Persona Q And Smash Bros. Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Systems Coming To North America

By Ishaan . September 10, 2014 . 10:00am

Nintendo of America have announced three new Nintendo 3DS XL systems that will be available in North America this holiday season.


The first is a Super Smash Bros.-themed 3DS XL, which will be available in Red and Blue versions on September 19th, prior to the launch of the game on October 3rd. The systems will cost $199.99 each, and will not include a copy of the game.


The second is an NES-themed 3DS XL, which is exclusive to GameStop. This will available starting October 10th, and will also cost $199.99.


Finally, a Persona Q-themed Nintendo 3DS XL will be released in honour of the November 25th launch of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. This model will also be exclusive to GameStop and will cost $199.99. Again, this will not include the game.

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  • KanjiLikesBoys

    No point in getting one of these until they ship the NEW 3DS XL over first. Then re-release these in a year or 2

    • Raymond

      That’s stupid…..we may not even get the new 3ds until next year and why would the re-release these after everyone has a better system. They may as well make these into the new 3ds.

      • Jero

        You say it like there a whole year until we get the new 3ds but in reality it won’t be more than 4 or 5 months.

        • Raymond

          Yea but we don’t know that yet. Its like when i herd under night was coming to the US in 2015. I start thinking…”When in 2015?” We may not see that game until the summer. when people say “Lets just wait for the new 3ds” you could be waiting until summer or winter of next year. XD

          • Jero

            Yeah, and I would wait. Its just that I know at some point next year I’ll be playing with a brand new 3ds that’s already outdated.

            It doesn’t matter of its fall or summer, plus is really stupid to buy the 3ds smash console knowing that the game is compatible with the c stick of the console and also that you can change the face plate to whatever you want. I would feel a little cheated tbh. Plus I can’t just sell my console and buy a new one because I would had to do a system transfer first.

          • Skye Johnson

            Waiting until Summer/Winter next year isn’t that big of deal. Especially if you already have a 3DS. Then you’ll only be paying 200 for one new system than spending 400 over a year period. You could buy games with that extra 200 instead.

            Not that you can’t do that if you really, really wanted a limited 3DS, but it’s more economical to wait.

      • KanjiLikesBoys

        the NEW 3DSXL are going to launch with standard nintendo colors, a blue a red and maybe a black. It so far has not been shown to have changeable face plates like the NEW 3DSs, so just like they took a year to release new colors and styles for the current 3DSXLs they will re-release these same old styles on the NEW 3DSs

        • Raymond

          They won’t do it.

          • KanjiLikesBoys

            lol. ok

  • KingGunblader

    Oh man, I’d so buy that NES-themed one… if they hadn’t just announced the New 3DS of course.

  • xanox

    HELL YEAH PERSONA Q!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ninten

    Kinda weird that the Persona Q and Smash 4 themed 3DS XLs doesn’t come with the game at all.

    • xanox

      The persona Q 3DS does.

    • 하세요

      Pokemon ones didn’t come with Pokemon either. MH4 Rajang XL didn’t come with MH4. Certainly not the first time.

    • bigstew

      its typical Nintendo business practices, its the west, they will take what we give them and like it,

    • Scissors

      Well on the bright side when they do come packaged with games they’re download games, so this way you can get a cool themed 3DS and a physical copy as well.

    • HarakiriKami

      They stopped packaging games with the 3DS early on like that due to retailers and costs.

  • AlphaSixNine

    I can only hope and pray the PQ 3DS makes it to my country. I’ll buy it if it does. CURSE YOU GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE.

  • Well, this would be a lot more exciting news if Nintendo hadn’t announced the new 3DS just a couple weeks ago. Now, well this is troubling. The Persona Q 3DS looks gorgeous, but do I really want to upgrade just to a regular XL. Curse you Nintendo for finally releasing these special XLs over here. Why did it have to be so close to the possible release of the enhanced 3DS?

    • HarakiriKami

      Cause thats probably not coming till late 2015 early 2016

      • That is a truly valid point. But it’s still irritating since I have a perfectly working 3DS already. Granted, the Persona fan in me is screaming to get that XL.

        • HarakiriKami

          If you dont have an XL its a good reason to buy that one then get a New 3DS if you really want one ( customizeable faceplates and colored buttons are a bonus too lol)

      • Akemi Homura

        I’m confused, where are people getting the idea it’ll come out so late? I know it’s not set to come out within the year in North America, but having it come out almost a year later? Did that happen with the DSi too?

        • I think it’s more of a case with keeping expectations in check. Some people don’t want to get their hopes too high up, so they’re looking at it as a later date – that way if it comes out sooner then they’re pleasantly surprised.

  • I’m a Smash Bros fanatic and I love Persona but I’ll pass. The N3DS will be upon us soon. That NES 3DS looks boss!

  • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

    Well, I was going to get a 3DS anyway, since mine is broken now, so I’ll get a 2DS for the moment and buy the PQ one later on.

  • Zangetsu777


  • TruePariah

    > Announces NEW 3DS/3DS XL
    > Releases new 3DS XL LEs

    Thanks Nintendo.

    • bigstew

      that’s why I hate how japan treats the west, we always get LE or different colored ones when the system is towards the end of its cycle, was pissed they announced the blue ps3 when the ps4 was right around the corner

    • awat

      yeah its kinda ridiculous

    • Jeremy Barnes

      Nintendo appreciate your business. Please buy several different versions of our consoles.

    • God

      So… they come up with a new 3DS, and then want you to pay 200$ for an old one.

  • Kornelious

    Well that’s awesome!……. Except now that the N3DS is coming out WHAT’S THE POINT!…… I guess I might get the smash one depending on how much I can trade my old one in for -_-

  • Chip

    Goddamnit. This is why I hate how Nintendo hardlinks digital downloads to individual systems. I have at least two hundred dollars that I’d be throwing away if I traded my 3DS to get any of these.

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the 3DS allow you to transfer all your content to a new system?

    • HarakiriKami

      It’s actually linked to your NNID. But your NNID can only be on one 3DS at a time so it makes the account process a more convoluted than it needs to be. (Unless you do a straight up system transfer, which is just faster) ( But your stuff is safe in the event that something goes awry with your 3DS)

      • Chip

        Oh really? Thats wonderful to know. I thought it was the same as the Wii. That was stupid.

        • HarakiriKami

          Nah the 3DS and the Wii U arent like the Wii since they have the NNID.

          What people complain about now is Nintendo only allowing you to use the account on one 3DS/Wii U at a time. ( To prevent account abuse)

          Since you can only use it on one device at a time you cant log in from multiple pieces of hardware, so if you lose your system, you have to call Nintendo to disassociate the NNID remotely so you can redownload your games on a new system.

  • Namuro

    3DS wise, the Persona Q one is my favourite. Packaging-wise, the NES one looks the best!

    I wonder though, what’s the interior of the NES 3DS looks like?

  • Raymond

    You guys do we are NOT getting the new 3ds any time soon. I herd it may not even come out until next year. Unless they tell everyone during Tree house event that we are getting the new 3ds.

    • Jero

      There what 3 months until next year? Then probably 3 or 4 until the new 3ds comes out.

    • KanjiLikesBoys

      it’s out by holiday time in Japan. we’ll have in in the states probably by Spring since it’s almost 100% the same hardware just updated CPU and a new joystiq

      • HarakiriKami

        Marketing dictates when it gets released

  • Jero

    I’ll just make a custom plate for the new 3ds when it comes out.

  • Scissors

    Even though I already have the Pikachu XL

    Why couldn’t these be New 3DS’s? No not New 3DS’s I mean NEW new 3DS’s.

    • Pheria

      Same boat. Have Pikachu XL. REALLY want the PQ one though.

  • triablos

    Aren’t these just for collection, so I don’t think it matters if the N3DS is coming out soon (more like next year).

  • Lloyd Christmas

    Tempted by that Smash XL but knowing the new 3DS will likely be coming out in 2015… I’d rather put the 200$ towards that.

  • César H. Sandoval

    The Persona and NES ones look pretty great, but I’ll wait for the “New” 3DS, I don’t see the point in buying these at all, must be a fan thing only…

    • Steven Higgins

      Nope. I’m a fan and the fact that this doesn’t come with the game just kills any chance of me buying it because then I’m just paying $200 for a paint job.

      • César H. Sandoval

        And a console that is gonna be obsolete in months.

  • raeldor

    Great, we’re getting confusion over Nintendo’s ridiculous naming policy already.

    • HarakiriKami

      Whats there to be confused about?

      Its a 3DS XL.

      The New 3DS doesnt exist yet in America and it will probably get a name change anyway

      • raeldor

        When it said ‘ three new Nintendo 3DS XL’ I was thinking it was the NEW 3DS XL. It’s a very confusing name. I hope you’re right and they rename it here. Maybe in Japan it’s not such as issue since it’s likely in katakana.

        • Göran Isacson

          I once saw someone suggest “Super 3DS” as the name of the new models. I don’t know about Nintendo, but I certainly would be in favor of that name- that’d make it easier to remember than calling them “New 3DS”.

      • bigstew

        I believe that the new models come out in japan in jan, also it seems they are using the same names, still disappointed that the xl doesn’t have better dpi since its a larger screen, more interested if they are going to have models without the cheap plastic look and more back towards the original models which are shiny and coated

        • HarakiriKami

          To get better DPI you need to make the screen smaller.

  • Tenabrus

    I would go for one of these but getting a Wii U comes first and even then I’m waiting for the new 3DS.

  • friendly neighborhood_dude

    That PQ 3ds is so damn beautiful :'(

  • Brion Valkerion

    Ugh I want the persona one but can’t find a reason to buy it after already owning a 3DS for a year. Also with the new 3DS… gonna have to pass on this Nintendo.

    • SobriK

      I’m kinda in the same boat. I’ve got the Pikachu XL and said I’d only retire it for the Persona one if it was ever announced for the US. Now it’s here, but with the New 3DS on the way I just don’t see the point in sidegrading.

  • James Reilly

    I wouldn’t mind getting the persona one, but announcing a new upgraded 3DS kind of dampens the hype to get one so no thanks.

  • Momo

    i would so buy all 3 if i could, but really there is no point if they plan on releasing the newer 3ds/3ds xl soon.

  • Grape Monet

    Oh man, that NES one. If the New 3DS didn’t exist I’d pick this up in a heartbeat.

  • revenent hell

    Hmm honestly with the “new” 3ds coming out down the road I just kind of think these types of things are a waste right now. Not that they don’t look nice and all that but it just seems like an overall waste of money to me.

    • HarakiriKami

      These are for collectors

      • AuraGuyChris

        RICH collectors.

      • revenent hell

        Collector or not its 200$ for the use of something that will be rendered mostly null by the appearance and creation of the “new” 3DS. Even then they will probably get alternate styles like this as well. So it is really rather worthless to bother with these models in my opinion. Unless people don’t have anything better to do with their money that is.

        • HarakiriKami

          You dont need a new 3DS unless you want to play console ports or use the second nub in Smash Bros.

    • GreatKino


  • Ps1 Cloud

    Gotta get the NES themed one!!!!

  • Kalis Konig

    Trying to make sure those sales don’t drop because of the New 3DS I see. Would have went for one of these if they came with a game for free or some kind of Club Nintendo bonus. No point in grabbing these with the New 3ds likely coming out in March.

  • FlameEmperor

    See…… You can’t toss the new 3DS in my face and then expect me or others to buy these…….. It’s really tempting though………

  • Why did they stop bundling the games with the limited edition systems?

    • HarakiriKami

      It was probably losing them money.

  • AuraGuyChris

    I would have bought any of these…if it weren’t for the fact the New 3DS is coming soon.

    • Raymond

      When is it coming out?

      • HarakiriKami

        late 2015 early 2016 most likely

        • Desk

          woahh that is pretty late don’t you think. japan gets it october 11 and while we wont get it this year, we’ll most likely get it early 2015

  • FivePointedTheStar

    Hmm… I think I would only end up buying them on the slim chance that I could profit by selling it to some desperate fellow.

  • Jake_Indiman

    Can’t stop gawking at that nes themed 3ds xl….Oh Nintendo…you….

  • doubleO7

    I’m happy with my Pikachu XL, but dang, that NES one looks nice.

  • Desk


  • Pyrofrost

    Even with the “new” 3DS on the horizon, I’m still tempted to trade my XL for the lovely PQ one and get the new model separately in the future.

  • it sucks that i wont get this because of the new 3ds :l

  • Kroz

    Nintendo I would have been mad hype for this….But you announced the new 3ds like last week, I’m sorry but this wont work.

  • mike dickson

    oh screw you gamestop its not fair why doesn’t canada get the good shit

    • Steven Higgins

      C’mon, it’s not that bad, the Persona one doesn’t even include the game with it, the SSB oneisb]n’t GS exclusive and all of theses are coming out when the original 3DS and 3DSXL are both in their last throws of life, soon to be outclassed by the new versions.

    • Skye Johnson

      Order one from Gamestop if it lets you. Or have someone proxy order it for you if GS won’t let you?

  • Kango234

    I was SUPER excited until I remembered the “New” 3DS

  • Jadfish

    “this will not include the game.”
    that sounds dumb given how the packaging and design of the thing makes it look like a bundle, but alright – It isn’t as dumb as buying a 3DS XL right after the New one has been announced

    • Steven Higgins

      People may be more likely to buy it even with the new one on the horizon if it came with the games, Esp if the Persona one came it the Wild Card pre-order bonuses even if that brought the price up. Bad marketing Nintendo, bad marketing.

    • Adrian Duran

      I’m okay with it, since I buy all my games physical

  • Pdugna

    Screw the new 3DS I’m a persona freak and now I have a chance at collecting a NA Persona Q edition 3DS Fuck YA!!!!

    • Guillermo Oliva III

      Yeah, I am thinking of purchasing one.

  • Jeffrey

    Shame, these are pretty much outdated already with the announcement of the New 3DS’s releasing soon. Also, none comes with the game and a GameStop exclusive?!

    • hazelnut1112

      All don’t come with a game and the Smash Bros. One is the only non GS exclusive.

    • Rick Hawkins

      Hell, now that’s the proper way to do it. A freakin New 3DS with the game included.

    • Kalis Konig

      Watch we don’t get it in America! I bet we are only getting these 3 new ones because they want to push sells before the NEW 3DS comes out. That MH New 3DS looked so freaking amazing.

    • LuxbeyTheMechromancer

      now if they can do one of these (with the new 3DS of course) for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, that would be perfect and i’d get the alpha sapphire one.

    • *high fives*

  • Makoto Yuki

    – New 3DS annouced
    – No Persona Q included

    What’s wrong with you Atlus??

    • Geebun

      A lot of special 3ds don’t include the game. The yoshi, magical world and pokemon one didn’t and the smash bros one won’t either.

      • SobriK

        The only ones I can think of that came with the relevant game are the Zelda 3DS / XL for OoT and LBW and I *think* the Mario & Luigi Dream Team one. There’s probably more that I’m missing, but I think the separate systems are more common than the bundle ones.

    • Kalis Konig

      It’s NOA’s fault I am sure. The limited editions in Europe almost always come with the game apparently.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Persona themed 3ds and a NES themed one?! Dilemma incoming! Goddamnit Nintendo! First the New 3ds and now this! Screw you! *pulls out wallet and looks at it sadly*

  • Adam Sheridan

    Those 3DS consoles look damn good. Couldn’t see myself picking up an NES or SSB version, but would absolutely grab the Persona 3DS in a heartbeat.

    Seems kind of irrelevant now with the New 3DS incoming.

  • PenguinPlayer

    The NES one looks the stuff dreams are made of. Shame is GameStop exclusive and I live outside the US. Also I’m broke. That too is a slight problem.

  • Learii

    1 question if people buy this do they even want to buy the new 3DS anymore? -_-

  • Blesmi

    I mean at this point, with the n3ds/n3dsxl coming out, why even bother? Better to just wait for those to come out.

    • Learii

      I agree I think Nintendo going crazy or something here

    • Attribule

      I’d really love if somebody would ask Nintendo of America that. While releasing the NEW-series was a smart idea, the way they’ve handled the rest of it has been absolutely terrible.

      Announcing limited editions for the system about to be effectively phased out for the west? That’s dirty. Nobody can justify that in any honest way. Do they expect to sell enough of these AND still sell the New-series? Did they think that because their announcement for the New-series was made in Japan that the rest of the world would somehow be incapable of finding out about it and therefore would happily buy these inferior models without realizing a superior model was right around the corner?

  • Jordan Daku

    I WILL purchase that Persona Q model, even if its not the new model.

  • Xmas Lopez

    This Persona Q 3DS is super late. Most people who desperately wanted one either imported/gave up on it & bought a different 3DS in anticipation for the actual game. I seriously think it should have been announced earlier.

    That aside, the NES 3DS is super cute.

  • Blackchaos_Tai

    well shit. wtf am I supposed to do now? I’ve got the collectors edition of PQ on Pre-Order, i was holding out for a new 3ds XL as well since i still have a launch edition. (Sigh) looks like Nintendo is getting about 700 bucks from me this season

  • As nice as it is, I cannot justify buying another 3DS just because.

  • Kayriss Wins

    that’s just mean, they announced those new 3ds a week ago and NOW they start releasing more theme based regular 3ds’ in NA?! the Smash one is tempting…

  • Snorlaxation

    Yes. Oh my FUCKING GOD yes.
    I was hoping but not expecting the PQ 3DS, but luck is my lady to…day.

    That’s the one I’m getting. Once I’ve gather all my couch quarters and put together enough to buy it.

  • Jrocy247

    What’s the point? Other than people who don’t own a 3DS yet (which again, what’s the point when the new 3DS is coming later)

  • Vallen

    If I didn’t already have the red pokemon x/y 3DS XL I’d consider
    getting the smash bros one. The Persona limited edition looks sick as
    well (drool)

  • Well damn. If I knew the Persona one was coming this soon I would have held off on buying a black one last year.

  • PSI

    LOL, enjoy your no sales Nintendo. Everyone with common sense is waiting for the N3DS. No point getting a themed 3DS when it’ll be redundant in less than 6 months after release.

    • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

      Speak for yourself.. I’m going to pick up the Persona Q one lol. Therefore making “no sales” completely invalid.

      Reason : I got the money to purchase what I want so I’ll do exactly that.

      • ShadowDivz

        Sucks to be poor. HAHAHAHAA

  • Shippoyasha

    I would have been excited if not for the N3DS. That’s why I wished they’d just do R&D for a new system altogether and not come up with the ‘new’ system. I’ll probably have to wait a year to decide if it’s worth getting a new one.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Some of the comments are laughable. That NES Controller version is going to sell very well. The Persona Q and Smash Bros. versions might be limited only because they don’t have the respective games they represent packed in, but the fact that 2 of them are Gamestop exclusives means that the general population and collectors are going to burn through the supply anyway.

    Only those of us who really keep up with gaming news are even aware of the New 3DS, and it’s not going to come to the west before summer 2015.

  • Brandonmkii

    Woo, time to buy my 5th Xl!

    • Learii

      then next will be your new 3DS XL

      • Brandonmkii

        Honestly I’ll grab a regular N3DS. Gotta get those face plates.

        • Learii

          lol that just a waste if is was me

  • pimpalicious

    All of these look cool but I’ll wait for the New 3DS XL. Too bad because the NES one is awesome.

  • Aqua King

    So, these are -not- the ‘new’ 3ds models? Also, is that an actual image of the persona one? (with the words in French…?)

  • Kamakuma

    Wait… They are releasing the limited editions of the normal XL? Or is this for the new 3DS? I’m a bit confused here…

    • ZEROthefirst

      They’re regular 3DS XL models, so basically spend for obsolete tech in 2015 lol

  • Quizler

    You know what, fuck it. I wanted the Persona 3DS and I’m going to get it, even if I have to wait an extra few years to get a “New 3DS.”

    I already have Xenoblade on the Wii anyways, I’ll wait for some compelling software.

  • Aoshi00

    NES one is cool and I want the Smash Bros XL the most.. have always waited for an excuse to get a bigger Jpn XL (LL).. but w/ the new 3DS coming, regular w/ faceplate and XL w/ no faceplate, just can’t seem to get the extra LEs when newer models are on the horizon :(… would’ve been nice if the XLs could switch faceplates too.

  • RagingTiger44

    Nope. Not doing it. N3DS XL on the way next year. Nintendo killed any hype I’d have for those 3DS XL designs.

  • Haunter!

    As much as I like the Persona Q one, I’m holding out for a new 3ds.

  • wububu

    If these are the N3DS, the I’ll be spending all my money on them. Too bad they aren’t.

  • magnobssed

    I know i don’t need it, and the new 3DS is coming, but i really want that Persona Q 3DS

  • kuzuha

    Congratulations America! How unfortunate that they’re exclusives, so people outside of USA cannot possibly import them (are there even gamestops in Europe?) still sad SMT4 3ds didn’t leave Japan.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Look at the bright side, anyone who buys any of these models will sadly find out that they’ve become obsolete come next year when games start requiring the New 3DS models. I know Xenoblade’s the only thing announced so far, but anyone who can think knows 3rd party devs will take the extra power and Nintendo devs will probably follow suit.

      • Hound

        Extra power, bigger screen, and several additional buttons as a default? Of course they will.

        • ehtnah

          that would be really cool and great, and all… IF the new 3ds won’t be lurking in the dark….

          to bad the persona Q model is sooOOOOo cool, but I live in Europe and 200€ for a console that will be obsolete really soon…. and that’s without shipping.

      • kuzuha

        I just hope normal 3DS doesn’t die completely ;__; I’m not into
        Nintendo games library most of the time, but if one of my favourite games franchises were to be an exclusive new 3DS game, I’d have to import another Nintendo console for 1 game again -_- So I guess it’s really better for potentional buyers to wait for N3DS. Besides, normal models (non-LL) will have changeable plates! It will be easier to replicate any of those exclusive models and even more, make your own.

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    Torn between the NES and Persona versions. My wallet is really going to fight me with this decision. I truly want both.

  • ZEROthefirst

    I’m honestly really tempted to buy the Persona Q 3DS XL model, but because of the whole New 3DS schtick I’m torn on doing anything. I can more or less justify it because I don’t buy most if any games for the 3DS anyways, the only reason I bought one originally was when a certain game was announced and cancelled sometime afterwards *coughlegends3cough*

    I probably will buy the Persona Q model just because I don’t see myself buying the New 3DS models UNLESS that certain game just happens to come back to life or something else in the franchise that requires the new models. Although at this point I’d vastly prefer it be on home consoles rather than the 3DS. Still not happy about these new models and how 3rd party devs are probably going to rush to go with higher specs and then Nintendo devs will likely follow suit. Should have just left the 3DS as is Nintendo, of course new pretty models aren’t bad, just don’t upgrade and make us follow lol

    • LM009

      same, I would’ve bought PQ one prior to knowing about the New models, maybe even after had they not announced the part about exclusives to the New models.

  • Hound

    “this will not include the game.”

    Why buy a themed 3DSXL and not the game it’s representing? O.o
    Then again, I’m rather surprised that a Persona Q 3DSXL is being released.

    Maybe we’ll see more of this sort of thing once the New 3DS comes out (since it comes with inter-changable panels on the top and bottom to make theming your system cheaper.) Depends on the traffic the New 3DS will gain as a “new console” though.

  • S- Class Wizard KaRamo

    Now why would i buy this when the NEW 3DS is around the corner

    • Hound

      You might not.

      But, someone that doesn’t really keep up with the news will (since it isn’t even advertised in the west yet.) Unless they’re a collector, then everything’s fair game.

      • But would someone who doesn’t really keep up with the news be buying a Persona Q themed 3DS XL?

        • Jc Troncoso

          i did. i bought both persona q premium edition and the theme 3ds. i dont care about the new 3ds because im not a nintendo fan. i just bought the system for one game and im happy with it.

  • DrForbidden

    Exclusive to Gamestop, and doesn’t include the games…

    Stop sucking Gamestop’s dick, Nintendo.

  • Satoshi Ookami

    YES! PQ did come!
    Thank you, Atlus!

  • chroma816

    No reason to pick these up, considering the NEW 3DS is coming.

    • Satoshi Ookami

      There is a reason.
      It has Persona cover.

  • Aristides

    November 25th is my B-day ;_; but… but… I already have an XL ;_; … can I sell it…?

  • rurin

    The Persona Q one *0* do want, but can’t afford.

  • Rabbit

    I promised myself I’d finally pick up a 3DS if the Persona Q bundle made it to the west….


  • Saru245

    I will definitely getting that Persona Q themed 3DS XL, I mean why wouldn’t I? It looks so awesome even though I have a perfectly working 3DS already but I love the Persona series(persona 3 and after) and it would match my Persona 4 Golden themed Vita very well.

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