Team Ninja On Why Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Is Missing Features On 360 And PS3

By Ishaan . November 4, 2014 . 5:32pm


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is going to be the final game in the Dead or Alive 5 series, and it’s going to available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The catch is, the 360 and PS3 versions will be digital-only and are missing certain features.


Some of the game’s fans have wondered why this is the case, and Team Ninja’s response is that the lack of a physical version is because of retailers. On the Dead or Alive Facebook page, the studio stated: “The reason why we can not make last gen retail version is that retailers in the west can not take them and make them in stock. They are not supporting last gen game any more.”


“Some of the developers like [Ubisoft], Bethesda, Warner will rapidly shift their production line from last gen to new gen console as you may know. Always this has been happened when 1st party launched newer consoles. But we are not saying that we won’t dramatically cut off last gen users like someone already started. We’ve tried to deal with everyone as fair as possible.”


The studio also addressed why the game’s Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are missing the new stages that will be included in the Xbox One and PS4 versions, although the answer to this question isn’t quite as convincing.


“No stages on PS3/X360 made you mad,” Team Ninja wrote on Facebook. “We noticed that. However, last gen spec and current gen spec is so different to be honest and if we optimize the game to last gen, we can’t archive the game suited for current gen.”


In addition to the new stages, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are also missing the new hairstyles and Costume Options screen, which allow you to customize your fighter’s appearance and preview it on the Character Select screen.

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  • Cody

    It’s because they’re a scummy company with a scummy business model.

    • Atinverse

      Shhh, just look at the bouncies, we know you like the bouncies. Now give us your money!

  • Armageddon

    Hardware issues. That makes sense.

  • Quiet Gear Soild

    Glad I got a PS4 then. So I’m good to go.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    Personally I find both answers to be total BS. Retailers not supporting last gen consoles? Tell that to Atlus and their Persona 5, Namco Bandai with thier Tales of Zestiria, and Square Enix with their Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix. As for the 2nd thing, I highly suspect that the actual reason the PS3 and 360 versions are missing content is because they’ve been ripped out to sell back to us later.

    • mikanko

      It has more to do with the limits put on production runs, and both Sony/Microsoft having a minimum amount of copies printed required(which changes as Sony and MS see fit). This is a large reason some western releases of JP games don’t get physical releases.

      The chances are retailers would not be willing to put enough copies of DoA5 Last Round on store shelves to warrant printing that number.

      Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD, Zestiria, P5 etc. will not be facing that problem and will all likely sell a lot better than the 3rd iteration of DoA5.

      • DizzyGear

        Than what about Class of Heroes 2G? It has a run of about 2500 copies judging by the pre-orders.

        • mikanko

          That isn’t a game for PS360, which is what this is about.

          Those limits are in place to prevent several cheaply made titles cluttering up store shelves at retailers. It’s doubtful Sony is caring about a game for a system that retailers no longer stock(ie: PSP).

          edit: To be clear, this is all just conjecture on my part without knowing what Sony/MS’s current publisher mandates are. They have certainly existed in the past and are likely more strict now that they want to phase out the old systems.

          • DizzyGear

            Uh, Class of Heroes 2G *is* a PS3 game. Its coming out soonish.

          • mikanko

            My bad. I strongly dislike Vic Ireland’s localizations so I wasn’t really paying much attention to that endeavor.

            That said a game with such a limited release that’s just covering pre orders is likely treated different by Sony. Especially since they’re handling their own distribution. DoA5 Last Round would be asked to share shelf space with the PS4 ver. and that alone is something Sony would probably want to dissuade.

            Microsoft policy seems to have generally been far more strict than Sony’s for whatever that’s worth. It’s why Rising Star was unable to print copies of Under Defeat HD in North America, but could in Europe, and once the game had been out long enough they were allowed to distribute it as a Games on Demand title on the US store, but not until then.

            At the end of the day there’s clearly a lot of red tape and issues surrounding games that aren’t expected to sell very many copies, and getting physical releases made. Even more so with finding retailers to try selling said copies.

            It seems far fetched to think Tecmo/Koei wouldn’t want to print copies of the game if they could.

  • ReidHershel

    Team Ninja, I love you to death, but those are really piss poor excuses and you should be ashamed that’s the best you can come up with. If you’re going to lie about why the features aren’t there, the LEAST you can do is have a better PR.

    I’m all for this game, but please Team Ninja, make it the last, we’ve had Vanilla, Ultimate, and Arcade/Digital Characters (which ended up being in this version anyways). I’ll buy Last Round, but get on to new projects after that.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    The reasons are hardly convincing…

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      “No stages on PS3/X360 made you mad”

      Unless it’s a plattformer I don’t think any fighting game stage can piss me off. Gotta love engrish!

      “We noticed that. However, last gen spec
      and current gen spec is so different to be honest and if we optimize the
      game to last gen, we can’t archive the game suited for current gen.”

      PC games do this all the time. Last gen consoles get lower resolution textures and visual effects, current gen consoles and most computers get high-max settings. It’s as easy as that.

  • Sekirei

    lol really Team Ninja.

  • John Hayabusa

    DOA5 and SFIV sure are busy making unlimited DLCs and versions. Step it up and make DOA6 and SFV already. Tekken and Mortal Kombat are stealing the show.

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      Mortal Kombat isn’t going to steal anything.

      • Death Metal

        Why not? Deserves the same respect as the others.

  • Well with the amount of DLC they released in the past couple of months, I’m surprise they aren’t supporting last generation console anymore. It’s even more surprising that they expect everyone to have a PS4/Xbox One….

  • MrTyrant

    About the stages it sound like they were just lazy to do it.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    In other words, they want to focus on the current gen. Well, this is to be expected.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    As someone who recently got into Koei Tecmo games, I’m cool with this. People gotta upgrade soon anyways.
    I AM confused over that grammar though like wtf happened?

    • DS23

      It’s pretty clearly not a native English speaker…

  • Mind0105A

    Well, I didn’t get any DOA5 versions, so I will take this one. Because it should be the “LAST” version.

    • ndjn3979

      then there will be LAST ROUND rev. A


    I’m gonna be grabbing PS4 version anyway, so it doesn’t bother me much.

    • subsamuel01

      I see no reason to get this on PS3 or Xbox 360 anymore, definitely getting this on PS4.

  • Kinnikuwaii

    Those sound kind of BS to me, lol. I’m still picking it up on PS4. XD;

  • KyoyaHibari

    Guess I’ll be grabbing my PS4 soon. Bloodbourne and Last Round along with maybe a few more titles grabbing me atm, still not a substantive amount though.

  • Its cool bro, I got a PS4, no worries here.

  • vishmarx

    they had to sell the ps4 version and ps360 already had several rereleases
    duh doy

  • Bob Slim

    well thats dumb I was gonna get the ps3 version but not anymore.
    I just wait to get a ps4 to get this dang you KT

  • Shippoyasha

    If this means the industry is finally starting to gear more fully towards the next gen (current gen), then I’m all for it. Besides, it’s still had a fantastic run in 360/PS3. I think it’s just time to move on.

    • Kamakuma

      N-No! I’ll never give up PS3-chan she’s been so good to me how dare you tell me to move on for her slick sister who doesn’t look half bad and can perform better than her! *Shakes fist*

  • Yan Zhao

    I dont really get what the issue is. The whole point of this update was to port the game to PS4/XB1 in the first place. So thats the version you should be playing if you’re gona buy this.

    I highly doubt missing hairstyles or stages will impact tournament play anyway.

    • Derek Harrell

      i dont see how because you wanted this ported i have to lose content

      • Yan Zhao

        You dont lose content if you get the actual “ported” version?

  • Hagaren

    I don’t care about the stages and the customize screen. As long as this has ALL the characters in the game from the start and no DLC characters on the horizon I’ll buy it.

  • NeoStrayCat

    Man, at least no one would have said this…”This is BS, they could just patch the stages and extra stuff in, despite quality”. (I mean, even DOA5/U even had patches to put in extra stages. This is just an excuse to boost next gen stuff, lol.)

    Other than that, its still gonna be the same game, only difference is visuals and extra stuff.

  • Kornelious

    I don’t approve of this….It doesn’t effect me to much since I have a PS4. but for those that don’t I feel like this is kinda forcing them to buy one…..The constant digital releases over physical, cut content, lower prices….Next thing you know the PS3 and PS4 versions of new games will be completely different games (Like the PS2 and PS3)

    I don’t think developers should drop everything related to last gen and even refuse to stock last gen games…..It’s only been one year and we’re already ditching the PS3….Even though it still has a lot of exclusive games to come, and is lasting longer than the PS2 did……..(Sigh) And what kills me the most is that this isn’t happening in japan (Who manage to cherish there consoles) but just the west :(

    • GSaut

      tbh at least there is a release at all. As they say in the article the big publishers have almost entirely cut and run on last gen already. No one would be complaining if they had made it next gen only. And yeah western publishers are terrible at supporting previous gens. I assume probably because of incentives from MS and Sony, no real sense otherwise in releasing for a system with a terrible install base. I assume the JP devs just don’t get the support from MS and Sony that the big publishers do here. That and JP culture and customer service also probably helps in extending the lifecycle.

  • Max Power

    This is complete garbage! Sneaky Dogs! Why didn’t they state this earlier on? There’s no point to even buy Last Round now, unless they did this cause of the included DLC which they would they think they would be getting ripped off if they included the customers, stages & hairstyles. Sick basterds. If they actually believe this will make me buy ‘next gen’ they’re crazy! Greedy dogs.

    • Drev

      ps4 is not worht buying yet, not until uncharted 4/ff15/kh3 (at least one of them) come out.

  • Poked

    This isn’t enough for me to buy a PS4, I actually don’t see a lot of good games for PS4. I will wait for a slim version, and I will get this game for my PS3 I don’t care if I don’t have the new stages or hair styles.

  • Johnny45

    This is why I stick to Tekken. Tekken 6/Tag 2 has a massive customization mode with plenty of costumes and hair styles all for free without BS DLC.The guys at Namco wouldn’t pull off such a thing to their fans. That’s a load of BS coming from Tecmo/Koei a lot of games are still being released for the last gen consoles. I can name a few that will come next year to the last gen consoles as well and retain all of the features from the next-gen consoles. Games such as Mortal Kombat X, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Resident Evil 1 Remake remaster and the list can go on and on. Sorry Tecmo/Koei I am not buying it you guys are just lazy and when you teased us last-gen console owners you lost me as a customer and you lost my respect that’s something you just don’t do. I deleted my digital DOA5U copy from my PS3 to make space for the new games that will be coming out for last-gen consoles next year. That’s how funny it is and I won’t support you guys by buying Last Round on PS3 so go screw yourselves. If I’m getting a PS4 it will be for true next-gen games such as Tekken 7 when that comes out and that has a reason to not come out for the last-gen consoles it is a full next-gen game unlike Last Round, but we still got screwed over. Tecmo/Koei I had the last laugh now, BTW the DOA series was better off when Itagaki was around.

    • Jack Ripper

      “The guys at Namco wouldn’t pull off such a thing to their fans.”

      No, they do F2P Soul Calibur instead.

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