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10 Fun Super Mario Toys

Super Mario merchandise can be some of the most common and most popular types of toys out there. From plushies to figures, there are a lot of choices out there, big and small. Here are ten of our favorite Mario toys available at the moment.

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A Mario plush
Image via Sanei

10. Mario Plush – $18.88 at Hot Topic

What would a Super Mario merchandise list be without the iconic Mario plush? As far as plushies go, he’s a pretty good price for his level of quality. If you don’t already have a Mario plush, what are you waiting for? No Mario collection is complete without one.

A playset wit green pipes, mushrroms, and a mario figurine
Image via Jakks Pacific

9. Super Mario Bros. Movie Van Playset – $28.74 at Just Geek

If you love playsets, the Super Mario Bros. Movie Van playset is as good as they come. Based off the film which was released in 2023, this playset is complete with pipes and mushrooms. What’s more is that it’s portable, so you can take it anywhere you wish. Plus if you fold it back up, the van design is a reference to the 1980s cartoon!

A yellow caterpillar-like creature with green spikes
Image via Little Buddy and Nintendo

8. Nine Inch Pokey Plush – $18.99 on Entertainment Earth

Whether you’re racing through the desert or jumping onto the nearest block to avoid them, chances are that you’ve had a few close calls when it comes to Pokeys. If you want to live life on the edge, try bringing this nine inch Pokey plush into your home. It looks really cuddly, if you’re willing to get poked.

Mario and Luigi in two retro karts
Image via Carrera

7. Mario Kart Toy Karts – $18.49 on Amazon

There are lots of Mario Kart toys out there, but we picked this one for its classic design and its nostalgia value. It has Mario and Luigi in classic-style carts from older Mario Kart games, hands poised on the wheel and ready to go.

Luigi plush
Image via Sanei

6. Luigi Plush – $18.99 at Hot Topic

If you already have a Mario plush, why not give him his brother for company? Similar to the Mario plush earlier on this list, the Luigi plush is perfect for any collector, and comes at a pretty good price for his quality.

Peach's castle wuth white stones and a pink roof
Image via Jakks Pacific

5. Peach’s Castle Playset – $34.99 on Entertainment Earth

If you’ve been looking for a replica of Peach’s Castle, then look no further. This castle is not only a great replica on the outside, but it also has several rooms on the inside. Lastly, it comes with figures of Mario and Princess Peach, so you’re able to pose them in and around the castle, or elsewhere. It’s among the best Super Mario series toys.

A Yoshi plush
Image via Sanei

4. Yoshi Plush – $19.99 on Amazon

Yoshi plushies are some of the best Nintendo plushies they have out there. You can get them in many different colours, but there’s no beating the classic green Yoshi. This plush has Yoshi seated, making them perfect for displaying.

A Mario hat
Image via Nintendo

3. Mario Hat – $24.90 at Hot Topic

This classic Mario hat is perfect for any collector, whether it’s to wear or display it. Even if you want to throw it around like Mario does in some games, it’s even perfect for that.

a glowing red shell
Image via Paladone Products

2. Red Shell Light – $24.99 on Entertainment Earth

Possibly the most unique entry on this list, this Red Shell light might look like a regular red shell, but it’s actually a lamp! It has a warm red glow that adds character to any room. What’s more is that is plays the classic Red Shell sound when you turn it on. Merch items this unique can be pretty hard to come by, so don’t hesitate on picking it up if you’re a fan.

Mario rides on Yishu's back
Image via First 4 Figures

1. Mario and Yoshi Statue – $499.99 at Just Geek

Depicting the classic image of Mario riding Yoshi, this statue makes it to the top of our list because of how iconic and well-made it is. The design is so lively that you can very easily imagine the two of them running around on a quest to defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach. It’s one of the best pieces of Super Mario merchandise, and I suppose even toys, available now.

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