Rise Of Mana And Deadman’s Cross Coming To PlayStation Vita

By Spencer . September 2, 2014 . 10:39pm

image3 (1) Two more of Square Enix’s free to play mobile games are getting PlayStation Vita ports. Their Tokyo Game Show page notes that Rise of Mana, the latest game in the Mana series, will be available on Vita this winter. Rise of Mana was designed to work with Logitech’s iOS controller accessory so the action RPG should feel right at home with a controller. Rise of Mana for Vita will have new original events.


Deadman’s Cross, a zombie shooting card game with undead Abraham Lincoln, is also scheduled to come to Vita this winter. The Vita version will let players choose between touchscreen controls and traditional controls. Deadman’s Cross is out now around the world and has reached over four million downloads. So far, Rise of Mana has not been localized into English.

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  • Pdugna

    So this is what they meant by testing the waters on Vita, well that rings game sounds like a good thing. To bad none of these games will show up in the west on the Vita.

  • Day 1 purchase if Rise of Mana makes it stateside, especially on Vita.

    • MK

      It’s free though

      • yellowmage

        Then we’ll make some celebratory in-game purchases.

  • epy

    Wow, suddenly I feel much better about the Mana franchise.

  • Dexward

    Huh. I wonder why they decided to port Deadman’s Cross and not Guardian’s Cross as well.

  • DungeonRPG

    I was really excited for Rise of Mana and played it on ipad for a while when it first came out…
    how should I put this…aside from the familiar enemies and characters (lil cactus) from the franchise, it felt just like any other mobile game: Dull, repetitive, little attention to details, and hardly enjoyable (if not outright broken) without IGP. (I’m not so optimistic that a simple handheld console port will fix this…)

    If you are just expecting an average mobile game to kill some time, then perhaps you might enjoy RoM.
    If you are a veteran fan of the series hoping to get some mana-series nostalgia from its glorious sfc/gba days, you will probably be disappointed/angry at RoM.

    • Fen Y

      To add to DungeonRPGs point: The issue is not that this game has IGP. That, as such, is not a problem. I sunk triple digit $$$ into Path of Exile happily, IGP are fine.

      The problem is that it’s designed around those, not around providing a fun experience. And it really shows in literally every area of the game.

      You end up with gameplay that would be considered overly simple on the SNES, with mandatory grinding (unless IGP) that’d be considered bonkers in a Dragon Quest title. :/
      The issue with this is that it feels as if the IGP hold the game hostage.

      It feels very similar to the japanese version of Tales of Phantasia on iOS: http://www.podcast.de/episode/237055176/How%2BF2P%2BRuined%2BTales%2Bof%2BPhantasia%2Bon%2BiOS/
      This one.

      And it’s sad. The mana series was already dead, but with this? Yeah, it’ll likely stay dead unless the vita version is MASSIVELY improved. I’d consider it a win if the gameplay on the Vita ends up at least on par with Secret of Mana, including all issues that game had (such as invulnerable KO enemies and spells freezing the battle – those really make SoM less good than it could be).

      I can dream.

      • DungeonRPG

        *update* it appears this will just be a psv client of RoM, downloadable via PSN….

        • Fen Y

          Sigh. Here’s my hopes being stomped on…

  • Hope they really, really changed up Rise of Mana. Those Colorful Chibi visuals were far to simplistic on mobile devices – on PSVita, next to God Eater, Freedom Wars and Phantasy Star Nova, it definitely doesn’t stack up. They really should’ve gone with high-res 2D art this time. Really

    And definitely hope they restructured the game to be a traditional game and removed all the microtransaction stuff and free-to-play structure from the mobile version.

    There’s just not enough in the game to really elevate it to where it needs to be. It needs a ton of reworking.

    • randominternetperson

      Not in my opinion. This is why the 3DS gets more JRPGS and games in general. Not everything has to look like God Eater or Freedom Wars. As a Vita owner, I welcome games like Rise of Mana, games like the FF remakes on android.

      I don’t know what you are smoking, but that is more than pretty enough. I don’t know how the gameplays though.

      • ishyg

        I think the reason for 3DS getting games is the userbase in general.

        Other than that, I agree with you. Visual styles should vary, as it’ll get boring when every other game is going for the same look. Imagine what would Mario look if it was done using Megaman’s palette. Quite disturbing.

    • HarakiriKami

      Its a visual style man.

  • Dark Lord Ash

    Rise of mana on the vita you say? Cheers everybody, get hype.

    • darke

      It’s free-to-download, pay-to-enjoy. I can’t get hyped about something that is designed to make me annoyed just enough with it that I’ll pay to remove the annoyance.

      • you never played to have a game ?

      • Yuuki

        from what i heard its rather fair in that regard. you can play through the story without an problem, the IAP just make it easier,

  • Rise of Mana looks interesting. Esp. with that chibi-ness :)

  • artemisthemp

    I have heard of Rise of Mana but, never Deadmans Cross but, it’s good to see more titles coming to the Vita

  • Nas

    So more mobile ports from SE to the vita… Can’t say I’m surprised but really.

  • Göran Isacson

    While I am excited about new Mana content, reading these comments with people who’ve played it makes me… less so, to put it mildly. I am a bit curious though as to what makes it so bad- sloppy controls? Unengaging gameplay? Pay2win design? It LOOKS like it could be fun, neat graphics, familiar enemies and monsters, but I guess the real proof is in how it plays and that, I do not know.

    • Fen Y

      Sloppy controls, overly simplistic gameplay AND Pay2win design.

      But there is hope, the vita version may have massive improvements…

      • Göran Isacson

        Well consider my expectations suitably dashed. guess we’ll have to put all our hopes onto the vita version being improved then. Either that or just give up my feeble hope that we’ll ever see a wonderful Mana game again, but let’s be real here: we’re nerds on the internet. Since when have we EVER let something go and moved on like reasonable adults?

  • Prinnydoom

    Nice. Having recently purchased an iPad I am not so against mobile gaming as I used to be. Rise of mana looks fun so should be good to play it on the vita.

  • iamakii

    Yaaas! Finally a Mana game I can play in Vita!


    Masuda: We love vita !

    = Smarphone Game.

  • Ric Vazquez

    For Vita?! Ok now we’re talking!

  • Yan Zhao

    Did anyone play Rise of Mana yet? Is it…actually good? After that terrible Dawn of Mana and all the crappy spinoffs on the NDS Im not holding my breath for this to be as good as Legend of Mana and all the SNES games.

    • I was wondering about this, too.

    • Codi Schumacher

      Legend was playstation1 and imo the best mana game made to date you would think the games coming after it would be better sadly they werent

    • tkempin

      Dawn of mana was beautiful. It was one of the best PS2 games in my opinion.

      • Dark Lord Ash

        This is a first, one of the very few who enjoyed the game. I remember playing this the first time years ago and decided to give the game its fair shot. Good ideas done poorly is the best way I can describe it. The one positive thing I can honestly say is that the story did shed light on part of an event that happen a few games before, which was pretty interesting.

  • Aristides

    Hope they localize this and give the west a chance.

  • Learii

    localize Rise of Mana for vita to the west plzzzzzzzzz

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