Dragon Quest X On Nintendo 3DS Has Some Major Issues

By Sato . September 10, 2014 . 10:58am


When Dragon Quest X was announced for Nintendo 3DS, a lot of fans looked forward to playing the MMORPG on the portable, but it looks like things aren’t quite right with the 3DS version, judging by its Amazon.jp listing.


We’ve recently seen some other titles get slammed on Amazon for various reasons, but Amazon reviews claim that Dragon Quest X is basically unplayable—not because the story is bad, or because of the enemies being too tough, but many of the other issues plaguing the game.


As you know, Dragon Quest X on the 3DS is not a native Nintendo 3DS port. The box does not contain a cartridge at all, in fact. Instead, it comes with a download code for an app that lets you play the game on your Nintendo 3DS via cloud-streaming.


One review stated: “For the past two days, I’ve been getting numerous login errors and haven’t been able to play much. Today, I successfully logged in at 9:30pm and was excited, thinking, ‘all right, let’s go level up!’ and went to a popular hunting area. Then, out of nowhere I got a message saying ‘your connection is low’ and it suddenly disconnected me.”


He continued, “Since then, I’ve tried logging in on numerous occasions, but I keep getting errors. What is this? Can this game not be played after 10pm or something?”


The login issues aside, there seems to be multiple other problems that have been mentioned by various other people, such as the game’s constant maintenance periods, disconnection issues, sound problems, and the fact that the font is too small and difficult to read on the 3DS screen.


Another reviewer stated: “It’s as if the system was made to barely be playable on Nintendo 3DS. The tiny text makes it hard to read. The chat’s text is practically like cryptograms. Even the regular text is very small. It’s quite terrible.”


And one more shared: “I’m playing on a 3DS XL, and even with the XL [the text] is quite inconvenient, so I could only imagine what it must be like on a regular 3DS. However, the one thing that stood out most is the sound skipping, and we’re not talking about it skipping every now and then—it seems to constantly skip.”


“The choppy sound, which makes you think that your speakers broke, is really a shame considering Dragon Quest’s spectacular music. If anything, I truly demand that they take immediate measures and make fixes at least to this aspect [of the game].”


Dragon Quest X on 3DS has an average rating of 1.5 stars. There are a total of 175 one-star ratings [as of the time this report was being written] and the majority of them share similar stories to the reviewers above. This may be in part why Square Enix have halted shipments of the game.


While there are alternatives to the 3DS version, with the game available for Wii, Wii U, or PC, it seems like a lot of people were looking forward to being able to play on Nintendo 3DS or get friends who don’t have the latest consoles or PC to play the game together. It’s unfortunate that Square Enix didn’t put a little more effort into their 3DS solution.


Considering that the 3DS version of Dragon Quest X also requires a separate subscription fee, it looks like some of these problems will have to be addressed in order to retain customers for the handheld MMORPG, and Square Enix had better do it quickly.

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  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Shouldn’t they have actually ported the game instead of making it run on servers? Sort of what happened with PSO2 on the Vita, it’s the same game as the PC version only with lower visual quality and less enemies on screen.

    • Pyrotek85

      Oh wait it’s not an actual port, but streaming? Ouch

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        It’s streaming. Because additional lag makes the already present lag of an MMO better.

        • gaiafires

          remote playing FF14 ARR on the vita works fine even for raiding because theres really no additional lag when you are streaming over a LAN connetion to your PS4. You cant compare the vita and the 3ds tho…

    • Thatguy

      Maybe testing water for mobile streaming? I don’t know, SE is hard to understand

  • Kalis Konig

    SMH. Guess they did not even bother to test this thing before shipping it out.

  • WonderSteve

    Oh I love this picture Siliconera has chosen. On your knees SE!

  • DudeJericho

    That is really disappointing to hear, another reason why I don’t trust cloud streaming games… (yes yes it had other problems too)

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      There are just too many variables to consider. The speed of internet, the server occupancies, one’s home network…unfortunately, at this time there is nothing to replace a localized game.

      • DudeJericho

        When the majority of the people are complaining about the same thing then it goes beyond an individual’s specific circumstance. Besides these sort of issues should have been considered before the release. Oh well..

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          That’s my point though, the truth is (just focused on cloud streaming for the moment) at this point this will never be 100% full proof. The individual circumstances can just make it slightly worse or slightly better.

          • DudeJericho


  • pokeroi

    Didn’t even change the text size for a handheld? Where is your QA SE?

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      So it’s like Dead Rising on an SDTV

      Trigger warning: http://www.thesangreal.net/gafpics/drising.jpg

      • VenerableSage

        Too many horrible memories of this.

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          Hence the trigger warning. Between that, the non-stop calls from Otis and the fairly high difficulty level I nearly broke the disk in half.

  • Requires a seperate fee? Why would you do that again after A Realm Reborn being one sole fee across all platforms?

  • British_Otaku

    A real shame, it seems that this sold the second best out of every game this week, crushing Gaist Crusher God (which did the Senran Kagura Burst treatment so you don’t even need the original on top of other great ideas).

    It is petty maybe, but I want games that do well to actually work.

  • ElAbuelo69

    Service has been down in North America for years now. GG SE.

  • Namuro

    Wow, the 3DS version requires a separate subscription fee? With all the loyal fans this angry, you better step up and fix this pronto, Square Enix!

    • flameraver64

      I couldn’t tell if that just meant that DQX in general has a subscription fee, or if you have to pay a 3DS-only subscription fee.

      • Namuro

        Yes, there is a monthly subscription fee for this game. But even if you’ve already subscribed, if you want to play the 3DS version, you’ll have to pay “another” monthly subscription fee.

        But since the game is very popular, I’ll bet that there are fans who’ll be happy to pay twice, so that they can play on their console of choice at their leisure.

        Also, I’ve heard that they also have “Kid’s Time” promotion; which is a period where people (mostly kids, obviously) can access the game for free.

        • flameraver64

          Woah, that’s crazy paying 2 sub fees for a single game. Kind of a weird move

  • Jadfish

    Well that sounds too bad. I hope they can fix it, but…. streaming a MMO sounds kind of risky.
    Also, buying a box that includes a code that makes it possible for you to stream a game over the internet is disgusting. There, I said it. I’m not going to argue why.

  • Now’s a good time to think about only importing DQVII..

  • Momo

    Maybe the should have tested the water here in the US!

  • Agito

    This is a weird situation. I mean aside from connectivity issues(which is to be expected at launch with a popular game) shouldn’t they atleast notice the other problem that the game has?

    Either way this isn’t giving square enix a good name when it comes to streaming service. Especially when those who try to play this game have to pay a seperate subcription fee.

  • TurnipTerritory

    Aside from the font size, all of these issues are pretty obviously a result of thousands of new users joining servers that weren’t ready to handle such an influx.

  • Welcome to the internet Japan. Fun Fact; don’t buy MMO’s at launch until you hear that connection/server/stability issues have been ironed out ;)

    Especially streaming MMO’s from the Cloud. Although, don’t they have a streaming version available for mobile too that runs smoothly already?

    Sucks about the font though – that’s a legit issue. Square should rework whatever version of the game that they’re streaming to display larger fonts.

  • nekolife

    Behold the glorious future of streaming games.

  • Did the 3DS version even had a Closed/Open Beta? I’ll be honest, for I am not actively following DQ news like I should. But yeah. Why launch a game outright, one that is an MMO (which has to be constantly connected to the internet), and one that is Cloud Based, which is veeeeeeery experimental, and then, make it Pay To Play from the get go (and for the 3DS, no more, no less!), without real proper and profound testing?

    It’s like the DQ team didn’t learned a thing from their ex-partners that worked on FFXIV 1.0.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      this is the closed beta
      you just gotta pay to enter

  • Michael Kelehan

    Why not store the audio locally, and just stream the video? There would be no skipping, better quality, and less network usage.

    • Duc PC-QB

      How will it work actually ? You know that streaming is kind of seeing a video, there is noway to tell the game which audio file will play in the game.

      • Michael Kelehan

        When you’re streaming it, the server program itself would send the audio command to your local machine instead of sending it to the system that’s running the game. The video, and gameplay, would still all take place remotely.

  • revenent hell

    I have to admit if I paid for a game and separate subscription fee’s and then I was plagued by login errors, sound problems and unreadable text I would be really irritated and irate.

    Though to be fair I probably wouldn’t buy a box with a code to stream an MMO.The mere concept of streaming one to a handheld just seems like something I would automatically say no to buying without question. Frankly even without the streaming aspect I just don’t think an MMO would run all that smoothly on a handheld device in comparison to a PC or a home console. But that’s me and my thought process about it.

    Not that I think the people who bought the 3DS version are or were in the wrong in any way for doing so, I mean it was an option given to them and people took it. SE should have made damn sure the game going out the door was one that ran to the best of its abilities no matter how its getting received by people.

    • flameraver64

      I think it could work to an extent, but the 3DS isn’t exactly the handheld I’d think would work well. I bet the Vita or maybe a really powerful phone could do it, but the 3DS just doesn’t seem like it’s the best device to try this on

      • gaiafires

        playing FF14 ARR, which is a technically advanced and graphically pleasing game on the Vita works perfectly well. I am sure the problem here is the 3ds being much weaker spec wise.

        • flameraver64

          Yeah, that’s what I had in mind when writing my comment. The 3DS just seems a bit too weak to pull it off, but the Vita with Remote Play works well

        • Morgan Rodgers

          Not at all the same thing going on; you are running it on your PS4(/3?), which has the game assets installed; then it is streaming it over a dedicated connection to your Vita. Here, they have a clusterfuck of servers managing all game assets/computation/etc for EVERYONE, then streaming an individual video stream to each person.

      • HarakiriKami

        Same game is on the phone/

        Same problems there.

      • revenent hell

        If the game wasn’t being streamed to the 3DS and was an actual port I doubt any problems would have arisen to begin with.

        Its not the fault of the 3DS for lacking any sort of power but the fault of the person whom decided it would be a good idea to stream an MMO to a handheld via game code. Frankly its no wonder there are sound issues and login errors. I would actually be surprised if there weren’t any given this method they are using.

        Under the same circumstances I believe even the Vita would have issues attempting to play this game with the method that is being used to release/play it.

        The servers are obviously crap.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. Kinda curious who should take the fall here, Nintendo or SE. I mean, it is Nintendo’s hardware that seems to be mucking things up, but SE is the one making the game… but on the other hand, you’d THINK (or perhaps just HOPE) that after FFXIV, they would’ve learned something about making MMO games.

    • Warboss Aohd

      definitely Square.

      i’m fairly certain Nintendo never intended the 3DS to play MMOs.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I certainly don’t think ninty iis against that concept. Phantasy star zero worked pkenty fine on the ds. Kid icarus and MH are as demanding as most mmo.

        • gaiafires

          phantasy star isnt a real MMO. capped party sizes limit the amount of simultanious players and I think most of those games like PS0 and Monster Hunters actually dont have dedicated servers for hosting. On the OTHER hand, remote play and playing FF14 ARR works perfectly fine on the vita but the Vita is not limited by 3ds hardware specs. I was able to do coils as a healing scholar on the vita with no issue granted my party had been doing it since near release and I was already geared on my PC

        • Warboss Aohd

          Kid Icarus requires constant connection to the internet and live servers?

          • Jero

            Every online game requieres a live server, you have to think there are thousands of players all the time trying to play the game. We just have to go to “multiplayer” and that’s it but there has to be a server that process my request and then sends me to a room with other players.

    • CozyAndWarm

      The hardware isn’t the issue here. The demand on Square’s servers has nothing to do with that

      • Göran Isacson

        Oof, so that’s how it is. While this situation isn’t analogous to FFXIV (it seems the problem isn’t so much the game as it is the servers and the text size which I guess WOULD be on Nintendo what with the small screen and everything), that’s still one big MMO muck-up on their reputation.

    • HarakiriKami

      Square enix. Its the same crap with the mobile version running off th cloud

    • chocodino

      DQX runs on the cloud [3ds, mobile version], it’s a server problem from SE

  • KanjiLikesBoys

    how embarrassing and what a stupid idea to stream the game in the first place.

    • gaiafires

      it works with better technology like playing FF14 ARR on the vita by streaming it from your PS4, but the vita makes the 3ds look like a glorified gameboy built with technology from 10 years ago. Plus the PS4 is doing all the work including network connections and the stream part is all LAN pretty much

      • Jero

        It’s so not the same to stream from your PS4 to your VITA using the same conection for both than streaming from a SE server to your 3DS or phone or vita or whatever.

      • Dystopiq

        That’s 2 completely different things. Streaming from your console to a handheld is not the same as streaming the game over the internet from the stream servers.

  • Serge

    Alpha/Beta tester, Square. Have you ever heard of them?

    • darke

      Looks like it’s mainly a load issue on the servers. As a relatively recent fiasco like Diablo3 which had a large beta had similar issues.

      Even the recent Destiny which had a huge beta just had launch issues as well with server load on it’s servers too. It’s hard, and expensive, but eventually companies will realise that spending money on more servers is cheaper then the alternative.

      • Remlot

        I get that with the servers but did no one notice that the text was so small it was unreadable?

        • darke

          Even I’m not going to defend that. :P

  • Ric Vazquez

    Welp, after hearing about all these problems I’m totally skipping DQX, sounds more like a headache than a game, one more to your list of screwups Square Enix *sigh*

    • Draparde

      You do know these problems don’t apply to the PC,Wii,WII U versions right?

      unless you where implying you’d only play it on the 3DS, in which case forget i asked~

      • Ric Vazquez

        Yup, that’s exactly why I said it since I don’t have a Wii U yet

    • Dystopiq

      This is for the 3DS version. Which is streamed. It doesn’t run natively on the 3DS.

      • Ric Vazquez

        Well damn…

  • Warboss Aohd

    how much humble pie does SE need to eat before they learn lessons?

    • not enough yet I think… Let’s show them crappy sales for KH 2.5 which we should’ve gotten years ago back when we wanted it that badly and maybe then they’ll see that they’re lost long time loyal fans to the brand (such as myself.)

      I’ll still buy 2.5… used, so SE doesn’t see one dime of my purchase, it’s in cases like these that I’m glad that Gamestop has a monopoly on used game sales, since to me it’s the only way to effectively ‘stick it to the man’ by hurting them where their pride is, their wallet.

      I still get the game I want while giving (from what I understand) nothing back to the company that I feel has lost touch with the people that buy their games.

      Got a used copy of Tomb raider for the PS3 that I’m having tons of fun with… I can see why MS bought them out as an exclusive since they need something to compete with at the level of the next Uncharted game coming next year. Gameplay is solid and the overall game is real good.

      Even if 15 fails (looking hella forward to it), and KH3 sells like hot cakes (still buying it and calling the series done at this point, to hell with future games they ‘hinted’ at making.) They know they got a gold mine and a back up plan in a FF& remake (as much as I hate to admit) to get them out of the red should they ever need it.

      Sad state SE has become since the Squaresoft days… I know those days aren’t ever coming back but man, one sure can reminisce :’)

      • Morgan Rodgers

        So…. you like their games, enough to buy/play them, but buy them used to stick it to the man, for making decisions you don’t like (giving money to Gamestop instead)? It sounds like they are making games you want to pay, but you still don’t feel they deserve your money. Not sure I understand that.

  • SE botches MMO launch, sky still blue

  • chocodino

    SE said this problems are caused by server overload, that is why they stopped selling the game, until they get more/good enough servers [all current users will be compensated with extra time for their accounts]…..about the text, well, that is a resolution problem, and I believe they could move the text to make it bigger.

  • GH56734

    The Japan equivalent of SimCity’s fiasco?
    Best case scenario would be them scrapping this version and reworking it completely to run natively on the new 3DS.
    Besides that, this game is essentially a normal DQ game with a plot and endings but with an MMO built around it. It would benefit a lot from some kind of offline mode, like Blue Dragon 3 did.

    • darke

      SimCity, Diablo3, and probably many more games before those that the fiasco of those two completely obliterated the memory of.

      One of these days companies will learn that the repetitional damage of not having enough servers to support launch player load is more expensive then just over-provisioning servers; this day was apparently not one of them.

  • Jero

    Their new stream stuff will require at least 3MB/s and a recommended of 6MB/s, in my country we use Mb/s to measure internet speed so it’s 24Mb/s and 48Mb/s. I have 40Mb/s or 5MB/s so I’m ok i guess. I guess this game needs less speed tho.

    The thing is, is the 3DS even capable of achieving those speeds over wifi? When you download a game from the eshop its really, really slow so my guess is that the hardware (the wifi chip or whatever) is not really that good… at all. Also the new 3DS can download games from the eshop twice as fast so it seems the hardware really was an issue.

    It’s absurd they (SE) release something for a console that’s just not capable of running it. I hope this is a server problem and not a 3ds one so it can be fixed, though now I’m not entirely sure about how their new streaming service will perform.

  • Tanthalas

    What the heck?! You have to pay an additional subscription fee to play the game on the 3DS? How do they even justify this?

    • JonathanisPrimus

      The fact that it uses a different server specifically for 3DS.

  • Engage – Professor X.

  • Fox

    What? Streaming gameplay doesn’t work? Who would have guessed? You know, other than everyone who thought about it for more than a nonsecond before it was even attempted by anyone.

    • baka_toroi

      I’m beginning to think the management at Square are retarded, as in, literally having a brain malfunction. It’s like they want to be mediocre and not earn money.

  • I wonder why they didn’t just do a port. I also wonder if perhaps this will all be fixed once server access is better and they make the text easier to read.

    • darke

      Odds are it’s too cpu/gpu heavy for the 3DS, and possibly also for the ‘new’ 3DS as well.

      As far as the font issue goes; it sounds more like they’re using a streaming solution designed for mobiles or similar high-resolution devices, and they did most of the development there before dropping it onto the 3DS, which would explain why basic stuff like “why can’t I read anything?” wasn’t so obvious. Though the easier explanation is incompetence and rush to market. >.>;;

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