Open Thread

Need a break from talking about serious business on the main Siliconera site? Come crash in the Open Thread where you can talk about things that aren’t necessarily related to videogames and get to know the other members of the community.


The Open Thread has three simple rules:

1. Keep it safe. Don’t link to explicitly NSFW material. Apply common sense.

2. Be polite. This is a cool community. We don’t like rude people.

3. Try not to spam multiple replies if you can reply to several people at once. Use the “@” feature.


Posting rules for Siliconera as a whole: (READ CAREFULLY!)


1. Read before you write: If you’re glossing over an article in a hurry, that’s fine. If you intend to enter the discussion in the comments, make sure to read the full post properly.


2. Think before you write: What you say and post on the site has consequences. Comments that generate discussion are encouraged. However, rudeness or flaming are in no way constructive, and should be avoided. Typing a post with insults like “Crapcom” will likely get you banned if you do it more than once.


3. No console requests: We’re sorry that "Super Awesome Game X" isn’t available for a your favourite console, but spamming the comments with "why isn’t this for NeoGeo Pocket" isn’t going to make it happen. DO NOT beg for ports or complain when games are announced for other systems.


4. Keep an open mind: Siliconera covers a very wide variety of games from all over the world for a wide range of platforms. Don’t like a particular kind of game or a particular genre or a certain game system? That’s great, but remember, the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily care to know about it. Let people enjoy the things they enjoy, and don’t ruin their fun with negativity.


5. Express yourself clearly, but not repeatedly: Don’t like a particular game or piece of news and really want to voice your thoughts? OK, fine. But if you intend to express your disdain, make sure to provide well-articulated reasoning with proper grammar, or people will laugh at you. Snarky one-liners will not be tolerated. Additionally, once you’ve had your say, let go. You don’t need to post the same comments about a game in every new article unless there’s a very good reason to do so.


6. Whining about western games or developers: See above. If your reason for disliking a game is simply that you don’t like western games or western developers working on franchises you love, then this isn’t the community for you. Please take your opinions elsewhere if you don’t have something more concrete and articulate to back them up with. Siliconera has roots in the Japanese industry, but we love and cover games from all over the world. We do not cater to narrow-minded gamers.


Get through all that? Great! Remember, as long as you’re polite, well-articulated, and respectful of other’s tastes, you’ll have a good time here.

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