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Persona 4: The Golden Has New And Old Battle Music [Update]


    p4dUpdate: More details from Famitsu reveal Marie, a new character introduced in Persona 4: The Golden has a social link. Atlus revised the pop quizzes with new questions during the school hours and in the evening you can also walk around freely, even visit shops.


    If you want to reach out to the truth, you have to surprise shadows by striking them from behind in Persona 4: The Golden. The PlayStation Vita version has two battle tunes. The original music plays if you hit a shadow with a back attack. Otherwise Persona 4: The Golden plays new a battle theme.


    Famitsu also reports Persona 4: The Golden has an internal chat log function that keeps track of events. Useful if you put the game down for an extended period of time, but problematic if Yu two times all of the girls in the game.


    Persona 4: The Golden comes out on June 14.

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