Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Tag Force Special Features A Story For All Five Series

By Sato . October 29, 2014 . 11:57am


Konami’s upcoming PSP title, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Tag Force Special was announced earlier this month, and will have over 7,000 cards including some from the Secrets of Eternity boosters. The official website shares a few more details on the game.


While details are still pretty limited on the recently launched website, it mentions that Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Tag Force Special will feature the protagonists from all five series thus far, and will even have the anime-based stories for the five of them.


So far, they’ve revealed five characters of the following: Yugi Mutou from the first series, Jaden Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yusei Fudo from 5Ds, Yuma Tsukumo from Zexal, and Yuya Sakaki from Arc-V.



The website mentions that the above characters can be selected as partners, and it looks like each series will have two additional partners to go with the protagonists, so we’ll likely see the likes of Joey Wheeler (Katsuya Jonouchi) and Seto Kaiba join Yugi, and so on.



Additionally, the game will also feature the new Pendulum Summon rule that was introduced in Arc-V. This feature and others such as Synchro and Xyz Summons will also be available while playing story parts of earlier series when they didn’t exist.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Tag Force Special will release this winter in Japan for PSP. The game will also be compatible with the PlayStation Vita.

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  • ZekeFreek

    Kind of ambitious.

  • D. Collins


  • PowerSerg

    I really wish this game was on 3ds, well it be region locked and not released but in a world where I could have this game Id want it on the 3ds XD. Still I guess being on the psp a fan patch will come out sooner.

    • mckun

      I just wish the 3DS wasn’t region locked.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        The right wish would be for Nintendo not to be still stuck on the 90’s~.

        • JonathanisPrimus

          The weirdest thing is, their handhelds weren’t region locked in the 90s. That was introduced with the DSi.

        • mckun

          Then we would still have Sqauresoft/Nintendo games XD

      • PowerSerg

        Me too, I sign every petition I see XD.

    • Harvey Tejada Loto

      tag force is psp exclusive tho

      • PowerSerg

        Yah but Sony doesn’t own the right to the tag force name. We have seen plenty of exclusive series move to alternate platforms.

  • aizen310

    Basically, this means it won’t get a translation.

    Also, old Yugi is best Yugi.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      We knew that when the game was announced for PSP. Konami didn’t localize Tag Force 6 so I can’t see anything changing three years later.

    • Serge

      Yusei > Yugi

      • AuraGuyChris

        The guy heavily associated with card games of motorcycles? Ha ha.

        • Nonscpo

          did you say…CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES?

          • Harvey Tejada Loto


        • kao

          the motorcycle duel disk were ridiculous and yusei was really angry for a guy that was in a show about a children’s card game but after seeing GX it seemed better but no where near the original.

      • mckun

        Yuya>Yusei>Dark Maou>Yugi>Judai>Yuma.

        • fyi1191

          Kaiba use power of money.

          Kaiba>>>Yuya>Yusei>Dark Maou>Yugi>Judai>Yuma.

          • Harvey Tejada Loto

            screw da rules im Kaiba!

        • CureMarine

          Close. Judai > Yuya > Yusei > Yugi > Yuma

          • mckun

            But Judai sucked in season 1. He was slightly better than Yuma in terms of age and maturity (Yuma was like 13 and he was like 14.) Dark Maou>Judai.

    • Namuro

      I love Yugi best when he used to punish people with curses and whatnot. XD

  • mckun

    PSP=fan translation
    3DS=Good luck

  • Yan Zhao

    I stopped playing Tag Force since 3, for those who still do, do the English versions still fucking cut out the VOICEs for NO DAMN REASON?

    • Kanra

      Given that I never knew there were voices in the first place, and have played up to TF5 i’m gonna say yes.

    • Mexikado

      The voices were cut out because they couldn’t or didn’t want to spend the money on getting the licences or hiring the voice actors to do the dub. But yeah, they still cut the voices out, unfortunately.

  • ndjn3979

    I’d play this on my PS3. Never understood why they couldn’t just port these over.

    • Harvey Tejada Loto

      tag force = psp but ps3 game is welcome

  • Spirit Macardi

    Dan Green or GTFO.

    • CureMarine

      lmao Dan Green is shit. The best Yugi voice was Megumi Ogata.

      • Tonton Ramos

        Nuh uh LittleKurriboh FTW!

        • CureMarine

          Not only is LK’s Yugi’s voice very subpar but he is not at all funny anymore and stopped being funny somewhere around episode 20.

        • Spirit Macardi

          Funny how people claim LK is the one ruining Yu-Gi-Oh, when clearly Konami and many supposed fans have done far more damage.

      • Spirit Macardi

        You’re just mad because his Yami voice is dead sexy :P

  • timanel1

    i stop carying about Yu-Gi-OH! when Yugi stop being the main character… milking series is awesome

    • Nonscpo

      Actually the third show about Yusei Started off pretty well, really wish they had stuck there guns with the whole dark corrupt unequal dystopian future.

      • I wish that they stuck to their guns about a lot of things, when it came to 5D’s. It just severely fell apart for me after Dark Signers was finished.

        • Nonscpo

          Your absolutely right Linka it did, after the Dark Signer Arc it appears they werent sure in which direction to go and fast forward to a more colorful scenary. I wish the Aki X Yusei romance had been better elaborated, Im also not a fan of how it ended. Id much rather them end 5DS on a cliffhanger and return back to it in a couple of years rather than giving it the crappy endidng it got.

          • I definitely agree with that. On the point of romance: boy I sure wish that Jack x Carly had remained a thing, but that apparently was less because of the writers messing things up, and most cause her Japanese voice actor got into cult problems, so they decreased the amount of work she’d get as a result. She actually ended up getting into some real legal trouble as a result.

            But yeah, I always have a theory that they didn’t expect the series to go on past Dark Signers, in terms of writing, but then they were told midway that things were gonna continue. Did you know that Crow was supposed to be the main villain before Blackwings took off? Yeaaah.

          • Nonscpo

            Shouldnt Carly have died at the end of the Dark Signer Arc? I feel her charachter would have been more endearing if that had happened. Didnt know that Crow was meant to be a villain, if a second Dark Signer Arc had happened, I certainly could have seen him as one then.

          • Pretty sure all of the Dark Signers were meant to die, but they were likely told that it’d set a weird status quo for the show if they were continuing.

          • Nonscpo

            I hate that about shows like this, if the character has to die then let the character die. Its the same problem I had with Bleach, they didnt kill of any of the good characters during the Aizen. But of course for dramatic purposes they kill them off in the second half of the story.

          • Well, part of the problem admittedly when it came to 5D’s, was that this was for an anime which might still be subject to airing standards, depending on the target audience. While 5D’s was definitely meant for the “older” fans, it was still mainly for kids, and stylistic choices post-Dark Signers really reflected the shift they ended up making.

          • Nonscpo

            Its still a dumb move on their part, if your gonna make a show for kids then make a show for kids, if your gonna make a show for teen then make a show for teens. It makes no sense to mix up style and audiences, because alot of us did like what we saw in those first three seasons!

          • Man, I haven’t played Yu-Gi-Oh in years! I got as far as 5Ds but I never played after that since some of the new cards got crazy. I could never get my head around Syncro and Tuner cards~ :/

          • Nonscpo

            Yeah the first two seasons were pretty decent for 5DS, although I wasnt a fan of how they rushed the ending so they could go into that crappy Zexal show. As far as Synchros go, I consider them a solid addition to the game. Which is why I consider the first 3 shows (Yugioh, GX, 5DS) the originals, and any show that comes after it a worthless spinoff :(

          • Not too sound too genwunner but I’ve always preferred Yu-Gi-Oh GX and under~ :D

          • Nonscpo

            I have mixed feelings when it comes to GX, I feel the show started off like the original and then tried to take itself way to seriously by the end. Im not a fan of the lack of consistincy in GX, though thanks to that development we all saw what YUGIOH could have been in the early episodes of 5DS.

        • Hmm, personally I liked all seasons.

          That final duel was really nice, though.

    • CureMarine

      I honestly think Duel Monsters is one of the weaker series. GX had a rough start but became amazing (At least if you weren’t watching the dub) 5D’s was strong up until near the very end and some filler aside and Zexal’s first season was meh but the second season was great. Arc-V is also the most plot heavy Yugioh series so far and has been great. DM was just so… meh. Especially the anime. The pacing was bad and the filler was honestly the worst. They had this huge cast of characters and over half of them never did anything.

      • timanel1

        dude the characters suck . beside they created too many stupid rules and cards that dont have any good thing to add to the show.. old cards and old rules were the best

        • CureMarine

          Hardly. I would say almost any of the GX characters have half of the development then any of the DM characters did. 5D’s cast was also very solid. Zexal’s was a little shakey at first but as the cast grew it became great too. I’d say Shark might even be one of the best rival characters thanks to his character growth and back story. Arc-V also has a great cast of characters, Yuya and the kids (excluding Sora) aside. And yes, a Card game needs rules and needs to evolve. It’s how it works. It’s how almost ANY card game works. Cards have always had crazy and obscure effects, this is a fact. Duel Monsters in my opinion, and as someone who grew up with it and has gone back and watched it on more then one occasion is a very mediocre series and one of the weakest in the franchise.

  • Tenabrus

    western release or GTFO

  • subsamuel01

    I’d play this just for Yugi and the original story if they ever brought this to the west.

    • Snorlaxation


    • Renaldi Saputra

      Unfortunately Konami won’t do PSP nor Vita

      • subsamuel01

        I know PSP has zero chance, a guy can hope for the Vita version.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          Not much
          bcos Konami doesn’t care of Vita, also Vita is niche

  • Yes

  • Pedro Furtado

    A PSP game? No trophies, then?

  • Keiji Johnson

    Wait a minute, FIVE Yu-Gi-Oh series? When the heck did they start airing a fifth one? This is the first time I’ve heard of that.

    • KuroRyuu913

      Arc V came out in Japan months ago. Idk if we’re getting it here

      • CureMarine

        The better question is: Why would you want it dubbed?

        • KuroRyuu913

          After zexal, u do make a good point.

          • CureMarine

            Not even after just Zexal. Every Yugioh dub has been horrible. The only good thing to come out of a Yugioh dub was 5D’s english opening IMO.

          • I blame the child-pandering scripts more than the voice actors, personally.

            Had the show’s English dub have more mature writing to fit the original intended demographic, the voice actors wouldn’t be bad. We’d have things like Synchro Chants which were taken out in favor of simplified stupid ones, and more annoying crap. When Yusei’s voice actor actually read out the translated chant, it didn’t sound bad at all.

          • Yeah, people need to realize more that the problem with the dub is the script and direction– not the voice actors themselves. The voice actors have constantly proven that they’re good actors and, outside of the studios, give a lot of enjoyment to the characters they’re portraying. One of the better examples is their appearances at tournaments to do “character duels”, and some of them can be pretty good.

            Heck, Pegasus back in DM was probably one of the best portrayals he’d ever get in a dub, because the voice actor went out of his way to look at the source material, and did his best to bring along that feeling in the confines of the script he was stuck with. I think that takes a lot of skill and devotion, at least!

          • Yes , the character duels! Those really bring out a more organic give acting and not something restricted by what children should hear or what not to say. I know it’s only duels but my point is really that yugioh has good actors but crappy scripts, and it was those scripts and frustrating TV edits that pushed me to watch the subbed versions.

            The only voice actor I don’t like is Yuma in English… It’s too nasally for me. (There was actually a point where the whole Zexal series was getting a revamped dub with more well known VAs and a mature script , JYB was doing Yuma and it was better to me)


            First comment has more info and a video link

          • Oh yeah! I heard about that one. And Vic was gonna be Shark– actually kinda sad we never got to see that dub as the reality, you know.

      • We are. It’s been confirmed that it’ll be dubbed sometime in 2015.

    • LuxbeyTheMechromancer

      it’s been on for quite some time. it has over 20 episodes last i checked.

  • KuroRyuu913

    If this has infrastructure mode this will be the best yugioh game uet. Unlike a certain 3ds game that came out a month or 2 ago.

  • Learii
  • Heck, to make the promotion full swing, might as well dish out an anime special about this.

    • Appropriately: There is a new movie being made right now, but who knows when it’ll actually come out. ahaha.

      • Aaah.

        Must say Yu-Gi-OH anime villains at times makes the best nightmare faces.

        • Oh, definitely. All Yu-Gi-Oh villains have a tradition of having crazy faces. Though Vector in ZEXAL really took the cake by also being comically crazy with faces.

  • urbanscholar

    yeah well, Yugi would beat all of them

    • CureMarine

      epic, simply epic. I hate people who crawl all over Yugi like he’s the hottest thing since sliced bread. Yugi spent half of his time cheating or only won thanks to using card effects that didn’t actually exist. Judai was an actually skilled duelist who saved the world without any mystic power (Aside from Yubel’s, but that only protected him. Didn’t make him a super magic duelist.) Yusei was also a good duelist but he has the power to pull Stardust Dragon’s from his ass. Yuma… is shit. But he can change cards into new cards. And Yuya has mad Pendulums. Yugi would have a tough time, man.

      • akidwhoplayedsoniccolors

        But.. but.. Yugi actually defeated Jaden.. Let’s give Yugi all the new types of cards and see how will he fight against the others! (And someone will have to fight him using the manga fusion e heroes monster + super polymerization and masked heroes deck to prove that Heroes deck are the best jk)

        Well, I do know some moments where Yugi won.. um.. illegally. But when was the time where Yugi used card effects that didn’t actually exist?

  • I’m pretty excited for this game. I HOPE it gets a Western release (people, tweet at Konami or send them messages on facebook or e-mail them. ask politely and professionally about it, too!), but I’m actually seriously considering getting a code off of a site or something to buy the game from Japanese PSN.

    I hope this game turns out well. It does look like at least it has SOME engine changes, though… I still expect the game will lag when too many cards are on the field. ahaha, that seems to be an occupational hazard for Yu-Gi-Oh! games.

    Hope this succeeds enough to get a full-out Vita version.

    • screw_ball

      Im importing this regardless, if it gets a western release, great I’ll buy it again.
      As much as I’d love playing the story in English I’ll gladly fumble through it in Japanese, I would be content with just a card translation patch.

      • While a translation patch would be cool in that meantime, have there been many digital-only games with translation patches?

        • screw_ball

          I am actually not sure now that you mention it

          • ahaha, yeah, I figured that.

            I think the fact that this is digital-only is gonna be a weird part to the whole effort. While it’ll probably make it harder for a person to make a translation patch, it will at least make it easier to convince Konami to bring over the game, instead. At least they won’t have to worry about printing any disks or anything.

          • screw_ball

            With how widely and easily hacked PSPs are I dont see it being terribly hard to make a patch for. I do hope it gets a western release though.

          • Yeah, I’d much rather see it get a release and for people to buy it, as a result.

  • Kizaru

    Fan translations coming right up! but if you want
    my money konami, you know what to do.

  • UltimagaWeapon

    Next episode…

    城之内 死す


  • Herok♞

    You know I never did get why people hate on Yuma, he is the only character to start off bad and actually have progression into being a truly awesome duelist unlike everyone else who is OP from the start.

    • CureMarine

      I am convinced at least half of it comes from the shitfest that is Yugioh Abridged series. The rest is just people and their epic nostalgia or people who just won’t give Zexal/Yuma a chance.

    • Chef Chef

      probably cause of his hair (although yugi had dumb hair and yusei had kind-of-dumb hair but people still like them)

      • Harvey Tejada Loto

        yeah jaden is awesome yusei’s hair is cool too

      • Herok♞

        Judai/Jaden’s hair is the only normal one, in order of normal to silly it goes Judai, Yusei, Yuma, Yugi and then Yuya

    • It’s always sad that people didn’t like Yuma or ZEXAL that much. It had a rough start, to be sure, but it felt like more people were too focused on the character design than bothering to watch past the first episode (which to be fair, it was not a great first episode. Once you hit the Shark/Yuma tag duel episodes though, the series takes an upturn for the better.)

      Which really, is strange, cause the only reason people ignored Yugi or Yusei’s hair or the strange gravity-defying styles GX sometimes had, was cause people got used to them. Well, I got used to ZEXAL’s hair. Why can’t others?

  • CureMarine

    So who will the other partners be? 5D’s and Zexal’s are obvious enough with Jack/Crow (tfw no aki ;_;) and Shark/Kaito. But what about GX? Manjoume/Johan? Manjoume/Shou? Arc V will probably be Reiji/Yuzu or Reiji/Sora or something.

  • Chef Chef

    sooooo….is this game going to be a long one?

  • ThomasMul10
  • Ratutz

    The return of Red Hat! :D

  • Stargazer

    Judai is the best among them!

  • akidwhoplayedsoniccolors

    Wait.. Will all the map on this tagforce game look like that(points at the domino city map screenshot)? hope that goes for the DM era only..

    Seems like you can’t walk around on that map as a character.. sheesh.. just a map where you can only scroll to find characters and selecting them by pointing and clicking at them? Y U no make the DM era map looks like the GX and 5DS map at previous tagforce games?

    • YouGusta

      Disc limitation I guess..

      • akidwhoplayedsoniccolors

        yeah.. sorry, just went a bit retarded.. just checked on the internet that even the tag force 2 game worth 1.2gb of memory..

  • I like all arc v yu gi oh but I’ve always loved the main characters rivals want to fight more with yuya reiji
    and if isieran friends

  • Johnathan Lenig-Lopez

    I’ve been waiting for them to do this kind of thing for years… Please, please tell me this will come to America.

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