Final Fantasy Explorers Won’t Have Stereoscopic 3D Graphics

By Spencer . October 6, 2014 . 1:00am

image Square Enix confirmed that even though Final Fantasy Explorers is a Nintendo 3DS game, it will not utilize the system’s hardware to output stereoscopic 3D graphics. The Tokyo Game Show demo, which Siliconera played didn’t have stereoscopic 3D graphics either.


The game is compatible with the Circle Pad Pro accessory, which adds a second analog stick on the right side of a regular Nintendo 3DS.


Final Fantasy Explorers is also one of the first games to make use of the extra buttons on the New Nintendo 3DS. Players will be able to control the camera using the C-stick. The ZL button is for monster lock-on and the ZR button is for summon monster lock-on.


Final Fantasy Explorers comes out on December 18 in Japan.

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  • … wait, so then… why are they putting this onto the 3DS? This feels like a backwards thing to do.

    I mean, yeah, sure, there’s people who don’t care about 3D, but for a series as graphically impressive as FF, you’d think they’d have bothered about it for spell effects or summons.

    • Suicunesol

      Because 3DS has sold millions of units.

      • I guess that kinda is the only reason there.

        • Suicunesol

          I’m also betting that if they were to make a Vita game at all, it certainly wouldn’t be this. They’d be more ambitious with the bigger budget.

          • indra jaya

            I’ll be very, very happy if SE made big budget VITA games. but the reality is what we got was mobile games port like FF agito+ and chaos ring (I’m actually looking forward for chaos ring) and the other port like FFX/X2. I understand the business reasoning if some publisher dont want to support VITA though…

          • Alter

            Well, i hope we can get a fresh start with PSVita2, and Sony should pull more clever moves when that time comes.

          • LightZero

            There won’t be a Vita 2. The Vita is selling like garbage. Sony clearly has no interest in the Vita beyond remote play. It is safe to say they are done and will focus on consoles.

    • benhofb

      I mean, probably just to try to hit the install base that the 3DS already has. With co-op games like Monster Hunter 3 & 4 pushing hundreds of thousands of units, I’m not surprised SE wanted to make their game for the 3DS.

  • Aaron K Stone

    If a game like MH4 looks as decent as it does and runs 3D there’s no excuse why this game cant.

    • Derek E Nay

      Just because something looks as decent as another game doesn’t mean there’s no excuse. We don’t know all the processing the game’s does or how well it’s programmed. Like the pokemon games, though can turn on 3D kills the framerate. Smash has 3D with little to no frame lost what so ever.

      It all depends on how it’s programmed and what the system is doing. I am just guessing that they hit a snag in development and the 3D would kill the frame rate.

      • Kumabit

        But that’s exactly why there’s no excuse, they’re just too lazy to optimize it, and we’re talking about Square Enix.

        Pokémon has terrible framerates in 3D because Gamefreak sucks at optimizing, they had trouble getting Gold and Silver to fit in a cartridge, but thanks to Satoru Iwata they could even fit the Kanto region in the game.
        And don’t make me get started about Diamond and Pearl horrible speed.

        • darke

          I think the excuse “monster hunter looks terrible; we’re not going to stoop that low just to cram in a check-box feature” is a pretty good excuse to me actually.

          Optimising is not about “making a better frame rate” it can mean “making it look better at the same frame rate” as well or just plain “saving money”.

          If they did a survey and found their target demographics doesn’t care whether it’s 3d or not, so they decide to put the money spent on “optimising for 3d” into some other area (better art, voice acting, faster translations, whatever), then good on them.

          • Kumabit

            that would be correct IF monster hunter looked terrible, which is not the case
            seriously, FF Explorers doesn’t that good, maybe they’re aiming for 60fps, but even that way you can add 3D at 30fps

            Square Enix is cheap, they just won’t do it.

        • Derek E Nay

          It’s hard to programming and optimizing something; if anything it’s more luck based. Trying to get a program to work is part one, part two is finding out WHY it works lol. So if they don’t want to use a gimmick, then they shouldn’t have to waste time and money to try to put the gimmick in.

    • JMaster3000

      MH Runs on MT Framework which is uber optimized for all consoles.
      And the game doesn’t even look so great, the game has bad textures.
      And why do people even care? Don’t say that people are using the 3D option of 3DS? I used it like 5 times in 2 years of owning it.

      • Yeah, no one uses the 3D. That must be why Nintendo is focusing on it even more with the New 3DS, right?

        • darke

          I was going to just respond, “Yeah it’s so bad no-one uses it which embarrasses Nintendo so much they feel they need to do something to correct this humiliation.” but I decided I should point out that’s a useless straw-man. :P

          There are other reasons Nintendo has to appear to be doing something with ‘new’ with the 3D:

          It’s the naming point of the system.

          It’s in all the marketing.

          It’s a known problem for a lot of people.

          They have to appear to have tried to do something with it, even if the difference is minor.

          People I know who have one don’t use 3D for various reasons that Nintendo has covered in their “it’s better in the new version” marketing. If it has the potential to sell a new console to them, even if they still don’t end up using it because it still sucks, Nintendo has won.

          • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

            The difference is huge for New and Old 3DS here.

            The older one is flawed as ur head must remain still. However, for the new one, there are no such thing anymore.

            If people had taste Smash Bros 3DS with 3D they would not want to go back to none 3D here.

          • If the 3D really were such a huge “humiliation,” they would cut it out of the picture entirely instead of spending more money trying to incorporate it into the new system. They’re a business; they don’t incorporate features on a whim that no one uses.

            The points about naming and marketing are both moot at this point. The 2DS already exists, so they had a launching-off point with that, had they wanted to remove the 3D feature entirely from a future revision. Marketing-wise, they already have faceplates and customizable themes as the biggest new feature. Beyond that, it’s the New 3DS-exclusive games that will speak for the platform, not the 3D effect (which can’t even be effectively advertised, as they’re well aware by now).

            Whether or not you care for the 3D isn’t the question here. It’s whether or not a large number of people in general do care for it, and judging by the fact that it’s coming back, the feedback they seem to have gotten is that people do use the feature.

          • dam4rus

            I have to agree on this. I don’t think they would just burn money on a technology that no one cares about. I have been on some forums and polls and most of the time the result was around 50/50 who liked or not the 3D. The naysayers mostly criticized the fact that you have to hold your 3DS in a specific angle, which is going to be fixed in the New 3DS. It won’t sell the system, the exclusives will, but i think it can revitalize the interest in 3D for some people.

          • awang0718

            Nintendo will leverage the removable coverplates, better 3-D, extra button,s and probably most of all, built in Amiibo support to sell the New 3DS.

            My bet is that Nintendo is keeping an eye on the Skylanders/ Disney Infinity audience, as well as the audience of core gamers who have haven’t purchased a 3DS, likely due to hardware limitations.

          • darke

            The thing is they did cut it; they did the ‘kinect’ thing before MS did by releasing the 2DS.

            And this is just a point release of the 3DS, like the 2000 vita. They’re not going to remove it in the 3DS++, like the Vita wouldn’t remove the almost unused back touchpad in the Vita++. They’ll remove it in the ‘next’ version of their handhelds if they’re going to completely strip it out.

            Can you imagine the hysterics if they released a new version of the 3DS with less features then the previous version after all? All they can do is try to make it work better, and if they fail in this point release then they just don’t need to name the next version ‘3D’. :P

            And yes, many businesses incorporate features that “no one uses”. How many people use NFC (available in most Android phones), yet Apple just added it to their new phone.

            Heck, the kinect was a feature ‘no-one’, or rather a small amount of people, used and MS built a console around it; sounds pretty similar to what Nintendo has done.

          • The thing is they did cut it; they did the ‘kinect’ thing before MS did by releasing the 2DS.

            You miss the point of the 2DS. The 2DS exists for the extremely cost-conscious consumer. It’s the iPod to iPhone, in a sense. It isn’t meant to replace the main device; it’s simply meant to provide a lower-priced model for those that have no other choice.

            Nintendo and other companies have absolutely cut features from consoles before. I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that nobody does this. DSi removed GBA backward compatibility, PSP Go removed the UMD drive, PlayStation 3 removed the Emotion Engine, even the PS2 at one point switched its innards out, which compromised PS1 support.

            No one keeps features that they don’t need. If features exist on a certain platform, it’s either because a large number of people use them, or because they tie into the company’s overall vision in some way. Kinect is an example of a vision not working out and the company abandoning the device. The 3DS is an example of a vision working out, and the company choosing to carry it forward.

          • darke


            Was the GBA backwards compatibility the DS’s major feature? No.

            The PSP’s UMD drive? No.

            Is the 3DS’s 3D effect a major feature? It’s such a major feature it’s even in the name.

            There was no possible way of removing the ‘3D’ feature without changing the product name, their only option it to try and make it better.

            MS got away with ripping out the Kincet since while they were stupid enough to add an expensive feature that few people wanted, they weren’t stupid enough to name their product after it. Nintendo was.

        • JMaster3000

          They should focus more on the resolution than half assed 3D effect.
          And they even can’t utilize it right.
          Pokemon XY,NSMB2,MK7 all of them had bad 3D effect.
          I’ve played even more games but couldn’t care less about the 3D effect. Welp, at least they are doing something right after the 4th revision of the console.
          Yay Nintendo, learning fast…..

          • Jero

            I’m sorry but, do you know how resolution works? You can’t make a new 3ds with more resolution because old games would look bad on it. Just like ds games on the 3ds.

          • JMaster3000

            There’s a thing called downsampling but yeah, cause of the hardware 3DS can’t add 100 more pixels.
            Idk why they made it so low resolution.

      • dam4rus

        Ohh, i’m not people then? Ever since I brought my 3DS the 3D slider is at the top. I can’t look at 3DS games without 3D, because they are ugly as hell (by today’s standard) and the 3D hides this fact.

        • JMaster3000

          Awesome for you, but its really optional.

          • dam4rus

            yes, it’s optional. so are the touch screen, but in some cases it can enhance your experience. i can name a lot of games, that’s simply better with 3D on and i’m not just talking about visuals. in Kid Icarus it helps you dodge bullets, in Mario 3D Land it helps you to do more precise jumps, Pushmo is built around the 3D technology, etc. Square is a big company, with a lot of money (maybe?), so not implementing 3D just shows how lazy they are. there are a lot of better looking games on 3DS, which implement 3D and runs smoothly (Link Between Worlds runs at 60 FPS with 3D on) and they will also make the game compatible with the New 3DS, so they can’t blame it on the weak CPU or frame rate drops.

        • Guest

          > they are ugly as hell (by today’s standard) and the 3D hides this fact.

          gotta agree with u.

        • Spicydicey

          Exactly. For some reason you always hear that people never use 3D, but I always have it on max.

          • dam4rus

            Because people like to whine and are more vocal about negative emotions toward things. Some people still whine about motion controls in Skyward Sword and it’s a 4 year old game…

    • Agree, Fatnasy Life can do it too!

  • I don’t know why this bugs me. I don’t use the 3D slider hardly ever; and when I do, it’s very briefly. There’s a quick beat where you’re like, “Yeah, that looks cool”, and then you’re like, “Okay that’s enough”, lol. Not to mention, it sucks the battery noticeably quicker than when it’s off.

    Even though it’s pretty much useless and I can’t think of a single soul who uses it consistently (or ever – heck, there’s a reason why there’s a 2D only version of this machine), this bugs me a bit.

    Maybe they’ll add it in for “Final Fantasy Explorers G” (“FFE Rage Burst/Delta/ACE/Kiwami, etc.”)

    • Peace Legacy

      “Even though it’s pretty much useless and I can’t think of a single soul who uses it consistently (or ever”
      Try not to make broad generalization please, thank you.
      3D shilling folks are pretty much usual business for the 3ds, an constant overplayed routine. For every person who hates 3D there oughta be one who enjoys 3d as well, and vice versa

      • Nicholas Perry

        I have to agree. I love the 3D on the 3DS. I use it all the time personally.


      • I wanna just put in my vote that I love using the 3D for games. I can handle 3D, I’m gonna use 3D.

    • Wilbur

      I use 3D everytime I play, I always feel like something’s missing when it’s turned off.

  • MonsterGogo

    Shame. I always play with at least a bit of 3D on (Smash seems to look a tiny bit sharper with 3D, even on 1 instead of completely off, imo), but still looking forward to this if it ever comes out over here.

    • Spicydicey

      Smash is pretty weird, it does seem like the resolution changes when 3D is on.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Shame. I love using 3D when it doesn’t kill the framerate. Guess i’m in the minority. I love the depth of it. Feels like looking through a window into a different world.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Yeah its great when it doesn’t kill the frame rate. Sadly, thats very rarely the case.

      • MG4M3R

        In the 3DS thats the case in most of the 3DS library.

    • CozyAndWarm

      Same, I keep the 3D on pretty much all the time. If Square doesn’t feel that 3D fits their game though, they’re free not to include it (especially if hardware/frame rate are a specific concern)

      • SobriK

        And don’t forget Fire Emblem! I loved watching Awakening’s battles play out in 3D, especially in the snowy/wintery stages.

    • Spicydicey

      You’re not in the minority, it really enhances games like 3D land, Zelda LBW and of course Smash Bros.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Same here bro

  • Quan Chi

    The first 3DS game with no 3D at all!

    • David Signorelli

      Not really, Devil Survivor: Overclocked didn’t featured any 3D function at all, only in the opening sequence

      • Mastery

        Don’t forget the Fusions. But that was a port of a 2D DS game.

  • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

    A bit sad here.T_T

    Especially when, it is done properly, it is great looking a lot here. Luigi Mansion, Resident Evil Revelations, Ace Combat 3D, Mario 3D Land, some other title like Ex Troppers. It is really looking nice here.

  • CozyAndWarm

    I don’t mind at all, if some devs choose to turn off the 3D to utilize a higher resolution or more hardware, good for them. Nintendo themselves said as much.

    Localize the game Square!

  • KanjiLikesBoys

    Not important to me. I can’t remember the last time I turned on my 3D.

  • Max

    That sounds incredibly lazy, considering the game doesn’t even seem that impressive.
    Knowing SE, it’s probably futureproofing for crappy tablet/phone ports.

    • Quan Chi

      but tablets and phones can use this 3d though.

  • Valter L. Ferreira Junior

    That probably means more FPS. I like it.

  • Sean x Crosser

    I’d rather smooth fps 2D than choppy 3D. And since there’s no way we will find out if that was indeed the reason for the decision, I’ll assume that until proven otherwise.

    Of course, the option would be nice, but they had to have a good enough reason to not include it due to some possible detriment.

  • J_Joestar

    too bad, but not really “OMG Pre-order Canceled!” tier thing.

  • MG4M3R

    No 3D even in the New 3DS with its superior hardware, I’m not buying it.

    The 3DS is one of the few hardware released yet able to offer a decent 3D
    experience, the sense of depth adds more life and realism to the
    scenarios, even those with simple geometry, besides acting as a natural
    anti-aliasing and giving greater precision to gameplay in some genres of

    Without it, we basically have a PSP game with lower resolution.

    • Quan Chi

      Still not even that since psp still has better graphics xD

  • raeldor

    Oh dear. 3DS doesn’t even have enough processing power to do what it was designed for?

    • Likou

      It was design to have games. It has plenty.

    • Kumabit

      nah, devs are just lazy

      • raeldor

        Hahaha, yeah, this may be more the true story. I’m curious if we’ll see ‘3D support for NEW 3DS only’.

  • benhofb

    I dunno. To be honest, this isn’t too much of a bummer to me. The 3D is nice, and I am sure with the New 3DS’s enhanced screen tech, it’ll be awesome, but I’ve never really loved the feature anyways. I’m still looking forward to this! A MonHun-like Final Fantasy game with proper 2-stick controls sounds like a dream. Plus that art style is hella adorable.

  • Vash bane

    didn’t care about the 3d in the 3ds in the first place :p

    so this is by far no reason to dislike the game for me.
    (I don’t have many titles on the system anyway…and not a lot of games interest me)

  • Ric Vazquez

    A 3ds game wit no 3d, kind of a turn off for me since I always use 3d, devs are getting lazy?

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