These Life-Sized Atelier Towels Will Keep You Warm’N’Dry For Christmas

By Eugene . August 30, 2014 . 12:26pm


Gust’s alchemically-inclined girls (and guy) are now available for order in the form of life-sized towels.


Each towel will run you 7,777 yen (About US$78) and measure 1800mm by 800mm. They’ll ship in November. You can order them here.


towel_img02 towel_img03

towel_img04 towel_img05





  • shymel

    No Sterk towel makes me sad.

  • Callonia


  • aoihana

    Man, I love Gust’s designs, but at 7,777円, people are literally wiping their butts with money, haha!

  • MKSubzero

    I would love to buy all the girls towel and take them for a bath. That Logy towel would make a fine ass-wiping rag or a rag for wiping dirt and stain off windows and furniture.

  • Kaien

    After Atelier Shallie’s sales I would like a tissue.

  • Nu Blitz

    I need me that Ayesha towel. Hopefully a Pana too

  • Grayjack

    Only the most recent games? I wanted to wipe myself off after a bath with Totori or Cordelia.

  • Job For A [S]unjay

    I need Meruru and Esty Dee towels!

  • Kai2591

    Heck I wouldn’t want to wipe my dirt on these beautiful towels!

  • Neil Q

    TIL I was wrong in pronouncing “Ayesha” the same way Aisha Tyler does all this time. Whoops.

  • Joshua Myers

    I’d order one then never ever EVER use it just hang it in my room with my collection XD

  • mckun

    I want to buy one………and just stare at it all day.

    • Use them to wipe out your body after taking a shower duh…

      • Land of Green Pasture

        but… but… then… they will touch my… you know what I mean….

        • Notquitesure?

          You’d have to get married first, is that legal I wonder.

          • Aristides

            I think the issue is that if we do wipe ourselves with these towels then we can’t get married and well… it’ even worse if we already are lol.

          • Land of Green Pasture

            so true…

          • 愛憎

            To the towel? Probably not legal.

      • mckun

        NO! I paid 7,777 yen for this! I’m not letting my cheap hairs touch my product! -Collector’s fever-

  • LM009

    no Linca no buy

  • Raw

    I need all of them… for research.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    really nice, definitely want Escha, and Ayesha….
    but I don’t think I can use it to wipe my body tho…

  • Black Heaven

    “keep you warm n’ dry”

    Dry… yeah surrre… >_<

    Just thinking though, won't the colors get wiped off after laundry? Or I suppose I need to get some sort of special solution to preserve the towel's design?

  • Rouge

    The logy one will keep me Warm’n’Wet all day everyday

  • For $78 I am getting that Logy one framed.
    “Why do have a towel framed on your wall?”
    “…It cost me 78 dollars.”
    “Why-Why did you pay that much for a towel?”
    “It’s logy okay!? I gave in to my collecting temptation!”
    *Bursts into tears while staring at the beautifully framed towel*

  • waffles

    Wait, why is there a towel for Wilbell but none for the other Shallie?

    • DrForbidden

      I want to ask that too. That’s really lame, Gust.

    • Pippinin

      The characters for the bath towels were decided by a popularity poll. There were two rounds, and while Shallote made it to the second round she placed 7th in the end. Only the top 5 get towels. As first place Ayesha is getting a brand new illustration for hers, but the others will just have their character art on it.

      You can see the results here:

  • darke

    Just for reference, these are better described as “bath sheets” then the regular “bath towel”.

    Normal bath towels (at least in Australia) tend to top out at around 1400×700, these are even bigger then the ‘bath sheet’ I have since I’m a tall guy (which is 1700mm tall), at 1800mm by 800mm.

    Given I paid around USD50+ for a good quality cotton ‘bath sheet’ (and I’ve seen over USD80 for them), these are actually pretty decently priced assuming they’re using a good fabric for them.

  • Yan Zhao

    Wilbell best waifu towel.

  • Bell

    I feel really weird about wanting the Wilbell towel. If I get it, I’m sure as hell not gonna dry myself with it. She deserves better! Maybe I’ll hang it or something, because as I said, Wilbell’s too cool for a towel.

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