Final Fantasy 1 Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop With 3D Support

By Sato . September 17, 2014 . 12:53am


First-print copies of Final Fantasy Explorers in Japan will feature a special quest where you can get Final Fantasy III’s Onion Knight equipment. Additionally, Square Enix revealed a second bonus for first-print buyers of the game. (Thanks, Famitsu)


Final Fantasy Explorers’ release date of December 18, 2014 just happens to fall on the anniversary of the very first Final Fantasy game. To commemorate the occasion, the upcoming 3DS game will include a download code for the first Final Fantasy game as part of its second first print bonus.


This marks the debut of the first Final Fantasy for Nintendo 3DS. As the screenshots show, it features remastered art (probably from a previous re-release of the game), and can also be played in 3D.


For players who won’t be getting Final Fantasy Explorers, the 3DS version of Final Fantasy 1 will be available to purchase separate via the Nintendo 3DS eShop in January 2015.


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A price has yet to be announced for Final Fantasy’s 3DS release.


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The above is another look at the 4-piece Onion Knight set from Final Fantasy III as part of the game’s first print bonus #1. It’s set consists of a sword, helmet, armor, and legs. Players will need to acquire all the materials needed to make the set.


In addition to the Onion Knight gear, Final Fantasy Explorer will bring back various heroes from past games of the series, and we recently got a first look at Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, Terra from Final Fantasy VI, and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.


Final Fantasy Explorers is slated for release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Mark

    I almost came…why can’t it be released in NA before the release of FF Explorers…

  • Adrian Duran

    If Square doesn’t release this in the NA, I, Adrian, will knock you all down!

  • Souffrir

    Assuming those screenshots are indicative of what it looks like, it seems to be a conversion of the PSP 20th Anniversary/iOS version.

    • HarakiriKami

      This is the PSP version

      Overall it looks to be an improvement from that excessive bloom

      Liking the darker shading. 2D games also look fantastic in 3D

      (The iOS version is butt ugly btw)

      • Sora96

        The iOS and Android ports of FF1 & 2 are pretty crappy. Missing features, buggy and no HD/tablet support. FF3 was when they got good.

  • Well, definitely getting this. I always love a good version of FF1 to have around and at hand to mess around with.

  • Nicholas Perry

    So a port of the PSP version?(The sprites and background artwork anyway. Seems the backgrounds have been modified to look 3D. which is cool TBH!) Which would be good, except for the game is ridiculously easy compared to just about every prior version. Need options for no save anywhere, manual targeting (Dun want Auto target. Ruins half the fun of the original game), original difficulty too.

    I literally fell asleep playing the PSP version just because it was too god damn easy compared to prior versions.

    Need like a difficulty mode select.
    -NES version difficulty
    -PS1 difficulty easy
    -PS1 difficulty normal (Similar to NES)
    -PSP Difficulty. hnngg

    But, at the same time. Why can’t we get those DQ iOS games on 3DS? :p

    • Tiredman

      I feel the same way about those dq games you mention =p, they were gutted, dungeons ruined, difficulty mostly gone.

      But yeah, I don’t like easy. In the original FF 1 on NES, when I got the canoe I went all over the world to places I didn’t belong to try for loot. Example being the temple where you get the zeus gauntlet, iirc. That thing made a lot of fights a joke for me, but getting it made me feel I earned to make a lot of the fights easier.

    • HarakiriKami

      They’re made in unity.

      Should be on the Vita and wii U

    • malek86

      Wait, why would you not want save anywhere? Sure, original difficulty and all, but it’s much more convenient for portable games.

      They should just make an Origins port. Optional manual targeting, original difficulty, temporary save anywhere.

      • Morgan Rodgers

        Save anywhere option should only be a “quick save”, where you can save to stop playing but can only resume it once. It just makes it too easy if you can save before the boss and then just start over if you die.

        • triablos

          If you’re the kind of person that is looking for that kind of feature then you probably won’t save in front of a boss. Personally I’ve always hated replaying and hour for dying. DQ does it better. Lose half your gold.

          • Mark Tuson

            That’s another one I’d like on the Virtual Console. I played the NES version of Dragon Warrior way back when and I’d love to have it on my 3DS.

    • Mark

      I agree, no more auto targetting, no more MP, no more Hipotions (ONLY POTIONS), no Phoenix Downs…lets basically make it exactly as the original with a face lift. I suddenly remembered why I hated the GBA version.

  • malek86

    The sprites look the same as the PSP Anniversary edition, but they actually remade the backgrounds in 3D (however simple). It will probably have the same watered down difficulty and MP system though.

  • Grumpy Drizzle

    Still rooting for that 3DS remake of FF VI hinted back in 2010.

    • Suicunesol

      When was this?

      • Grumpy Drizzle

        “On April 27, 2010, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto stated that the development of a remake of Final Fantasy VI for the Nintendo DS was “undecided” due to “technical issues”. Later, however, Square discussed remaking VI as well as V for the Nintendo 3DS.”

        • Oh man, if only. V and VI were both great. I’d love to have a remastered version of those games.

          • Sora96

            They’ve already remastered them. iOS, Android and next year on PC. They’re talking about full remakes above. Like III and IV got on DS.

          • Nah, those are just enhanced ports, and not very good ones at that. Remastering, Reimagining, and Remaking are a few of the treatments I wouldn’t mind seeing to help modernize those games a bit.

    • *coughcough* iOs*coughcough*

      Sad I know.

    • 하세요

      I’d lose my shit if that happened.

  • Sérgio Moço

    “This marks the debut of the first Final Fantasy for Nintendo 3DS.”
    That’s funny, I wonder what this is then:

    • It’s virtual console, that’s different.

      • Sérgio Moço

        It’s still the same game. The article clearly mentions “the debut of the first Final Fantasy”.

    • Mark Tuson

      That actually isn’t fair; I’m in the UK (PAL) and as far as I know we aren’t getting the NES version of Final Fantasy on the Virtual Console.

  • Guest

    It looks like FF1 3DS is a 3D remake like DQ4/5/6 DS

    Comparison pic:

  • Namuro

    Ooh, another free game! Nice one.

  • leeorv

    The art used there is from the high quality 2D remaster originally released on PSP and then ported to iOS and Android.

  • Mark Lengod

    Hopefully just the first of others.

    Would gladly pay full price to get a Final Fantasy Dimensions version with decent controls, Day 0.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    I will unleash Mega Death Lv.5 if this isn’t localized.

  • Morgan Rodgers

    This makes my day. Really hope it comes to NA. Would love for it to be the original mechanics (with bug fixes, like in PS1 version), but if it is the updated mp system/etc. I will still be all over it.

  • Aaron K Stone

    Might be the PSP version.

  • Michael Richardson

    I was initially excited to hear this, until I remembered that the people at Square Enix apparently think that Westerners are waiting for FF XIII-4: We’ll Never Stop Bringing Lightning Back with bated breath and want nothing to do with nasty traditional RPGs like BD or DQ.


    • I’d get that :P

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      XIII-1 is coming to Steam.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      >think that Westerners are waiting for FF XIII-4

      Bravely Second will more than likely be localised in the future with more content that the vanilla version.
      there’s leaked footage of localised Type-0 HD running on PS4.
      and type-0 HD will come with XV’s demo. Tabata (?) said that SE wants to bring DQ heroes to the west

      go back to /v/

  • triablos

    Wow this is pretty cool!

  • ddh819

    i’ve only played the GBA version, is this going to be much different?

    • Perro

      I think it’s a port of the PSP/iOS version. It’s harder than the GBA port, or I guess it maintains the original difficulty of the NES version

      • Glenn Ray Brooks

        Im gonna be honest, I did not notice the difficulty changes between the gba and psp versions at all. Unless you count those extra dungeons and superbosses they added in the psp version

        • Perro

          Whoops I meant the DS/iOS version. Yes, the DS version is pretty difficult. the psp and gba versions are otherwise identical in terms of difficulty. If you want a rather merciless version of Final Fantasy IV, play the DS/Android/Steam version

  • Perro

    I loved Dawn of Souls for the GBA. Then years ago I went and played the Anniversary edition on the PSP but almost immediately put it down because of the difficulty of the game. I’m hoping this port/remake maintains that difficulty, I didn’t realize when I first played Dawn of Souls that I was playing a more ‘friendly’ version of the game

  • Aw yeaaaah! Definetely would buy! FF I remakes were good fun~

  • Kalis Konig

    Hopefully it won’t take long to localize this game.

  • Aristides

    I want this, I wish they would make the original PSP version available on PSN so I can play it on my Vita.

    • yellowmage

      Uh… it is. I got it for half-price thanks to a code voucher included with Dissidia 012. Same with FFII and The 3rd Birthday.

      • Aristides

        I was referring to the US PSN, unless you’re talking about origins. I just looked it up again and it wasn’t on the SEN store nor the Vita PSN.

        • yellowmage

          Ah, that’ll be it; I’m in Europe, and the PSP versions are present and accounted for.

          • Aristides

            Ah, that’s pretty awesome, didn’t think of that possibility. Perhaps I’ll import then, thanks for the heads up.

  • Kroz

    I can’t count how many times i’ve beaten final fantasy 1. This game never gets old for me.

  • Bakuryukun

    I hope they actually have the difficulty modes the PS1 version had, so I can play the game on something other than easy mode.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Imma get it it it’s localized on the 3ds

  • Fox

    So it’s a port of the PSP version, judging by those sprites?

    Sounds good. I hope the 3DS also gets the “remakes” of FFV and FFVI that hit Android/iOS.

  • I still have the GBA Dawn of Souls collection!! Thanks anyway!!

    • 하세요

      I still have mine too, but I’d like it on a superior system. Plus, FFII can burn in the deepest depths of hell ._.’

      • Ralopoz

        Final Fantasy II is awesome. In fact, I think it’s better than FFI

  • shenlong234

    The 3DS port of FF1 looks good.

  • anonymous

    “As the screenshots show, it features remastered art (probably from a previous re-release of the game)”
    Seriously? You wrote this article and you dont know it’s from the PSP ver.?

    • It isn’t confirmed if it is exactly the same art as on PSP or whether it has been altered in some way. A lot of people are already pointing out that the backgrounds look different.

  • Final Fantasy 1 was and still is the crown jewel of RPGs. This is definitely on my must buy list.

  • Chip

    i’m a little spoiled by a modded version of this game that makes it a bit more fun. But I might check this out.

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