Freedom Wars Announcement To Be Made This Weekend

By Sato . January 8, 2015 . 3:58am


Freedom Wars has already been out for a few months now, but it seems like Sony have further plans for the franchise. They say that that a big announcement will be made during the “Sinners Festival,” which is scheduled to take place in Osaka, Japan this weekend.



The above map shows the stage layout of the Panopticon-themed event, where fans will get to participate in various events and purchase exclusive goods, or be a part of a Freedom Wars quiz challenge to win prizes.



Attendees will also get three exclusive trading stickers at the event, which also includes rare stickers of the game’s three Vocaloid-esque idols as well. They’ll also have events where fans will get to use their Vitas to show off their best character customizations.



The schedule for the event shows some of the events they’ll have, such as cooperative and competitive tournaments. There’s also a message at the bottom that reads, “Something will happen during the finale at 18:00!? Stick around and keep your eyes on the stage!”


Various voice actors and developers are also expected to make an appearance during the event. While Sony didn’t share any hints as to what this announcement could be, it wouldn’t surprise us if it were an updated “G” version of the game or maybe even a sequel.


The event will take place on January 10th, 2015 from 11:00am until 18:00pm.

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  • DragKudo

    I hope so.

  • Rose Spinoza

    I hope the announcement is – “We decided to retcon the last half of the game’s story and write a NEW scenario that actually has something to do with the setup of the the first half !”

    …..Are my dreams too high? XD

    (seriously, story in the last half/quarter of the game suuuuuuuuuucked. Gameplay was still fun though. But lord.)

    • Nari

      I feel it was the opposite, first half was horrible. Story finally starts to get good near the end and then bam, cliffhanger.

      It’s obviously an expansion

  • May_Patra

    Uh-oh… So it will be the dreaded enhanced version?
    I still have a lot of fun with my copy and I really wish for them to continue the story. But I kinda hope it’ll just be an update.

    • British_Otaku

      An enhanced version doesn’t mean that you’ll have to buy another game necessarily. 2013’s Attack on Titan 3DS game got a 2014 update which could be purchased as a separate game cart or downloaded as an update for a smaller price.

    • Elpizo

      If its at the level of Soul Sacrifice Delta I have only hype in me.
      That was a 200h improvement XD

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    FW is just another overlooked / underappreciated game along with SS only because they share genre with MH [a game that people wrongly assume is the father of the genre when in reality took most of its cues from PSO and took a couple entries to refine itself before it could be the giant we know today]. It’s a shame, even if the story isn’t anywhere near as good / strong as SS, it still has a good story and both games have a terrific setting. It’s atmospheric and engaging, it’s a shame both games will never be allowed to exist outside the shadow of MH~.

    • PuppetMaster

      “it’s a shame both games will never be allowed to exist outside the shadow of MH”

      That’s the problem we got with gamers / gaming media this day. I found it sad when some gamers refused to try Freedom Wars or Soul Sacrifice just because both games got inspired by MH. I got more sad when i found some reviewer didn’t review Freedom Wars / SS properly and just slap bad score + a big sign of “MH clone!” in their review.

      Honestly, i miss the old days. One example: Street Fighter is an inspiration for many fighting games. Back then i don’t see gamers threw “clone” words like candy or even refused playing Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, KoF, Samurai Showdown, MK, or fighting games that inspired by SF. Back then it’s just gamers having fun. But now, gamers even threw a debate for simple things. “booo, this game copying SSB!”, “boooo, this game copying MH!”, etc. It’s really sad :'(

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        Problem is it really hurts the vision people have of the platform. FW and SS often got criticized for the very same things MH gets lauded for. It’s criminal that games that tried to push for changes in a genre that is rather simple in its execution [despite the refined gameplay of MH3+] get ignored and even stoned for things that on the other end are praised~.

        But really, anyone with a PSV owes it to themselves to try both SSD and FW. They are amazing games, the gameplay is slick and the mechanics are vastly different from the formula of chasing monsters and farming parts. I’m not dissing the other, I’m simply stating that these two games are strong to stand on its own, people and media especially, never gave them the chance~.

        • PuppetMaster

          Yeah the double standard really crazy. One game got praised because of X thing. But when other games inspired by that X thing, suddenly that X thing are bad.

          But just like you said, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice can stand on their own. They’re unique and i’m glad i support both games on day 1, especially in this day and age when devs / pubs scared to do new IP’s.

    • persona_yuji

      I had a hell of a lot more fun with SS, FW and GE than I had with MH, they just clicked better with me.

    • Meh, I got bored of it fast. Haven’t touched it in months.

      • Kaitou21

        Same, I was extremely hyped in the beginning but eventually I just got real bored of the identical looking monsters, same dreary landscapes and the “ugh” storyline.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          Have you ever played any MH? Because there’s no story there and the “story” in MH4 is not going to better than FW’s so.. how come only FW gets penalized for a weak storyline~?

          • Aaron K Stone

            Because MonHun doesn’t really attempt to have a storyline. It’s just like the regular Mario game. It’s just an way to frame the gameplay and criticising it is ridiculous. Now if a game attempts to have a proper story and falls short I think that can be criticised.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            The story in games like Ragnarok Odyssey, Freedom Wars and Toukiden is simply to give context to the setting. Sorry, but saying MH gets a free pass because it doesn’t try is an awful case of double standard~.

          • Revorse

            The stories aren’t necessary for a hunter-style but It can be done though. God Eater and Soul Sacrifice are tributes to that. Soul Sacrifice takes the cake though.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            As much as I enjoyed GE’s story, I found it to be cliché, it was like watching a Saturday morning animé. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. SS, on the other hand was deep, engaging and even stirring. I hope we will see more of it in the future~.

          • Kaitou21

            Which is exactly why MH is number one in the hunting genre, tbh imo there really isn’t a storyline in MH which is exactly where all other hunting games fail at, it’s because they try to implement a story that they end up falling short, whereas MH doesn’t try build a complex story or setting, that’s why anybody could pick up MH4U without playing any of the other games in the series and have a great time.

            Edit: might I also add that there is no rule that says all games must have a storyline and it must be a core part of the game. ex. Pacman, Mario

          • I actually find that pretty boring.
            Probably one of the reasons that I liked God Eater, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice more.

            God Eater has a reason for the repeating quests (last portions of humanity, needing resources, etc) which makes sense storywise and a decent overall plot to keep my interest.

            MH doesn’t do that. Its good in short bursts but I can’t see myself playing anything more than 2 to 3 missions compared to the complete chapters I do with God Eater a day.

          • Kaitou21

            Well that’s pros and cons, some people need reasons to do quests and stuff in a given game and that varies from person to person, for me and MH its as simple as getting the best armor sets and fighting the most difficult monsters to get their weapons and armor with my friends, just my playstyle but I don’t want to be bothered with dialouge and cutscenes in a hunting game as I would rather just get to the fighting. That and say I did beat the storyline for GE or FW after that 50 hr. or so playthrough, I would think to myself “what do I do now?” whereas with MH I would still be in the game fighting monsters and getting their armor and weapons say maybe 100 hrs in and counting and in no rush to get the next MH. But as they say different strokes for different folks.

        • More variety is nice. The story was… confusing. Not sure how they’re gonna wrap it up.

    • Elpizo

      Mmmmm you are focusing solely on sales there.
      The online community for Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars is a loving one.

      It’s not about how much the game sells, since you aren’t gaining any of that money, but about how much fun you are having.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        It is about how much a game sells, as that is what rewards developers with continuity for their IPs. I hate to see people’s work go to waste for the wrong reasons~.

        • Elpizo

          Man it is a waste because you think its a waste.
          If you enjoyed the game, then who cares for sales.

          The game sold well too. I mean focus on your joy. The developers got paid already.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            You are missing the point, either reread what I said and comprehend that I’m thinking of devs and longevity of their projects or please, just move on instead of beating the wrong dead horse~.

          • Elpizo

            Oh no. I didn’t miss your point . You clearly stated that you liked the game but it has no hope because it will never get out of MH shadow. Which only brings pessimism to the conversation

            You are missing mine :P
            You should enjoy the games instead of focusing in comparing franchises.
            Better leave a positive comment(without lies of course) instead of giving up on the franchise :)

          • UnderNight In-Seth

            Juan you tried man lol

            Elpizo, he’s saying no matter how much you love a game, sales determine whether or not a sequel/expansion will come about. FW can have a truly loving fanbase of 1000 that caters to you and helps you every step of the way, no matter the problem, but if those 1000 were the only ones to buy the game then the devs wont see it as a big enough fan base to warrant a sequel. You can love the game for what it is but when the series dies because of the lack of support it’s all over.

            Games like MH scare away competition because peoples minds are in the gutter and won’t try similar games because they feel it will never match the ‘superior’.

          • Elpizo

            Are you implying more sales inspire producers to make more iterations of said product? Thanks for the explanation :)

            Yea and I say, that you should mostly also focus in enjoying the game now.
            Are you the kind of person that complaints over “unfair reviews” and comments not only negative comments about your loved game, but you constantly remind other commenters of the competition.

            Try enjoying games liked you used to, when you didn’t care about sales.
            A sequel will happen with or without your concern(or not XD)

            He has a point, it was just plagued with pessimism.
            His original comment was something like “I love the game/franchise but it is doomed to failure”
            If you want to support that line of thought. It’s perfect. Just don’t try to debate that he and you and everybody should just enjoy the games. Or do :)

    • a game that people wrongly assume is the father of the genre when in reality took most of its cues from PSO

      Considering PSO is nothing like Monster Hunter, that pretty much does make MH the “father of the genre”. There’s no wrong assumption here.

      PSO focuses on loot drops just like several other action RPGs (Diablo being the most well-known). Monster Hunter has no loot drops, period. It’s main feature is the cycle of constantly harvesting monster body parts to keep up with the game’s difficulty.

      Its second most well-known feature is that it isn’t a frantic hack-and-slash action game, but one where you have to commit to every attack and get punished for not watching your opponent. That’s where MH’s reputation of being a difficult game to master comes from.

      What you’re arguing is like saying that Wolfenstein somehow led to The Elder Scrolls series because they both use a first-person perspective. That isn’t the case at all. Wolf 3D came out, and then two years later Daggerfall came out targeting a completely different market and a completely different style of gameplay. Outside of the first-person view, they have nothing in common.

      However, this isn’t the case with the hunting genre. These games were made in response to Monster Hunter. Their creators don’t deny it either, so I don’t see why you find it so hard to digest. Inafune has said Soul Sacrifice originated from his days at Capcom, helping the MH team. Toukiden’s producer said the game was made to fill the Monster Hunter gap on Vita. At least do your basic research if you intend to keep bringing up these pointless arguments.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        Let’s see, Capcom themselves said back in the day they took their inspiration from PSO. PSO set a before and after in consoles because of the 4 MP action. It featured fights against huge enemies when it came to bosses that required far more than mere button mashing in order to defeat. Grinding is grinding, whether it’s loot like in Diablo or parts from a monster~.

        Now, please, before you continue with what I deem uncalled for ad hominem attacks [case in example saying I bring up pointless arguments] I ask you to please point where in what I posted I was bringing up an argument in the first place~.

        Because, as the one who wrote it, and as somebody who is quite eloquent in how he writes, nowhere in my post I see an argument. I said that both SS and FW are overlooked / underappreciated because they share genres with MH. I don’t see anywhere in the post you replied to that I denied or confirmed I see these games as an answer to MH [though, really, why’d anyone argue that when Sony themselves stated that almost implicitly with promotional events]. So really, please tell me where did you get all that attitude only because I stated a reality:
        – Both games are underappreciated~.
        – Both games often get penalized in reviews for things MH doesn’t~.
        – Both games won’t ever be allowed to exist outside the shadow of MH, simply because MH came first~.

        • I don’t see anyone else comparing Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice to Monster Hunter in the comments here. Do you? Nope. Just you, as always. And that’s my point—you’re so insecure with your platform of choice that you constantly feel the need to draw comparisons to the competition.

          Saying that Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice are overlooked and then pointing out their merits would’ve been enough for an intelligent discussion. Instead, you turned it into another pointless “Monster Hunter” vs. “other hunting games” debate, and did it in a way where you came off sounding as though you were just bitter that Monster Hunter exists. How many times does this precise debate need to take place? It never leads to anything productive. Everyone and their mother knows that it’s basically an extension of the platform wars at this point.

          As for the PSO/MH point… the difference is that Monster Hunter took a “concept” from Phantasy Star (4-player co-op) and used it to invent an entirely new genre. The other games you mentioned are trying to mimic a game in a particular genre with a few notable changes along the way. There’s a large difference between the two. (For example; Battlefield and Titanfall mimic Call of Duty, while Metroid Prime takes the first-person viewpoint and turns it into a different genre.)

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Uh, are you for real? Why’d my comment be about comments here? Since when comments in any site were an indication of the way games are judged? Is metacritics an aggregate site for user comments across all sites? Because last I checked, it was for reviews. Last I checked, my comment referred to reviews and the way both SS and FW were punished on the score table on reviews [one site gave FW a 5 if I recall correctly]~.

            Now let’s dissect my post since you seem to have issues with it despite your advices for others to look smart:

            “FW is just another overlooked / underappreciated game along with SS only because they share genre with MH [a game that people wrongly assume is the father of the genre when in reality took most of its cues from PSO and took a couple entries to refine itself before it could be the giant we know today].”

            That’s a fact. The image presented is often “Oh, MH clone. Bad game.”. Thus, both productions end up overlooked simply because scores didn’t favour them or in some cases, literally trashed them~.

            “It’s a shame, even if the story isn’t anywhere near as good / strong as SS, it still has a good story and both games have a terrific setting. It’s atmospheric and engaging, it’s a shame both games will never be allowed to exist outside the shadow of MH~.”

            Now, I’m praising some of the strong points of both games: setting and story. I could’ve went on about the mechanics and whatnot but I found it pointless to the point I was trying to make [both games being underappreciated]~.

            If you are going to talk about looking smart, may want to start at home. So far your two posts are full of ad hominem attacks based strictly on whatever image you may have of me [quite frankly, other than seeing you as the guy who posts sales numbers, I’ve no idea who you are] and misinterpretation. Nothing of what I said really called for an argument as evidenced by the fact nobody who replied to my comments went anywhere close to an argument, but the tone of yours and myriad of assumptions are bound to cause drama here and anywhere else you post. Just not with me, because I’m not going to indulge you after this post~.

          • The image presented is often “Oh, MH clone. Bad game.”. Thus, both productions end up overlooked simply because scores didn’t favour them or in some cases, literally trashed them~.

            I’m sorry, but this is untrue. Every game is judged on its own merits by most professional publications. There may be an exception or two here and there, but reviewers are hardly unfamiliar with the concept of various games drawing inspiration from one another.

            Titanfall, Battlefield, Destiny, Call of Duty… they’re all judged on their own merits. Similarly, racing games such as Forza, Gran Turismo and Mario Kart are each judged on their own merits as well. If they attempt to do something like another game in the same genre, and people feel they don’t do it as well, they point it out. Hunting games are no exception to this rule, nor should they be.

  • Envatta

    Sequel, please. I really don’t want an enhanced version. Sure I had fun, I did, but I want a decent ending to the game. Since as we all know… what the bloody hell just happened.

    • Milewde

      I’m hoping for an idol spin-off game in the spirit of Hyperdimension Neptunia PP.

      • Envatta

        Beatrice and Natalia in puffy skirts and crop tops? I’m up for that.

        • Milewde

          I was actually being ironic with my previous statement since Nep PP was regarded as a less than stellar game. :)

          • Envatta

            Yeah, I thought that. I haven’t played it, but I’ve heard people talking. It’d still be up for Beatrice doing a little jig in a sparkly top, though.

          • Milewde

            On a more serious note I’d be totally interested in an audio drama where Natalia tells me, over and over again, what a worthless insect I am. *swoon*

          • Envatta

            Freedom Wars’ audio CDs would be awesome! Provided they have English translations for us Anglo-speakers and hell, even if they didn’t, I’d probably still get them. I am straight, but… dude, Natalia’s voice does… things to me. Wonderful things.

          • Milewde

            Great minds geek alike!

  • Hasette

    more abductor types please :>

  • jon

    I hope that a new game is announced.I prefer a second part but a G version would be cool too.For me Freedom Wars is the best game of 2014.It is not perfect but is so cool.And I hope that announcement is for the psvita of course.

    • Hachiman

      yea it reminds us not all games is perfect but it still awesome because the enemys can kill u in just two hits

  • michel

    Sony Japan still has faith in this awesome game!…

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Hopefully the faith extends to the PSV; because if the announcement doesn’t pertain the system I’ll be bummed~.

      • Giordan

        With people ignoring the Vita…

  • That’s great please expand the franchise!!!

  • Christopher C

    hopefully a sequel, there’s not much to fine tune in freedom wars. It’d be a cash grab if it was. don’t try and make or fix the story in freedom wars, save it for a sequel.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Depends, SSD was a vast improvement over SS and it also gave a much more satisfying epilogue to the whole arc~.

      • Elpizo

        It is basically a new game XD

  • Lemski07


  • Monterossa

    PS4 version.

    • Rafael Martines

      I really want that :D

    • Giordan


  • Brii-Nanas

    Anything but one of those ‘Extreme’ updated versions of the same game! I don’t want to feel as though I wasted money by supporting the original release.

  • Nytezero

    Freedom Wars only has 5 distinctly unique types of Abductors. It really hurt the post game. I won’t be surprised if they pull a G version like SSD. A brand new sequel for this game is very unlikely because Corporate.

    Expect Vanilla, G, Vanilla 2, then 2G. The plot needs to move along a lot quicker in the next game.

    Also, the Freedom Wars Custom Theme still hasn’t arrived in the US to this day, and Nikoro is being a dodger by keeping quiet about it whenever people ask him on Twitter. Great game, horrible community manager.

  • DLC pack with more missions that aren’t repetitive, new weapons, enemies etc….. idk just something. Fw was ok for a start, just lackluster in certain areas.

  • Somerandomperson


  • I want the Vita theme they released during the players event

  • JohnNiles

    Ooooh, I can’t wait to see what the event is. Please don’t troll with a countdown clock. ;_;

  • Rafael Martines

    Freedom Wars Delta or Freedom Wars Extreme :P

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Or Freedom Wars Ultimate, if we follow Capcom’s naming trend~.

  • Elpizo

    They can easily make a sequel.
    There is so much to explore. So much to give even more depth.
    So much togabitos!

  • ZnTxn

    More Peltaltums with twice 16 chains! *shot*

    • ZnTxn

      Edit. Yes the typo was intentional. 32 chains in total~

    • Elpizo

      *release all the chain!*

    • Oh Gawd… Please no (;A; ) I already have nightmares of the peltas.

      • :B

        Oh yeah, it was a nightmare to play 2 Oltatums in Special Operation.

        • Yes… *sniffle* Yes it was.

          • :B

            But I was proud to finish that operation with someone who has more power :P

          • Haha I was fortunate enough to drop in on a party that had more power too xD

          • :B

            Yeah. In fact, I have a spare accessories that ranges from 9000-10000+ power, both of them AAW-M2 with different versions. o-O

          • Holy shaz O_ O I mean uh… holy cow! I should check out the spares I have xD

          • :B

            It’s possible they carried (2 or more? xD ) Power Up XL through using the Willonite Ultra High Purity, but that’s just my guess :P

            I’m trying my best to have All Elements Up (XL) and Power Up (XL) modules for the AAW-M2 :B

          • Ooooh I should farm and try that o.o; xD I use that weapon for my accessory~

          • :B (ⓩⓖⓕ)

            Oh wait, I think you can carry both XL and L, but not 2 XLs. Even then, grabbing the Willonite UH Purity is not going to be easy since it happens in later tough CODES.

            Unfortunately for me, I reached Level 7 of my rarity 8 AAW-M3/ES with power of 6830, and it’s starting to ask for alpha(α) Paradoxa resources, which they tend to be found in Retributions by random I suppose.

            It’s going to be pure difficulty xS

          • Aww I see. Hmm I guess I’ll try to catch online groups and hope for the best (>_< )

            Oh man I am the same with my weapon though I need ruined cable from 100 or 101 (._. ) Been trying to farm for retributions which is a paaaain (o_ o )

          • :B (ⓩⓖⓕ)

            Yeah. Just for clarification, what weapon and type of upgrade you using?

            We should play online together :P

          • I use a Barbara’s Easy Blaster. Currently I have a rarity 8 one at level 7. Trying to upgrade it again but in need of the ruined cable ultra high quality (x.x ) Soo I’ve been searching for 100 retribution since I read it’s the easiest get in and get out mission~
            Sure O:

          • :B (ⓩⓖⓕ)

            Man, I haven’t used the Easy Blaster for awhile since I went for MG-M7 with good powers and elements.

            My PSN ID: yawnawn. I can be on any time, but most of the times, it’s always night time for me.

          • Lols I don’t think I’ve tried that one (o.o )
            I’ll add yah~ Mine is Okunihime. I’m usually on in the evening and sporadically during the day depending on my break times~

          • :B (ⓩⓖⓕ)

            It’s really great for taking down abductors, especially the Peltatum/Oltatum. Of course, it must include the Head Damage Up (XL) for the effect :D

          • Oooooh~~ That sounds fun! I must get my hands on one :D

          • :B (ⓩⓖⓕ)

            You just have to make sure nothing is interrupting you when using it, especially when talking about Chains :P

          • Ugh Those chains are soooo annoying haha.

          • :B (ⓩⓖⓕ)

            True that!

  • Shady Shariest

    Bad news sense is tingling… Incoming PS4 version without crossplay.

    • xytherion

      that would be devastating. Sony making a freedom wars event for their vitas just to announce a freedom wars game only for ps4. sony’s going to hell if it does this.

      • Shady Shariest

        Oh. I was expecting a port :P

  • ZEROthefirst

    Not going to be surprised in the slightest if it’s a sequel. Not like the game ends on a complete cliff hanger when something new is about to actually happen.

  • Pretty much expecting an expansion pack sequel with a new epilogue chapter.
    Not that I’m complaining, it’s really fun game and I’m later half of the game now.

  • Tinye

    I’ve really got to get this but I’m got some games I’m still working through on my Vita

    • Aristides

      I unexpectedly got it as a present just before X-mas, I got hooked on it as soon as I started playing the game a day later. Last night I went to sleep at 4AM playing it, it’s much better than I expected lol, it’s worth picking up.

      • Hachiman

        what code are u now?

        • Aristides

          Currently I’m at level 6, not much cuz I only get to play at night but I end up staying up late just to play it XD. -_- very tired during the day though lol.

          I decided to go for the Platnum though, gonna play the hell outta this.

          • Hachiman

            wait until code 7 that is freaking hard and yeah that the finale of the game

          • Aristides

            ;_; I don’t want it to end…ever. This is like having the 90s cyber-grunge I never thought existed lol.

          • The Dark Knight

            its not ended just the story then after that it will be like monster hunter with no story

  • Erde

    I hope it is not Freedom Wars: Mobile, a cowclicker game.

    • Giordan

      Freedom Wars was co-developed by Sony Japan Studio so it shouldn’t.

  • nick_54g

    hopefully their expanding the game. post game is non-existent

  • MaidKillua

    “We are implementing a totalitarian state. Please, do not have a seat. You have not earned that entitlement”

    I hope it’s not a “G” version though because I only just bought this

    • J_Joestar

      well it is a considered within the “Group Hunting” genre of games isn’t it? an expanded “G” edition is almost guaranteed.

  • Aristides

    More FW! Give me MOAR! O_O *Addict*

    Whatever the hell this is I hope it makes it’s way westward lol.

  • vileBrenman

    I hope they announce a sequel cause I literally just got this over the holidays and I’d be kinda sad if it’s just a enhanced version. Well unless it was an enhanced version like soul sacrifice delta that adds ten million new missions

  • If there’s to be an expansion or re-release, I really hope they offer an upgrade and not a Soul Sacrifice Delta thing (an entire new SKU). I just got the game and don’t want to have my copy rendered obsolete. I really like the game, and adding new content to it would be nice.

  • Kornelious

    Well, This sounds like a G version to me, following the trend of….well, ALL monster hunter games :P

    I guess I’m both happy and sad if its a G version since that means “Yay more Freedom Wars” of course but also having to wait for the localization from Sony (If they decide to release it physically if at all) But at the same time it might mean that Sony might give the game a better localization and even Dub it! (Though i doubt it) And the expansion could possibly focus on the liberation of the sinners i’ve been hoping for!

    So I guess its best to just wait and see what they have in store….Either way its pretty exciting! :D (And i wish we had cool events like this in NA X( )

  • AlphaSixNine

    A sequel would be nice

    • I asked the producer but I’m sure he can’t comment about it

  • OrangeArmy

    Ah yes, I need this shaz. FOR MY PANOPTICON!

  • DarthSithZero

    Freedom Wars Ultimate?. . . Extreme?. . .Burst?.
    This is the reason why I wait certain time before buying a game, to know if this is the definitive version or not.
    I’m not saying this is a good or bad thing, I just don’t like to buy the 60-70% of the same game again.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Didn’t they literally JUST release the game? >.>

    • Atwa

      Summer in Japan, so it lines up with the usual “Ultimate” edition of Hunting games that seem to be for every one of them these days. To the point of buying the original seems futile, which is why I skipped Freedom Wars. Getting this version instead.

  • :B

    Woo! So excited dude! Time to get the story workin’, add in more variety of choices, bring back the Accessory voice customization that was removed in the US retail…

    …and maybe throw in a romance choice? aheheh…heh

  • Zack

    I stopped playing this a while ago. Co-op was really fun, but PvP… PvP was the complete opposite. No offence, but the most of the players I’ve come across in PvP are absolute jerks.

  • James Reilly

    Hyped. Want a delta/ace/etc tier improvement because FW was fun, but was rough around the edges for the first release because it could use more enemy variety, better story, more missions, stuff, rebalance, etc

    To people annoyed about this possibility

    1. Game came for Japan like in June 2014 so roughly 6 months

    2. Announcement and release dates are two different things.. Even if announcement happens the release date might not happen for awhile and expect the localization a few month delay on top of that so to early adopters you got plenty of playtime for the vanilla version.

    3. Too early for a sequel to release. Not too early for an expansion.

    As long as the possible updated version addresses some of the concerns voiced by fans and enhances the other areas then I”ll buy again.

  • chroma816

    I’m sure it’s just going to be an updated rerelease.

  • zed grim

    lets hope they fix those stupid stealth sections they are annoying.

    • Giordan

      They’re easy though.

    • Hachiman

      they’re easy it feels like metal gear

      • Aristides

        What happens if you get caught? I’ve never gotten caught.

        • Swagkoto Yuki

          20 yrs sentence

  • Souffrir

    In b4 this is Japan-only.

    • Giordan

      doubt it.

  • Rattlemebones

    What would even be put into an Ultimate edtion of freedom wars? NPC weapons?

  • Draparde

    If its a “Ultimate” version i hope they enable you to use the NPC only weapons (I want those fists…)

    • Hachiman

      and add some new weapons too i hope they add numchucks

  • Josef217

    omg, they better not announce another version of the game, I am so sick and fucking tired of that being the fucking norm now, i remember the good old days that you buy that particular game and the next thing to be released is either a prequel or a sequel, gaming has taken a shit turn. sigh… and if back then another version of the game came out it was understandable cause DLC didn’t exist back then but now, there’s no fucking excuse, assholes, at least I hope they let us purchase the extra dlc on the vanille version of the game, like they did with SF4 and not like marvel vs capcom 3, that u had to buy the ultimate in order to play as vergil, etc.

    • Giordan

      shouldn’t you complain about the billions of expansion packs for Elder Scrolls 3 or most other PC games then?

      • niratyaporn punsri

        with those pc games you get to keep your toon and the story continues to progress, while most extended editions of console games just force you to start all over again

    • Giordan

      or hell what about Street Fighter II? That had a billion and one versions.

  • dahuuuundge

    Sony will announce a “Thanks for Beta Testing :^)” edition most likely

  • Steven Higgins

    Gotta be a sequel. That ending guaranteed one, what with that whole “unfinished business” line.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    IF it’s an updated rerelease just like most hunting games, thankfully i haven’t buy it….

  • Hachiman

    still at code 7 were can i get the core:mk3 ?

    • 9breaker

      you fight mk.3 abductors, if I recall most of the abductors in showdown are mk.3 ones.

      • Sayla Mass

        yeah find it! damn but the mission is really hard because of my stupid teammates luring the other abductors

  • Hachiman

    1.Hope its a sequel
    2,i hope its not on ps4

    why remove this?

    • wez

      I hope it’s on ps4, in Japan the vita has 40 games coming out by end of march for the system, they need to shift some attention to next gen >>

      • Hachiman

        then they should make a hunting game that not called freedom wars

      • ishyg

        “they need to shift some attention to next gen”

        Bloodborne and a DQ title is enough to shift some attention to next gen here, IMO.

    • DanielGearSolid

      Just a question…

      Why dont u want it to be on ps4?

      • Sayla Mass

        come on man exclusive game here

  • ishyg

    Why does it have to be in Osaka?!

    Oh well, I have Tokyo Auto Salon to look forward to.

    I hope the announcement is something that will affect the West as well. This game is too good to be a Japan-exclusive one.

  • Armageddon

    Plot twist freedom wars+ and ps4 version. -_-

  • Riverstyx9

    Probably going to be an “Ultimate” version. That will come west… Digitally of course… But hey, if they add in enough content I’ll probably get it.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      If done properly it’s not terrible; granted I’d still prefer for people to just do some kind of add-on to the game in the form of a huge DLC rather than having to purchase the game anew. But I guess if the treatment to a potential + version is as good as SSD I won’t feel so stingy about it~.

  • TheNinjaArmy

    Am I the only one hoping for an anime series instead of a secuel….??


    • Chido55

      There were already Light Novel, so it could be that as well.

    • LuxbeyTheMechromancer

      I would love both. But I rather a sequel or some extension to it

  • How is this game? It got almost zero to no coverage and none of the main sites even reviewed it.

    • PuppetMaster

      What main sites? You mean like IGN, gamespot, destructoid, or eurogamer? If yes than than they already reviewed Freedom Wars. Even siliconera reviewed it too

      • When it came out. For two or 3 weeks I couldn’t find more than 4 reviews on it.

        • Alex Shadov

          It is a good game if you can stand grinding.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Grinding is the name of hunting titles though. But they are right, FW didn’t get enough reviews until like two weeks after release~.

    • michel

      It’s beautiful, but I wish I could find more people to play VS matches…
      And one more reason to ignore the “main sites”. They are just a marketing tool, they don’t really know anything about videogames. It’s blog like this that you must follow, or niche forums, for plenty of coverage…

  • Alex Shadov

    Two words: On High.
    And the phrase: Time to “take the fight to the enemy.”

  • Rhafty

    …only hope they don’t pull a GE 2 lol

    this game seems to really need a expansion pack/add on or something because it just feels…incomplete to me.

    • gk2012

      Yeah, everything about the game just feels rushed. Only 5 boss-type enemies, AI exclusive weapon types, sorry excuse for an ending.

      Then there are even in-game stuff being locked out to be paid “DLC”.

      I’d probably just stop supporting the game if they do announce a full-priced sequel or expansion at this point.

  • Grayjack

    Well it’s time. Any news yet?

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