Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Reaches North America On December 5th

By Ishaan . October 7, 2014 . 4:45am


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be available in North America on December 5th, Nintendo announced today. The game will cost $40 and will be compatible with “select amiibo figurines” in 2015.


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is based on a mini-game from Super Mario 3D World. You play as Toad, as he explores locales like a haunted house and volcano. A gameplay video of the game can be viewed above.

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  • PowerSerg

    wait so this will work with amiibo but in 2015. So that means it’s not tied to any amiibo that releases in 2014. what other games will the amiibo they are trying to sell at first work with XD. The Smash Feature is not for me at all so they really need to make them work on some other games in cool ways.

    • ronin4life

      Maybe there will be a toad Amiibo…

      Ooo, Captain Toad Amiibo…

      • PowerSerg

        I assume so but if this doesn’t work with the previous amiibo that’s one less game that they work with. I just want the 12 dollar thing I buy to do more then just summon a character since i’ll never use that.

        • HarakiriKami

          Then buy the mario ones, the marth one, the kirby ones the fox one, the link one, and the villager one.

          Wait on the samus and captain falcon ones to see if they’re in anything. Wii Fit Trainer and Pikachu as well.

          Since their games dont have DLC.

          • PowerSerg

            I know games from these series are coming out but what will the actual features be. If they are like the Smash Feature then it’s a nothing feature. If when playing SMT X Fire Emblem The marth Amiibo just makes together we ride play then it’s hardly a thing.

          • HarakiriKami

            …. A nothing feature? In smash they’re basically a pokemon you train that you carry over those attributes to other games

          • PowerSerg

            They don’t have the traits transferring into other games. Who is really going to in a battle with friends let the friend who spend money drop their 13 dollar figure to fight part of the battle for the, That’s what they do. The feature isn’t something me or anyone I know would use more then once as a joke. If that was some sort of RPG figure Nintendo game id be down for that but it isn’t what it is.

          • HarakiriKami

            Salty bets. Glorified cock fights.

            Drunken Party game


            Settle It.

          • PowerSerg

            I feel like that’s a pretty limited gimmick. If your the person with a Wii U who else is going to have them. A lot of problems revolve around them. They could potentially be a funny gimmick but honestly it’s not enough for me to drop 13 dollars a figure. At least with the other figure games it unlocks me a lot of stuff.

          • HarakiriKami

            In only one game.

            Its basically on disc dlc

          • PowerSerg

            Exactly, maybe i’m wrong and most amiibo will work on most games but they won’t tell us that and it’s not my job to do NIntendo’s PR.

          • HarakiriKami

            They’re franchise based. It’s rather self explanatory

          • PowerSerg

            Yah but some franchises aren’t getting any or many more games. How many more Wii Fit games will we get. How many more fire emblem games will we get while they are supporting Amiibo. Nintendo isn’t know for it’s ability to support accessories over long periods of time.

          • HarakiriKami

            Crossover games say hello

          • PowerSerg

            I hope XD.

    • HarakiriKami

      Or its a gameplay mode they have yet to implement?

      • PowerSerg

        It’s possible amiibo is tied into a patch or DLC (and I imagine that has to be the case with some older titles they claim are connected.). However, WIth this game I don’t see it working that way, since why have a mode added on later in a full release.

        • HarakiriKami

          Cause they’re doing it in smash on the 3DS

  • Princess_Eevee9

    Wait so every gane people were complaining about not having a release date have finally has one for this year? This is a glorious day and way to kick off December! DAY 1 baby.

    • ronin4life

      Not true! I want a Splatoon release date NAO. @[]@//


      • Princess_Eevee9

        Spring 2015? =o Maybe.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    For that price, this is going to be my little guilty pleasure. I loved these mini-game puzzle levels in SM3DW.

  • Leo Lima

    This game is so cute…

  • Frankie

    I do not see how this is a $40 game. It looks like a $15 download title.

    • Justin Graham

      Because it was developed with a retail game budget, if a smaller one.

      • Frankie

        I understand that, but from what I have seen of it, it does not offer anywhere near enough content for a $40 game. I may be completely wrong and I will wait and see; but right now I am passing on it.

        • Justin Graham

          We’ve seen very little of the full game. You can’t judge the full breadth of its content based on what’s been shown.

          • Frankie

            Exactly, but all I have seen so far is the mini-game from 3D World, they need to show more.

          • subsamuel01

            They’ve shown a lot more than just that mini-game from 3D World, plus the puzzles are much bigger than anything that was in 3D World.

          • HarakiriKami

            So you havent watched any game footage at all?


            The dragon level alone shows far more depth than anything that was in the minigame levels from 3D World

  • NeptuniasBeard

    $40? That price is a tad more agreeable. This just might be my Christmas present to myself.

  • Yan Zhao

    I was actualy skeptical about paying full price for this, but 40$ is a lot more reasonable. So I might pick it up after all.

  • idrawrobots

    I will Toad-ally get this.

  • Very glad to have a release date for this game. I’m always looking for more games for my Wii U (primarily running off of Mario and Pikmin right now), and so this is great news.

  • Kornelious

    Well if it’s 40$ now then that seems like a more likely buy :)

  • Snorlaxation

    I can appreciate that price.
    Definitely want to indulge.

  • kthanxyousuck

    I think $40 is an awesome price. People need to realize these levels are much larger/more challenging than the 3D World minigame it sprouted from.

    Nintendo treehouse showed off a good amount of levels.

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