1080° Snowboarding Programmer Prototyping New Snowboarding Game


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Giles Goddard, the CEO of Vitei, and the main programmer and program director of such Nintendo games like 1080° Snowboarding, Steel Diver, and Tank Troopers, revealed that he’s prototyping a new snowboarding game. [Thanks, PushDustIn on Twitter!]


While it’s unclear whether it will follow the 1v1 racing formula of 1080° Snowboarding, Goddard has made clear that he wants to see this game actually released, as he’s spreading the word to find somebody who’s willing to fund the game:



Goddard began his career in the gaming industry at Argonaut Software, where he assisted Nintendo with Star Fox and Stunt Race FX on programming. He helped program Mario’s face on the title screen of Super Mario 64, and programmed 1080° Snowboarding, and after 2002, left to create Vitei where he would help program Steel Diver and Tank Troopers for Nintendo.

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