur

        The world is glowing!

        • JMaster3000

          Yeah its a glorious day that everyone who has a 3DS needs to upgrade now to play Xenoblade.
          BEST. DAY. EVER.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    That sucks that it won’t be available on older models and that more games are in the works for the new 3DS’.

    I’ve decided to upgrade any ways (I’ve still got a launch day 3DS) so I’ll look forward to the new announcements. Shame that they are giving people a “upgrade or bust” attitude though.

    • Noor Mahmoud

      How are they giving that attitude? For announce ONE game that wouldn’t be possible on the regular 3DS?

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

        Iwata has said other games are in development. Now I’m not saying this is a possibility but imagine if a new Metroid game was announced for the 3DS and it was confirmed to only work on the newer models. That would piss a lot of people off.

        Like I said, I’ll be upgrading so this won’t effect me but if someone who has never played Xenoblade (maybe they never owned a Wii or something) and they were interested in trying the game because of the praise they see people giving it, yet they only own a 3DS, 2DS or 3DS XL. Their only option would be to upgrade to the newer models or they can’t play the game. That is what I mean by “upgrade or bust”. It might not affect everyone but it’ll be a shame for a few people.

        Personally I own Xenoblade on the Wii already and I doubt I’ll pick up the 3DS version but I can at least see the issue some might have.

  • SirFritz

    It’s just a port. Not a remake at all.

  • Daiyus

    Its like the dsi all over again, only this time it DOES have an exclusive game i do want to play, whyyy nintendo, whyyyyyy

  • xe7en

    If this ever had a proper port to the new 3ds, it will be the best game of the console IMO.

  • ヴィンチェンゾ Vincenzo

    I understand the hardware limitations the original 3DS may have, but these “exclusive titles to New 3DS” could be a kick in OG 3Ds owners’ asses.

    • chibidw

      It’s going to cause a market split that will bite Nintendo in the ass in the long term. Having to explain to mom and little Timmy why there’s a whole line of new games that won’t work on the 2DS she got him only a few months ago is really going to put off customers.

  • domonkun

    Woah, I just had a dark thought… what if they don’t even localize the remake, so even western New 3DS users can’t play it?

    The Nintendo Direct was Japan-only, and NoA never really put 100% into the original localization… Oh no… =-o

    • Relax dude, if there’s one place the 3DS needs a push, it’s in the west. There’s no way this isn’t coming over eventually, especially with X already confirmed.

  • Kalis Konig

    I’m shaking!

  • Tarkovsky

    I don’t get people. What’s the point of Nintendo upgrading the CPU, if there won’t be games coming out to take advantage of it. There needs to be games like Xenoblade 3DS to take advantage of it’s upgrade. Xenoblade will never be able to run on the older 3DSes. People seriously need to stop complaining. It’s like port begging all over again. If you really want to play Xenoblade, get it on the the Wii if you’re that short on money.

    In short, no New 3DS = no Xenoblade port to Nintendo’s handhelds. It’s that easy to understand.

    • Stranger On The Road

      yes, but a static hardware is one of the biggest reasons to game on a console instead of a PC or phone*.

      any way, the hardware won’t be to expensive, so people should still be able to afford it if they can afford the games that run on it (new copies mind you).

      * ok, in the case of a phone, the controllers is a bigger reason.

    • Haganeren

      The point ? I don’t know, a bios more quick in order to go to Internet more rapidly maybe.

      That’s not the point.

      They didn’t have to upgrading the CPU, they could just make a new generation of handlet. Having this kind of “generation 1.5” was never a good idea. There is too few games which will coming of 3DS to divise the market like this.

      It’s a bad decision I think.

      • Tarkovsky

        My point is directed towards people who want to play Xenoblade on their old 3DSes. If you don’t think the upgrade is worthwhile, then don’t get it, it’s that simple.

        • Haganeren

          I think they wouldn’t want to play Xenoblade on their old 3DSes if it was a REAL new generation of handlet.

          It’s already bad marketed to me. That’s why i think those complain are legit.

          Another complain i have is the fact than during the time this studio make a remake for a new 3DS, they will not make game for the 3DS which is cruely in need.

          If it was that hard, they could have made a remake of Baten Kaitos instead, i don’t know… But something which will works on old 3DS, whatever the game.

          • Tarkovsky

            A new generation of handheld will not satiate the anger people are having now, if anything it will make it worse. And yes, most of the people complaining are complaining because they want to play Xenoblade on the current 3DS but the fact is that current 3DSes are unable to run it. The only way to play Xenoblade or any other titles of that graphical fidelity is to go out and buy a new system that is able to run it. Even if this hypothetical new system was announced today instead of the new 3DS, people would still be pissed because they have to run out and buy this “new” system to play Xenoblade. And also, who knows if this new system will be backwards compatible or how much it will cost? Not only that, everybody will complain that Nintendo are killing of the 3DS line of games and wont be supporting it anymore.

            In short, people complaining now want to play Xenoblade witout having to upgrade. Just look through all the comments. But fact is that they have to purchase a new system whether or not it’s the new 3DS or a hypothetical new generation handheld if they want to play games as intensive as Xenoblade. Either way, they still have to spend money and the people complaining don’t want to spend money.

          • Haganeren

            Humm, no, i don’t really agree, nobody would have wanted to play Xenoblade on 3DS without this announcement.

            If making Xenoblade on 3DS was impossible : change the game, not the system ! Make a new game, make Baten Kaitos which would most likely work well on the system.

            People don’t want to pay for ANOTHER console, it’s totally normal. That’s the main point i think… Even more than Xenoblade. And we all know this mean the new 3DS will have next to no game specifically for it. And that also mean the vanilla 3DS will have one less game.

            Like i said, it’s totally legit to be upset, there is so much cons i don’t quite understand…

          • Noor Mahmoud

            Change the game? Ummm, no. Do you even Xenoblade bro?

          • HarakiriKami

            Third parties are making a lot of 3DS games…. 3DS doesnt really need much out of nintendo.

            Its just gonna be Wii/Gamecube ports anyway lol.

      • HarakiriKami

        The 3DS has a tone of games releasing on it actually

        • Haganeren

          Tons, Tons… 5-6 maximum i would say… (And for the USA… Because us in Europe we could have even less !)
          And until end 2015 only… Nintendo can’t be on the Wii U AND the 3DS, they have to choose.
          Before it was the 3DS, now it’s the Wii U so 3DS user need to grab whatever they could.

          • HarakiriKami

            Sure if you only count first party games.

    • 하세요

      I’m only worried about the future titles. I don’t give a shit about Xenowhatever. If this is only for Wii ports then it’s fine by me, nothing on Wii I’d want on the go anyway.

    • Uvers

      The point is that its not just xenoblade they’re will be more and more games coming out specifically for new 3ds which means sooner or later you will have to get one if you want play these games it basically screws over everyone who bought the original 3ds and 3ds xl like me who has both models and will eventually be forced to buy the new ones

      • Tarkovsky

        Of course there’ll be more and more games coming out for the new 3DS. That I will agree. But that’s the whole point of it. If the upgrade is not substantial, then what’s the point? Will people only buy it for NFC, wider 3D viewing angles and C Stick? Those are small and minor tweaks. Upgrading the CPU on the other hand is substantial as it allows more CPU intensive games to be ported or developed.

        What difference does it make if instead of the new 3DS models, you get a brand new handheld system. You’re still spending money on that thing. What could be worst is the fact that that new system would not be backwards compatible and be pricier. Of course it’s just speculation but eventually you’re going to have to buy a new handheld if you want to play more games like Xenoblade that require more power. The current 3DSes are just not capable of doing so.

        • Uvers

          I understand your point although I’m annoyed at this upgrade I’m as not angry as fortunately I’m no longer in school or university and can to a certain extent afford to buy every new 3ds iteration should I choose to do so

        • flameraver64

          But it’s a stupid point. People bought the 3DS XL, and the only upgrade was it was bigger and had better battery. The 2DS REMOVED features and people bought it. The DSi REMOVED the GBA slot and only added minor features, people bought it. The DSi XL was only a bigger DSi, people bought it.

          If people bought those past revisions, they’d DEFINITELY buy one a revision that has NFC, wider 3D, and more buttons, ESPECIALLY since a lot of people have been asking for a 2nd stick. The upgrade in specs was NOT necessary to sell the remodel.

    • CozyAndWarm

      The issue is that it’s completely fragmenting the userbase, and forcing people to buy a new model for games that are essentially on the same system. It would have made more sense just to wait and release an entirely new handheld, with more hardware improvements than just the CPU.

      • Tarkovsky

        I see your point. However, my comment was targeted at people who mainly want to play Xenoblade on their old 3DSes and are pissed that they have to get a new one just to play it. And while I agree it’s not the best idea to introduce a 1.5 system, we cannot say for sure how long they’re going to be supporting the New 3DS. If the new 3DS is going to be able to support Wii quality games then I reckon that it will be for awhile. All of this is just speculation of course.

        And I don’t really agree that this and this alone will fragment the userbase. Any new system that is able to run games that previous systems can’t will fragment the userbase irregardless. If a new console were announced instead that is capable of running Xenoblade, it would also fragment Nintendo’s handheld user base as they would have to buy this new system to play Xenoblade on the go. I think there will be as many people who will complain saying Nintendo are killing off the 3DS and are not supporting it any more. Not to mention, we don’t know if that new system would be backwards compatible(even though it’s likely based on recent history)or even how much it would be priced. There would be no difference in the reaction. Either way, people who own current 3DSes will still have to go out and get a new console(whether it be the new 3DS or a hypothetical new handheld) if they want to play more CPU intensive games like Xenoblade.

      • HarakiriKami

        The Vita’s got a fragmented userbase as well

        • undersaffiresky

          How’s the Vita userbase fragmented?

          • HarakiriKami

            Vita TV cant play Tearaway/

          • undersaffiresky

            Ah, I can see where you’re going, yes. To me, though, the Vita TV Vita aren’t exactly the same issue as the 3DS/New 3DS has going here, however. I don’t think the Vita TV is really going to fragment much of anything.

            I saw it as more of an ‘accessory’ really, versus a system upgrade. I dunno what others see it as, however.

    • Assuming everyone has a WIi/WiiU

    • HarakiriKami

      I remember the PSP 2000 having an upgraded cpu

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        the CPU was the same for all models of the psp the difference was that the 2000 and 3000 series had double the memory of the 1000 series (1k having 32MB and 2k-3k 64MB), added microphone and video out entrance. Also the 1000 series had a large problem with Ad Hoc.
        I remember that the 1000 series had issues with God of War and other games

  • Espoir

    What? This is… UNACCEPTABLE! q.q

    • Guest

      Lemon Oblige

      • Espoir

        All of me right in this picture. Thank you.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Wow, that sounds amazing…but now the question is would I double dip on a 3DS XL for more processing power?…especially after I just got the LBW edition!

  • DudeJericho

    Oh wow, I did not see this coming, just how powerful will the new 3DS be to fit such a game into it? Super excited!

  • David_c

    this is bad decission made by nintendo i think.

    • Christopher C

      the other option is to just go straight to the next handheld.

  • LightOtaku

    I’m planning on importing one just so i’ll be able to import japanese games as well but does anyone know if I will be able play local/online multiplayer with EU/NA 3DS’s?

    • DemonShadowX

      Online I believe you can. Local is region-locked, unless they change that with this new model.

      • LightOtaku

        That’s a shame then so i’ll need to keep switching to my ‘old’ XL. Maybe I won’t bother. :/

    • 하세요

      Depends on the game. Monster Hunter, for example, splits servers. NA/EU has one half and Japan has the other. Mario / Pokemon titles tend to share online globally.

      • LightOtaku

        I see. Although having local multiplayer region locked kind of put me off it now…

        • 하세요

          The only games I even play locally are ones that always get localized, like, well Mario and Pokemon, so it didn’t bother my decision.

          • LightOtaku

            True, but it means I won’t be able to import Smash Bros. and play locally using the newly added C stick. :/

  • Stranger On The Road

    can’t wait for the trailer; a JRPG is a system seller to me and would buy the XL version of the new 3DS just for it :-)

  • Siery

    I dont know why, but somehow this pisses me off.
    I really would like to play this game too, since I didn’t get the chance on the Wii, but they are kinda forcing us to buy the new model.
    There is also the possibility that Nintendo and maybe the 3rd party companies will make games for “New 3DS” only, cause of CPU power. Like the next gen. Pokemon(insert letter, color, metal, jewel here). I doubt it will happen, but still…

    I’m asking myself right now: “Why the fuck did I buy a 3DS XL then?”

    • Adrian Duran

      this happened with the Gameboy Colour, still in the same gen as Gameboy, but more advanced

      • SirFritz

        While I agree it was part of the same gen (sort of, there were many gbc games that worked on the old gb). The gameboy color was released almost 10 years after the original. This is only like 4 or so.

        • David García Abril

          Pretty much, yeah.

          This is not the same thing as the GBC.

          Not even close.

          • HarakiriKami


      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        The exclusive games for GBC could be counted with one hand. This is something different, this is discarding the prior model altogether for new games~.

        • Ferofax

          Nobody said anything about not making new games for the 3DS systems. They just said they had some titles in development that are exclusive for the New 3DS. Devs can still develop for the 3DS, and I don’t think that’ll change. I don’t even know if third party developers will take full advantage of this improvement, but I do hope some do.

        • Destiny13777

          Haha I don’t know how many hands you have but you can’t count all the GBC games on one hand if this list is anything to go by. This is exactly the same thing they did before since the GBC was much more capable than the original.


          The other thing is that we only have 1 new game coming out for sure with them only mentioning that others are being worked on and that’s still a year away so it’s not that rapidly that there discarding it.

      • idrawrobots

        This happens almost every Nintendo handheld generation and it’s never that big of a deal.

    • TruePariah

      Same here. While most of my peers are gushing over it I am also a bit pissed at this announcement, It would’ve sat well with me if it was for a brand new handheld but for a revision?

      Xenoblade might just be a port but that’s the start of something and who knows what other titles might come out for the “new” 3DS.

      • HarakiriKami

        more ports

    • Raziel Kõbe

      yes is like a new console for me. or Nintendo come to my home upgrade my3DS, like I upgrade my PC

    • Ben Green

      As tempting as Xenoblade is, Ninty is crazy if they think i’m buying a new 3ds just a few months after i bough an XL. Now if they added SNES and N64 VC tho….

      • Ferofax

        How about more Wii ports? How about Gamecube ports? See, we now have that Gamecube-esque 2nd analog nub, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence…

        • Ben Green

          Baten Katos and Skies of Arcadia on New 3DS? yes please. Although i doubt it, as the 3DS is supposed to be more powerful than a GC, so if they were interested in porting any GC games, they would’ve done it, or will do it in the future, but not exclusively to the New 3DS as the 3DS should be able to handle any GC game, i think.

    • fairysun

      It’s better off if Nintendo announces “We have a new handheld system and Xenoblade remake will be one of the launch title.”

      This sucks.

    • Brian

      One thing I know for sure is it will be a cold day in hell before I trade in my Zelda 3DS XL. Seriously what the flip Nintendo I usually stick up for you guys and this is what I get?

      • undersaffiresky

        I don’t even want to trade in my plain one that isn’t even a special edition. At least, I don’t foresee there being a lot of exclusives because most developers will want to develop for the whole install base vs. the people who own a 3DS+.

        I’d just rather they have an expansion upgrade you could buy or something instead of putting 180 bucks towards an upgrade of system hardware.

  • Raziel Kõbe

    So Nintendo created a new video game$$$. How many games will be exclusive for this new handled…?

  • Lemon

    If Xenoblade can be ported, I have no doubt more Wii games will get a port eventually. This is absolutely brilliant and I’m willing to even give Nintendo my money for other titles I may already have bought in the past for the Wii.

    • Lloyd Christmas

      Not being ported. :p

  • I got my 3DS for less than a year and now Nintendo demands me to change it?
    yeah, not gonna happen.

    • Matt


      Yeah, they’re literally holding a gun to your head.

      Come the fuck on.

  • I’m wondering if Nintendo is going to publish more original games for the system? It’s good they’re putting Xenoblade out again, but I personally wouldn’t buy an updated system just to play a game I’ve already played.

    I will admit that it would be nice if I could replace my whole home console library with handheld versions. I tend to prefer it over playing on the consoles since it’s more convenient for me.

    • Thatguy

      Bayonetta on 3DS. Her outfit in… 3D.

      And in bed (though you can do that on WiiU)

    • mojack411

      Well it does say that they’re working on other titles exclusively for the new 3DS so I’d assume some of those are new and original.

  • KoRLumen

    Oh my god. The Xenoblade world on 3DS? THIS WILL BE PHENOMENAL.

    • supermox


      • KoRLumen

        Yeah, I just realized ;-;


      • mojack411

        Honestly a Xenoblade remake on it is an instant system seller for me.

  • lordrockman

    If you dont want it then dont buy it!!

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      People want it, the problem is that to get it they have to buy a new 3DS~.

      • Astralwyrm

        And only for nintendo to drop that platform in another year or two as well >.>

      • lordrockman

        Imo its only the first real upgrade!!! now if this is a trend THEN ill raise my arms!!! but i get you im so lucky im broke-ish and dont have a 3ds!!! lol

  • NightzeroAX

    Why only the 3DS though….

    • Stranger On The Road

      I guess a HD remake for the Wii U would have been a good direction for the game.

      On topic: Any way, a more powerful CPU….. did they even announce what that means? What did they change and what did they leave unchanged. CPU alone isn’t enough to change the game unless they had trouble with the AIs in the game.

      • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

        they said the have a plan to make some games for the 3d’s playable through it o the Wii U which games are unknown hopefully this is one’s of them, look cross buys on here

      • Kumomeme

        maybe still same console,same architecture design but just different with stronger main hardware like cpu,ram and others?that might be the case
        surely they had reason why they didnt announce this as new console
        also might be for marketing purpose too…people already know 3ds so they didnt want to risk introducing new console and start over again selling it from zero

  • Hueboom

    if only the new 3dses can also be backwards compatible with the “old” 3ds models games, i really have no reason not to upgrade my 2 xl’s.

  • Captain Levi

    Ok now I really need a 3DS.

    • a NEW 3DS.

      • Captain Levi

        I don’t have one yet so yeh.

        • mojack411

          No as in the new system coming out that will play this is literally called a “New 3DS” That’s its name. Look up its article.

          • Captain Levi

            I know.

      • He needs a new NEW3DS

  • Didn’t something like this happen before?…Oh yeah! The N64 had an Expension Pak that helped bring in games and sequels that required more power and the like. Majora’s Mask was one of those ga-…wait a second.
    “Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models.”
    O_o I think I’ve stumbled onto a hidden secret here. *plays the Hidden Secret sound*

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto


      • Lol! I was thinking of adding that, too. xD

  • Go2hell66

    a 3DS remake is a great idea. but on a new system!? fuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Rusworch

    I’ll just stick with the Wii version since I’ve already played through it twice.
    And I really don’t want to buy a 3DS when I already have a 3DS.

  • Christopher C

    calling it now, GAMECUBE PORTS

  • Raziel Kõbe

    Question. This will be remake or port? And Nintendo make exclusives for your own handleds, like poor PC cant run Crysis 3 but a new can. Money is money okl. O expect a long life for 3DS, but will be a Wii-upgrade-Wiiu alike

    • Kumomeme

      it say clearly ‘remake’

  • Viscious

    This is stupid. The remake should be on Wii U. That console needs more quality games. This game could be amazing on the Wii U. Way to segment the market Nintendo. The new 3DS is such a terrible idea.

    • Senpai

      They’ll make so much money off the new 3ds that the poor sales off Wii U won’t really matter. And i doubt a port would help the Wii U much.

      • undersaffiresky

        Especially not when the Wii U can play the first game on its own anyway.

    • Ferofax

      This is a port, plus the Wii U is already getting X, the sequel.

      EDIT: Sorry, remake, so that means optimized engine and assets. Even better.

  • nice. i was just about to replace my 3ds due to some dead pixels. Gimmie the beefed up version with Xenoblade!!!! I never got the Wii version due to the small amount sent to NA.

  • kylehyde

    The advantages of being an early adopter have come to me, I only have the original 3DS model, so the new model is a good option to upgrade and what a better timing than have the Xenoblade on it

  • Dolly

    well this is nice. xenoblade was a huge rpg with so many bits of dialogue and collectibles . i wasted at least a hundred hours floundering around collecting things to fill those books. for an rpg that big to be squeezable onto the newDS makes me think lots of ports are incoming c: (portable last story pls D8 thanks). time to wait a couple of months after initial release for a cute exclusive model ;3

  • Kyosuke Yoshino

    I have an original 3DS, I have a 3DS XL, now I’m not sure if I’m interested to buy one more… I’ll probably stay with my VITA in the future.

    • I’m staying with my Vita too… a lot of good games are coming for it and I’m really enjoying playing the ones that I already got :3

      • Alter

        Neptune U is quite good too, if you dislike costume break feature, you could equip ‘tough’ version of the same clothes. It should not break.

    • HarakiriKami

      I hope you dont have a Vita TV cause there are some games you cant play

  • PiFace2128

    Assuming/hoping this will get a much larger print in the West then what it got for the Wii.

  • Tincho Kudos

    Man I was so hyped for this, but now I’m so pissed off. F you Nintendo

  • James Enk

    what? what? not sure i like this… this is not “THE” next Nintendo handheld console, but my 3DSXL won’t be able to play future game that get release on the upgreaded version of the current Nintendo handheld?

  • Alter

    ugh.. anti-consumer business practice.

    • HarakiriKami

      Apple says hi

      The fact that the Playstation TV cant play all Vita games is kinda similar no?

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        Although the playstation tv goes the opposite direction, and doesnt alienate the current installbase who already own a vita.

        • HarakiriKami

          Well sure. But its a streaming box

      • Dwight Goodman

        The PSTV also does a lot of things that the Vita can’t though – video output (obviously), PS4 streaming, etc. So while it can’t play every Vita game, it has different applications that don’t include unique games you can’t play on the handheld. It’s also half the price of a Vita, so doubling up for the ability to play on your TV doesn’t feel like a kick in the nads, even if all games won’t work.

        What Sony need to do is allow people to use a Vita as a PSTV controller – that way, all games would hopefully work (because you’d have both touchscreens and sixaxis or whatever it is to use). Then, a lot of Vita owners would probably take advantage and buy one. I know I would.

      • flameraver64

        Apple’s not the same thing at all.

        • HarakiriKami

          Oh it is. Your new iphone cant use the same apps as your old iphone

          • Jesse Torres

            And that is why they simply update, but you can’t do that with the old systems.

          • flameraver64

            That’s…the opposite of what’s happening with the 3DS. And in 99% of cases the new iPhone CAN run the same apps. The only reason it can’t is because the developer stopped updating it when a new OS came out.

  • Theob Vious Choice

    Hold the fuck up.
    You mean if I don’t buy another 3DS I can’t get this and whatever other games are only supported by it?

    Just make a new fucking system then, Nintendo; don’t just say “Here is a 3DS with a larger CPU, now it’s a new system; buy it so we can compensate for the failure of the Wii U.” That is one of the most dickish things I have ever seen Nintendo do.

    • If you don’t like it get out. That’s all I have to say

      • Theob Vious Choice

        So people who don’t like it should “get out” you say, I’ve been in since practically the beginning dude. How are you not pissed that Nintendo is going for the iPhone marketing strategy? You could play the same DS games on the first DS that you could on the last one, why is it ok for that not to happen anymore?
        At least it is a tangible upgrade, but I already bought the 3DS XL; if I am going to buy an entirely new system, I’d at least want it to be like…. a new system? “New” 3DS is not the difference between the DS and 3DS, or the GBA and DS, or the GBC and GBA. It more or less makes it so anyone who bought a 3DS already made an incredibly poor investment.

        • No people who bring negativity should get out witch is how I perceived your comment. If you are going to say shit about this at least be more composed about it just stating the negative is the wrong way to go about it. And you really think their dicks for this really I have seen worst trust me on that. It’s not that I don’t get what your saying it’s just that you sounded like a raging fan

      • KanjiLikesBoys

        or if you don’t like it, don’t give them your money to show that you don’t like it. This is a business and we are consumers.
        It’s ok to not like something

    • Leonard Norwood Jr.

      To me, this was just as obvious as the game boy part, and you can’t expect developers to have everything at the table at the start when they could only do they best of what they can do with the ideas they have initially right now and get something going to develop, the fact they had this idea for a new CPU, possibly tells me that this was an idea that was sitting out for awhile or recently thought up at the times where there wasn’t enough time to implement it to the 3DS days away from being released.

      I’m just thinking outside the box, trying to have an answer close as possible as to why such an idea had to be executed and annouced right now when it could have been done then.

    • HarakiriKami

      They’re not making a new system.

  • ThatGuy3190_7

    I’ve never played Xenoblade and have always wanted to, and if a company announce a remake or port of a game I’ve always wanted to play, then of course I’m going for it. However, I enjoy playing on my original 3DS and can’t bring it to myself to ever replace it for another 3DS that is capable of doing the same thing with minor tweeks and for something that is bigger (I like carrying around my 3DS in my pocket and not in a pouch).

  • Samuel

    Wow,the 3DS sure packs quite a punch when it comes to CPU and stuff. Xenoblade Chronicles ain’t no light game.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    This is what we get when we buy the original models in the year they’re released in.

  • Namuro

    Wow… Look at all the hates here.

    The thing is, they improved the console, so it’s now POSSIBLE to make this game. If it was possible to make it on the old 3DS, I think they would have done so already.

    They need something to show off the new models’ power, anyway, and more importantly, they need to sell them! You should all know by now how marketing works. Look at this nice game, you want it? Then buy the new machine!

    A lot of people seem to have no problem buying new consoles like PS4 (especially when they say that, there are not that many games they want on it yet), I don’t see why they can’t buy the new 3DS as well…

    Another thing, people seem to misunderstand that Nintendo will stop making games for the old 3DS… AS IF! They already have a large user-base world-wide. You think they’ll just abandon all that? Think about it, people, seriously…

    They only announced one game, “one”! And it already caused this much chaos…

    • Leonard Norwood Jr.

      Because they are tired of having to buy a new version of the system they just bought, just when they got some comfortable with the previous one. They feel like all that investment they’ve done is all for naught the moment a new game comes out and it is annouced on the same platform, but only available on the upgraded one, they have to pay even more money to get the upgraded version just to play the game they were anticipated for 2 or 3 years. They question why can’t they finish the game first before they do something like this. But that’s just it, they are not going to stop finding ways to improve their creations, and if something goes through that can help to improve the performance of the system, if the director is ok with it, then it is an ok for them, so from that point on, sometimes a game that probably is in development for some time for the older version, they could change their minds and making available exclusively for the newer version. Some people question why they can’t at least be available for even both the old and new version of the same platforming system? They don’t want to keep up buying an upgrade of a system that should be well okay to last longer as it can by itself for a few more years. And they can do that kind of stuff on a new kind of system for the next gen.

      • Namuro

        “Some people question why they can’t at least be available for even both the old and new version of the same platforming system?”

        Like I said:

        “The thing is, they improved the console, so it’s now POSSIBLE to make this game. If it was possible to make it on the old 3DS, I think they would have done so already.”

        This is business, baby. You’ve gotta make something to “pull” in the people. It sure pulled me in, anyway.

        Also, you can just think of it like a brand new, more powerful console that’s backward-compatible, instead of just an upgraded one (even though, that’s what it is…).

        I’m not rich or anything, but I’ll work extra hard and save up to buy 2 of these new models, and enjoy new games, instead of wailing.

    • flameraver64

      That’s because a PS4 is a NEW console. You’re going to get 5-8 years of just PS4 games: games made specifically made for the PS4, and you’re going to get a lot of them.

      How many games are going to be released exclusive to the New-3DS, before the next generation of handheld? Not many. You’re only going to get a few years before the new generation of handhelds come out, you’re not going to get many exclusive games. It’s a bad decision.

  • Original Maincharacter

    …………. You’s douchebags at Nintendo are pretty lucky I and countless others just so happen to feel like playing Smash at a higher resolution.

  • charles

    Hopefully there is a trade in program.

  • raeldor

    This is fantastic news. Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best RPGs ever. This and the new 3DS will be a day-one purchase for sure, so long as they’ve upped the resolution of the new 3DS. If the resolution is the same… forget about it.

  • Armageddon

    “These will not be playable on the old 3DS models.”
    Really…Nintendo just screwed millions of people by doing this. which by the are the VERY people the made the 3ds a hit.

    Im not buying a wii u anymore. I will not support companies like this.
    Now I understand the hate these guys get on the net

    • Ferofax


    • AzureRyuujin

      Think of it like the Game Boy Color. It’s practically a new handheld.

      • Armageddon

        Why not just scrap the 3ds then? Afterall making a new handheld rather than upgrade seems better.
        Don’t you guys feel abandoned for no reason whatsoever?

        • Leonard Norwood Jr.

          Not really, and it is isn’t surprising on the developers part. What do you expect them to do, especially if they got a deadline to finish with the 3DS, very close to getting the thing at least done and released? That’s all they are trying to do when making a new system, find many ways and possiblities to make it perform very well. And sometimes new ideas come up during or even at the very end of the deadline of their developments when they don’t have enough time. Those guys are smart, but even they don’t have all that time in the world when they are given limited time to come up with something, research it, and implement the developement. They do have their limits of how far they can take their creations.
          That’s the problem some people don’t get, as smart as these guys at a video game company are, sometimes some ideas come up at the most random and awkward times, and they probably don’t have enough time to finish it. Even if they do have the resources, they have to make sure that something is really done and performs to their standards just enough to give the system the OK to release and distribute it into the entire world.
          I remember the game boy stuff well, and I did ask questions about the upgrades from the original game boy to game boy pocket, game boy color, game boy advance, game boy advance sp, and so on and so on. They must have had some of those ideas while they were still developing or at home trying to find a way to know how they can make better version of what they just made, what they didn’t do before that they can do now.

          • Armageddon

            You don’t get what I’m saying do you?
            What about those who bought these handhelds expecting new games for another year or two. They keep them out of the loop by releasing new hardware so early. So the one’s that bought the old models can’t expect to have new games because of this. Since the hardware itself is different in power.

          • Leonard Norwood Jr.

            Obviously they are not going to stop with trying to implement new ideas that they could have done before, that much I know. That hardly changes the fact that they are doing everything they can to provide you with a game that plays at its very best of its abilties, and even if it is like what you said. Does that mean they are intentionally slapping you in the face like that, hardly. They do have problems or any discussions about their games and what options they have to make sure not only the game is finished but has everything that most people would expect in games this generation. Several games have been left out for some time, due to problems that probably occured or maybe some new idea that will take time to try out, and those games could have been canned for good, if somebody didn’t give a game a system to end up on.
            Like I said, Sure they could have done that stuff then, but sometimes it is funny how it is times like this when they pull this stuff now than back then, there’s always a reason of why they weren’t able to back then. But that’s how change goes with time, all that waiting and by then something new comes out, sometimes the game you wanted so much on the one you have, ends up on another platform. And sometimes they did that just so you and other consumers would not have to put up with the news of a game never coming out and being cancelled. Hey I don’t know much about companies, but I do know they have their reasons. At least the game you anticipated is still going to be out and released after some time.

            This news isn’t much surprising, because they’ve done this stuff so much, that a new one isn’t surprsing. It may feel like BS to you, and maybe it is. Why didn’t they up the CPU stuff before? why now of all times they do this?I had this question asked and people answered me on this at least a few times. Gaming is constantly changing, and I haven’t even seen it stop, even with this move they are making.

          • Armageddon

            A little too soon dont you think?
            Yes, they’ve done this a lot as I recently found out. Guess Im one of the few who think they’re total d1*ks then. They keep pulling stunts like this, they will run-out of customers soon enough. If the wii u is any indication.

          • Leonard Norwood Jr.

            I understand. I do agree that the 3DS can stand on its own without much upgrades. And they don’t have a problem making a new system, but it isn’t like a new handheld system or console is going to take a year or 6 months to finish, it takes as long as it takes for them to get the parts needed, plan out exactly how they want to make it, research, come to a point where all teams agree on what to do the development and work on it. Until then, they have to settle with what they’ve produced and still find ways to make games provide a better experience for the players. Even those guys who produces the devices have butterfingers when it does every now and then. They are trying to keep up with the game industry as much as other companies who are doing the exact same thing.

          • Armageddon

            They should have just waited until the end of the 3ds lifespan so that it will be NEW hardware not an upgrade you have to spend $200 for. Think about,if they waited until the 3ds ended they could release a new handheld that is exponentially(I hope im not exaggerating here)better than the 3ds. That way would not be such a waste.

        • AzureRyuujin

          Not at all. I’m sure there won’t be as many games using the new model for a while. Even then, I want me some Xenoblade.

          • Armageddon

            After the “while” is over there will be plenty of games that work ONLY for the new model.

    • Aaron K Stone

      Your loss.

      • Armageddon

        No, it’s nintendo’s loss. They just lost a potential customer thanks to their practices.I doubt im the only one who thinks this.

  • Codename: D.A.V.I.D.

    Wow, and suddenly I need a new 3DS :O

  • Leonard Norwood Jr.

    Well I’m not surprised, this means I have to shell out some more dollars to not only get the new Nintendo 3DS LL and so forth, but any games exclusive to the game will only be played only on the new version. Not that it bothers me in the slightest for now. If this does play out, this new CPU should be able to handle other kinds of games that were released not only for Wii, as Xenoblade Chronicles is being planned and developed for the 3DS now, but other games from some of Nintendo’s prodecessors. Probably still holds true for GBA, since the older version managed to allow GB and GBC color games to be played. And I’m not going to go up in a huff about this, especially even if the CPU being powerful enough to do ports from Wii games probably was in their plans before, but do some time-related issues, they can only do the best they possible can out of the 3DS before they released it. Even if it is seemingly BS, one thing about deadlines is that they got to get it going when it starts and finish it up before it all ends. You can’t expect developers to have everything on the table when they are working on something to finished the time like, sometimes things come up that could help a device improve a lot more, but in the end don’t have the time.

  • KanjiLikesBoys

    announce a trade in progam or else kiss my grits

    • *sigh* unless the retail store has some sort of wifi where I can connect to transfer my content between console after purchase, I wouldn’t consider this one tiny bit.

  • Tanko Tatuma

    Wow. Pretty shameful Nintendo. Pretty shameful.

  • Nan

    IDC about you guys, this is the perfect excuse for me to updrade to an LL with the ~new~ model.

  • PlayLife

    I bet a lot of people will be pissed because their current 3DS models won’t run this major game, me included. I’m good with Nintendo launching a newer version of their system with more buttons and all, but upgrade their hardware to the point that current 3DS users won’t be able to play certain games is stupid. I just hope that Bravely Second doesn’t jump to this “new 3DS”.

    • Kirus

      Bravely Second will most likely be on the normal one but the third game will probably be on the New 3ds :p

      • British_Otaku

        There is no reason for a potential Bravely Third to target the New 3DS exclusively, barely anyone will have it in comparison to the other systems and the game has a minimalistic design on top of being an RPG which is hardly demanding.

        Red Steel 2 NEEDED Wii Motion Plus.
        It appears that Xenoblade needs New 3DS as well.

        It would be suicidal to limit their potential consumer base for no gain.

        • Shade DMessiah

          A new Wiimote wasn’t 200+ dollars. Didn’t Red Steel 2 come with one anyway?

  • isotrex

    I can’t wait for reviews or previews on the new console and the games. I don’t care about what negative things people say. I’m just blinded by the pure awesomeness of this announcement.

  • Reiswindy

    Hopefully we will have a trade-in program……and hopefully it won’t be limited to North America…..

    • Sleyths

      Yeah, that’s not gonna happen (“not limited to NA”).

      I’m so pissed…

  • Rusworch

    Does this mean the cartridges for this new 3DS will be differently shaped so they can’t go in the DS and the original 3DS?
    I hope they’re triangles.

    • Mastery

      I hope for Dodecehedron’s myself

      • Kevin

        I’m just hoping they come in a rubik’s cube like puzzle form so you would need to solve it in order to get the maximum potential out of it.

  • Venus in Furs.

    Well, I suppose that means I’m getting a new 3DS. Any word on whether or not we’ll be able to transfer downloaded games from the old 3DS to the new one? I have quite a few games I’d want to see transferred.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    …………*happy for Xeno on 3DS but what the fuck

  • Dianatos

    I might do what I did for VLR and buy it anyway for when I do upgrade in maybe two years or so, when there are more games available and the New NEW 3DS is coming out.

  • Junko Enoshima

    I hate Xenoblade, but what the christ?

  • Justin Graham

    Oh my god? O_O

  • Yan Zhao

    I was pretty hype cause I never played this on the Wii, but now it turns out I cant even play this because I was loyal enough to buy a 3DS in its early failing year?

    Thanks a lot Nintendo.

    You know, I’d be fine if the games still ran on the old 3DS but underperforms.

    They could easily add a visual option to lower quality similar to PC games in order to make it run on the old 3DS. That’s all they have to do.

    • HarakiriKami


      No you dont want that. The game would barely work

    • Spirit Macardi

      Exactly how much would they have to lower the quality though? We’re talking about a game with normal field locations that are bigger than some open world games.

      Do you really want a Conker’s Pocket Tales situation where playing it on the less powerful system results in an almost completely different game?

    • Viscious

      They should make an hd port for the wii u. The wii u is what in need of quality games. Not the 3ds.

  • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

    My body is ready for more Xenoblade goodness here.^_^

    Give us THe Last Story too plizzzzz.^_^

    • HarakiriKami


  • EtroAnime

    Hmmm I am slightly intrigued.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I guess people here have already forgotten about the DSi which could play software the normal DS couldn’t, or the Game Boy Color which could play software the normal Game Boy couldn’t.

    The way I see it, at least they’re actually making use of the new model’s improved specs. Will it look as good as the Wii version? No clue. Will it even have any new features? Again, nothing’s been said. So right away there’s no guarantee that people who don’t get this will be missing out on anything.

    • Leonard Norwood Jr.

      That’s how gaming goes in the most random of times. And it is still the people’s choice whether to get it or not. It will take awhile for me, but I won’t be missing out on games that is still money’s worth. Thing is this is only the plan that they’ve just annouced and probably already stared on in, we’ve now got to see what makes this new 3DS a bit different from the previous version.

    • flameraver64

      There were barely any games exclusive to the DSi. They were cheap eShop titles or shovelware, and it ended up being like 4 games that were DSi-exclusive.

      None are on the level of Xenoblade, which is a huge game that’s popular.

      • Spirit Macardi

        So? You’re complaining that they’re taking advantage of the new hardware by porting over a great game? Not like you even need to get it; your Wii disc won’t spontaneously combust once this comes out.

        All they did is make an improved version of their console and give people another chance to play an awesome game on it… What the hell is so offensive about that?

        • flameraver64

          Because those games are exclusive to the new system.

          Imagine if every year they released a new $200 console that was 20% more powerful, and if you wanted to play the games for that year, you had to buy the new console. Every single year. You want to play games from 2012? You have to buy a 3DS-2012. Want games from 2013? Your 3DS-2012 can’t play them, you have to pay $200 for a 3DS-2013.

          The N3DS is a less extreme version of that, but it’s the same principle. People bought a system thinking it would be fully supported, but it won’t: anyone that bought an old 3DS now has a system that is lacking games. Want to play those new games? Shell out $200.

          People that bought a Wii didn’t have to worry that 3 years later they’d have to buy a New Wii to play some games (they had to buy a Wii-motion+, but that’s like $25). People that bought a PS3 didn’t have to worry that 3 years later they’d have to buy a New PS3 just to play all the games.

          • Spirit Macardi

            “Imagine if every year they released a new $200 console that was 20% more
            powerful, and if you wanted to play the games for that year, you had to
            buy the new console.”

            Guess you’ve never owned an Apple product before.

            And so far there’s nothing saying the current 3DS won’t be supported. It’s looking like there’s still more 3DS games on the horizon, and this is just something extra. If they were to start restricting the majority of software to this in a time when most families are struggling with money they’d be shooting themselves in the foot, and they know that.

            Frankly I’m glad that a console revision finally added something instead of taking things away. I’ve gotten sick of the new console models from people like Sony that strip out features with each new variant.

          • flameraver64

            Nope, there are no apps or games exclusive to an iPhone 5s. Even the most powerful of iOS games at least run on a normal iPhone 5, while many even run on an iPhone 4s. iOS 7 runs on devices all the way back to an iPhone 4, and iOS 8 will support iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6. And besides, phones are completely different from handhelds. People expect to upgrade every 2 years: contracts run 2 years, and monthly payments for phones are structured over 2 years.

            Sure, if the only exclusive game is Xenoblade, it’s not much of an issue. That’s just a single game, and it’s a port. But what if it’s Xenoblade and Majora’s Mask 3D? What if it’s Xenoblade, Majora’s Mask 3D, Pokemon Generation 7, and Metroid Fusion 2?

            I’m not saying it WILL get to that point. If it doesn’t this will just be like the DSi and people won’t care too much, which makes the New 3DS kind of a pointless upgrade. But, if it’s supported more and more and there are like 5 really good, desired games that are exclusive, that’s gonna be a problem for the 44-million people who bought an old 3DS.

  • Rasputing

    Hm… On the one hand, I want Xenoblade 3D and probably other exclusive titles. On the other, I still haven’t gotten a Wii U and want one for Xenoblade X. Decisions…

  • Busted

    well so much for the 3DS ambassadors

    • British_Otaku

      Wouldn’t it still be possible to transfer your 3DS ambassador stuff to one of these? There isn’t anywhere that you or others realistically thought that the earlier 3DS systems were the end all especially with the Circle Pad Pro being a huge issue for the three SKUs they had out.

      • As long as the system works similarly to the 3DS/XL in terms of architecture, it should transfer the Ambassador games. I had to transfer my stuff from my Ambassador 3DS to an XL back in March, and it worked just fine.

  • landlock

    Well this is a good way to annoy a lot of people. I can the upset already.

  • cloudcaelum

    Well, i always waited for new 3DS model with second stick, so i waited and i win, and didn’t play Xenoblade, double win! Can’t wait for bundle.

    Hope we can see The Last Story too.

  • *siiiiiiigh* Time to go broke again when this hits the US.

  • triablos

    I was talking on another article Bout not getting xenoblade due to wanting a portable version. If this comes over I am going to buy this shit

    Also I hope the new 3ds still plays DS games.

  • Heisst

    It’s the DSi all over again with its exclusive DSiware games. It’s like they never learn.

    • Vexoria

      The DSi did great though, so what’s the difference.

      • Sleyths

        ? Do you own Nintendo stock? They do great because their fans look over their screw ups and still buy their games, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still screwing us up.

        • phayroent

          You don’t have to own stock to know when a console did worse than a previous version. Being informed means you have to be invested in the company? They wouldn’t have Media Create, NPD, and yearly sales reports for the public if that was the case.

          • Sleyths

            That’s… totally not what I meant.

            These bullshit tactics are only good FOR NINTENDO, not for us, most of us have already invested in the first 3DS and even upgraded to the 3DS XL, now there’s another version with exclusive games.

            If you own Nintendo stock then that’s great for you, if you are a consumer and can’t afford every new bullshit Nintendo comes up with, then you’re scewed up.

            No more day-1 purchases.

      • Heisst

        It did nowhere near as good as the other revisions and helped split the userbase as well as create customer distrust, which would explain why the 3DS did nowhere near as good as the DS, now it’s gonna get even worse with more customer distrust.

        • HarakiriKami

          Apple says hi.

          *laughing all the way to the bank*

          You really need to think

          • Heisst

            Except Apple’s devices are meant to actually overcome the previous one the same way it happens with consoles per generation, the N3DS is not a whole generation jump and the 3DS will still get support.

          • HarakiriKami

            The Iphone 5s can run things the Iphone 5 cant.

          • Heisst

            Yes and? Did the 5s not come after 5, which is the point I’m talking about?

      • phayroent

        It let Nintendo think region locking was desirable in handhelds and they kept it in. Now they are forcing people to buy “new” 3DS’ to continue enjoying games. I hope people stop crying about other companies doing remakes now that a last gen Nintendo game is getting remade for the very next gen, and even worst, they HAVE to buy a “new” version of the handheld they already own to play it. This makes the Nintendo worse because 3DS owners are getting shafted. Of course, they will defend Nintendo to the last and justify Xeno 3DS costing over $200 to play.

        • kao

          I never understood the purpose of region locking, it doesn’t help against piracy or the domestic sales of games, it just screws over the users.

          Never underestimate a nintendo fans willingness to defend nintendo to the grave. If they want to fork over $200+ to play a wii port, let them do it while paying for simple background themes that should’ve been a free settings from the start.

          • HarakiriKami

            Because Japanese people import games from outside of japan

          • kao

            I’d assume that they get more exclusive games that come out first or never get localized at all outside japan.

            But now that i think about it many people are willing to buying multiple 3ds’ just to play other region games on them..

          • HarakiriKami

            The price of yen goes up and down so video games have prices of 50-80$ in japan. So they region lock because japanese people will import games outside of Japan. Nintendo region locked the DSi because 3rd parties complained about this on the DS in addition to rampant piracy

        • Aaron K Stone

          Whoa calm down.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Except instead of simple download games, it’s BIG retail games. It’s worse.

      • kao

        yeah, most of the DSi exclusives were these casual gimmick camera games that no one cared about.

        They should’ve just waited to make a next gen handheld instead of THIS. But when some people are excited that they can pay money for simple ds background themes, nothing can surprise me anymore.

        • HarakiriKami

          Why would they wait? They’re unifying their development backend and a new console/handheld need to have similar architectures to work in that manner. The 3DS needs to make money in the meantime so they made a stop gap that makes your games look better and the system run faster

      • Heisst

        Which so far are just an incredibly shitty-looking Wii port, at least DSiware were new games. I also can’t imagine 3rd parties risking their games as exclusives on the New 3DS considering the 45 million userbase of the old one.

        • flameraver64

          A Wii port of a game miles better than any DSiWare or DSi-exclusive games, even if the Wii port is slow.

          • Heisst

            Hell no, Shantae DSi is miles better than a 15fps Xenoblade port, especially since you can emulate Xenoblade and make it look way better than the original Wii game (there’s dolphin builds specifically for that game), unlike Shantae RR.

  • Randgriz

    And here comes the generation split.

  • Thelastgunstar

    Heh, it’s like Nintendo is out to get me today. First, I buy a Wii U, then new bundles of EXACTLY what I wanted get announced. Then, I buy Xenoblade Chronicles….then the portable version gets announced.


    • Chaos_Knight

      Nintendo: “We want your money. You KNOW you want all these titles.”

  • KingGunblader

    I can imagine someone at Nintendo sitting in their office, rubbing their hands together saying ‘You begged for it, now it’s time to prove how much you really love Xenoblade… by dropping $200 on the New 3DS.”

    • kao

      I don’t think that many people were begging for this game. Even with the upgrades I think that it’ll still look like a super downgraded wii game.

      • KingGunblader

        I mean that we begged for the original Wii release, not necessarily this remake.

        • kao

          yeah, and we got it, gamestop exclusive being priced at $80+(for the people willing enough to buy it).

          • Lordshade

            It was only $80+ after a few months, it was $50 for on release. Beyond Gamestop Exclusivity and limited print run, Nintendo had nothing to do with that price

          • Anybody who followed the game for two years and made a big fuss about it are morons if they waited a year for it to go out of print. I wasn’t part of the campaign, waited six months for the price to drop, then bought when stock got low. And it’s back to $50 and available in the US for anyone that wants it.

  • jessica_rabbit

    This is a slap in the face for early buyers of the 3ds plain and simple. When the 3ds came out, no one bought it but the fans, now those fans get screwed because the early 3ds model can’t play souped up games like this. If it weren’t for those early buyers of the 3ds who knows where nintendo would even be today because the wii u ain’t making money, how don’t people see this??!!! It’s insulting.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Wait, what? Oh, now I’ll have to buy a new Nintendo 3DS to play more games. :l

  • Lavitz

    I honestly don’t mind upgrading if it means it’s more powerful and has new games coming for it. Xenoblade wouldn’t be possible on the old 3DS so I don’t see the big deal. The new 3DS just needs a better name is all, and besides, developers can still make less hardware intensive games that run on both systems to keep a majority of the people happy.

    • Leonard Norwood Jr.

      I agree, if they are making a new handheld system, then at the very least keep that upgrade to a down low, and still provide games on even both system if possible. If some games like Wii game ports on the 3DS are impossible to do on the older system than that’s fine, but don’t over do it and start having people buy the new 3DS from now on and the games from this point on until next gen are available on the new 3DS from now on..it is unfair for those who are still comfortable with what they got for some time.

      • kao

        The main problem is that the “new” 3ds games are exclusive exclusives and not everyone are willing to upgrade just for some ports. If nintendo wanted next gen hardware they should’ve just went next gen, not pull some [email protected] like this…

        • HarakiriKami

          They obviously dont want next gen hardware then.

  • phayroent

    Exclusive 3DS games. Geez, it’s the DSi all over again. If you want to play all 3DS games, you NOW need a *new* 3DS from at least 3 regions. How could they make this thing and STILL NOT REMOVE REGION LOCKING?

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    me: Hooray, yay this is so cool, to bad I gotta get a new 3DS to, oh well.
    *runs to wallet*
    wallet: *cough cough* I am sorry Daniel *coughs out two 5$ bills, and dies*
    me: NOOOO!!!!!

    • AndyMAX

      You have a fedora?.

      • Daniel Rossevelt

        umm what?

  • Happy Gamer

    Dude I am so excited for this. I always felt the game should or could be in handheld. I wish there was a DATA TRANSFER ability too haha. Because I’m never home and if I could have it on the go I could at least put in 1-2hrs everyday or whatever and eventually finish it vs never able to play the game.

    The game impresses me so much.

  • Happy Gamer

    I Also wonder if the new 3DS will have a bit higher res. would be nice. I also wonder how xeno will look on it. I’m sure it’ll look great especially if your shrinking the Wii version down.

    I don’t have a Wii U, but for the owners, a HD remake would be fantastic too. The tablet screen would be great!

  • Aristides

    Christ… I can’t believe Nintendo pulled a 32X with better game support…

    • Game Boy Color says hi, long before 32X…

      • Aristides

        long before the 32X?… you sure about that?

      • AndyMAX


  • DesmaX


    idk why they would make Xenoblade even less HD (And the framerate…), but whatever. It is quite the feat, even if it only works on a new model

    • kao

      yeah, even with the upgraded CPU and all, in the end the new 3ds will just be a lower res version of the wii’s(and the wii version was pretty darn ugly tbh).

      • Guest

        … Forget this post

        • kao

          yeah, I heard that running in on an emulator looks way better than on console which is pretty sad that the console it was made for can’t run it as perfectly.

          • Lordshade

            Emulators are usually made for more powerful systems and use features to make them look better.

          • Aaron K Stone

            Logic goes out of the window.

      • HarakiriKami

        Its in 3D

    • Lordshade

      This looks like an unfinished beta port, so I think the final version will run better.

  • Brimfyre

    And so begins having to worry when a new 3DS game is announced if it will be playable on the NEW system or the old one. Bone head move. No reason for this.

    I guess a NEW Wii U will be announced next year.

    • HarakiriKami

      Lol no. Consoles tdont get incremental updates.

      They get add ons that increase their capabilities

      Wii Remote + and N64 DD Say Ayy yoo!!

      • flameraver64

        Those are also really cheap though

  • Asuna Ilano

    I like how supportive Nintendo is with their portable console but hey, it’s Nintendo so no surprise there I guess.

    On the other hand, too bad that some upcoming games would only work on newer 3DS systems. Now I feel like not buying the older ones and just get a newer model.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    seriously that after all these years you people didn’t expected that nintendo would release a new 3DS model?

    • James Reilly

      Just because we expect it doesn’t mean we have to think it’s right.

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        i didn’t said that it was right or wrong. I said that you guys are overreacting way too much. since Nintendo do this since the Gameboy days. it was already expected


      well it’s Nintendo. they are known to sell many versions of their handhelds… just like Sony is known to sell slims. PSP had different versions but Vita i dont believe so

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        I’m still waiting for the Vita 3000

    • They’ve done it 3 years in a row now. Seriously, who saw this coming? Next thing you know they’ll start putting games on ios, another thing they said over and over that they wouldn’t do.

  • Mr_SP

    Wait, Xenoblade Chronicles is a system seller now?

    • Aaron K Stone

      Since it was released to critical acclaim I’d say it is.

      • Resilient

        Heh. I bet I’m probably one of the rare few gamers who bought the Wii U the month it came out as soon as “X” was announced.

        • TalesOfBS

          I wanted Xenoblade to be remade for the Wii U.
          Guess there are no chances anymore.

  • Lloyd Christmas

    Didn’t expect Nintendo to do an ass-backward move like this. You’re telling me my old XL will be a dud as soon as the new 3DS games start pouring in?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Nothing new. As far back as the Gameboy, all models weren’t able to play all software released for that system. Same with DS.

      • Shippoyasha

        I wasn’t really cool with that back then and I’m still iffy on the idea now. At least I have an excuse to replace the system… at a tooth-pulling pricetag.

    • TalesOfBS

      Just like the DSi made the original DS be a dud right?

      • Lloyd Christmas

        Right, exactly.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    This is being called a “remake”, but I doubt that will be the case. Considering the new CPU will push the 3DS’ capabilities closer to that of the Wii, it makes more sense to just port the Wii version over than to build the game from scratch. Then again, this could just be another example of people mistakenly calling a port a “remake”; it would hardly be the first time.

    Anyway, I’m kind of happy about this, since I’ve wanted to get this game for a while now and I prefer to play games on handhelds. But I do wonder if this is just going to be a straight port or if it will include any enhancements/additions.

    • kao

      It’s as much of a “remake” as tales of abyss for the 3ds, It’s more of a port(a downgraded one most likely).

    • DyLaN

      I believe its more on the line of P4 –> P4G, but we shall see.

    • TalesOfBS

      Looks more like a port than a remake. Did they said exactly “remake”?

      I don’t get it why people are freaking out, this is just another DSi.

  • Johnathan Lenig-Lopez

    A part of me want’s to be annoyed at what looks like a cash grab… on the other hand, this game is extremely hard to find, so a remake makes sense and benefits us all.

  • Mark Lengod

    Looks as bad as the port of Metal Gear Solid 3 for the original 3DS. Probably gonna wait and play the Wii version on Wii U.

    • Алексей Гришин

      Oh, come on, MGS3D wasn’t so bad.

    • triablos

      Except that port was excellent. Only one part of the game had framerate drops that was bad enough. I actually managed to get a no kill, no alert run through it on 3ds, and the crouch walk was a much appreciated feature.

  • yahoot

    God Dammit Nintendo. I just purchased a 3ds XL and now you’re telling me I can’t play certain games on it?

  • I don’t get what everyone is so upset about. You don’t have to buy it. And if you do buy it, it can be afforded if you stop going to Starbucks for two weeks and stop getting a Subway sandwich for lunch every day. It’s not like it’s $500.

    • James Reilly

      It’s not about the price it’s the practice. I can easily afford this device on my budget with a week’s pay, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna throw money away to a whole new sequel handheld (Not an optional updated model) device with relatively minor upgrades just to play with exclusive games. Maybe if there were some worthwhile upgrades that would warrant the purchase I would entertain the idea.

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        What practice? You mean from Gameboy to GameBoy Color? If I wanted to play Pokemon Gold and Silver I damn well got the Gameboy Color. Get over it, it’s happened before. Just because it hasn’t happened in a while, doesn’t mean they never did it.

        • James Reilly

          The “Bu- but! They did it before!” is not a valid excuse to justify it being right from the consumer perspective.

      • Aaron K Stone

        3D screen improvement, faster loading times, lighter, better battery life, second circle pad and ZL and ZR are not worthwhile upgrades?

        • James Reilly

          Worthwhile upgrades for an updated model like a PS Vita Slim? Sure. Worthwhile upgrades for a completely new device with its own lineup of games? Hahaha~…no.

    • vipo

      Well Its really frustrating for people like me who lives outside the United States and had to save money for almost a year to buy a new console. Its a sad day for me (sorry for my bad english)

    • Dude, Subway is a luxury where you live? Subway’s like the cheapest place in NY that’s not pizza.

      Also who’s going to be dumb enough to buy my old 3ds?

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    With being able to play it this way and not having to take out the damn Wii-mote maybe I can finally beat this game!

    • Skye Johnson

      Why don’t you just buy a classic controller pro instead?

      • You’d still have to take out the Wiimote. That is what the Classic Controller Pro plugs into, after all.

        • NintendoPSXTheSecond

          Exactly, I don’t want to use the Wii-mote to navigate a menu, I want to just take the gamepad or the 3DS and tap the icon.

          • British_Otaku

            Agreed, this is half of the reason why I support a 3DS port of the game, it is a real shame that with all of those updates none of them added GameCube support for the home menu.

            Even homebrew had support for it at basically every turn.

  • AlteisenX

    And once again, Nintendo fails to properly name a NEW system. This is basically going from the Wii to the Wii-U, its not just a simple screen size change, compatibility has changed here. I feel sorry for retail workers who will have a living hell trying to explain the difference again…

    I am glad its coming though, but there’s still a lot of issues with the graphics being held back from what I see… I’ll probably have to sell my original and XL to pick up this one.

    • Daiyus

      It will be funny hear people saying they want the console

      “Mommy mommy, i want a new new 3ds”

  • Hero_ZaFakeo

    So, has no one paid attention to the fact that it’s been 4 years and the cycle for every other video game console’s support has been around 4 years? Yeah, they could have named it better, but really it is just a new 3DS. They haven’t thought of any improvements that weren’t already mentioned so no need to call it something much different. Is everyone up in arms about this just because they got used to the really long periods of support the PSP and home console previous generations got?

    Edit: I’m an ambassador and I even bought the Fire emblem 3DS and I had a DSi. I know the feels.

    • Daniel Williams

      closer to 6 years between cycles

      Edit: apparently my memory isnt as reliable as I thought. was about 4 years going from gba to ds, but closer to 5 going from ds to3ds

      • Hero_ZaFakeo

        The 6 years of the PS2/Gamecube had the last two spent trickling out movie games and such. Nintendo 64 was barely being remembered as a system that had new games by the time Paper Mario was out, and the last two years of support were, like the other generations, being overshadowed by the new systems.

  • Kornelious

    Wow!…..Didn’t see this coming O_O

    This is….interesting….I really expected (and really hoped) that they would remake this for Wii U (It’s not like the Wii U needs the sales or anything) But a 3DS version is cool too I guess….

    I LOVE Xenoblade so I don’t mind playing through again on the 3DS, but I’m pretty sure this is to help push the “New” 3DS…..And since I’m buying it solely for that reason I guess it’s working :

    I don’t think we need to worry about a localization since I’m 100% it ill be :)

    • I totally agree. I’ve seen Xenoblade running on a emulator on PC and it looks beautiful. The weak Wii hardware really damaged the beauty of this game. Wii U could had been the chance to give Xenoblade a shot at displaying the beautiful graphics that got compressed and filtered to run on the Wii.

      I’ll support Xenoblade regardless. I’m a big Monolith Soft fan.

  • So old 3ds can’t play some new 3ds games…ok u sucks with the region locking, and now you sucks with this move Nintendo.

    • British_Otaku

      The region lock is my only issue here, we should wait till we know what games won’t be playable on the New 3DS till revolt. Even the DSi’s library of retail games and downloads wasn’t much and you could pick them up later on the 3DS/2DS family.

  • Rioda

    Apple, samsung and all the other companies do this every year,
    there are games that you cant play on your iphone4s and older models right now and iphone4s was launched after the 3ds, every time a new model or operative system version is launched we get a lot of new software that is not compatible with older models/versions.

  • Dascylus

    Most sites are saying this game is slated for release sometime next year, the same year Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out. I wonder how far apart the release of the two will be, and if it’s too close in North America, people will buy Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U rather than shelling out another $180 to purchase a port of a 5-year-old game.

  • What worse is that since nintendo don’t have a real account system and instead have a device locked account system for the eshop, that means upgrading from the old 3ds to the new one is harder, and you could lost all your downloaded games and money

    • Dascylus

      It’s still JUST a 3DS, you’ll be able to port over all your other stuff to it… Nintendo is dumb, but they don’t go full retard.

    • KuroNathan

      there is a way to transfer all your data including eshop linked data to a new system. It even comes with a cute pikmin animation!

      That being said, I have no idea why they limit the number of times you can transfer (I think 5?). It makes no sense even from a piracy protection point to limit the number of times you can transfer cause it deletes the data off the old 3ds anyways

      • CamulaHikari

        Didn’t they remove the limit last year and changed it to being allowed to transfer unlimited amount of time, but you need to wait a min of 7 days between transfers?

        • KuroNathan

          did they? oh good that makes more sense. last time I transfered was when the mario and luigi 3ds came out


    I don’t see why a lot of people say this is the best JRPG of 7th gen… the story and characters are nothing special nor was its gameplay. Much like Tales of Xilliam, it left out puzzles, mini games, things to ride on, real time events, and etc despite being open world (overall lack of immersion). Characters are just standard shonen tropes that look watered down compared to the most basic of shonen like Fairy Tail. and story doesnt pick up until around lvl 53ish and by then i wasnt surprised of any of the twist since almost all were predictable except the larger mythology. I had no problem with combat except Auto Attack (takes control away from players -> i could leave wii mote down and as long as i was in range the attack connected) and the future sight (it was laggy and randomly happened at times when it was not necessary, which made fighting choppy).

    please tell me why Xenoblade is consider so great. i just cant find the appeal… What is so speacial about Shulk and his friends compared to other JRPGs on PS3, Wii, 360? the response I get is the game is big. yea well so is Blue Dragon and Pokemon and at least they have better immersion. cant wrap my head around Xenoblade’s hype

    • Aaron K Stone

      It has charm. The art direction and Music is gorgeous. The plot twists are surprising. combat system is intricate and rewarding and it has lots of replay value.


        Replay value through over 300 fetch my ass quest (kind sir, plz kill 40 giant spiders and touch 20 blue orbs). Sorry but that is not enough. and I forsaw the twist like Dickson being bad and Shulk’s girl coming back to life. I just dont understand what makes it so great. Really the characters are 1D with hardly any backstory (how is Riki, Shulk, and Ryen interesting? They’re just walking tropes who act more as tools for the plot). i mean even Game Informer and IGN’s review both said the characters are very clichie, being nothing new to the genre, yet got 9/10. And I’m coming from a writer’s point of view as to what makes characters good. combat yea its fine aside from auto attack and a gimmicky future sight + badly designed boss battles like that long hall way when fighting Shellia’s hsuaband, who all i had to do was hit a few times until cutscene appeared. I dont get the praise for Xenoblade. people’s reasons never go in depth as why either. oh the art is pretty, oh the music is nice, oh the twist are really really really great. Well why? i just want to understand why its this so called best JRPG of the 7th gen, especially when 7th gen isnt even over. It’s like people praise Lost Oddesy or Uncharted 1 for being so damn great when they were nothing special!!!! I find it weird games like Nier get downscored severally for having generic characters by review site after review site only to have the opposite happen in Xenoblade where the cast is the definition of generic. It’s like someone telling me Earth Mighest Heroes sucks compared to Avengers Assemble. I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS LOGIC, SO HELP ME. I’m reading the reviews for it. still dont understand how it got this many high scores compared to 7th jrpgs that went above and beyond those pros

        • Ferrick

          then you don’t have to understand, people have already given you their views, your views differ from them, that’s it, move on. The fact that you kept on denying other’s views means that xenoblade is not for you at all

    • blasphemer!

    • shadowind

      Kill the blasphemer! Burn them with the Holy Fire of Mario!

    • Rusworch

      For me the thing I loved about Xenoblade the most was the presentation. All the areas were so big, colourful and unique from each other. I also really enjoyed the contrast between locations on the Bionis and locations on the Mechonis.

      The soundtrack was probably one of the first where I liked basically every track on the list. It was nice how most of the areas had an upbeat daytime track and then a more calm nighttime track. All the battle themes are pretty great too. After listening to the main battle theme for areas on the Bionis, I really wasn’t expecting such a sudden change of pace when Mechanical Rhythm first hit me up in Mechonis areas.

      I didn’t mind the lack of puzzles or mini-games because most of my joy in playing the game came from “I’m gonna run over there and no one will stop me.” exploration of all the areas. It was also fun to try out different party combinations with all the different characters, though I usually just stuck with Shulk/Reyn/Sharla for my first playthrough.

      For the characters, I rather liked how they were mostly down to earth and normal; though I was a bit taken out during the events where the party falls off of the Mechonis’ sword down to the Fallen Arm since logically none of them could’ve survived that drop.
      I was happy that Shulk and Fiora’s relationship was rather normal and believable; unlike, say, Zael and Calista’s relationship in The Last Story. Their relationship really bugged me because they barely spend any time together and suddenly they’re fated lovers and hook up faster than a Disney couple.

      I was pretty okay with the plot since things actually happened during the story that were interesting and such. The plot twist that the Faced Mechon are actually piloted by homs/humans is a little bit obvious when you think about it, since the Monado can’t harm any life on the Bionis except for all the innocent animals you slaughter for EXP, but that’s also what I like about that particular plot twist.

      It was also nice that the plot kept up a decent pace where the party is always moving towards their main objective, unlike The Last Story where you’re doing something kind of important, and then something not important at all and then maybe something important again. (I’m going to be shot for this but I didn’t like The Last Story at all.)

      I’m going to stop there because it probably just sounds like I’m riding Xenoblade’s jRPG weiner and I really need to go to bed.

    • kazehiro_himura

      It was released exclusively on the Wii.

      And thats it.

      Magna Carta 2 and WKC (both mediocre) were almost on the same level of Xenoblade (Xenoblade battle system is basically a carbon copy of the WKC battle system).

      The Wii had 6 or 10 JRPG’s…. which of those only less than 5 were really good… so there is that to that.

      For instance: Xenoblade compared to Arc Rise Fantasia is like gold.

      You put that together plus little to none multiplataform games on Wii… you get a lot of overhyped and overrated normal games… and Wii U is following the same suit… anything that is exclusive and playable on him becomes gold… because there is not enough competition on the plataform.

      I hope Gust releases something on Wii U… then maybe more people will pay attention to Atelier games….

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Arc Rise Fantasia compared to Xenoblade is like gold. That game was better in just about everyway. Except maybe music, and Arc Rise had some god tier battle/boss tracks.

        • kazehiro_himura

          The main problem of Arc Rise Fantasia is the atrocious english voice work… also the characters are really boring… but on second thought, they’re probably better than the characters of Xenoblade.

          Anyway both are playable and enjoyable games (ignoring the VO of Arc), the difference is that one is a generic high budget game and the other is a low budget generic game.

          The Last Story for instance is better and has a more original, fun and creative battle system than both.

          That reminds me… hey Mistwalker… where’s the sequel? Nintendo? Anyone?

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            I wouldn’t call either game generic, but yes Arc Rise had an atrocious dub. It also had an atrocious translation in general.

            The characters and JP voices were so much better.


            English voice overs were horrible and I just watched a walkthrough only lol.


        Yeah all four games have pros and cons though I only played Xenoblade and Magna Carta 2.

        Let’s look at Juto and Shulk. Both start out similar, being amnesic village boys.

        After MC 2’s introduction, you immediately jump into Juto’s shoes, a young male. Yes he has the amnesiac archetype that you can find in your typical JRPG (btw there is nothing wrong with being another amnesiac village boy as long as
        you’re cool and awesome). However, he is not trying to discover his past from the get go. He accepted it remains a mystery. He lives an insouciant life, collecting sea shells, which you literally do as a mission (legit kick them open), alongside gathering medicine for the elderly. Juto seems perfectly normal for someone who can’t remember their childhood. Highwind Island, the place he calls home and paradise, inhabitants not only him but the woman who found him. Melissa, Juto’s sister, gave him the name Juto when he was a kid. She taught him how to fight and be brave in the face of danger. Much to their dismay, Highwind Island is short lived after the Northern Forces swoop down on it, slaughtering islanders at will. The Southern Forces arrive as well to combat against Schuenzeit’s troops. When Elgar, a strong enemy and major character, kills Melissa as she tries to defend her brother, Juto snaps and gives it his
        all against Elgar. Of course he fails. The small battalion of Southern Forces is no match for the onslaught. They quickly turn tail. Juto leaves with Zephie. He hopes to avenge Melissa’s death by hunting down Elgar. The princess reminds him such a vision is harder to accomplish in reality. From here on, threads grow larger and juicier. Juto did not simply want generic revenge against Elgar for 60% of the game until the “twist” happened. Ethical dilemmas quickly became a source of conflict. Without his status qua, he felt lost, which is great because it forced Tily to have him gain a sense of self. He noticed his flaws, which contain stubbornness -> reason he never faced a genuine threat on Highwind island until that faithful day (if I can take out crabs, I can take out soldiers!), laziness (he had to grow out of the laid back island mindset), anger (doesn’t believe in both sides at first, blaming them on Melissa’s death until he took ownership of the situation -> right now Guardians of The Galaxy shows a similar situation in Drax’s context), reckless (he has a hunger for adventure, an effect from being Melissa’s earned boy. He is used to uncovering new areas because Highwind Islanders were always on the lookout. He hides the enjoyment from it, acting cool in front of Melissa, but once he leaves Highwind Island the larger world he neglected becomes a lot more interesting), etc… There are traits and reasons for their existence.

        If I write about Shulk, there is not much to say for his characterization and development compared to Juto. The worst thing for JRPGs in general is when I know nothing of a character’s past. This often leads to me not giving a damn about them IF their personalities and events they experience are boring. XB’s cast is plan for the story at hand. If I already saw very similar characterizations done better then what’s the point of seeing them watered down?
        Combat in MC2 relies on a real time stamina based combo system. You control one character at a time, while the other two take action depending on the AI settings, such as attack or defend. However, you are allowed to swap to any of the three active characters with a touch of the D-Pad. Assaulting baddies increases your stamina gauge. Once filled completely, you enter a state called overdrive; damage output becomes heightened (aka beast mode). No… going over 9,000 does not last forever; you overheat. Combos are something you have to figure out. There really isn’t a set method for them. Jumble consecutive standard techniques and skill techniques into well thought out strategy, boom combo. If you finish a combo before overdrive runs out there is a chance for a chain (switching to another character nearing overdrive and pushing their stamina to the brink will then execute a new skill technique). These duel attacks inflect even greater damage than the previous character because their strengthen and skill power is transferred over to whoever you now control. Chain breaks reset both characters stamina gauge, which prevents overheating. All it takes is one skill technique during a chain to break the chain. This creates a lively, fast-paced battle system. It’s a bit tactical rather than senseless button mashing. It’s about switching to the right character in the right moment, so you can deal as much damage as possible while healing at the same time. That does not mean the game is difficult. I admit random encounters suck; hit harder bitch. Boss battles are also easy for the most part (last few unleash hell). I blame weak enemy AI. Well… sounds harsh. Death approached me but rarely took my soul. Game over was uncommon in my playthrough. ANYWAY, skill techniques are powered by Kan. It is a major force in the game’s story alongside game play. There is Strength and Attribute Kan. Strength Kan is invisible, building up from only normal attacks, while Attribute Kan is visible; it’s a small orb of elemental energy (aka Fire, Water, Lighting, and Wind) and only affects the immediate area. If you move away from the Attribute Kan, any amount your character collected fades. Fortunately, each map has a constant level of Attribute Kan. Making use of the Attribute Kan keeps your magical special attacks flowing. Depending on your character, different Attribute Kans can be generated. If you are not controlling a character, the other two party members are set on an AI setting. In MC2 you do not have to worry about stupid AI that does not respond well to the opposing AI because the computer is smart enough not to upset your inner rage demon. I found myself smiling over the fact someone did something rather angry because they just stood there, useless like games I played in the past. After you win battles you gain skill points; there are two skill trees, each one is for the two different weapon types your characters have. Different weapon types enable you to do various special moves and playing styles. Some enemies may be affected by this weapon type than that one. You can also upgrade your weapons with Kamonds. There are Ability Kammonds, Status Kammonds, and Special Kammonds. Each one makes your weapon and status more powerful. Since there are plenty of weapons you will find throughout the game the immense customization options are almost endless. Outside of combat you can do optional quest. These quests give you big EXP bonuses, items, and weapons. Some are even story related you would not find inside the cut scenes. There are mini games as well, yay! I love mini games. The six characters also have their own unique skills called field actions. They are not battle abilities, but rather ways you can interact with the environment. If there is an interactive object, a certain character can do something to it. Juto picks up bombs and plants them. Argo shatters rocks. Sadly, there is no form of real time transpiration you can manually use to get from point A to B though later on there is a fast travel station. Fast travel stations are nice. Having a car, airship, animal, etc to ride are even better!!!! MC2 suffers from lack of puzzles, unique ways I trek through the maps, and over all fun stuff besides combat. None of it feels like a chore unless you spend hours grinding, which won’t really happen since the maps are very small, linear, and easy to navigate. It doesn’t take a long time to go from A to B. In between A and B I often found Movie Events pooping out nonstop. That fact keeps the story fast paste like the gameplay. The game is split up into chapters. Once said portion of the game is complete you’re rewarded with EXP and a reflection, in narration form, of the experiences you just went through by Juto himself. For me, grinding seemed like an option. I spent less time thinking about it in MC2 compared to other JRPGs. However, that does not mean there are several puzzleish/mini gameish extra content to complete. I discovered a tiny bit. The side missions are not all fetch my ass quest. Sometimes they vary; for example, “You will need to keep a group of soldiers alive for a total of 60 seconds while their health depletes. A minor cure costs 1 Kan and a major cure costs 2. Be aware that you can position yourself to sometimes hit more than one soldier with a cure, and only use a major cure when someone is below half health, otherwise just run around and spam minor cures.” Exploration is not MC2’s focus point, so don’t bother to complain about it. What it needs is some DAMN PUZZLES and unique stuff. What’s unique? I don’t know… do you know? Perhaps field actions could have been used a lot more in cunning ways. About six
        more mini games won’t hurt either.

        I had no problem with Xenoblade’s combat except Auto Attack and future sight. I personally hate the concept of auto attack, especially when over leveling is a problem and the AI doesn’t put up a challenge -> damage spikes oh my (yes both were for Xenoblade in my play through). Both games had crappy AI from the opposition. Both had fantastic friendly AI. I disliked Xenoblade’s immersion when it offered very little to do apart from killing monsters, touching blue orbs, or doing both because NPC with ! over their head said so for more EXP. It’s as if Tetsuya Takahashi looked at World of War Craft, saying hey let’s throw in over 400 fetch my a$$ quest since our game aspired from the MMO genre. Xenoblade would have worked better if was linear like Magna Carta 2. The amount of blue orbs really pissed me off (wtf man, which one has a flower or cloth?). Megaten online has orbs everywhere on field maps though far less compared to Xenoblade. I can get both ITEMS and material out of them through a mini game process where I have to time the line. Different colors implies its difficulty and level of reward. I also thought some of the bosses were gimmicky and badly designed.

        Characters, a slow paste plot with not much expansion, and lack of immersion hurt Xenoblade for me. If the immersion was better I wouldn’t have cared so much about Auto Attack, Future Sight, and boss battles. I will never understand why people find an open world with less stuff to do on it fun (i can only think of 3 treasure boxes I ran into!), why the characters are deemed awesome (actually most reviews said they’re cliche despite the high scores), why people think auto attack is such a great concept in Xenoblade despite other games being bashed for it, why people have no problem with the slow burning story that picks up at the most predictable places. Xenoblade felt like a JRPG for the most casual of the JRPG fan base.

    • CommonSense

      Probably because it doesnt have crappy minigames, intelligence insulting modern rpg trope puzzles that never used to be a thing, stupid things to ride on, or the failed emergent gameplay attempts, in favor of rock solid hand design, and an open hadcrafted world instead of a procedurally generated hike through the local park.

      Oh, and not forcing stupid mind numbing garbage like forcing us to actualy push the default attack option, which we were going to do when the time bar filled fricking anyways.

    • HarakiriKami

      The Jiggle Physics :3

      Atmosphere and the refined sense of exploration.The freedom to do so, given how the game not only encourages wandering,but rewards it. Also the story, setting and lore of the game is legit. Its so well written and how the plot develops is so damn good. Might be a little too convoluted for ya if you dont like how interwoven Tetsuya Takahashi’s writing is. Every preconception you had in that game unravels half way through with plot twists hidden within heavily foreshadowed plot twists. The roles people play in this game and the decisions they make are really SCREWY.

      Also shulk isnt an annoying MC(Like most Tales of,Final Fantasy or XenoSaga’s protagonists). To some people he might be bland(in comparison to the rest of the cast), but to me I found him to have a really interesting backstory. How many protagonists are tech obsessed nerds who make those kinds of decisions after learning the entire cake is a lie? Hell most of the characters subvert a lot of overused tropes in JRPGs. They feel like real people who adapt to the lives they’re stuck with.

      Also the most important part, THE BATTLE SYSTEM. Which has a ton of depth to it. Whether its learning how to defeat enemies much higher leveled than you by maximizing your team strategy and agility, experimenting with Riki to find the perfect role/highest dps output for him, learning how to make Melia into the perfect DPS tank while she roams around in extremely bulky armor, or making full use of Reyn’s Beserker like tendencies, battles can get really intense. And they all have an amazing soundtrack to go with them. Which is no small part why this game has an awesome atmosphere,I mean come on, what other game takes place on the backs of two damn titans on a completely submerged planet?

      But not everybody likes that or the quests which the game gives you many as the fields are littered with monsters and items of all kinds.

      But sure you can keep playing your awesome scooby doo rpgs like Persona 4 lmao. ( Which I think is the only other rpg that has a metacritic near Xenoblade’s if you care about that sort of metric)

  • So does this mean that the NEW 3ds is actually a new portable device that will play NEW 3ds titles? This is even worst to when they announced the Wii U and people thought it was an add-on to the Wii.

    Xenoblade should had been ported with higher resolution to the Wii U. It looks freaking incredible on PC with a emulator maxed out. But the Wii U is sinking and the 3ds has more sales…..Well at least the grainy textures won’t look so stretched out.

    • Cia

      How is Wii U sinking, exactly? It sells every week more than, say, Xbox One.

      • I meant it as in sales compared to the 3ds. The situation for the Wii U isn’t exactly favorable either way with third party support retreating away. Selling better than the One doesn’t help it much considering its low popularity on Japan.

    • Now there’s no chance of an HD xenoblade, which I hoped they’d announce with Shulk

      • undersaffiresky

        I wouldn’t say ‘no chance’ personally. This at least shows they’re definitely giving attention to the IP (besides Xenoblade Chronicles X). Perhaps it won’t happen, but I’ll eagerly hope for it alongside you.

        • Well there’s a chance a planet-size whale might emerge from the sun and demand that we all stop eating chocolate, but it’s incredibly unlikely.

  • pokeroi

    So me and my 3DSXL and my circle pad can’t play Xenoblade? That sucks very much…

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    People just like to whine about good things I see. Oh well. I’ll properly buy the new one whenever it arrives in NA and enjoy every second of it. Along with my 3DS XL and my other 3DS XL. We’ll have a slumber party and play Pokemon, Xenoblade and Fire Emblem all together!

    • Jadfish

      C-can me and my v-vita come? w-we promise not to stand out too much with the OLED and such, we can turn its brightness down

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        Sure! Bring Persona, Toukiden and Danganronpa and we gotta deal XD

    • Andy Abramo

      Sorry, Im a estudent, I dont have a job and the money I can make is not to many, my parents doesn’t buy me anything related to videogames…. Somehow i was able tu buy my 3dsXL and my Vita early so they will last longer… But now i can’t play 3ds games on my 3ds…

  • 3ds is my drug.

  • Jadfish

    wait, so now they are making games for only the newest 3DS models? Who do they think they are? Apple!?

    And the 3DS was already confusing enough people with its name. My cousin bought a 3DS game for his DS because he was 10 years old and stup-I mean the boxes looked the same!
    Seriously, are they gonna have to design new boxes with “Only Works On 3DS LL” or what?
    I also despise the SNES colours of the regular sized one….

    K, that was my rant. Imma get me one of these ruffians

    • NoWayOut

      “Seriously, are they gonna have to design new boxes with “Only Works On 3DS LL” or what?”

      I would guess that… the only way this could realistically work is that the exclusive games are download only, and won’t show in the Eshop on old hardware.

  • Tincho D

    Sega did what Nintendoes.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Not really. Whether your Genesis was a Model I or II, you could hook it up with a Sega CD model I or II just fine. The add-on was optative but it didn’t require discarding your Genesis for it~.

  • Rioda

    Apple, samsung and all the other companies do this every year,
    there are games that you cant play on your iphone4s and older models right now and iphone4s was launched after the 3ds, every time a new model or operative system version is launched we get a lot of new software that is not compatible with older models/versions.

  • Aaron K Stone

    People complain they want a 3DS with a second circle pad. Nintendo makes a 3DS with one among other improvements. People complain. Not surprised.

    • I never wanted the circle pad for these same reasons. It’s too late in the system’s life to splinter the controls like this.

      • subsamuel01

        The fact that their upgrading the processing power as well means Nintendo is going to keep the 3DS around for the distant future. Games like Xenoblade, Smash Bros. and Monster Hunter need the second analog stick.

        • I played xenoblade with a wiimote and nunchuk. The controls aren’t complicated and the game isn’t super fast. Monster Hunter you’re right on. That virtual dpad is garbage when you’re constantly twisting and turning, but it could work for xenoblade. SMT4 works fine without either, and so did ocarina of time.

          What is the 2nd analog for in SSB? Never played it.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      That’s missing the point. People are complaining that if they want to play a batch of upcoming games, they’ll have to discard their current 3DS and buy a new model. That’s a hell of a lot different than a 3DS coming out with a second circle pad incorporated~.

      You want to play XC? Then dish $180 again. That’s not really the best way to make customers happy. You are essentially having your hand forced to pay for a new revision that may end up being replaced in 3 or 4 years when the next Nintendo handheld comes out~.

      • Ferofax

        Nobody’s forcing anybody here, let’s get that CLEAR. You WANT to play XC. Keyword: WANT. It is not a NEED, it is not FORCED UPON ANYBODY. If you want something, you go get it. If there’s a price attached to it, you make a choice: is it worth it? Is it not? YOUR CHOICE. Nobody’s making that choice for you.

        This place REEKS of entitlement.

        • Frankly my worry is the game is going to fail again because of these restrictions. People might be interested after seeing a character in smash bros, but now there’s a $240 barrier to playing his game. A simple eshop release for wii u wouldve been better IMO

        • solbalmung

          I bought my current 3D XL to play all availible RPG games and the upcoming ones, maybe for you it’s a “want” to play but for me after investing in this 3DS it became a need or why the hell would I have spent 220e to get it, so I could play 2 games and then throw it away?
          So yea after hearing that for most upcoming games on the same system yet another revision I need to fork out another 180e to play them, don’t be surprised if Im not happy….

          • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

            This is a valid argument. People bring up entitlement and insatiability (which does exist) while others state we should be happy with handheld consoles still being around, however, as you stated, this is an INVESTMENT.

            You waited and you got the best possible model to experience all Nintendo 3DS games…in your case RPGs. Some great Editions of the system just came out and others such as the Smash Edition are coming out as well. However, now in order for you to play what is arguably one of the best JRPGs in some years, you have to essentially buy another 3DS XL.

            I can understand how you feel.

        • Tatsuya1221

          You seem to be forgetting that entitlement is a merited reason in these cases, as we are putting up money to buy said item, we have a right to complain.

          People overuse the term entitlement to basically use it as an insult that is legal on forums, which should anger people more than it does.

          That said yes, i’m entitled, i spent 150$ on a 3ds to play jrpgs, only for nintendo to pull this and tell me i have to upgrade, as i spent money on a product, i was entitled to have what i viewed as the library of the 3ds at my disposal, and nintendo betrayed that trust i had for them, and now my trust in nintendo as a company has been shaken far, far more than it has been by their actions these past few years.

          Yes, if i buy a product, i expect it to perform as i intended it to, if it does not, then i have every right to be angry.

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          Wrong time for this argument in my opinion. Although, gamers can be very insatiable.

        • You want to play Xenoblade Chronicle on a hand held console but you NEED to buy the New 3DS XL. Can’t play Xenoblade Chronicle on the old 3DS XL? aw too bad you HAVE to buy the New 3DS XL.

          If you want to play a game but are required to buy a new revision of an existing console then I say it can be considered as “being forced”….not in a way Nintendo is pointing a gun at you but in a way that you have no other choice. Ok technically you do; buy a Wii and then spend a shit ton of money on the Wii version of Xenoblade Chronicle.

          You say this reeks of entitlement but in this case we do have a legitimate reason to feel this way. It sucks more for people who recently bought an XL.

          • Ferofax

            Let’s see. If I want to play an exclusive, I’ll need the platform for that exclusive. So if I wanted to play, say, an Xbox exclusive, I’ll need to buy an Xbox. Is that what you’re basing your argument on then?

            I mean, that’s how system sellers are supposed to work, right? So am I supposed to be pissed off now that I’ll have to shell out for an Xbox because I want the exclusive so bad? That’s just nuts.

          • Question time

            Would you consider the “New 3DS/XL” the next generation of consoles or a revision of an existing console?

            As for your example, the Xbox 360 had various models or revision is how we would call it, every revision had physical improvement like the design of the console, better airflow, less weight, fixes issue the previous revision had etc. Same could be said for the line of PS3 we had over the years.

            The New 3DS/XL is a newer model/revision of the 3DS and it’s doing exactly what it shouldn’t be doing, locking out it’s current user base by making games exclusive for that model.

            There’s a huge difference between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One or the PS3 and PS4. Huge hardware improvements, better development architecture etc while the New 3DS is tiny bit better CPU and head tracking thing for 3D. If you consider the New 3DS an entirely new console then..I don’t know I think I’m out of the conversation.

          • Treetops97

            Wow, “tiny” is a stretch.

    • Daniel Rossevelt

      But that is not a circle pad that is a nub… A NUB!!!! JK I am really exited for this, but I do wish it was more like the Vita’s joysticks rather than nubs

      • Treetops97

        And how do you propose that would fit.

  • aoihana

    I read about the New 3DS just moments ago, and immediately after, about the Xenoblade Chronicles port, so that was a critical two-hit blow.

    I’m absolutely ecstatic about the news, but I understand why some people are upset.

    Personally, I own both an original 3DS and 3DS LL, so I can sympathize with some of the people here, especially with those that just bought a 3DS.

    It was hard to justify double-dipping on a 3DS LL back when I got a Flare Red 3DS, but eventually I did, and I don’t regret it one bit. You can argue that the 3DS LL is nothing but a superficial upgrade, but in my opinion, the bigger screens do make a difference, and make games that much more enjoyable. Playing games on the 3DS LL was a whole different experience.

    Funny thing is, a friend and I actually talked a while back about Nintendo possibly releasing a New 3DS, complete with a better screen, additional Slide Pad, and a host of additional, new features, that would essentially render the previous 3DS obsolete. We thought that’d never happen, and I personally hated the idea.

    Obviously, that’s not the case here, by any stretch, so having said that, I’ve had some time to think about it since then, and I’m personally all for a New 3DS. Honestly, this goes back to the 3DS LL, and how it drastically improved my experience with the 3DS. I honestly haven’t looked backed, and my original 3DS is collecting dust somewhere in my room.

    Again, I understand why some people are upset about this. Yes, there will be games exclusive to the New 3DS, and although there are concerns of it dividing the community, I don’t think that’s a reasonable assertion at this time.

    Personally, I’m looking beyond that, to the prospect of bigger, better games, and I can’t wait!

  • Sperium3000

    You don’t really HAVE to upgrade, but considering the New model has a better button layout, better 3D technology, and greater CPU power which allows it to run more taxing games, I’d think it’s a good investment.

    • TalesOfBS

      If you got a launch 3DS, it is totally worth it. For XL owners, i think they should wait, like a year. Next Holiday.

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        We are waiting a year. You think this is coming here this year? Funny one aren’t you.

  • Timovisch

    OMFG. :)

  • Resilient

    This Xeno fan would love a remake/port of Xenogears to 3DS.

    • Firekitty

      I’ve been hoping Nintendo would buy the IP rights to Gears and Saga and let Takahashi remake them properly someday. It would be hard to convince Namco to give up slapping KOS-MOS in everything, but I’m sure they could come to an arrangement.

      • HarakiriKami

        Think he’s done with those

  • subsamuel01

    Wow, guess I’m waiting for the new 3DS.

  • CirnoLakes

    Wow. How powerful is this handheld?

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Not too powerful. Look at the footage. Looks like trash and runs even worse.

      • British_Otaku

        Yeah, it didn’t look like it was running at an optimal speed in the Direct, though I am still more interested in playing games on the 3DS than the Wii especially if it had dual audio.

        Sort of curious, but the exclusive games are the weakest point of the whole deal to me.

      • Destiny13777

        The reuploaded footage people have looked laggy because of the stream, Nintendo’s actual one doesn’t look too bad, about the same as the Wii game. They probably haven’t made it too far in development anyway since they only showed early parts of the game.

    • Anewme…Again

      I would say maybe a little bit stronger than the WII.

  • revenent hell

    Whelp, let’s see what these games are for the “new” 3DS and that will be my deciding factor. This game is not so much incentive for me but we shall see.
    I kind of wish a few months ago this news was brought forth considering a soda spilt on my old 3DS and I had to get a new one…

  • Well I was thinking of upgrading to an xl somewhere down the line but now with this news I think I’ll wait for the new ones. I’m still content with my lil 3ds along with cpp attachment, but the new ones likely would fit my pocket more conveniently. Lol And the cpu power boost is one hell of a bonus.

  • Eder García

    why are you killing my thin wallet Ninty??????

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Need specific specs so we can compare.

    Honestly, I wanted Xenoblade ported to Wii U; I would have been more inclined to re-purchase it immediately, but this is a far better business decision for Nintendo. If Monolith revised/improved a few things, I will consider a buy. Maybe since it’s now a first party title, more polish will be applied. Also, it will bring down those ridiculous prices I’ve been seeing for the Wii version. More people playing this gem is hardly a bad thing.

    They aren’t really splitting the market, they have reached critical sales mass with the other 3DS models already in Japan specifically, so this is the logical next step while keeping costs low and making an immediate profit. It’s rather smart and classic Nintendo.

    Pretty sure there will be a trade in deal for this to reduce price considerably.

  • Sergio Macellaro

    Shit, need to buy a New system to play better games is so Nintendo.
    Release poor hardware, let the fans suck on It, because the exclusives of Big N worth the ill faded investiment, only to 5 years o so makes you buy another system with few improviments.
    Well, at least is it powerful as PSV?

    • Wodki

      probably not

    • Treetops97

      Was the 360 as powerful as the PS3?

  • Firekitty

    All I need is a special edition system and dual audio like the console version to be 100% okay with this.

    • InfinityAge11

      Yes yes and yes. I am the hugest fan of Xenoblade, but having to buy a new 3DS is really frustrating. If they made a Xenoblade special edition “New” 3DS, I would make the jump that much sooner.

      • NorthWulf

        I don’t know about you, but I have to finance my own gaming. First I bought a 3DS. Then a 3DS XL. Now the Nintenblow 3DS BS here…. Maybe if they did like the PSP and had an output for TV screens, or miracast or something..

        • InfinityAge11

          I finance my own as well. Thats why I waited to get a 3DS until the inevitable revision (got the XL). Who knew there would be another freaking revision. Normally, I wouldnt even be considering this new one ever ever unless there was a game I absolutely had to have for it, which I would expect to be years down the line. But gosh darnit, they are pretty much launching it with one. Realistically, I do not plan on buying this new 3DS+Xenoblade unless Xenoblade has a bunch of new features gamewise and theres a special edition 3DS to go along with it. I will probably end up preordering and buying the game remake way before I actually get the 3DS.

  • Guest

    …FINE. You win, Nintendo. I’m looking for good deals on a 3DS XL, so just gimme a minute, okay?

    • Just so you know, it’s only gonna be on the NEW 3DS. Not for the current versions of the 3DS.

  • Altumn

    Well cool! My friend really wants me to play this game, but no way am I paying 80 bucks for it. Hopfully this will be cheaper

  • Lemski07

    BYE BYE 3ds XL hello there 3ds capital LL like my name

  • Jero

    I wanted to upgrade to the XL because I think the screen of the original model is a bit small for smash, now I guess I’ll ave to wait a bit more.

  • rurin

    TvT urgh wanna play but not willing to spend on an enhanced version of a 3ds….Guess I’ll just wait for next gen to play…

    • NorthWulf

      No kidding. I hear they’re naming it the Nintenblow 3DS BS.

  • NorthWulf

    This really makes me angry. I bought a 3DS. Then I bought a 3DS XL. Now I have to buy ANOTHER 3DS just to play certain games? Ugh. Sorry Nintendo, I’m not dropping ANOTHER $200+. I’m sick of this 3DS BS.

    • aoihana

      Yeah, I can totally see where you’re coming from.

      Personally, I have two 3DS’s, and that second one was hard to justify, but I went ahead and bought an LL eventually.

      In regards to exclusive games, I don’t think we’ll see a divide in the community, where the New 3DS is so much more prevalent, at least not soon. I think, that, eventually, we’ll see a shift towards the New 3DS, but by that point, I think the issue of incompatibility will not be as much of a concern.

      Just my thoughts!

    • Zeik56

      This is kind of par for the course for Nintendo handhelds though. Sure, the exclusive games is a little unsual (although not the first time it’s happened either), however I feel like it was pretty obvious the XL was not going to be the last updated 3DS we’d see. It’s why I didn’t run out and buy an XL, because something like this was going to happen eventually.

    • Sebastian Lothian

      I’m kind of feeling like it might be best to just wait two or three years before buying a current-gen handheld for Nintendo at this point. I bought mine within the first month only for them to release various other versions of it within a short period of time (ultimately resulting in me being unable to play certain games now because I don’t have the latest version of their 3DS).

  • idrawrobots

    This will be my 4th 3DS and I will be happy to get it day one.

    • KanjiLikesBoys

      do you wanna buy mine too?

      • idrawrobots

        What do I get in exchange?

  • HonoraryCMC

    Halleluiah! I’ve been looking for this game at a decent price for a long time and no luck at all. I want to play this game but I won’t pay like $90 for it. I am so looking forward to this. I just hope they don’t cut any content. Compressed resolution I’m fine with.

  • MrTyrant

    Okay….my 3DS is like 1 year old…it’s really old and busted. So I guess I have change it now for the upgrade version with improved hardware and probably the newest Nintendo’s handheld games that will come……sad thing that reality is different for me and money doesn’t grow on trees.

  • jeka69

    Gaur Plains, anywhere, anytime

    • aoihana


      I haven’t completed Xenoblade yet, but I did manage to experience many of the areas, and I can honestly say that Colony 9’s night theme is by far my favorite! It’s so surreal!

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    Kicking myself for not buying a vita instead…

    • ClaudiusWhite

      It’s a great device, just set your expectations accordingly regarding the type of games on it.

    • MaidKillua

      If you like Japanese games, pick one up as soon as you can afford it and NEVER look at the Vita section on sites like IGN which just spread doom about it while hyping shitty console FPS’s. You’ll like it. Given your Dojima icon it seems likely it’s your type of system

      • Tyler Beale

        Podcast Beyond spreads “doom” about the Vita? Something Sony themselves have been doing in gamers’ faces?

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        Yeah, given that I’m on this site the vita naturally has a lot of things im interested in (like finally experiencing the stuff they added in golden). I was just tempted by fire emblem and smt on the 3ds, lol. Now that ive gotten my fill it’s high time to pick a vita up. Thanks for your comment.

        • MaidKillua

          I got my Vita day one and held out on the 3DS till they released Monster Hunter (and most of the other games I have on it came out even later than that). The early lifecycle didn’t interest me much outside of Fire Emblem

        • Jey

          get a Vita for Danganronpa 1, 2 and Zero Escape-VLR.

          Add persona 4 Golden if you havent played the original (though seeing your avatar I guess that wont be necessary)

          Those above games alone are more than worth a Vita purchase trust me

    • Shade DMessiah

      I got my blue (saying the color because apparently, they don’t sell my color anymore? Yeah, not selling it for 3DS2) 3DS and my Vita on both release dates. JP game fans will obviously love the Vita, and i do.

      My 3DS has been kinda collecting dust because “Oooh, dat kirby game looks smexeh, but oh dam dat BlazBlue.” It still gets played for Tales of the Abyss though.

  • tubers

    Yes! The wait was worth it! I felt they were incoming! (new models)

    Speed bump eh? Sweet!

  • Hexodious

    The question is, will my regular 3DS games be playable on this “New” 3DS?
    And what about the eshop?

    • DuskSharkEX

      They answered yes to that in another article.

    • aoihana

      Yeah, I don’t think you’ve much to worry about concerning your old games. Monster Hunter 4 is showcased in some of the New 3DS’ screenshots, and apparently there’s a Super Smash Bros. 3DS themed system planned.

  • LDM

    After reading this article, my heart sank a little.


  • MaidKillua

    For the love of god Nintendo release it on the Wii U. I already have one of those. I only got my 3DS a year ago and am not ready to drop cash on a new one yet. Please please please. My 3DS is still in perfect condition (I dunno how people damage theirs so quickly that they need replacing).

    ALTHOUGH I could get a US one of these and then all of my EU problems in life would be solved… A man can dream of having enough disposable income for that can’t he???

    • aoihana

      Personally, I don’t have a Wii U, but even if I did, I’d honestly prefer to play Xenoblade on the 3DS.

      I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but Xenoblade being the grand adventure that it is, I feel that it’s very appropriate to have it on the 3DS, which you can take with you literally anywhere you go!

      Additionally, I wouldn’t be buying a New 3DS to play Xenoblade, but like I said earlier, the prospect of bigger, better games.

      I’m really excited!

      • MaidKillua

        Well I mean they could just release it on both but then they’d have nothing to sell these with. Until the inevitable N3DS Majoras Mask remake (C’mon we all know Miyamoto is sat in a room at Nintendo rubbing his hands together thinking of the cash that would make)

      • InfinityAge11

        I’m the exact opposite, a grand scale game like Xenoblade being on a handheld is the last thing I would want to play it on. I want to enjoy the adventure on my nice 23in screen with a controller. Playing a 200 hour game staring hard into a tiny screen holding a handheld that really starts to hurt my wrists/arms after a few hours sounds not as great.

        • aoihana

          Yeah, I definitely see your point, and I do think that a lot of people would agree, because games of such a scope do really benefit a console experience. The big screen, sound systems, controls, etc.

          I do think, though, that there are some positives to a portable game, and one of them being that it can be something you quickly play while in bed late night, on a trip, or simply in the moment. Like I said, somehow I feel that such an adventure best fits something like the 3DS, which can be so spontaneous. You can literally play at any time, anywhere.

          I guess at this point I prefer handhelds in general, because like I said they’re just so much more convenient, and striking the mood to play, for me, is very spontaneous, so I can just flip it open and get started.

          • InfinityAge11

            I totally see and understand your side, too. Luckily, the game does exist on both platforms for people who prefer one over the other.
            One reason why I prefer this on the console is because quest-wise, starting and stopping play in short bursts would make me lose focus like crazy. Its not a big deal since there is a quest list, I just take a minute to remember what all I was up to.

            In general I like consoles way more over handhelds because of all the reasons we already listed. I also have bad wrists, so the heavy handhelds get to be painful after a while which sucks.

            I will be getting this and playing it though, but I am most definitely not doing all of the quests again, haha. Like I said, rounded 200 hour game.

          • aoihana

            Yeah, definitely.

            In my case, I didn’t actually complete Xenoblade, but I did clock in about 90 hours, I think! I actually made a very conscious effort to complete every quest, so I did end up going back and forth between towns.

            Also, agreed! Luckily there was a quest log, or I’d never be able to keep up with everything. For the most part, I’d try to complete quests before I saved, I’d get lost, too, haha!

            As for quests, like I said, I tried to complete every single one, but I don’t know if I’d be up to do that again on the 3DS, haha. Though, I will admit that I am a bit obsessive when it comes to such things, so I guess we’ll see!

      • pokeroi

        Me too! I like games that I need to invest lot of times on handhelds. Because staring at TV for 3 hours kinda hurt my eyes

        • aoihana


          Another great things about portables is the convenience, which is undeniable when you’re in the mood to play, but bring yourself to start up your console, or something.

          Handhelds, I think, are very sponataneous in that way, which conform to your schedule, and being able to play anywhere, any time is just great!

      • M’iau M’iaut

        So it takes a new system announcement. Howdy stranger.

        • aoihana


          It’s been a while since I posted here, but it’s still as lively as ever. Good job keeping the peace!

          • M’iau M’iaut

            At work or I would link your post to twitter. Say hi if you get the chance. If you havent been lurking lately, we elevated garyuu to modhood.

          • s07195

            It’s been a grand old time here. ^_^

  • Luis Es.

    I bought a 3ds when it was new(day one)… and i got all those free games for the ambassador program since they did a price cut so soon which i already owned the original of all the games i did like. I never got the xl or w/e because well i don’t play my 3ds much because i only play a handful of games for the system since i’m not too much of a fan of nintendo games(mario/kirby/yoshi stuff) except for stuff like fire emblem. Never had a wii so couldn’t play xenoblade.. so i was happy to hear news of it coming to 3ds.. but then i read it’s on a new 3ds.. and wont be playable with the 3ds i have.. I felt pretty cheated..I’d have to spend money just to play some new game for a new system even though i already own a 3ds…May just sell my 3ds since i barely play any games on it and seems like the new cool games will be exclusive to the new 3ds since it has more power.. so lame!

    • aoihana

      Yeah, unfortunately future New 3DS games, the exclusives, won’t be playable on previous 3DS models. Ambassadors, especially, are out of luck if they weren’t planning on upgrading.

      For what it’s worth, though, the upgrade to an LL really changed my experience on the 3DS for the better, so I’d highly recommend picking up a New 3DS if you can. I’m pretty sure you can transfer your old 3DS to the newer model, too.

      • chocodino

        Why specially for ambassadors? I’m an ambassador and was planning on buying a new 3DS, since mine is so old and the R button is almost non-functional [because every game and the plaza uses it], and the joystick doesn’t work right, thanks to all those years of use, so this is pretty good news for me.

        • aoihana

          Ah, no, I agree completely.

          Personally, I have two 3DS’s, and I’ll be upgrading to a New 3DS as soon as I can.

          As far as Ambassadors are concerned, I meant Ambassadors who had no plans on upgrading, but may have to because of the New 3DS games being incompatible on their older models.

          It wasn’t meant to be a generalized statement, although it did seem that way.

          My mistake!

  • mike dickson

    Mind Blown

  • Tenabrus

    god damn you Nintendo I just bought a 3ds xl two months ago T_T

    • SodusX

      3DS kept piling up good games and I waited patiently for the price drops. The moment Azure Striker Gunvolt hit the eShop I was going to order my own 3DS and start buying the games I was keeping my eyes on, but then they drop this bomb about new and more powerful 3DS. And its so damn cheap for a launch price.

      Now I’m having trouble of deciding whether to buy current XL or wait for the new version.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        There’s no reason to buy one now. It’ll suck to wait until next year but you’ll be ensuring that’ll get to play all games, old and new. Whereas current 3DS(s) won’t be able to~.

      • HarakiriKami

        get a 2DS so you can play in the meantime then sell it

  • epy

    Wouldn’t “port” be more appropiate than “remake”? It’s just a port, right?

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      It depends on whether they touch something or not. Zelda OoT 3DS is considered a remake on account of the 3D, the extra mode and the textures. XC could go the same way~.

    • subsamuel01

      Port means its essentially the same game, I’m sure this is identical to the Wii version but it sounds more appealing when you say remake.

  • Brandonmkii

    Wooooo my 5th 3ds putchase.

  • Ms_Fortune

    It boggles the mind that people are ok with this and lining up to buy or pre-order.

    If any other company did this, they’d be crucified in the media by gamers and journalists alike, Nintendo does it and its perfectly fine.

    I’d be fine with a simple hardware revision, the PSP-1000 to the PSP-3000 ya know, I could play the same games on it, but a a slight upgrade bump and brand new exclusives to boot?

    Also micro SD’s so my 32gb 3DS card is useless on this new hardware.

    Seriously, the machine has been barren for months, the only titles I want are at the end of november but after this? Na, gonna sell my 3DS and just be done with this company for good, they don’t deserve my business.

    • Arcotaju

      You’re just going to skip all of the releases that the 3DS gets next year and the year after then? They’re porting a Wii game to the new system; a Wii game that wont run on the old 3DS. You can still play it on the Wii…That isn’t some kind of multi-year developed exclusive, it’s a port of an already completed game. There’s a huge difference.

      • Jey

        your argument sounds like an excuse.. aside from pokemon and Smash brothers and Persona Q later this year, the 3DS doesnt have ANYTHING exciting for it next year.

        And now Nintendo is making a newer version and is making an exclusive port.. what makes you think they *wont* keep up this bull**** up until the original 3DS line stops getting any worthwhile games

        • Spirit Macardi

          “exclusive port”

          You realize that statement is a massive contradiction right?

          • Luis Es.

            Pretty sure when people are saying exclusive in these post they mean exclusive to the new 3ds as in you can’t play it on your old 3ds only the new one… And Hey maybe not everyone has a wii and 80+$ to spend on the original one. heck it might even be cheaper now to buy a wii + a used copy of xenoblade.

        • Arcotaju

          Not even close to an excuse. People are making bold and non-factual based statements that all future games will be n3DS exclusives, where there’s nothing that even hints at this. They’re getting one Wii port, which wont take a lot of development cost or time.

          Abandoning a 45 million system userbase would be foolish. That’s the fact here. The only n3DS exclusives will only be a very small handful of games (most of which will likely be Wii/GC ports that can’t run on the base 3DS), while the majority of playable games will be available for the 3DS also. The n3DS will most likely get some expanded features (and naturally better load times), but most of it is quality-of-life.

          Nintendo is a company. They will lose an enormous amount of money by forcing people to buy the n3DS, which is why they’re *not* forcing people to buy it. It even has the same GPU capabilities (they’re updating RAM and VRAM, which means graphics are still limited, but much more stuff can be going on the screen without lag), meaning that they aren’t trying to make the original 3DS irrelevant at all. Much like how the DSi worked. If they wanted people to buy the system, they would market it as next-gen, not as a enhanced version of the same system. The 3DS will not be irrelevant. Developers will make games for the 45 million install base, not the currently zero install base. They’ll probably sell a few million of the n3DS systems, but the majority of people will continue to buy the regular 3DS, which in turn is where the majority of their game development costs will go to.

          I rarely post/comment these days and when I do I try to be as courteous as possible. But to be blunt it’s absolutely ridiculous how much people are overreacting to this. The fact people are overreacting, goes to show how insane the speculation that all future games would be n3DS exclusives. People think it’s crazy. Nintendo would think it’s crazy. That’s why they wont make all future games n3DS exclusive, because it would be crazy. This doesn’t even require a formal education in analysis or business in general, this is commonsense business tactics. That’s why they’re porting some games, like Xenoblade, where only 50-100K sales will be profitable because the base game already was released years ago and already sold well.

          Additionally, and this is finally speculation on my part, they’re likely going to port mostly core Wii games to the n3DS to appeal to gamers who were not interested in motion controls but would have otherwise wanted to try the games. Not all games even required much motion controls, but many core games assumed that every game on the Wii was based around flying around your arm and such. I would have enjoyed Skyward Sword much more if it was purely controller based though. It’s that kind of market that I have a hunch they’re aiming for with the n3DS, while also opening them up to the entire current and future 3DS library, which they would naturally want to continue developing for.

          To further clarify, yes they’ll be putting some development time/costs into enhancing 3DS games and porting Wii games, but it’s unlikely to take up more than 15-20% of their 3DS game production resources, since the majority of their resources will go towards games that will be available to buy for *everyone* who owns a 3DS, 2DS, n3DS, etc. Yes there’ll be a small impact to the 3DS userbase, 20% being more on the pessimistic side of the estimate, but that’s still 80% of the game development regular 3DS owners would have received otherwise. They may be allotting some of their console development resources for porting, since they would be familiar with the original game anyways. If that’s the case, then the impact on 3DS owners would be smaller than that estimate. There’s quite a few what-ifs involved with the logistics of approaching it, but ultimately they want to sell games that the all of the 45 million (and counting) plus n3DS owners can all buy.

          Kudos to anyone who actually read of all of that too.

          • Enzo

            I have seen some people claiming that the new 3DS is a new handheld console (like it is their next gen handheld), and I suppose this idea is where a large portion of the complaints come from. But, people who think that (in my opinion) are either very poor at comprehension, or simply don’t know the kinds of procedures companies go through when they introduce the next generation of their own tech.

            The most obvious clue to show that it is indeed NOT their next gen handheld is the fact that they ONLY revealed one game coming to it, and that game is a port. Second most obvious clue is the fact that they said that they will be bundling MH4G and Smash Bros with the system as well. It really wouldn’t make sense to make such a move if you were planning on making your next gen handheld. Then there’s the fact that it was revealed in a Japan-only direct. I am pretty sure, when your audience is global, if you were revealing the next gen system you would do it globally rather than in just one region.

            There are many more arguments that show how foolish it is to think that the New 3DS is Nintendo’s next gen handheld, but I think it’s time to address another thing.

            There are also those that are complaining who definitely know it’s not NIntendo’s next gen handheld, but make similar complains (and on here, I’ve seen many complains about Region Lock). To that, I would say what you said is mostly what I would say. From a business point of view, there’s little reason to start heavily dedicating resources to making games for a remodeled version of a system that has already sold tens of millions of hardware. Like I said with one of my earlier responses here, the New 3DS was made for games that the original couldn’t handle. Very likely the case will be that games that are wanted to be put on the 3DS, but can’t because of the power restriction, (and games the devs don’t want to give up on) will move to the New 3DS. That number will very likely be in the minority. If you’re a hardcore gamer in the first place (and that each game you can’t get matters so much), then you should be used to this already given that exclusives exist everywhere and have for quite a while now. Nintendo’s not committing some atrocious deed.

            Oh, and I would comment on the Region Lock thing by saying that people who benefit from Region Lock are in the heavy minority, and that Region Lock does serve a purpose (albeit diminishing as time goes on), so I really find it annoying how many people here think it’s the obvious decision to make (to take it away).

            Most of this wasn’t really directed towards you, though. Just kind of ranting.

          • Jey

            holy rambling mama jesus… You went full on Great wall of china text in there, not just a regular wall of text.

            Anyway thanks for your.. ridiculously elaborate post. I hope you’re right is all I can say at this point (im not going to nitpick everything you said there lol)

      • Ms_Fortune

        “All the releases”

        I can count the number of upcoming 3DS release using both my hands and still have a finger or two left over, the 3DS is barren as hell right now title wise and the only thing I have any interest in come out at the end of November, beyond that I haven’t touched my 3DS since May.

        Xenoblade is something I’d pick up, but I an’t paying 200+ for the privilege of doing so.

        Even if the 3DS had dozens upon dozens of titles coming up, it wouldn’t still excuse this shit, I play all PSP games on all iterations of said hardware, same with any console and such, I literally cannot play Xenoblade without this new 3DS and as a consumer I find that real shitty, even more shitty is the fans lining up for it.

        Nintendo is the only company that can get away with this crap.

        • subsamuel01

          Apple does this every year when their new iPhones, a lot of new apps don’t work on older phones. Nintendo does it and everyone whines about it.

          • Sebastian Lothian

            What Apple does is the same and I have issues with it, but I’m not going to massively complain about it since I don’t even use their products. I do use Nintendo products though and this affects me more.

          • TalesOfBS

            Apple does this every year and other phone companies do it every 3 months.

          • Solid Knight #SouledOut

            Why are you bring up phones? Is Nintendo gonna start subsidizing their handhelds and offer 2 year contracts?

          • TalesOfBS

            You need to do that when the phone in question costs $800 usd.

          • Spirit Macardi

            And the 3DS has been out for quite a while now without any big improvements.

            Not only that, but they didn’t remove any features from the system, only added more. Normally supposed “upgrades” come at the cost of things like backwards compatibility or some other feature. But nope, they kept everything.

        • Spirit Macardi

          “I play all PSP games on all iterations of said hardware”

          Really? You’re able to play UMDs on the PSP Go and the Vita?

          • Luis Es.

            just fyi… the vita isn’t a psp.

          • Spirit Macardi

            You mean outside of the fact that it’s positioned as the PSP’s successor and was designed to look exactly like one?

          • Luis Es.

            I guess you haven’t had hands on with a psp and a vita.. but they look different to me and feel completely different as well and they work completely different as well. But yeah.. psp UMDs don’t work on a vita… but the vita can play psp games if you download them. And yes.. Vita is the successor to the psp… meaning it’s something different beyond the psp. Not a psp. but a new thing.

        • HarakiriKami

          Such bullshit.

          (also lmao the 3DS is getting a ton of games)

        • E.T.993

          ”I can count the number of upcoming 3DS release using both my hands and
          still have a finger or two left over, the 3DS is barren as hell right
          now title wise and the only thing I have any interest in come out at the
          end of November, beyond that I haven’t touched my 3DS since May.” Well, I can see the problem here…You’re INCREDIBLY picky. INCREDIBLY PICKY! Your problem. Not mine.

        • Arcotaju

          See my fuller response to Jey’s comment, who also responded to me. That should hopefully help clarify the logical reasoning why Nintendo isn’t cutting support for the 3DS – I don’t want to copy/paste it in multiple places because the length is a bit longer than I intended. The key points though: if this was a next-gen system, then yes I would anticipate support to wane (and not immediately cut to zero), but they’re a company. They wont be ignoring 45 million current system owners who are always eagerly awaiting new quality releases, in favor of supporting an enhanced version of the same system which likely wont get more than a few million sales by the end of the generation, all while regular 3DS (and 2DS/XL) sales continue to rise. Porting popular Wii games will be profitable due to cheap costs (since the game is technically done already outside of the porting needs), but focusing multi-year developed exclusives on the n3DS would lose them a lot of money and make fans angry. That’s two things they don’t want.

          As a last note, no this doesn’t mean I’m giving the new system my seal of approval. I would much rather they reserve these ports for their next new handheld. I’m just explaining why this isn’t the end-all for regular 3DS owners – I may not even buy the n3DS myself, since my original one works just fine still and I already can play Wii games on the console itself.

    • Nicholas Perry

      Nintendo’s been doing this for forever and a day though. Remember GBC only games?

      • Ryudo9

        GBC was 9 years after GB. 3DS is a yearly update system. 2012 XL,2013 2DS 2014 NEW 3DS 2015?

        • Spirit Macardi

          Guess you forgot about the Gameboy Pocket which came out between the GB and GBC.

          And those yearly updates? How many of them actually added something new? None. They were all optional; not a one could do something that the other couldn’t.

          Even this is technically optional. As it’s looking, 3DS games are still coming out in the near future. There’s so far just this one game that’s exclusive, and it’s not even exclusive since it’s a port.

    • Enzo

      This is #1 an overreaction (selling your 3DS because of this is most definitely an overreaction). #2 uninformed and #3 shows a lack of understanding.

      First thing first, the PSP remodel DID upgrade the power of the handheld (albeit for different reasons).

      Second thing, if another company did this, people would NOT overreact (other companies already do it all the time.)

      Third, the exclusives for this new model are done for the reason that these games wouldn’t have been able to run on the regular 3DS (and instead of giving up on making the games, they introduced an upgraded model).

      Fourth, the exclusives list for the New 3DS is likely very small and that the vast majority of games will still be compatible with the regular 3DS and should really have little to no bearing on what you should do with your current 3DS.

      If you want an exclusive, you buy the system. It’s always been like that. You don’t like exclusives, that’s too bad. That’s how the gaming business have been able to keep things going all this time.

      As for the micro SD, that’s a very minor complaint given that SD cards in general are pretty inexpensive and that your complaint applies to a large portion of technology when they move on to the next level.

      Complaining about this means, essentially, that you’re also complaining about them wanting to create these kinds of games for the 3DS and actually making it possible. You don’t have to sell your current 3DS and get the new model, because it WONT become obsolete.

    • TalesOfBS

      Guess you don’t own a phone then?

      • Oxybelis

        I am using same phone for 3 years already.
        Phones != consoles anyway.

        • natchu96

          I had like one phone until a couple of years ago :P

          I’d switched phones in the last couple of years, which is definitely more frequent, but then again the second phone in question kinda got knocked onto the floor a few times and had soda spilled on it by some kid and started dying on me periodically soon after. Can’t really work with the battery emptying itself out anywhere between half a day and minutes.

          The third one seems to be slowly on its way out too. I guess the more advanced some piece of tech is the faster it breaks.

    • jlenoconel

      You’re right. Don’t sell your system over something so petty though lol.

    • HarakiriKami

      Nintendo’s been doing this since the 90’s though.

      They always revise their handhelds and make them better. DSi has over 500 digital games not available on a DS and the GBC has a ton of games you cant play on the OG Gameboy.

      The 3DS is already 3.5 years old and it will be 4.5 years old when this thing releases in the west. That’s longer than the GBA. Its time. Nintendo wouldnt put out their next handheld till they’re ready to make another console

      Besides the only exclusives will be games that the vanilla 3DS doesnt have the horsepower to handle.

    • grevlinghore

      Tell me more about all the other contemporary gaming platforms where you can expect to still play the freshest releases 4 years after launch, without making any sort of hardware upgrade.

      Technology moves on, whether you like it or not – and you can still play some 90% of upcoming releases on your old system.

      The New 3DS will be a sure grab for people like me, who have yet to pick up the original system. Waiting tends to pay off when it comes to technology; Very rarely can you expect to still be completely up to date several years after your initial purchase. It´s nothing new, either, it´s been that way for as long as games and gaming consoles have been around.

      In the end, this is a question of how you want to approach the New 3DS. You can think: “Damn Nintendo for releasing an upgraded version of a system I already bought, that can play a select few games that my system can´t”, or you can be thankful that they didn´t release an entirely new system altogether, forcing you to pick that up if you wanted to play any upcoming games at all.

      • Sebastian Lothian

        The second scenario where they released an entirely new handheld is the preferable scenario.

  • dammit nintendo orz
    this is pretty cool though

  • Guilherme Matheus Silva

    Not fair… anyway, I still own the Wii version

  • leingod

    I’m all for a new 3DS with a second analog and stuff, but don’t dig much the idea of it having exclusives :/

    • subsamuel01

      Their games that wouldn’t be able to run on a normal 3DS. I’m 100% certain Nintendo is not going to abandon the 45 million people who own the older models. The number of exclusives for the new 3DS probably won’t be that high. Games like Xenoblade would never be able to run on a normal 3DS properly.

  • KrazyBean

    Considering the scale of this game, can you even play it comfortably on a screen that size?

    • HarakiriKami


  • Xenoblade is neat, but what they showcased in the trailer looks REALLY rough

  • Mika Moreno

    I don’t really care about the whole “New 3DS” thing, but I’m psyched for the new games! I don’t have my Wii anymore to play the original, so I’m so excited for this!

  • Serge

    Everyone is freaking around about the exclusives and you should understand that nobody will stop making games for the regular 3DS when the install base is about 45 million units.
    If you want a new analog stick, a ZR & ZL button and more RAM (to play Pokemon X in 3D without lag), then well, go buy it, but don’t think you aren’t gonna have new games if you don’t buy this “New 3DS”. Just don’t.

    • Sebastian Lothian

      I don’t think that’s the issue. It’s the possibility that the exclusive games will be games that majority of us will want to play but are unable to until we purchase a new 3DS or get the next handheld they make.

      • subsamuel01

        They already said that it would be impossible for a game like Xenoblade to run on an older 3DS, this is their solution to play those much larger games. The fact that their releasing this upgrading model means the 3DS will be around for the foreseeable future.

        • Sebastian Lothian

          It’s not pleasant either way. Why release the console if you’re just going to keep re-releasing it slightly better every year or two.

          • HarakiriKami

            Because its been 4 damn years since the 3DS came out.

            The gameboy advance was only around for 3 years. Technology moves quickly. The same thing happened with the DSi and the Gameboy Color

          • Sebastian Lothian

            To my knowledge the DSi wasn’t as big of a deal since it didn’t have games (or the potential for games) that most people would want to play. It could be treated in the same manner as a XL release since it didn’t matter that much.

            In this situation the very first game they announced is a game that they know a lot of Nintendo fans want to play.

          • HarakiriKami

            And to be frank, it wouldnt exist if not for this new piece of hardware.

        • Ryudo9

          It’s cheaper and easier to print more Wii discs and include them with a copy of XBX than it is to make a new 3DS and cram the game on 3DS.

          • Spirit Macardi

            You make it sound like this game is the only reason they’re releasing the console, and it’s not. There’s no doubt going to be 3DS games that can take advantage of its improved specs, as well as more exclusive games that need its hardware to run at all.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        You mean like pretty much every other handheld and console ever?

        • Sebastian Lothian

          It’s not really the same.

          In most situations it’s typically waiting for the next gen handheld to be made which is fine for most of us.

          This scenario is waiting for the next version of the current gen handheld to be made which isn’t as predictable because it’s not common.

          • HarakiriKami

            Game Boy Color man.

            These games wouldnt even run on a 3DS. Now they can

          • Sebastian Lothian

            I didn’t say it never happens, but that it’s unpredictable. It being unpredictable results in situations like this where people are buying the old version a few months before they announce a newer version of this type.

          • HarakiriKami

            Like in every tech industry ever?

    • Bobby Jennings

      You mean CPU right? It’s not getting more RAM…

      • HarakiriKami

        It has 2x the Ram and 2x the Vram

    • Spazturtle

      3DS games won’t benefit from the increased power. Everything will run at 3DS speed.

  • A more cost saving decision would be just wait for the next true successor of the 3DS which i’m 99% sure it will be compatible with all the “new” 3DS titles.

    • Sebastian Lothian

      That’s what I plan on doing, but even then I’m reluctant to purchase it near launch if they’re going to do something like this again.

      • Bryan

        at least you can rest assure it will be another 2~4 years after the next gen one launches i guess? haha

      • natchu96

        I’d like to say that’s what I plan on doing as well, but it’s more like that’s the only thing I CAN do.

        So yeah. This gen is gonna be a long wait to die off . . .

    • Solid Knight #SouledOut

      And the games will be dirt cheap by then. :)

      • natchu96

        And at least if this goes on eshop or something we don’t have to worry about it going out of print or any of the old DS game troubles :)

      • HarakiriKami

        Nintendo games?


        Those never drop in price past a sale(from Nintendo or a retailer_) till they’re like 5 years old. Hell old DS games went up in price

        No you’d be better off buying them now then trading them in back for near full price

        They keep a tight control of their stock shipment for a reason

  • Nicholas Perry

    Based on the video, music sounds like 96k MP3 files, graphics look putrid. I can see why they’d want to make it for the 3DS instead of the Wii U.

    Downgrading is easier than upgrading.

    • TalesOfBS

      Just another dumb Nintendo decision favoring their portable to the detriment of their home console. They always do that.

      Xenoblade deserved an HD version on Wii U, not this.

      • flameraver64

        “Develops brand-new, full-fledged HD sequel for console which can already play original. Gets called a company favoring portable to the detriment of their home console.”

        • TalesOfBS

          And how does that redeem them from the poor planing of Xenoblade’s release? the wait for people to completely forget about the game? GS exclusivity? extremely limited printing?

          Nintendo is also losing money here. X managed to get a lot of people interested in Xenoblade again and guess what? They can’t buy and play it unless they accept to get their wallet raped (or someone lend them a copy/pirate) in $70 for a used copy. Meanwhile, the Wii U had a full year software drought (still has) and all Nintendo had to show were trailers and promises. Since they already knew that X was going to be delayed to “2015”, why Xenoblade wasn’t remastered in HD for the Wii U and launched at E3? Why dump such a POOR PORT on the New 3DS?

          I can’t believe there are people defending such dumb decisions.

          • machomuu

            Really? Seems pretty simple that people might want to play Xenoblade on the 3DS, new or otherwise. Especially since demand for the 3DS is higher and quite a few people prefer portability in general, especially considering Xenoblade is $80, give or take.

            And I’m not saying that I wouldn’t love a Wii U HD remake, but considering the demand for the Wii U vs the 3DS, and the fact that there are a good deal of 3DS owners that probably don’t even want a Wii U, it’s understandable why people defend it. It’s a portable Xenoblade.

      • HarakiriKami

        Portables > Consoles has always been the case at Nintendo.

        They released a handheld right before the NES came out and they were still messing about in Arcades

    • Treetops97

      Considering its more powerful than the Wii, the devs are just using backwards tech to make the game.

  • Bryan

    If they made this version region free, it’d sell like hotcakes regardless if it was a slight upgrade from the previous version.

  • Shuga Suenaga

    im buying i dont care, im just buying it!!!

    • Must be nice having that kind of cash to spend so casually.

      • Shuga Suenaga

        well im 27 and i tend to save money every once in a while for each of my comodities and this is one

        • IDK, it just seems like an added expense if you already own a Nintendo 3DS that plays all the games that it currently does. I’d rather wait for the Nintendo 4DS or whatever comes after.

          • Shuga Suenaga

            not really necesary but i can give my 3DS XL to my lil brother since he doesnt have one and he will eventually get one too, so… Touche

  • TheAcer

    It’s not the first time they’ve done this. The Dsi had quite a few of exclusive games that you couldn’t play on the regular DS.

    Did they drop support for the older DS models back then? No. Then why would they do anything differently this time around?

    • iamtehultimatepwnage .

      i cant really remember a game that was totally top quality ( like pokemon, zelda, etc..) that was only for the dsi released.
      maybe i am wrong and cant remember, if thats the case i am sorry. Just tell me some blockbuster games that were only for the dsi

      • HarakiriKami

        Most were digital games
        Then think of the gameboy color

        Oracle of Ages and Seasons were exclusive to those

  • Detrimont

    maybe The Last Story will be announced down the road as well

    • HarakiriKami

      That game has framerate issues on the Wii.

      Wouldnt even run on the 3DS

  • DosonTheGreat

    Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about this “New nintendo 3ds”. I don’t see it doing too well. People are going to be like “wtf is a new nintendo 3ds” and then when they find out they will be pissed. The 3DS is still relatively new. Wtf is this huh? Maybe I’ll buy it. Eventually. Possibly.

  • Spectre

    What a bunch of whiners. Either look forward to it or keep your old system. They’ll continue to make games for the original but there’s nothing wrong with improving a machine so it can run games that other people want to play. Hell I’m already looking forward to a Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword remake.

    • natchu96

      The thing is, everyone would’ve been able to play it (if a bit dumbed down for hardware limitations) if the new 3ds wasn’t a thing and they continued working on this and future projects for the old one.

      3ds isn’t even that old. Not that I feel anything wrong with this at all, I’m one of the “keep my old system” people you wanted, but I can see why people would be pissed. I’m more unable to look forward to it out of circumstance anyway, my wallet’s not that deep.

      • Zebliin

        Xenoblade Chronicles on New 3DS already looks “a bit dumbed down” (at least when you can see the character’s faces up close as shown during reveal), so I shudder to think how it would look on the current 3DS ^^;

        • HarakiriKami

          It wouldnt run at all probably lmao

      • Morgan Rodgers

        No way. It flat out wouldn’t handle the game, if I had to guess; they would have to dumb it down to the point where they might as well just not bother.

        I like it (even though it means I will have to upgrade to benefit), especially if it means the addition of GBA or N64 games to the Virtual Console. Maybe we’ll even get some Gamecube ports.

    • TalesOfBS

      > Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword remake
      >>On New 3DS
      lol jesus NO. Xenoblade downgraded version is already a shame.
      At least they should save these for the Wii U.

  • ReMeDyIII

    This “new 3DS” is a joke. First, I just bought the old current one a few months ago. Now you’re telling me I won’t get the full library of games unless I buy a second one!? What a crock.

    Second, I feel sorry for retailers who must deal with returns from uneducated customers. Casual gamers must now discern Nintendo 3DS gaming incompatibilities. How about mothers who are wanting to purchase games for their children?…
    Mom: “Hey Jimmy. I heard you like Xenoblade Chronicles, so tada!”
    Son: “WTF! This shit doesn’t fit! Worthless mom!”
    Mom: ” :( ”

    Nothing good can come from this announcement, I assure you.

    • HarakiriKami

      Would you haver preferred they made an entirely new handheld and replaced it in 3 years?

      • Sebastian Lothian

        Would you prefer they just release a new handheld whenever they can?

        • HarakiriKami

          Obviously. They have a plan and they want to execute on it properly.

          New handheld generations need proper software support. Why else is everyone complaining about cross gen support lmao.

      • Pinwheel

        I’d much rather they just make stuff for a new handheld instead of just upgrading a current one slightly, yes.

        • HarakiriKami

          It presents the same issue for you as a consumer does it not?

          I dont understand that logic lol. Either way the device you would have bought would be dead in 3 years because Nintendo’s going to release another handheld and another console running off the same OS by 2017,2018.

          • Pinwheel

            Not really, no. The difference is releasing a new handheld in a few more years with a significant boost in specs. This is a slight increase that divides the consumer’s ability to play games on what is essentially the same handheld.

            If I really wanted to play Xenoblade on my handheld console, I’d rather it be something new that can play a new library of games, not dividing my old 3DS library with some new one that only has a slight enough difference to warrant a new version. It’s a waste of money for anybody who already has a 3DS but wants to play this game on something that’s essentially the same but slightly better.

    • pokeroi

      Same as every new generation….

  • CozyAndWarm

    People have been whining for more powerful hardware (“aww this game is on 3DS with its shitty hardware?! It’s probably gonna suck, no buy :( “) and a second stick for a long time now. Now that they get their wish, everyone is angry.

    I get why people are frustrated, this WILL fragment the userbase and confuse common customers, but it IS what a lot of the “hardcore gamers” have been wanting. Now they’re mad. Just goes to show why Nintendo doesn’t usually bother listening to us

    • No, the problem is this is what should have been released as a direct second iteration of the 3DS. People are pissed because they stalled and banked on the 3DSXL and 2DS, and NOT that they came up with a stronger hardware.

    • Valtiel Ikari

      I’m pissed because I waited for a year for a 3DS with built in second analog, since nothing was said, I just though “not gonna happen I guess”, so I bought mine a month a go, now this news comes up, and not only that, there will be games exclusive to the upgraded version.
      That’s a pretty dick move by Nintendo.

  • pokeroi

    I just hope not every major release in the future will be new 3DS only.

  • chronocide

    I got excited then saw it was for the new 3DS.
    Then I got sad. ._.

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