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Xenoblade Chronicles For New Nintendo 3DS Includes Special Soundtrack With Launch Copies In Japan


    xenobladest Nintendo is re-releasing Xenoblade Chronicles as a New Nintendo 3DS game. In Japan, first print copies of the Wii game included a special soundtrack with twelve songs on disc. Nintendo of Japan is also re-releasing this bonus item for the New Nintendo 3DS version.


    Launch copies of Xenoblade Chronicles for New Nintendo 3DS will include the Xenoblade Special Soundtrack.


    The twelve songs on the CD are:

    1.) Main Theme

    2.) Colony 9

    3.) Fight!

    4.) Gaur Plains

    5.) Memories

    6.) Macuna Woods

    7.) Those Who Bear Their Name

    8.) Field of the Machinae

    9.) Confrontation with the Enemy

    10.) The Awakening of the Giant

    11.) Parting and…

    12.) Beyond the Sky


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