Another Experience’s Vita Dungeon RPGs Is Heading To The West

By Spencer . December 16, 2014 . 7:30pm

OperationAbyss_LOGO_CLEAN NIS America brought over Demon Gaze, a dungeon RPG developed by Experience and added a few Disgaea crossover characters for the West. Next year, we’ll get another Vita DRPG from the same developer.


Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy is scheduled to come out in North America and Europe in spring 2015. If the title sounds familiar you may remember it as Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss, which is what Mages called it in Japan. A sequel was also announced in Japan just earlier this week.


While Demon Gaze and Students of the Round Table are fantasy games Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy and it’s Japan-only prequel Labyrinth Cross Blood are cyberpunk themed. In the future, Tokyo is under attack by genetically engineered monsters called Variants that come out of portals to a dungeon known as the Abyss. You’re part of Xth Squad, a group of teenagers who are sent in by the Code Physics Agency to investigate this labyrinth and destroy the monsters inside.

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  • Kornelious

    And Bingo! Just as I expected :D

    I really like the artwork of the game (Which is a big part of most Dungeon Crawlers) And the game itself looks really interesting, So this will be a Day One for me (Especially knowing NISA, there will be a LE)

    And the best part it, since NISA is localizing this game, they will likely do it for the sequel as well! :D

    • RedSuisei

      Just remember that if you’re coming from this Demon Gaze, this game will look much more like the old DRPG games ala Wizardry, Elminage etc. compared to Demon Gaze which makes a lot of things accessible to newcomers. So newcomers might need a little bit getting used to.

      • Kornelious

        Yeah, I heard about that before….But that’s fine by me, I really like the Dungeon crawling scene ,so ‘ll adapt :)

  • Raze

    NISA on roll today

    Now announce Danganronpa AE next please…

    • JonathanisPrimus

      I read the title for this article as “Another Episode” …

    • AkuLord3

      Then most of my vita games will be answered~

    • AkuLord3

      Then most of my vita games will be answered~

  • Eric Harris

    Might be ok. You know the one I want, that stranger of the village of the sword. Man does that game have beautiful art and music.

  • Alex Sargeant

    YES! All my goddamn yes. I’ve been hoping they’d do another Experience game, and I’m REALLY glad it’s this one. Oh geez I am tremendously excited. Bravo NISA.

  • Aesma

    Hmm… I guess IF taking over Neptunia series’ localization made NISA more ‘free’ to localize other titles?
    …on the other hand, Bandai and Digimon…

    • CDan

      Now lets hope for someone to take Experience and Spike Chunsoft from them as well.

  • RedSuisei

    Now that NISA is likely to continue with EXP stuff (I hope this sells well enough to make that happen), all I need is for Atlus to bring Dungeon Travelers 2 and 2-2 to the West.

  • Gin

    I wonder if Experience will release a dual-language version like with Demon Gaze… I guess it’ll depend on whether or not NISA adds anything to Operation Abyss like they did Demon Gaze. They’ll probably get to Stranger as long as Experience games keep doing decently. It’s set in the same world as Demon Gaze. But so was Students of the Round.

  • Riverstyx9

    This announcement made my year!

  • Yagami Mao

    so happppy!
    now Oedo Blacksmith prettyyy please

    • Cheesy04

      I like how you think.
      I have a feeling will get it on the end of 2015 :D

    • Aristides

      Yes! We really need that one localized too.

  • Harry Potter

    Too much games on vita am i in alternate universe?

  • Thats cool, as I wanted to play this

  • DyLaN

    Our prayers were answered!

  • ogopogo

    For those who don’t know, this is a remake of the first two Generation-Xth games so there will probably be a remake of the 3rd game as well eventually. I personally like the depth of this series much more than the Demon Gaze series, but the grinding here is also 10 times worse than Demon Gaze…

    • Gin

      Would Operation Babel be the remake of the third game? Since it’s supposed to be Operation Abyss’ sequel.

      • RedSuisei

        No actual info yet, but I believe it is.

        • Gin

          I’d say it’s reasonably safe to assume. They already did Cross Blood. Might as well get the entire series on the Vita for easy collecting. Then come the Global Editions.

    • Can you please give me more info about the battle system. I hated the one in Demon Gaze (enemies shuffling and constantly summoned, and luck based Demon attacks). Can you safely say this is more “fun” and fair than Demon Gaze?

      • ogopogo

        EXP games are never fair…but yes all the things you mentioned are present here as well. They do give you the tools to “somewhat” deal with the RNG but an unlucky round can still see your back row get 1 shot.

        • That’s such a bummer. Is it really so hard to make a god DRPG?

          • RedSuisei

            This IS a good DRPG. It’s just people are so used to the standard JRPG that they expect DRPGs to do things similarly, while it never has been.
            It’s similar to how MonHun was, casual players insulting it as unfair, broken, etc, compared to the standard action/action RPG games, while the more hardcore, experienced players actually feel it’s fair and enjoyed them.

          • OK I see where you’re coming from. But I played through every EO released, and Dark Spire, and for me these are very difficult to top. Maybe I am just comparing the two developpers’ efforts in DRPG too much, when I should be differentiating them.

          • RedSuisei

            EO isn’t a standard DRPG though, so I always give the two different approaches. IMO EO was more about the character building, standard DRPGs are more about overcoming the “unfair” difficulty. Which is not entirely correct as Demon Gaze was pretty easy even on highest difficulty, but even then Demon Gaze is not exactly a standard DRPG. Anyway, both approaches are just different, and you shouldn’t expect one to be the other.
            Maybe you should give Wizardry or Elminage series a try, those are the more classic DRPGs, and the ones EXP basing the Generation Xth games from, which in turn gets remade into this game. It’s the reason why the hardcore DRPG lovers actually love EXP games, because it doesn’t deviate much from the formula they grew up with.

  • ogopogo

    For those who don’t know, this is a remake of the first two Generation-Xth games so there will probably be a remake of the 3rd game as well eventually. I personally like the depth of this series much more than the Demon Gaze series, but the grinding here is also 10 times worse than Demon Gaze…

  • phayroent

    Glad to see the Japanese devs taking more initiative with the Vita than Sony is. We should have had a Bioshock game, Infamous game, and sequels to Gravity Rush and UnCharted on the Vita by now. Plus, the Yakuza Vita game probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon, because Sony isn’t trying to help anyone, plus Sega is the owner of the IP.

  • Mexikado

    This is great. I really enjoyed Generation Xth: Code Hazard. I really want Labyrinth Cross Blood and Stranger of Sword City to come to the west as well.

  • moogle.nine

    I’m also excited for this. At this point NIS is mainlining my wallet with 4 preorders so far for early next year…. How about throwing us a bone and sending that Ia dlc for Demon Gaze our way too :)

  • Kamakuma

    Looks really promising! :’3 Can’t wait for it~

  • Juan Manuel M. Su├írez

    NIS’ campaign on the PSV is superb; all these niche titles are gems~.

  • Aristides

    m/ Can’t wait XP. Though I wonder, what ever happened labyrinth of Cross Blood?

    • Riverstyx9

      Labyrinth Cross Blood takes place after Operation Abyss. So it makes more sense to release this one first. If this sells well enough, then expect Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity Ultimate to be next.

  • revenent hell

    Woot and woot. I do enjoy me some dungeon crawler rpgs. There’s so many games I need to keep an eye out for….

    Personally while I enjoyed Demon Gaze I wasn’t really overly impressed by it. It really became “boring” after a while and was super easy to finish. I think the story bits were just way to easy t figure out and such, so it made the game seem to easy for me.

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