Loyal Fans Were The Main Buyers Of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax At Launch

By Ishaan . September 8, 2014 . 5:30pm

Atlus recently released Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for the PlayStation 3 in Japan, and the game sold 89,486 copies in its first week on store shelves.


In comparison, the previous Persona fighting game, Persona 4 Arena, sold 138,286 copies at launch, when it released in 2012. That game was released on both PlayStation 3 (128,485 copies sold) and Xbox 360 (9,801 copies sold).


It goes without saying that Ultimax’s sales are lower than those of Persona 4 Arena’s. Additionally, Japanese sales tracker Media Create reports that over 60% of the new game’s sales came from its limited edition, which indicates that the majority of people buying the game were loyal Persona fans.


The obvious takeaway from this statement is that a portion of the broader audience that purchased Persona 4 Arena opted not to pick Ultimax up. Unfortunately, it looks as though Ultimax didn’t make a convincing enough case for all those people to buy it again, but its opening sales aren’t too bad in comparison to other fighting games.


This leaves us with a couple of questions:


1. Are Atlus actually interested in the fighting game genre as part of their long-term strategy, or is Persona 4 Arena a one-time deal?


2. Persona as a brand didn’t get where it was overnight. Persona 4’s success was built up over the course of several years and a significant marketing effort consisting of updated games, concerts, stage plays, an anime series, an updated anime series, a movie adapted from the anime series, merchandise and more. That said, the Persona brand is in a relatively comfortable place now, so theoretically, it should be easier for Atlus to create spin-offs stemming from Persona 5. Is there going to be a Persona 5 Arena at some point in the future?

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  • Freud_Hater

    …Well, isn’t that normal? XD

  • MizuofYmir

    Shiiiiiiit….I’d play about anything Persona related. I don’t care how much of a sheep that makes me.

    The Persona games changed my life, and kind of taught me the meaning of it. They’ll always have my business, no matter where it goes. I’d wipe my ass with Teddie-Tissue.

    • Evan Groman

      Well, what you’re saying is objectively stupid, but I upvoted you because it makes me smile and giggle. You’re fun.

    • That’s fine. Just don’t have that enthusiasm for square or capcom, and you’ll avoid many internet lynching.

  • Crevox

    They’ve said time and time again that this is the final Persona 4 Arena game, and it’s the end of the story (having played it, I can say this).

    They might do something more, who knows, but for now, it looks like it’s the end of fighting games from Persona.

    • DragKudo

      I remember them saying this was the game to wrap up what was unfinished in Arena not this was the last game.

  • Serph

    I’m actually happy about this.
    stop milking dat goddamn cow and release dat new harry potter chapter

    • Cypher411

      So you are happy that Persona 4 Arena Ultimax isn’t doing as well as its predecessor? I don’t really see it as milking if the games are actually good.

      • Haganeren

        The fact it’s “milking” is more due to the fact it uses the same franchise too many time, not that if the game are good or not in my opinion.

        ARC System Works could have done a new fighting game franchise with Kaneko artwork typically, maybe a new episode of Power Instinct/Groove on Fight. Perhaps even a big Shin Megami Tensei all-star Battle (including Persona but also Devil Summoner/Survivor or Digital Devil Saga).

        But instead, they milked the Persona 4 cow as far as possible… It’s totally normal from a business standpoint but it’s still called “milking” even if the game is good.

        • heavymetalmixer

          Maybe they could stay in association with ATLUS and create a new FG-only franchise, that would be awesome.

  • papermarkis

    This is pretty much the case with any fighting game update. Only hardcore fans typically buy the new one. Compare sales of SF4 to SSF4, or MvC3 to UMvC3 and you’ll see similar things.

    • heavymetalmixer

      It’s better to wait for the american version to be released, a lot of people in this continent want to play it, and it does pretty well on big events like EVO.

  • Xerain

    I know someone who only bought the game to complete the incomplete set of Tarot cards that comes with Persona Q, so there is that.

    • Terpsichore

      I’m guilty of that :c ,but to be fair I love guilty gear and this is sorta similar (2d fighter). I also didn’t play the first one but here I go!

      • Seven of The Scions

        Yes, the main reason i play this game is because it was made by Guilty Gear team, and it’s not just a plain fighting game.

        • Terpsichore

          Didn’t know that~
          2d fighters are where it’s at. (skullgirls!!)

  • revenent hell

    I think it would be mostly obvious Persona fans would be the predominant purchasers of these arena games. Even if the people aren’t fighting game fans most people probably bought Ultimax for the LE stuffs (hence why I pre ordered it) and for the single player story mode aspects more than anything else.

    I wont lie since I am not in to fighting games like them in the future if they make a “P5 Arena” I probably wont buy it. Frankly I wasn’t going to buy this one until they mentioned the LE.

    Personally I am more than a little tired of seeing the P3/P4 cast and my hope is instead of constantly throwing out spinoff games with their already created characters they make whole new games with all new characters for whatever “spin off” they want to do…..

    Granted I am sure that comment was probably solely to do with fighting game stuffs but unless Atlus plans to become a force in the fighting game world I don’t think these games will do all that well on a constant basis in the future, if they indeed come to pass. While most fans will buy anything under the label they love if the game isn’t one were they want it for the gameplay it has even the fans aren’t going to constantly support something they don’t overall enjoy.

    Sixty bucks is pretty steep for a game you can finish in a day. So unless someone does really enjoy fighting games it becomes a waste.

    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      You’re right that fans of persona who aren’t into fighting games will be less likely to buy new persona fighters. That’s proven in Ultimax’s sales here. However, it seems that if they do put out more fighting games that they’ll continue to do relatively well in sales, given the numbers that they are currently producing and how much a normal fighting game brings in.

      • revenent hell

        As far as it goes as a fighting game they are still going to have to work at keeping that crowd in. While the numbers aren’t bad if the fans of the “brand” drop down or out because this game type isn’t their cup o tea, those numbers are reduced by a lot.

        I am not saying the Arena games are horrible fighters or anything but if Atlus want to maintain good fighting games and compete in that market on their own value they are going to have to keep stepping it up.

        There’s a lot of other fighters out there and in that world Persona fighting games are still new. If in future they do more spin off games like this they are probably going to be going up against a lot of better games in that field simply because they have been around longer, have more experience of this type and have a larger following.

        Perhaps the numbers minus the fans of Persona are great on their own as of now but that shouldn’t be a reason for them to expect to get those sales repeatedly if they don’t bring in new innovations over time to the games as well.

        • Afternoon Intergalactic

          That goes without saying for any fighting game. There is always going to be competition, and its place in the market is going to depend on what new things it brings to the table to stay relevant.

          Seeing the amount of content added to ultimax, I’m not too worried about this coming from the veterans at ASW.

          • revenent hell

            Frankly I think the game sales are going to be similar in NA as Japan with most of the sales being from the LE because fans want the items more than the game.

            I don’t think it will do much better than the Japanese version did if it even gets close to it.

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            There is no NA limited edition.

          • Steven Higgins

            Maybe not, but the Teddie punching bag and Tarot cards are pre-order incentives for NA too.

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            Sure, but in the context of the conversation (LE units moved versus SE first week) it was worth making the correction.

          • revenent hell

            I used LE in place of incentives but ultimately its the same difference for what I was referencing and you’re obviously not stupid enough that you misunderstood.

            Most copies being Pre ordered will receive the “incentives” which will be most of the fans of Persona.

            I used LE simply because I think of it (as I do with any game with first run bonuses or incentives to pre order) as a limited edition more than “incentives” because the bonuses apply only to the pre orders of the game which means the version getting the goods is limited.

            Unfortunately for you that’s just how I equate LE’s and I didn’t take conscious effort to correct myself prior to commenting to you.

          • Afternoon Intergalactic

            I guess you and I were referring to different things.

            The distinction between a Limited Edition and a Pre-order bonus is negligible if we are talking about long term sales, because there’s a limited quantity of items like you said and we can tell who bought it based on how much it sold temporally.

            But in terms of first week sales (which is what I thought we were talking about), since every unit is an LE (because all first print copies get the “incentives”), we can’t really gauge where the majority of the sales came from as was the case in this article.

            So, yeah I guess I’m stupid enough that I misunderstood your initial comment.

          • revenent hell


            I was explaining my usage of the term because you pointed out there is no NA LE. My original comment still stands as it is even without this “clarification”.

            Quite frankly without the Persona fans I just doubt highly for any future “Arena” game unless they use a similar tactic as here of giving “bonuses” that appeal to the fans of Persona to get the game as well. As a fighting game Arena hardly was the worst but there are still and were far better games out there to play. Its not really exceeding any standard.

            The bop bag and free characters could have been appealing enough for the fighting game crowd on its own if they honestly just wanted to give pre order incentives of some form. They know that they are going after the Persona fans with certain items as a “bonus”

            In future if they keep the games as stand a lone fighters and don’t give items that appeal to fans of the series I doubt the games will sell as well.

  • Arz

    Say what you want, but Arena is a damn good fighting game. As a fighting game player AND a Persona fan, I don’t see this as a milking.

    • Vesperion

      I don’t think arena itself is, but the Persona 4 series is being milked to death.

      • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

        To be honest.. Persona 4 and Arena are what got me into the Persona series which lead me to getting Persona 3 Portable and the PS2 version of Persona 3 FES on the PSN..

        I only bring that up because I’m glad they actually “milked” the right title for new players since it seems they were going for a bigger fanbase which surprisingly seemed to work lol.

        • Saphira

          Yeah, I hope more people realize this. They keep complaining about the ‘milking’ when some of these ‘spin-offs’ were actually what got people into the fandom in the first place. The fandom wouldn’t be as big as it is today if not for those so-called “milked titles”. In my case, I got into Persona because of P3P and I’m super excited for Persona Q myself. So I’m also glad for all the milking, because I would never even have heard about the series if it weren’t for all the ‘milking’. And hey, this is far better than 5-6 years of no Persona.

      • Linkmstr

        I probably shouldn’t have laughed as much as I should have.

  • Yuki97

    Oh well. I’ll still buy it.

  • Hexodious

    Milking is the only excuse people can use to feel at ease in their comfort zone like the rats they’re.

    Anyways, people who already played P4AU. You know happened in the True Ending, right? The arena series is far from over.

    • Yuki97

      Rats that deserve nothing but extermination.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Well, since this game is based on the real thing with a different genre, I think that only fans from the series will dare to try this game out, unlike the rest who might not like the idea of knowing outside the fighting game to understand “so why are these teenagers and that bear fighting each other?”

    I wonder how Pokken Tournament will do since it’s nearly the same thing, though that one doesn’t need to rely too much on a story to work.

  • Remy

    I’d rather not have a bunch of Persona 5 spinoffs, actually.

  • Eder García

    many fans are saying that they are tired of P3 and P4 cast… if Persona Q is a success in the west then possibly ATLUS is going to make more P3/P4 spin offs/remakes (specially on Nintendo consoles since is a new territory for the franchise), about more Persona fighters… the fans are not into traditional 2D fighters… if Arena was more like Naruto fighters the reaction would be positive from the fans imho. ATLUS needs to bring back Groove on Fight with deep mechanics ala SF4

  • Anontastic

    Well, fighting game fans weren’t exactly enamored with the first P4A to begin with, and even the ones who claimed to be got bored of it rather quickly. It was just too simplistic (and as a result, dull) as a technical fighting game, which only really left the hardcore SMTP fans as potential consumers.

    The less hardcore SMTP fans might be growing tired of the oversaturation as well, which would affect sales negatively.

    • Yuki97

      It was oversimple to attract the persona fans I assume. It wasnt that bad really.

      • Sakurazaki

        I agree, and I’m not sure if it was as bad as OP suggests it was. If I do read complaints about mechanics it’s usually the auto-combo and two-button DPs, but it doesn’t get extreme.

        Were there any other anime fighters at the time? Usually there’s one that takes all the spotlight and leaves the others to rot.

        • Zeik56

          From what I remember, the only other major competition was Blazblue, I think.

          I’m willing to be that’s part of the issue with this game though. UNIEL seems to be the big shiny new anime fighter out there right now, with maybe Guilty Gear Xrd next? (I actually have no idea how that game is doing, now that I think about it.) My casual observations lead me to believe Ultimax has been doing alright in arcades so far, but there’s definitely more serious competition this time around.

    • revenent hell

      I know a few people who play a ton of fighting games and as Persona fans they were also looking forward to playing Arena… Actually they all were fairly underwhelmed with it and they didn’t end up playing it for more than a few weeks before they went back to playing their regularly scheduled fighters.

      Their reasons for ceasing to play it were all pretty similar as well. I kind of just boil it down to when people are well versed in fighting games Arena just didn’t have much to keep their attention other than the fact they were fighting with Persona characters.

      Also I found it really shocking that even though I had the game on release day I ended up not being able to play it until the following month and the online community seemed to have already disappeared at that point since finding any match was pretty abysmal. A friend in a more game centric city had the same problems finding matches so at least I wasn’t alone.

    • Zeik56

      The original P4A is actually one of my favorite fighters ever, and not just because it’s Persona. It’s a legitimately great fighter. (Albeit not without flaws.) Also, the game really was not that simplistic. Yeah, it had auto-combos, but the amount of options the game gave you were actually kind of insane compared to a lot of fighters out there. In fact, I think the complexity is what turned off a lot of casual players. Sure, you can mash out auto-combos against friends and have a decent time, but go online and face anyone with a decent amount of skill and you’d get WRECKED and likely not understand why.

      The arcade scene for P4A in Japan was actually very very strong for quite awhile. Unfortunately, the west is much less receptive to anime fighters and generally just super fickle in general. There aren’t many fighers outside of Street Fighter and Marvel that have managed to create lasting communities. I feel like fighters are suffering a similar problem to modern MMOs, where people pick up whatever new fancy game is on the market, play it for about a month, and then move on to something else and never go back.

  • Slickyslacker

    While I don’t believe “Persona 5 Arena” would necessarily come into being – I’d expect them to wait on another fighting game until more Persona spin-offs have been made – I think Atlus will venture into other kinds of spin-offs during P5’s era. Perhaps another music-themed/rhythm game in the style of P4: DAN, or a sequel to Persona Q.

    Atlus as a company should be excited about P4 Arena Ultimax, and for that reason should be satisfied with it. It might be a while before they make another fighting game, but I trust they’ll return to the genre.

  • Vallen

    I think they should stop with the spin offs, it’s getting a little out of hand. They should focus more on creating new games (in my opinion at least)

    • revenent hell

      That’s a lot of peoples opinions, really. I wouldn’t mind the spinoff games if they focused on a totally new cast of characters every time…. But then that would predominantly be entirely new games….

      Though I think for this topic that meant “fighting games” more than any other type of “spinoff” game. So I kind of think that entails the entirety of the “Persona” cast’s

      • Yuki97

        What I wanted was an offical spin off game that wasnt numbered but played like a main persona game. With a new cast of characters and everything. It would be neat to see that on the 3DS instead of persona q. In fact thats what i thought Atlus was doing when they announced a persona game for the 3DS :(

        • revenent hell

          See, they could do that but for some reason they don’t.

          That’s pretty much been a desire of mine for many years now but realistically I just don’t think it will happen.

          • Yuki97

            Thats what I wanted all these years! HELL THATS WHAT I THOUGHT THEY WERE DOING WITH THE 3DS GAME

          • revenent hell

            I knew better.

            Actually I had a small hope it would be something other than what it turned in to being but that was crushed quickly.

            I don’t see why they didn’t take their concept for “Persona Q” and just give it an all new cast of characters. To be honest I think I would have been more interested in playing and in hype for it had they done so.

            I don’t hate P3 or P4 characters yet but I am tired of seeing them now. Part of the fun of a new game is being given a new set of characters to play with and a new story to immerse yourself in.

            I know P3/P4 characters stories, I finished their games a long time ago. I would like for Atlus to be able to move on from them as well.

    • sillyfudgemonkeys

      Problem is that they need to make these games to fund the main games. Anyways, it’s not like they’re bad, Atlus has stated they want the spin-off games to have importance and be canon (that’s why there’s no joke characters in Arena/Ultimax)….Plus, without those side games, we would have had only remakes to hold us over till P5. And since it’s been about 5-6 years since P4 vanilla….that’s kind of a long wait. Like, would you have stayed interested after P4 after 6 years? The spin-offs and remakes kept the hype up as well as add more to the story. And again, I believe Atlus has also used the profits from both the remakes and spin-offs (along with Catherine) to fund P5. So….on one hand they have helped the franchise expand, get hyped, and added new fans to the mix. The downside is that some of the fans are kinda sick or tired of it (which is understandable)…..Uhh….sorry I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m bashing your opinion (if anything I understand and respect it). I’m just saying my two cents…..

      • revenent hell

        They don’t need to make these games to fund “new” games. There’s methods of funding game creation such as putting past revenue in to it, investors ect.

        Making use of past characters, environments and story aspects are just all around a bit cheaper and easier to do because most of the work of creating a new game is already done for them instead of starting from complete scratch.

        • sillyfudgemonkeys

          Sorry that’s just what I’ve heard about “funding”. I didn’t think that P5 is/was completely funded the spinoffs but yeah….I heard from someone who’s in Japan that they do that to fund the games cause Atlus doesn’t have a lot of money…or as much as other big companies have.

          That’s true, I agree it does make it easier/cheaper for them.

          • revenent hell

            That can be claimed for cell phone games but not really for a console one. Its overall only slightly cheaper to make the difference isn’t that large what it saves on more is time and effort.
            People always claim a company “needs” to create a certain type of game to fund another and that’s not always the truth of the matter.

    • icup ✔️

      Atlus didn’t develop this… ArcSys did.

      • revenent hell

        He really wasn’t even talking about that.
        Vallen was stating his opinion of the subject of “spinoff” games for “Persona”

    • Yan Zhao

      Who the hell cares? They arent affecting the actual Personal Staff’s time whatsoever to make these so called “new games” you’re demanding.

      • Setsu Oh

        a full generation and to boot, the longest gen, is a bit too much time.what are they making? a 300hours game?

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Maybe a little of topic here but… Anyone know if we might be able to buy that PSN Pre-order XMB theme for P4AU in the U.S.?

    I’m getting physical but this might change my mind if I can’t buy it…

    • Federico

      I was on psn earlier and if you pre order there you can get it.

    • heavymetalmixer

      It costs $60, you get the XMB theme and you get 8 extra colors for each of the 19 characters, not the DLC characters (2 of those color can only be used offline).

      • Byron Kerrison II

        I’m asking if they will make the XMB theme available seperately? Without having to pre-order?

  • PowerSerg

    Maybe people in Japan don’t like on disc DLC ether. Maybe in Japan when you make a critic of an action by atlus people don’t throw stones at you until your bloody. I don’t know, I don’t live in Japan.

    • Black Heaven

      I saw the P4A Story DLC on PSN. I can hardly believe that the Story Mode only has 2.7 MB worth of download. >.>

      If the content’s on disc, why can’t they already unlock it? It’s like they want to get paid extra for something I already bought. That’s highly debatable, but for ArcSys habit of iterations, I am very glad I skipped the first one and just pay the $10 ‘unlock key’ for the Story. It beats paying two $60 games with almost the same content… *glares at UMvC3*

      • Vesperion

        Ultimate Marvel was $40

        ……..Just sayin

        • Black Heaven

          Oh really, I didn’t notice, or maybe I got ripped by my retail. (am outside US, so prices may slightly be different)

          But the ‘two games with almost the same content’ still stands. It personally did not sit to us well that MvC3 and UMvC3 went side-by-side in my shelf (I felt cheated T_T), until I gave off MvC3. This is also my reason for not buying the succeeding iterations of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (I got the first one), and the upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd.

          • Vesperion

            Because those games are updates not sequels. There’s a difference.

          • Patrick Lucas Honeyman

            They’re both tbh. Try and tell SNK what you believe but each entry stands well enough on its own even today.

          • Vesperion

            Eh? i never said anything about SNK, or replied to anything about SNK

          • Setsu Oh

            what i HATE with a vengeance is those companies do not see how a demo could benefit them.what we see from our point of view is ‘same old’ while they revamped stuff we cant possibly realise fully unless we try and trying is pricey.they are stuck in their old ways and i hate that.
            then they’ll misread the lower&lower numbers of sales for disinterest.
            play kof94 95 96 97 98 one after the other 1hour each to really feel it.#evolution.

      • PowerSerg

        I think UmvC3 came out at a cheaper price but yah I wasn’t happy with it ether.

  • Quizler

    It comes with THE tarot cards, good enough reason for me to get it day 1.

    • darke

      It wouldn’t surprise if that was solely the reason for a lot of the sales; wasn’t it the ‘other half’ of the tarot cards from Persona Q?

      • revenent hell

        Its the number one reason I pre ordered it to.

  • Astrotrain

    Too much Disc Locked Content?

  • “Are Atlus actually interested in the fighting game genre as part of their long-term strategy, or is Persona 4 Arena a one-time deal?”

    I like to think they are. I mean, they published the last two King of Fighters titles, right? As well as Aquapazza. I feel like they want a fighting series, and they settled on Persona Arena for now (though I would personally like for them to keep pursuing new titles too. I actually wanted Lab Zero to take Skullgirls Encore to them when Konami cut them loose)

    I guess we’ll see. But I think Atlus should have a fighting series for some reason. I mean, they had the old Power Instinct/Groove-On Fight!/Matrimelee series way back when. If Yatagarasu ended up with them instead of Nicalis, or if Beast’s Fury or something lands with Atlus, I’d be very happy :)

    • Setsu Oh

      i actually want atlus to stay clear of arcsys and get in bed with someone more 3d oriented like tecmo koei(with a HEAVY leash on the sexy stuff).but what we will get with p5a will be a version of GGXrd


  • MrTyrant

    Somebody should ask Atlus if they are planning to do a SMT fighting game and if they are not, they need no re-think about it.

    • -Misaki-

      1st they gotta make full Persona cast fighting game, then they can make SMT x Persona. That would be sexy.

      • Yuki97

        OMG that would be amazing

  • They need to take this Fighters Megamix style, and bring out a Persona Arena Blazblue Guilty Gear Showdown of the Century

    • Setsu Oh

      no.too out there. i love the past/future meet of BB &GG but adding P into it would be a mistake. the multi colored patchwork is from the 90s

      • JeanLucAwesome

        now you have a problem with it being colorful.

        good grief, just go play something else then.

        • Setsu Oh

          its metaphore.fm wasnt a versus but a meet up (<this too is)

  • OmerMe

    I really want the game, but I feel it’s light on content and I really dislike DLC. I’ll get it when the price will be $20-40.

    • vileBrenman

      Adachi and marie are free the first week only Margaret is pay for dlc.

      • OmerMe

        Yeah but it’ll still cost me about $67 at the least plus whatever Margaret costs. Better for me to just wait until it’s cheaper and get everything. I have enough things to buy/play for now.

        • Setsu Oh

          is the first game story already available as dlc?

    • GreatKino

      GET IT NOW!

    • Zeik56

      You could have argued the first game was light on content, but no way is Ultimax light on content. It has way more than most fighters.

  • I’ll be more loyal to Atlus when we finally get a fem protagonist for 4. And I really hope they’re not going to mess up with 5. That said, Adachi and Ken are my primary reasons for actually getting Arena this time. The original P4A was just a few P3 characters and yet another unneeded Aegis clone.

    • Yuki97

      Labyrs is ok, just annoying to beat in battle

    • Setsu Oh

      i don’t really care about female progs because they would be japanese.
      One look at their porn answers why they slaughtered Samus Aran so badly in Other M(porn=what men want women to be/behave etc)

      I rather they stick with supporting females because they don’t have the clarity of mind to employing a novelist (Seirei no moribito.Balsa rocks) and i don’t want to suffer another horrible version of their fantasms(im still VERY spiteful after other m).

      Another thing is doods wont go for it if there is a female prog fror some reason(‘relating to’ bs).
      As the 46% of gamers(female gamers) cannot be relied on:failure of BGood&Evil,Mirror’sEdge,RememberMe etc..,I rather a male prog.he will be very japanese this time again and quite feminine anyway like their culture demands to(it doesnt bother me: their classic determination alone is very manly,which i like very much).

      • Are you really telling me that males would opt to not play a game entirely because they have the OPTION of a female protagonist?
        P3P sold exceptionally well, remember?

        • MinakoArisato

          I feel with you.
          I belief that a whole female point of view at the game is very interesting and informative for the plot and the characters of the game.

          Alone Persona 3 Portable, my absolute Favourite, showed how many things we did’nt know about the characters, what sides of them were hidden, when playing a male character.

          Yukari, Shinjiro or Ryoji, for example. Of course, these facts might seem trivial to others and maybe they realy are, but that doesn’t make these unimportant. Quite the opposite, it refines the game.

          • Exactly! Personally, I hate pretty much all of the female cast of P4 (save for Nanako and Naoto, though Naoto is debatable on gender but that’s a different subject) and have not yet been able to complete the game firsthand because of this.
            They just annoy me so much.
            I would warm up to them much better from a girl’s point of view, as I did with the girls in P3P.
            Not to mention, just a new game to experience, even for male players!
            – King Moron telling the boys in class to not hit on you, then making a creeper pass on you.
            – Yosuke telling you that he’ll protect you
            – Having the option to save Saki; it was confirmed that she’d gain a Persona had she not died
            – Consequently, romancing Yosuke after the fact that he accepts Saki doesn’t like him; you know he’s a total dork
            – Getting to go camping and choosing a girl to tent with
            – Instead of Izanagi, fem protag has a piece of Izanami
            – Romance social link with Adachi
            – Helping Kanji be not afraid of girls
            – Encouraging Naoto to be as they choose; they wouldn’t feel pressured to be a girl with a female protagonist
            – Teaching Teddie about “the ladies” firsthand
            – Helping Chie realize that she’s feminine enough as she is
            – Dojima not making fun of you for liking sugar in your coffee
            – Nanako calling you “Big Sis” and warming up to you more quickly
            …That’s just scratching the surface of all the possibilties! I-I might have actually written an entire game for the fem protagonist in my head. She means that much to me.

          • MinakoArisato

            There is realy nothing to add here, we both tick the same way^^

            I like the Dojima part most! xDD

          • Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! For whatever reason, most Persona fans just do not understand our pain!
            Q-Q I actually RP as a fem protag for P4 sometimes and there’s just–so muCH WASTED POTENTIAL and it hurts.

          • MinakoArisato

            For myself its primarly about having the chance to personalize the character that represents the player in the game.

            I still am wondering why they did not go to character creation and costumization. It really is possible and adds up the gameplay. For example, that your sense of fashion determines how friends react to you at weekends.

            I dunno, maybe if you choose to be a foxy redhead then you might get better chances with Person A and so on. So why not?
            And why not being able to choose some kind of trauma for your character? Its all possible.

        • Setsu Oh

          p3p sold well because it was more content on a well known toast not just a female prog. i doubt they ll ship games with distinct female OPTION because it takes even more time to dev and it is not worth it as female oriented action games do not get females’ support.
          so the 2nd prog female, will be a way mke ppl buy the same stuff again.
          throwing a bone to the non supportive 46%

  • MinakoArisato

    I want a Musou Persona!
    With all the characters from the games 1 to 5!

    • GreatKino


      • MinakoArisato

        I accept your opinion, but would you please be so kind and explain WHY you don’t want to?

        • Not him but I personally think it would be weird in the Persona’s case. If there were that many shadows at once, something is seriously wrong. Zelda and DQ can have armies and it makes sense.

          Not to mention I don’t want Omega Force to be the company that sits back and just waits for someone to pitch them a musou game and they just make those for the rest of their days.

          • MinakoArisato

            I see, yes you have a point there.
            I would like a Persona Action Game though.
            Me being not a fan of Bemus, I kinda get overjoyed and frustrated over P4U2.

            I like the idea of having many playable characters from Persona, but always having restricted movement and competitive gameplay kinda ruins it for me after some time.

            I am more the cooperative player, I have to say, so… What alternatives could there be?

          • You got a point, other than making a musou game, I don’t know what other kind of game you could make for a Persona game that is cooperative.

    • Setsu Oh

      i want a real 2: 3d;
      it makes me sick how many devs have carte blanche to make whatever they want and they are not the ones trying stuff.

      • MinakoArisato

        Uhm, alright, this is where my mediocre English hits its limits…

        What is a “real 2: 3d;”?

        • Setsu Oh

          a real sequel: in full 3d. not 2.5 like sf4, not 2d like kof13, full tekken like 3d

          • MinakoArisato

            Oh, now I get it, thank you.
            I wouldn’t mind a 3d game either, but I would prefer to be able to move in more directions than just forward, back, up and down.

            Maybe a bit like Dissidia, I would like that.

          • JeanLucAwesome

            So you’re saying 3d fighters are an evolution of 2d fighters and the latter is now outdated no longer has any place in games today?

            What a joke.

          • Setsu Oh

            you are going too far again over reacting as usual.

    • good lord no…

      • MinakoArisato

        Alright… I am not asking you to explain yourself.
        But okay, lets do it the other way:

        Would you dislike a action-oriented spinoff of Persona in general?
        Or ist it just the Musou-Genre?
        If so, what could good alternatives be?

        • as long as it’s not musou then im good lol

          • MinakoArisato

            I am good as long it is nothiing like Senran Kagura or Neptunia U

    • Setsu Oh

      i already have a hardtime with the kind of games the persona are (jrpgs>meaningless fights galore priority>not much story)

      • MinakoArisato

        Not much story?
        Sorry to be so direct, but thats simply not true.

        • Setsu Oh

          it IS true : i m watching Persona3 now and am at around half of the videos.

          so far? around 3-4 tv series episodes worth of story.I dont even wanna know the total hours spent playing so far.

          combat cannibalises the story. how many in-game SEASONS did they spend not knowing what happened 10yrs before?

          • MinakoArisato

            Persona is a lenthy game.
            The social links also count as story.

          • Setsu Oh

            i see your point, but even with it the result is pretty tame.

          • MinakoArisato

            I see, well, then lets just a agree in our disagreement, yes?^^

          • Setsu Oh

            no: the short snipets of story the social links bring tothe equation dont come close to it.

          • MinakoArisato

            Maybe you should read a book then?^^

  • Tincho Kudos

    Maybe because its more like Dissidia 012 : a hybrid between full fledged sequel and an updated game. So naturally the sales would be lower.

    • Snorlaxation

      Very apt description.

    • MinakoArisato

      I actualy bought Dissidia 012 some days ago! xDD
      Too bad they nerved Ultimecias Shock Pulsar…

      • Tincho Kudos

        Yeah, and Yuna is so broken :/

        • MinakoArisato

          And Lightning is a total mess too…

  • GreatKino

    I loved the first Arena and It makes me sad that the sequel didn’t sell well compared to the first one. :(

    • Setsu Oh

      im not surprised: p4a2 is not even a 2 it is an expansion.after 2 years.too long not enough, no new P game either.i’m curious about the numbers in europe after the fiasco of the last game.

      • MinakoArisato

        Ohhh yes, I remember. Its like Persona Golden, almost 3 months delay. We Europeans just have to wait… or import, which is pretty lucrative, if you know where to order it~

  • Setsu Oh

    its more like the persona brand is dying because all they did between p4 and now is reheating the same stew. p5 should have been released on ps3 2 yrs ago. no wonder the numbers are dropping. i watched the p5 trailer and it is the same thing as p4, no p1&2/p3&4 gap.
    they are killing the brand:same old doesnt work forever.

    • Zeik56

      For one, all we’ve seen of P5 is an anime trailer, so I don’t know how you can say anything definitive about what that game is or how similar or not it is to previous games.

      But frankly it would be insane for them to make the same kind of dramatic shift from P2 to P3 again. They struck gold with their current style and throwing that all out just to be different would be the worst business decision. P5 is going to have to make some bigger changes than P4 did, but of course it’s going to remain fundamentally more similar to P3/P4 than P1/P2.

      • Setsu Oh

        its the SAME kind of anime trailer nothing has changed on that side.
        nothing was shown to have changed on that side while it could have.
        they didnt embrace evolution on that side.it is the same again as 10yrs ago on ps2.
        they have to embrace evolution somehow or see numbers fall.same old doesnt work forver

        • Zeik56

          What were you expecting? Hentai? It’s an anime trailer. It looks like anime.

          But seriously dude, is English not your first language? I can hardly understand what you’re even saying.

          • Setsu Oh

            you lack variety in your anime-watchingsessions if the only kind of anime you think exist is this one.

        • JeanLucAwesome

          Anime style works brilliantly for games, why should it be cast aside and be nothing but 3D?

          • Setsu Oh

            3d isnt the only way.

            you really like over reacting huh.

    • MinakoArisato

      I am actually quite fond of this.
      Yes, of course, we waited a long time and are still waiting.
      But view it from another perspective, the people behind Persona take a longt time, which I am sure of is because of the quality of the game.
      There are many examples of games, where the development was short and the product was mediocre at best in the end.

      Long story short, the longer it takes, the better it gets.

    • JeanLucAwesome

      *facepalm* Anytime a brand get’s some success and they give us more, some one always comes out of the wood work and bitches about milking.

      Also you realize Persona 4, despite originally being on ps2 is only a 6 year old game.

      That’s roughly the time it takes to develop a game and we now have Persona 5 on the way.

      You’re acting like you’ve been deprived for ever and a day.

      • Setsu Oh

        6yrs is too long for a game.specialy a jrpg like persona(unless they really evolved the 5 which i doubt)

        3-4yrs max.milking isnt the point of the post you miss the point AGAIN.abscence is.one gen is a big abscence.

  • British_Otaku

    Over 60% of the first week sales was the limited edition? How often do we see this type of disproportionate sales, I would imagine the enthusiasts are in huge supply for the first week but they should still be outnumbered by people who just want to play the game.

    It seems unusual for this many “loyal fans” to buying in proportion to the others and for Atlus to be spot on and recognise it when stocking the game.

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